NRA Convention: Is This Pen TSA-Friendly?

I love the concept of “tactical” just about anything (although that flashlight gun has to be an accident waiting to happen). So when manufacturers started making tactical pens, I thought “hey…cool…something I can I can carry on the plane since I can’t take my gun!” Um. Maybe. Maybe not.  continue reading


NRA Convention: Badges? Badges?!

Badges? Badges?! We don’ need no steekin’ BADGES! (Come on…you would have been disappointed if I didn’t.) Yep. You see a lot of weird, wild, off-beat stuff here at the NRA Confab. And this product is on the list. A badge that looks just like the real ones, except this says something about “Concealed Handgun License.” Um. Okay. But having a badge and using a badge are two different things. So let’s say you’ve got one. NOW what?
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FNH USA comments on TTAG’s SLP test

TTAG published the results of a stress test of the FNH SLP Mk. I in February, and since then I’ve heard a lot of complaints about the reliability of their shotguns. Yes, there are plenty of very happy SLP owners out there, but even among them there’s the often heard refrain. “It runs fine… after the break-in period.” I walked up to FNH’s sales rep and asked him point blank about the reliability issues. His response: “what issues?”

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Full Text: Wayne LaPerre’s Speech to the NRA Membership

Good morning! We meet today amid swirling reports of a growing government scandal.  Most of the major media have ignored news that our federal government sanctioned the running of illegal guns into Mexico.  Leaks from within ATF and congressional committees are building, and should be investigated by every news organization in America.  We deserve to know the truth about this scandal.  [Editor's note: This document is in its original form, "applause" breaks may not correspond to actual applause.]

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The Taurus Raging Judge is Still Dead; Long Live the Rossi Circuit Judge

The Taurus Raging Judge was all the rage at this year’s SHOT show. Here at the NRA convention, The Powers That Be have officially declared the project dead and buried. Again. Still. “The ATF wouldn’t let it through because of the caliber.” The only question: who thought they would? Or did they . . .  Anyway, for those who NEED a 28-gauge shotshell firing revolver, the company has put the .410/.45 Colt-firing workings in a rifle and called it the Circuit Judge. And what of those potentially forearms-roasting hot gasses? Rossi has a low-tech solution . . .

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