Gear Review: Geissele SSA-E Trigger


Hi, My name is Tyler, and I’m a trigger snob. I’ve been a trigger snob my whole life. I feel it is arguably the most important part of any gun, and if anyone asks about potential upgrades, I tell them to spend good money on good triggers. There are a lot of AR trigger manufacturers, and one day, I’ll test ‘em all. But one company always comes up first when it comes to quality triggers for the AR platform – Geissele . . .

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If You Only Watch One Episode of The Rifleman, This Is The One To Watch

“This territory has a lot of growing up to do,” rifleman Lucas McCain tells the stand-in sheriff [7:40]. “Until that’s done we can’t take away a man’s right to protect himself.” Until that’s done? You’d think The Rifleman would be a little more firm on gun rights. Anyway, gun control doesn’t work out in North Fork, New Mexico Territory. Just like it doesn’t work out in California, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, etc. [h/t DG] As the Talking Heads would say, same as it ever was.


Kalashnikov Rebrands Itself: “Weapons of Peace”

“Kalashnikov, Russia’s legendary firearms producer, has revamped its corporate image, unveiling a new ‘CK’ red-and-black logo – not to be confused with Calvin Klein – a new slogan, three streamlined weapons brands and its own survival gear,” reports. It’s good to know that Russian oligarchs are just as susceptible to branding B.S. as Cerberus’ fat cats (e.g., Remington’s 1816 lifestyle brand). Privyet? All branding starts with the product. Build a better AK and then worry about marketing. Ready for the new slogan? In English, it’s . . .

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Gun Review: CMMG Mk47 “Mutant” AR-15 in 7.62×39


It’s a shame that the 7.62×39 cartridge is so under-utilized in the United States. Sure everyone and their brother has an AK-47 sitting in the back of the closet, but (at least for me) the only time it gets taken out is when there’s a foreigner you need to impress with your tear-inducing level of freedom. It’s a fun range toy, but the lack of rail space for optics, the chunky nature of the platform, and the lack of accuracy are all reasons that it doesn’t come with me to the ranch for hunting season. Which is a shame, since the 7.62×39 cartridge is basically perfect for hog hunting. It seems like CMMG has seen this need for a more accurate and modern AK-47, they have responded by introducing their brand new Mk47 rifle.

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New from CMMG: Mk47 “Mutant” AR-15 in 7.62×39


[See the full review here!]

There are some major benefits to the 7.62×39 cartridge. It’s a heavy-hitting 30 caliber projectile seated in a nicely tapered case that makes for great terminal ballistics and easy, reliable feeding. But the #1 reason most people shoot it: the cartridge is an absolute blast and dirt cheap. Nevermind the flood of military surplus rounds coming in from overseas, even the American manufacturing plants are cranking out the cartridges as fast as they can. The only problem with the round is . . .

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Winchester Unveils the XPR Rifle

Over the last couple years, there has been a considerable push from gun companies to produce a new entry level hunting rifle to replace the quickly deteriorating Remington 700. Ruger has their American Rifle, Weatherby has their Vanguard S2, and now Winchester looks to be getting into the game with the XPR. The website for the new gun is live now, but certain details (like pricing) seem to be withheld pending SHOT Show 2015. What we do know is . . .

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Passively Constructed Negligent Discharge of the Day: PA Hunter ND Two-fer Edition

“The [Pennsylvania] Game Commission said Wednesday that a 52-year-old Tamaqua man told investigators he was unloading his rifle when the weapon accidentally fired,” reports. Clearly, he didn’t train his weapon to stay safe during the unloading process. Either that or he didn’t keep his finger off the trigger. Worse, our hapless hunter failed to keep his weapon pointed in a safe direction. “The state Game Commission says the bullet passed through a 14-year-old girl’s left knee and entered the abdomen of a 15-year-old boy Tuesday night in a wooded area behind Tamaqua Area High School . . . The Game Commission says it’s too early to say if he’ll face charges.” Yeah, take your time with that. Or not.


OMG! Armed Black Men Defending A White-Owned Business in Ferguson! WIth An AR-15! OMG!


“On Tuesday night, as police and soldiers took up positions in the parking lots of virtually every strip mall and big box store around it, the forecourt of the brightly lit gas station [in Ferguson, Missouri] was busy with customers,” reports. “One, a 6-foot-8-inches man named Derrick Jordan — ‘Stretch,’ as friends call him — whisked an AR-15 assault rifle out from a pickup truck parked near the entrance . . .

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Remington Defense Snags M40 Sniper Rifle Stocks Contract


As Nick pointed out the other day, it’s been a bad year for Big Green. Suffice it to say Cerberus has plenty of leftover turkey on its plate. But there is a bright spot: Remington Defense. The company has just scored a “multi-million dollar contract” to supply the U.S. Marines with some 2,000 modular stocks, spares, and magazines for the Marine’s M40 Sniper Rifle Modular Stock program. This on top of its $28m contract to supply the U.S. Army with 3,600 XM2010 enhanced sniper rifle systems, and a $79.7m contract to provide The United States Special Operations Command up to 5,150 Precision Sniper Rifles (“PSR”) and 4.6 million rounds of precision ammunition. According to the press release on the rifle stock contract [after the jump] . . .

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Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, West Virgina and Wyoming File Friend of the Court Briefs to Overturn Maryland’s “Assault Rifle” and “High Capacity Magazine” Ban


“The state of Michigan joined a friend-of-the-court brief [click here to read] asking for a federal appeals court to overturn a Maryland gun-control law that would ban certain assault weapons and limit the size of magazines,” reports. “The brief is asking the appeals court to overturn a federal district court ruling that a Maryland law banning 45 types of assault weapons and limiting magazine size to 10 rounds as constitutional . . . The brief states Maryland’s Firearm Safety Act of 2013 infringes on each state’s citizens’ Second Amendment rights ‘by imposing a ban on the possession of commonly used weapons that extends to the home.'” Of course, has to close with an anti-gun sentiment . . .

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Gun Review: Adams Arms C.O.R. Ultra Lite Rifle


Over the last couple years, there has been no bigger influence on the firearms market than the emerging sport of 3-gun shooting. As the number of participants has skyrocketed, so too has the number of rifle manufacturers producing firearms to feed that voracious market. Everyone and their brother has a rifle optimized for 3-gun shooting these days, and figuring out which rifle manufacturers have got their heads screwed on straight and actually understand the challenges of the sport can be a challenge. Adams Arms recently introduced a line of rifles specifically designed for 3-gun shooting, and they sent one to me to test out.

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Tyler Texas Cops Sell Confiscated Guns for Three AR’s

“Over twenty guns were taken out of the evidence room and taken to a pawn shop called Lakeview Pawn in Ore City and traded off for $2,400 worth of credit,” reports. “That credit was used immediately for 3 assault rifles and accessories officers wanted to go with them.” Such a deal! In fact, you could say that the theft from the evidence room saved Morris County taxpayers money. Strangely, Tyler Mayor Karl Stoermer didn’t make that case. His only comment: “I brought in outside investigators, the investigation was completed, and there will be no further action taken.” Boss Hawg would approve.