Pro Tip: How to Deal With Lead Exposure


By Brandon via

Ingesting lead is a serious thing and can cause numerous problems for people with constant exposure. As you’re likely aware, you come into contact with lead during every trip to the range. You even come into contact with it each time you handle your firearm, especially if it hasn’t yet been cleaned after a visit to the range. The same goes for handling ammunition, and so on. Lead is present in most types of ammunition, including the primer and bullet. Each time you fire a round, lead is vaporized into the air and can be inhaled or ingested through the mouth. Furthermore, lead is sent down range and is then embedded in whatever surface the bullet encounters . . .

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Coachable Moments: Working with Firearm Neophytes

As Nick mentioned on Monday, he and I got the opportunity to meet up with several like-minded, gun-owning, millennials for a little range time with Ronan Farrow over the weekend. Like Nick, I thought it went well. The questions were fairly innocuous, and for the most part he seemed primarily interested in Kirsten Joy Weiss doing trick shots. Which is interesting and fun, but my attention was mostly focused on Ronan and his producer Candace . . .

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A View From Behind the Line; How Golf Made Me a Better Firearms Instructor


By Travis Pike

One of the biggest problems I have as a firearms instructor is figuring out why people can’t grasp the basics of a safe grip. We just did a classroom portion on proper grip, we practiced indoors over and over, and I explained and showed pictures of what happens when you cross thumbs on an automatic. This isn’t front sight focus issue, a flinching issue, or some minor finger grip squeezing issue. This is something designed to keep you safe and is so basic and easy, why don’t they get it? They’re out there crossing thumbs, I correct them and they do it again two shots later. Holy Hell . . .

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Texas HB593 May Mean Fewer Dead Dogs


Reader DH has some good news for our four-legged friends:

Canines across Texas are rejoicing, as HB 593 which requires law enforcement officers to receive canine encounter training, passed the Texas Senate today. It will be on its way to the Governor next to sign into law. Chief Art Acevedo, when not actively trying to impede, remove or otherwise diminish the citizenry’s 2A rights, heads the Austin PD which has waged pretty much unrestricted warfare on the canine population over the past couple of years . . .

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Shooting Tip: Practice with Iron Sights

A couple days ago Tyler posted an article lauding my shooing abilities in practical situations. That got me thinking about the differences between Tyler’s firearms education and my own. Tyler has merely adopted the iron sights since Appleseed shooting; I was born with them, moulded by them. I didn’t see the light of an exit pupil until I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but blinding. Shooting with scoped rifles may be more accurate at long distance, but sometimes its that inaccuracy that makes you a better shooter.

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Veteran-Owned F-Plan Tactical Promotes Firearm Safety and Preparedness


By Brandon via

A group of Odessa, Texas veterans and gun owners have decided to do their part by offering courses to teach others about firearm safety, and how to protect themselves in the event of a home invasion. They currently offer courses such as Basic Handgun, Advanced Handgun, Basic Rifle (tactical), Advanced Tactical Rifle, Precision Rifle, and Close Quarter Battle. The company, named F-Plan Tactical, was only an idea just a few months ago . . .

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Guns for Beginners: The Importance of Failure

Failures of gear or training can kill you. Pure and simple. Rooting those failures out and exposing them to the light of day is the reason TTAG’s staff works so hard, and burns through so many rounds, and spends so many hours on the range. The gear stuff is pretty easy. If it breaks or fails, don’t use it. But if it’s the operator, that can be a little harder to root out. Watch the video and make the jump for my discussion of my own failings.

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Defensive Gun Use of the Day: AL Woman Shoots Attacker, Cop Shoots Woman


A recent defensive gun use in Alabama provides an important lesson for anyone who owns and carries firearms for self-defense purposes. A domestic dispute in Huntsville, Alabama, resulted in Lisa Skinner shooting her husband Bradley, only to be shot by police shortly thereafter. The (unnamed) woman had been living at her mother’s house after leaving her estranged partner. The man allegedly broke into the house on Sunday night, armed with a gun. The woman instructed her mother to flee to a neighbor’s house while she triggered an alarm, called the police, and tooled up with a shotgun. When the man refused to drop his weapon and stop his advance, she opened fire . . .

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Your Gun Safety Lesson of the Day

We initially posted the above video on its own since it really speaks for itself. But Dyspeptic Gunsmith wrote the following comment that’s worthy of note:

I keep telling people that the quality of guns that American gun buyers are receiving from the big companies is often crap, especially the guns “made to a price.” . . .

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Question of the Day: How Often Do You Clean and Practice With Your EDC Gun?


By shellshocked via

A pressing subject for all those who enjoy the freedom of Every Day Carry: when is the right time to take that firearm from the holster and give it a good cleaning and some range time? Personally, I feel practice on a weekly basis should be a priority; however sometimes work and personal schedules don’t allow this. At the very least, a few sessions of drawing practice should be observed occasionally throughout the week. I see nothing wrong with clearing your firearm and going through a few drawing drills in the morning after you’ve dressed for the day. This will insure you know for certain how to get around your clothing to access your firearm quickly and effectively should the need arise . . .

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