New Yorker Funny Guy to Gun Rights Advocates: You’re Morons

Andy Borowitz (courtesy

New Yorker writer Andy Borowitz is tired. He’s too tired to fact-check studies that “prove” that gun ownership is a bad, bad thing for both individuals and society at large. Too tired to read TTAG’s analysis of the faulty methodology required to produce these foregone conclusion. And he’s tired of people who dare question this “settled science” on gun control. So he wrote this semi-moronic – sorry semi-ironic “news satire” instead . . .

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UK Police State Kicks Into High Gear After Tunisian Gun Attack

“Britain is a nation united in shock and in grief,” British Prime Minister David Cameron writes at “As the names and identities of the victims in Tunisia emerge – and the horror of what they faced becomes clear – those feelings grow. Everyone is asking the same thing: how can a day at the beach for families and friends have turned into a scene of such horror?” Because someone with a gun was able to shoot 30 defenseless British tourists (amongst others) without any immediate armed intervention? That’s not quite how David puts it . . .

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Personal Defense Tip: Carrying A Firearm Does Not Make You Invincible


By Brandon via

Ehhh, we got some tough guys out there. All too often, I’ll post an article about [insert article title here] and some people will always chime in with their, “I’d get the job done” attitude.

Example Story: A story is posted about a homeowner who shoots at an intruder. The homeowner misses and the bad guy gets away.

Example Comment: “If someone broke into my house, they would have been filled with lead! Can’t believe the homeowner missed. Get back to the range!”

I know, I know. Some of you could take out an armed home intruder from across town with your GLOCK 19 while simultaneously paying for your groceries. I get it, you’re a great shot and you’ll never miss your target regardless of the circumstances . . .

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TTAG’s Nick Leghorn and Tyler Kee On NBC’s TODAY Show

A few weeks ago, NBC’s Ronan Farrow called RF for some insight into Guns 2.0 (a term Ronan borrowed from RF). TTAG’s jefe and former CNN Producer quickly set Ronan in the right direction (so to speak). He told the NBC reporter to call me to arrange a Young Guns shoot at the Best of the West Shooting Sports in Liberty Hill (home of the Texas Firearms Festival). And so Tyler and I appeared on a segment aiming to “uncover” the new face of gun ownership. We thought it went well. Do you think the segment played it down the middle, as it aired this morning at 7:45 AM, or was it more of the same anti-gun condescension?


How Do I Meet the Post Charleston Demand for Training Without Fear Mongering?

large_Self Defense Class - gun

By Travis Pike

Do I profit from death and fear? That’s the question I recently asked myself after that little good for nothing, cowardly sack of…who shall not be named attacked innocent people in a place of worship. I teach some basic classes on self defense, and concealed carry. I am not Haley or Costa, or Vickers, I’m kinda like Range Time but I actually served in the military for more than a weekend. I’m just a dude who teaches people things like basic gun handling, a concealed carry glass, and a basic defensive handgun course. I also occasionally pull my significant other in to demonstrate what works for my female students . . .

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Incendiary Image of the Day: F*&k Chris Kyle Edition

(courtesy Abby Martin Facebook page)

Plenty of people took offense at the movie American Sniper. They considered Chris Kyle a homicidal tool of American imperialism. Very few, however, broke cover to express this opinion, what with patriotic Kyle supporters being so passionate in his defense. D.C. denizen and artist Abby Martin has no compunctions about poking the [non-Russian] bear with her “F Chris Kyle” T-shirt. Scarily (predictably?) enough, the image has already garnered 615 likes on her Facebook page. “Chris Kyle was everything that is wrong with this country,” her Facebook friend Cynthia Tarana Cone comments. Something tells me Ms. Martin is going to get a LOT of friend requests from people who may not be so friendly . . .


The Fear of Guns


Dan Wos of the Defining Success in America blog writes:

When I was a kid, my Dad took me out hunting and target shooting. He loved it. Me, not so much. It just wasn’t my thing. I tried, but I just wasn’t interested. I mean, I didn’t dislike guns and I wasn’t scared of them. I just wasn’t all that interested. When he would buy a new pistol, he would show it to me and I could tell he loved these things. Of course I showed interest and they were actually kinda’ cool, but I was more interested in my guitar so I never really jumped on board with the whole “gun thing” . . .

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Question of the Day: Why Were Guns Enshrined in the Bill of Rights?


Reader DrVino writes:

Self defense is a human right. And now marriage is a human right. Why is marriage not mentioned in the constitution? If we argue that it was understood (and didn’t need to be affirmed in a legal document) that people want to and have a right to get married, why was the right to guns enshrined in the Bill of Rights? After all, it was understood that people needed to put meat on the table and defend themselves from attackers. If procurement of food and marrying are rights that “go without saying”, could it be argued, then, that the only reason we have the 2A is not for the purpose of hunting or personal protection, but as a defense against tyranny from an abusive centralized government?

Tacticool Tuesday: ATI Shopping Spree – Remington 870


Everybody has a Remington 870 lying around. Maybe a Mossberg 500? Whatever the shotgun, ATI (Advanced Technology International) probably makes a full range of aftermarket parts to improve capacity, utility, adaptability, and ergonomics…or to otherwise gussy it up. My buddy, “German Peter,” went on a little ATI shopping spree then dumped the parts and a factory-stock 870 off with my gunsmith, Nick of HCTC Firearms, for custom coating and assembly. . .

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Inside the Twisted Mind of a Gun Control Advocate: Senator Chris Murphy Edition

WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 24:  U.S. Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) speaks next to a display of assault weapons during a news conference January 24, 2013 on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) announced that she will introduce a bill to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds to help to stop gun violence.  (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

“I remember ickhe hours and days after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting,” Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy opines at (excerpted from recent Senate testimony). “I remember feeling like I needed to be restrained about talking about the obvious policy issues that tumbled out of the facts surrounding that tragedy.” Huh? You’d kinda expect a rabid anti-gunner like Senator Murphy to stick to the playbook. Wave the bloody shirt. Talk about your feelings. Call for gun control. In this op ed, Murphy skips the whole touchy feely thing. Right there we get insight into the man’s mentality . . .

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Everyone Has a Gun in Wyoming


I recently made a quick trip to Wyoming. My husband and I wanted to see if the Equality State could provide a suitable homestead for the Tipton clan. My California friends anticipated trouble. “Watch out,” they warned. “Everyone in Wyoming has a gun.” My real estate agent did. The single mom of two packs a GLOCK 9mm. I’m not sure why that surprised me. It shouldn’t have. Why wouldn’t a real estate agent carry a gun? What’s not to love about a 9mm handgun? That said, when I first brought-up the subject of guns to my pistol-packing real estate agent . . .

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