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Gun Review: Czech Vzor 58

The Czechoslovakian Sa Vz. 58 assault rifle has to rank high as one of the least understood and most underappreciated military rifles of the twentieth century. Case in point: for many years I thought that it was simply a copy of the AK-47. But I’m not alone: I’ve even seen it described in books as being an “AK.” However, outward appearances aside, they only thing the Vz. 58 has in common with an AK-47 is the round it shoots:  the M43 (7.62 x 39mm). In fact, internally this rifle has more in common with Walther P38s, Beretta 92s, Brens, and Glocks than it does with an AK-47. Over the past couple years, I had the opportunity to test two civilian-legal adaptations of the original Czech design: the D-Techniks Vz. 58 “Sporter”, and a Century Arms International Inc. parts kit build called the “Vz. 2008.” . . .

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Norfolk Navy Shooter Disarmed Guard to Get Gun


Perhaps the security at US naval bases could use some beefing up. Despite the fact that the AP reports the Navy held “anti-terrorism and force protection exercises” at its US bases just last month, an as yet un-named civilian gained access to the Norfolk Naval Shipyard, “approached a destroyer docked at the world’s largest naval base late Monday, disarmed a petty officer on watch and fatally shot a sailor” on board the guided missile destroyer USS Mahan. The attacker was then shot dead by security guards . . .

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The Guns of Russia’s Ukraine Incursion

AK-74M and GP-25 - Imgur

The situation in Ukraine continues to deteriorate, and the only good thing coming out of that whole situation is that we get to gawk at the Russian hardware on display. There are a large number of soldiers currently around Russia’s Black Sea base in Crimea, strangely wearing no identifying patches. But one person on Reddit (/u/NihilNovae_Su) has sifted through the images from various news sites and identified the top-of-the-line brand new Russian-built firearms they’re toting. Make the jump for some more pictures (re-printed with permission) . . .

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AR vs. AK: Can’t We All Just Get Along?


By Paul McCain

Like countless other red-blooded American males, I was attracted to the AR-15 rifle platform simply because it has been the rifle of choice for our military for a very long time. Some would say too long. I’ve grown to appreciate the numerous features of the AR in its semi-automatic configuration, the so-called “modern sporting rifle” version, that continues to make it a very popular military, competition and even hunting rifle. The chief features that I find most attractive include the AR’s innate modularity, its accuracy and effectiveness when used in the way it was intended. But . . .

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Useless Security Theater Gesture of the Day: Active Shooter Cards

2014-02-19 11.30.06

A reader who prefers to remain anonymous writes that his employer, the Defense Logistics Agency, just distributed these handy-dandy active shooter response luggage tags yesterday. If you’re not familiar with this particular branch of the .gov, he writes that they’re ”responsible for contracting, acquisition, and support activities for all of the DoD. It is primarily composed of a civilian workforce and has their own law enforcement agency, all civilian as well. I am active duty and I hate this place with a passion. It represents everything that is wrong with the mismanagement of taxpayer money.” Do tell. There’s even more useful info on the back of the card, after the jump . . .

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Can You Spot the Sniper?

German artist Simon Menner has shot – er – photographed snipers doing what snipers do. You can see a few more at‘s post or all of them at Menner’s site. Menner says that the German Army was kind enough to loan him two shooters for a day to get it done. Can you spot the shooter?