Drone Hunting, Coming to A Suburb Near You?

“Unmanned drones are being piloted over private homes by burglars in a bid to identify potential targets,” the UK’s telegraph.co.uk reports. “Detectives fear the mini-helicopters, which can be bought for as little as £30, are being deployed to take surveillance photographs from above, posing a brand new threat to home security. Piloting them over perimeter walls will allow criminals to carry out low-risk reconnaissance around homes which cannot be seen from the public road.” This is not a UK-only phenomena . . .

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Boston Police Targeting Toy Guns

“Police plan to target replica guns and the inappropriate use of scooters, mopeds, and off-road vehicles to keep Boston streets safe from violence this summer,” bostonglobe.com reports. “Commissioner William B. Evans revealed his plan as Boston approaches the Memorial Day weekend with 11 homicides on record for the year.” Wait. What? Surely that’s not the BPD’s answer to Beantown’s “gun violence”? Don’t call me Shirley and check it out . . .

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Mobile, AL GOP Pols Give Thumbs Down to Expanded Gun Rights

Mobile County Sheriff Sam Cochran, at a Tea Party meeting in 2013. Photo credit: Mike Brantley/mbrantley@al.com

Alabama’s history of respecting the civil rights of its residents has been spotty, to say the least. The Alabama Democratic Party, exemplified by members such as Sherrif “Bull” Connor and George Wallace, has a long and odious history of oppressing their own constituents to gain political power. That history is one that Alabama’s — indeed, all of America’s — politicians and citizenry need to consider whenever proposed legislation affects the civil rights of its inhabitants . . .

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TX Bill Reducing of Gun Free Zones Awaits Gov Abbott’s Signature

While Second Amendment supporters have been watching the progress of the open carry and campus carry bill in Texas, another bill with significant effects on concealed carriers has passed the Senate, the House, and will likely by signed by Governor Abbott. The legislation is SB Bi, and it preempts the ability of most government entities to ban people who have concealed carry licenses from carrying weapons on most of their premises.  The bill passed 26 to 5 in the Senate, and 116 to 23 in the House . . .

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Salon’s Firmin Debrabander on Gun Control: More Opinions, Less Facts

Firmin Debrander (courtesy youtube.com)

Gun control advocates have attacked John Lott’s More Guns, Less Crime since the work first appeared. None has taken it down. No surprise there. To do so would require an advanced degree in statistics. So Lott’s detractors have been left flailing about, countering his chart-laden conclusions with less well-researched though equally turgid (sorry John) studies. Surprisingly, Firmin Debrabander takes another whack at MGLC. In a salon.com article entitled The right’s big gun lie: Debunking the phony case that more guns will stop crime, Debrabander ends up promoting gun ownership [paragraph breaks added] . . .

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Question of the Day: Is the Anti-Gun Media Fading?

(courtesy The Truth About Guns)

RIP: Over 100 newspapers dumped in year, ads down 50%, circulation hits bottom, washingtonexaminer.com‘s headline proclaims. In other words, print is dead. But that’s not all. What’s commonly called broadcast TV is losing audience share, as younger people turn to the Internet for their news and entertainment. The so-called mainstream media’s influence is fading, replaced by a multiplicity of independent voices. This website’s monthly readership, for example, is three times larger than the Washington Post’s print circulation. Yes, but – the mainstream media magnates are spreading their anti-gun agitprop through the intertubz. So who’s winning the war for gun rights? Those who tell the truth about guns or the same old cast of characters bent on selling the same old statism? Is time running out for the antis?


Latest Updates on Concealed Carry Laws Around the US


Gary Slider of handgunlaw.us sends these updates to state laws:

South Dakota – Effective July 1, 2015  HB1215  expands South Dakota’s CCW Law with an enhanced carry permit. This permit is just the same as the regular permit South Dakota issues but will require fingerprints, training and a NICS Check. Cost is the same as the regular permit, but the applicant must pay for the additional costs of fingerprints etc. South Dakota is doing this . . .

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NYC Denies Carry Permits for Citizens While NYPD Demands More Cops to Fight ISIS

Cavalier Knight, via nydailynews.com.

Just when you thought New York’s firearms law couldn’t get more imbecilic, a Manhattan Judge recently affirmed the denial of a concealed carry license application by a salesperson who lives in the Big Apple and sells security equipment, reports the New York Law Journal. The salesman, Cavalier Knight, is a resident of New York City and holds a Federal Firearms License, as well as being employed as a salesperson by Armored Mobility, a company that sells ballistic armor and related equipment. Knight “requested a license to carry a concealed handgun for self-defense and to protect his wares from theft.” . . .

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Rev. Creech to the NRA: Uphold NC Sunday Hunting Ban

Reverend Mark Creech (courtesy truthwinsout.org)

Dear National Rifle Association,

I want to begin this correspondence by saying that I believe very much in what you’ve stood for over the years. Your organization has worked tirelessly to defend our nation’s Second Amendment. Although I never took the time to join the NRA, I am a fan and believe the nation is indebted to your great work. As you know, there is currently legislation under consideration in the North Carolina General Assembly that would repeal North Carolina’s 145 year-old Sunday hunting ban . . .

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Quote of the Day: Say Cheeeeeeese Edition

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 8.58.17 PM

“The Kansas City, KS Police Department became aware of the photos depicting officers posing with patrol rifles in front of a stop sign thru social media late yesterday. The photos are disappointing and inappropriate. The Police Department has spent a great deal of time building relationships with the community in order to strengthen the confidence and trust they have our officers. We hope the actions of these two officers will be viewed as poor judgement and will not take away from the good work being done every day by members of the Kansas City, KS Police.” – Statement from the Kansas City (KS) police department in Police under fire after posing with guns for pics near “cops stop murdering” graffiti [at fox4kc.com]