Gear Review: K Rounds Range Back Pack (Gen1)

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K Rounds is a company that’s not afraid to experiment. In fact, they have a solid reputation of making products like the Pancake-Thigh Rig come to life in their custom shop…

Gun Review: Military Surplus Browning Hi Power MK II

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By Nick Franssen: The pistol that would eventually become known as the Browning Hi Power pistol started life as the P-35. It was in its final stages of development when its…

Of Fads and ‘Facts’: Enough With the 9mm Already!

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  A dear friend came to me the other day for advice on his first firearm purchase. After a lively dinner, we determined that he really wanted a semi-automatic centerfire…

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Gun Review: Dan Wesson Discretion

Dan Wesson makes some of the finest 1911s on the market. I regard most of their products as highly as those from, say, Wilson Combat, Nighthawk, Les Baer, and others….

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Just Arrived: CZ Scorpion Evo 3 S1… Plus a Glimpse Inside

Ahhh yeah. I do love me some pistol-caliber carbines, and a civvie version of a legit SMG is always good for some smiles. On Friday I picked up a CZ…

Gun Review: Kahr CM9

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I don’t generally care for micro pistols. I carry a Commander 1911 or larger, and I have never had the need for something smaller. Maybe it’s a confidence thing, I’m…

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Spotted In The Wild: Hammer-Fired Caracal .9mm

We found it. Can somebody tell the New York Times?

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S&W Model 929 8-Shot Revolver Tells NY SAFE Act To FOAD

There are two definitions of legally diminished capacity in New York State. The first applies to the state’s ammunition magazines, now limited to ten rounds (of which you can only…

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Good News/Bad News About Ammo Prices. First The Good News…

Economics is supposed to make such clean, perfect sense. Heaven knows I spent enough time believing that back in college, studying how purely hypothetical ‘demand’ lines cross with purely speculative…

Media Day At The Range: Walther PPQ And Walther PPX

Walther’s PPQ is currently the top of their pistol lineup, although this 15-round 9mm has street price of only around $600. I have to say I loved its grip design and striker-fired trigger, and even in my frozen hands it ‘rescued’ the hostage target most of the time. (And never killed it, which is probably more important.) Strongly reminiscent of the H&K P30, the PPQ seems to offer a lot of value (and if my few test rounds are any guide, a lot of performance) for the money.

But That’s Not All! (more…)

Walther’s PPQ is currently the top of their pistol lineup, although this 15-round 9mm has street price of only around $600. I have to say I loved its grip design…

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Just Arrived At My FFL: Taurus PT92 AF 9mm

  Before anyone starts to salivate excessively (or fire up their flame-cannons, as the case may be) let me make it clear that this isn’t a review. Like H.G. Wells’…

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9mm Subcompact Pistol Roundup – Because You Asked for It

Gentlemen: Have you reviewed the Sig Sauer P938 yet? I would like to own a small lightweight 9mm, however I’m having a challenge finding one with great reviews. -Sam Thanks…