SAF/CCRKBA Gun Rights Policy Conference Convenes in Chicago


The 29th annual Gun Rights Policy Conference officially kicked off this morning in Chicago at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare. Approximately 275 good guy activists from throughout the nation are on hand in Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s murder city, learning about pro-gun rights strategies that have proven results in furthering Americans’ firearm civil rights. The stakes are high, of course, for everyday Americans. Chicago is a perfect example of what happens when rights-hating politicians impose racist, sexist and classist gun control schemes upon a population. Just this week in the Windy City, 54 people have been shot with four killed. In short, violent crime skyrockets and disarmed law-abiding people are slaughtered . . .

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Question of the Day: Do You Use a Retention Holster?

When I was in Montana this week, I got a lot of trigger time with the BLACKHAWK! GripBreak retention holster. It’s a pancake-type OWB holster with a release lever by your thumb as you grip your holstered pistol. I’m one of those who thinks concealed carry beats open carry in almost all cases, but now that open carry is almost here in the Show Me state, there may be times when I’d venture out of the house with an M&P out there, loud and proud on my hip. That would require (or probably should) a retention holster. Having someone sidle up and snatch your openly displayed mohaska from behind could ruin your whole day. I liked the GripBreak’s design enough that I’d use it even when carrying concealed, but more on that later. In the mean time, do you use a retention holster, however it is you carry?


Russian Gun Maker Plans to Skirt US Import Ban by Selling Company


A couple months ago, President Obama declared a ban on the importation of Saiga and Kalashnikov Concern firearms to the United States. The stated reason was to punish the Russian government and people for their incursion into Ukraine. But as we all know, the Obama administration never misses an opportunity to screw over US gun owners by making firearms and ammunition more expensive and/or difficult to obtain. In an attempt to circumvent the newly-imposed restrictions, Kalashnikov Concern is reportedly in talks with a non-blacklisted buyer to purchase the company and restart US imports . . .

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Mexican Military Massacre Leads to 22 Arrests

Mexican massacre victims (courtesy

We recently posted about the Mexican military’s summary execution of 22 members of a drug gang in the Mexican state of Tylatlaya. Unlike the day-to-day kidnap, torture, rape and mutilation of civilians by American-armed Mexican military members, the massacre received international attention. President Obama himself murmured disapproval, assuring reporters that the Mexican government was looking into it (even as they worked to cover it up). Thanks to some brave AP reporting, the story had legs. And now the soldiers have been arrested. Justice? Don’t hold your breath. Here’s the update via . . .

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Dean Weingarten’s Wisconsin Bear Hunt

Courtesy Dean Weingarten

The gun culture permeated the part of Wisconsin where I grew up. In that area and time, we didn’t think of it as a separate culture. The gun culture and the culture were one and the same. Guns and hunting were simply integral parts of everyday life. If a boy was not a hunter, he aspired to be one. There was considerable game, ruffed grouse, woodcock, rabbits, squirrel, ducks,  geese, deer, mink, muskrats, raccoon, fox . . .

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Incendiary Image of the Day: No Holster for the NRA Edition



There will be some who will say that the only thing incendiary about the above NRA Facebook post image is the fact that I chose to use it for our Incendiary Image of the Day feature. After all, the more important point is that the D.C. City Council is a bunch of anti-firearms freedom statist you-know-whats. Still. the NRA’s “thing” is gun safety. Not civilian disarmament dressing itself up as gun safety (e.g., Everytown for Gun Safety). Being safe with a gun. There is no way that the NRA should show a concealed carrier carrying a firearm without a proper holster. So yes, this image is incendiary to gun safety weenies like me. Deal with it. I had to.


OMG! A High School Student Has A Bullet! Three Bullets! OMG!

Proviso West High School Panthers mascot (courtesy

I’m of two minds on this one. On one hand, a bullet. Two bullets. Three bullets. Big deal. On the other hand hauling off a 14-year-old to the police station for possession of ammunition – without an Illinois FOID card!  – seems a valid response. With one proviso: there are contributing factors. The ammo was discovered and the Proviso West High School student was sent to juvie after a fight broke out. So it wasn’t likely he was carrying the ammo inadvertently after a little range time with Mom and Dad and the sibs. Equally . . .

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The Problem with Making an AK-47 Replacement Trigger


If there’s one trigger worse than the stock mil-spec AR-15 trigger, it’s the AK-47 trigger. There are almost no redeeming qualities about the feel of the trigger besides its awesome reliability. Now Timney Triggers has embarked on a quest to save the AK-47 from its trigger by designing a drop-in replacement kit that will one day be available to the public. It’s not quite ready for prime time yet, though. I had an opportunity to talk to the designer who runs the CAD software — a man by the name of Calvin — about the challenges involved in designing a trigger for the most mass produced firearm in the history of the world ever, and apparently there are quite a few . . .

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Tucson Schools Delay SRO Deployment for Fear of Immigration Crackdown

Arizona School Resource Officers (courtesy

“Class is back in session,” reports. “But students in Tucson middle and high schools will have to wait a little longer for police in the city’s newly restored School Resource Officer program to join them on campus. The City Council delayed approving an agreement with Tucson Unified and Amphitheater school districts Tuesday night over concerns about officers asking students about their immigration status.” While the chances of a spree killer attacking any given school are lottery-level small, the AZ school district’s reticence is still an outrage. For you and me, who see nothing wrong with asking students if they’re undocumented (especially if the student is disruptive or violent) and for PC pols, who have no respect whatsoever for the rule of law. For example . . .

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Chasing Chukar in the Snake River Canyon


By Tom in Oregon

Recently, Tyler Kee posted a story about dove hunting in Texas. While reading it, I started getting excited about an upcoming bird hunt I get to participate in. Mind you, this is while I’m in the middle of bear hunting, while also looking forward to elk season in December and another trip back to Africa for more plains game. You see, I am a hunter. As noted hunter and conservationist Jim Shockey has said, “If I’m not hunting, I’m thinking about hunting.” I take that a little farther. Even when I’m hunting, I’m thinking about hunting . . .

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