NY Gov. Cuomo: Don’t Blame Me for Lost Remington Jobs

Andrew Cuomo

Is it just us, or does New York Governor Andrew Cuomo seem just a little defensive when answering questions about the latest job cuts at Remington? “I know we tend to think we’re New York it must be about us. Sometimes it’s not about us.” Unless it is. Sure, Big Green’s Ilion plant is a little long in the tooth, but as lohud.com notes, “The company has been critical of New York’s SAFE Act, the gun-control law championed by Cuomo in January 2013.” You remember the SAFE Act. That’s the knee-jerk, never-let-a-crisis-go-to-waste RKBA assault the Gov and Empire State legislature shoved through without input or hearings in the aftermath of the Newtown shootings . . .

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Crowdfunding Raises Over $230K to Support Officer Darren Wilson

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 12.58.41 PM

While virtually all of the media attention over the last ten days or so has been directed toward protests, riots and the family of Michael Brown, supporters of Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson have put up a GoFundMe site to raise money to help him in his efforts to cover what are sure to be astronomical legal expenses. As nbcnews.com reports, the crowdfunding effort has racked up more than $230,000 in donations in the 4+ days since it went live. As Ralph points out, given the fact that Officer Wilson is facing the possibility of state and federal criminal charges as well as the virtual certainty of a civil suit, he’s going to need the best legal help money can buy.


The Ferguson Shooting Case – What’s Next?

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 5.21.40 PM

Sometimes the wheels of justice grind slowly and sometimes they race around in circles like they’re competing for the Porsche Cup. In the Ferguson case, the latter seems to be the way it’s going. “Big Mike” Brown was shot and killed on August 9th. Jury selection started on the same day in every kitchen in America. The guy’s not even in the ground yet but the race to official judgment goes on, making haste rapidly . . .

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Question of the Day: What’s Your Favorite Movie Gun?

SPOILER ALERT! So, wikipedia tells us that “Shortly before the publication of From Russia, With Love in 1956, Fleming received a fan letter from an author and gun collector, Geoffrey Boothroyd. He told Fleming that he admired the Bond novels apart from the hero’s choice of weapon. Boothroyd felt the Beretta was ‘a lady’s gun’ with no real stopping power. He also objected to the choice of holster. Boothroyd proposed that Bond should use a revolver like the Smith & Wesson Centennial Airweight. It had no external hammer, so it would not catch on Bond’s clothes. The Smith & Wesson could be kept in a Berns-Martin triple draw holster held in place with a spring clip which would decrease Bond’s draw time. Boothroyd also said the suppressors Bond occasionally used were rarely silent and actually reduced the gun’s stopping power . . .

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Why So Serious?


At some point in the last few years, I started taking competitive shooting too seriously. When I first started shooting competitively, every weekend was something to look forward to, and even a one-day local match that didn’t count for anything got me pumped up to play! I anticipated the challenge of the stages, the time spent outside, and the post-match dinner with friends. And a major USPSA match, especially one that required travel? Forget about it – this was the peak of the season, and something I would look forward to for months. Never mind the fact that I was terrible at shooting. I was having fun! . . .

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An Anonymous Guide to the Huey P. Newton Gun Club

Huey P. Newtown Gun Club (courtesy dallasnews.com)

A reader writes regarding our post Huey P. Newton Gun Club Holds Dallas Open Carry Rally:

You and the readers of TTAG should know that the “Huey P. Newton Gun Club” appears to be a project of the so-called “New Black Panther Party” (NBPP). While the website for the club does not explicitly state that it was founded by the NBPP, news reports show club members wearing the black uniform and logo patch of the NBPP. Several known members of the NBPP are members of the club, and they have been quoted in media reports. It must be assumed that the NBPP is the organizational power behind the gun club . . .

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MA AG Candidate Warren Tolman Waves the Bloody Shirt

TTAG reader JD writes:

Greetings from a regular reader in Massachusetts. Just wanted to call your attention to some sneaky tactics being perpetrated by Warren Tolman, Democratic candidate for Massachusetts Attorney General. Tolman is running 30-second TV ads where he solemnly vows to get tough on gun violence and violence against women. In the ad he makes reference to a 1994 shooting at two Brookline, Massachusetts abortion clinics and his record of helping to pass buffer zone legislation to “protect women exercising their right to choose.” He then goes on to promise that he will require finger print trigger locks on “new guns sold”. See what he’s doing there? Tying the false narrative of rampant gun violence in Massachusetts (and the rest of America) with women’s right to have an abortion! Unfortunately, the low-information and über liberal voters who comprise a vast majority of the population in this State will swallow this bovine excrement hook, line and sinker.


Quote of the Day: Yes Well There is That Edition

Reload! (courtesy planningnews.blogspot.com)

“I cannot believe that the founding fathers could never conceive a rifle firing quicker, but they could see into the future and think that we would be able to bounce a video signal off a satellite in space to provide 24-hour news coverage, in which we put some of the dumbest people on this planet on it because it’s their 1st Amendment right to try to negate the 2nd Amendment.” – TTAG commentator David P under the post CNN’s Don Lemon Owns a Machine Gun! Or Not


Student Arrested, Suspended for Writing Fictional Story About a Gun

Andrew Lampart makes the CT District 4 School Board squirm (courtesy foxnews.com)

Now that school is back in session, we once again get to look forward to the insanity that is the American educational system when confronted with anything that doesn’t exactly align with their anti-gun absolutist ideals. Today’s story comes from South Carolina, where a 16-year-old student was tasked with writing a fictional story about himself in the form of a Facebook status (oh the depths to which our educational system has slumped). One student decided to employ a little poetic license and embellish his tale a little bit, adding in the obviously fictional element of a dinosaur. And shooting it with a gun…which caused his teacher to call the police. Obviously . . .

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Meteor Crater Redux – More Bad Signs

In a previous post I wrote about the improper signage at the Meteor Crater rest stop in Arizona. At the first stop, I failed to obtain a picture. The rest stop is one of a pair of rest stops, one on each side of the freeway. On the return trip, I stopped at the sister rest area to see if it had the incorrect signage as well. It did. The sign appeared to be identical to the sign that I recalled on the South side of I-40 . . .

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OMG! A Student Newspaper! Called ‘The Bullet!’ OMG!


“The editorial board felt that the paper’s name, which alludes to ammunition for an artillery weapon, propagated violence and did not honor our school’s history in a sensitive manner.” That’s the rationale behind the University of Mary Washington’s decision to change the name of the campus paper from The Bullet to The Blue and Gray Press. Which makes perfect sense…if you live in an ivory tower. It’s always better — and more sensitive — to allude to a conflict that tore the nation apart and resulted in the deaths of over 600,000 Americans than to an inanimate object that’s frequently used to put food on tables, protect innocent lives and defend the nation. Is it too late for this fall’s incoming freshmen — who will pay as much as twenty-two grand to educate their skulls full of mush at the Fredericksburg, Virginia temple of knowledge — to get their deposits back?


Poll: Chicago Residents Feel Less Safe with Concealed Carry Legal

(courtesy chicagotribunecom via We Are Done Asking Twitter account)

I’ve written before about the difference between feeling safe and actually being safe, but it’s a concept around which most in the anti-gun population will never be able to wrap their heads. Their entire argument is based on emotion, so asking them to think rationally about the issue is like asking a cat to recite a Shakespeare sonnet. A new poll was released on Monday reinforcing this disconnect between logic and emotion in the Windy City, as apparently 55% of Chicago residents feel “less safe” now that concealed carry is legal.

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