SHOT Show 2015: New & Updated From KRISS USA

For 2015, KRISS has made some improvements to its well-known Vector line of .45 ACP carbines, SBRs, pistols, and SMGs. In fact, one of these changes — I won’t taunt the caliber commandos by calling it an improvement — is Vector availability in 9mm and, due to the existing design, the capability to easily switch between 9×19 and .45 ACP. Other changes and improvements are detailed after the jump. Also on display at the KRISS booth aside from SPHINX pistols (SPHINX booth tour video here) were airsoft guns and .22 LRs from KRYTAC, including the War Sport LVOA rifle designs that they recently licensed. These are meant for realistic, but inexpensive training. Just don’t confuse the airsofts and the .22s. . .

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SHOT Show: Oregon Precision Arms .22LR Pistols


Courtesy Joe Grine

Oregon Precision Arms, of Hillsboro, Oregon, caught my eye at SHOT Show for two reasons:  they had some very good looking modified Ruger Mark II pistols on their table…and they are from the great State of Oregon. OPA is a manufacturer of high-end barrel upgrades for Ruger 22/45 and MK series pistols. These .22LR uppers are designed primarily for competition use (Bullseye, Speed Steel, etc.), and are intended to compete against the likes of Hammerli and similar high-end European .22 pistols. Shown above is the Marksman II Upper with 6.5 inch barrel ($695 for upper). More pics and info after the jump . . .

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SHOT Show Booth Tour: AWC’s Integrally-Suppressed .44 Mag & .22 LRs

To really silence a firearm effectively, you’ll want to shoot subsonic ammo. The sonic boom — the actual “crack” sound made by the supersonic projectile — is really quite loud. On the downside, limiting bullet speed to under about 1,100 fps means putting a hard cap on muzzle energy for a given bullet weight. AWC is now making a bolt action, integrally suppressed rifle chambered for .44 Magnum (built on a Ruger 77/44). 340-grain subsonics? Sure beats the ft-lbs of most of the common alternatives. AWC also does integrally-suppressed 10/22s (including takedowns), 77/22s, PWS Summits, Ruger MKIIIs, and Browning Buckmarks. Booth tour above, photos follow. . .

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Nexus Ammo: Custom Tailored Wound Channels for Any Scenario


Solid lead bullets have been the gold standard for ammunition for centuries. The dense metal is perfect for transferring force over great distances. But there are problems. Molten lead is hard to make into a homogeneous mass, and often there are air pockets or other impurities that keep the bullet from performing as expected. Nexus Ammunition is a company within the SAC group that also owns Armalite and McMillian. They say they have a solution to that age old problem: compressed metal . . .

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Test Driving Korth’s PRS and Sky Marshal at SHOT Show 2015

When Korth announced its PRS along with this great video a bit over a year ago, I was certainly intrigued. However, a fixed-barrel 1911 with a semi-locked, roller-delayed blowback action also seemed like a bit of a gimmick born out of an engineer’s wet dream as a showcase of talent. I also assumed the price would be astronomical. When we saw Korth at the SHOT Show range day with a PRS along with the new Sky Marshal, a 9mm revolver that doesn’t require moon clips, we knew it was hands-on time . . .

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Kel-Tec’s Patented 33-Round .22LR Magazine

Toby Obermeit, lead design engineer at Kel-Tec, holds a PMR-30 magazine. That magazine holds 30 .22WMR cartridges.  The design is very popular, with Kel-Tec shipping 500 of the pistols each week. I talked to Toby at the SHOT Show. He and Kel-Tec recently obtained a patent on a new magazine design that would create an even larger capacity for the .22LR cartridge. It would fit in a pistol grip, with a preliminary capacity of 33 rounds . . .

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Remington Gives TTAG’s Nick Leghorn The Bum’s Rush


TTAG doesn’t pull any punches. That’s why readers trust our articles and reviews. As you might expect, our no-holds-barred firearms and firearms gear reviews don’t sit well with everyone. Especially manufacturers whose products aren’t all they should be. Three years ago, Bushmaster told RF to take a hike from their SHOT Show booth when TTAG’s jefe asked a Freedom Group suit about their rifle’s worrying tendency to go full-auto. This year, it was Remington’s turn to eject a TTAG writer from their booth . . .

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Introducing the .416 Hushpuppy


Big bullets from an AR-15. That’s the trend these days, what with loadings like the .300 BLK and 6.8 SPC becoming popular and (kinda) mainstream. Am-Tac wanted to design a cartridge that not only pushed a massive projectile from an AR-15 rifle, but also used standard AR-15 magazines and existing tech. Their solution: the .416 Hushpuppy . . .

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New From Kel-Tec: Gen2 Sub-2000 and CMR-30


Kel-Tec has made some pretty significant changes to its folding 9mm carbine, the SUB-2000, now releasing a Gen 2 version. Despite the additional features and upgrades, it’s apparently easier to manufacture and production is doubling. Also new and already beginning to ship out is the Kel-Tec CMR-30, the matching carbine to the PMR-30 pistol. I’m excited to get my hands on one of those as soon as possible, as I own a PMR-30 (review here) and six mags, an AAC Element 2 suppressor, and almost 1,000 rounds of .22 WMR so I’m ready to put it to the test! Gen2 SUB-2000 and CMR-30 video tours with Kris from Kel-Tec, plus some photos and highlights follow. . .

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VLTOR Slims Down with Carbon Fiber M14 Stock


The M14 is a beast of a rifle. And I mean that not only because the rifle is still an accurate and effective battle implement over 75 years since the original design (M1) was fielded, but because the rifle is a chunky and massive piece of metal to lug around the battlefield. In a world where super slim rifles are all the rage and the “pounds equals pain” mantra is ringing strong, VLTOR has taken it upon themselves to reduce the overall weight of the M14 even further.

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New From LUCID: P7 4x Weapons Optic (plus L5 6-24×50 initial impressions)

When the Shaolin Rifleworks guys informed me that the scope I had been using on their AR-10 has an MSRP of just $449, I was pretty darn surprised. The optics of the LUCID L5 6-24×50 were really good, and my initial impression was that I was behind some premium glass that’s beyond what I would personally spend. Shaolin said they were sharing the LUCID booth at SHOT Show and asked me to swing by, so swing by I did. As you’ll see in the video above, the owner of LUCID walked me through their new product for 2015, the P7 4x Weapons Optic. . .

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