Gun Review: LWRC IC-A5 Individual Carbine


A few years back, the Army finally realized that it might be time to modernize their 60-year-old M-16 battle rifle. The gun has had minor tweaks since its introduction, but with all the advancements in modern technology their standard issue rifle was falling behind the curve. The call went out to manufacturers to produce a better rifle for selection as the next firearm of choice for the U.S. military — the Individual Carbine Competition. LWRC International is a smaller shop than the competition from FNH USA and Remington, but they came up with the best looking rifle out of the bunch: the LWRC IC-A5.

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On-Base Carry Will Take More Than Just a Political Change


Reader CC writes:

It seems that every time there is an active shooter incident on a military installation, the politicians scream that something should be done and demand to know why military members can’t carry weapons on base. A lot of blame is thrown around about which president is responsible for why carrying firearms in base is prohibited; yet no one seems to want to propose lifting the ban. I personally wish for the day we can carry concealed as I wonder if it will happen at the base where I am stationed . . .

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Combat Medic: Army’s Hollow Point Ammo Switch Will (Or Should) End the Caliber Debate


It appears that the US Army has finally decided to start using hollow point ammunition for the general issues service pistol. When RF called me and told me that, I was highly doubtful. But by all accounts, (and you heard it on TTAG first folks) this is the real deal. As a combat veteran, and as a medic, I couldn’t be happier. The standard 9X19NATO round nosed FMJ is now, and has always been, a grossly inadequate handgun round for combat. In my experience, it pokes fairly small, smooth holes in soft targets, with neat wound channels. I’ve never seen one break up in tissue, and I’ve seen patients shot multiple times with the round, and still be conscious and capable of continuing to fight. That’s the last thing you want out of your enemy in combat . . .

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The Best Military Shooter in the World: My Daughter


Reader David Danylyshyn writes:

Canada being, well, Canada, this is likely to get zero coverage up here, but each year, the best military shooters from the best shooting cultures in the world compete at Bisley, England…all the commonwealth countries, SAS, SBS, lots of American representation, the French Foreign Legion, etc. Usually about 1300 competitors in all. This is military-replicant shooting, with short range, long range, run-downs, quick-exposure, timed fire, etc. The top British shot is awarded the Queen’s Medal each year. These are not as hard to come by as the Victoria Cross, but still damned rare . . .

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New from Boeing: Compact Laser Weapon System

Boeing laser gun (courtesy

“Boeing’s new Compact Laser Weapon System (LWS) breaks down into four parts, each transportable by one or two Marines,” reports. “Boeing says these components include: a battery, a water-cooled chiller, a commercially available fiber laser and an upgraded beam director, weighing 40% less than a previous model. In total, the system weighs about 650 pounds and would probably be operated by a squad of eight to 12 soldiers or Marines.” Easy to schlep, fiendishly complicated to use. How battle-ready is that? Still, Boeing’s LWS seems like it could be a pretty effective weapon system. The company claims that it’s . . .

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More Sturm Und Drang at Heckler & Koch


Heckler and Koch, the famous arms manufacturer from the German state of Baden-Württemberg, has been having a rough patch lately. As reported last year, the company has been having a rocky time financially. Then the Bundeswehr announced that it was ditching H&K’s G36 rifle (hitherto its main battle rifle) due to accuracy issues in combat situations that were traced back to flaws in the gun’s design . . .

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Disarming The Military


There are two groups of people that have a very great deal in common, yet few would think to compare them. Both groups walk about with targets on their backs, yet both are denied their Second Amendment right to protect their very lives. Domestic and international terrorists have targeted both groups in recent years, and some members of both groups have been killed. When they’ve died, the mainstream media have almost universally proclaimed the solution to be more gun control, bigger government and more taxpayer funds spent. Intelligence has been developed and continues to be developed clearly indicating that the targets on their backs are growing larger and more numerous every day; terrorists are anxious to attack what they rightly see as soft targets . . .

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On Killing

An interview for StoryCorps of 86-year-old WWII veteran Joseph Robertson reveals how, even after about 60 years, he is regularly haunted by images of a young German soldier whom he had no choice but to shoot and kill. “I still see him in my dreams,” says Robertson . . .

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Three Foreign Battle Rifles You Should Know About


By Jake Moore via

Want to know some history on three badass foreign battle rifles? You got it. In 2003, United States Special Operations Command sanctioned the approval for a battle rifle that was as versatile and effective as the U.S. Special Forces operators that wielded them. Manufactured in Herstal, Belgium, the FN SCAR or Special Forces Combat Assault Rifle is exactly what the name implies and then some . . .

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