John Lott: Why Katie Couric Cut My Interview from Under The Gun

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John Lott writes [via]

After over two hours of pre-interviews with Kristin Lazure, a Producer at Atlas Films, I was asked to travel to New York City to do an interview with Katie Couric for her new movie. As Kristin put it on July 14, 2015: “we are still very much interested in interviewing you to give the film greater balance.” During the pre-interviews, multiple times Kristin told me how much she appreciated my research and how important it was. Our interview in New York City was only supposed to last an hour, but ended up lasting almost 4 hours. Yet, none of the interview that I did was included in the movie . . .

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DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: What’s YOUR Favorite Pistol?

Colt Competition 1911 Pistol In 9mm (courtesy

“My favorite pistol has always been the 1911. It was the 1st pistol I owned and the one I bought for myself after finishing the Special Forces weapons course in 1989,” retired U.S. Army Sergeant Major Daryl Holland writes for [full press release after the jump]. Sgt. Holland’s  new ballistic bestie is a Colt Competition 1911 in 9mm. Note: I’m not asking you to name your favorite carry piece. What’s your very favorite pistol and why?

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Training Class Review: Bill Wilson Intermediate Pistol Course Pt. 2


If you’re open to it, you can get a lot of individual attention at Bill and Ryan Wilson’s Intermediate Pistol Course. There were at least two instructors present and watching the line during the entire course. Usually Bill and Ryan. For most of the second day, Joyce Wilson and some other great shooters were on hand to help. Every once in a while, someone will get called out in front of the class to work on something specific, and used as a teaching moment for everyone . . .

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A “Firearm” at the CZ-USA Booth


It’s a pistol! It’s a rifle! No, it’s a firearm. One of the reasons I like dealing with CZ-USA is their willingness to embrace the aftermarket, which has helped their products resonate with enthusiasts. At their NRA show booth, CZ-USA showed off at least three Scorpions outfitted with a range of aftermarket accessories, including the “firearm” seen above. What makes it a “firearm” and not a pistol — despite beginning life as a Scorpion pistol — rifle, SBR, or AOW? . . .

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Boxer Tactical Daily Digest 5.25.16: AG’s Mugging, T-Shirts Flapping, and Weinberg Dissembling


There was a dog and pony show at the White House yesterday for anti-gun attorneys general to mug for the cameras and appear to be “doing something” about “gun violence.” From the Boston Globe’s fawning promo article: “’We strongly believe that investigation and analysis by national experts will assist our offices to to more effectively target our resources, advocacy, and enforcement.’ The letter is an act of political courage in an era when Second Amendment pride seems to have, at times, trumped common sense.” Really? Name one other issue of any significance that “national experts” have done anything to improve. While we’re on the subject of empty, meaningless gestures . . .

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Gun Haircut: Just Thought I’d Leave This Here

I once dated a beautiful young lady who asked me if I minded tattoos. As she had a sleeve tattoo on her arm and I’d invited her on a date, I thought it an odd question. I said no. She said “Are you sure?” Before I could answer she stood up and took off her shirt. No bra. She turned her back to me to reveal a full life-size set of angel wings. The other diners clapped as she put her shirt back on. I may have said about not liking the taste of chicken. Anyway, there are worse/better things than a gun haircut. Just sayin’ . . .


Another Mexican Journalist Gunned Down: This is What Happens to a Disarmed Populace

ournalist Manuel Torres González (courtesy

Republished with permission from

Journalist Manuel Torres González, 45, was shot in the head from behind on May 14 after leaving state offices in the city of Poza Rica in northern Veracruz, as reported by Milenio, citing the Attorney General of Veracruz. Torres was a collaborator with the city council of Poza Rica and a reporter and editor-in-chief of news site Noticias MT.  It was in this city where governor Javier Duarte, on two occasions, told journalists to “behave well,” because “there are a lot of rotten apples” and “we are going to shake the tree so hard that many will fall,” a threatening allegation that reporters were complicit with organized crime, yet to date the administration has not pursued legal action against a single journalist for “behaving poorly.” Animal Político pointed out that the statement from the Attorney General of Veracruz, in which it said the Prosecutor of the Northern Region of Poza Rica was investigating the case, did not . . .


Record Wisconsin Rat Hunt in 1957

rattus norvegicus

Most rat hunting is done with dogs, commonly with varieties of terriers that catch and kill the vermin. The human hunter’s job: flush the rats from cover. The rat hunting record for that method supposedly occurred in England in the 1820’s, when a rat terrier killed an incredible 2,501 rats in seven hours in a barn infested with the rodents. The dog was the renowned Billy, whose career was legendary. I haven’t found contemporary records of the 2,501 rat killing, but they may exist. Most of his records are for killing 100 rats in a rat pit against the clock. Billy’s best was 100 rats in 5 1/2 minutes. I haven’t seen any records for human hunters killing rats . . .

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The United States of Guns: Non-Incendiary Image of the Day


I found this image above an article in Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun agitprop media machine, thetrace.orgThese 9 States Have the Most Abnormally High Gun Death Rates in America. I have a sneaking suspicion that the study upon which it’s based is the same contextless hokum that the antis create on a regular basis. But there’s too much stats and math and TTAG’s stat and math man Foghorn is teaching TTAG’s resident war hero Jon Wayne Taylor how to fly an airplane. (Two key employees in a small plane…how great is that?) So I’ll leave that and focus on something I’ve noticed about gun control advocates’ anti-gun “art” . . .

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Breaking: 1989 “Prior Art” Example Pertinent to Mossberg Drop-In Trigger Lawsuits


As we covered a few days ago, Mossberg purchased the patent held by CMC Triggers protecting the idea of a self-contained, drop-in fire control group that uses the factory trigger pin and hammer pin and has begun suing manufacturers of drop-in AR-15 triggers for infringement. At the NRA Annual Meetings I spoke with a few manufacturers who insisted that there was significant “prior art” well before CMC’s patent, meaning that triggers operating in this manner had existed for many years already. To use this as a defense they have to prove it’s actually true. Well, here’s the very best example I’ve seen so far . . .

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