Top Five Reasons for Not Owning a Gun?

The FireArmGuy reckons there are five reasons why non-gun owners don’t own guns: I’m too busy, guns are too powerful, I have kids to protect, I don’t care about the Second Amendment, the police will protect me. True dat. But if I had to distill it down to one reason, it’s fear. Gun muggle are afraid that they’ll shoot themselves, or their kids will shoot themselves, or they’ll shoot the wrong person by mistake (guns are too powerful). They’re also afraid that they’ll be a hypocrite – supporting gun control to keep firearms out of the hands of bad guys while owning a gun. And, lest we forget, they’re afraid that . . .

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One Simple Trick for Cleaning Your Gun!

A lot of our readers like to clean guns. They find it soothing and reassuring. Personally? Not so much. My usual trick for cleaning my guns: get Nick or Jon to do it. For those of you who share my aversion to carbon crud toothbrushes and solvents and can’t impose on an OCD ballistic BFF, an ultrasonic cleaner is the simple solution (so to speak). The Hornady Hot Tub above costs a pretty penny ($467.99 at Cabela’s) but it’s way more thorough than even a TTAG reviewer’s best manual labor. (Note: there are smaller, cheaper ultrasonic cleaners available.) Disassemble, dunk, flip the switch. Wait a bit, rinse and reassemble. Done. What could be easier?


BREAKING: Cardel Hayes Indicted on Second Degree Murder Charges for Will Smith Killing

“Cardell Hayes has been indicted on four charges, including second-degree murder, in the death of former New Orleans Saints defensive end Will Smith,” reports. “The other charges are attempted second-degree murder, aggravated criminal damage and aggravated criminal assault with a firearm. Smith’s wife, Racquel, was wounded in the shooting.” I guess the defense’s contention that Mr. Hayes shot Mr. Smith in self-defense didn’t fly. Let’s see what the judge/jury thinks . . .


Gun Hero of the Day: Liberty University

Liberty University seal (courtesy

I’m not a huge fan of fundamentalism. Too often its adherents adhere to intolerance. Be that as it is, props to the fundamentalists at Liberty University. “This college will let your kids bring guns into their dorms,” the virulently anti-gun rights‘s headline bleats. “Liberty University will allow students with concealed handgun permits from the state to keep their weapons in their dorms beginning next fall . . .

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BREAKING: Gun Mag Purveyor Harris Publications Folds

Combat Handguns (courtesy

“New York-based enthusiast publisher Harris Publications notified employees today that the company is shutting down, effective immediately, after nearly four decades,” reports. “Founded in 1977, Harris published a wide variety of special interest magazines over the years, including newsstand mainstays SLAM, Guitar World, XXL, King, Revolver, and Woman. At the time of its closure, the company’s portfolio included Naturally, Danny Seo; Great Backyards; Celebrity Hairstyles; Juicy; Rides; Who’s Who in Baseball; and Guns & Weapons, among several others.” Including Combat Handguns, Ballistic, Special Weapons, Tactical Weapons and the annual Gun Buyer’s Guide. And related firearms websites. Make the jump for the full company statement . . .

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BREAKING: Obama to Make “Smart Gun” Push . . . for Law Enforcement

(courtesy YouTube)

“President Barack Obama is opening a new front in the gun control debate,” reports, “readying a big push for so-called smart gun technology — an initiative that the gun lobby and law enforcement rank and file is already mobilizing against.” Oh good! If law enforcement officers are against it, that puts the pro-gun control side in a pickle. Support smart guns for the “only ones” they deem worthy of carrying guns against the wishes of their police supporters. “As early as Friday, Obama is set to formally release findings from the Defense, Justice and Homeland Security Departments on ways to spur the development of guns that can be fired only by their owner, according to industry and gun control sources. Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett is slated to preview the announcement for stakeholders on Thursday afternoon.” Listen to the cops caterwaul . . .

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Gun Review: Mossberg MVP LR-T


I’ve spent nearly a decade and thousands of rounds trying to identify the Ultimate Texas Hunting Rifle. For most of my life, it’s been a Ruger M77 Mark II in .243 WIN. Last year, I hacked four inches off the barrel, screwed on a silencer and fitted the stock with a cheek riser. It felt as if my rifle had been transformed. Suddenly, it was easier to get in and out of a blind, quieter and easier to bring to my eye. The issue: sub 100 grain 6mm pills need velocity to do their work; cutting off that much barrel took a toll. To find the next great thing, I started sniffing around and found the Mossberg MVP LR-T . . .

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Random Thoughts About Donald Trump’s “America First” Foreign Policy. And Guns.

Jon Wayne Taylor and I listened to Donald Trump’s foreign policy speech as we blasted to Best of the West to test the STI Hex Tactical and DVC 3-Gun pistols. We were both highly unimpressed. With the speech (the DVC is a peach, review to follow). It was as pedestrian as Times Square and logically inconsistent. His “America first” theme promised projection of power and non-intervention. Wait. What? Don’t The Donald’s speech writers know the history of the term “America first”? Apparently not. Wikipedia . . .

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Terrorism? Stay Armed, My Friends

bataclan bodies after muslim attack crop

Rob Morse writes [via]

The French interior minister spoke this week. He said the ministry had learned important lessons. The ministry now understands the recent violent Muslim attacks in both Paris and Brussels. After much discussion, the ministry now guarantees that police and military anti-terrorism units will respond to any terrorist attack in 20 minutes or less. Civilians will have seconds to respond, yet the French interior ministers promises help in 20 minutes . . .

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Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: Why School Security Shouldn’t Have “Assault Weapons”

John White (courtesy

“It’s not easy to respond to an active shooter. Will [Douglas County security guards] be trained to judge when to shoot and when not to? It’s more complicated than running in and gunning down the shooter. When a police officer on patrol or a SWAT team comes in, they’re not just going to shoot to kill. If a suspect is contained, the ideal situation is to get him to surrender, and that can take hours. If the person’s not shooting anymore, there’s no justification for opening fire. The goal is to contain and control, to bring it to a peaceful, nonfatal ending if at all possible.” John White, CEO of Protection Management, quoted in A School Security Expert on Why Giving Guards AR-15s Isn’t the Best Way to Protect Students [via]