Dave Grossman’s Bullet-Proof Mind

  The NRA Carry Guard Expo’s value-add: training for the citizenry who choose to arm themselves. Dave Grossman, author of On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society, gave a lecture on what he calls the “bullet proof mind.” It’s a holistic mindset (my words) that he deems necessary for […]

GSL Defense Training Courses Ban SIG P320 Pistols

Dallas Police have recalled the SIG P320s because of concerns about the guns discharging when dropped. At the same time, Omaha Outdoors has suspended sales of the pistol. Watching how readily the SIG pistol discharges when dropped in the TTAG video and story earlier this week convinced my fellow instructor team. GSL Defense Training has […]

Jeff Gonzales: Backup Gun? Maybe Not . . .

I’ve recently read a few articles promoting the backup gun (BUG). The authors concluded that a backup gun is a better option than learning to reload and perform malfunction clearances. I beg to differ. Misguided beliefs Sorry to break the bad news, but you’re not good enough to carry two guns. To do so effectively, […]

The Nation’s Longest-Running NRA Youth Camp: Day One

Smiles. Lots of smiles. I saw no end of smiles as I snapped some pics Friday at the nation’s longest-running NRA Youth Shooting Camp. Under sunny skies, about 120 young people aged 9-16 participated in the first of three days of pulling triggers. Seeing them succeed — like the young lady pictured above who had […]

Three Best Ways to Eliminate Felt Recoil

When I take newbies shooting for the very first time, the Number One thing that they’re concerned about isn’t noise or the high velocity piece of hot lead rocketing out the end of the firearm — it’s the recoil. They’re concerned that the gun will push them backwards or knock them down. That’s not an […]