Gun Review: MILTAC Alpha


There are a ton of AR-15 “manufacturers” these days. In general, when you’ve seen one AR-15, you’ve seen ’em all. And most shops simply assemble OEM parts and call the rifle their own. In that sense the MILTAC Alpha isn’t all that different, since it’s still predominantly a parts build. But there are one or two features that might warrant it a second look . . .

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BATFE Planning to Finalize Rule on NFA Trusts in December


Back in 2013, Nick reported that the BATFE was toying with the idea of requiring all responsible parties in an NFA trust to get a Chief Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO) sign-off, just as individuals are required to do. The wheels of bureaucracy being slow as ever, we hadn’t heard much on that lately. An eagle-eyed TTAG reader, however, noted that something may be about to break on that front later this year . . .

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More Sturm Und Drang at Heckler & Koch


Heckler and Koch, the famous arms manufacturer from the German state of Baden-Württemberg, has been having a rough patch lately. As reported last year, the company has been having a rocky time financially. Then the Bundeswehr announced that it was ditching H&K’s G36 rifle (hitherto its main battle rifle) due to accuracy issues in combat situations that were traced back to flaws in the gun’s design . . .

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Colt Firearms Teeters on the Edge of the Abyss

Colt Python (courtesy

“Colt Defense LLC’s debt rating has been cut to the lowest level possible after the hand-gun maker skipped an interest payment and extended its deadline for creditors to approve either a debt exchange or a prepackaged bankruptcy,” reports. “Standard & Poor’s reduced Colt’s rating two grades to D from CC . . . The new rating means S&P considers the company ‘in default or in breach of an imputed promise’ and that it has ruled out the possibility the manufacturer will make good on a missed interest payment during a 30-day grace period.” The rest of the article is full of investor speak. Suffice it to say . . .

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Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: Suzanne Pesola

Suzann Pesola (courtesy

“The 26-year-old Coram woman arrested after shooting a high-powered rifle off her balcony at an apartment complex Monday evening has a young child — and told police she was shooting into a wooded area ‘for recreational purposes’,” reports. “Suffolk County police said the woman, identified as Suzanne Pesola, of 405 B Dunston Place, [above] fired ‘multiple shots’ from a .9-millimeter High Point carbine rifle.” High Point high-powered .9mm rifle? That does sound like fun – as long as you wear a jeweler’s loupe when you load it and know your target and what’s behind it. Not to mention your local firearms laws. I wonder how they learned of the incident. Not through the rifle’s report, methinks.


BREAKING: Tracking Point Going Bust?

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 12.21.44 PM

A TrackingPoint tipster writes:

I cannot give you my name as I was a former employee and still looking for employment and do not want this to bite me in the rear. But I wanted you to know first. As you know TrackingPoint went though a “corporate restructuring” at the end of February, where they laid off between 45 and 60 percent of the company. Fast forward ten weeks, and they had another board meeting on Friday . . .

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Gun Review: Beretta Cx4 Storm

Courtesy Joe Grine

Beretta released the “Cx4 Storm” in 2003, hoping to compete in the law enforcement market. The case for the Cx4 is strong, since it’s a lightweight, accurate, reliable blowback-operated carbine that allows an officer to use the same magazine as his or her 92 FS or Px4 pistol. Unfortunately for Beretta, most departments have opted for AR-15s and M-4s, so the Cx4 never really achieved the type of US LEO market acceptance that I imagine Beretta would have hoped. But that doesn’t mean the venerable Cx4 isn’t a viable option . . .

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Just Arrived: Ruger American Rifle Predator in 6.5 Creedmoor


It might be a rainy day here in Austin, Texas but the gun gods are smiling upon us, as my FFL has called to inform me that a shiny new Ruger American Rifle arrived this week. The American Rifle series is Ruger’s budget-minded answer to the a market that demands performance at a rock-bottom price. The new Predator edition aims to add some “nice to haves” to the bargain priced rifles that Nick reviewed, and liked a great deal . . .

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When Tannerite Shoots Back (NSFW)

By Seamus McAfee via

In a video posted by YouTube user John Guzman, a rifleman takes a shot at an explosive mark, but soon finds himself scrambling to clear the path of a vengeful rock hurtling for his head. Be warned that there’s some slightly NSFW language, as the video contains about three-fourths of a swear word before cutting off (not that we blame him).


Gun Review: Kel-Tec CMR-30

cmr-and-pmrKel-Tec’s PMR-30 has earned the nickname “poor man’s Five-seveN” thanks to its light weight, high capacity, and fairly potent little caliber all in a semi-auto pistol format. While the 5.7×28 FN Five-seveN has always had a carbine companion in the PS90, Kel-Tec didn’t offer a buddy for its .22 WMR PMR-30 until now. Taking it a step further than FN, the release of Kel-Tec’s CMR-30 offers much more than simply a compact rifle in the same caliber, though, as the CMR uses the same magazines, controls, trigger, and more. . .

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Marines Use Rubbers To Improve Marksmanship

Rubber mats! (courtesy

OK, it’s actually Marines Use Rubber Mats to Improve Marksmanship. What a difference a consonant makes – in terms of click bait. Anyway . . . “Marines in Hawaii are using rubberized shooting mats on the rifle range, a comfort upgrade officials credit with dramatically reducing failures during annual marksmanship qualifications,” marinecorpstimes,com reports. Wait. What? Shouldn’t the quals have some relation to real-world conditions? Isn’t qualifying marksmanship on rubber mats a bit like scoring at a whorehouse? Sure seems that way. In fact . . .

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