Tyler Texas Cops Sell Confiscated Guns for Three AR’s

“Over twenty guns were taken out of the evidence room and taken to a pawn shop called Lakeview Pawn in Ore City and traded off for $2,400 worth of credit,” tylerpaper.com reports. “That credit was used immediately for 3 assault rifles and accessories officers wanted to go with them.” Such a deal! In fact, you could say that the theft from the evidence room saved Morris County taxpayers money. Strangely, Tyler Mayor Karl Stoermer didn’t make that case. His only comment: “I brought in outside investigators, the investigation was completed, and there will be no further action taken.” Boss Hawg would approve. 


Akron Homeless Man Gets 2 Yrs. in Prison for Stealing Police M16

Ohio police arsenal of M16's (courtesy daytondailynews.com)

So a cop pulls into a cop shop in Akron, Ohio. As Officer Distracted leaves the cruiser, he mistakenly hits the remote trunk release on his key fob. (ohio.com: “it appears a defective latch allowed the cruiser trunk to pop open after an officer parked near the department.”) A homeless man (and thief) named James Couto Jr. wanders by. He sees an unsecured “high-powered and loaded” M16 – one of 5000 loaned to OH cops by the DOD – in the trunk. Mr. Couto plays finders keepers.  The cops freak. The cops catch him dead-to-rights. A judge sentences Mr. Couto to two years in the hoosegow. No word on administrative action against the policeman or woman from whom the M16 was stolen. Fair enough? [Note: this is not the first time this has happened.]


Canadian Judges Reclassify Air Rifles as Firearms

Yes, yes, I know . . . Lewis & Clark fed their party and amazed the locals with their lethal Girandoni air gun in the early 1800’s. But that doesn’t change the fact that an airgun is not a firearm per se. Of course, “firearm” is also a legal term. Our neighbors to the north have a thing about guns – especially unlicensed, unregistered and unrestricted guns. And so a panel of judges decided that an air rifle is a firearm – regardless of the firing system or the feet per second rate of the ejected pellet. Air rifles are now subject to the same gun control laws bedeviling firearms-owning Canadians. Or are they? Apparently, the legislature’s going to sort it all out. Of course, the Parliament and Premier won’t add any additional regulations for air guns while they’re at it, right?


It’s Alive! Tromix Intros Their Over/Under “Siamese M16″

Never underestimate the inventiveness of gun makers. First there was the Arsenal AF2011-A1 SuperGlue job, joining two 1911s together to mark the centennial of John Moses Browning’s masterpiece. Then Gilboa got into the game, welding a couple of ARs together to make their Snake. Now it’s Tromix Lead Delivery Systems’ turn. But since Gilboa had already done the side-by-side thing, Tromix had to come up with something a little more…unique. Hence their “Siamese M16″ full-auto over/under M16s (which they call their “most insane creation” that’s intended for “LAW Enforcement only”). OK then. Note the criss-cross gas system which apparently allows for alternating shots from each barrel. Just one question: Is that really the best place to mount that red dot?


Is This the Best Slo-Mo .50 Caliber Destruction Video Ever?

I’m not saying this Dan Blizerian .50 vs. Rolex YouTube video is perfect. The most glaring defect: Dan the Man shoots fake Rolexes. That is SO not the same as drilling a real Rolex. If Dan had shot a Rolex Daytona – or two or three – that would have lifted this slo-mo video straight into the legendary category, adding to the Trustafarian’s already formidable rep as the [all but literally] balls-out American consumer. Better/worse yet, how about a Patek Phillippe? Still, this production is a gorgeous thing, proving that Shiva the Destroyer is a serious babe, if you know what I mean.


Second Opinion: Tac-Con 241 Trigger


It’s no secret that I didn’t like the Tac-Con 3MR trigger. It isn’t necessarily that it’s a bad egg — the thing functions as advertised — it just seems overpriced for what you get. They were asking $500 for a trigger that doesn’t do anything all that new, and came with no training materials or instructions on how to use it. Their PR guy’s response to the article wasn’t all that pleasant, but after a few conversations with the Tac-Con guys themselves, they invited me out to try out their latest creation. Tyler liked it. As for me . . .

