President Obama Signs NRA-Backed Measures into Law


As we noted earlier, the market for used 1911s is about to get an infusion of 200,000 new (used) guns. The bill that authorized that will also let military base commanders to allow service members to carry firearms. Here’s the NRA’s press release:

Fairfax, Va. – President Barack Obama signed into law the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). It includes several NRA-backed provisions — expanding gun rights on stateside military bases; prohibiting the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from banning traditional ammunition; and saving taxpayer dollars by allowing gun collectors to buy vintage military surplus pistols . . .

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Britain’s SAS Gets “Man-Stopper” Rounds for Fight Against Terrorists

According to, “SAS: Special forces soldiers are going to play a role in domestic counter-terrorism.” So, like the French and unlike Americans, the Brits have no compunctions about deploying military troops inside the country. Hey, if you’re already sliding down the slippery slope to a police state, that’s how you roll. And to take on this new mission, the SAS are loading-up with what the Star calls super-special deadly “Man-Stopper” rounds . . .

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U.S. Planes Run Out of Ammo During ISIS Oil Tanker Strike

“The U.S. military conducted a second wave of attacks on (parked) ISIS oil tankers in Syria on Sunday, Nov. 22, but the attack fell short of its goal,” reports. “They ran out of ammunition . . . But the desire was to destroy every single truck there,” pronounced Army Col. Steven Warren, spokesman for the U.S.-led coaltion fighting ISIS. Despite the click bait headline above (sorry), this isn’t what I’d call a scandal. As Col. Warren points out . . .

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In ‘On Killing’ Video, Veterans Talk About Killing Both On and Off the Battlefield

“If they mean to do harm to myself or my family, I’ll do anything I can to prevent them from doing it. If it means taking their life, fu(k ’em. They’ve chosen their path.” That’s the answer Josh, an Operation Enduring Freedom sniper, offers when asked when it’s OK to take a life outside the military. Lonnie, a Vietnam infantryman, however figures killing is never justified away from the battlefield. Those are just two of the takes on killing and its effects from people who know – veterans who’ve done it . . .

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Anti-Aircraft Guns Vs. Russian SU-24 [VIDEO]

Whatever you think of Russia’s deployment into the Syrian conflict, whomever is at the receiving end of this sortie, you’ve got to give their pilots credit for risking their lives to deliver their ordnance. Just as you’ve got to tip your hat to the American special forces fighting against ISIS without the help of U.S. ground troops. As JWT says, there is nothing that stops the enemy more than looking into the eyes of armed soldiers determined to kill them. Nothing.


IWI’s “Smart Gun” – It’s A Hit!


Press release [via]

Paris, France – Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) – a leader in the production of combat-proven small arms for law enforcement agencies as well as governments and armies around the world – will reveal its pistol configuration for the revolutionary eLog comprehensive small arms management and control solution. The system allows Law Enforcement and Special Forces full control of their weapons arsenal, assuring that pistols will be ready for use when needed. According to Uri Amit, President and CEO . . .

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2015 Texas Firearms Festival: Flash Ticket Sale for Veterans!

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TODAY ONLY past or present members of our Armed Forces can buy Sunday Shooter tickets to the 2015 Texas Firearms Festival on November 15 for $55. That’s a $14 savings per ticket! And we’ll donate $5 of every ticket to Veteran Outdoors (as we do for all Sunday ticket sales). Just use the code vet2015 upon checkout. Thank you for your service. 


Quote of the Day: Good Enough for Government Work Edition


“One of the principles of a commercial-off-the-shelf acquisition is that the government must be clear on what it is seeking to buy. This lack of clarity will likely result in top handgun makers not competing as many of them are not large defense contractors, which means that our soldiers won’t necessarily get the best handgun that commercial industry has to offer.” – Senate Armed Services Committee report on the Army’s Modular Handgun System in McCain: Halt Army Handgun Program, Choose the Bullet First [at]


First Aerial Test of F-35’s GAU-22/A 25mm!

Boondoggle much? Sorry, I mean “F-35 test pilot Maj Charles ‘Flak’ Trickey fires the first aerial gun test burst of the GAU-22/A 25mm gun from F-35A aircraft AF-2. The gun will provide operational F-35A pilots the ability to engage air-to-ground or air-to-air weapon targets, in addition to beyond visual range air-to-air missiles and precision-guided air-to-ground weapons.” The official website tells us that  . . .

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Obscure Object of Desire: MOH3495


Jason Carter of Undergound Tactical writes:

This is a very special edition AR we just finished up for a charity called Feherty’s Troops First Foundation. We gave this one a special model name, Honor & Valor, with a serial number MOH3495 with stands for Medal Of Honor with 3,495 recipients of the prestigious medal. We Cerakoted it to match the blue neck ribbon which supports the medal. The signatures you see are the actual signatures of 14 MOH recipients. This one-off rifle will be auctioned off this week at their charity event.


SB Tactical Giving Back to Veterans with HAVA


SB Tactical is a business run by veterans for veterans, and they like to take every opportunity to give back when they can. Their flagship product was designed specifically to allow a specific disabled veteran hold and fire his AR-15 pistol. But since its launch, the SB-15 has taken off and found favor with just about everyone who has tried it. This past weekend SB Tactical spent their Saturday at the HAVA shoot in south Florida providing belt-fed fun for veterans and their families . . .

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New Rifle Shoots Drones Out of the Sky Without Firing a Single Bullet


The DroneDefender rifle by Battelle is “a lightweight easy-to-use non-kinetic solution to defend airspace against UAS without compromising safety or risking collateral damage” according to Battelle Innovations latest video. Drones can be a lot of fun, but they can be easily abused and used to violate the privacy or safety of others. This novel invention allows people protection without the hazard and legal complication of firing projectile based weapons skyward.