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A Reader Asks: What’s The Best Long-Range Rifle Cartridge?

Don writes:

I have heard good things about the 6.5 Creedmoor as far as accuracy but also know ammo manufacturing in this caliber are very limited.  I am looking to find a gun/caliber that has a longer range than my POF AR15.  I love my AR and have a great time shooting it but really think I would also enjoy the challenge of longer range accuracy shooting.  I like the POF brand and see they sell a 6.5 Creedmoor gun with a 20” barrel.

What other calibers you would recommend looking at?

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Civilian Sales of .338 Lapua Rifles Taking Off

Steyr Arms’s fearsome SSG 08 is joining the rest of the sniper rifle pack in the move towards firing .338 Lapua Magnum caliber bullets. The press release reveals that the latest version of the Austrian gun maker’s EKO COBRA anti-terrorism unit-spec rifle is “en route” to the States. Bop on down to your friendly neighborhood Steyr gun dealer with $6,795, clear your state’s gun purchase requirements, and this bad boy is yours, for every sporting purpose! Well, long-range target shooting and “tactical” operations, according to the bumph. Not to antagonize those who wonder why civilians need a rifle capable of firing a bullet that remains supersonic over 1650 yards (download Lapua bullet brochure here), or those who fire a rifle capable of firing a bullet that remains supersonic over 1650 yards, but it is interesting that the .338 Lapua can penetrate military body armor from up to 1,000 metres (1094 yards). Anyway, a British sniper’s recent record kill from 2,707 yards using .338 has done nothing to diminish American gun owners’ enthusiasm for the caliber, and much to increase it. And, thus, sales. New SSG 08 chambering specs after the jump.Read More