Timeline of a SEALs Op: Why The Bin-Laden Take Down Took So Long

The U.S. Navy SEALs operation that killed the man responsible for the terrorist attacks on America on September 11, 2001 lasted 38 minutes, from boots-on-the-ground to wheels-up. The SEALs work in Pakistan against Bin-Laden was the culmination to 10 years of active hunting, and a total of 15 years of open aggression. In the operation’s aftermath, there have been conflicting reports about what actually occurred inside the terrorist’s compound when Navy Seal Team 6 arrived, what they did while they were there, and why the strike lasted 38 minutes. The exact answer may never be known, but we can assume certain things . . .

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Government to Increase Taxes on Ammo. Maybe.

As every good Boy Scout knows, it’s good to be prepared. Know thy enemy. As such, it’s always good to remember the viewpoint(s) from which the government (all of them, federal, state and local) operates. Its world view. How it looks at things. One of its main precepts is, no matter how big the deficit or how close we get to the fiscal precipice, the problem isn’t too much spending, it’s not enough revenue. That’s right, America, you’re just not paying enough taxes. What’s the latest brainstorm from the Administration for raising more tax dollars? It’s called the vehicle miles traveled tax (VMT) and it’s a scheme for taxing drivers based on the miles they drive. Yes, this has something to do with guns . . . .

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Questions of the Day: How Serious Are You About Home Defense?

[Note: author not shown in picture above.] Before I retired from the Army, I spent 1968-1971 on the ground in sunny Vietnam. While in country, I had an M14a1 ,which I miss dearly, and an early M16. I refused to carry that weapon after the first dance with Charles. I “acquired” an M1 carbine that jammed more the M16. And then I found the “girl of my dreams”: an M3a1 Grease Gun. It never jammed, ate all the dirt, sand, and mud it was fed, wasn’t picky about her make-up. A shower, dip in a rice paddy every now and then, and she was happy. In the same way, establishing a good armed home defense plan isn’t a goal in itself. It’s a process. Finding the right weapon or weapons is only one part of the puzzle. Answer these five questions in the comments section below, and then we’ll move on . . .

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Confirmed: Border Patrol Agents Fired Beanbags Against ATF-Enabled ARs

The indictment against the man accused of killing U.S. Border Patrol Agent Terry was finally unsealed in Arizona District Court today. Manuel Osorio-Arellanes is charged with second-degree murder, three counts of assault of a federal officer, four counts of using a firearm to commit a violent crime, three counts of re-entry of a deported alien and two counts of illegally possessing a firearm. TTAG is searching for the document. Meanwhile, MSM outlets like azcentral.com have revealed details. To quote Warren Zevon, it ain’t that pretty at all . . .

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Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: The Lino Lakes Police Department

Maybe you’ve seen the sign at your local range. American Firerarms School has it: “Safety is everybody’s responsibility.” And that’s how I can condemn the entire Lino Lakes Police Department (MN) for the shooting of Officer Chad Schirmers. Because “accidents” like this, where an officer gets shot in the stomach during a training exercise, don’t just happen to happen because one guy stumbles and trips with his finger on the trigger of his service weapon aimed at his brother officer’s center mass. Or racks the slide with his finger on the trigger of his service weapon aimed at his brother officer’s center mass. Or oops shoots himself. ALL negligent discharges are a systemic safety breakdown . . .

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Guns for Flowers

JOHNSON CITY — A flowers for guns exchange will be held from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday in the St. James Rectory parking lot at 155 Main St. All working handguns, shotguns and rifles in working condition will be traded for flowers. Ammunition will also be accepted.” This isn’t the stupidest gun control idea in the history of the world, ever. Oh wait. It is.


Be Number One On Mother’s Day. With a Bullet.


Has Mothers Day snuck up on you again? That’s right, if you haven’t been shopping yet, you’re in deep kimchi. But never fear, your friends at TTAG are here to help. Your first thought is probably flowers, right? Way too cliche. Chocolates? They’ll only make her fat. A Hallmark card? Please. You need to give her something unique. Something unusual. Something family and friends will ask her about . . . You need to give her a silver or gold flattened bullet . . .

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