Gun Review: CZ 455 Varmint Tacticool Suppressor-Ready Rifle


Believe it or not, I’ve only owned a single, manual-action .22 LR rifle in my life. It’s a pre-1968 (unsure exactly when it was made, but it has no serial number so it’s pre-Gun Control Act) WesternField 830, which I’ve had since I was a kid. Although it’s still a solid shooter, after my AAC Element 2 suppressor was released from NFA purgatory I decided it was time to find a new rifle that was a bit more modern and visually interesting, had a threaded muzzle, and was an absolute tack driver. I had hoped this would be PWS’ T3 Summit Rifle, as it’s sexy as hell and the toggle action is a blast to run, but its accuracy left me underwhelmed. Cue the CZ 455 Varmint Tacticool Suppressor-Ready rifle . . .

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Why FN’s Collector Series Makes Sense


Dan posted an article yesterday about FN’s Military Collector series and the comments weren’t exactly positive. The internet was all a-flutter when FN announced that their M249 would be available in a semi-auto version for civilian purchase, but the $8,000 price tag seems to have proven too much for some people to handle. Here’s the thing: FN already has a line of FN-15 rifles marketed toward the general consumer. They’re priced competitively with other similar guns. The Collector Series is for a different buyer. It’s a smart move on FN’s part. Here’s why . . .

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Weatherby and MDT Team Up for Factory Lightweight Modular Bolt-Action Rifle


I reviewed MDT’s LSS chassis for the Remington 700 and loved it. The chassis is lightweight, attractive, and improves the accuracy of the firearm thanks to rigid bedding and a free floating barrel. Weatherby similarly makes great rifles (like this one I reviewed), but their product line has been missing something. Just about everyone else makes a “tactical” rifle these days, but Weatherby has stuck with their traditional designs. Until now, that is . . .

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Lancer Systems Media Event — The Guns

Lancer Media Day 2015

This is the last of three posts detailing the media event put on by Lancer Systems at the awesome shooting facilities of Virginia International Raceway. The first post covered some interesting facts about Lancer and its other, high-tech business units, and the second post concentrated on the various magazine-related, competition-style challenges and tests we did. While Lancer’s magazines continue to increase in popularity as more and more people realize they’re worth the extra couple bucks, I can’t say I’ve actually seen a Lancer rifle in the wild. Thankfully, the shooting events at VIR gave us a solid amount of hands-on experience with the company’s various AR-pattern offerings. . .

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Obscure Object of Desire: MOH3495


Jason Carter of Undergound Tactical writes:

This is a very special edition AR we just finished up for a charity called Feherty’s Troops First Foundation. We gave this one a special model name, Honor & Valor, with a serial number MOH3495 with stands for Medal Of Honor with 3,495 recipients of the prestigious medal. We Cerakoted it to match the blue neck ribbon which supports the medal. The signatures you see are the actual signatures of 14 MOH recipients. This one-off rifle will be auctioned off this week at their charity event.


NERF Vulcan Sentry Gun

I don’t think there will ever be a time when we’ll be able to purchase remote control firearms for self-defense. While the Second Amendment’s protections against government infringement don’t contain a clause prohibiting these devices, the ATF would throw you in a deep, dark hole should you Playstation your Mossberg. An autonomous gun with artificial intelligence? I’m thinking the needle. Meanwhile, NERF. And is it me or does the narrator’s voice sound like some kind of Siren song? [h/t sword]


Obscure Object of Desire: Underground Tactical’s Maquina de la Muerte


If you have little ones, you’re probably all ready for Halloween. But are you ready for the Day of the Dead? That’s Mexico’s traditional day for honoring and remembering those who have passed. And what better way to commemorate them than by, say, going out and shooting a pig? And if you’re going to honor your ancestors, why not do it in style? Underground Tactical has created just the thing, too – their highly customized Maquina de la Muerte or Machine of Death. Any pig should be proud to give up his life to a round from this beauty . . .

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Question of the Day: Hey Willis! What You Got On Your AR?

If there’s a tinkerer out there who’d like some free internet exposure, TTAG is interested in seeing what a [functional] coffee maker looks like on an AR-15. Maybe a Keurig capsule-based ballistic hot beverage device? I dunno. But I do know that our Armed Intelligentsia are clever. So if a coffee maker isn’t AR-compatible, I’m sure you guys can think of something truly, epically dopey – and a way to affix it to your rifle. Send a pic of the result to Dan the Man Zimmerman at with the words YES I REALLY DID PUT THIS ON MY AR in the subject bar. Duct-taped AR accoutrements entirely acceptable. Meanwhile, what accessories does your AR have attached to it? Light, laser, bipod, sights, extended bolt handle, suppressor, new furniture, key mod rails? What? Be ridiculously specific!


Halloween Pumpkin Carving TTAG Style

I’m alway impressed by people who shoot well. I’m not one of them. Oh sure, I don’t shoot badly. Show me a broad side of a barn and I’ll hit it (after being sure of what’s beyond it). Still, I never shy from a ballistic challenge. When I professed boredom at the annual pumpkin carving YouTube onslaught (e.g., Kirsten Joy Weiss and Hickok45), Dan invited me to The Best of the West Shooting Sports in Liberty Hill, home of the Texas Firearms Festival, to see if I, too, could make a jack-o-lantern from an HEB pumpkin. SPOILER ALERT! No. No I couldn’t.


The Hunt is Over: Tom Finds His Double Rifle


Some of you may recall, I went to the Safari Club International convention back in February. I was looking for a good rifle to take on safari. I have been wanting a dedicated rifle for these trips that can take any game. I went back to Africa again in April/May and had a fantastic time with Superior Safaris and have become hooked on hunting buffalo. Not just any buffalo…South African Cape Buffalo. Possibly the meanest critter on earth . . .

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Raytheon Reveals World’s First Rifle-Mounted Precision Missile: The Pike

Rayheon Pike - rifle-launched precision guided missile (courtesy

“Raytheon has developed a hand-launched missile, called the Pike, intended to replace the M203 [grenade launcher] and Javelin [fire-and-forget anti-tank missile launcher],” reports. “The Pike is 17 inches long, weighs two pounds, is 40mm in diameter, and is claimed to be ‘the world’s only hand-launched precision-guided munition.'” Like the FGM-148 Javelin, the Pike’s a crew-served weapon: one soldier ‘paints the target,’ the other fires the weapon. For now. It seems likely a new, one-man army-comparable platform will combine the laser designator with the fire control system (a la Tracking Point). Whether the Pike peaks as a drone-mounted weapon or ends up as an infantry weapon remains to be seen.