MS Medical Examiner’s “Shoot the Idiots” Facebook Post Goes Viral

David Scott Gregory (courtesy Facebook)

Winston County, Mississippi Medical Examiner (and radio DJ host) David Scott Gregory penned a little paean to armed self-protection on his Facebook page. His “shoot the idiots” post has now gone viral, spreading throughout the outraged mainstream media. “If more folks would handle their own business, I think we would stop getting these calls of houses being broken into,” he explained to Gun Hero of the Day? You tell me. Here’s his post, with paragraph breaks inserted for readability:

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Does It Strike Anyone Else As Odd . . .


Does it strike anyone else as odd that the President of the United States and his Democrat backers want to arm unreliable “Syrian rebels” while, at the same time, all the Presidents’ men strive to create new gun control laws at home? The Prez and Co. know that a portion of these arms will fall into the hands of our enemies. Just as ISIS armed themselves with U.S. taxpayer-fundeded weaponry when the American-trained Iraqi troops turned tail and ran. And the Obama administration’s cool with that. Greater good and all. But they don’t apply the same calculus to “allowing” Americans to freely exercise their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Open pipeline there. Closed pipeline here. Is that the teeniest bit hypocritical?


Aussies Thwart Domestic Beheading

Female Palestinian suicide bombers attend a news conference in Gaza

“Police said they thwarted a plot to carry out beheadings in Australia by supporters of the radical Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) group by detaining 15 people and raiding more than a dozen properties across Sydney on Thursday,” reports. “The raids involving 800 federal and state police officers — the largest in the country’s history — came in response to intelligence that ISIS in the Middle East was calling on Australian supporters to kill, Prime Minister Tony Abbott said.” And here’s the really scary bit . . .

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Question of the Day: Where Do You Aim During a Defensive Gun Use?

Let me get this out of the way first. Thank you Mr. Sage Dynamics for shooting and moving while exploring your theory that the Mozambique drill (two to the chest, one to the head) is overly dogmatic. Where you aim has a LOT to do with where you are and what you’re doing. If you’re shooting while moving – really moving - aiming for the head at anything other than bad breath distance is a fool’s errand. And maybe even then. And if you’re that close, why not move in for a contact shot? I know: pressing a semi against someone could put the gun out of battery, rendering it useless. But how often does that happen vs. eliminating the possibility of missing and/or hitting an unintended target? In a school for example, I’d be tempted to go in for a contact shot – to the head. Otherwise, body shots every time. Am I wrong?


Gun Review: Smith & Wesson M&P22 Compact


The Smith & Wesson M&P line of polymer pistols has been a huge hit for the Springfield, Massachusetts gunmaker. That’s not exactly a news flash. After some comparatively uninspired initial efforts at countering the GLOCK polymer pistol onslaught almost a generation ago, the M&P line has developed a dedicated following that appreciates the pistols’ ergonomics, options and reliability. But looking across the M&P product line, there had been one model missing. Yes, Smith offered the M&P22, but that’s a full-size gun that’s still made in Germany by Walther, a holdover from their former corporate partnership. With other smaller options out there like the the Walther P22 and Ruger’s relatively new SR22, Smith needed their own “tactical .22″ to compete. Hence the M&P22 Compact . . .

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TTAG Gun Hero Vikram Khanna Under Attack!

Dr. Art Caplan (courtesy

We recently bestowed our Gun Hero of the Day award to health care consultant Vikram Khanna [not shown]. We did so after reading his defense of armed self-defense at Apparently we weren’t the only ones reading his work. Dr. Art Caplan [above] fired off a riposte, published in the same journal under the headline What is it With Gun Rights Proponents? “Vik Khanna is the latest man with a gun to write squealing in terror before the kale crunching, fitbit wearing hordes of public health types who he is somehow sure are out to disarm him and, even more hilariously, have any chance of doing so.” Snide much? Oh yeah, Caplan’s got that down to a fine art . . .

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WI Rep. Sensenbrenner Introduces ATF Elimination Act

ATF warming-up for Waco raid (courtesy

In case you missed it, the ATF got caught running one of the most inept and corrupt “stings” in the agency’s long history of inept and corrupt “stings.” That would be “Operation Fearless” in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Sherman set the way back machine for May 2013. “A bipartisan group of congressional members demanded answers after a Journal Sentinel investigation of the sting that revealed an agent’s guns, including a machine gun, were stolen, the ATF storefront was ripped off of $40,000 in merchandise and agents allowed an armed felon who threatened to shoot someone to leave the store,” reported. But wait! There’s more!  . . .

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Quote of the Day: Don’t Lie for the Other Guy Edition

Dawn Nguyen courtesy

“I would like to express my condolences and apologize to the people that were affected by the tragedy that occurred on Christmas Eve and I would like to ask for forgiveness. I can not imagine how hard it has been for you to live in this nightmare. I take full responsibility for my actions and ignorance. My actions on June 6, 2010 turned my life upside down. I was 21-years-old and made the worst decision of my life, which will forever haunt me. I will live with this guilt everyday for the rest of my life. I have learned a lot over the past year and a half. I wish I could go back in time and fix this mistake, but I can’t. I can only apologize and I know I could never say ‘I’m sorry’ enough to make all the pain go away, but I am sorry. I am so, so sorry. I’m sorry for the people whose lives were affected and I am sorry for disappointing my family, especially my two nieces that I have spent almost every day of their lives with. I can honestly say that the things that I have said to you today I have wanted to say since the tragedy happened. Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to publically apologize to everyone. I hope that you can find it in your hearts to forgive me.” – Dawn Nguyen in Woman convicted of buying guns used in Webster ambush sentenced to 8 years in prison [at]


Hunting: First Round of Dove


After I received a Super Black Eagle II from Benelli, I knew I needed to proceed immediately to the field to attempt knocking birds out of the sky. At the moment, dove season is in full swing in the Texas Hill country and they’ve been flying like crazy. So I placed a call to my buddy Kyle who just moved back to the good part of Texas and he met me out at the ranch.

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Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: Eric Stayton


Chaires, Florida is about as idyllic a piece of country heaven as you could ask for. Horse farms and swampy woodlands within driving distance of Tallahassee. Land is pretty cheap there, too if you’re looking for a good sized parcel. Just make sure you don’t move in next door to Eric Stayton. In honor of his sister’s (Renee Chaires) 40th birthday, the suburban cowboy (not pictured above) decided to pay homage to one of the great gunslingers of history and recreate a scene from the 1993 classic movie “Tombstone” by doing a little gunspinning a la Johnny Ringo . . .

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Ohio Carry Holds Another Open Carry Walk in Vermilion

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 8.56.29 AM

Ohio Carry organized another open carry walk this past Saturday in Vermilion. This was part of their ongoing effort to educate the public about their constitutional rights in the Buckeye State. Note the completely different image from what the Bloomberg media campaign is trying to craft for open carriers. As reports, “In an effort to educate the public and combat stereotypes surrounding gun rights, Ohio Carry’s Northeast and Northwest chapters hosted a joint open carry and firearm education walk in Downtown Vermilion Sept. 13.” . . .

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Growing Pains at ATF’s NFA Branch

unnamed (1)

I’m no fan of government regulation, but sometimes it serves a purpose and sometimes it’s an inadvertent subsidy to the manufacturers of over the counter migraine medication. This morning I got yet another ATF error letter in for a transfer to a colleague of mine in another state . . . Continue Reading