ADL to Appleseed Project: We’ve Got Our Eyes On You

Is this a case of the paranoid being paranoid about the paranoid?  Both sides deny irrational fear that someone is out to get them. Does that mean the Anti Defamation League is chasing shadows?

AK-47 Used in GA Taxi Cab Robbery

According to the FBI, rifles are used in less than two percent of all [recorded] gun crimes. So this story is notable for its rarity. And the fact that WSB didn’t say “assault rifle” once.

“Responding to user complaints, the U.S. Army has developed and successfully tested a new rear sight for the Mk19 40mm automatic grenade launcher,” reports. “The Mk19 has been around for a long time, without much change.” Roger that. The U.S. Navy developed the blowback weapon for the Vietnam War to pelt the VC from swift boats and such. “The iron rear sight was designed for older ammo, which caused the sight to be inaccurate. So users were more often just ‘walking in’ exploding rounds to the target.” The new sight is more accurate, cheaper, less complex and thus easier to maintain. And now, it’s time for a new weapon! Enter the Mk47. Or not . . .