BREAKING: Two Police Shot, One Killed in Paris

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“One police officer and an attacker have been killed in a shooting in Paris,” reports. “The Champs-Elysées has been closed and authorities are telling people to avoid the area….

New From Savage Arms: Model 10 GRS

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Not sure how Savage reconciles calling the new Model 10 GRS a “secret weapon” with sending out press releases about it, but either way it sounds like a great rifle….

Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day – Festus

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It probably shouldn’t surprise you that Matt Dillon’s faithful deputy chooses a wheel gun as his EDC piece. Check out the rest of his gear at Everyday Carry . ….

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New From 5 Stone Products: The Pistol Mask Holster

Wanting to open carry while IWB carrying while looking like your giant cell phone is hovering in mid-air over your belt? Maybe you just need to hide one of those…

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Alabama Senate Passes Constitutional Carry

The Alabama legislature is moving toward passing constitutional carry. The bill, SB 24, has passed the Senate, 26 to 8 on Tuesday. The bill would enforce the Alabama constitutional amendment…

Question of the Day: Could Armed Jews Have Stopped the Holocaust?

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I don’t know if Mike “The Gun Guy” Weisser is Jewish. But I am. And the possibility of MTGGW being a member of the tribes got me thinking: why would…

Silencer Shop At The 2017 Texas Firearms Festival. Come and Shoot It!

(sponsored post) The Texas Firearms Festival is delighted to announce that The Silencer Shop is joining us for the fourth annual event. On September 30 and October 1, thousands of firearms enthusiasts will gather at Best of…

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New From Nikon: LaserForce Rangefinder Binocular

That “S.” after my name doesn’t stand for Sherpa, but it may as well have yesterday as I schlepped a range finder, spotting scope, camera, and all manner of things…

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Quote of the Day: Mike ‘The Gun Guy’ Weisser Wants You! In Area 51

“Anyone who believes that physicians should not warn patients about gun risk is either a jerk, a dope or a paid or non-paid mouthpiece for Gun-nut Nation writ large. Should…

Vedder Holsters Daily Digest: An ATF Makeover, Bulletproof Apparel and New Rules of Engagement

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This is about 25 years past due . . . With A New Scandal Growing, It’s Time For Congress To Fix The ATF – “The New York Times—which couldn’t be bothered…

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Gun: Just Thought I’d Leave This Here [NSFW]

According to Viva La Dirt League’s Facebook page, “We are a bunch of actors, singers, directors and designers and we love making gaming stuff :)” Which tells me not a lot….