IMI Systems Quote of the Day: Human Impediment to Smart Gun Adoption Vows to Continue Her Work

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“I still believe that government has a role to play in protecting residents from preventable gun deaths by helping to bring (smart gun) technology to the market, but I am…

Quote of the Day: Gun Owners Would Rather People Die Than Buy Smart Guns

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“Besides, in a country with an estimated 350 million guns, the chances that toddlers and other children happen upon loaded weapons have become statistically inevitable. Tough laws can’t negate the…

Bogus Police Survey: 3 out of 5 Officers ‘Interested’ in ‘Smart Guns’

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“A new online survey of over 400 law enforcement professionals from coast to coast showed a surprisingly high level of interest in firearms that can only be operated by the…

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Armatix IP1 “Smart Gun” Hacked with $15 Worth of Magnets

Since its introduction, the Armatix IP1 “smart gun” has gotten oceans of free publicity from hopeful media mavens and gun control advocates, proclaiming the era of personalized firearms is finally…

Jonathan Mossberg: What RF Doesn’t Know About Smart Guns is a Lot

Regarding your post on the recent CIA hack “proving” your case against smart guns, you obviously know more about these sophisticated devices than people like me who’ve been making them….