Jorg Sprave’s Firearms Suicide Machine Revealed

Oh sure, Jorg calls it a Cap Gun Music Machine. And yes it plays music. But as the Slingshot Channel maestro rightly demonstrates (with a cap gun revolver), his homemade wheel of misfortune is perfect for blowing your brains out. Even though I have a [child] psychology degree, I have no idea why turning a wheel is an easier way to end your life than pulling a trigger. Still it’s all in good fun. Yes? [Click here to see the music video using Jorg’s Cap Gun Music Machine.]


Moms Against Cars For Car Sense in America Fisks Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America

(courtesy Moms Against Cars Facebook page)

TTAG tipster SS sent us a link to the Moms Against Cars Facebook page. As Ron Weasley might say, it’s brilliant Harry! (How that guy ended up with Hermione is a question for the ages.) MAC’s memorable memes make the Moms look moronic. Make the jump to peruse two more of my favorites. Check out the page for awesome posts on car violence. Meanwhile, well played sir. Well played . . .

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Remembering the Man who Taught My Teacher How to Hunt


The image of a deer, still alive in the moment before I broke the shot, is only seared into my memory from two occasions.  One of those events being the first deer I ever killed. Until the day that I pass, I will never forget that old eight point, the way he stood perfectly broadside, right out in a clearing on a little sloped hill. In the moment before he died, he looked as calm and sure of himself as any buck I’ve ever seen before or since. I don’t remember the sight picture disappearing as the recoil of the shot took over, and I don’t remember the punch in the shoulder I must have taken. That was 2003, the boy sitting right behind me was Will, and the gun was a Ruger M77 MK1 chambered in 7mm Remington Magnum . . .

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Did the White House Pressure Facebook to Ban Gun Ads?

PIstol ad (courtesy

“The White House on Monday refused to say whether Facebook’s recent decision to ban users from facilitating the sale of guns, parts and ammunition was the result of pressure from the Obama administration,” reports. “‘We welcome this step,’ White House spokesman Josh Earnest said on Monday, just days after Facebook’s Friday announcement. ‘We talked about how the Internet is a loophole’ for people seeking to buy guns without undergoing background checks.'” Talked to whom, exactly? By the administration’s own admission . . .

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New Knives From Hogue


If you’re a knife knut, check out The Truth About Knives here

That’s right, the same Hogue Inc. we know and trust for firearm grips branched into knives a few years ago and currently offers a selection of folders, fixed blades, and even a sweet looking tomahawk. At SHOT Show 2016 I got the lowdown on a couple of the new models, including Hogue’s first OTF . . .

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New From Lancer Systems: MPX Handguard and AR-15 Blue Training Mags


Lancer Systems has established itself as a top manufacturer of composite components for small arms, from AR-platform magazines to carbon fiber parts that pass Mil-Spec drop tests, to the magazines SIG chose for its MPX line. Of course, this isn’t a surprise if you’re familiar with Lancer’s other business units that include aerospace composites, fiber optics, and high stress parts for oil drilling equipment. New for 2016 are carbon fiber handguards for the MPX and blue-tinted AR-15 Simunition magazines, which were developed after a training death at a police department and are more than just pretty to look at . . .

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Gun Free Zones: Who is Liable?

Gun free zone (courtesy

By Andrew Crisologo and Dr. John Eden

Tennessee Senator Dolores Gresham recently introduced Senate Bill 1736 which would establish that “if the person or entity posts to prohibit the possession of firearms on the property, the posting entity, for purposes of liability, assumes custodial responsibility for the security and defense of any concealed handgun permit holder harmed while on the posted property.” This is not a new concept . . .

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Self-Defense Tip: Avoid Road Rage

I don’t know about you, but the second someone points a gun at me is the second I move and draw my firearm. Or just GTFO. I see no point continuing any “discussion” past that point. [Click here for another view of the incident.] That said, I’m unlikely to find myself this situation; I don’t confront (or flip off) people who drive obnoxiously. Nor do I drive obnoxiously (provided you don’t consider fast driving inherently offensive). Remember: the only gunfight you’ll guaranteed to win is the one you don’t have. The earlier you can start not having one, the better. If you know what I mean.


Bloomberg’s Propagandists’ Wishful Thinking on Clinton’s Iowa Victory

Discounting the possibility of fraud, former First Lady Hillary Clinton eked-out a victory over Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in the Iowa caucuses. This despite her attempt to use Senator Sanders’ vote for The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act to drive a wedge between herself and the Vermont septuagenarian. Because of her attempt to use her position on gun control to drive a wedge between herself and Senator Sanders? I’m so confused! You may say I’m a gun blogger. But I’m not the only one . . .

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Sundance Audience Gives Katie Couric’s Under the Gun A Standing Ovation

“Before this film is over … 22 people in America will be shot.” That’s how Katie Couric’s documentary Under the Gun begins, according to Context? Katie don’t need no stinking context! The fact that most of these firearms-related incidents are suicides and most of the rest are gang-related (in urban areas with “strict” gun control) is neither here nor there. Is it in Ms. Couric’s anti-gun agitprop? As if. What we get is . . .

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Gear Review: Can Can Concealment Corset Holster

Can Can Concealment corset holster (courtesy Sara Tipton for The Truth About Guns)

Can Can Concealment sells the BIG SheBang concealed carry rig I reviewed last June. The five-star holster garment is cute, easy to use, comfortable and efficient. The Can Can Concealment corset holster is roughly the same design and style in a full upper-body tank top, positioning firearms in the small of a woman’s back. The fact that the corset’s currently out-of-stock tells you it’s popular. But is it worth the wait? . . .

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