Sutherland Spring Church Shooter Identified as Devin Patrick Kelley, Used an AR-15 Type Rifle

The man who murdered at least 26 churchgoers and wounded dozens more in Sutherland Springs, Texas today has been identified as Devin Patrick Kelley. Kelley lived in nearby Comal County, Texas not far from Sutherland Springs. According to, Kelley… graduated from New Braunfels High School (which just over 30 miles away from Sutherland Springs) […]

Gun Control Advocates Issue Immediate Call for 2A Restrictions After Sutherland Springs Church Shooting

Making sure the anti-gun message got out before the bodies had been removed from First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, the usual anti-gun rights suspects jumped on Twitter to call for the passage of new gun control laws. Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal tweeted that more restrictions on Americans’ right to keep and bear arms […]

IMI Systems Quote of the Day: New York City Needs More Guns – Enter to Win 1000 Rounds of IMI 9mm Ammo

“If New York City politicians are serious about stopping terrorist attacks, they should take a page from Israel and the vast majority of the U.S. and let citizens defend themselves. Unlike a huge increase in policing, it would come at no expense to taxpayers. And yet, it would likely be more effective. “See something, say […]

City of Chicago Uses ‘Crime Gun’ Data to Push Dealer Licensing, ‘Violence Interruption’ Programs

By Dan Eldridge The Gun Trace Report released publicly Sunday by the city of Chicago contains some important kernels of truth, and those kernels could lead to effective steps to reduce violent crime in Chicago. Sadly, the report’s misguided solutions will, with a few exceptions, do nothing to end the mayhem. Trace data are records […]

IWI Reveals the New MASADA 9mm Striker-Fired Pistol

Israel-based IWI has just released photos and a video of their new entry into the crowded 9mm striker-fired pistol market. The fully ambidextrous MASADA looks like it’s been designed to pass the Military Arms Channel’s famous torture test and will start shipping in the first quarter of 2018. Here’s their press release: IWI, an SK […]

Guntruth Podcast [Now Available on iTunes]: Gunwerks 1000 Yard Challenge, Hudson’s H9 and Jeremy’s Boxers or Briefs

For this week’s podcast RF and DZ are joined by TTAG’s Testing and Reviews Editor, Jeremy S. We also have a special guest, Chris Ashworth, dealer sales manager for Gunwerks to talk about long range shooting and 1000-yard-out of-the-box rifles. And if you want something more portable, now you can listen on your mobile device. […]