Evolve, Uncle Rudy’s Hold Inaugural Safety Sunday


You may remember Evolve from their, well, creative approach to gun safety advocacy. (See their unconventional takes here, here, and here.) It’s been something of a mixed bag and not everyone has been on board with their strategy. But what differentiates Evolve with, say, the screeching harpies who populate Moms Demand Action is the fact that one of Evolve’s goals is to actually teach safe firearms handling practices. Toward that end, they held their inaugural Safety Sunday event at a range in Evansville, Indiana on Sunday. Here’s the press release . . .

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Insp. Chris Butler: Fixing Fatal “Strong but Wrong” Police Firearms Training

Inspector Chris Butler (courtesy metronews.ca)

Republished with permission from forcescience.org email blast:

In a provocative, in-depth interview newly posted online, Insp. Chris Butler (above), one of North America’s leading use-of-force experts, minces no words in assessing present shortcomings of police training. “Currently,” he asserts, “many agencies have training paradigms that are directly leading to deaths of officers in the line of duty. This is hard for trainers to swallow, but not all training is good training. And bad training will get officers killed just as fast as no training at all” . . .

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Shooting Tip: Your Rear Sight Matters, Too [Content Contest]

By RenegadeDave

The goal of pretty much any practical application of a handgun is to be fast and accurate.  Engaging multiple targets accurately can slow anyone down and your .20 splits don’t look so cool when your cadence has a half second delay as you transition onto the next target.  We’re accountable for each hole down range.  At this point in history the hard front sight cult is pervasive, but what if I told you shooting with your front sight is less important than you probably believe?  Well stay tuned and I will explain . . .

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CCW Scenario: A Stranger Approaches In Parking Lot…What Do You Do?


By James England via concealednation.org

Reviewing a lot of the news articles this week, I ran into a surprising number of concealed carry cases that revolved around parking lots. Whether it’s a potential robber attempting to stick up a person leaving a shopping plaza or just a confrontation that took place, concealed carriers have a lot to consider when dealing with parking lots. In this week’s CCW Scenario, we’re going to discuss different ways you can assess a potentially dangerous situation in a parking lot including things to look for, and instant red flags . . .

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NSSF Fantasy Camp Pro Shooting Tips

Have iPhone will travel. Our Maximum Leader’s attending the NSSF’s Shooting Sports Fantasy Camp in Las Vegas. Fortunately, not everything that’s happening in Vegas will stay there. He collared some of the best pro shooters in the business to ask them about their gear and pry a shooting tip or two out of them. Pros like Jessie Duff, above. You may not have been able to be there, but there’s no reason you can’t benefit from their wealth of knowledge . . .

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Jerry Miculek: Lose The Noodle When You Grip Your Pistol

Maybe you didn’t have the time or the spare change to attend the NSSF’s Shooting Sports Fantasy Camp in Las Vegas this weekend. Never fear, TTAG is there. Here’s a free lesson from the gunmeister himself on “losing the noodle” and getting a firm grip on your pistol. As you’ll see in the video, that doesn’t mean putting a death grip on your M&P, it means firming up your wrists to stay on target. We’ll let Jerry take it from here….


Training Tip: Yoga Can Improve Your Shooting

From bakasana to bang

I used to make fun of people who did yoga. I thought it was nothing more than glorified stretching. My first yoga class was easy. (I’m a former gymnast who’s stayed in good shape by staying active.) So I turned it up a notch and started doing more advanced yoga. Vinyasa yoga coordinates all your movements with your breath. It requires steady calm breathing while doing even the most difficult of poses. It’s also a boon to anyone who wants to improve their shooting  . . .

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OMG! Iowa Bill Would Legalize Kids Shooting Pistols! OMG!


“Most people in Iowa don’t even know it’s on the books.” Nathan Gibson reckons that Iowa’s prohibition against kids under 14 touching handguns flies under most gun owners’ radar. Hence the bill currently wending its way through the state House that would allow them to plink while under adult supervision. And as day follows night, the perpetually aggrieved and outraged are, well, outraged at the prospect of Gramps teaching little Timmy how to hit a Coke can at five paces with a Mark III . . .

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Self-Defense Tip: Be Ready for a Gun Grab

No, not the kind of gun grab that resides in the orgiastic fantasies of folks like plutocrat Mike Bloomberg, I’m talking about a straightforward attempt by someone to grab your firearm from you, either from a holster or from your hand. Renata Birkenbuel of the Missoula (Montana) Standard reports that a middle-aged woman found herself in just that situation around 5:00AM this past Sunday when allegedly accosted by two men while trying to leave a house party . . .

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