The Range at Austin: Putting Up Walls

By the time I finally came on board with The Range at Austin the general floorplan was already finalized. The foundation was solid and cured by my first day of work, and within a month the walls were ready to be erected. Speaking of putting up the walls, the way that this building is actually […]

The Range at Austin: Here’s The Plan

Building a range: how hard could it be? Put a bunch of concrete walls up, slather a few firearms for sale on the walls, and hey-presto you’ve got yourself a range! The problem presents itself when you’re trying to elevate the range experience from the “dingy basement” level of most indoor ranges her in Austin, Texas […]

TTAG’s Nick Leghorn Joins The Range at Austin

Today marks the start of my last week at Rackspace Hosting. Writing for the biggest firearms related publication in the world has its perks, but a 401k and health insurance aren’t part of the package. [ED: Yet.] The dream has always been to work in the firearms industry, turning my passion for guns into a full-time […]