SAS Sniper Decapitates ISIS Commander


If you’re someone who’s prone to fist pumps, high fives, or emitting audible WOOTs when the enemies of western civilization take a hit, make sure you’re in an appropriate location before reading on. A British SAS sniper recently got off a clean shot at an ISIS commander. One who was know to train recruits in the finer points of execution by decapitation. Taking dead aim with his suppressed IWI DAN .338 Lapua bolt action rifle, he squeezed off a round which, insha’allah, found its mark . . .

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Obscure Object of Desire: CZ P-09 Modular Handgun System Trials Pistol


As you’re likely aware, the U.S. Military is holding a competition for a new pistol. It’s called the Modular Handgun System, or MHS, and the winning gun is slated to replace the Beretta M9 to the tune of up to a $586MM contract. As I’d guess few were aware, CZ was thinking of throwing its hat into that ring and went so far as to manufacture a very limited number of P-07s and P-09s, in 9×19 and .40 S&W, for MHS submission . . .

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Air Force: Armed Civilians Stop Mass Shootings

Andrew Wurst (courtesy

Fifty years ago, the idea that armed people could not stop a mass killing would have been laughable. Throughout the past, as it is now, armed defense is the best protection against being slaughtered or enslaved en masse. If you were not armed, organized and pro-active, you ended up dead or someone else’s slave. In much of the world, including historical times, you were eaten. The claim that being unarmed makes a person “safe” is recent and wrong. As the United States Air Force has now acknowledged. From . . .

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B&T Brings Their APR Sniper System to the U.S.

Pic 9

Proof that the Swiss make more than cheese and chocolate, Brugger & Thomet (aka: “B&T”) has developed a series of impressive looking sniper rifles, which I finally got a chance to see in the flesh.   These rifles take their styling cues from Accuracy International AW series and from the Blaser Tac 2. More pics and info after the jump . . .

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Gun Review: Accuracy International AX-50 Rifle

Courtesy Joe Grine

Accuracy International isn’t a household name for most American shooters. But military snipers throughout the world revere the marque as it if it was divinely inspired. And with good reason. World’s longest sniper kill? Check. In use with 60+ countries, including British SAS? Check. First chassis system? Check. Industry leading detachable box magazine? Check. We’ve been able to spend some quality time with their AX-50 anti-material sniper rifle and can report now report to the Armed Intelligentsia . . .

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Navy Rail Gun Test “Not Definitely Off But It’s Not Definitely Going Ahead”

Members of TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia may not be surprised to read the above headline re: the Navy’s test of their new railgun system, originally scheduled for 2106. “Plans for the at-sea demonstration remain in place,” reports, “but it’s looking more likely that a test using an expeditionary fast transport (EPF) — the new designation for JHSVs — won’t take place at least until 2017, if at all.” Rear Adm. Pete Fanta is not happy about delaying his new ship to accommodate an experimental railgun . .

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Obscure Object of Desire: Walther MPK SMG

Courtesy Joe Grine

In the summer of 1972 I was five years old. I don’t remember much from that time but I have a fairly good memory of the TV news reports of the Munich massacre, where the Palestinian group Black September killed 11 Israeli Olympic athletes. One thing that didn’t go unnoticed: the unique Walther MP series submachineguns used by first responder German Polizei units. They looked so sinister. It would take 42 years for me to actually fire one, an opportunity provided by Battlefield Vegas. Make the jump to get the G2 on this innovative historic firearm . . .

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In Indonesia Military, “Live Fire Training” Has A Special Meaning [VIDEO]

The Indonesian Army isn’t the only military outfit that thinks it’s a good idea to shoot real bullets at their troops. Fans of Larry Vickers’ videos will be familiar with Russian special forces’ special fondness for firing rounds at/near each other while shouting “DANCE COMRADE DANCE!” But this video makes it mark at the : 56 mark,when the camera pans to reveal . . .

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Navy SEALs Switching from SIG SAUER P226/P229 to GLOCK 19?

GLOCK 19 (courtesy

The Navy SEALs Might Have Selected A New Pistol Of Choice reports. The injection of the word “might” into the website’s clickbait paean to the glories of the GLOCK 19 gives foxtrotalpha plausible deniability. And rightly so. There’s no official statement that the SEALs are ditching their SIG SAUER P226 or P229 handguns for Gaston’s gat. Chasing the link backwards through four websites, we arrive at the original source: a post by a verified SME named Rana on And here it is:

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Random Thoughts About Gun Ownership and Military Action

Isis fighters, pictured on a militant website verified by AP.

“If America is going to be the world’s policeman, on some scale or another, that has to be backed by a supportive culture among the citizenry,” Dr. Tyler Cowen writes at “And that culture is not going to be Hans Morgenthau’s foreign policy realism, or George Kennan’s Letter X, or even Clausewitz’s treatise On War. [ED: links added.] Believe it or not, those are too intellectual for the American public.” Before I address Dr. Cowen’s theory linking gun ownership and martial culture, bad elitist! Bad elitist! That said, Dr. Cowen’s got it mostly right and a lot wrong. First, a bone to pick . . .

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