Buy Armed Defenders’ Insurance: Guns for Beginners

As a card-carrying good guy (or gal), life may someday feed you a giant crap sandwich.  You may have to shoot a violent criminal predator to defend yourself, your family or other innocent life.  Unfortunately, in today’s world, politically-motivated “community activists” may come for your scalp if it suits their political interests.  To make matters […]

Buyer Beware: The Dangers of Craigslist ‘Bargains’

With Christmas approaching, who can blame people for trying to find bargains for gift-giving? But sometimes the search for a deal can come with all manner of danger. A dear friend of mine sought out an iPhone 8 for his lovely bride on Craigslist. Florio thought he’d found a good deal. Instead, when he arrived, […]

Jeff Gonzales: How to Move and Shoot

Movement is a topic mostly misunderstood and rarely practiced. As a foundational skill, it should be part of every competent gunman’s skill set. Why is movement so important? Because a moving target is harder to hit than a static one. Movement is life If all you practice is static shooting — drawing and shooting your […]

The Number One Mistake Shooters Make When Training

Over at, former cop Jack Billington reckons he knows the number one mistake shooters make when training for armed self-defense. “It’s not training the way they regularly carry concealed on the street. In other words, when I’m carrying concealed I’m usually wearing jeans and a T-shirt. Unless I’m going to church or doing consulting, I […]