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Gun Tweet of the Day: AK-47 vs. AR-15 Edition

Jueneifer's opinion (courtesy Twitter.com)


Question: does Jennifer actually believe that AK stands for 47-bullet “Automatic Killer”? Or is this a new flavor of anti-gun agitprop? I reckon she does consider the AK-47 more lethaler than an AR-15. If Jennifer was intentionally spreading AK-FUD, she’d have to know that the opposition (that’s us) would shoot this demonstrable, indeed laughable assertion down and spread the ridicule (as we’re doing here). So yes, Jennifer and her ilk really are that willfully ignorant. Which brings me to a pro-gun proposal: let’s have “take a Mom to the range day.” What do you think?


Russians Armed With TOZ 82 Multi-Caliber Gun at International Space Station


“For decades, the standard Soyuz survival pack included a deluxe all-in-one pistol called the TOZ 82 with three barrels and a folding stock that doubled as a shovel and contained a swing-out machete,” space junkie journo James Oberg writes at spectrum.ieee.org. “There were a few dozen rounds of three types of ammunition—rifle bullets, shotgun shells and flares—in a belt attached to the gun.” This is not new news. What’s interesting: Oberg now claims the Russkies have stopped packing the TOZ 82 for their flights to the International Space Station. I’ll explain how he came to that conclusion in a moment. First, some tales of multi-national TOZ 82 training on the Black Sea . . .

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Tavor Aftermarket Trigger Shootout: Geissele vs. Shooting Sight vs. Timney


Thanks to a loan from a friendly member of the Bullpup Forum, I was able to get my hands on a Geissele Super Sabra Tavor trigger as well as an aluminum-bodied ShootingSight TAV-D and test them back-to-back against the offering from Timney and my Delrin-bodied TAV-D. And, of course, against the factory unit. I took a bunch of measurements, did a lot of shooting, and have come to the following conclusions . . .

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Ask Foghorn: What Barrel Length for a 300 AAC Blackout Rifle?


I get a lot of questions like this and figured that rather than responding to one specific email I should put it out there for other people as well. Reader Pete writes:

Hi Nick, I live in Amarillo and really enjoyed your article on your 300 BLK build. Appreciate so much your sharing of experience so that I don’t have to go through all the same trial and error. I have 2 Colt M-16s that I’m going to convert to 300 Blackout. Had a few questions for you if you’d be so kind as to give me a bit of advice . . .

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New from Recon Instruments: Heads-Up Display for TrackingPoint Rifle

ShotGlass for TrackinPoint

Back in the day (in Internet terms) TrackingPoint messed around with Google Glass, linking the “Don’t Be Evil” company’s wearable computer glasses with their precision-guided firearm. [Click here to watch the YouTube video.] That didn’t work out, in specific. In general, what are you kidding me? A fire-and-forget weapon that a sniper or his unit commander or the President of the United States could trigger remotely? Oops sorry. No. That would be wrong. Someone still needs to pull the trigger, right? Anyway, TrackingPoint’s teamed up with Recon Instruments to git ‘er done. And they done did it . . .

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U.S. Border Patrol Disarming Agents

U.S. Border Patrol Agent (courtesy gypsycarpenters.com)

“U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s Offices of Border Patrol and Training and Development are inspecting the quality of agents’ M4 carbines throughout Border Patrol sectors nationwide,” kvoa.com reports. Fair enough, right? “Agents tell us [that] some of those M4s have not been replaced. And, we’ve learned, agents are required to share rifles amongst each other.” So the United States government sends crates of brand-spanking new fully-automatic rifles to Mexico’s police and military — a significant percentage of which “seep” to drug cartels — and our Border Patrol Agents are having to share guns to protect us from drug thugs, mules and other Mexican miscreants? The agents’ union is not amused . . .

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