Chicago Police Commander Shoves Gun Into Suspect’s Mouth

Cmrdr. Glenn Evans (courtesy

“It was unclear at what point Cmdr. Glenn Evans allegedly placed the barrel of his service weapon into the suspect’s mouth,” reports. Despite the Trib’s deployment of the word “allegedly” it seems pretty clear that’s exactly what Cmdr. Evans did. “DNA from the man was found on Evans’ gun, according to a State Police lab report.” That said, innocent until proven guilty! Despite the fact that “Evans is among 662 officers with 11 or more complaints during a five-year period in the 2000s, newly released police records show. He had 14 complaints between 2001 and 2006 and faced no discipline for any of them, the records show.” Evan’s boss, Supt. Garry “Guns Are the Problem” McCarthy, is a big Evans fan. In fact . . .

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Firearms Top New York’s eBay Hit Parade


“The data analysts at eBay put together an incredible map of the 50 states showing what types of products are purchased in each state most often,” reports. “The list was compiled between 2013 and 2014 and adjusted for population. Despite its tough gun laws, New York bought more firearms and supplies than any other type of product.” Texas, too, but you already knew that. But did you know that Wyoming resident, hunter, sharp shooter and Texas International Firearms Festival spokesperson Kirsten Joy Weiss is an amazing artist? Maybe guns and art go hand-in-hand in the Equality State, accounting for their eBay fave (art supplies). Yeah, let’s go with that.


Question of the Day: Why Don’t You Own a Lever Gun?

Lever guns are awesome. Not awesome as in “that hamburger was awesome.” Awesome as in standing mute in the face of God. If you have any doubts on that score, check out the bit of the video above where we learn about John Moses Browning’s contribution to lever gun design – realizing that John Moses Browning was His representative here on Earth. If you own a lever gun, you don’t need me to convince you. If you don’t, what IS your problem? Didn’t watch enough/any episodes of The Rifleman? Never shot one? Never checked out the gun porn at Handled one of the post-Freedom Group Marlins? Whatever it is, get over it. If you don’t have a lever gun in your collection, you don’t have a collection. And yes, I have lever fever. You?


Gun Review: PWS Modern Musket DI Upper



At some point, everyone looks back on their achievements and says, “Why not do more?” Primary Weapons Systems is known for their piston driven wonderguns and TTAG has had the pleasure of testing their MK 114 rifle and MK 107 Pistol in the last few months. Short story, we’re impressed with what they’re putting out. But back in early May, PWS announced that they’d also be releasing a direct impingement (DI) upper for the masses. It still uses the same high quality parts and manufacturing processes Nick and I raved about in our reviews, but in a simple, more cost effective package. When you make one of the best piston guns out there, making a good DI gun shouldn’t be too hard, right? . . .

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In Search of . . . The Huntable Lion

Ms Bachman takes a lion (courtesy

“Science shows that hunting older male lions has no long-term effect on the sustainability of lion populations.” That’s the lead from the Dallas Safari Club’s press release Tanzania, Dallas Safari Club to Host Lion-Aging Seminar. [Full text after the jump.] I’m a little leery of any line of reasoning that relies on “science” that doesn’t link to the scientific study or studies upon which it depends. Especially when the reasoner has skin in the game. Or game to skin. But here’s hoping that shooting “older, non-pride lions” is a win – win: lion populations remain stable and more hunters get to hunt lions (bringing more money into Tanzania). Oh, and the six-year-old thing is not a legal cut-off; there’s a graduated penalty system for shooting younger lions. In other words, if you have the money, it’s chocks away. Good idea? . . .

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Less Lethal = Less Survivable


The Michael Brown shooting has, once again, provoked rampant and uninformed speculation about “less than lethal” alternatives to stopping attackers. “Why didn’t the officer use a Taser?” “Why didn’t they shoot him with beanbags or rubber bullets?” Some have even suggested that chemical sprays of various kinds are a viable alternative to deadly force. I’ve recently covered the fallacy of “shooting to wound.” It may be useful to expose the fallacy of these other “options” . . .

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Quote of the Day: The Second Amendment is an Individual Right Edition


“We need to address issues such as over-criminalization, excessive and disproportionate sentencing, inadequate indigent defense that is inconsistent with the Sixth Amendment, and the militarization of police. We have deep respect for the moral dignity of each and every person and because of this, we’ve worked for decades to support those who defend the full range of individual rights.” – Koch Industries general counsel Mark Holden in Koch Brothers Take On Camo-Wearing Cops [at] [h/t Mike M.]


It’s Time for a Right to Carry Amendment


Reader MarkPA has an idea:

I propose that state groups petition their legislatures to call for an Article V convention to draft a Right-to-Carry Amendment to the US Constitution. To illustrate, I offer a tentative draft text to be debated and refined by the convention: “The right to keep and bear arms shall not be denied for want of need.” . . .

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Gun Tweet of the Day: Death Cult Edition

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 8.17.58 AM

Egypt has brokered what’s described as a long-term cease fire agreement between Hamas and Israel. It’s basically the same deal the Hamas brain trust rejected a month (or about 1500 dead Palestinians) ago. While predictably declaring victory, Hamas failed to attain any of their stated goals, the primary one being an end to the Israeli and Egyptian blockades. They’d fired over 2000 rockets into Israel during the conflict and all they have to show for it is about the same number of dead Palestinians, hundreds of thousand of tons of rubble, a decimated tunnel infrastructure and incontrovertible evidence that Israeli engineers know what the hell they’re doing. But as the AFP photo above illustrates . . .

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Sons of Guns Officially Cancelled


Following the most recent arrest of Will Hayden for the alleged rape of his twelve year old daughter, Discovery Channel has decided to stop production of the next season of Sons of Guns and cancel the series. That’s the news via Fox News, which posted the announcement earlier today. Discovery Channel still lists the program on its press website, but I’m guessing that will change before long. Filming of new episodes was put “on hold” following Hayden’s first arrest, but the latest statement from the network seems to officially put the brakes on the whole production . . .

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Irresponsible Gun Owners of the Day: Every Single Person in This Video

There are some people who say the American gun culture is out of control, that gun owners are trigger-happy buffoons who don’t care for the safety of others and act with reckless disregard for the safety of others. But compared to these guys, even the worst offenders among us are saints. Apparently this display of firepower is a customary occurrence during weddings in the middle east, and while I do my best to respect the customs and beliefs of other cultures at some point it crosses the line into irresponsible. For example…

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Don’t Blame the Uzi

No doubt the anti-gunners will seize on the tragedy in Arizona to further their civilian disarmament agenda. They’ll conflate fully automatic firearms with semi-automatic firearms to “prove” that guns are dangerous (which they are). Too dangerous for civilians (which they aren’t). The antis will also use this as ammo against anyone who suggests – as I do – that the ban on fully-automatic firearms is unconstitutional and unnecessary. If it saves one life . . . At the same time, I wonder if the AZ homicide will reignite the furore that surrounded the Uzi submachine gun back when Don Johnson was The Man. I hope not. The Uzi is a battle-tested beauty; the world’s most prolific sub. There’s no reason Americans shouldn’t be able to buy a full-auto Uzi. Yes?