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Dear Diary: 30 Days to Conceal Carry, Day 23. Ish.

Now over three weeks (as the crow flies) into my own little conceal carry odyssey, I’ve realized something. The whole concept of conceal carry has gotten into my head. It’s kind of like back when I was in college. I had a roommate. We were both impoverished college students at the time, and neither one of us hung out at bars and drank, so most of our evenings were spent playing board games. At one time, we got on this backgammon kick. Played literally hundreds of games per night. Hundreds. I had to stop when I started dreaming of backgammon games. I was literally playing the game in my sleep. Which is weird.

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Dear Diary: 30 Days to Conceal Carry, Home Stretch edition.

So I’m driving around yesterday, all situationally aware and all that, and I get a call from my offspring on her new iPhone. (Santa been belly belly good to her this year, mon.) She tells me that she and her mom are in their car, driving near a Chase Bank branch less than a mile from their (my former) house. And they can’t help but notice the place is surrounded by police. Armed police. And S.W.A.T. guys. In full battle regalia, armed with either AR-15s (at least) or M-16s (I presume police get to go full-auto, right?). My ex wisely decided that the best way to avoid trouble is to not be there when it happens, so she pulls a u-ey and moseys on outta there, taking a different route to home base. This got me to thinking, though, and what I thought does not make for a pretty picture.

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Dear Diary: 30 Days to Conceal Carry, Holiday Wrapup

It’s been a weird holiday. First one without my dad around, which has affected me more deeply and profoundly than I ever would have expected. First one with my life in this much chaos. And first one that I’ve been resolutely carrying concealed as much and as often as possible. And the mechanics, strategies, and tactics for getting my gun accessible brought to mind one of my favorite passages from one of my favorite movies of all time, Tom Stoppard’s Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead . . .

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Dear Diary: 30 Days to Conceal Carry, Holiday Edition

It’s been a few days since I’ve posted anything here on TTAG. My apologies, my daughter was in town, and my 12-year-old offspring is a force of nature, and not to be denied when she in for the holidays. But all good things must eventually come to an end (all too soon, if you ask me) and so we made our pilgrimage to Love Field to put her on a plane to Amarillo. But before that, we’d planned to come over a day early to see friends, let her get in a little shopping at her own version of Mecca (Sam Moon Importers, if you must know), and attend a party billed as “Pistols and Pizza,” where a bunch of friends go to a gun range and shoot holes in pieces of paper, then indulge in some really good pizza (Urban Crust, if you must know). Sadly, events conspired against us, and we got outta town late, forcing to miss the range time, and meet up for pizza alone. Continue Reading


Dear Diary: 30 Days to Conceal Carry, Day 19

I’ll admit it. I love musical theatre. And I’m NOT a metrosexual. I grew up in a musical household (I’m a 5th generation professional), and musical comedy was a part of my life from birth. I’ve played bunches of musicals from the pit, and I’ve trod the boards as well. Hi, I’m Brad Kozak…you might remember me in the role of the Pharaoh in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. So it was not out-of-character for me to look forward to my first chance to see Spamalot, the Eric Idle-penned musical more-or-less based on the immortal Monty Python and the Holy Grail. And as is my custom, I planned to go packin’ . . .

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Dear Diary: 30 Days to Conceal Carry, Day 15

So we’ve reached the half-way point in my 30 day odyssey in carrying a firearm concealed on my person. And I think it’s a good a time as any to take stock in what I’ve learned. You know the bit (that I’ve cited before) about the different speeches: the speech you plan to give, the one you write, the one you deliver, the one you think you deliver, and the one the audience actually heard? Well my experiences with conceal carry are a lot like that. Let me explain…

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30 Days to Conceal Carry, Day 14

So as we cruise into the midpoint of my little 30-day chronicle, it occurs to me that I’ve not talked about guns and dating. There’s actually a reason for that. I don’t get out much. Being a divorced dad, I’ve learned, the hard way, that this dating thing is time-consuming, expensive, and unpredictable at best. Simply put, dating is a bitch. One of the many reasons I never wanted to be single again was the prospect of having to screw my courage to the sticking place and go back to dating again. I’ve got nothing against dating, per se, but the challenge of finding a girl to date is a little more daunting and time-consuming than I enjoy. Between courting, planning, dating, worrying about money, et cetera, it’s not like I need one more thing to act as a barrier within the concept of my social life.

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Dear Diary: 30 Days to Conceal Cary, Weekend Edition II½

So while I was eating lunch yesterday in the BBQ joint of my choice, I caught myself doing a scan of the room. Now keep in mind, since the day I realized I needed to be situationally-aware 24/7 (around the time my daughter was born, if you must know), I make it a habit to look for emergency exits, check choke points, get a quick read on the room for potential trouble – that sort of thing – whenever I enter a public place. Is that weird? And how do guns enter into it?

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Dear Diary: 30 Days to Conceal Carry, Day 11

Whilst out and about for the first time in a couple of days (thanks, sinuses!), I spent some time at a bookstore. (See yesterday’s scintillating read) And something else occurred to me. Something that I hadn’t thought of as far as the concealed carry thing goes. In fact, I started this post right after I finished the other one, but decided to sleep on it, to see if I had any fresh insights in the morning, it was such an eye-opener for me. Okay, a hypothetical: What if I had to pull my gun and use it to defend myself? Would I be able to talk about it here? The answer is…um…NO, I couldn’t.

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