Brady Campaign Attacks Obama. Again. Harder.

Yesterday, we republished the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence’s press release taking President Obama to task for not naming a new head of the ATF. All in all, the Brady bitch was a pretty mild rebuke. Today the anti-gun org has come out punching, accusing the Prez of cowering in fear of the “gun lobby.” Writing for The Huffington Post, Brady Veep Dennis A. Hennigan claims “It is now beyond doubt that the Administration is determined to say as little as possible about the plague of gun violence that inflicts death and injury on 300 Americans every day. When forced to comment on proposals to strengthen our anemic federal gun laws, the President and his representatives typically fall back on the gun lobby’s canard, ‘We don’t need new gun laws. We need to enforce the laws on the books.'” Canard? Really Dennis? Canard?

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Return of the .32? CORBON High Performance 32 Auto DPX Ammunition

With states rolling back the regs re: concealed carry permits, mouse guns chambered in .380 ACP are all the rage. But what of the “lowly” .32, used by such CCW stalwarts as the Colt Model 1903 Pocket Hammerless, CZ-50, Walther PPK and Kel-Tec P-32? CORBON is doing their bit to keep the caliber hip and happening with its new 32 auto DPX ammo. The “environmentally friendly” load launches a 60 grain solid copper hollow point bullet at 1050 feet per second. According to the company’s presser, said projectile penetrated nine inches into 10 percent ballistic gelatin (with a four layer denim barrier ). They’re also claiming a consistent recovered diameter of .60 inches. “Recoil and recovery between shots are similar to the lightweight rounds, while soft tissue penetration is similar to the heavy weight rounds.” Colt 1903 Pocket Hammerless anyone?




In Baltimore, the shooting of someone white is usually a bigger story than the shooting of someone brown. The biggest story in town this morning was the shooting of a brown-and-white. Bear-Bear, a Siberian Husky, whose only offense was to do what dogs do, was shot by an off-duty federal officer who seems to have panicked when the Husky began fighting with his leashed German Shepherd. Dog play certainly can look and sound scary, but if you’ve been raised around dogs, you know that they usually sort these things out themselves.
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Gun Review: SIG SAUER P220 Elite .45

Imagine Sinatra in a satin charcoal Armani suit, sitting in a leather-lined smoking chair, puffing on a fat Cuban and sipping top-shelf whiskey. There’s your SIG P220 Elite. Sure, there are cheaper ways to get the same kicks. This SIG costs the thick end of a grand and does pretty much the same thing as weapons costing half as much. But would you really slum it if you didn’t have to? Who says you do? And here’s why you shouldn’t . . .

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CBS’s White Supremacist Fear Mongering

The popular press gravitates to society’s extremes like testosterone-crazed boys to professional wrestling. “If it bleeds, it leads.” The same need for bleed afflicts sports, science, weather, music and gossip coverage. No surprise there. All the interesting stuff goes down at the extreme end of society. In mainstream America, people get up, go to work, socialize, surf the net, buy stuff, take care of their family, tuck in their kids, watch TV and go to bed. Meanwhile, CBS News reports on The Violent World of White Supremacists. Note the plural. A story isn’t really a story unless it’s BIG! Which is why so many of these shock horror “features” start with a stat. Usually misleading. For sure, here . . .

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Practical Firearms Training at PFT – Pt. 4 – Hiding

Back in May, I took several force-on-force classes at Practical Firearms Training in West Virginia. The instruction included “live fire” with Airsoft and paintball guns and simunitions. In Part Three, I attempted to clear a room with a bad guy in it. Unsuccessfully. In this exercise, the situation was reversed: I was the good guy, defending my territory. Same layout: one door with a series of three closets that stick out about a foot or so beyond the wall running along the wall on my immediate left. I was given a minute or so to choose a hiding place.  There wasn’t a whole lot to work with, but you play the hand you’re dealt . . .

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Shotgun-Toting IRS Agents Take Young Buck’s Stuff

As you might imagine, macho posturing don’t mean squat when you owe the IRS money. Lest we forget, the feds got Al Capone for tax evasion. Add David Darnell Brown (a.k.a. “Young Buck”) to the list of people who’ve fallen afoul of the revenuers. “The Tennessee home of rapper Young Buck was raided earlier today by armed federal agents, reportedly due to $300,000 in unpaid taxes,” reports. “Buck’s rep says that IRS agents arrived at the Nashville home and repossessed recording equipment, jewelry, furniture, his platinum wall plaques and even his kids’ PlayStation. The rep adds that the agents were armed with shotguns, and warned him not to interfere.” I would have thought those shotguns would have been warning enough. Just sayin’ . . .


Outraged or Disgruntled? Updated

The Crime Scene

Like many of us, The Village Voice is wondering, Was Yesterday’s Workplace Shooting in Manchester, CT, Race-Related?

Among the victims killed, many seemingly randomly, were Bryan Cirigliano and Victor James, fellow drivers and union representatives who reportedly tried to save Thornton’s job, …

In the aftermath of the incident, questions are emerging as to whether the shooting was race-related. Hannah said that Thornton (who is black) had complained about racial harassment at work, including a racial slur and noose on a bathroom wall, which he is said to have taken photos of. And according to Will Holliday, Thornton’s uncle, whom Thornton apparently spoke to after the shootings: “He said, ‘I killed the five racists that was there bothering me. He said, ‘That’s it. The cops are going to come in so I’m going to take care of it myself.'”

But he killed eight people, not five . . .
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