Your First Carry Gun Made Easy: Guns for Beginners

Ever heard of Stendhal syndrome? It’s a condition sparked by too much choice. You’ll find sufferers in front of the spaghetti sauce section of your local supermarket, standing there, staring. You’ll find them at gun stores too. No surprise there. An aspiring gun carrier must choose from dozens of potential guns; a bewildering selection of brands, calibers, barrel lengths, actions and trigger types. Gun store salesmen are notoriously […]

Guns for Beginners: Why Progressives Want to Disarm Americans

Up to now, I have avoided writing about politics in our Guns for Beginners Series. And I may pull or rename this post to maintain this editorial distance from political considerations. But a twenty-something contemplating buying a gun posed a simple question the other day, one which I tried to answer as simply as possible: “Why would anyone want to […]

Guns for Beginners: Three Reasons Not to Carry A Back-Up Gun

Over at, B. Gil Horman provides readers with 3 Arguments In Favor of Back-up Guns. BGH reckons you need a backup gun in case “the first gun goes click instead of bang” or “a primary defensive gun is not accessible.” What’s more, “additional guns can be used to arm other responsible adults.” I can’t argue with his logic – except […]