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Rich Grassi: Unload and Show Clear?

Rich Grassi [via] writes:

In spite of the date – Income Tax Day – a pair of issues from a few weeks ago combine to make a point that should be examined. Mike Seeklander noted and pointed out ‘training scars’ – a behavior ingrained through repetition on the range that runs against that which is appropriate on the street. His piece had to do with observations he’d made during training events he taught in which he had students participate in a shoot-off. Like most of us, he feels that competition can be helpful in driving up the appropriate type of stress and to harden the retention of lessons learned in the class. He specifically orders all students to  . . .

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Non-Pro Tip: Measuring Group Size Better


A couple days ago RF posted a “Pro Tip” from Ammoland on measuring shot group size. I’m not a pro, but I took exception to some of the assertions in that write-up. After I did a little whining in the comments it was suggested that maybe this actually warranted a follow-up post. So… here she is. What was inaccurate in that Pro Tip piece and how can you measure your groups more easily, precisely, and quickly? Well first . . .

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Gun Nuts: Front Sight Sucks

“There are a lot of great training schools and instructors out there,” Caleb writes at “Long time readers of the blog know that I’ve never included Front Sight in that list, and there are good reasons for a lot of that. If Front Sight was just a training school using obsolete techniques, that would be one thing. But there are many, many problems with Front Sight that extend beyond just their training.” Specifically, Caleb slates the school’s . . .

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Appleseed Gets Guns in a Colorado School. For Real.

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 3.01.53 PM

Yes, you read that right, the Appleseed Project managed to get actual guns in a Colorado middle school last week for a little history lesson. And then they took the little skulls full of mush on a field trip to a local range for some practical shooting and safety edumacation. As reports, “‘Often firearms and schools don’t mix. There’s a big fear there. So we are pushing the safety aspect and hopefully ease some people’s fears,’ said Timothy Baird, with the Craver Middle School.” It’s a radical concept to be sure – teaching kids to respect and use firearms properly. But it’s an idea that’s so crazy it just might work . . .

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Russian Special Forces: Gun Drills Gone Bad

The second time he escaped from a Nazi work camp, the Russians captured my father. Dad escaped that hell too, but not before picking-up some of the local lingo. He taught me three Russian expressions: “f*ck your mother,” “give me your watch” and “what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine.” Not being a Russian soldier or an American politician, I’ve had no need of the last two. After watching the video above, I would certainly consider using the third if Russian special forces invited me for a little pistol training. In fact, I think I heard it in the middle of that yelling somewhere. Which reminds me of an old Russian expression: live by the macho, die by the macho. At least I think that’s what it means. [h/t PetitionForRedress]

When Holstering, Coolness is Overrated

By Johannes P.

The story about Police Chief David Counceller’s negligent discharge due to a stray windbreaker drawstring in the trigger guard brought to my mind a recent article written by firearms trainer Pat Rogers (above), who tackles the issue of after-action holstering in the April 2014 issue of SWAT Magazine (pages 53-57).  Don’t waste time trying to look cool, the former Marine Chief Warrant Officer says: take a glance and make sure you’re not about to do something stupid . . .

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Quote of the Day: For the Children Edition

Dr. Ashley Krause courtesy

“This is about doing what is right for this community and these kids. And if we need to put ourselves in situations where we have to go thru some scenarios of things that God forbid ever happen, and then we need to prepare our teachers. We owe it to our children.” – Farmington (MO) schools assistant superintendent Dr. Ashley Krause, St. Francois Co. teachers complain after being shot with fake guns [at]