Question of the Day: How Did You Introduce Your Kids to Guns? [P320 Entry]


By Jeff K.

As a child I went to Scout camp over the summer and shot a .22 rifle. Man that felt cool. All laid out prone, looking down range 50ish feet, trying desperately to punch out the center of the paper target. That was fun. I don’t know why, but I never shot again until recently. So when my eldest son asked me to safeguard his AR while on tour in the middle east, I did the responsible thing, got all legal (Illinois FOID card required), started looking on-line for knowledge of responsible gun handling.use . . .

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Video: 2014 SOFIC Special Operations Demonstration

Apparently SOFIC, the “Special Operations Forces Industry Conference” run by the NDIA, is a big deal. I had never experienced it before, but then again I’ve only been in this industry for a couple years. This year I twisted Robert’s arm enough to get me a front row seat to the shindig, and boy was it worth the price of admission. Not only were there rows upon rows of product to salivate over, but the special operations community put on a small demonstration of their abilities live in the harbor in Tampa. From my seat — which was even closer to the action than the generals and dignitaries — it was amazing. I’ve patched together a quick video to showcase a taste of what went on. Needless to say it’s on the schedule for next year, too.


P320 Entry: Confessions of a Tactical Noob


By Chris Laliberte

I’m sure everyone has already noticed that in the last several years, everything has suddenly become “tactical.” There was even a booth at the local gun show selling as their only product, a rail mounted TBO, or “Tactical Bottle Opener.” I have coveted, but not yet tried the “Tactical Bacon.” While I don’t think anyone thinks these two examples are anything more than funny, many out there are probably wondering (while scrolling past the latest ad for tactical polo shirts) “who goes for this crap?” Well, I gotta ‘fess up here folks…it’s me. The Tactical Noob . . .

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P320 Contest: The Argument Against SA/DA Pistols


By Russel Phagan

I teach armed guard and CCW Classes in Arizona. The students I teach have very diverse backgrounds; some just bought a gun for the first time, some have done multiple deployments in the military, some were police officers for 30 years, some have been shooting their entire lives.   The armed guard class is 16 hours total with four hours of range time (there is a lot of legal curriculum mandated by the state). There’s no longer a state-mandated curriculum for CCW in Arizona, but I teach four hours in the classroom and four hours on the range as I feel this is the bare minimum necessary for a novice to be able to carry a gun safely and not get themselves in legal trouble . . .

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30 Cal Gal Anette Wachter on Accurate Fire

The NRA’s out with their latest Tips and Tactics series vid and this time they’ve enlisted a new shooter. The 30 Cal Gal herself, Anette Wachter covers breath control, loading your trigger, all after achieving a comfortable wobble zone. Which we sincerely wish we knew how to do, if for no other reason than practicing it sounds like so much fun.


Question of the Day: How Often Do You Train?

I trained with two Navy SEAL weapons instructors the other day [not shown]. I’ll be sharing some of Mark T Cochiolo’s and Gordon Evans’ tips in future posts. Suffice it to say, the dynamic duo taught me more in ten minutes than I’d learned during entire training courses. They reaffirmed my belief that the quality of firearms training is more important than quantity. Sure, you should repeat basic techniques until they become instinctive. But I reckon the best training teaches you how to apply basic self-defense strategies on the fly, under stress. To improvise. And to know your limitations. Four hours of force-on-force firearms training is worth months of just about anything else, except maybe dry fire. How often do you train and what do you do?


Non-Pro Tip: Measuring Group Size Better


A couple days ago RF posted a “Pro Tip” from Ammoland on measuring shot group size. I’m not a pro, but I took exception to some of the assertions in that write-up. After I did a little whining in the comments it was suggested that maybe this actually warranted a follow-up post. So… here she is. What was inaccurate in that Pro Tip piece and how can you measure your groups more easily, precisely, and quickly? Well first . . .

