SHOT Show 2015: Whitney Wolverine by Olympic Arms

Although I’ve never seen or held one, I’ve always had an affinity for the [now] retro-futuristic, Art Deco looks of the original, 1950’s Whitney Wolverine. It was pretty good looking with the blued finish, but particularly amazing in the relatively rare nickel chrome. For the last decade, Olympic Arms has manufactured a modern remake of the Wolverine that’s pretty faithful to the original design but for one large change; it’s polymer instead of aluminum. Although the gloss of the finishes is lost in the polymer versions, and the feel in the hand is obviously going to be different . . .

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SHOT Show 2015: Bolt Actions — Kimber and Surgeon Rifles


It wasn’t even possible to scratch the surface of all of the manufacturers, let alone just bolt action rifle manufacturers, showing their wares on the 2.3 million square feet of SHOT Show floor space. I did manage to visit Kimber on Range Day and shot their Advanced Tactical SRC .308 chassis rifle with a Gemtech suppressor. Unfortunately, in the video below there’s too much other gunfire to hear that steel clanging from a couple hundred yards away. On the show floor, we got a tour of some new products from Surgeon Rifles, including the .338 Lapua Mag beast seen above plus some left-handed options and more. That video follows as well, along with some Kimber photos (including micro .380 pistols). . .

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SHOT Show 2015: ArmaLite M-15, AR-10, AR-30, AR-50

As you know from Nick’s and Karla’s coverage, ArmaLite is shaking things up in 2015 putting a bit more modern in its line of modern sporting rifles. A bit more sporting, too, with AR-10 (.308/7.62×51) and M-15 (.223/5.56×45) models geared specifically towards 3-Gun and other competition use, plus hunting. And sure, why not, let’s take a tour of some .50 BMG AR-50s as well! I only grabbed a few photos, but those follow. . .

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SHOT Show 2015: Seekins Precision New Products

Seekins Precision kicked off 2015 with two new products; the K20 Incline Grip and the SP Safety Selector Kit. The K20 is an angled foregrip that will be available soon for both Keymod and MLOK attachment. It’s machined from an aluminum billet, weighs only 1.9 oz, has an integrated QD sling socket, comes in a handful of colors, and MSRP will be $49.99. The SP Safety Selector’s barrel can be installed for either a 60 degree or 90 degree throw. It has ambidextrous levers, is available in multiple colors, and its MSRP is $39.99. Photos of both follow. . .

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SHOT Show: Adams Arms at Range Day

My “go-to” AR-15 upper is an Adams Arms piston piece, and not even one of their fancy ones. Just a Magpul MOE handguard and no other frills or add-ons of which to speak. I’ve had great success with the reliability and durability of the system — with good accuracy to boot — so I was happy to see them at Media Day to find out what’s new. The piston .308 felt great, and the kidney-shaped ejector is a novel idea. There’s one item I’m particularly interested in, but what’s this about GLOCK parts?. . .

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SHOT Show: Pietta Single Action Revolvers

F.A.P. di Pietta or F.LLI Pietta, commonly just referred to as Pietta and sold in the U.S. under the Pietta and other brand names, is best known for post-Civil War and “Wild West” era Single Action Army revolver replicas in both black powder and cartridge flavors. A real showman, Pietta’s Bryce Huddleston gave us an entertaining booth tour to show off some of their revolver offerings, from bird’s head grips to buntlines. The Pietta crew may also have won the “most tactical” attire award. . .

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New From American Defense Manufacturing: True Ambi Lower & More

Sam from American Defense Manufacturing gave us a booth tour — video above — of some new products at SHOT Show 2015. I’ve played with a lot of ambi AR-15 lowers in the past few months, but there are only a couple out there that actually have a bolt catch on the right side. Bolt release, sure, but not bolt catch. The ADM piece serves both functions, and it even does it more easily and smoothly than any other I’ve tinkered with in the recent past. ADM is likely best known for optics mounts, so this foray into matched billet uppers and lowers is a big step that it looks like they’re taking seriously. Sam showed us a new optics mount for small red dots like the RMR as well. . .

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New From Lancer: L7AWM .308 Magazines, Adaptive Magwells, Carbon Fiber Sexiness

If there’s anyone making great products that don’t get enough attention, it’s probably Lancer Systems. Their L5AWM series of AR-15 magazines are, unquestionably, my favorite AR mags on the market. Now they have an even more advanced design for .308. Their carbon fiber handguards are pure lightweight sexiness, and holy hell do they have a lot of options. If only I had known about Lancer’s single ring scope mount I wouldn’t be running a much larger, heavier, 2-ring unit on my 1-4x Burris . . .

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New from Gemtech: “The One” Universal Silencer, “Trilogy” Silencer Kit, Suppressed Bolt Carrier


I take it back — the theme of this year’s SHOT Show is silencers that work like LEGOs. Liberty Suppressors had their Mystic-X first, then SilencerCo came out with their Omega can, and Gemtech’s response is The One (notice a distinct biblical theme here?). The idea behind both cans is that you buy one serialized part, and put it on ALL THE THINGS. Direct thread .308 rifle? Fast attach 5.56 carbine? Bolt action .300 BLK pistol with a duck for an aiming sight? All these things and more can be suppressed with this one silencer. Just one tax stamp and all this can be yours.

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