Dear Diary: 30 Days to Conceal Carry, Day 23. Ish.

Now over three weeks (as the crow flies) into my own little conceal carry odyssey, I’ve realized something. The whole concept of conceal carry has gotten into my head. It’s kind of like back when I was in college. I had a roommate. We were both impoverished college students at the time, and neither one of us hung out at bars and drank, so most of our evenings were spent playing board games. At one time, we got on this backgammon kick. Played literally hundreds of games per night. Hundreds. I had to stop when I started dreaming of backgammon games. I was literally playing the game in my sleep. Which is weird.

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Kel-Tec KSG 12ga Bull-Pup Shotgun with Samson Iron Sights and Primary Arms Red Dot

Our man Oleg Volk offers another bite at the proverbial cherry with some more pics of the much-discussed Kel-Tec KSG 12ga Bullpup Shotgun. The weapon’s 14+1 capacity and “is it legal yes it is” length seems to be playing a fairly prominently role in the firearms fraternity buzz. I wonder why that is . . . Make the jump for a shot of the same weapon with a night vision monocle. Meanwhile, what’s up with the all-white background? Is he in heaven?

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Note to Dan Baum: Just Because I’m Paranoid Doesn’t Mean I’m Crazy

Earlier today, respected author and TTAG commentator Dan Baum took me to task for suggesting that average folk ought to make their house more of a bunker and less of a target. “Alarms, vault doors, exterior lighting….Where do you live? Beirut? Nothing in here about what to do if a meteorite hits your house, which is about as statistically likely as a home invasion.” The standard answer to this objection: “If you believe that, why do you wear a seat belt?” The rabbi’s response: “Sheep.” My slightly more loquacious reply: “Shit happens.” For example, consider the internal lock failure on my Performance Center Smith & Wesson 686 . . .

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Free Barrett .50 Caliber Rifle When You Buy a Viper ACR

Make that a free Barrett sniper rifle “if” you buy a Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR. I would NOT recommend it. It’s loud, hot and inherently dangerous. The car that is. The rifle’s a big pussycat. I reckon Max Motors of Missouri won’t get much traction on this ad campaign—even if the MSM’s a sucker or antipoliticalcorrectnessdisestablishmentarianism. Who buys a 600 horsepower rear-wheel drive death machine in the dead of winter? Still, “Snipers for Vipers” is one of the catchiest catch phrases I’ve heard in a long time. But shouldn’t that be “Vipers for Snipers”? Or is the idea of a sports car specifically suited to snipers too out there for Mad Max?


Swords, (Light) Sabres and (Special Effects) Sorcery.

I loved Star Wars. Not that Jar Jar Binks crap of a few years ago. The ORIGINAL Star Wars. Now THAT was a movie. And if you peel back the trappings of technology, you’ll find the original Star Wars owes a lot more to High Noon and The Magnificent Seven than it does to Forbidden Planet and Mars Attacks!. Yep. Star Wars is, at it’s heart, a Western, set in space. I’m also a big fan of The Princess Bride. I’ve always thought that sword fights were a more elegant alternative to gunplay. So when some genius did a mash-up between the swordplay of The Princess Bride and the light sabres of Star Wars…well lets just say they had me at “My name is Inigo Montoya. You keeled my father. Prepare to die.”

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ArmaLite’s A1 National Match AR-50 Revealed

Another heads-up ahead of the SHOT show: ArmaLite will be unveiling its National Match A1 AR-50, the unidentified rifle lingering on banner ads in the run-up to America’s largest gunfest. TTAG’s winkled-out some of the details of this superbad version of the American gunmaker’s .50 caliber rifle, starting with the fact that the A1′s got a longer barrel than the standard model (33″ vs. 30″), with eight flutes (no less). That would help explain the A1′s reported sub-MOA accuracy to 100 yards—and beyond! The fact that the A1′s got a match chamber—rather then standard military affair—might have a little something to do with it as well. New for the A1: a skid system to stop the gun from, uh, skidding; retrofittable to the standard AR50. All this large caliber goodness is likely to clock-in at or under $4k. Such a deal!