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New from SRM: “Silent Slug” Low Velocity, Low Recoil, Extremely Quiet Shotgun Slug


The guys over at SRM have been refining their 1216 shotgun, adding in all kinds of new bells and whistles. Improved plastics for the magazine to prevent warping, better materials for the stock, and even a better design for the receiver will all be available this year for new buyers. But something they’ve been tinkering with more and more is their dedicated “less lethal” bolt — a drop-in replacement that will only fire “less lethal” low pressure rounds, and will split if a full power load is used (to prevent more than one round from flying downrange). After a session showing off their latest tricks to a team of special forces soldiers, the guys asked them to do something ingenious: make a lethal shotgun slug that’s quieter than a .22 caliber gun (even without a silencer) and won’t penetrate walls and still be lethal on the other side. So they did. And it’s going on sale soon . . .

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What’s Wrong With This Press Release: U.S. Forest Service Edition

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Flagstaff, AZ – On Monday, April 21st at approximately 5:00 p.m., firefighters from the USDA Forest Service and Flagstaff City Fire Department responded to a wildland fire near Doney Park.  Firefighters were able to quickly control the fire which consumed less than one acre.  An on-scene witness informed law enforcement that he had observed two people shooting at clay pigeons at approximately 3:00 p.m. before the fire started.  Location of the fire was off Forest Road 498, approximately one half mile west of Hutton Ranch Road; the area is also accessible from Slayton Ranch Road.  The two individuals were estimated to be in their late twenties and early thirties and described as:  a white male, approximately 6’3” – 6’7” with short blond hair, and a female with brown, braided hair in a pony tail.  They were driving a blue pickup with a camper shell, possibly a Toyota. If anyone has any information on these two individuals, please contact the Coconino National Forest at (928) 527-3552.

Gun Review: Remington 870


The Remington 870 shotgun. If anyone can think of a more iconic scattergun let me know, because I’m pretty sure this is the tops. Star of stage and screen and gracing the gun safe of just about every gun owner in the United States, it’s a familiar sight on the range and in the field. But somehow, we here at TTAG have never reviewed the gun before. So seeing the opportunity to fill a hole in our repertoire, as well as an opportunity to find out if Freedom Group had ruined yet another iconic American firearm, we bought one from an online retailer and tested it out . . .

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Elvis Presley Estate Sues Beretta for Copyright Infringment

I’m sorry. Before I report the details of the Elvis Presley estate’s legal action against Beretta for copyright infringement I just gotta say: that’s one of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen. Dueling rhinestone-clad Elvis imitators competing for attention at Beretta’s SHOT Show stand using the same signature moves? LMAO. Anyway, reports that “Elvis Presley Enterprises filed the suit against Beretta, claiming the gunco hijacked Elvis’s face and good name to hawk its new model 692 shotgun.” Not so new, the 692, but it’s certainly true that the guardians of The King’s legacy are not shy about protecting his heirs’ inheritance. And have done so successfully in the past. (Just takin’ care of business, baby.) Expect a settlement soon.

Sons of Guns “Steel Tornado” Saiga Shotgun

“This week on Sons of Guns: a former pro football player turned contractor hires Will to have a triple barrel 12 gauge demolition shotgun made.” Yes, but – the shotgun in the clip (not magazine) is a Saiga with a ferris wheel attached, not a triple-barreled shotgun (which has certainly been done befoa). I guess you could say the full-auto Saiga has never been done befoa but I’d rather have an AA12. And I’d prefer to watch our faux Russian friend Kyle (a.k.a., FPSRussia) fire it than the sons-of-you-know-what at Sons of Guns. Of course, that was Kyle back in the good old days, when massive firepower was his plot line. Seems to me it’s time for some fresh faces and new ideas in gunTVland.

Question of the Day: What Shotgun Do You Use for Home Defense, What Ammo Do You Load and What Mods Have You Made?

Weatherby shotguns (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

The AR is America’s rifle but the shotgun remains America’s go-to home defense firearm. And why not? If there is such a thing as a one-shot man-stopper, the 12-gauge shotgun is it. While the Remington 870 and Mossberg 500 continue to dominate the home defense shotgun market, today’s buyers can choose from a wide range of scatterguns, from inexpensive Turkish smooth-bores to high-end Benellis and magazine-fed Russian guns. So what’s your home defense shotgun? What caliber and which ammo do you load? If you don’t rock a shotgun to protect home and hearth, what gun do you run and why not a shotgun?