Heizer Defense Introduces “Pocket AR” Pistol in 5.56 NATO


A two shot handgun in .45ACP or 9mm? Sure. A single shot shotgun in .410? Eh, maybe. But who in the world turned to their buddies and said “you know what I want? I want a handgun that gently tosses a .22 caliber projectile towards the target while generating a massive and blinding fireball from an insanely short barrel.” And yet, that is exactly what Heizer Defense has designed, and will be showing off at the NRA Annual Meeting this weekend . . .

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Brady Campaign Almost Gets it Right on “Gun Safety”

Now that Mayor Bloomberg has dumped $50m into his new NRA-fighting gun control group, ye olde Brady Campaign Against Gun Violence is living in the shadow of Everytown. No matter. All for one, and one gun for no one. Or something like that. Anyway, I’m not entirely against the theme of this campaign. If you’re worried about unsecured firearms at your kids’ friends home, ask about unsecured firearms. First amendment and all that. HOWEVER, here’s the real trick to keeping your kids safe around someone else’s firearms: teach them what to do when they encounter a gun. My take: muzzle control is everything. Obviously . . .

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A Law Enforcement Perspective: Justifiable Need and the 2nd Amendment


By Sgt. Patrick Hayes

If you’re a New Jersey resident who wants to practice the “bear” part of the “keep and bear arms” protected from government infringement by the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, good luck. To obtain a concealed carry permit – itself an infringement on Americans’ gun rights – New Jersey citizens must show “justifiable need.” They have to convince the State of New Jersey that there’s a specific and credible threat against their person. A simple desire to protect your life, loved ones and your community from potential harm won’t cut it. And so some eight million Garden State residents are denied their natural, civil and Constitutional right to bear arms. On Friday . . .

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Question of the Day: Would You Lend a Gun to a BFF in Trouble?

I don’t know much about Blue Ruin (due in selected theaters April 25) but I’ve been in the big guy’s shoes. Someone I knew (a female of course) was in trouble. She needed a firearm for self-protection in a state where the fastest you could legally purchase a gun was 10 days. Carry permit? Months. If then. I told her no. If it’s that serious, leave town. That was when I was behind enemy lines, living in a Northeastern state. Here in Texas, you can lend a bro a gun without legal blowback. Unless there is. So anyway, let’s say someone you knew (and loved) asked to borrow a gat for self-defense. Would you lend it?


New From Crimson Trace: Laserguard for GLOCK 42

Crimson Trace's LG-443 on a Glock Model 42

Mouse guns and snubbies practically beg for a laser. With sight radiuses (radii?) approximately the length of the average 14-year-old’s attention span, hitting anything at much more than bad breath distances can be, well, hit or miss. That doesn’t mean that a good laser won’t benefit a larger pistol, though. So now, as you knew they would, Crimson Trace is out with one of their best-in-class Laserguards for the larger-than-mouse gun GLOCK 42. Press release after the jump . . .

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