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First Impressions: SIG SAUER’s MCX Rifle


It all started with the Honey Badger, a strange yet awesome creation from the R&D department of Advanced Armament Corp. back in the day. The plan was to create a do-it-all weapon, one that’s shorter and quieter than an MP5, has the barrier penetration and “stopping power” of an AK-47, uses as many standard AR-15 parts as possible, and can swap from subsonic to supersonic ammunition without needing to adjust any settings on the gun. That’s how the 300 AAC Blackout cartridge came to be, and now SIG SAUER is in the process of perfecting the rifle even further. Enter their MCX . . .

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Video: Full Auto SIG SAUER MPX in Slow Motion

The whole point of the MP5 is to have a small, easily concealable, maneuverable weapon. And while H&K’s design is pretty good, it can be so much better. Lighter magazines that don’t jam. Controls like the common AR-15, not a completely new platform that soldiers need to familiarize themselves with and train for. Mission configurable in the field. Easy to disassemble. And, most important, actually making the damn things accurate. If memory serves, the acceptance test for an MP5SD was a mean radius of 8 inches at 100 yards for the shot pattern, which is nowhere near the accuracy you’d want. The MPX fixes all of these things, and looks awesome doing it. We’ll have a review when they finally hit the civilian shelves, but for now enjoy the full auto goodness.

Video: CJ Grisham’s Testimony to Texas Senate on Open Carry Following Ft. Hood Shooting

Following the shooting at Ft. Hood a couple days ago, the Texas Senate Committee on Agricultural Affairs and Homeland Security decided to hold a hearing — even though they were out of session for the year — on the topic of open carry. The usual characters showed up, from anti-gun Austin residents and Moms Demand Action radicals to people like CJ Grisham, whose testimony was sliced out into this YouTube video. The full 8 hour video from the session is available here, but if you listen to any one argument, this would be the one.

Marines: We Still Don’t Want Guns On Our Bases

 Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 3.01.02 PM

A TTAG reader forwarded the following:

Date Signed: 4/03/2014
MARADMINS Active Number: 176/14
R 031603Z APR 14



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BREAKING President Obama: Ft. Hood Shooting “Heartbreaking”


In a recorded statement to the press that was just aired, President Obama addressed today’s Ft. Hood shooting, pledging to “get to the bottom of what happened.” He saluted the service members and their families and pledged to get the base and surrounding community what it needs to deal with the situation. Saying the shooting re-opens the wounds of the earlier Hassan massacre, he stated that he knows everyone around the country is keeping those involved in their prayers and that service members need to feel safe when they’re on their home base. Strangely, he didn’t address the fact that those stationed at Ft. Hood, like almost all other domestic military bases, are required to be disarmed. Still.

BREAKING: Active Shooter at Ft. Hood


If this had happened yesterday, we’d have thought it a tasteless April fools joke. From “We have reports that there are several injuries from this shooting. There is at least one patient being transported to the hospital. We are also getting reports of victims in the Battle Simulation Center on 65th and Warehouse. The suspect is still at large. The shooter was said to be in building 33026 which is the Medical Brigade Building. Fort Hood has been put on lockdown.” You may remember from the Hassan massacre that Ft. Hood, like most military bases is a gun-free zone. Live reports at the above link. Watch this space. [h/t PhoenixNFA]

Gear Review: FAB Defense Vz. 58 Upgrades

The Sa. Vz. 58 is an excellent weapon system, but its stock configuration is admittedly a bit dated. Fortunately, there are quite a few firms that invested in modernization programs for the venerable little carbine. One of these, an Israeli firm named FAB Defense, makes Vz. 58 accessories authorized for use by the Czech military.  The Mako Group distributes FAB Defense products in the United States, and was kind enough to send me some T&E samples so I could pimp out my Vz. 58. I’ve been running the FAB Defense products through their paces for two months and can now make a full report to the Armed Intelligentsia . . .

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