Black Rain Introduces First NRA Branded AR-15


The NRA are famous for being a gigantic stick-in-the-mud when it comes to new technology and ideas. The organization banned all silencers from its annual meeting and convention for decades, before finally relenting and letting them in around five years ago. That fuddy-duddy nature can be clearly seen even in their corporate portraits, where everyopne is holding either a break action shotgun or a bolt action rifle except for Ted Nugent’s zebra striped AR-15. The NRA has been co-branding with rifle manufacturers for ages, but never before have they put their logo on an AR-15 rifle. Until now.

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New From PWS: Enhanced Duty Slide for GLOCK

Primary Weapons Systems has released a replacement slide — the EDS or Enhanced Duty Slide — for Gens 1-3 GLOCK 17 and 19 pistols. Swapping this slide onto your gun is supposed to improve the trigger pull to a crisp, consistent, 4 lb. break. Sure enough, PWS’s factory-fresh demo GLOCK felt just like a normal GLOCK. Ten seconds later we’d swapped the slide and the trigger pull was excellent. I was shocked just how crisp it was with almost no creep at all and a very nice break. The slide also brings front cocking serrations, great looks, and DLC coating to the table. More details and photos follow. . .

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Pro-Life = Anti-Gun?


“Pro-lifers have long denounced the use of instruments of death against the child in the womb, “Rob Schenck [above] writes at “We have boldly displayed the bloody photos of post-abortion fetal remains. Yet, we have ignored other victims of violent death. Among them are the real and potential victims of gun violence.” Wait. What? Pro-life = anti-gun? Here’s the President of the National Clergy Council’s line of thinking, such as it is . . .

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SHOT Show: Navy Arms Winchester Model 1873

Courtesy Joe Grine

Mr. Val Forgett, III., President of Navy Arms, has partnered with Winchester and Turnbull Restorations to produce a beautiful modern reproduction of the 1873 rifle. At last year’s SHOT Show, Winchester showcased its modern limited-edition reproduction of the 1873, but both the monotone gray and black colors of the basic Winchester case-hardened version and utilitarian wood left me a bit cold. Fortunately, Navy Arms is basically taking the stock Winchester version and upgrading it, and the results are stunning to say the least . . .

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Did NJ’s Anti-Gun Climate Lead to This Roadside Shooting?

Reader Roscoe writes:

I am hardly anti-cop. Having been one, I still carry the experiences and influences that come with the job. But some of the actions I see unfold in certain parts of the country of late are difficult for me to comprehend. In some cases the police citizen interplay appears to be more than simply a reaction to the circumstances of the contact, but an over-reaction based on what has become a highly charged, anti-gun influenced, fear response to what was once everyday contact interactions. The results are over-reactive judgment calls . . .

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ATF: We Changed Our Minds On the Brace Because People Kept Sending Letters


The ATF has a booth here at SHOT Show buried deep in the bowels of the event, and despite their unfortunate position they’ve been jam packed with people asking questions about their policies and practices. One of those people was Alex Bosco — inventor of the pistol arm brace — and the disabled veteran for whom the brace was designed. We weren’t present for the conversation itself, but in an exclusive interview with TTAG Alex recounted the entire discussion. And there were some surprising statements made by the ATF, not the least of which is about their reasons for changing their collective mind . . .

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New From Weatherby: Element Semi-Auto


Weatherby’s really upping their game with the new Element semi-auto. This is a very nicely finished gun that features an inertia-operated action, a first for Weatherby. And that action is perhaps the most impressive aspect of an already very nice shotgun. The chrome plated bolt carrier moves with a smoothness you typically have to pay twice as much for. Other features include . . .

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How It Works: SIG SAUER’s Quick Attach Muzzle Device


There were a couple questions about how SIG SAUER’s muzzle device / quick attach system worked in the comments of some of the articles. The info is available on SIG SAUER’s site, but more info is never a bad thing. I’ve had a chance to use the brand new cans for a while now (including some pre-production engineering samples fresh off the welder) and I gotta say their system makes a whole lot of sense. Let’s take a closer look.

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Seen at SHOT: British Sniper Sgt. Craig Harrison

Courtesy Joe Grine

While visiting the Accuracy International Booth, I happened to meet British sniper Sgt. Craig Harrison, who is officially credited with the world’s two longest sniper kills: 2,475 m (2,707 yd). Sgt. Harrison now works for AI and was at the show promoting a new rucksack (aka “bergen”) and sniper drag bag that he designed based on his experiences in Afghanistan.  He was also promoting his highly anticipated new book, “The Longest Kill: the Story of Maverick 41.” According to Wikipedia, the events of November 2009 went down like this . . .

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