Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence IDs ‘Gun Lobby Lap Dogs’

In the run-up to the mid-term elections, The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence has abandoned any pretense of rational argument. The anti-gun org’s ad above rivals SpongeBob SquarePants for intellectual sophistication – minus SBSP’s endearing honesty and positive mental attitude. The ad directs viewers to, which “outs” pro-gun politicians in an interactive map. The page includes a “Worst of the Worst” (“Best in show if you will”) gallery of 12 elected officials [screen cap after the jump]. It’s an excellent resource in the sense that . . .

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Moms Demand Action Kroger Push Part of Gun Control’s Long Game

Kroger Bank Robber

On, a discussion about the Moms Demand Action push for a gun ban following an armed robbery of a bank inside of a Kroger store, brought this commonly expressed question from rktman, “Uh, how would this have stopped the robbery again? Please ‘splain that to us.” I will explain it. MDA is playing a very long game. In order to be effective, they have to reduce the number of guns in society by significant amounts. They have to avoid considering any potential benefits gained from gun ownership.  Here is how I believe they think it will work . . .

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Question of the Day: Shooting While Pregnant?

Nur Suryani Mohd Taibi  at 2012 Olympics (courtesy

After reading articles like this one on the dangers of lead exposure at gun ranges, TTAG reader Chris writes:

My name is Chris and I live in Texas. I have been searching the interwebs but can’t find a definitive answer so thought I would ask ya’ll to see if you know or know someone who knows the answer to my question. My wife is 11 weeks pregnant and as a result of a recent event, she decided she finally wants her CHL. Is it advisable for her to go shooting, a couple of times just to ensure she is comfortable and competent and then the actual certification course as part of the class, or is the risk of lead exposure and noise exposure to our unborn child too great?


Silencer Review: Liberty Suppressors Chaotic


300 AAC Blackout is really starting to take off. Almost every manufacturer offers it as an option for their guns, and the ammo is now widely available in big box stores like Academy. It seems like 300 BLK is at the tipping point where, at the very least, it will be self-sustaining and hang around much like other “boutique” calibers like .243 Win and .357 SIG. Part of that appeal comes from the easily suppressed nature of the round, offering subsonic capabilities alongside supersonic capabilities without changing anything. With an eye especially on the 300 BLK market, Liberty Suppressors released their Chaotic 30 caliber suppressor . . .

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Random Thoughts About Common Sense Gun Control Control

Anita Sarkeesian (courtesy

“The Utah gun law that canceled a USU speech is an embarrassment,” declares. Backstory: feminist videogame reviewer Anita Sarkeesian gets a death threat before a planned speech at Utah State University. USU checks it out and deems it incredible. Unsatisfied, Sarkeesian demands a no-guns policy at the venue, including pat-downs and a metal detector. USU says “You must be joking son, where did you get those shoes?” State law says we can’t do that “gun-free zone” thing. Ms. Sarkeesian cancels the gig. All of which is grist for’s anti-gun mill . . .

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PA’s Pocono Mountain School District Closes For Cop-Killer Manhunt

Fibbies all tooled-up for manhunt for cop killer Eric Frein (courtesy

The manhunt for self-confessed cop killer Eric Frein has entered its sixth week. At a reported cost of $1.1m a week, the Frein chase has dinged taxpayers for nearly $7m. So far. Not including additional pension contributions for overtime. But hey, Frein killed a cop. Anyway, Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountain School District has closed shop while the FBI, State Police, local law enforcement and dog catcher hunt for Mr. Frein in the nearby woods. On Monday night, District officials announced that schools would open with “extra security.” This morning, at 5:30am, it changed its mind. If that’s the reaction to an at-large cop killer in the wilds of the Keystone State, imagine what would happen if a terrorist bomber got away from an atrocity in a large urban area. Why they’d have to shut down the whole city! For days! reports that the school closures come after a “highly credible witness” [I say, I say, highly credible] saw the war re-enactor near his former high school dressed in black, with his face covered in mud, carrying a rifle.


Quote of the Day: Many a True Word Spoken in Jest Edition

Rev. Jeff Liebmann (courtesy

“Defenders of the Second Amendment should not only oppose restrictions to gun purchases and ownership (as they do already), but they should be advocating for a fully armed citizenry. By the age of 12, every budding young adult should have passed mandatory gun training and be issued a weapon so that they can stand united to defend the ramparts of our nation against the evils of communism, of creeping socialism, and the over-reaching arms of an out-of-control government in Washington, D.C. Just as we provide food stamps to the hungry and inexpensive housing to the poor, our nation should be committed to arming every citizen so they can adequately defend America.” – Rev. Jeff Liebmann minister of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Midland, Truth and Meaning: Guns for Everyone [via]


BREAKING: Oscar Pistorius Sentenced to Five Years in Prison

“South African athlete Oscar Pistorius was given a maximum five-year prison sentence Tuesday for the Valentine’s Day killing last year of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp,” reports. “Judge Thokozile Masipa delivered the ruling more than seven months after the Olympic runner’s trial started in a case that has riveted South Africa and brought intense media attention to the 27-year-old double amputee who was already well known for his sporting achievements . . . Barry Roux, Pistorius’ lawyer, said his client could be released after 10 months to serve the remainder of his sentence under house arrest.”


NPR Report on “Gun Violence” Uses the Term 13 Times

Prosecutors Against Gun Violence (courtesy

Over at, a report entitled Lawyers Band Together To Fight Gun Violence reveals “a new group called Prosecutors Against Gun Violence [that] has formed to find solutions to gun violence in the U.S.” NPR’s Arun Rath interview with attorneys and co-chairs Cyrus Vance Jr. (NY, above) and Mike Feuer (LA) uses the term no less than 13 times. A rose may smell so sweet by any other name, but “gun violence” is a deeply misleading term for “firearms-related crime,” which properly highlight the criminal rather than the method used. But don’t take my word for it. Look at the the PAGV’s Facebook profile pic above. And consider this from commentator Willy Roentgen . . .

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Is the University of Idaho Encouraging the “SWATting” of Legal Gun Carriers?

                                                                  Matt Dorschel, (left)

Last week, the University of Idaho – where concealed carry is legal – held a forum to discuss guns on campus. The main presenter was Matt Dorschel, university executive director for public safety and security. While the forum attracted only a few students and faculty, the policy presented was radical . . .

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Texas International Firearms Festival Sponsor of the Day: TrackingPoint


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The first annual Texas International Firearms Festival – November 8 & 9 at Best of the West Shooting Sports – is just weeks away! You need to buy your day pass today – it’s your chance to sample (and buy) firearms from over two dozen major gun makers. Click here for the full list. Click here to buy a $59 one-day pass or a $95 weekend pass. Ammo included! Not only will TrackingPoint be there, but they’re the Festival’s primary sponsor! Be at there and you’ll get to see what it feels like to reach out with an electronically enhanced semi-auto rifle and touch a target 1000 yards away. Come and shoot it!


It Should Have Been A Defensive Gun Use: “Austin Police say the public is not in danger at this time” Edition

“Max Cabrera and his girlfriend Gabby Perez were on their way to the car when they encountered five men,” reports. “’As they crossed us, one of the guys in the front, he reached over and groped me,’ said Perez. “Perez says she and Cabrera tried to walk away, but that things escalated quickly and the men started punching Cabrera. She says one of the suspects, described only as a black man, reached under her skirt, scratching her. Cabrera was left with a broken nose, fractured bones in his face and six stitches on his forehead.” This one happened in my backyard: downtown Austin, at 2:30 am. Which goes to show that . . .

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