UPDATE: CT Gun Control Making SBRs Difficult


A couple of weeks ago, Connecticut reader Matt told the story of his attempts to build or acquire a legal short barrel rifle. Here’s the latest:

My F1 was denied this week because “The making and/or possession of this firearm would be in violation of State or local law”. I was able to talk to the examiner that denied the F1 and he said that Connecticut now requires that the “assault weapon” cert for the firearm be included because I am making a firearm with the F1. The cert will need to say exactly what the firearm made by the F1 says . . .

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Mexican Cartels: They Shoot Helicopters Don’t They?

“Six people were killed after attacking a Black Hawk helicopter belonging to the Mexican Marina (Semar),” Proceso reports. “The helicopter was patrolling the south of Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, where they were attacked and repelled the aggression killing six civilians. The helicopter received six bullet impacts, but none of the three crew were injured. Semar explained that they carried out the aero operation to surveil a breach into the areas of Sabinas Hidalgo, Nuevo Leon and Nuevo Guerrero, Tamaulipas, to locate the criminal organization known in their data base . . .

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Gun Review: Century Arms C308 Rifle


Some years ago, Century Arms‘ first attempt at assembling CETME-style, .308 battle rifles from surplus parts didn’t go extremely well, and the product was hit-or-miss. The market has been a bit hesitant to dive back into a Century Arms-branded CETME/G3/HK91, but the most recent effort here, the C308, is definitely proving to be a solid performer at an incredibly low price. The C308’s manufacturing process is pretty unique, but it also means that they’re strictly limited in numbers. . .

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Gun Review: LWRC IC-A5 Individual Carbine


A few years back, the Army finally realized that it might be time to modernize their 60-year-old M-16 battle rifle. The gun has had minor tweaks since its introduction, but with all the advancements in modern technology their standard issue rifle was falling behind the curve. The call went out to manufacturers to produce a better rifle for selection as the next firearm of choice for the U.S. military — the Individual Carbine Competition. LWRC International is a smaller shop than the competition from FNH USA and Remington, but they came up with the best looking rifle out of the bunch: the LWRC IC-A5.

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New from Ruger: SR-556 Takedown

SR-566 Takedown (courtesy ruger.com)

Ruger’s selling their new SR-556 Takedown for a staggering $2049. In theory (that’s MSRP). In practice, Bud’s Guns sells Ruger ARs for $1350. So we’re still in love with the idea of an AR where you can unscrew the barrel with a simple twist of the wrist, transport the weapon discreetly, screw-in the barrel and have at it (assuming the gun maintains zero). Wait . . .

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Gun Review: Ruger Mini-14 Tactical in 300 BLK


The Ruger Mini-14 is one of Ruger’s flagship rifles. First designed in the late 1960’s as a smaller civilian version of the U.S. Military M-14, the rifle has been used by generations of hunters and target shooters. It’s also been featured prominently in movies and TV shows throughout the years. This rifle was the AR-15 of the 1970’s and 1980’s, the semi-auto firearm of choice — and for good reason. There’s just something quintessentially American about the look of the Mini-14, and now Ruger has released a version in my favorite caliber: 300 AAC Blackout. Is it the awesome “peanut butter in my chocolate” moment that hunters like me have been waiting for? . . .

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New From FNH USA: FN 15 1776 Rifle

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 10.08.26 AM

Ever since rolling out their consumer-oriented FN 15 line of ARs a couple of years back, FNH USA has gradually expanded their range, making more offerings available for those who want the FNH name in their rifle. Now, in advance of July 4, they’ve announce the new FN 15 1776 model, a  budget-priced AR that’s perfect as a starter or project gun. press release after the jump . . .

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High Fashion High Points!

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 12.20.24 PM

“Hi-Point Firearms & MKS Supply, Inc., is known more for tough, reliable, accurate, low-cost guns than for ‘pretty’ guns, but now they have one that looks cool, too!”  That, dear friends, is press release-speak for putting lipstick on a pig. I’m not saying that the Hi-Point carbine is the world’s ugliest rifle. It’s ONE of the world’s ugliest rifles. To be fair, it is cheap. Three Franklins and it’s yours. And it’s effective . . . enough. Back in the day TTAG chronicled the story of a Detroit Mom who successfully defended herself and her brood with a Hi-Point Carbine. As for this MKS Supply assertion – “All American-made Hi-Point Carbines are used by law enforcement worldwide and can easily match both the accuracy and reliability of more expensive carbines in the same caliber” – well, PR gotta PR. Make the jump for the full official announcement, revealing the carbine’s new colors: digital desert tan (shown above), woodland (subdued grey/green/brown/black combination), and a “fun screaming pink camo pattern.”  We’ll get one for testing. No joke. OK, maybe a bit . . .

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Henry Repeating Rifles Donates Ten .30/30 Lever Guns to Veteran Outdoors

Henry Repeating Arms, repeating (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

TTAG supports veterans. We hire vets and donate time and money to vets. (News of the Texas Firearms Festival’s Veterans Appreciation Day to follow.) During my recent interview with Henry Repeating Rifles’ impresario Anthony Imperato, I asked if he’d send a couple of rifles to Veteran Outdoors [autoplay audio at the link]. The charity takes veterans hunting to help heal their psychological wounds and assimilate back into society. VO spends 110 percent of the money received directly on their outreach programs (10 percent comes from their own pockets). Mr. Imperato sent VO ten .30-30 lever guns, which they get to keep after their hunts. Press release after the jump. Stories of vets hunting with the rifles to follow . . .

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Gear Review: MDT HS3 Chassis System


Accuracy is everything in my world. A gun isn’t good if it can’t hit the target. One of the ways to improve the accuracy of your rifle is to change the chassis, since the usual stock that comes with most bolt action rifles is terrible in every way. For a good chassis, you would normally expect to pay a ton of money — Dual Strike demands north of $2,000 for their chassis system. But MDT is a company constantly improving their chassis for the budget minded shooter, and the latest incarnation is the HS3.

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AR-15 Flash Hider Shootout


In Muzzle Brake Shootouts Part 1 and Part 2, we were primarily testing recoil reduction performance. With something like 64 brakes and comps recoil tested, it was time to move onto muzzle flash. For this shootout we were able to gather 33 different muzzle devices — mostly dedicated flash hiders but also some hybrid units — and pit them against each other for flash suppression prowess. Not only did we capture photographs of each FH in action, but with the use of a trick light meter we were able to record actual brightness measurements and scored some real, objective data. . .

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