American Rifleman’s Bug-Out Gun: Armalite AR-10. Huh?

As Captain John Raguso’s AR-10 review indicated, TTAG hearts the big ass Armalite rifle. If I was in an honest-to-God firefight, I’d be quite comfortable shouldering an AR10. Well, as comfortable as a person can be with bullets flying hither and yon. But choosing the AR-10 as Your One Survival Gun is madness. There’s a lot of bad craziness in Daniel T. McElrath American Rifleman blog post . . .


Marines Prepare to Field Test H&K M27 IAR

“Marine Corps Systems Command personnel and gun maker Heckler & Koch staff delivered more than 80 M27 Infantry Automatic Rifles Dec. 3 to 1st Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment armorers,” reports “The rifles were being assembled and prepared for this week’s operator and maintainer training exercises to be conducted by 1/3 Squad Automatic Weapon gunners and armorers. The hope is that the M27 IAR will be able to someday replace the heavier, less maneuverable M249 SAW in most situations.” Hope? You mean plan. Just over a year ago, the Marine Times reported the H&K contract. In fact . . .


Question of the Day: Know Any Good Gun Jokes?

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Seems a guy cruises thru a stop sign and gets pulled over by a local policeman. Guy hands the cop his driver’s license, insurance verification, and registration. The policeman notices a Concealed Carry Permit as the man was fishing out his drivers license.  So the cop asks,  “Are you  carrying today?”


I didn’t want to sully Patrick Carrube’s most excellent review of the Mossberg 590 pump-action shotgun with this anti-Big Lebowski video, but this works on too many levels to ignore. So I’ve posted it here, for people who love wanton plinking or know what a Malteser is.

So wait. No officer challenged the subject to drop the [suspected] weapon while they called in a K9 unit, a mental health evaluation team and a helicopter? And how does a water nozzle make noises like a handgun? What noises does a handgun make, exactly? If you want to know what noises a couple of citizens make when they hear that a man sitting on his back porch with a water nozzle was shot by police with two rounds from a shotgun and six rounds from a handgun, without any warning, go to 5:21.

Did the ATF Approve Straw Purchases Headed for Mexico?

If this allegation by Carter’s Country in Houston, Texas is true, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (and Really Big Fires) has been encouraging at least one gun dealer—probably more—to break the law against selling guns to so-called straw purchasers buying guns to smuggle into Mexico. This at the same time that the Agency was busy sucking $83 million dollars out of the taxpayer’s wallet to create Project Gunrunner to combat the problem, which it was enabling. The key point in that equation: we have no evidence that the ATF successfully prosecuted ANY of the purchasers flagged by Carter’s Country on behalf of the feds.