Mass Shooting in Rural Southern Missouri


“Texas County sheriff’s deputies found bodies in four separate residences in the Tyrone (Missouri) area after responding to a call around 10:15 p.m. Thursday about a disturbance. The caller, described as a juvenile girl, reported hearing shots in her house ‘and immediately fled to a neighbor’s house,’ the (Missouri Highway Patrol) statement said.” That from  In all eight are dead including the as yet un-named shooter who offed himself in his truck after his murder spree. More as details emerge.


Crime Deterrence and Solutions: The Micro Stamping Lie


In 2007, then California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a microstamping law that would go into effect only when certain technologies that did not actually–you know–exist, came into being. In 2013, Attorney General Kamala Harris declared those tech triggers to be extant–they weren’t–and thus, the law to be in force. Alan Gura, the most successful attorney vindicating the Second Amendment rights of Americans in recent American history, filed a lawsuit–Pena v. Lindley–on behalf of the Second Amendment Foundation and Calguns Foundation, as Fox News notes . . .

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Is Five Rounds Standard Issue for U.S. Army Guards?

I was either in, or worked for, the U.S. Army for over 30 years. During that time I had some experience with what ammunition guards were issued before going on duty. My brother brought my attention to a video, titled “The Wing” about F-15s in Bitburg, Germany, in 1981, at the height of the cold war. In the video you can see a Tech Sergeant being issued four magazines, all with rounds in them. He makes sure his chamber is clear and inserts one magazine. In the screenshot above (about 7:26 on the video) you can see the other three in his left hand. They are clearly 30-round mags for an M16 . . .

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Kansas Senate Votes to Eliminate Concealed Carry Licensing Requirement


“Today we must vote, and when in doubt, I believe that if we err, we ought to do so on the side of freedom and the continued protection of our most basic constitutional rights,” said no gun grabbing civilian disarmament advocate in the history of the world ever. Rather, those were the words of Kansas Senate President Susan Wagle on the passage — on a largely party line 31-7 vote — of a bill repealing the licensing requirement for concealed carry in The Sunflower State. Kansans will still have the option to get a state-issued permit if they want to take advantage of other states’ reciprocity laws. The bill now moves onto the House where it’s expected to get a similar level of support.   [h/t Mike H.]


AG Holder Gives ATF Power to Confiscate Property


Did you know that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (and Really Big Fires) has the power to seize and “administratively forfeit” property involved in suspected drug offenses? Neither did I. “[U.S. Attorney General Eric] Holder temporarily delegated this authority to the ATF on a trial basis in 2013,” reports, “and today made the delegation permanent while lauding the ATF for seizing more than $19.3 million from Americans during the trial period.” Wait. Can he do that? The Department of Justice certainly (and obviously) thinks so . . .

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ATF Ban on M855 Ammunition: The Real Issue and The Real Answer


By Daniel O’Kelly, Director of the International Firearm Specialist Academy (reprinted here with permission)

Everyone is surprised that ATF has announced plans to ban M855 ammunition (steel-core 5.56 NATO). The issue has been raised as to whether the cartridge has sufficient “sporting purposes” as a means to fight the ban. Make no mistake, the “sportability” of the cartridge is not the real issue. We at IFSA agree that M855 ammunition should NOT be banned. However we would like to offer some explanation as to the methodology being used by the Government in this situation. The definition of Armor Piercing (AP) Ammunition is . . .

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We Need To Honor Chris Kyle’s Memory


Yesterday, RF asked the question, “Where is Chris Kyle’s headstone?” After the comments got particularly nasty, the entire thread was pulled and I’m glad it was. But I’m also glad TTAG asked the queston, because Chris Kyle deserves a headstone. In truth though, I should have been the one to write the article, and ask the question. I visit Chris’s grave site about once a week, and I have since just after he died.  It’s close to my office and for the first year after he was murdered, it was pretty rare that I saw anyone else there. That’s normal, that was OK . . .

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New York Times Op Ed Reveals Greatest Threat to American Gun Rights…Ever

Mary Lewis Grow (courtesy

“Concerns about the increasing frequency of recent terror attacks in Europe, Australia and North America caused the White House to convene a summit meeting last week on how best to counter violent extremism. But none of the current efforts to prevent homegrown terrorism in the United States will be sufficient without addressing the ease with which would-be terrorists in the United States can obtain firearms and explosives.” That’s the conclusion mooted by New York Times guest editorialist Mary Lewis Grow [above], co-founder of Protect Minnesota, “a nonprofit organization that works to prevent gun violence.” Grow wants to prohibit Americans on the Terrorist Watchlist from exercising their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Fair enough? Uh . . .

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Question of the Day: Are GLOCKs Unsafe?

Over at, Dan Cannon has unearthed the SAFE-DRAW system for GLOCK brand GLOCK pistols. SAFE-DRAW gives the Austrian-born pistol an initial 17 pound trigger pull. (Take that, NYPD!) While millions of Americans keep and/or bear GLOCKs and GLOCK-like striker-fired pistols without mishap, mishaps do sometimes occur. Let’s face it: the average gun owner has lousy trigger discipline. They will almost certainly “register” (i.e. touch) their trigger in a defensive gun use. Don’t get me wrong: a gun is only as safe as its user. But shouldn’t we at least acknowledge the GLOCK’s inherent “challenge” to newbies?


Gun Review: Marlin Model 990 Ducks Unlimited .22LR Rifle


This is a reader-submitted review. 

By Alex Kelling

When you think of a .22lr rifle, you probably think of the Ruger 10/22, S&W M&P 22, Henry Golden Boy, or Remington 597. Maybe at the end of your list is the Marlin Model 60, the budget, tube-fed, do-all .22lr. Meet its younger brother, the Model 990. The Marlin Model 990 was produced from 1979 to 1987. This high quality firearm has served me very well over the 10 years I have been shooting it. This gun has survived use, abuse and over 10,000 rounds . . .

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