Fallout 4 Tip: Don’t Over-Scope Your Gun


Over the last few weeks I’ve been playing a lot of Fallout 4. Like, a lot. An unhealthy amount, even. Despite the random crashes and glitches (seriously, how do you get the mayor’s elevator back down?) it’s still a fantastic game. One of the really cool features is the ability to customize your weapons, and for those wandering in the Commonwealth as well, I want to give you one word of advice about that: don’t bite off more scope than you can chew . . .

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Purdue Study: Arming Victims Would Save Lives in Terrorist Attacks

The question that arises every time there’s a terrorist attack or mass shooting is one of how to stop it from happening again or minimize the casualties. The common response from gun control activists and the media is always to ban guns and further restrict the rights of law abiding citizens, relying purely on a emotional response and lacking any scientific evidence. One study out of Purdue University is seeking to put some actual science behind the question of whether concealed carry or any armed defense would reduce the impact of a terrorist attack like the one in Paris. Their results: yes, guns would save lives.

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In ‘On Killing’ Video, Veterans Talk About Killing Both On and Off the Battlefield

“If they mean to do harm to myself or my family, I’ll do anything I can to prevent them from doing it. If it means taking their life, fu(k ’em. They’ve chosen their path.” That’s the answer Josh, an Operation Enduring Freedom sniper, offers when asked when it’s OK to take a life outside the military. Lonnie, a Vietnam infantryman, however figures killing is never justified away from the battlefield. Those are just two of the takes on killing and its effects from people who know – veterans who’ve done it . . .

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Why Using the Terrorist Watchlist to Restrict Gun Sales is a Terrible and Dangerous Idea


There has been a lot of chatter in the last couple days about individuals on the “Terrorist Screening Database” (or simply “Terrorist Watchlist”) being able to purchase firearms in the United States. The usual suspects from Senator Harry Reid to activist news organizations have begun a campaign for banning individuals on this list from being able to own firearms, and while there seems to be support for that idea from the usual gun control activists the reality of the situation is that it is an amazingly dangerous precedent to set using a hilariously awful and unreliable database.

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Question of the Day: Will a Paris-Style Terrorist Attack on U.S. Lead To a Police State?

Garland Texas aftermath (courtesy jpost.com)

“The state of emergency, it’s true, justifies certain temporary restrictions on liberties,” French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, pronounced on Thursday, as the National Assembly voted 551 to 6 to extend a national state of emergency for three months. “But resorting to this, it’s to give us every chance to fully restore these liberties.” Bến Tre much? In Belgium, the government shuttered the public transit system, even as it looks to extend police hold on a suspect from 24 to 72 hours. The closer you look at the European reaction, the scarier it looks. Check this [via nytimes.com] . .

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New From Polymer80: Spectre 80% “GLOCK” Frame

SpectrePrototype (1 of 5)

Polymer80, known for its polymer AR-15 an AR-10 80% lower receivers and kits, is ramping up production on the Spectre. This pistol frame is compatible with small-frame GLOCK components, and will accept factory or aftermarket full-size or longer GLOCK slides. This means it can be built as a 9mm, .40 S&W, .357 SIG, or even .45 GAP. Since it’s only 80% complete it isn’t considered a firearm, and can ship right to your door with the jig and bits necessary to complete that last 20%. TTAG will have a review sample in January. Polymer80’s press release, a couple other photos, and a compatability matrix follow. . .

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TTAG Reader: What I Carry and Why – Randy S’s M&P9c


The Smith &Wesson M&P9c is my go-to everyday carry gun. It wasn’t my first choice, but once I crunched some numbers and got it in my hand I realized it was the right choice. I started out carrying an M&P9 full-size (and sometimes still do), but found that in the summer it was just easier to carry a smaller, more slender gun. That persuaded me to buy a S&W Shield in 9mm, but I wanted more rounds before having to reload if necessary. That’s how I got to my final carry gun, the S&W M&P9c . . .

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Armed Drug Traffickers May Have Returned Fire in Paris Terrorist Attacks


The common refrain from gun loving people here in the United States following the terrorist attacks in Paris is that more good guys with guns on the scene would have saved lives. After all, if we can save just one life with concealed carry it will be worth it, right? There are some news reports circulating from foreign media sites which indicate that a couple people in that Paris restaurant were indeed armed and did in fact return fire, killing the terrorists and saving lives. There’s just one problem: they were reportedly drug traffickers.

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Quote of the Day: Using Terrorism to Attack the Second Amendment


“Presumably, Chuck Schumer would not submit that those on a terror watch list should be deprived of their right to speak? Presumably, Harry Reid would not contend that they must be kept away from their mosques? Presumably, Diane Feinstein would not argue that they should be subjected to warrantless searches and seizures? Such proposals would properly be considered disgraceful — perhaps, even, as an overture to American fascism. Alas, there is something about guns that causes otherwise reasonable people to lose their minds.” – Charles C.W. Cooke in Anyone Who Would Use Terror as an Excuse to Subvert the Second Amendment Should Be Tarred & Feathered [at nationalreview.com]


Anti-Aircraft Guns Vs. Russian SU-24 [VIDEO]

Whatever you think of Russia’s deployment into the Syrian conflict, whomever is at the receiving end of this sortie, you’ve got to give their pilots credit for risking their lives to deliver their ordnance. Just as you’ve got to tip your hat to the American special forces fighting against ISIS without the help of U.S. ground troops. As JWT says, there is nothing that stops the enemy more than looking into the eyes of armed soldiers determined to kill them. Nothing.


19 Cops Respond to Suspected Santa Monica, CA Burglary, Guns Drawn…Fair Enough?

Fay Wells (washingtonpost.com)

“I was inside my apartment and slipping off my shoes when I heard a man’s voice and what sounded like a small dog whimpering outside, near my front window,” Fay Wells [above] writes at washintonpost.com. “I imagined a loiterer and opened the door to move him along. I was surprised to see a large dog halfway up the staircase to my door. I stepped back inside, closed the door and locked it. I heard barking. I approached my front window and loudly asked what was going on. Peering through my blinds, I saw a gun. A man stood at the bottom of the stairs, pointing it at me.” Question: was the man with the gun in police uniform? Ms. Wells doesn’t say. But what happened next was scary enough . . .

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