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Photos: Hands On with SIG SAUER’s MPX, MCX, and P320


Over the last couple days I’ve been given the opportunity to hang around at SIG SAUER’s training facility and test out a lot of their new stuff. On the rifle side, SIG is finally close to completing their MCX rifle and are on the verge of releasing the MPX. For handguns, the new modular P320 is now shipping with more varieties to come. I’ll have a full write up of everything as soon as I get a spare moment, but until then enjoy the snaps . . .

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Too Old to Shoot Prone? Here’s an Option


By Tom in Oregon

I’ve been doing some long range shooting and as I get older, I hurt the next day from shooting prone. I like my big bore rifles enough that I won’t get rid of any, just change the way I shoot them. Shooting from sitting or standing is much more preferable, due to how recoil is distributed to your body. Not to mention, how your body reacts to the recoil. So I decided to build a portable shooting bench, as I like to travel out to the woods for some 12-1500 yard plinking. After some thought, I went to Home Depot and gathered what I thought I would need . . .

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New from Troy Defense: Troy Pump Action Sporting Rifle

Troy Sporting Rifle - Pump Action (courtesy

I once was “lucky” enough to win a pump action .22 at an NRA dinner. As pinball addicts declare when a machine refuses to surrender its charms (despite mega flipper time), it was a lot of pay for not much play. I’m not saying Tory Defense’s Pump Action Sporting Rifle isn’t a heap of fun in that “look what they done to my gun, ma” kinda way. Nor am I suggesting that anyone stand in front of it when the business end gets busy would enjoy the experience. But I reckon the Pump Action Sporting Rifle’s utility is pretty limited to embarrassing New York or Connecticut cops when they bust you for possession of an illegal black modern home defense sporting rifle (a.k.a., “assault weapon.”) Oh how they laughed! Click here to check the specs. Resident of the aforementioned (dare I say it) slaves states can read it and weep. [h/t SS]

TTAG Exclusive: Kirsten Joy Weiss Peep Mayhem!

Resurrection? Rebirth? Renewal? Sure, those are traditional Easter themes, but it seems that in recent years, Peep hate has crept into the annual spring repertoire, too. And marshmallow markswoman Kirsten Joy Weiss has totally jumped on board the Peep pejorative bandwagon. Now she’s lined up an array of the squishy little chicks ShootingTheBull410-style to test their lead-stopping potential. And the results may surprise you. [h/t Henry Repeating Arms]


Incendiary Image of the Day: Financial Disaster Edition


RF just forwarded this photo he took in the stock room of Sportsman’s Finest, his LGS in Austin. Those are the store’s recalled Remington Sevens and 700s, waiting to be FedEx’d to Big Green for repair. That’s one relatively small retailer. Can you imagine what the back room of your average Dick’s Sporting Goods looks like? Or an Academy? Gander Mountain? Then multiply that across the country and let the dollar figure that this will cost the Freedom Group boggle your mind.

BREAKING: Remington Recalls Model 700 and Model Seven Rifles for Trigger Trouble


Remington Arms has thrown in the towel re: claims that their flagship Model 700 rifles are not drop safe/safe from unintentional discharges. The company has just announced (on a Friday, of course) a Voluntary Product Recall of all 700s and Model Seven’s with the X-Mark Pro triggers manufactured from May 1, 2006 to April 9, 2014. No doubt The Freedom Group this announcement accompanies an agreement to settle the lawsuits filed against the company by injured parties. Equally certain: the payout will trigger the arrival of an entire fleet of ambulance chasers. Add in the cost of this recall and man, that’s got to hurt. But not as much as getting shot by your own rifle. Press release after the jump . . .

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Question of the Day: Who’s Got Lever Fever?

I watched The Rifleman as a kid. One-hundred-sixty-eight episodes and 120 dead bad guys later I had a permanent case of lever fever. The affliction flares up from time to time; I’m burning through ammo in my recently-arrived Big Horn Armory Model 89 S&W 500 lever gunGrizzly Custom Guns will soon be sending me the custom-fitted heavily modified Marlin .357 I commissioned in 1979. A couple of years ago, lever guns were all the rage – including “cowboy tactical” models. Lately, I haven’t heard much about them. Maybe it’s because Marlin’s screwed the pooch. ["Please note: Newer 'MR prefix' Marlins will incur additional charges to correct issues from the factory."] Or maybe lever gun guys have slipped into stealth mode. Well, here’s your chance to confess the lever love that dare not speak its name. Who’s got lever fever?