ISIS Remote Control Rifle Revealed

Unlike the Obama administration, I’m going with ISIS rather than ISIL. The “L” stands for the Lavant — an area larger than Syria and Iraq (including Lebanon and Jordan). I don’t want to give the Islamo-fascist state’s ambitions more play than they deserve. Anyway, the remote control gun above indicates that ISIS is nothing if not creative in its desire to control the oil fields that sustain its economy. The sooner and more convincingly they’re destroyed the better.


Shadetree Gunsmithing: Rebarreling a Savage LRP

IMG_0995Many years ago, my father in law bought one of the very first Savage LRPs chambered in .243 WIN. He topped it with a really nice Leupold scope and then started a new position at work that severely interrupted his ability to have free time for shooting. Fast forward a few years, and the rifle was still languishing in his safe. There were precious few factory loadings that the LRP liked, and the ones it did like were not very good at flying out to the 1000 yard line, the primary reason he bought the gun. A rebarrel was in order . . .

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New From Daniel Defense: 300 BLK Ammunition

Daniel Defense - First Choice 300 AAC Blackout Ammunition

There was a time when the gunblogsphere dismissed 300 AAC Blackout. Developed by AAC and Remington under the auspices of Kevin Brittingham, the 7.62×35mm ammo was seen as yet another boutique cartridge destined for obscurity. Shooters soon discovered that 300 BLK offered more-than-merely adequate terminal ballistics and improved flash and sound suppression for their AR-style rifles, requiring only a barrel change. The only significant downside: the bullet starts heading for the dirt at 460 meters (480 yards). And so, here we are, with Daniel Defense offering both gun and now ammo for 300 BLK enthusiasts. Press release after the jump . . .

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SHOT Show 2016 Final Roundup


The TTAG crew brought you lots of great coverage from SHOT Show 2016 this January, and while I think we hit the most exiting and newsworthy items we certainly didn’t — couldn’t — cover it all. After two months, I’m officially tired of seeing the “2016 SHOT” folder chock full of unpublished photos languishing on my desktop. So, complete with captions where appropriate, here are all of the rest of the [gun-related] photos I took this year (warning: very photo-heavy post follows!) . . .

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It’s A Cold Day In Hell Where A Gun Is Required by Law

Ever since I got hypothermia at SHOT Show, I can’t take the cold. When the Texas temperature drops below 50 degrees, I’m feeling the chill. (This from a guy who vacationed in Antarctica.) As for skiing in Spitsbergen, it’s cold comfort that Norwegian law requires expeditions to tool-up before heading for the hills. Wait. Is that right? Not that they stopped a spree killer, but Norway’s gun control laws would please a “gun sense” action-demanding Mom. Anyway . . .

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“Controversial” Virtual Reality AR-15 Revealed

“It’s not a real AR-15,” asserts, “but it sure looks and handles much like one. Anton Hand created it for the HTC Vive virtual reality headset using custom-made parts by his friend Nightfrontier, and he uses the Vive’s motion tracking controllers to handle it much as someone would handle a real weapon. The main differences are concessions allowed for interactive feedback, such as the way the rifle makes an audible ‘click’ when you try to fire it with the safety on. As Hand admits in the Reddit thread announcing the rifle, real one wouldn’t.” So, other than OCD gun nerd stuff, what’s the problem? Glad I asked . . .

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New from Wilson Combat: GLOCK Mag-Compatible 9mm Pistol Caliber Carbine


The pistol caliber carbine category has exploded over the last few years. Starting roughly around the time the CZ Scorpion came on the scene, 9mm and .45 ACP firearms have flooded the market, from the purpose-built PDWs like the SIG SAUER MPX to various AR-15 re-configurations. The trend started with the lower end AR-15 manufacturers. And now Wilson Combat is getting in on the action with a new line of rifles specifically designed to work with your existing Beretta, S&W, or GLOCK magazines. From the presser . . .

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SilencerCo: Radius Target Ranging Gizmo Makes Your Range-Finding Binoculars Obsolete

“When we first decided to create our own rail mounted rangefinder, we wanted something that would allow us to range out to incredible distances reliably without having to come off of the gun and without breaking the bank,” SilencerCo’s presser proclaims that “that’s exactly what we’re delivering. Additional features of the Radius include a user configurable display, continuous ranging for 12 hours with (2) CR123 batteries, and resistance to even extreme elements.” Let’s hope it’s resistant to TTAG commenters’ derision, given that . . .

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Gear Review: TUOR Sights MKII


There’s no shortage of BUIS — back-up iron sights — on the market, as long as you’re happy to choose fixed, flip-up, or offset versions. But with the TUOR Sights — both their MKI and MKII models — you get all of those in one. The same folding sights can orient straight up and down to co-witness with an optic, or can be rotated 45° in either direction for offset use to the right or the left . . .

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Cop’s AR-15 Dust Cover Inscription Used Against Him in Court

Officer Philip Brailsford (courtesy

“The Mesa [Arizona] police officer charged with second-degree murder for an on-duty shooting in January pleaded not guilty during his first court appearance Tuesday,” reports. Officer Philip Brailsford [above] was released without bond. ‘He is not a danger to the community,’ Craig Mehrens, Brailsford’s attorney said. ‘He has honorably served the community as a Mesa police officer and he was honorably serving the day he received the call [to the shooting scene].'” Yes, well . . .

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