Why is NBC’s ‘The Blacklist’ So Anti-Gun?


TTAG reader Aaron writes:

After binge-watching season 1 of The Blacklist and getting into this autumn’s season 2, I’ve noticed a very anti-gun bias on the part of the producers. In season 1, a concealed carrier tried to take out one of the episode’s villains and is not only shot himself, but while falling, fires an errant bullet that hits an innocent little child. In another episode of season 1, a bad guy mocks an attempt at armed self-defense by spouting a standard civilian disarmament talking point; “We all know you’re more likely to have your gun taken and used against you than use it successfully” . . .

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Incendiary Image of the Day: Broma My Culo Edition

(courtesy latino.foxnews.com)

“On Oct. 9, a Mexico City parking valet named Luis Martín Rocha Pérez, 26, posted to his Facebook page a few images that people had a hard time believing,” latino.foxnews.com reports. “In them a grown man – who turned out to be Rocha Pérez himself – appears to be holding a gun to the head of a toddler. The images quickly were redistributed by thousands of people across a number of social media platforms, often accompanied by comments like, ‘You are a horrible person and that baby should be taken from you.'” And worse. Sr. Perz removed the images and posted a YouTube video [after the jump] explaining that he meant no harm. It was a toy gun. A broma. In country where 43 student protestors were kidnapped and [presumably] murdered. And worse. Go figure . . .

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Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America Has it All Wrong


By Cory D.

I often try my best to see all sides to an argument. And I have tried to understand the anti-gun mind set as best as I could, if only to be able to better explain my side to them. In reality anti-gun and pro-gun people are fighting for the same thing; a safer world for our families. The difference, obviously, is that we have two drastically divergent ways of achieving that goal.   As all pro-gunners know, firearms aren’t going anywhere. I don’t mean that in a sense that the certain members of our elected government won’t try their very best to make that happen, but that guns on the streets and guns in the wrong hands will always be prevalent. Only good guys bother to comply with the law. I’m preaching to the choir here, I know. But my hope is that someone on the other side may read this and just maybe it will explain a viewpoint they haven’t heard . . .

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The Critical Piece of Kit Armed Home Defenders Always Forget

Ear pro (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

It’s o’ dark thirty. You hear someone busting through your kitchen door. Why didn’t the alarm go off? Did I forget to set it? No time to worry about that. You grab your specs and your gun, wake your significant other and implement your home defense plan. As hard as it is to believe, you hear footsteps headed in your direction. It’s the bad guy. With adrenalin coursing through your veins (like a thousand railroad trains) you take aim and pull the trigger. And miss. Maybe. Maybe you hit him. Who knows? Luckily the bad guy turns tail. But now you don’t hear his footsteps . . .

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NICS Denials Rising for Handguns, Gun Grabbers Befuddled


First, a little context. Washington State is gearing up for a vote on a proposed “universal background check” law in this coming election cycle, and as we all know universal background check (“UBC”) laws suck (because of the unintended consequences mainly, not necessarily due to the intent of the law). As a way of ginning up support for the measure, the Seattle Times ran a piece a few days ago with a rather sensational title ‘Background check denials rise for would-be pistol buyers‘ trying to lead people to believe that more criminals are trying to buy guns and therefore we need new laws to protect us from evil. There are a couple of problems with that analysis. Or lack thereof . . .

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California Cops Are D.I.S.A.R.M.ing. How Great Is That?

"Firearms seized during a sweep by the Los Angeles Police Department using the California's Armed Prohibited Persons System initiative. The program uses a database to identify gun owners who are no longer allowed to possess a firearm." (caption and photo courtesy npr.org)

“During the month of September, Los Angeles County D.I.S.A.R.M. teams conducted 1,062 searches which resulted in the arrest of 134 probationers, the seizure of over $111 million in illegal drugs and drug money and 38 weapons, including 17 handguns, 1 assault rifle and 10 shotguns,” scvnews.com reports. Just in case you’re wondering what that clever yet deeply foreboding acronym stands for it’s . . .

