New from Tokyo Marui: AA-12 BB Gun

Maxwell Atchisson developed the Atchisson Assault Shotgun (a.k.a., AA-12) in 1972. Despite the hype, including talk of mounting the AA-12 on a remote control helicopter for the military, the military and police-only full-auto AA-12 has failed to find significant sales outside Hollywood and video games, where it’s a firm favorite (seven movies and counting). FYI: In 2009, Military Police Systems Co. of Piney Flats, Tennessee picked up and modified the shotgun’s design to sell to the armed forces and LEOs. “We sold 100 guns in the last four years to Middle Eastern customers,” owner Jerry Baber told TTAG. “Jordan, UAE, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. But nothing last year.” MPS is still hoping the U.S. Armed Forces will make their day. Meanwhile, this.


Syracuse University’s Top Cop’s Statement on Lost Shotguns

Syracuse University's Department of Public Safety Chief Maldonando (courtesy

Syracuse University Department of Public Safety Chief Bobby Maldonado [above] issued the following statement after several of his officers lost four shotguns off the back of a truck on the way back from training [quote via]

In October DPS officers took part in a firearms training session in a rural area of Onondaga County. As the officers exited the facility and were driving in a DPS pickup truck, two cases holding four unloaded 12 gauge shotguns, similar to waterfowl guns, fell out of the back of the truck. After stopping a few miles later the officers realized this and immediately notified the State Police. An extensive search of the route taken along with a canvasing of houses in the rural area of the incident, however . . .

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Question of the Day: Finance Your Gun?


Wilson Combat makes some pricey pistols, as do a lot of manufacturers. Rifles too. And shotguns. And whenever we publish a review of a multi-thousand dollar firearm TTAG readers kvetch about the cost. “I could buy five GLOCKs and a small bass boat for that price!” Fair enough. I’m well aware that money doesn’t grow on trees. I’ve had my share of hard times. But there are ways to buy guns that make it less immediately expensive. Specifically, lay-away and financing. Have you ever availed yourself or these services? Would you? Or are you both politically and financially conservative?


Incoming: Black Aces Tactical’s “The Firearm”

Black Ace Tactical Shotgun

See that? That’s not a short-barrel shotgun — despite the SBS reference in Black Aces Tactical’s press release (after the jump).. It is what the ATF calls “a firearm.” As such, you can buy Black Aces’ SB-Tactical brace-equipped. 10-round, 12-guage modified Mossberg shotgun without an NFA stamp and take it home. Period. Black Aces’ owner, operator and self-professed stress monster Eric Lamoine will sell it to you, complete with ATF authorization letter, for $1179 to $2000 (fully-equipped). If you want the “ultimate” example . . .

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New From Ralston Arms: Scavenger 6 Survival Rifle

Tim Ralston has been the subject of a handful of Discovery Channel and History Channels spots, and was the inventor of the Chiappa X-Caliber as well as other firearms. His niche is survival or “bug out,” and the ability to scavenge ammo is a top priority. The most common feedback from X-Caliber fans was “make it multi-shot!” In answer, Tim presents the Scavenger 6. It’s a rifle that can fire 21 different calibers and swap between them in seconds . . .

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Gun Review: Weatherby Element Deluxe Shotgun


With some notably pricey exceptions, Weatherby is known for building affordable to moderately-priced reliable firearms. Their shotgun line’s like Jennifer Lawrence: proficient and attractive yet accessible. Weatherby’s upped their not-incredibly-expensive scattergun game with the $1099 MSRP Element Deluxe semi-auto. It’s a shotgun made for the shooter who likes to spend his days shooting birds — both feathered and clay — while looking good doing it . . .

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2015 TTAG Readers’ Choice for Best New Shotgun: Benelli 828U

Benelli 828U Nickel

Until recently, Benelli has only produced auto-loading and pump action shotguns. That changed this year when Benelli introduced their 828U Over/Under shotgun. According to our readers, their gamble paid off. Big time. The 828U’s scores another landslide victory (2:1 over the next most popular choice). We’ll be handing Benelli their Best New Shotgun 2015 Readers’ Choice Award at SHOT Show 2016, where our team of bloggers will cover all things gun. Stay tuned at 11am EST all this week to find out who else will be joining Benelli in the TTAG winner’s circle.


Texas Walmart: We Don’t Sell Long Guns to Residents of These States

Texas Walmart gun sales map (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

As you probably know, you can’t buy a handgun out-of-state and take it with you. It has to be shipped to a federally licensed gun dealer in your state of residence; you can take take possession after filling out ATF Form 4473, passing an FBI background check and paying a transfer fee to your friendly FFL. Long guns are a different deal. As long as the gun in question is legal in your state of residence, you can buy it out-of-state, do the paperwork, pass the check and walk out the door with it. Unless you’re an out-of-stater trying to buy a long gun at a Texas Walmart and live in one the following states or the District of Columbia. . .

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101’s Top 5 Best-Selling Guns in November 2015


“There were 185,345 background hoicehecks on November 27,” reported, “easily beating the previous all time high of 177,170 on December 21, 2012, which was shortly after the Sandy Hook massacre in Connecticut.” The Black Friday sales surge came hot on the heels of the San Bernardino terrorist attack and President Obama’s [most recent] civilian disarmament remarks. “The Bureau processed 2,243,030 checks through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System in November, an increase of 236,111 checks over the previous record set in 2012,” reported. Here are the top 5 guns Americans were buying in November a . . .

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Stuff a Carrot in a Shogun Barrel And . . . [VIDEO]

Mythbusters did a segment where they busted the cartoon-related myth of plugging the barrel with a finger to make a shotgun explode. Click here to watch it in German (because YouTube). SPOILER ALERT! The results were predictable and certainly not to be tried at home with actual digits. In this case, neither vegetable nor turkey (why not wabbit?) nor shotgun emerged from Demolition Ranch’s experiment intact. Still, it had to be done. Note to DR: it’s high time you sold Demolition Ranch dressing. Any suggestions on what recipe he should use?


Porsche Driver Redefines “Riding Shotgun” [VIDEO]

Writer P.J. O’Rourke famously described Porsches as “ass-engined Nazi slot cars.” If we’re talking about ye olde air-cooled Porker (as above), they were also known as “dentist killers.” So it’s only fitting that Philip Thorrold of YouTube’s Extreme Shooting channel decided to add some weight to the front end of his Targa. The fact that Ferdy’s whip is right-hand-drive indicates that a Brit is having way too much fun (on private property) with a gun to escape the notice of the hoplophobic British press and Her Majesty’s Government. Tannerite-coated clays? Why didn’t I think of that? [h/t SS]