Steyr AUG A3 Update

Steyr with Gear Head charging handle Courtesy Wes Minton

In my recent review on the Steyr Aug A3 I discuss at length what I perceive as the few downfalls of the design. Namely the charging handle’s profile and the horrid awful rotten terrible trigger. Well with the investment of about $100 both of these problems have been completely eradicated . . .

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Adams Arms Drops Prices on Piston Rifles


Adams Arms makes some pretty cool rifles. We’ve reviewed their guns in the past and found them to be pretty awesome — in fact, the biggest gripe I had was the price. The guns are good, but they either needs some upgrades or a price drop to make them better. Adams seems to have come to the same conclusion as they’ve dropped their prices and continued to make improvements on their products. Press release after the jump . . .

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Gun Review: MGI Hydra MARCK-15


The AR-15 is the most popular firearm design in the United States. The reason behind that fact is the gun’s ability to easily and quickly transform to meet the end user’s requirements. Everything from heavy-barreled long range precision to tiny stubby 9″ lightweight designs are possible, and swapping from one to the next can be accomplished using everyday tools and a little elbow grease. MGI recognized this fact and decided to take it one step further — why need tools at all? Why not make a gun where you can change barrels, calibers, and even magazine types easily and quickly on the range without any tools? And so they did, and dubbed it the Hydra . . .

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Question of the Day: Could You Shoot This Target From 1 Mile Away?

Target Is Moving target (not moving but use your imagination) (courtesy target is

The above Target is a moving target – which isn’t moving (unless you’re reading this at sea). It stands 16″ tall from the exposed bottom to the tip. The round bit at the top has a six inch diameter. TIM owner Brent Kochuba tells TTAG that he doesn’t [yet] know the exact speed at which the $365 target oscillates. [Click here for their videos.] That said, the company’s press release claims the extended wireless capability TIM target works out to one mile (1609.34m). That would be one hell of a shot. Has the 33-year-old computer engineer attempted it? “No sir. I live in the Northeast . . . We’ve only shot it out to a couple of hundred yards.” Doable at one mile out? What gun and optic would you use? TIM’s sending TTAG two targets to test. I know a place in New Mexico where we can set it up one mile out. So you’re invited! Ping with a pic of your gun (for Facebook). I’ll see about getting Kirsten there as well. Again, if you can’t get here in real life, how would you make this shot?


Question of the Day: What Does Responsible Ownership of an AK-47 Look Like, and Why is it Worth the Potential Risks?

“You can’t kill a stranger with a gun if you don’t have one,” Seattle Times columnist Jerry Large [not shown] opines. “You can’t kill a relative, and you can’t kill a gang rival and you can’t kill yourself with a gun if you don’t have one. You may find some other way to do it, but guns are a most effective killing tool and one that doesn’t offer much service outside of doing bodily injury.” Is Large so small-minded he can’t see the positive aspects of gun ownership? Or is he being willfully blind and maliciously obtuse? Yes! Like so many antis, Large doesn’t “get” guns. In fact, he wants to know, “What does responsible ownership of an AK-47 look like, and why is it worth the potential risks?” Care to educate the man? [We'll send him this link and ask for a reply.]


Daniel Defense Announces Financing Plan to Goose Rifle Sales


It’s no secret that the modern sporting rifle market has come back down to earth following the post-Newtown panic. Anyone who’s visited their local gun store knows that inventory is plentiful and prices are back down to their previous levels. If not lower. And given the frenzied buying that sucked up every black rifle that producers could turn out last year, you’d expect that demand would take some time to catch up with the newly refreshed supply again. Hence, Daniel Defense has announced a new financing program for their retail customers, providing an added incentive to get that weapon of war you’ve been wanting. That’s right, you can now put the rifle of your dreams — up to $7500 — on a payment plan. Press release after the jump . . .

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Gun Review: Ruger American Rimfire


I’m starting to feel like a real old timer with my endless rambling about the good old days of cheap and plentiful .22 LR. While some parts of the country are seeing the most popular rimfire cartridge back in stock, our brethren in other areas are more likely to find hen’s teeth than affordable .22 LR. But I’m an optimist, and given the long term traffic our gun reviews get, my hope is that years from now, someone will read this review and laugh about those dark days of short supply for .22LR. If you’re reading this in the future, and looking for an affordable, flexible bolt gun in .22 LR, you very well could have found it in the Ruger American Rimfire . . .

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FoD Reviews the ARX 100

I’m not entirely sure I like what Des has done with her hair, but what she’s done with her reviews are great. On-camera accuracy testing? Mixing static workbench review components with live fire demonstrations? Keeping the running time under that of ‘Titanic’? Looks to me like she’s hitting on the right formula for a good video review. Beretta doesn’t seem inclined to give us one of their ARX 100 rifles to test anytime soon, so until we source one locally we’ll have to take Destinee’s word on things.


Gun Review: Coronado Arms CA-15


Coronado Arms is in the business of making finely crafted bolt action rifles. Founded in 2012, they seem to have made some beautiful products and are building their reputation. This past year they came out with an unexpected addition to their line of products: an AR-15 pattern semi-automatic rifle. While at first glance it might look just like any other black rifle on the market, there are one or two improvements over the bog standard rifle that Coronado Arms has included that make it stand out a bit over the competition . . . Continue Reading


Ohio Open Carriers Screw the Pooch

TTAG reader JME writes:

“Growing up, this was one of the neighborhoods that I lived in. Apparently, an aspiring white hip-hop performer and three friends went for an OC rifle walk through a neighborhood while saying less than acceptable words. They walked in front of the District 3 Cincinnati Police Station and were let go by police. Much later arrests were made under a crime initiative for these high crime areas. I know quite a few people in the Ohio Open Carry groups and especially in SW Ohio. I don’t know any of these four. I only did about 30 minutes of digging and found LilKrayzie74′s Facebook page. The [foul-mouthed] YouTube video‘s been removed. Twitter and a group of other social media accounts still active but none with the original video. IMHO, this is an important story.”


Question of the Day: Who Needs A Machine Gun?

NOTE: If you want a machine gun you should be able to have a machine gun. Heller Schmeller. The “shall not be infringed” bit in the Second Amendment is clear on that point. OK, so, in what circumstance would a machine gun be preferable to a semi-automatic rifle for personal defense? If you could keep a full auto around to defend hearth and home (and trailer and boat and etc.), would you? Thanks to Slide Fire and their very understanding friends at the ATF, you can (kinda ish). So what’s stopping you?


German Government Halts New Purchases of H&K G36


The German Defence Ministry has halted new orders of H&K’s G36 rifle. The Defense Ministry took the action after troops in Afghanistan complained that the H&K built rifles couldn’t hit their targets during prolonged firefights. It’s a serious problem; engagement distances in Afghanistan have tended to be much greater than originally envisioned when the rifle was designed. From the AFP (via ChannelNewsAsia) . . .

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