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Quote of the Day: “There’s Nothing Social About Machine Guns” Edition


“In my opinion, there is nothing social about machine guns, ever. They are weapons. The reason they exist is to kill people. They’re not used for hunting and only used for sport in over-the-top situations, like the shooting range we all learned about outside Las Vegas. You remember: A 9-year-old killed a shooting instructor when her parents thought it would be fun for her to use an automatic weapon.” – Charlene Schneider, psychologist and Democratic candidate for the 62nd District of the Ohio House [via cincinnati.com]


Sinaloa Boss Could Blow The Lid Off of Operation Fast and Furious

So Sinaloa cartel boss Chapo Guzman is now in custody. In the 60 Minutes clip above, Tomas Zeron, the head of Mexico’s version of the FBI, more or less admits that Guzman and his unfathomably vicious co-conspirators enjoyed the protection of the Mexican government. The question not asked: did the Sinaloa Cartel also enjoy the protection of the U.S. government? One theory for the motivation behind Operation Fast and Furious, the ATF program that enabled the sale of U.S. gun store guns to Sinaloa cartel members (two of which drug thugs used to kill U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry): F&F was part of a wider policy to protect and promote the Sinaloa cartel in its rivalry with Los Zetas. A policy that included turning a blind eye to drug imports and epic money laundering. In any case, Guzman knows where are a lot bodies are buried, both literally and figuratively. Will he name names or stay stum? The smart money’s on his silence. Both literally and figuratively.


NC Judge on Fairground Carry: My Bias Trumps Your Gun Rights

Judge Stephens (courtesy wral.com)

Without further (Führer?) ado, here’s the money shot from Wake County Superior Court Judge Donald Stephens: “I do have great respect for the constitutional right of citizens to possess and bear arms. But I do believe it would be unwise and imprudent for firearms to be carried into the [North Carolina] State Fair, and if there is some way I can interpret these statutes to prohibit that, I will.” That could well be the most bald-faced example of anti-gun judicial activism we’ve ever encountered. Judge Stephens wasn’t shy about the motivation behind his gun ban bias . . .

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This is What Happens to a Disarmed Populace: They Are Slaughtered Like Sheep, Their Bodies Desecrated

Omar Garcia, survivor of the slaughter of students from Ayotzinapa Mexico, gives his version of what happened the night of September 26 in Iguala, Mexico. That’s when 43 student protesters were last seen being pushed into police vans after a protest in Guerrero state on 26 September. “Forensic teams have recovered the remains of at least 28 victims so far from a series of clandestine graves and diesel-soaked pyres on the outskirts of the city,” washingtonpost.com reports. “The bodies are so butchered and burned that Mexican authorities say it could take two months for DNA testing to determine if they’re the missing students, many of whom are from impoverished rural villages where being a teacher is one of the only decent jobs.” Here’s the translation via borderlandbeat.com.

00:00 About 20 or 30 meters away, I found our fellow student Edgar Andres Vargas, who had already been shot in the head. I found him and our friend was walking bent over, very seriously wounded, bleeding profusely.

00:25 We carried him as well as we could, and we kept running, running, running, and we could feel the shots hitting the cars that were on the sides . . .

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Random Thoughts About Terrorists and Gun Rights

The atrocities committed by Osama Bin Laden’s followers on September 11, 2001 should have been enough to convince Americans that they face a serious, ongoing threat from death-dealing “Islamic extremists.” The kind of threat that requires a radical increase in the number of armed Americans to defend against terrorism. And a large, aggressive military presence in the region where the Islamic terrorists live, to deter and/or punish plots against America. The President and his supporters don’t see it that way. Obama’s love of civilian disarmament – while arming entirely unreliable Middle Eastern actors – is well-known. His decision to withdraw our troops from Iraq – enabling the rise of the ISIS caliphate – is the logical flip side of this disarmament delusion. Like an airplane accident, it’s only a matter of time before these two mistakes combine with some other failure to allow another horrific attack . . .

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Grandpa’s Gun Reborn – From Dust Collector to Long Range Precision Rifle Part 1

This article originally appeared at SHWAT.com and is re-published here with permission. We will be running a new installment from the series every week.

Loaded question: What if the law of the land prevented you from shooting, training, hunting or even owning an AR-15, an AK-47, or the highly anticipated Israeli Tavor? What if semi-automatic guns and full capacity magazines got banned? Or maybe these great parts of the gun culture were simply regulated just out of reach. It’s too real of a possibility for some, too remote for others . . .

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