Mossberg Recalling Some Maverick Over/Under Shogtuns

Maverick Arms, Inc. Issues Product Safety Warning and Recall Notice Maverick Hunter™ Over/Under 12-gauge Shotguns (SKU 75445) Have Been Marked Incorrectly North Haven, CT – Maverick Arms has discovered that a small number of Maverick Hunter Over/Under 12-gauge shotguns (SKU 75445) have been marked incorrectly. The chamber marking indicates that these shotguns are chambered for […]

The Truth About Frozen Shotgun Chokes

George Trulock of Trulock Chokes writes: I’m sure a lot of shotgun shooters have encountered this dreaded problem. You start to remove the choke from your shotgun and it will not budge. You increase the pressure on your choke wrench and still get no movement. You eventually end up putting enough torque on the wrench […]

Mossberg Adds a 20 Gauge Non-NFA 590 Shockwave

Mossberg bills their non-NFA, not-a-shotgun 590 Shockwave the modern-day six-shooter. It may not be quite as portable as a Single Action Army, but it looks like it would make a hell of a good trunk gun or home defense blaster. Now Mossy’s adding a 20 gauge version to go along with the original 12 gauge […]

Gear Review: Ryker USA FIST Grip

I see a lot of products. Some of them suck. Most of them are a solid “meh.” Very few of these “revolutionary products” are as valuable as their inventors think they are. Alas, I’m a bit jaded. At the very least, extremely skeptical. It is with this attitude that I first approached Ryker USA’s FIST Grip. If […]

Sanctions End Supply of Russian-Made Vepr-12-02 Shotguns

“Based on the RPK light machine gun Kalashnikov variant, the Molot Vepr 12 (VPR-12-02 (short-barreled version above) is an original Russian production 12-gauge shotgun,” The FIME Group‘s presser proclaims (text below). “Due to import regulations, Molot products have been banned from US importation; thus making them instant collectors items and must-haves in any serious collection.” Well […]

Anniversary Present: Tricking Out My Mossberg Shockwave

  I didn’t know my fourth anniversary present would be blue steel, but by golly, my lovely bride came through for me over the Labor Day weekend. She hit a home run (grand slam?) with her first firearm present for me in a Marinecote version of Mossberg’s hot-selling, innovative Shockwave shotgun. Officially, the ATF classifies […]