Question of the Day: Should Legislative Chambers Be Gun-Free Zones?

Cannon House Office Building (courtesy

“Why they arrested Ryan Shucard last week, I shall never know,” Richard Cohen writes, sarcastically, at “All he did was bring your basic 9mm Smith & Wesson handgun into the U.S. Capitol (actually, the Cannon House Office Building), upon which, in clear violation of what the Founders intended – right, Justice Antonin Scalia? – he was seized and later had to appear in D.C. Superior Court where, thank God, he was eventually released pending a forthcoming hearing. If Shucard has any guts – and I’m not saying he doesn’t – he would cease insisting that the whole thing was an accident and instead assert a right to enter the Capitol of the United States of America as, surely, Thomas Jefferson and the other Fathers intended: armed.” Well, what about it? Why should local, state and federal legislative chambers be gun-free zones? Were they ever thus?


Steyr AUG A3 Update

Steyr with Gear Head charging handle Courtesy Wes Minton

In my recent review on the Steyr Aug A3 I discuss at length what I perceive as the few downfalls of the design. Namely the charging handle’s profile and the horrid awful rotten terrible trigger. Well with the investment of about $100 both of these problems have been completely eradicated . . .

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Movie Review: ‘The Purge: Anarchy’ [Spoiler Alert!]


No matter how it sounds, the new Purge movie is not an infomercial for a high-fiber cleansing diet – although you may feel an urgent need to detoxify after you’ve seen it. The Purge: Anarchy, or Purge 2 if you will, is the second movie in this “franchise.” Both are based on a motif lifted directly from a Star Trek episode called Return of the Archons, which made its TV debut in 1967. Hollywood is sooo creative, dontcha think? In the dystopian near future (2023) of Purge 2, the US is controlled by rich white people. See, I told you that Hollywood is creative. Anyway, here’s what passes for a plot . . .

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Psychology Today: You’re Safer Without a Gun

The civilian disarmament movement wants Americans to believe they’re safer without a gun. It’s a preposterous idea. Americans without any great skill or strength can use a firearm to prevent, stop or eliminate a potentially lethal threat. An estimated 55k law-abiding gun owners do so each and every year – at the very, very least. And yet gun control advocates must perpetuate this logical fallacy if they are to have any hope of curtailing and then eliminating Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. So they bang on about suicides, domestic abuse and accidents mostly, and seize on incidents where an owner was overpowered and killed with his or her own gun. Psychology Today adds its voice to the antis’ chorus with this astounding bit of non-logic . . .

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Quote of the Day: You Can’t Predict Spree Killings So . . . Edition

MA rep Paul Heroux (courtesy Google+)

“We need to realize that high-profile events are high-profile because they are unlikely. And trying to stop an unlikely event is very difficult if not impossible. Predicting a school shooting or when someone who has or had a mental illness is going to shoot someone is a bit like predicting where lightning is going to strike the ground. There are some generic indicators but little that can act as an actual alarm bell.” – Massachusetts State Rep Paul Heroux, In the Gun Debate, Mental Illness Doesn’t Predict Dangerousness [via]


Billings, Montana PD Gun Auction (Your FFL Need Apply)

In pro-gun states (e.g., Arizona), legislators have assented to their constituents’ desire to see donated or confiscated firearms re-homed, rather than destroyed. Under Montana code 46-5-313 the Treasure State requires police department to sell ballistic assets to federal firearms dealers. The Billings Montana Police Department and Yellowstone County Sheriff’s department are auctioning off a number of guns on Saturday, August 2nd, from 9 a.m. to noon. Here is the link to the Sheriff’s auction site. If you’re not a licensed gun dealer, you’ll need an FFL to bid for you. These pictures give us an idea . . .

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Self-Defense Tip: Check Your Luggage CAREFULLY Before Flying

(courtesy The Truth About Guns)
It happened to me! Foolish human that I am, I decided to use my range bag for a carry-on for a trip to the UK. Before departing The Land Of the Free and the Home of the Brave for The Land of Hope and Glory, I searched the bag with a fine-toothed comb. OK, nit-pickers, I used my hands. Anyway, I missed a single, solitary .22 cartridge – worth $42.70 at today’s prices – wedged deep into a side seam. The TSA missed it as well (they were busy frisking someone in a wheelchair). But not the UK scanners. My ten-year-old and I were given the third degree. Thankfully, eventually, the MP5-wielding police let us go without a cavity search or sanction, save a stern talking to. We could have been arrested. Check this tale from Pakistan [via] . . .

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