The View Goes Pro-Gun

The blowback from Everytown for Gun Safety’s public service announcement continues. And it’s not just The Truth About Guns who’ve pointed out that the ad sends a distinctly pro-gun message. The View episode above clearly indicates that many members of the mainstream media “get it.” And they’re selling it. The Everytown ad was timed to coincide with a civilian disarmament push in D.C. centered on protecting women by banning firearms from accused abusers. To say the ad took the wind from their sails would be an overstatement. To say that common sense is prevailing – that women are waking up to the realization that a gun in the hand is worth two restraining orders in the bush – would not. Sales of firearms to women, the increasing number of women with concealed carry permits and this type of TV all indicate a turning tide – amongst women – for guns. [h/t MM]


Question of the Day: How Much Do You Need to Know About Your Guns?

I’m sure SilencerCo’s “How Its Done” video will find favor amongst many members of TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia. I’m equally sure that most potential consumers couldn’t care less. You put the can on the end of your shotgun, load it with up with shot or slugs and Bob’s your uncle. By the same token, I bet the majority of people who bought the ill-fated, poorly constructed Remington R51 have no idea what a Pedersen roller-delayed blowback action is. [Click here for the video.] That said, how much does the average American need to know about firearms function. I wish I had a dime for every time I’ve heard “GLOCK…you pull the trigger it goes bang.” So how much do you know about guns (mechanics, ballistics, metallurgy, etc.) and how much should a gun owner know?


Gun Review: SPHINX SDP Compact VS. CZ P-07


A departure from your traditional gun review, what follows is more of a “shootout.” It’s a review of the SPHINX SDP Compact Alpha through the lens of how it compares to the CZ P-07 and the popular CZ 75 line. You see, in the 80′s SPHINX began producing pistols for the first time, and it did so by licensing the CZ 75 design. Since then it has modified and adapted CZ’s platform, all with Swiss precision and the attention to detail, finish, fitment, and materials that SPHINX has been known for. To some, it’s an upscale CZ. The question, then, is what can you expect from a $1,295 SPHINX that you don’t get from a $510 CZ? . . .

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Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: Un-Named Chi Town Permit Holder


TTAG has belabored the fact that police officers are under no duty to protect you, and as an armed citizen, you need to take a long hard look at what circumstances will motivate you to clear leather. Part of that long hard look needs to involve careful study of the laws in your area surrounding the use of deadly force. An un-named Chicago resident seems to have forgotten pretty much everything a responsible gun owner is supposed to know by chasing a robber out of a cell phone store on Chicago’s south side over the weekend . . .

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Gabby Giffords: Do It For The Women

Gabrielle Giffords

“In our country, it’s a sadly common story: An abuser or stalker gains access to guns and destroys the lives of women and families in our communities.” That’s the rationale Gabby Giffords offers up in a piece intended to press Congress to enact more restrictions on gun ownership to make it even illegal-er to stalk, harass or murder women. This in advance of today’s scheduled Senate dog and pony show hearing on protecting women from gun violence. Obviously, current laws on the books proscribing the shooting and killing of females aren’t enough for the former Congresswoman. It’s a shame that . . .

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Quote of the Day: I Sure Hope So Edition


“Whatever new handgun the Army adopts to replace the M9, it will fire a more powerful cartridge than the Beretta’s 9mm. This could be the .45-caliber ammo currently used by the Marines or, according to an Army spokesperson, it could be the .357 SIG or .40 S&W, two cartridges that didn’t exist in the ’80s, and which were developed for law enforcement officers to counter increasingly well-armed criminals. It might be quite some time before the Army selects a winning design and awards the new contract. Once they do, you can expect to find an almost indistinguishable pistol in a gun shop near you.” – Matt Valentine in ‘How Military Guns Make the Civilian Market’ [at]


Deputies, Police Reserves and the Militia


There were no police at the time the Constitution was written and the Bill of Rights ratified. Police as we know them didn’t come into being until a couple of decades later, in England. There, giving the police power was resisted as an infringement on local power for a considerable time, and police only gradually spread across the United States. Police forces have taken over many of the functions of local militias and are, for the most part, locally controlled. The closest modern equivalent to the militia . . .

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