BREAKING: The Stonewall Continues – Obama Administration Asserts Fast and Furious Executive Privilege Claim for Eric Holder’s Wife


As the lawsuits — many of them filed and pursued by Judicial Watch — have wound their way through the courts, the Obama administration has been less and less successful in kicking the Fast and Furious can much farther down the road. Not that they aren’t still trying. Attorney General Eric Holder – the first AG to be held in contempt of Congress for his assiduous lack of cooperation – has finally come to the realization that soon the entire sordid story will be disgorged from the Justice Department’s files. If, that is, they don’t experience mass hard drive failures a la the IRS. In any case, Holder has decided that now’s the time to get the hell out while the getting is good. In a long-delayed just-released accounting of the related evidence the most transparent administration in history has been sitting on . . .

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Coming Soon: Electronic AR-15 Trigger was out at the Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot this weekend and spotted something nifty on one of the tables. A new company has developed an electronic trigger for the AR-15 rifle platform, and it boasts some interesting improvements — mainly for military users, though. The trigger is programmable, meaning that those with a registered machine gun can tinker with everything from how many rounds are fired per burst to the cyclic rate of the gun (the trigger is timed, not mechanically tripped). For those without a registered full auto device there will be a semi-auto version coming out soon, but my bet is that it will be on the market for 24 hours before someone figures out a way to make it fire more than one round per trigger pull.

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License Plate Readers. Smart Guns. Connect the Dots

Topeka po-po defends license plate scanners (courtesy

“Earlier this year, the Los Angeles Police Department and Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department [not shown] refused to release data about what license plates police cameras had captured on the grounds that every single car seen is under investigation. All of them. And a judge bought that argument,”‘s J.D. Tuccille writes. “Now, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the ACLU of Southern California are looking to the California Court of Appeals for a dose of sanity (yes, that strikes me as a Hail Mary pass, too) and a ruling that the public has a right to know how many people’s movements are being monitored by the police, whether deliberately or through incidental data gathering.” TTAG Reader JB makes a good point about that . . .

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The Making of Magpul’s 2015 Calendar Shoot

For some reason ‘behind the scenes’ videos are de rigeur these days. Recently we’ve had the GLOCK 41 tactical shoot which was impressive in its scope. And God knows the Utah National Guard won’t forget the Hot Shots calendar shoot any time soon. So with the year winding down toward its conclusion, Magpul’s now putting together their 2015 calendar featuring some easy-on-the-eyes operators, too. The super-quick cuts employed here make your average music video look like a Fellini film by comparison, so if you’re epileptic, consider yourself warned. But the bluesy Blind Boy Fuller tune is worth pressing play on its own. Enjoy.


Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Stand and Fight Edition


Brandon Stephens (L), Jamar Hawkins (C) and Jamie Lee Faison (R)

When three wayward yoots forced Kenneth Byrd, his wife and granddaughter to the rear of their home, they complied, opening a safe and handing over cash. But when one of the three moved to rape the girl, out came Mr. Byrd’s mohaska. As reports, “The man was then able to retrieve a weapon and several shots were fired between the man and the suspects in the house. The man was struck multiple times by gunshots and the suspects then fled the scene in his vehicle.”

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Watervliet Police Chief Ronald A. Boisvert, Jr.: “Social Media is a Vital Investigative Tool” For Pistol Permit Background Checks


Seems our story on Watervliet, New York’s pistol permit application process has legs. Time Warner Cable News reporter Geoff Redick has been chasing Watervliet Police Chief Ronald A. Boisvert, Jr., trying to confirm TTAG’s chinwag regarding the PD’s “request” to applicants to log into their Facebook page in front of him. The Chief and the City are stonewalling Redick to the point where they’ve hired a public relations firm to deal with the issue. As part of that taxpayer-funded effort, the Chief has released the following statement [paragraph breaks added]. . .

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Bill Strengthening PA Preemption Passes House, Goes to Gov. Corbett for Signature


Every one of the 50 states has some kind of firearms preemption law to some degree or other. This makes perfect sense, as otherwise each town, county, and local government can enact a local ordinance to invalidate your right to keep and bear arms. You could easily be placed in jail for an inadvertent violation of an ordinance that you never knew existed, just because you crossed an invisible political boundary. Pennsylvania has such a law, and it’s a well thought out example.  There is only one problem; the means to enforce it is weak . . .

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Question of the Day: Would The Ottawa Attack Have Happened in Austin, Texas?

Austin, Texas state house (courtesy

Texas residents who hold a concealed weapons permit – or an out-of-state carry permit recognized by the Lone Star State – can enter the Austin state capitol armed. Does the presence of a significant number of armed Americans deter terrorist attacks like what happened in Canada’s parliament yesterday? What about all those states that don’t allow concealed carry inside their legislatures or other public buildings? Do those states’ armed guards and security theater screening prevent a terrorist assaut? Or do our sworn enemies not take any of that into consideration? While we’re at it, more guns, less terrorism?


Grandpa’s Gun Reborn – Trigger Time with Timney Triggers


This article originally appeared at and is re-published here with permission.

An involuntary grin hits me as we’re filming the documentary for this Grandpa’s Gun Reborn project. No doubt the idea was cool, and the top tier companies that have signed on to be a part of turning a bland bare bones bolt action into a seriously top tier precision rifle is evidence of that. But good intentions are only so much fun.

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Gun Hero of the Day: Bob Parsons


GoDaddy founder Bob “Parsons, a gun owner and member of the National Rifle Association, says that firearms aren’t to blame for mass shootings. That’s a hotly-debated and emotional topic, especially after a gunman killed 20 people at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012.” Really, Only the most rabid hoplophobes actually blame inanimate firearms for causing mass shootings. But this isn’t about media-driven ignorance or agitprop, it’s about Parsons’ vocal support for Second Amendment rights . . .

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Pentagon Spends $1.1b to Ditch $16b of “Obsolete, Unusable, or Banned” Ammo

Ammo disposal (courtesy

GOP Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma is retiring this year. But he’s not shy and retiring. Coburn has released his 100-page “wastebook” detailing some of the more ridiculous ways Uncle Sam spends your hard-earned money. Needless to say, starts its story on Coburn’s revelations with the three most absurd examples: “Monkeys taught how to gamble and play video games. People paid to watch grass grow. Swedish massages given to rabbits.” I was kind of hoping the feds gave Swedish meatballs to the rabbits, but that’s just me. Anyway, ammo. Seems the Pentagon was a bit ambitious and/or lackadaisical in its procurement process . . .

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