Gun Review: IWI TAVOR X95 Carbine


By Louis K. Bonham

I was excited in 2013 when a civilian version (the SAR) of IWI’s iconic TAVOR finally went on sale in the US. The Bullpup 5.56 rifle (note shown) offered long stroke piston action, a non-reciprocating side charger, standard AR mags, super-simple field stripping, gunsmith-free barrel, caliber and opposite hand changes; and combat-tested pedigree and reliability. At a $2k it was pretty pricey, but quality doesn’t come cheap. When finally got to I try one . . .

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Gun Review: Kel-Tec SUB-2000 9mm Carbine (GLOCK Magazine Compatible)

Kel Tec SUB-2000 (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

Whenever TTAG publishes a review of a firearm that costs more than a thousand dollars, commentators remind readers that there are cheaper guns that do the exact same thing — for less money! That’s like saying a Seiko chronograph does the same job as a Rolex Daytona. Which is both true and irrelevant. (If you don’t agree, save money, be happy.) But there are times when a less expensive firearm is a better choice than a high-end equivalent. Case in point: the next gen Kel-Tec SUB-2000 in 9mm . . .

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Meet War Mother’s Sentient Sniper Rifle Flaco

War Mother (courtesy

Written by Fred Van Lente with art from Tomás Fiorello, Valiant comics’ 4001 A.D: War Mother #1 goes on sale this August. (Don’t worry: the older you get the faster time goes.) In case you’re wondering, reports that “War Mother’s home is in the future of the fifth millennium, where much of Earth is an apocalyptic wasteland under the watchful gaze of New Japan, a highly advanced and powerful civilization floating around in orbit.” As highly advanced and powerful civilizations are wont to do. Anyway, War Mother has a sentient rifle. Her creator gives us a glimpse of a rifle with ‘tude . . .

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Indiana, Deer Harvest Up, Legalizes Hunting with New Cartridges (Including .300 Blackout)

Deer felled by .300 Blackout (courtesy

By Indiana Department of Natural Resources

Indiana hunters harvested 123,664 deer during the 2015 season, according to newly released data. This is a 3 percent increase from the 120,073 deer taken during the 2014 season. The antlered deer harvest was 10 percent higher than the 2014 harvest, while the antlerless harvest was 1 percent lower than in 2014. The overall 2015 deer harvest ranks as the 10th highest in Indiana history. The 2015 antlerless deer harvest ranks 11th highest. For the first time, all harvested deer were checked in electronically . . .

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Remington Outdoor Announces Mayfield, KY Plant Closing


Remington Outdoor Company today announced the closure of a manufacturing facility they’ve operated in Mayfield, Kentucky. What’s produced there, you ask? The Mayfield plant makes Remington Model 783’s, 770’s and 597’s as well as Marlin 60’s, 795’s and Model XT rifles. If you’ve followed ROC’s recent history, it probably won’t surprise you to hear that they’ll be moving production of these guns to their state-of-the-art Huntsville, Alabama facility (above). I had a chance to tour the Ilion mothership as well as the impressive Huntsville operation last week (more on that to come). Here’s their press release . . .

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New from Wilson Combat: .338 Federal Caliber Rifle


Email blast from Wilson Combat (Remember: no one uses an “assault rifle” for hunting.)

When you need impressive power and range with the advantage of quick followup shots the .338 Federal in a Wilson Combat AR rifle is a potent choice. The .338 Federal from Wilson Combat is ideal for any medium-large game hunting in North America including trophy wild hogs, elk, moose and bear. Considered by some ballistic experts to be the ideal cartridge for North American big game . . .

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Five Reasons to Build Your Own AR [Contest Entry]

By Key Stone Scout

This past Christmas I wanted to get my two LEO brothers a gift and not blow the bank.  Mostly because I love them but also to fill up the good will bucket in case my foot feels too heavy. After scouring through the all-knowing internetsmachine I found a set of three consecutive Spikes Tactical lowers and scooped them up. I thought it would be fun for each of us to build a sword from the ground up.  As luck would have it one of the lowers matched one of their badge numbers so that made it feel even more like a home run . . .

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New From TrackingPoint: Squad-Level M1400 Extreme Distance Precision-Guided Firearm

Squad-Level M1400 Extreme Distance Precision-Guided Firearm

TrackingPoint press release [via]

TrackingPoint announced today its latest Precision-Guided Firearm. The squad-level M1400 338LM bolt-action rifle engages stationary and moving (up to 20 mph) targets out to 1400 yards. The squad-level M1400 represents a breakthrough in performance, cost, and weight in comparison to TrackingPoint’s prior extreme distance precision-guided firearms. The squad-level M1400 is designed to provide unprecedented battle stand-off capabilities at the squad level. The M1400 gives every squad a precision shooting expertise at ranges beyond the capabilities of skilled snipers . . .

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Indian Army Debates New Gun: Kill (7.62) or Wound (5.56)?

Indian rifle (courtesy

“Should it be a rifle that ‘kills’  the enemy soldier or terrorist?” asks. “Or, should it merely ‘wound’? With the decade-long hunt for a new-generation assault rifle still nowhere near finalization, the Army’s top generals will discuss this basic but critical weapon for infantry soldiers next week. The debate is about the ‘quantum of lethality’ required . . .

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Gun Review: Rossi Wizard .308 Rifle [Content Contest]

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 7.42.16 AM

By Tim Going

Like most Mandalorian children (hey if Rachel Dolezal can identify as black, then I can identify as Mando, cin vhetin ner vod), I began accompanying my father to the battlefield at the age of eight. And by battlefield, I mean the deer woods. At the time, I remember there being nothing in the world as cool as dad’s Remington 700 in .30/06. It was the epitome of a deer rifle, after all, on the third day God created the Remington bolt-action rifle, so that Man could fight the dinosaurs. (And the homosexuals). But, like many middle-lower class families, times got tough and the rifle was sold to help make ends meet . . .

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A [Very] Brief History of the AR-15

AR-15 (courtesy

Tom McHale writes [via]:

According to the news media, an AR 15 Rifle is any gun that someone uses in the act of doing something bad. What is an AR-15 really? Technically speaking, AR-15 is a brand name, like Kleenex or Xerox. And, just as with Kleenex and Xerox, the brand name has been hijacked by the general public to describe a whole class of things. Before we dive into the history of the modern AR 15 Rifle, we need to look the “AR” part. AR does not stand for Assault Rifle. Or Automatic Rearming. Or even Apoplectic Ruin. It is a product naming convention from the company that invented it, ArmaLite. In fact, there were a number of rifles with “AR” names, like the AR-1, AR-5, AR-7, AR-10, AR-16 and AR-17. Let’s do a quick review of AR15 Rifle history what got us from conception to where we are today . . .

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