New From G2 Research: .300 Ripout Expanding Cartrige


If you’re a regular reader, you may remember our 2013 Readers Choice Awards. The honor for best new ammunition went to Lehigh Defense for their .45 Colt Maximum Expansion round. As ShootingTheBull410 demonstrated, that’s one devastating handgun round. G2 Research seems to have been inspired by that design for their new nastily named .300 Ripout round, a 200 grain bullet that peels back on contact creating a wound channel that should have pigs positively panic-stricken. But there’s worse news for Porky yet; G2’s sending some of this stuff to Nick for testing. Mmmm. Bacon . . .

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This Is What Happens to a Disarmed Populace: Belize Edition


Have you heard the ads for Belize real estate on the radio? They tout the country’s stable political system, proximity to the United State, native English language, clement weather and relatively cheap land prices. Paradise on earth? Not if you violate the country’s gun laws. Last week, a Belizean judge sent a mother and her two-month-old baby to jail after police found a single bullet in her home. How politically stable can a country be with this sort of draconian gun control regime? Stable, perhaps, but not free. As the following editorial (republished with permission) from the publisher of proves . . .

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“Another Example of Media Knowing Nothing About Firearms”

Bobby Shmurda's guns (courtesy

You might say that blogger Greg Howard at identified the guns confiscated from rapper Bobby Shmurda and submitted the following list [after the jump] as an attempt at anti-gun humor. I agree with TTAG tipster therealmattinfl that Howard doesn’t know dee eye see kay about guns. Like the majority of his colleagues in the media, he felt free to ignore his ignorance to celebrate his prejudice. Anyway, name those guns! . . .

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The Pakistan School Massacre Can Happen Here

Shoes lie in blood on the auditorium floor at the Army Public School, which was attacked by Taliban gunmen, in Peshawar

Reader OneIfByLand writes:

Is the Pakistan school massacre a warning shot across our bow? There is simply no way we have enough police to protect all of our schools for any length of time. The only practical way is to allow citizens the ability to practice their natural, civil and Constitutional rights to protect themselves and our children from such heinous crimes against humanity. Sadly, what I fear we will do is more security theatre, a (temporary) show of force to make the people feel safe (as opposed to being safe) until the shock passes . . .

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Gear Review: 2A Holster Pancake Holster for GLOCK 19


Some members of our Armed Intelligentsia dismiss Kydex holsters as cold, hard, loud and ugly. It’s the same way they feel about GLOCK brand GLOCKs. As the picture above clearly signals, this review doesn’t go out to all you revolver guys who may someday have to “clear leather.”  This review of the 2A Standard Bearer is for concealed (yes concealed) carry gun owners who value function over, uh, anything . . .

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TTAG 2014 Reader’s Choice Award, Best New Handgun: SIG SAUER P320


Accuse us of favoritism all you want, but our fingers were nowhere near the scale on this one. With just over 20% of the vote, SIG SAUER’s P320 has been duly elected as our reader’s favorite new handgun of 2014. The striker fired offering from SIG SAUER features a unique chassis system that allows just about every feature of the gun to be changed out and customized, and all of the replacement kits can be sent straight to your door including new grips. Plus, the steeper grip angle and typical SIG SAUER craftsmanship make it a pleasure to shoot.

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What’s Wrong With This Picture: Nothing! Edition

Rebekah Rorick and friend (courtesy

“High school senior Rebekah Rorick took a senior picture that included her two great loves – her dog and her favorite hobby of hunting,” reports. “’My family has always hunted,’ she said. ‘It’s something I do with my family, and my dog is my best friend. So I decided to put her in the photo. I fell in love with [the picture]. It’s my favorite photo of all time right now.'” But Rorick held a rifle in her left hand in the image. As a result, the photo was refused by the Broadalbin-Perth High School yearbook committee . . .

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Question of the Day: Have You Patterned Your Home Defense Shogtun?

If you’re a trap shooter, you’ve no doubt patterned your shotgun for your load of choice. If you shoot, say, No. 8s and you usually shoot singles, it’s nice to know what your pattern at 30 to 40 yards will look like if you want to consistently smoke those orange disks. Similarly, if you’re a turkey hunter, you’ll want to know at what distances your load of choice is lethal through your turkey choke. But have you ever bothered to take your home defense shotgun out for a spin to see what it will do with OO in tight quarters at domestically likely distances?


Gun Review: Taurus 605 Revolver

Taurus 605ss w Speed Strip of 140gr VOR-TX

(This is a reader gun review contest entry, click here for more details – enter by December 26th!)

By Nate Parker

Anemic is generally the word that comes to mind when I think of “pocket guns” or sub-compact handguns. The guns that fall into that category are easy to carry —  that’s kind of the point — but the flavor of the day always seems to be .380 ACP or 9mm. What if I want something with a little more sauce on it? There is an answer. The “MORE POWER” crowd can have their cake and eat it too in the form of the .357 Magnum snubnose revolver. For over half a century, the snubnose revolver has ruled the “pocket gun” niche, only being seriously challenged on the market by semi-auto pistol designs in the past five years or so. Even so, the snubnose revolver has held its own. So what separates the snubnose from everything else in the category? The option to add sauce, and lots of it . . .

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Ladd Everitt: America’s Most Dangerous Gun Control Zealot?

(courtesy CSGV Facebook page)

No doubt Ladd Everitt will consider this post an honor. The communications director of the Campaign to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV) has positioned himself and his org as as the de facto champion of anti-gun extremists. This he’s done through the CSGV Facebook page, where Everitt’s endless stream of incendiary posts unleash a flood of anti-ballistic bile; comments so full of hatred they remind of nothing so much as the rabid racism that poisoned this country for generations. Which make the example above all the more ironic . . .

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6th Circuit Court Strikes Down Federal Mental Health Gun Ban

6th Circuit Seal (courtesy

“The three-judge panel of the Sixth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously ruled that a federal ban on gun ownership for those who have been committed to a mental institution violated the Second Amendment rights of 73-year-old Clifford Charles Tyler,” reports. [Click here for the ruling.] “Tyler attempted to buy a gun and was denied on the grounds that he had been committed to a mental institution in 1986 after suffering emotional problems stemming from a divorce. He was only in there for a month.” Does the length of his treatment matter? In fact . . .

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