New Knives From Hogue


If you’re a knife knut, check out The Truth About Knives here

That’s right, the same Hogue Inc. we know and trust for firearm grips branched into knives a few years ago and currently offers a selection of folders, fixed blades, and even a sweet looking tomahawk. At SHOT Show 2016 I got the lowdown on a couple of the new models, including Hogue’s first OTF . . .

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New From Lancer Systems: MPX Handguard and AR-15 Blue Training Mags


Lancer Systems has established itself as a top manufacturer of composite components for small arms, from AR-platform magazines to carbon fiber parts that pass Mil-Spec drop tests, to the magazines SIG chose for its MPX line. Of course, this isn’t a surprise if you’re familiar with Lancer’s other business units that include aerospace composites, fiber optics, and high stress parts for oil drilling equipment. New for 2016 are carbon fiber handguards for the MPX and blue-tinted AR-15 Simunition magazines, which were developed after a training death at a police department and are more than just pretty to look at . . .

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Hill & Mac Gunworks Introduces STG-N, P, and K


Sadly, I didn’t grow up poring over history books related to firearms. I was more of an aviation buff, so the significance of historical guns has been lost on me. I appreciate the mechanical function of older guns, but I’m a bit of a Johnny-come-lately to the world of old guns. Chances are that if you show me a cool old gun, I’ll subtly be Googling it on my phone while we talk. Given that, my apologies to the folks at Hill & Mac for looking distracted while you were speaking. I just had to familiarize myself with the StG 44 . . .

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PWS Updates Their Mk1 Rifles to Mk1 MOD 2


I use a PWS Mk 116 as my competition rifle for one solid reason: it was the best 5.56 NATO rifle on the market when I made that decision. PWS makes some amazing stuff and their Mk116 was no exception. Now it appears that they have improved on the design, lightening the gun as much as possible while still retaining that rugged and useful PWS design. They dubbed their creation the Mk1 MOD 2 line . . .

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New From Serbu: A Sub-$1,000 .50 BMG Rifle


Serbu Firearms is best known for their SUPER-SHORTY shotgun, which I reviewed here a few months ago. That certainly isn’t their only product, though, as Mark and the gang have been manufacturing a semi-auto .50 cal and an affordable ($1,900) bolt-action .50 cal in addition to a buffer tube-less AR-15 for years. In collaboration with an interesting YouTube personality, Serbu is now offering a .50 BMG (or .50 DTC) rifle at an introductory price of only $875. Which is pretty crazy. But, yes, there’s a bit of a catch . . .

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Hands on with Rugged Suppressors’ Surge 7.62


In my efforts to keep my ear to the ground on things silencer-related at SHOT Show 2016, I enlisted the help of my friend Mark Kuczka at Accurate Ordnance. Mark is well versed in the happenings of the gun industry and served me well as my wilderness guide, helping me forge through the miles of aisles and booths. Our first stop was to see Henry Graham and Michael Derdziak at Rugged Suppressors to check out their Surge 7.62 . . .

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A Little Select-Fire 9mm KRISS Vector Fun

Nick already gave us an update from SHOT Show’s Range Day about the KRISS Vector being offered with an SB Tactical arm brace and in a few new calibers, but we gleaned a bit more info later in the week. First, add 10mm to the list! Vectors will soon be available in .45 ACP, 9×19, .40 S&W, .357 SIG, and 10mm Auto. Sweet. They’re also being offered in a handful of colors, and I’ll admit to liking the look of the white one (pics follow). As seen in the video above, even at a blistering cyclic rate of 1,050 rounds per minute, it’s pretty darn controllable in 9mm. However, it did suffer a handful of stoppages, seen in the uncut video below . . .

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Hands on with Stiller’s 2500XR


Several years ago, Nick and I accepted an invite from a friend of the Kee family to check out his extensive gun collection. As two young pups, neither of us have amassed anything that could really be called a “collection.” Weirdly, of all the very interesting rifles he had in his collection, the one we were both drawn to was a very old Schuetzen rifle in .22 LR. Given Nick’s background shooting Olympic smallbore, it’s no surprise that he started to drool over a positional shooting rifle. Without a competition background to speak of, I just found it oddly overbuilt and heavy for a .22. It felt exactly like a big boy rifle, and that was part of the charm for me. I hadn’t thought about it for at least two years until I visited my fellow Texans at Stiller Precision during the 2016 SHOT show, and saw their very modern .22 LR action . . .

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