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Win a Kel-Tec KSG!

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You know you want one. You’ve been intrigued since Kel-Tec announced the KSG. But like most new Kel-Tecs, you figured you’d be old and grey before you actually ran across one in the wild. And that may still be the case. But here’s your chance. Click here to enter from your laptop or here from your mobile device, and you could be taking home your very own desert tan KSG. How cool is that?

Irresponsible Gun Owner Of The Day: Terry Thacker [Not Shown]

Courtesy Chris Dumm for The Truth About Guns

Five women were attending the meeting of a home prayer group at a duplex apartment in Marion, Ohio last Thursday when the heavens opened up above them. Technically it was the ceiling that opened up above them, when the upstairs neighbor (not our very own Nick Leghorn, above) negligently fired a load of buckshot through his floor . . .

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George Zimmerman’s “Deadly Gun Stash” Revealed

Part of George Zimmerman's "chilling arsenal" (courtesy

The “stash” itself isn’t news; released George Zimmerman’s firearms inventory back in November. But‘s just released ACTUAL IMAGES of the guns found in GZ’s possession during his last and hopefully final run-in with the law. The pics are blurred and heavily watermarked but it’s the headline’s ballistic bombast that’s so beguiling.’s reckons the former Floridian’s got a “chilling arsenal.” (Not to be outdone, The Daily Mail, reckons Mr. Zimmerman was “armed to the teeth.”) Here’s the list of “deadly weapons” Herr Zimmerman was “hiding” inside his Florida home . . .

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ATF Imposes Unofficial One-Year Waiting Period For Suppressor Transfers


Canadian shooters don’t exactly live in a gun-owner’s paradise. Still, the news isn’t all bad up there. That image isn’t Photoshopped: it’s the Dominion Arms ‘Grizzly’ 8.5″ shotgun. It holds five shots and for our friends in the Great White North it’s in stock now for just $449 Canadian. But only for Canadians. Importation of individual firearms into the US is . . .

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Incendiary Image of the Day: Marines’ “Wield the Shield” Riot Control Training

Yes, yes: United States Marines need to train for riot control. These days, the Few, the Proud are “peacekeepers” keeping the peace in territories prone to civil unrest. Unrest that’s occasionally sparked by the presence of U.S. Marines. Where was I? Oh right. Obviously this riot control training has nothing to do with peacekeeping on U.S. soil. That’s the job of the National Guard. I mean, the police. Unless it’s a big thing or a federal emergency of some sort. Then it’s down to the DHS. FBI? ATF? I can’t keep track. Someone non-military – in command structure if not weapons and tactics. The incendiary part of this video comes at the tail end, as the vid fades out. Is that standard practice for riot control?

OMG! Shotguns for Sale to 19-Year-Olds! OMG!

Mossberg 500 (courtesy

“When Darion Marcus Aguilar of College Park fatally shot two store employees at The Mall in Columbia and then killed himself, authorities said he did so with a Mossberg 500, a Connecticut-made pump-action shotgun that has been on the U.S. market since 1961,” reports, factually enough. “A 19-year-old with no criminal record, Aguilar bought the weapon in a legal December transaction from a Montgomery County gun store. The incident has caused some to take second look at the effectiveness of the high-profile gun control measures the state passed last year.” As Ronald Reagan used to say, “there you go again” . . .

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