Against All Odds, Funny Frequently Works Best


As several of you may know, I just had a birthday. Every year I take a step back to reflect on my (long) list of failures and my short list of accomplishments. Following that evening of bourbon-fueled navel gazing, I started looking through my desk drawers and my Facebook page and I found a certain story that the readers of TTAG may find interesting . . . Continue Reading


Question of the Day: Will Your Kids Sign the Constitution?


We received an email from our local school last week telling us that our kids would be participating in the “I Signed The Constitution” program which is sponsored by the National Constitution Center. The explained that it will take place on Wednesday, September 17 (Constitution Day) and “encourages citizens of all ages to deepen their understanding of our nation’s founding document. This program has provided millions of Americans with the chance to publicly acknowledge their dedication to the ideals of our Constitution by signing their names alongside the signatures of Benjamin Franklin and George Washington” . . .

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Gear Review: ODIN Works KMod Forend – 15.5″


Good free-floated hand guards make for good gun experiences. Finding a good one can be a little tough, though, and there are certain things that can really irk you, as I pointed out in my Strike Industries review. Specifically, I look for a few things when reviewing a free-floated hand guard (FFHG). First, ease of installation. If a mechanically-minded guy with a vise, action block, and a torque wrench can’t do it, that’s a big downer. Second, it needs to mate to the receiver like it was born there. Third, it should be light weight. And last, it should provide a nearly seamless top rail for accessories. I found the ODIN Works KMod Forend fits the bill across the board . . .

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Florida Looks to Expand Legal Hunting with Suppressors

While the United States leads the world in most ways, it has lagged in the adoption of suppressors for guns. In most of gun-averse Europe, mufflers aren’t controversial. In Finland, ownership, manufacture, sale, distribution, and use of gun mufflers is a constitutional right. On most of the continent, suppressors are easier to acquire than firearms; their use is considered good manners . . .

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What’s Gun Control’s Next Target?

Michael Bloomberg (courtesy

There’s no longer any denying that the latest wave of gun control activism has passed. Following the Sandy Hook shooting everything was on the table, and the usual gun control extremists managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory once more by over reaching and proving that they really have no idea what they are doing. It’s taken two years, but it seems that not only has gun control fever gone back down to “normal” levels (at a national level, anyway) but gun rights groups have made some major gains. With the typical gun control targets no longer proving as fruitful, I suspect that we are about to see a shift in tactics to focus on the new “low hanging fruit” . . .

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Quote of the Day: Another Day, Another Hollywood Gun Hypocrite

“I am totally for gun control in the U.S. The population of America is roughly 300 million and there are 300 million guns in this country, which is terrifying. Every day we’re seeing some kid running rampant in a school. And do you know what the gun lobby’s response to Newtown was? The National Rifle Association’s official response was, ‘If that teacher had been armed…’ It’s crazy.” – Liam Neeson in Liam Neeson calls for U.S. gun controls [via] [h/t FC]


Another Mayor Says Thousands are Killed by Guns


I recently wrote about Mayor Sly James of Kansas City saying that Too much violence is committed by guns.  I was skeptical that he had actually said that, because the mayor is a well-educated man and served on active duty as a Marine. Attributing violence to guns rather than those who use them is nonsensical. It transfers volition and responsibility to an inanimate object. But now that another mayor has said much the same thing, I begin to wonder . . .

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PA Legislature to Vote on Strong Preemption Bill

The NRA is reporting that an important gun law reform will be coming up for a vote this week. From

(T)he Pennsylvania Legislature returns from its summer break, and the NRA has learned that the state House of Representatives may be considering a vote on House Bill 2011 as early as…Monday.  This critical firearms preemption legislation is needed to strengthen and provide consistency in Pennsylvania’s firearm and ammunition laws throughout the state. To date, nearly fifty municipalities have enacted illegal local gun control ordinances including Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Lancaster, Reading and the state capital of Harrisburg. Enough is enough.

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Random Thoughts About Good Cops

I haven’t seen this episode of Have Gun Will Travel since, well, never. It’s a bit of an eye-opener. Larry Tate, I mean, Marshall Tom Kerry is a perfect stereotype of a bad cop: vain, overbearing, self-righteous, drunk with power and privilege, insensible to the individual rights protected by the United State Constitution. Spoiler alert! Tom gets it in the end. Well, the chest. Paladin restores the balance of power with a double dose of lead. Unfortunately, Paladin doesn’t make the dame the new Marshall. Wouldn’t that have been a kick in the pants! Not that women wore pants in them days. Just as today’s SWAT cops wouldn’t be caught dead wearing anything less than . . .

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Charles Krauthammer, Shannon Watts and the Assault Weapon Ban

On April 5th, 1996, Charles Krauthammer gave his reasons for supporting the 1994 Clinton Assault Weapon Ban.  The column was called “Disarm the Citizenry, But Not Yet.” in the Washington Post.

Ultimately, a civilized society must disarm its citizenry if it is to have a modicum of domestic tranquillity of the kind enjoyed in sister democracies like Canada and Britain. Given the frontier history and individualist ideology of the United States, however, this will not come easily. It certainly cannot be done radically. It will probably take one, maybe two generations. It might be 50 years before the United States gets to where Britain is today . . .

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Self Defense Tip: Don’t be George Zimmerman


I can’t take credit for that headline. Props to TTAG reader EN who emailed a link to George Zimmerman Involved in Yet Another Police Incident. Which goes a little something like this: “George Zimmerman cannot seem to stay out of trouble. This time, a driver told police Zimmerman threatened to kill him after a confrontation on the road. Zimmerman pulled up next to the driver, he said, and asked, ‘Why are you pointing a finger at me? Do you know who I am?’ according to the Associated Press. He then threatened to kill the man, he told police. The man, who declined to press charges, says Zimmerman was waiting for him at work the next day. It is unclear how Zimmerman knew where the man worked.” OK, so what can The People of the Gun learn from St. George? . . .

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New From Liberty Suppressors: Mystic-X – One Can to Rule Them All?


The worst part about buying a silencer is knowing that its usefulness is limited. For example, I can’t shoot 9mm or 22LR ammunition through my 762SDN6. I can’t shoot 5.56 through my Ti-Rant 9mm can. And I can’t shoot anything but .22 through my Prodigy. Liberty Suppressors is seeking to change all that by producing a do-it-all silencer, their new Mystic-X can. It’s derrived from their already popular Mystic design that can suppress anything from 9mm to full auto 300 BLK to even 5.56 NATO ammo (through a 16″ barrel, that is). The kicker: it only costs about $800. If it works . . .

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