Will You #GUNVOTE? (Plus WA Ballot Initiative 594)


With midterm elections only a couple weeks away… actually, scratch that, more than a million Americans have already cast their midterm ballots. In fact, I received my Washington State absentee ballot in the mail yesterday (Oct 16th). For fellow Washingtonians, I’d like to express my concerns with I-594 as well as mention its most glaring issues in the hope that you will pass along the good word. For the rest of y’all, let’s discuss NSSF‘s #GUNVOTE campaign.

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Passively Constructed Negligent Discharge of the Day: “Man shot when gun accidentally discharges after club competition” Edition

(courtesy pinecreeksportsmen.com)

I used the headline from Pittsburgh’s post-gazette.com because it’s an excellent example of the mainstream media’s inability to understand that guns do not go off by themselves. Perpetuating the idea that guns “accidentally discharge” sows fear amongst gun muggles, degrading our gun rights at the voting booth. It also removes responsibility from irresponsible gun owners, and misses an opportunity to emphasize the importance of firearms safety training. Anyway, you know all that. Here’s the beef: “A 20-year-old man was accidentally shot in the leg Thursday night following a competition shoot at Pine Creek Gun Club [a.k.a., the Pine Creek Sportsmen's Club] in Armstrong County . . .

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What’s Wrong With This Picture? – Halloween Edition


It’s mid October, the season when every little rugrat’s thoughts turn to visions of bite-sized Snickers and Twix bars. How will yours be dressing up this year for his or her door-to-door trek? As a ghost? It’s been done to death. Spiderman? Yawn. A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle? Again? This year ISIS executioner seems to be a topical option. Of course, in addition to the blade, your miniature fundamentalist will need to be equipped with something that goes bang, too. It’s hard to cobble together a caliphate by only lopping off heads . . .

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Cohoes, NY Pistol Permit Police Tell Applicants to Reactivate Facebook Accounts

(courtesy themarysue.com)Hi,

My name is Jason and I live around Watervliet. I found the article [on the town's pistol permit application Facebook inspection requirement] interesting. I would like to add that Cohoes, NY (neighbors) also has the FB requirement. The police actually reach out to your FB friends and ask about your character, some of whom you may not have spoken to since high school or even grade school. This is on top of the character references you include in your application. I have a friend who applied and told them that he no longer had his FB account and that he deactivated it a few weeks prior. They insisted that he reactivate it so they could go through his contacts, photos, and prior posts. It’s not fun in upstate N.Y. People need to know how restrictive law enforcement is on our 2nd amendment rights.


What Gun/Ammo Combination for Ebola Carriers?


Watching the news can be confusing these days. We have troops in Africa who are trained to kill people and blow stuff up now tasked with fighting a virus, while we continue to allow flights from the hot zone into the country on a daily basis. And the same elected officials who couldn’t manage to build an operable web site given three years notice are asking the same people who grope toddlers and strip search granny in her wheelchair to assess whether passengers may be carrying a deadly pathogen. What could possibly go wrong? The UK has stopped flights from west Africa. So have France, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, the Philippines, Zimbabwe and the Bahamas. Yet President Golfcart McFundraiser seems convinced that halting incoming flights would somehow be insensitive. Never mind what could walk across our southern border. And now that we have viral touchdown in Big D and beyond . . .

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Just Arrived: Seek Thermal Camera

FLIR has recently released a consumer grade thermal camera for general usage, and I was all excited — until I realized that it was for iPhones only. And only specific kinds of iPhones, specifically not the new one. Enter Seek Thermal and their shot across FLIR’s bow, a small add-on thermal camera that works with both Apple iPhones and Android devices, all for only $199. I’ve got my mitts on one of their products to test out, and I gotta admit that it’s a blast watching things heat up at the range. I get the feeling it will be beneficial for things like hunting as well, so we’ll see. Expect a full review when I’m done geeking out.


New Mexico Using Roadblocks to “Detect Wildlife Violations”

(courtesy wildlife.state.nm.us)

I’m not a big fan of police roadblocks, whether they’re designed to snare drunk drivers or search for escaped felons. Something about the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures. Unreasonable meaning that roadblock cops presume I’m guilty until proven innocent. In short, I see a roadblock I think police state. New Mexico’s hunters may agree, as “the Department of Game and Fish will conduct roadblocks throughout the state during hunting seasons to collect harvest data and to detect wildlife law violations.” (Press release after the jump.) More specifically they’ll check for compliance with the . . .

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Tools You Need to Own: Left Hand Drill Bits


Last year, I had a bulb that burned out in my right rear tail light. I found that out when I got pulled over by the Johnson City PD. When I made it out to the ranch, I discovered that the head of one of the Phillips screws holding the lens in place was completely stripped. If you do any work at all on your guns, you’ve surely had a similar issue. Usually it’s some infinitesimally small Allen head screw. You strip it, curse loudly, and then try to figure out a way to get it out . . .

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Is This The Most Vile Videogame Ever Created? [NSFW]

Can you shout “fire!” in a crowded movie house? Yes. Yes you can. If there’s a fire. If doing so does not create injury or death. Can you create a videogame where players can pretend to be a spree killer massacring people – in graphic detail – at a school? Yes. Yes you can. But I would not want to be this game’s producers if some nutcase uses it to prepare for a real spree killing. And I would not want my daughter going to school with anyone who played Hatred. But . . . .

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Quote of the Day: I Got Nothin’ Edition


“The candidates’ positions on the gun issue are why I feel that debates are not enlightening and actually serve to confuse the public. For example, can anyone out there tell me what a semi-automatic weapon is and looks like? When I’ve asked people that in the past, they usually say ‘a machine gun.’ I would agree. But that’s not what politicians usually mean when they refer to assault weapons. You have to read the definition of such weapons in an actual law to understand exactly what’s being banned, and those descriptions can vary widely. The debate over this sort of thing is what drives a lot of the National Rifle Association folks to the point of sounding irrational. But I get it. They know about guns, and the rest of us usually don’t. Assault rifles must be bad or we wouldn’t be using them to assault people.” – Phil Kadner in Guns really aren’t the problem [at southtownstar.suntimes.com]


Housekeeping: Little Help on iPhone 6+ YouTube No Slo-Mo Issue

The video above features the 9mm Steyr MPi 81 (an improved version of the MPi 69). I filmed (videoed?) Ray Harrison of Texas’ Ballistic Ops firing the sub-gun with my new phablet, the iPhone 6+. I didn’t record this version of machine gun fun in slo-mo. For contrast, I recorded the same guy shooting the same gun (Steyr MPi 81) in slo-mo. I sent it to Dan via iPhone. He uploaded it to YouTube. Et voila! Check THIS out . . .

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Defensive Gun Use of the Day: OK Gun Owner’s First Ever Shot Takes Down Shotgun Burglar Edition

This one goes out to all you people who think that any gun owner who doesn’t train to operate operationally (while remaining tacticool) is putting themselves at a major disadvantage should they need to perform a defensive gun use. And it’s a shout-out to anyone who says all gun owners should have mandatory training before being “allowed” to exercise their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. “Cardell and his wife, Frances, were asleep when they heard a banging on their back door,” kfor.com reports. “’I grabbed my gun and loaded it,’ Cardell said . . .

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