Jon Wayne Taylor: Now Are the Doves! (Texas Season Opener)

Mossberg shotgun and dead dove (courtesy Jon Wayne Taylor for The Truth About Guns)
For America, for me, hunting season started yesterday. September first is the opening day of Dove Season here in central Texas. I think that’s a few days earlier than Louisiana; as far as I can tell it’s the first day of dove hunting season anywhere in the country. Dove are the most hunted animal in America, at over twenty million a year harvested. And yet, their populations remain strong. Here in Texas, we kill over 600,000 White Wing Dove a year. For much of the state, opening day of Dove Season is a family and friends affair not to be missed.  Unlike deer hunting . . .

CONFIRMED: Walmart Stops Selling AR-Style Rifles and “Personal Protection” Shotguns. Responding to Church Lawsuit?

Walmart gun department (courtesy

We’ve spoken with the Pratt, Kansas Walmart [not shown] regarding reports that the store had stopped selling AR-style rifles and certain shotguns. We can confirm that Walmart HQ sent the store – and others around the country – an email stating that the retail giant would not be replenishing inventories of AR-style rifles and “personal protection shotguns.” The communication went out in March. (How this story flew under the radar is a miracle of modern PR.) Again, we’re awaiting official confirmation from Walmart, along with the reasoning behind their decision. Meanwhile, the end of Walmart AR-stye gun sales may have something to do with a related development last March when . . .

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BREAKING: Walmart Pulls ARs and “High-Capacity” Shotguns


A TTAG reader just texted us the above map. It’s a camera phone shot of a Walmart salesman’s computer screen at a store in Pratt, Kansas. The image shows which states’ residents are not allowed to buy long guns in Kansas Walmarts – despite the fact that you can buy long guns in any state provided it is legal to own in your state of residence. The salesman offered the map as justification for the fact that his store was removing all AR-style rifles and “high-capacity” semi-automatic shotguns from display cases. Furthermore, the salesman said that the relevant inventory in the display case had been liquidated and the stock in the backroom was returned. We’ve contacted Walmart for comment. UPDATE: TTAG readers are reporting Walmart stores around the U.S. are ending “assault rifle” sales.


Australia’s Adler Shotgun Ban Overturned…Sort Of


By Dennis DeMartins

The ongoing battle over the Adler shotgun in Australia has taken a new plot twist. PM Tony Abbott who last week personally intervened to ban the Adler, pulled another fast one over firearms owners heads. Staying true to form, in the early hours of Friday morning Abbott moved the goalposts and changed the Customs Act to prohibit the importation of lever action shotguns over 5 round capacity. Not really surprising, particularly when one reads Tony Abbott’s pre-election promise to firearm owners.

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Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Ferguson Edition

“After being looted two times in the past year, the Ferguson Market and Liquor Store employees decided to take things into their own hands,” new2share reports in their description of the above YouTube video. “Armed with shotguns and handguns, the employees stood at the front of the store to ensure that no one could enter. When shots rang out in the middle of a protest on West Florissant Ave., many people ran towards the market, but quickly dispersed when guns were drawn.” What else needs saying, really? . . .

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Gun Review: Serbu SUPER-SHORTY Shotgun



For nearly 20 years, Mark Serbu’s SUPER-SHORTY has been the standard-bearer among the super-compact shotgun set. Built from either a Mossberg 500 or a Remington 870 that started life with a pistol grip, the S-S is considered an “Any Other Weapon” (AOW) under NFA law, meaning a $5 tax stamp instead of $200 as with other NFA items. I’m really not sure if most people buy these just for screwing around and having fun or if it’s for more practical purposes, but I do know that the S-S is capable of filling both roles. . .

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Aussie PM Tony Abbott Goes Full Dictator in Shotgun Grab

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 7.45.47 AM

Dennis DeMartins writes:

Australia’s descent into full blown fascism just accelerated again. The Adler lever-action ban in Australia just got serious as Prime Minister Tony Abbott has now decided to personally intervene and ban the firearms completely pending completion of a review of the NFA. Australian Customs and Border Protection have been ordered to detain all shipments of the Adler until the review is complete. Amidst the backlash from firearms owners and running out of concocted reasons and emotive rhetoric based arguments as to why law-abiding firearms owners are responsible for the actions of criminals, and that 128-year-old technology has now suddenly become a national security threat, Justice Minister Michael Keenan stressed “that the decision to suspend imports was not about targeting law-abiding gun owners but reflected the heightened terrorist threat in Australia.” . . .

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TX Parks & Wildlife Test Lead vs. Non-Toxic Shot

By Reese Johnson via

The Texas Parks & Wildlife Department has completed a two-year study of dove hunting, comparing the effectiveness of lead shot versus non-toxic shot. This was a “double-blind” study with neither hunters nor observers knowing what they were shooting to remove bias. Both hunters and and observers recorded data based on these hunts to determine the effectiveness of the loads. The results may surprise you . . .

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Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: Alvin Gene Knight

Deputies: Teen shot by girlfriend's stepfather

I’m from Rhode Island where there’s always a story behind the story. Here’s a tale from Apopka, Florida – the Indoor Foliage Capital of the World and birthplace of disgraced NFL defensive lineman Warren Sapp – that raises more questions than it answers. But one thing we know for sure: pointing a shotgun at someone to break up a bad relationship is never a good idea – unless the pointee is an imminent threat of death or grievous bodily harm. (Trust me, it happens.) Feel free to speculate after this all-too-brief description from . . .

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Contest Entry: Why M9s and Shotguns Are The Coolest Guns In The Army

Shotgun Sniper


I joined the Airborne infantry because jumping out of a perfectly good airplane seems easy when the static line pulls your shoot for you. That was honestly my line of thought when signing up. A $3000 airborne bonus didn’t hurt either. Between basic training, and the range days at Fort Bragg, I got to shoot most of the current U.S. Military’s small arms. I carried an M249 SAW on my first deployment and an M4 on my second. I was a gunner behind a .50 cal and M240B. There I was, surrounded by all these guns I would probably never own in civilian life. Actual assault rifles and machine guns. Grenade launchers, like the M203, M320, and the MK19 . . .

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Contest Entry: How I Saved a Mossberg 500 From a Horrible Death


By Shawn Graber

Last summer, I saved a Mossberg 500A 12-gauge shotgun from the gaping maw of state-assisted eviceration. A city here in Iowa was offering “CA$H 4 TEH EVIL BOOMSTICKS” with high hopes that the noble City Council would rescue the local citizens from getting shot by their malevolent, unattented firearms. The local police department had raised $1,700 by panhandling at local businesses, and the funds were used to purchase $100 grocery gift cards which would be traded for surrendered firearms. You did the math correctly . . .

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