BREAKING: Remington to Replace All R51s

remington r51

Were you as excited by the original announcement of the R51 as we were? Were you then equally as horrified that a company with the history and tradition of Remington would release a QC-free POS like that upon the gun-buying public? If you were an early adopter (or just missed Nick’s review) and laid down some cold hard cash for one, Remington’s finally acknowledging the debacle and they’re trying to make things right. Friday afternoons are when everyone releases bad news so Big Green’s just let it be known that they’re offering to replace your R51 (with one that, you know, works, we presume) and will throw in two new mags and a custom Pelican case for your trouble. Their announcement after the jump . . .

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Media Spin Pennsylvania Doctor’s Defensive Gun Use


Don Natale writes:

I was wondering how the press would spin the doctor DGU in Pennsylvania. Well today I found out, they’re reporting intentionally ambiguous headlines of the format, “Gunfight erupts between doctor and patient…why God, why?”. From ‘Cause sought for gunfight between patient, doctor’ (since changed). From our friends north of the border: ‘Gunfight breaks out between patient, doctor at Philadelphia hospital.” Then there’s the reliably anti-gun Star Tribune: “Authorities seek motive for gunfight between patient, psychiatrist at Pennsylvania hospital.” The Strib’s editor must have gone to J-school with the Washington Post’s headline writer: “Authorities search for motive in gunfight between psychiatric patient and doctor.” That’s pretty clever huh? . . .

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Colorado Discovers the Truth About the “Gun Show Loophole”


Back in the day, TTAG fought a vigorous battle to debunk the “gun show loophole.” You may recall that everyone from the President of the United States on down bandied that term about, claiming that 40 percent of all firearms sales “by-passed” Brady Law background checks. We argued – and continue to argue – that 100 percent of firearms sales should not involve local, state or federal government oversight, as per the “shall not be infringed” part of the United States Constitution. Anyway, gun rights advocates defeated the Manchin-Toomey bill which would have mandated so-called “universal background checks.” Colorado, however, went full-you-know-what and passed a state version of the reg. And now they’ve learned the truth about that bogus 40 percent figure . . .

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ZEISS Launches Smart Phone Ballistic Calculator App

Carl Zeiss Sports Optics apparently knows that I can’t balance a checkbook, never mind calculate all the variables that determine where my bullet will land when using a firearm equipped with one of their most excellent scopes. And while their web-based ballistic calculator was the business, it wasn’t exactly smart phone-friendly. So Carl’s mob have released its new ZEISS Ballistic Calculator mobile app for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android devises (that’s German for devices). Aside from the lack of a ASV ballistic knob system – whatever that is and coming soon – the app does all the math for you. Five bucks buys you the download at iTunes or Google play. Zeiss customers can click here for a free version. Why, it’s almost enough to make you want to buy their glass over someone else’s! Isn’t it? Press release after the jump . . .

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Philadelphia: $1.4 M Settlement on Licenses, Guns, and Procedures Revealed


The City of Philadelphia recently settled a class action lawsuit concerning people who had applied for a license to carry firearms (LTCF). While the city didn’t admit to any wrongdoing, they agreed to pay $1.4 million to plaintiffs and to change their licensing procedures. The lawsuit stemmed from the City of Brotherly Love posting personal information from LTCF applications on line (actual agreement here, in a PDF file). What they’ve agreed to do going forward is revealing. First . . .

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Question of the Day: Moms Demand Action Denver Boot Camp…Suggestions?

Moms Demand Action boot camp (courtesy Facebook)

Mom-entum. Cute. “10 more days Ladies!” Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America GA Chapter’s Facebook page proclaimed (on the 22nd). “We will be off to Denver for a weekend of serious training, and lots of fun. We will return with fresh ideas of ways we can grow and become more effective in our roles within Moms Demand Action. Our Georgia chapter has a bright future!” That would be the same Georgia MDA chapter whose anti-gun agitation did nothing to stop the Peach State’s “guns everywhere” legislative package. Which, strangely, has not resulted in the predicted rivers of blood. Anyway, any suggestions for the ladies in the Mile High City? Which reminds me, no obscene, abusive or threatening comments. Just positive suggestions to help MDA make America a safer nation. Thanks! [h/t Jeff]


Ammunition Review: RUAG 300 Winchester Magnum


RUAG is a new player to the ammunition game. Well, relatively speaking at least. Founded in 1998, the company has positioned itself as a high-quality ammunition manufacturer and a direct competitor to the likes of Hornady in the United States and Lapua over in Finland. That high quality positioning comes with a high quality price, but my only question is whether their ammunition matches up with their claims. To that end, RUAG sent us some of their 300 Winchester Magnum rounds to test and figure that out for ourselves . . .

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