Ukrainian Prez Marks Independence Day With a Warning To Russia

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko vowed Monday to deploy thousands more troops and hundreds of new armored vehicles,” reports, “and warned Russia-backed separatists that they will be defeated in their quest to divide Ukraine from its Western allies.” With refurbished WWI Maxim machine guns? Well, why not? They look pretty lethal to me. Besides, there’s this, too . . .

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NERF Nerd Reveals Star Wars Blasters

Everyone knows Storm Troopers can’t hit squat. Now, if they do get their sights lined up, they won’t elicit so much as an ouch from their targets. Equally, I’m sure a Jedi knight could stop a NERF dart mid-flight. What’s more, the Storm Trooper rifle – complete with NERF Rampage internals (the elite version of the old school NERF Raider) – positions the mag horizontally. Like horizontal stripes on clothing, even when worn by a Hungarian supermodel, that’s a really bad idea. As for NRFB Star Wars-themed darts, huh? I do, however, love the  . . .

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Kalashnikov USA Rifle Prices Revealed [PHOTO GALLERY]

Kalashnikov wood carbine US132W (courtesy Facebook)

When Kalashnikov USA announced it was shipping its American-made rifles to dealers, we asked a simple question: “How much for your women?” No, wait. How much for the guns? The company demurred (that’s vocab nerd speak for “refused to answer.”) So I passed on the presser. Now, thanks to Mark Zuckerberg’s largesse (“greed”), we have that information for you. The buzz on the ‘net: they may be expensive but they’re made in America! Well, only if Kalashnikov doesn’t nalomat drov (“mangle the firewood”). T&E request submitted. $836 for the gun above (all prices MSRP). Here are the rest . . .

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Surplus Saturday: Finnish Valmet M76W


When my Marine Corps brother Andy called me up to tell me that I could have free reign of his Class 3 gun shop (and bar-b-que), Defcon-1 Armory and Chow Hall, to write about any of the military surplus firearms he has, I jumped at the opportunity. After all, if history isn’t kept alive, it disappears forever. When he told me that he received a Finnish AK variant called the Valmet M76W, of course my response was: what the heck is that? . . .

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Gun Review: Shaolin Rifleworks 300 BLK Carbine


Shaolin Rifleworks says they’re making the most accurate AR-pattern rifles in the world. At SHOT Show 2015, I had a good time shooting their .223 and .308 rifles along with this .300 AAC Blackout carbine, but a gusting ~20 mph crosswind meant trying for indicative 100-yard groups was basically out of the question. Thankfully, Shaolin followed up by loaning me the .300 BLK version and I’ve been shooting it for a couple of months now. . .

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Contest Entry: New From Springfield Armory – M1 Garand

Jan. 26, 1943: An infantryman is on guard on Grassy Knoll in Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands during World War II.  (AP Photo)

By EC in CA

Loyal readers of this humble periodical will recall that from time to time we venture to provide our thoughts on new models of firearms before they are available for purchase at your neighborhood hardware store. This past month, we had the pleasure of testing a new rifle developed for the U.S. Army. Since you may never get a chance to operate one, we invite you to turn the page to learn how our afternoon at the Army’s armory in Springfield, Massachusetts went . . .

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JFK’s M1 Garand to be Auctioned, Expected to Fetch $100k


President John F. Kennedy was one of the most prominent we’ve had. He navigated us through the beginning of the Cold War, set us on course to head to the moon, and his assassination kicked off the gun control era that we are still fighting today. Like every red blooded American should, Kennedy purchased an M1 Garand back when he was still a senator. Kennedy’s M1 Garand – hand-picked and breathed on by Army gunsmiths – is coming up for auction over at the Rock Island Auction company. Expected sale price: about $100,000. While that’s cool, that’s not the only interesting thing about this story . . .

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Contest Entry: Gun Therapy

ed _19

By Chad Beaty

Firearm ownership wasn’t much of an issue for those of us who grew up in rural Northern California. Even if you didn’t own a firearm, you knew someone who did. I clearly remember, during my high school years, heading out and hunting rabbits with a friend who kept his .22lr rifle in his Jeep. I also took the occasional trip to the banks of the Delta Mendota to shoot clay pigeons with my dad and his friends. Other than that, I never owned my own firearm or ever felt a need to . . .

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VT Woman Uses an Assault Ri- … Sorry, Hunting Rifle to Kill Social Worker

Vermont crime scene (courtesy

Gun rights advocates like to point out that the hysteria over “assault rifles” is misplaced. AR-style modern sporting rifles are a lot less likely to be used in a crime than handguns, as statistics reveal. The New York Times (no less) reports that “In 2012, only 322 people were murdered with any kind of rifle, F.B.I. data shows.” The numbers don’t reveal the percentage of MSRs in that total, but you can bet it’s pretty low. Besides, what difference does it make? Traditional hunting rifles are just as deadly as “assault rifles”, as this story [via] reveals . . .

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Contest Entry: The Thunderstick


By Anonymous

Ben Takes the Gun was a 95-year old, full-blooded Oglala Lakota that lived on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. He had a penchant for wearing cowboy hats and shirts, and wore his grayed waist-length hair in two braids. He was an old hunter and WWII veteran, in fact during the war Ben was inducted into the Code Talker program of the U.S. Army. He served in the Pacific with what he called the “Lakota Code Talkers,” men that transmitted tactical military information in their native language during engagements with the Japanese army . . .

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New from HatsanUSA: Torpedo 150 Sniper Combo Airgun

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 9.13.59 AM

Airguns are a blast. Not literally, of course. Airguns are particularly quiet – especially when they’re fitted with an integrated sound moderator like the new Hatsan Torpedo 150 Sniper Combo. That particular not-firearm is the latest evolution of the original Torpedo 150 fixed barrel/under-lever rifle. In addition to the not-silencer, the Torpedo boasts an ambidextrous thumbhole-style stock with an adjustable cheek rest and the Vortex Gas Piston System, which lets owners leave their gun cocked and locked without causing any damage to the airgun. The company’s presser also claims the VGPS provides shooters with “more consistent power between consecutive shots” and “eliminates most vibrations caused by the oscillation of heavy springs and have a significantly longer lifecycle than spring-powered airguns – providing higher and more consistent velocities over their lifetime.” I’m not sure . . .

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