I’ll Never Shoot 3-Gun With Reloads Again — The Musical

Professional 3-gun shooters are a strange bunch. Point in case: making up songs about how using your buddy’s hand-loaded ammunition in a competition stage without trying it first is a very, very bad idea. Or, generally using Jayson Smith’s lightweight .40 cal loads. Anyway, Di uploaded this yesterday, and it was just too good not to share.

At the overwhelming majority of shooting competitions, you will never see a truly slung rifle. Slings are commonly used for precision long-range shooting competitions, but seeing a 3-gun stage where the start position is with a slung rifle and your hands elsewhere is exceptionally rare. Still, at the 2013 FNH USA 3-Gun Championship there were a couple stages that had that exact start position, and it was just my luck that I was the one holding the timer when things went all pear shaped . . .