Sikorsky S-97 RAIDER Helicopter – Guess What Gun

The video below does NOT show the prototype Sikorsky S-97 RAIDER helicopter unleashing its ballistic fury. Just so you know, this coaxial rotor helicopter — initially set to replace the U.S. Special Operations Command’s MH-6M Little Bird, then aimed at supplanting the Army’s Bell OH-58D Kiowa Warrior — will fire . . . Five-hundred rounds of 50 […]

GLOCK Modular Handgun System Pistol Revealed

Rumors of why GLOCK lost out on the MHS contract to SIG have been circling the interwebs since SIG’s announcement. “No manual safety” was a popular guess, even after the .gov stated that the choice was primarily due to SIG’s proposal coming in about $100MM less expensive than GLOCK’s. Well, GLOCK recently released these photos […]

Tavor vs. AR: An IDF’s Soldier’s Perspective

The M-16 was the first rifle I was issued during my mandatory service in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). That’s the gun I used to become a proficient rifleman. After basic training, we switched to the more modern M-4. From then on, I carried my M-4 during my military service, and continued to carry it […]

Look Out ISIS, UK Special Forces to Get the Deadliest Ammo Ever Invented!

The Brits aren’t screwing around any more. In the seemingly never-ending fight against Islamist terrorism, they’ve decided to deploy the deadliest weapons they can possibly find. And that means…trocars! You may remember the almost thermonuclear level of hype that surrounded the release of G2 Research’s RIP ammunition a few years back. The ammo features “trocars,” […]

BREAKING: Army Denies GLOCK’s MHS Protest, Will Go With the SIG P320

This from “The Government Accountability Office has denied a protest from firearms manufacturer Glock that sought to have the government reconsider its award of a 10-year, $580 million contract for the Army’s new handgun to a competitor.” GLOCK was angling for at least a portion of the lucrative contract. Glock challenged the Army’s “interpretation of […]

Fun With Iraqi Indigenous Forces!

There’s a lot going on in this short clip, but there are a few interesting take-aways. The things that most people will notice: one guy has a hard time with the PKM, and the other guy is pretty much just shooting into the air for the heck of it. But first, check out the guy […]

US Army Considers Ditching 5.56 NATO Round

There’s no secret that the military has been looking to ditch the M4 / M16 for quite some time. The last serious effort was the Individual Carbine competition, announced in 2011 and cancelled in 2013 when none of the guns involved met the specification. Word comes now from the Army Times that the military is […]