Gun Review: Wilson Combat .308 Project


When you think “Wilson Combat,” you think Bill Wilson and his love affair with the 1911 platform. The man is so ga-ga over Browning’s masterwork that he built an entire competition shooting sport around the gun, and now produces what are arguably some of the finest hand-crafted 1911 handguns the world has ever seen. But Wilson Combat does more than 1911s and the odd 92FS — they’ve been in the custom AR-15 business since time immemorial. One place they have yet to firmly plant their foot is in the .308 AR-10 market, which is something their latest creation attempts to fix.

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Guns of the Texas ISIS Attack

In the picture above, blacked-out an image of the prophet Mohammed displayed at the art show that was [unsuccessfully] attacked by terrorists. Given the Land of Hope and Glory’s antipathy to firearms, I’m amazed they didn’t black-out the cops’ ARs as well. As many of our readers have pointed out, this was not the Charlie Hebdo attack the bad guys were looking for. Because guns! And Texas! More pics after the jump, including one with one of the offensive images [blasphemy alert] . . .

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Three-Round Bursts For Dummies

There are Jewish engineers. And Jewish mechanics (I think the guy on Fast N Loud is a member of the tribes). But I have about as much mechano-technical prowess as a miniature Schnauzer. My primary skill: using prepositions in a snarky, grammatically correct way. But I’m always game to lose parts and render devices inoperable in an attempt to understand or correct their function. Just ask Nick who recently showed me how to properly clean my Wilson Combat XTAC. (“No. That’s a wet patch. You’re making sludge.”) Anyway, I’m a lot wiser about three-round burst devices for rifles. Which I can’t have unless the rifle in question is pre-1968 and the government gives me the OK. Which is just as well, really.


A Different Approach to Building a $500 1000-Yard Gun (Part 1)


By Louis K. Bonham

As longtime readers may recall, TTAG T&E Editor Nick Leghorn had an intriguing challenge a few years back: to come up with a complete rifle for under $500 that would allow an average shooter to reliably make 1000 yard shots — which I interpret as ringing the 30″ gong at Best of the West’s 1000 yard range. However, while Nick was able to do it for under $1000, his effort at a low budget long-ranger came up short. I’m going to attempt Nick’s challenge, but I’m try it from a different angle. Rather than starting with a budget-priced modern rifle, I’m going to use a classic milsurp battle rifle: the Swiss Karabiner Model 1931, better known as the K31 . . .

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Gear Review: Norman Gray’s Top 5 AR-15 Iron Sights

I "heart" Iron Sights

Arizona – -( In my time, I used iron sights on my military issued M-16A2 simply because EOTech and Aimpoint didn’t exist. Fast forward 26 years and every civilian shooter, soldier and law enforcement officer has one on their rifle. It’s truly amazing the technical advancements we have made in that time, but shooters don’t often learn from history. As tough as these sights may be, they are still man made devices and prone to malfunction or breakage and in a worst case scenario, bullets and shrapnel can severely shorten their lifespan. It’s these times when we can still rely on old fashioned low tech to get us through these unforeseen events and still be effective on the battlefield . . .

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Germany Officially Ditches H&K G36, States Accuracy Issues as Main Complaint


A German newspaper is reporting that the German military has officially decided to drop the G36 as its main infantry rifle. We’ve been covering the kerfuffle with the G36 for damn near a year now, and after last week’s proclamation by the German military that the reported accuracy issues are completely true and the entire firearm is to blame, it looks like they’re throwing in the towel and changing guns. There’s no word on exactly which firearm will be the new choice, but it seems that H&K might get another bite at the apple if they submit a “fixed” version… along with everyone else’s submissions.

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AR-15 Muzzle Brake Shootout #2


Welcome back! Last November, we compared 35 different AR-15 muzzle devices. That shootout, like this one, pitted them against each other in a sled test to see which reduced rearwards recoil energy the most. However, this time around there are [almost] no flash hiders, linear compensators, or other devices not actually designed to reduce recoil. A total of 37 brakes and compensators joined in the fun for roundup part deux, although 8 of them are carry-overs from the first test, including the previous recoil eliminating winner. . .

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Gear Review: SAS SCAR Stock from Kinetic Development Group


As I’ve said before (and will say again, no doubt) the SCAR is a bit of an ugly duckling. It seems like a ton of work was put into the internal gubbins, but when it came to visual design they threw it together in a weekend. From the chunky forend to the Ugg boot shaped stock, its not the prettiest gun on the range. But it can be. More and more companies are coming out with replacement parts for the SCAR, and Kinetic Development Group has recently released a stock for the gun that looks pretty damn slick.

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New From Ruger: Mini-14 in 300 Blackout


The 300 Blackout cartridge is really starting to hit its stride. Just about every manufacturer makes a gun in the wonder caliber, and ammunition is finally available in most big box sporting goods stores. Now it seems that the 300 BLK cartridge is starting to reach beyond the confines of the AR-15 platform, branching out into other firearms as well. The latest is Ruger’s latest Mini-14, a firearm considered so evil by Dianne Feinstein that it was specifically banned in her last proposed Assault Weapons Ban bill, but A-OK as far as California and other states with an Assault Weapons Ban is concerned. It might be a nifty choice for a lightweight hunting rifle especially for those in The Golden State, and we’ve asked for one to review. Don’t touch that dial.


Question of the Day: What Optic Do You Have on Your Go-To Rifle?


LWRC International kicks off the most significant consumer promotion in its history starting April 15 through August 31 2015, any consumer purchasing a new in-the-box LWRCI commercial rifle from an authorized dealer will receive an Aimpoint Micro T-1 2 MOA red dot sight with pre-mounted 39mm spacer and LRP ($889.00) at NO CHARGE.” Well ain’t that a kick in the pants! That’s a $900 optic. [Suppressor not included. Terms and conditions apply. Ammoland press release after the jump.] The question is, right optic? OK sure, it could be a second or third optic. But what’s your go-to optic on your go-to rifle?  . . .

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