Project Appleseed: My Daughter’s First Shoot

By Jay Mundy “Dad, do we have to go?” Samantha, my then 13-year-old daughter asked. “Yes.” In Sam’s defense, I’d gotten her up at 5. On a Saturday at that, to drive to Black Creek range outside of Richmond, Virginia for a Project Appleseed shoot. It was December 3, 2016. The drive started about 6am […]

Chuck Pressburg Talks About Combat Shooting

If you consider yourself a serious shooter but are unfamiliar with who Chuck Pressburg is, you just might live under a rock. SGM(R) Pressburg served in the US Army for 26 years before retiring. Most of those 26 years were spent in Special Operations and Special Missions Units. Chuck was also responsible for the Roland Special trend […]

The Smallest Minority Will Always Be the Individual

In the United States and around the world, minorities of all kinds have been, and continue to be, oppressed, marginalized, attacked, and discriminated against. This oppression takes many forms, some on a macro institutional level, some on a micro individual level. While we work to slowly but surely make progress on the institutional level, we need […]