Gun Control Lobbyist Forgets He’s Flacking for a “Grass Roots” Operation

One of the problems with hiring lobbyists to lie for you in a public forum is that eventually, they might slip up and tell the truth instead. Something along those lines appears to have happened recently during a hearing a Vermont Senate committee was holding on a gun control bill. Lobbyist Tyler Wilkinson-Ray, hired by the ironically-named group Gun Sense Vermont, was giving testimony, when he cut loose with the civilian disarmament version of a Kinsley gaffe: it turns out that Gun Sense Vermont needs to get its marching orders — ‘national expertise’ was the euphemism Wilkinson-Ray mumbled — from HQ in New York . . .

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If You Care About Gun Rights, Teach Your Children Well


As a teacher of high school English, I have rather a unique perch from which to observe the passing trends of American interest and life. All manner of things come up in our discussions of literature: drugs, relationships, the nature of men and women, parenting, you name it. But only rarely does the interest of teenagers turn to firearms, and even more rarely to the Constitution, particularly the Second Amendment . . .

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Incendiary Image of the Day: Swampfox Covert Assault Scope Edition

Assault scope

“This special Swampfox riflescope combo [product shot after the jump] comes with a Red laser, tactical flashlight, scope lens covers, rings and allen wrench. The superb optical system is designed with fully coated lens to give clear, crisp contrast and a bright sight image. high precision matching components provide smooth and easy adjustments. The aluminum monotube offers a shockproof and waterproof structure, and the rifle scope is nitrogen purged for fogproof performance. Complete instructions are inside the package, and this combo fits both weaver and picatinny rails.” Yes, but – “assault scope”? . . .

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Confirmed: NFA Transfer Times Now 90 Days…And Falling


When I bought my first silencer, it took over seven months from the day I sent the forms in to the ATF until my tax stamp came back. It took so long, in fact, that I had moved to Texas in the intervening months and flew back to Virginia to pick it up. That was at the peak of the ATF’s backlog, when waiting a year for a stamp was commonplace. Needless to say, while a $200 tax for something that is otherwise completely legal to own is enough of a hurdle. But the inordinate wait time was probably the biggest barrier to entry for most people who want to buy a can. These days, though, the excuses are dwindling: wait times for a Form 4 are officially under 90 days. And dropping . . .

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Question of the Day: How Do You Clean Your Guns?


Reading through the press release at for a new triangular-shaped cleaning patch [after the jump], I was horrified to encounter this little anecdote from Eric Feldman. “Something I learned in gunsmithing school,” BoreSmith’s Director Of Operations’ recalls, “was that people cause more damage to their firearms by improper and over cleaning than by actually shooting.” Oh great. As if I don’t have enough anxiety about cleaning my guns, from using too much lube to not using enough lube, to not getting it done with a BoreSnake and more. So, how do you clean your guns, what products do you use and how often do you use them? . . .

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Gun Review: Rock Island Armory GI Standard FS 1911


I expect a high-priced tool to work well; that’s certainly true for a firearm. But what I really love to see: an inexpensive gun perform well. That’s probably why I’ve bought a couple dozen Mosin Nagants over the years. Anyway, after our visit to STI, TTAG James69 asked when we were going to see a review of the decidedly lower-priced Rock Island Armory 1911. I’ve been itching to try one myself for a while, so I emailed a request to TTAG command for a base model in .45ACP mos riki-tik . . .

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What’s Wrong With This Picture: Grab Your Gun and FIRE!

I’m not a police officer. I did a brief stint as a reserve officer but I never had a close-quarters combat situation. So I may not be the best person to say that this technique – grabbing your pistol with your off-hand to avoid a gun grab – is insane. But I reckon it’s nuts. The difference between shooting your hand and not shooting your hand is nowhere NEAR enough to give you a reasonable chance of not shooting your hand. Especially when . . .

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New From Liberty Ammunition: .45 Long Colt Hollow Points


On light days, when RF totes his 460XVR around Austin with no reasonable expectation of ursine assault, there’s probably no need to bust out the heavy artillery. Why schlep around big, expensive .460 S&W magnum rounds all day when you can probably get by with some easier-shooting .45 Colt? The good news is that now, thanks to Liberty Ammunition, he has a new choice in personal defense rounds with their Civil Defense .45 Colt personal defense ammo. Make the jump for their press release . . .

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Quote of the Day: Socratic Method Edition


“Will the subliminal message in every classroom be that we live in a world so dangerous that we have to be armed? Are we affirming the preeminence of force over ideas? Will some young gun-carrying dude – they’ll nearly all be males – be distracted by the fantasies of power that a gun bestows? Will he assume that his ideas are more valid because he imagines that he is protecting the rest of us? Will unarmed students be reluctant to challenge the ideas of the armed? Will they feel less inclined to express positions that differ from those of students with weapons? Will some students feel afraid or intimidated in a classroom that includes several strangers with prominently displayed weapons? Will some feel a need to arm themselves? Will I?” – John M. Crisp in How will guns and college classrooms mix? [at]


Why Can’t the Mainstream Media Understand what “Grass Roots” Means?


Nick O’Malley, the U.S. correspondent for Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald displays an above average amount of lying and/or willful ignorance in his latest piece, “Another textbook gun law victory for National Rifle Association.” O’Malley being an Australian, I would be willing to cut him a little slack when it comes to firearms knowledge and cartridge familiarity – if not for the fact that he is their American correspondent and should therefore be held to a higher standard than your average Aussie. He starts out by displaying a profound misunderstanding of what “grass roots” support means. . .

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