Gun Review: SIG Sauer P365 Micro-Compact 9mm Pistol

Most everyone has pretty much the same list of wants in a concealed carry gun. People want a small and light gun, with a good trigger, good sights and a decent capacity. If it shoots well and comfortably on top of all that, well, that’s just a bonus. It’s akin to wanting your delicious gourmet […]

BREAKING: Police Respond to Ocala, FL School Shooting

Police have responded to reports of a school shooting at Forest High School in Ocala, FL. According to initial reports, one student was shot in the leg and the shooter has been arrested. This comes on the anniversary of the Columbine shooting . .. The Columbine High School shooting took place April 20, 1999. Many […]

Two Gilchrist County (FL) Sheriff’s Deputies Shot To Death While Eating in Restaurant

Sgt. Noel Ramirez and Deputy Taylor Lindsey of the Gilchrist County Sheriff’s Department were eating dinner in a Trenton, Florida Chinese restaurant last night when John Hubert Highnote, of Bell, Florida shot both of them through a window. Both officers were killed. Update: Two Gilchrist County deputies shot, killed through restaurant window; suspect found dead […]