Unidentified (Of Course) Retired NYPD Officer: Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day

(courtesy abc7ny.com)

We’ve heard a lot of debate about Florida’s “Docs with GLOCKs” law, prohibiting physicians from asking patients about their firearms. While that law remains stuck in the courts, it’s also true that some conversations between doctor and patient go better than others. abc7ny.com reports on a tete-a-tete that went seriously awry: “It happened at about 10:30 a.m. inside the office of Dr. Matthew Nester, a podiatrist, on Long Beach Road in Oceanside. According to Nassau County police, the 77-year-old retired officer had removed his licensed .10-mm semi-automatic pistol from a leather briefcase to show to the doctor.” Yes, .10mm. And here’s what happened . . .

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DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: What Gun Stuff Are You Buying for Mother’s Day?

(courtesy Law Enforcement Targets)

My mother is virulently anti-gun. Well, not so virulently any more. At 96-years-old, she’s lost most of her animus (though she still hates Republicans with an passion undimmed). Still, the thought of buying her something firearms-related for Mother’s Day is beyond ludicrous. My first wife — mother of my first two daughters – lives in the UK. If I sent her something like the Law Enforcement Target above, she’d probably be arrested. My second wife – mother of my second two daughters – is an alcoholic. So no. But I realize that most members of TTAG’s AI have firearms friendly moms and/or wives who are mother to their children. What if any gun-related gubbins (UK term) will they receive on Mother’s Day?


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Connecticut Set to Confiscate Guns for Temporary Restraining Orders

"Rep. Robyn Porter, a survivor of domestic violence, is hugged by a colleague, Brian Becker, after passage of a domestic violence bill she championed" (caption and photo courtesy ctmirror.org)

“By a surprisingly strong vote,” ctmirror.org reports, “the House of Representatives overcame tenacious opposition from conservatives Wednesday night to pass a bill requiring gun owners to surrender their firearms within 24 hours of being served with a temporary restraining order in domestic violence cases.” And so Connecticut gun owners are set to lose their Sixth Amendment right to confront their accusers. Not to mention the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment right to due process. Check out what a Republican — one of 21 who voted for the bill — had to say about that . . .

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Open Carrying A Rifle Wearing a Bullet Resistant Vest and a Thigh Holster? Seriously?

I was all on board with these open carriers checking/establishing their gun rights at Detroit’s Rosa Parks Transit Center. The irony alone is worth the price of admission. And then I saw how one of the protesters was dressed. Slung AR, bullet resistant vest, thigh holster and head-mounted Go-Pro. Seriously? While I’m all about firearms freedom, there’s no need to dress like a tactifool to establish your gun rights. In this case, as in so many others, a gun in an outside-the-waistband holster would have been sufficient. Or would it? I reckon . . .

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“Concealed Means Concealed”: Guns for Beginners

TTGA Publisher Robert Farago printing with his GLOCK 19 in an outside-the-waistban holster (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

If you’re just beginning the process of exercising your natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms, the gun world can seem a strange and intimidating place. A world unto itself, with its own unique expressions. Maybe you’ve heard this one: “concealed means concealed.” If you haven’t, you should. It imparts an important lesson for anyone who carries a concealed firearm. Simply put, it means . . .

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Daily Digest 4.28.16: Oz Hearts Gun Control, Russia Set for Civilian Disarmament and More

Australia data shows gun controls a huge success 20 years after mass shooting – provided correlation equals causation. Which it doesn’t. Unless you want it to. Proponents of civilian disarmament do. That’s why they do the voodoo that they do with crime statistics. My journalism teacher told me never to put stats in the first ‘graph of a story, so, suffice it to say, rubbish. Australia has more guns than before Port Arthur massacre. Next up, another op ed piece saying Ms. Clinton screwed the proverbial pooch by allying herself with gun control . . .

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Inside Amy Schumer’s Gun Shopping Channel Spoof. Funny or Die?

Amy Schumer is the second cousin once removed of Charles Schemer (well done auto-correct!) make that Schumer, the New York Senator who crusades against guns while celebrating the employment provided by Remington in Illion. In this sketch, the anti-gun rights comedienne does her shtick for universal background checks. Despite a caller’s concern about having “several violent felonies,” and another admitting he’s “a suspected terrorist on the no-fly list,” Ms. Schumer assures them  “You can absolutely get a gun… as long as you buy it on the internet or at a gun show.” Agitprop for sure, but funny? Maybe in Germany.


“In My Neighborhood All I Hear Is Gunshots” Well then…

“I wonder what the world can do,” the Youth Organizing to Save Our Streets’ rapper admits in the video above. “I have no idea. I have no clue.” And that, friends, is the problem. While gun control advocates sell the idea that civilian disarmament is the answer, no, it isn’t. So what is? Stop shooting, start living? That’s the dictionary definition of feel-good fatalism. Far be it for me, an OFWG, to tell urban youth how to stem the tide of gangland shootings (which account for the “gun violence” they decry). But gun control ain’t it. Someone ought to talk to these citizens about . . .

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Top Five Reasons for Not Owning a Gun?

The FireArmGuy reckons there are five reasons why non-gun owners don’t own guns: I’m too busy, guns are too powerful, I have kids to protect, I don’t care about the Second Amendment, the police will protect me. True dat. But if I had to distill it down to one reason, it’s fear. Gun muggle are afraid that they’ll shoot themselves, or their kids will shoot themselves, or they’ll shoot the wrong person by mistake (guns are too powerful). They’re also afraid that they’ll be a hypocrite – supporting gun control to keep firearms out of the hands of bad guys while owning a gun. And, lest we forget, they’re afraid that . . .

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One Simple Trick for Cleaning Your Gun!

A lot of our readers like to clean guns. They find it soothing and reassuring. Personally? Not so much. My usual trick for cleaning my guns: get Nick or Jon to do it. For those of you who share my aversion to carbon crud toothbrushes and solvents and can’t impose on an OCD ballistic BFF, an ultrasonic cleaner is the simple solution (so to speak). The Hornady Hot Tub above costs a pretty penny ($467.99 at Cabela’s) but it’s way more thorough than even a TTAG reviewer’s best manual labor. (Note: there are smaller, cheaper ultrasonic cleaners available.) Disassemble, dunk, flip the switch. Wait a bit, rinse and reassemble. Done. What could be easier?