New From Lone Wolf: Blank Slides, G9 Updates, and New Barrels


2016 is bringing a lot of change to Lone Wolf Distributors. The biggest piece of news may be that all of their Alpha Wolf barrels and their new slides are fresh designs that are manufactured in the U.S. Lone Wolf will undoubtedly be selling a lot of blank slides or “OEM slides,” which ship as a GLOCK slide “rolling chassis,” if you will. All of the functional bits are already machined, and company XYZ can simply finish out the exterior however they want and slap their own name on it. Also . . .

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Griffin Armament Introduces Their New AR-15


Griffin Armament has been on a tear lately releasing new silencers for 2016, and ramping up production to meet the demand generated by dealers. I’ve had the chance to shoot some of their cans and I found them to be well built, and very quiet. I’ve exchanged quite a few emails and texts with owners, and brothers, Evan and Austin Green over the last few months. They made sure to let me know they had some exciting new products at their booth at SHOT, and that they’d love for me to swing by. One of the new items was their new AR that will be released to the public sometime this year . . .

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Question of the Day: Finance Your Gun?


Wilson Combat makes some pricey pistols, as do a lot of manufacturers. Rifles too. And shotguns. And whenever we publish a review of a multi-thousand dollar firearm TTAG readers kvetch about the cost. “I could buy five GLOCKs and a small bass boat for that price!” Fair enough. I’m well aware that money doesn’t grow on trees. I’ve had my share of hard times. But there are ways to buy guns that make it less immediately expensive. Specifically, lay-away and financing. Have you ever availed yourself or these services? Would you? Or are you both politically and financially conservative?


Mike Pappas and Gary Hughes Silenced an AK

During Media Day at the 2016 SHOT Show I made a mandatory stop at the Dead Air booth. As your intrepid scribe, I had a duty to report on Dead Air’s new Ghost-M. As a lover of all things gun, I had to swing by to see Mike Pappas and his brand new head of sales, Gary Hughes. Given that Mike makes cans and Gary loves making AKs, it shouldn’t have surprised me that they had a can-equipped AK at the range . . .

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The Most Expensive Box I Found at SHOT


While cruising the booths at SHOT, I stopped by to see the folks at Mile High. As they’ve received a decent amount of money from the friend who loaned me his AI AT, I figured I’d swing by to see what other goodies they might have. Perched on the counter was what I figure might be the most expensive box of things I’ve ever found…

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New from FN: FN-15 Pistol


It seems like FN tried to pull a bit of a fast one. They already have a comprehensive lineup of semi-automatic FN-15 rifles, but they have just added a new (small) addition without any fanfare or press release. The FN-15 Pistol is a short barreled firearm with a pistol tube on the rear, available as a Title 1 firearm to American citizens with little more than a NICS check. This would be perfect for DIY Form 1 SBR for those who are so inclined to have one straight from FN’s own factory.

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Brethren Armament Fixes the MP5 Trigger Pack, Now Takes AR-15 Trigger, Safety, and Grip


The MP5 trigger pack is one of the most disappointing things ever. The trigger is thick and heavy. The grip is fixed and non changeable. And worst of all the design means that everyone with the exception of hickok45 is unable to reach the magazine release button with their trigger finger. Brethren Armament has been slowly bringing the MP5 into the 21st century. Their latest accomplishment is creating a trigger pack that gives MP5 shooters a ton more options and vastly improves the ergonomics of the gun.

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Sword International Mk-18 Mod 0

Courtesy Joe Grine

S.W.O.R.D. International has been getting a lot of attention from military units worldwide because of its MK 18 Mod 0 semi-automatic gas-piston rifle chambered in .338 Lapua. What makes this rifle so attractive is that it offers the reach of the .338 Lapua round with AR ergonomics in a package that weighs in at only 13 pounds. While not necessarily “new” per se, the Mk 18 Mod 0 is still one of the most impressive things I saw at SHOT Show this year . . .

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New From Brigand Arms: The Lightest AR Handguard in the World


Made from braided carbon fiber tubes shrouded by a protective jacket, Brigand Arms‘ AR-15 handguards are stiffer and stronger than you might expect given their airy, lattice design. In a way, it’s actually all of that airspace that you’re paying for. These bad boys are the lightest handguards anywhere, with the 15″ Edge (no rails) model clocking in at an astonishing 3.9 ounces. Yet, it’ll support 100 pounds of weight in any direction. Read on for more info and photos . . .

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