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Gun Nuts: Front Sight Sucks

“There are a lot of great training schools and instructors out there,” Caleb writes at “Long time readers of the blog know that I’ve never included Front Sight in that list, and there are good reasons for a lot of that. If Front Sight was just a training school using obsolete techniques, that would be one thing. But there are many, many problems with Front Sight that extend beyond just their training.” Specifically, Caleb slates the school’s . . .

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Appleseed Gets Guns in a Colorado School. For Real.

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 3.01.53 PM

Yes, you read that right, the Appleseed Project managed to get actual guns in a Colorado middle school last week for a little history lesson. And then they took the little skulls full of mush on a field trip to a local range for some practical shooting and safety edumacation. As reports, “‘Often firearms and schools don’t mix. There’s a big fear there. So we are pushing the safety aspect and hopefully ease some people’s fears,’ said Timothy Baird, with the Craver Middle School.” It’s a radical concept to be sure – teaching kids to respect and use firearms properly. But it’s an idea that’s so crazy it just might work . . .

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Russian Special Forces: Gun Drills Gone Bad

The second time he escaped from a Nazi work camp, the Russians captured my father. Dad escaped that hell too, but not before picking-up some of the local lingo. He taught me three Russian expressions: “f*ck your mother,” “give me your watch” and “what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine.” Not being a Russian soldier or an American politician, I’ve had no need of the last two. After watching the video above, I would certainly consider using the third if Russian special forces invited me for a little pistol training. In fact, I think I heard it in the middle of that yelling somewhere. Which reminds me of an old Russian expression: live by the macho, die by the macho. At least I think that’s what it means. [h/t PetitionForRedress]


When Holstering, Coolness is Overrated

By Johannes P.

The story about Police Chief David Counceller’s negligent discharge due to a stray windbreaker drawstring in the trigger guard brought to my mind a recent article written by firearms trainer Pat Rogers (above), who tackles the issue of after-action holstering in the April 2014 issue of SWAT Magazine (pages 53-57).  Don’t waste time trying to look cool, the former Marine Chief Warrant Officer says: take a glance and make sure you’re not about to do something stupid . . .

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Quote of the Day: For the Children Edition

Dr. Ashley Krause courtesy

“This is about doing what is right for this community and these kids. And if we need to put ourselves in situations where we have to go thru some scenarios of things that God forbid ever happen, and then we need to prepare our teachers. We owe it to our children.” – Farmington (MO) schools assistant superintendent Dr. Ashley Krause, St. Francois Co. teachers complain after being shot with fake guns [at]


Irresponsible Gun Owner Of The Day: The Late Edward Schramm

Image courtesy

Kalispell, Montana is beautiful country. The Flathead Valley is home to a burgeoning niche firearm industry, and any of my uncles could tell you the hunting and fishing around there isn’t bad either. I try to take my daughters there every summer for a week away from video games and Instagram. It’s solid Gun Country. Unfortunately there’s one fewer gun owner there today, after a man accidentally shot himself in the face while examining an AR-15 . . .

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This is Why A Good Range First Aid Kit is Important


Reader IllinoisShooter writes:

I wanted to tell this story because I actually used Nick’s range kit [ED: Nick's second post ever] early last October. The event was not enormous. No one died or really was in any eminent danger of dying, but I think the story needs to be told. I had been invited to a friend’s farm in southern Wisconsin. He stated that a few friends were going to be sighting in rifles and maybe shooting some pistols and thought I should come by. Being a lover of free range time, how could I pass it up? . . .

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Self Defense Tip: Get Off the ‘X’!

By Cliff Heseltine

I recently received an e-mail blast from another gun blog that shall remain un-named. It’s one that loves to end their posts with the supposed bona fides of their writers, the idea being that you should just accept what they’ve written as gospel because of the credentials of the author. The subject of that post is not really relevant, but this wasn’t the first time I had read one of these “authoritative” sources and just wondered, WTF? The concept, as presented, just seemed full of logical holes or conceptual errors . . .

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