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Obscure Object of Desire: World’s Longest Shotgun

TTAG reported on SilencerCo’s new shotgun silencer a couple of days ago. Pictures and videos of the Salvo 12 have hit the net today. The above demo by Top Shot competitor Chris Cheng doesn’t really tell us much about the noise levels, as video mics cut-out when things go bang. Still, he’s not wearing ear pro is he? [Note: I now have permanent tinnitus because I didn't wear ear protection when a silencer maker told me a modified gun was "ear safe." Three shots. That's all it took. You have been warned.] Regardless of the db’s involved it must be said: that is the porn star of shotguns. Pie-ing a room with this bad boy? Not unless you’re doing it Three Stooges Style. Still, I want one. If nothing else, a silenced Benelli M2 will help me silence people who say it’s recoil that puts off new shotgun shooters. It’s the noise. And now, the weight. Sigh. Way cool slow-mo video after the jump . . .

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SilencerCo Launching New Shotgun Silencer


The idea of a shotgun silencer isn’t anything particularly new — ever since No Country for Old Men came out a few years ago, people have been wanting to get their hands on such a device. Not many people, but people nonetheless. A couple companies have come out with their own version of a shotgun can, most notably Red Jacket Firearms as shown on one of their episodes. And every time someone mentions the idea to me, my response is always the same: why? I understand the George Mallory effect, but somehow I doubt that such a thing would be commercially viable. SilencerCo seems undaunted, and appears to have invited some people out to an event to show off their brand new shotgun silencer (our sources have already confirmed the product’s existence — there’s not really any doubt left at this point). The only question: will it sell? Make the jump for the press release.

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P320 Entry: On Love and Shotguns


By Stewart F.

You know you live in Louisiana when your wife offers to go in halvsies on a new shotgun for Valentine’s Day. That or you’re just one lucky dude. Brace yourself, this will be equal parts gun review, musings of a first time duck hunter and range day recollection. I went duck hunting for the first time this year and was hooked instantly. Many of you are nodding your heads and wondering what took me so long. ‘I’m slow’ is all that I can say . . .

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Self-Defense Tip: Make Sure the Right Gun Safe is in the Right Place

Gun safe (courtesy The Truth About Guns)
A handgun is for fighting your way to your long gun. Nowhere is this more true than at home, at night, with kids. In that horrifying situation, you want to call the cavalry, put the good guys behind you, grab your long gun, assume a defensive position and wait. A bedside handgun is an excellent tool to help make that happen. You can use your free hand to dial 911, grab the kids, open doors, turn on lights, etc. until you can get to your long gun. So where is it? Where is your shotgun or rifle? A lot of people . . .

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Armourlite Watch Torture Test

Armorlite Isobrite 100 Series watch strapped to a Benelli M4 (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

Before my first divorce, I owned a collection of fine watches. After the divorce, two. Taking a Patek Phillipe or Blancpain to a gun range makes as much sense as taking a Ferrari F335B (also gone) off-roading. So I looked for something more durable. My newfound interest in self-defense added another requirement: a watch I could read in the dark. Without glasses. I shared my eventual choice with TTAG’s readers back in 2012: an Armourlite Captain Field Series AL307. When Armourlite introduced a line of new, larger-face models, I hit them up for a $325 Caliber Series AL613 (with industry-leading brightness). To test for shock resistance. On your behalf. As you can see from the picture above, I strapped it to a Benelli M4 . . .

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Hit or Miss? Chiappa Triple Threat Shotgun

TTAG will endeavor to secure a Chiappa Triple Threat shotgun for test and evaluation. Meanwhile, I’m a bit hesitant to laud the long gun’s arrival. I went pretty big on the Rhino back in the day – only to be disappointed by a trigger heavier than Ludwig Wittgenstein’s Tractatus married to a grip that puts the go-pedal beyond my average-sized-hand’s full command and control. Still, I’m a huge fan of Stoeger’s Coach Gun for home defense. It’s an ideal firearm for newbies seeking simple in-home or business-situated personal protection. Add another barrel et voila! (Extractor? I just met her!) It’s hardly a new idea, but is it a good idea? A $1600 good idea? Your thoughts below.

P320 Entry: Why I Don’t Want an AR, Or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Shotgun

My 870 Now

By Ross Marshman

Ever since the U.S.-led invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq plastered the news media’s canvas with portraits of valiant deeds done by brave men and women, any viewer could not help but notice the modern lance these soldiers hefted into combat. Whether black or tan, long or short, optic or irons, the AR15 or M4 carbine was propelled into common, everyday language and into more than one gun enthusiast’s home. But not into mine. This blasphemer decided long ago to stick with what he knows and what works and has fought the urge to purchase an AR15 ever since. Frankly, my grip on the shotgun’s stock has only tightened in recent years . . .

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