Fighter Design National Dog Day Gun Gear Sale: Free Dog Collar with Any Order!

Combat K-9 collar (courtesy

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Today is National Dog Day. Here at Fighter Design USA we’re celebrating our furry friends by giving away our $37.50 Pro-Collar with any order. The Pro-Collar is the COMBAT K-9™ version of your basic dog collar. It’s made with a stainless steel metal click buckle (similar to a seatbelt buckle), adjustable from 13.5″ to 22″. Low profile, silent, made right here in the USA, and backed by a lifetime guarantee. Taking advantage of our one-day sale is simple. Just click here to go to Fighter Design’s website. Buy something – our famous rifle sling, doggie saddle bag, anything – and put the Pro-Collar in your cart. Enter the code “DOGDAYS” for a full refund on the collar. In other words, it’s FREE! (You pay regular shipping on all items.) This doggy-flavored giveaway is available while supplies last, for one day only. There will be no backorders, and we will certainly “sell” out quickly. Order yours now!


Springfield Armory Rolls Out DUEL 3 Give-Away


We don’t pump every give-away and promo that comes over the electronic transom, but sometimes we hear of a particularly good one that’s worth passing along. Springfield Armory’s back again with the third iteration of DUEL giveaway. Strangely enough, they’ve named it DUEL 3. Go figure! Anyway, many will enter and lots will win including 125 firearms. That’s a lot of shootin’ fun. And you don’t even need a MyFace page to enter. Their press release follows . . .

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Updated List of Exhibitors At The 2016 Texas Firearms Festival, Nov 14 & 15

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With a little under 100 days to go, the 2016 Texas Firearms Festival’s exhibitor roster is just about set. We’ve filled all the bays. And the rifle range. And the Retail Village (making room for more). All that’s left: three shotgun bays. If you know someone who wants to demo and sell scatterguns on November 14 and 15 at Best of the West Shooting Sports in Liberty Hill (just NW of Austin), please have them email OK, so, here’s who vying for your time, attention and hard-easrned money . . .

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Fighter Design Vertx Airflow Phantom Ops Pants – Cooler Than Shorts

Vertex AIRFLOW Phantom Ops pants (courtesy

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Here in Texas, August and early September are the dog days and coyote nights of grueling heat. Even when the sun goes down, moving around outside’s like trying to walk through a hot bath. When the wind kicks up, it’s the Devil’s own hairdryer. To cope with the hellish heat I wear Vertex Airflow Phantom Ops Pants. As you move, the pants’ vents channel air into your lower body and circulate hot air out. They’re literally cooler than shorts. Practicing on the range, cutting brush, hunting pigs or walking in town, I’m way cooler than I would be in a pair of shorts. More to the point of this website, Airflow pants are perfect for all forms of concealed carry . . .

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Combat Medic: What To Do If Someone Else Is Shot


Being shot and having to treat yourself is not ideal. I went over the basics of what to do if you are shot in a previous TTAG post. The nice thing about treating yourself is that you don’t have many options, so you can focus on doing those few things really well. In this post, we’ll go over what to do if someone else is shot. I would recommend reading that first post for some specific treatment methods that we will gloss over here . . .

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Combat Medic: The Work Really Starts Once You’re Shot


The best medicine on any battlefield is fire superiority. That simple mantra, or some version of it, is written in just about every tactical medical manual and Tactical Combat Casualty Care course ever taught. And for good reason.  If you are unfortunate enough to be shot, the most important thing is to ensure that you are not shot again.  That means limiting your opponent’s ability to continue firing and limiting his mobility are your primary concerns.  The best way to do that is by returning effective fire to the opponent . . .

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TTAG’s Summer Content Contest: Win a Henry Rifle! Or Winchester Ammo!


You’ve made it past the 4th of July. You still have two sad dried-out hamburger patties and half a bowl of congealing potato salad in the fridge and you’ve already seen three back-to-school ads on the tube. But don’t fret! Summer can’t ever end until we’ve given away a gun to the winner of TTAG’s annual summer content contest. This year, that beautiful boomstick is a Henry Lever Action Octagon Frontier Model in .22LR courtesy Henry Repeating Rifles. But wait! There’s more! . . .

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McDaniel Is Right: Arm Yourself Against Evil


TTAG commentator Bud writes:

I am both a retired police officer and a retired soldier. I have seen extensive combat with some really nasty people (the rice-propelled ones not the couscous-propelled ones) and I have worked homicides and rapes, child abuse and neglect, domestic battles and neighborhood fights. Just really nasty people doing really horrendous things to other people . . .

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