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Two New Colt/Cooper M2012 Bolt Guns

Colt has teamed up with Cooper Firearms of Montana to add two more bolt guns to  the M2012 family: the “M2012MT308T” and “M2012LT308G/M2012LT260G.” Made by Cooper for Colt, these new rifles feature the Cooper Arms repeater action with integral M1913 Picatinny rails, a 3-lug bolt, and 60° bolt throw. They also feature a custom fluted, match grade barrel and a single stage, adjustable Timney trigger. A signed, serial numbered and dated test target is included with each rifle. I fired both on range day and was very impressed with the overall feel, performance, and quality . . .

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Not So New at SHOT: Merkel Three-Barrel Drilling Rifles

 Courtesy Joe Grine

I’ve been shooting for around 36 years, but I had never a seen a break-open three-barreled rifle and shotgun combo.  So when Chris Dumm and I stopped by the Merkel booth at SHOT Show, I thought I had stumbled upon something, um… “new.” Calling Chris over, I said: “Check this out.” He comes over and says: “Oh, cool, a drilling.” “A what?!”, I responded with a confused look on my face. Chris says “It’s a drilling: a three barreled rifle shotgun combination.” Surprised that Chris would know anything about high-end European rifles, I asked: “How did you know that?” He responded “There was an article on TTAG a while back, for one thing. They have been making these things for over one hundred years in Europe.”  Hmmm. Ok, I’m feeling kinda stupid at this point . . .

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New from Desert Tech: MDR Bullpup


There were two themes this year at SHOT Show: bullpups and 3D printing. With the insane success of the TAVOR, bullpup configuration rifles are popping up all over, and Desert Tech is no exception. We’ve reviewed their DTA SRS rifle last year and loved it, so I have no doubt that this will be just as good. But the models we saw at the show weren’t complete — they were just 3D printed pre-production mockups. Which brings me to theme #2: 3D printing. Every new gun, from the new BAR to the SIX12 is made (at least partially) out of 3D printed parts. I’ll go into that a little more in depth later, but it looks like 3D printing is the next big thing for the gun industry. Oh, and the MDT is pretty sweet too.

Chris Dumm’s Pick of the SHOT Show: SIG SAUER P320

Why is the P320 my top pick from the 2014 SHOT Show? Three words: Striker. Fired. SIG. The fact that the SIG SAUER P320 comes in three interchangeable calibers and three different frame/barrel sizes and uses existing P250 frames and barrels and magazines and two different trigger styles is just icing on this deliciously-layered cake. Check out this video . . .

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Strangest Gun At SHOT: Bonhus Arms CL-380

By ShootingTheBull410

Bondhus Arms showed off their first product, the CL-380, a tiny (and bizarre) new idea for a pocket pistol. The CL-380 is literally no wider or longer than a credit card, weighs just eight ounces, and offers two shots of .380 ACP from its diminuitive 2.1″ twin barrels. Part of the design philosophy is that they wanted to make something that “didn’t look like a gun.” Well, they certainly succeeded there . . .

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Nick Leghorn’s Pick of the SHOT Show: NY-Legal 50-Round Magazine


To be honest, I wasnt really impressed with the 50 round magazine from FAB Defense. And I still don’t think it was the awesomest thing at the show — that goes to the Gilboa double barreled AR-15. But the reason I picked this one was because it had the biggest response. Even Gizmodo, the dependably gun-hating cesspool of internet “journalism,” picked up the story and tagged it as “scary.” That one post was read by over 32,000 people, and helped push up our “likes” on Facebook by a few thousand. In fact, it was the most-read story of the week. You can’t argue with statistics — this thing is the tops!

New(ish) from Barrett: M240LW Light[er] Machine Gun

The M240 machine gun is a marvel of modern engineering. It will reliably lay down a massive weight of fire on the enemy. But there’s a problem: the thing weighs a ton. Lightweight compared to a M60, but still too heavy to be used to its full capability. FNH USA came up with the original lightweight M240 in their M240L or “Lima,” which used a titanium construction to make the parts lighter. But Barrett’s M240LW is what I call the Kim Kardashian solution; slice and dice until all you’re left with are the bare essentials for life. And a big butt. Superhuman shooter Jerry Miculek likes big butts (and he cannot lie).