Armed vs. Unarmed

Adam Deciccio from the American Firearms School reckons the new Chiappa Rhino’s trigger is a bit . . . funky. On the [more] positive side, he says the gun reduces muzzle flip and felt recoil. After firing it again, I still can’t group for toffee. Maybe it’s the sights. Or my trigger control. Or the fact that 357 cartridges make a LOT of noise, which makes me flinch. Anyway, the short-barreled Rhino one big, ugly, bad-ass belly gun. And I would really like to test the 4″ version.

Your concealed carry firearm is the gun you’re most likely to use on another human being. God forbid you should ever need to do so. But if you do, rest assured that you will be subject to a grueling police interrogation and potential prosecution. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: don’t say anything to the po-po without a lawyer present, other than “I had to shoot. My life was in danger.” Meanwhile, there’s a lot you can do before a self-defense shooting that will help you emerge victorious from the second, legal battle. Have a lawyer with relevant experience on speed dial. Don’t leave strident remarks on forums, websites and blogs. And then there’s your carry gun itself. But first, a quick trip down memory lane . . .