Guns for Beginners: 922(r) Compliance and You


What you see above is my CZ Scorpion Evo SBR. It’s a paperweight. Look closely and you’ll notice the trigger pack has been removed from the rifle entirely, and there’s no Scorpion magazine in sight. Removing these parts was necessary to assemble it as a rifle while also complying with 18 U.S.C. § 922(r) of the 1968 Gun Control Act. What on earth does that mean? Glad you asked. . .

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Gun Review: Benelli Super Black Eagle II


I’m not a wealthy man, but I have a weakness for expensive firearms. Especially the kind of guns that our Armed Intelligentsia insist aren’t worth the premium. So let’s get this out of the way. The review gun is a 28″ barrel Benelli Super Black Eagle II in Realtree Max 5 Camo. It comes complete with a sturdy case that holds everything you need in perfect safety and comfort. Chokes? You’ve got five. Barrels? Crio System treated for accuracy and longevity. All yours for . . .

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New from Trulock: Predator Coyote Shotgun Choke

Trulock Predator Choke (courtsey

Coyotes are fair game. People who terminate coyotes (with extreme, if stealthy prejudice) in open terrain tend to use rifles in the ever-popular .223 caliber. That said, a deer rifle will also git ‘er done. But when you’re hunting in thick timber or in the dead of night, a shotgun is your ballistic BFF. Trulock’s presser [after the jump] warns aspiring “song dog” hunters that taking aim at 40 yards or more that 00 buck ain’t it. “Depending on the shotgun make, No. 4 buck, No. 2 buck or T shot paired with the new Predator Choke will put the largest number of pellets at higher energy into that same animal at that same distance.” Their new made-in-the-USA performance-guaranteed Coyote Choke is one of 2k shotgun chokes they offer to the general public. We’ll secure a sample for our Jon Wayne Taylor and see what he makes of it. Watch this space . . .

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Winter is Long in Canada…Make the Best of It

By Jake Hofer via

The winter has been long and frigid. These folks in Canada have made it an opportunity to get creative. Watch these folks shoot some clay pigeons with a hockey stick, then a shotgun, and have some major fun. They did a really good job of putting this film together. The drone truly gives it another cinematic level of coolness. This a creative and smart idea to pass away the winter blues and stride into spring. If you’re in an area that still has snow, give it a try. Practice makes perfect!


Question of the Day: What’s the Best Trunk Gun?

In my post Three Stupid Things Westerns Taught Me About Gunfighting I recommended carrying a trunk gun. There ain’t no junk in my trunk; I port a Benelli SuperNova ever-so-tactical pump-action 12-gauge shotgun. I chose Big Ben because scatterguns are the ultimate conversation stopper. In terms of reaching out and touching someone out there, somewhere, a scoped rifle would be a better choice. But those slugs sitting on the shotgun’s sleeve aren’t exactly chopped liver. Before posting your choice below, check out the TTAG editorial team’s pick for best trunk gun . . .

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Beretta SO6 EELL IZUMI. Expense or Investment?

Beretta SO6 EELL IZUMI Shotgun

By Jason Reid [via] defines “expense” as “The cost or the charge of something.” We all understand what expenses are and how we incur them, especially when we’re procuring our hunting gear for each season. “Investment” is defined as: “the investing of money or capital in order to gain profitable returns, as interest, income, or appreciation in value.” In other words, spending money because the value of a particular item will be worth more in the future. How often do we justify the purchasing of hunting gear as an investment? I do, all the time and I am sure you do it too . . .

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Gun Review: Benelli Vinci

Pic 1

(This is a reader gun review contest entry, click here for more details.)

By Travis Arnold

Enter stage left, the Benelli Vinci, a gun hyped to revolutionize the shotgun world with its state of the art technology. For months prior to its release, it was shrouded in secrecy and teased to the masses by Benelli’s PR team. All we knew was that it had a fancy case and was a pretty big deal. I certainly fell for their smooth talking, and I jumped at the chance to own this shotgun when my previous gun broke. After four years of chasing ducks, geese, and pheasants through muck, snow, and briar patches, I know this gun like the back of my hand. Was this gun worth the $1400 I paid for it? . . .

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New From Weatherby: Element Semi-Auto


Weatherby’s really upping their game with the new Element semi-auto. This is a very nicely finished gun that features an inertia-operated action, a first for Weatherby. And that action is perhaps the most impressive aspect of an already very nice shotgun. The chrome plated bolt carrier moves with a smoothness you typically have to pay twice as much for. Other features include . . .

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