.22 Plinkster: IT IS BALLOON!

Those of you who are old enough will remember the phrase IT IS BALLOON from the comedy F-Troop. In this case, .22 Plinkster shoots a .22 caliber Henry at enough balloons to keep Pennywise the Clown happy. I found this video at the most excellent everydaynodaysoff.com website. ENDO is not impressed:

Call me a hater if you want guys… 22 Plinkster seems like a nice guy but these videos are weak now by any measure.  He used to shoot swinging dimes dead center at like 19000 yards while standing on one leg, looking in a mirror, while using a shake weight.  That was impressive.  Now he just lines up balloons on a clothes line and gets one of his friends to play guitar in the background, shoots a few cans of radioactive cheese etc.  hmmmmm.

Still, you gotta give .22 Plinkster credit for making money from his mad skillz. Which ENDO does.