CNN: The Russians Are Arming the Taliban! Fake News?

“The videos [below and at the CNN link] don’t provide incontrovertible proof of the trade, of which Moscow has categorically denied involvement,” reports. “Yet they offer some of the first battlefield evidence of a flow of weapons that has the Afghan and American governments deeply concerned about Moscow’s intentions here.” That’s one carefully worded […]

Obscure Object of Desire: AR-15 Drone Defender

The image above – courtesy — is slightly incendiary. The drones used by IS and its allies don’t look like that weird plane in the original Indian Jones movie. And there hasn’t been an incident where members of the Islamic death cult have deployed [obviously smaller] bombs on drones have been used against Allied […]

Canadian Media, Liberals Condemn Army’s 3540 Meter Kill Shot

In recent days, the dead-tree Toronto Star suffered a meltdown over comments made by the Canadian Prime Minister. Justin Trudeau lauded members of the Canuck armed forces for a remarkable sniper shot in Iraq. Clearly, the soldiers deserved high praise. One of Canada’s best connected on a 3540 meter rifle shot at a ISIS “fighter” in […]

Sikorsky S-97 RAIDER Helicopter – Guess What Gun

The video below does NOT show the prototype Sikorsky S-97 RAIDER helicopter unleashing its ballistic fury. Just so you know, this coaxial rotor helicopter — initially set to replace the U.S. Special Operations Command’s MH-6M Little Bird, then aimed at supplanting the Army’s Bell OH-58D Kiowa Warrior — will fire . . . Five-hundred rounds of 50 […]

GLOCK Modular Handgun System Pistol Revealed

Rumors of why GLOCK lost out on the MHS contract to SIG have been circling the interwebs since SIG’s announcement. “No manual safety” was a popular guess, even after the .gov stated that the choice was primarily due to SIG’s proposal coming in about $100MM less expensive than GLOCK’s. Well, GLOCK recently released these photos […]

Tavor vs. AR: An IDF’s Soldier’s Perspective

The M-16 was the first rifle I was issued during my mandatory service in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). That’s the gun I used to become a proficient rifleman. After basic training, we switched to the more modern M-4. From then on, I carried my M-4 during my military service, and continued to carry it […]

Look Out ISIS, UK Special Forces to Get the Deadliest Ammo Ever Invented!

The Brits aren’t screwing around any more. In the seemingly never-ending fight against Islamist terrorism, they’ve decided to deploy the deadliest weapons they can possibly find. And that means…trocars! You may remember the almost thermonuclear level of hype that surrounded the release of G2 Research’s RIP ammunition a few years back. The ammo features “trocars,” […]