Gun Review: Special Interest Arms Novem 9mm Bolt Action Rifle


A couple years ago during the post-Newtown panic you couldn’t find a single round of 5.56 NATO ammo to save your life. Rimfire was just as scarce. But the one thing that seemed to be in stock no matter what was the plethora of pistol caliber cartridges. It seems like Americans have taken a more practical approach to caliber choice these days, opting for a firearm that will be easy to feed no matter the political climate. That has sparked a bit of a revolution in the firearms market, from the new pistol caliber SMGs like the MPX and Scorpion to a renaissance of the older MP5 design. Special Interest Arms has been in this market for years, and their latest creation is the “Novem” bolt action rifle chambered in 9mm . . .

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China’s Attack Robots Revealed!

Chinese armed attack robot (

China has “armed attack robots” equipped with rifles and grenade launchers designed to be “the latest line of defence in the fight against “global terror.” That’s how the People’s Republic characterizes their contribution to Skynet. But really, is this such a big deal? Are these dinky killers – revealed at the 2015 World Robot Conference in Beijing – autonomous? And how scary is a robot named “NOBODY” armed with “minor-caliber weapons, recoilless rifles and grenade launchers?” When drones get a mind of their own, then we have issues. Until then Hammacher Schlemmer is aware.


New Info on Winchester Rifle Left Leaning Against a Tree in the Great Basin National Park

You may recall that an archaeological crew stumbled onto a old rifle leaning against a tree during a survey of the Great Basin national park last November. The Las Vegas now reports that “the park sent the Winchester Model 1873 this year to be examined and stabilized in its current, weathered condition. In the process, the staff at Cody took an X-ray of the rifle and discovered a cartridge tucked inside its stock where cleaning rods normally were kept.” And so . . .

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Best Gun for a 2am Trip to the Outhouse?

Henry Mare's Leg (courtesy

Major Van Harl USAF Ret writes [via]

I have a small farm in the middle of nowhere that the Colonel and I have owned for thirty years. After two military careers we now actually live in the same state as the farm so we get there a lot more often. However I still do not have indoor plumbing. I built a wooden outhouse back in 1985 and it has continued to be in use to this day. A year ago we build a $2000 new metal outhouse ( read Happiness Is A $2000 Outhouse Off The Grid), but it is still an outhouse and you have to walk about 50 yards from our barn to use the outdoor facilities . . .

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Homeless Man’s Black Market Submachine Guns and Improvised Silencer

The LA times has an article about a homeless man who was found in possession of two submachine guns, two magazines, two pistols and an improvised suppressor. From the picture above it appears the two submachine guns are a reactivated/remanufactured Sten in 9mm and a reactivated/remanufactured vz.26 (normally chambered in 7.62×25 caliber), the common East block pistol and submachine gun round that is nearly identical to the 7.65×25 Mauser cartridge . . .

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UK Counter Terrorism Police Seen Running SIG SAUER’s New MCX Rifle


The SIG SAUER MCX has been on the market for only about a year, and yet it has already found its way into the hands of the most elite police force in the United Kingdom. Pictures from the UK following the Paris terrorist attacks last week show the new counter terrorism unit sporting what appear to be nine-inch MCX rifles with MP5 style collapsible stocks. It looks to me like they’re chambered in 5.56 NATO, but personally I’d prefer a 300 BLK setup in that situation. Also a silencer. I’ll just put that on the counter-terrorism wish list.


NC’s WRAL: “Legal way to get NFA weapons without ATF scrutiny”

Cullen Browder, WRAL Investigates reporter (courtesy

TTAG reader BM writes, based on WRAL teaser copy for upcoming report [text after the jump]:

In teaser ads and promos for an upcoming Monday “investigation,” WRAL news of Raleigh makes the false claim that NFA items can be obtained “Without ATF scrutiny.” Gun owners who believe in the truth know better. I certainly do, since I spent the past 12 months receiving plenty of “ATF scrutiny” and attention in obtaining my first suppressor. Since I am hearing impaired, it was literally “what the doctor ordered ” for me to enjoy my hobby safely. (WRAL can reach me at this email if they are interested in the truth.) Commenters on WRAL forums are assuming that the story is about how a gun trust allegedly “bypasses” scrutiny.

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Which is Faster: DetCord or a .50 Caliber Bullet?

This is not a question that’s been vexing me lately. Well, ever. But I’m a big fan of doing stupid things [safely and] scientifically in the pursuit of facts with no appreciable utility. Call it trivia in action. And let’s face it: anytime you fire a .50 cal is a good time. Full stop. Or not, depending on the backstop. Still, what’s with the X-Box hate? FullMag’s usual shtick: destroying Cupertino’s finest electronic gear. Don’t talk to me about microprocessor speeds and upgrades; Microsoft’s X-Box is so 2001. I’d like FullMag destroy a Flosstime, which not only measures out the perfect amount of floss but keeps blinking for a 90-second floss time. Any other suggestions?



FPSRussia Shoots A House [VIDEO]

Yeah, he blows-up the house. A bit. Yawn. Unless the structure is reduced to rubble, I’m not impressed. I am delighted, however, that FPS decided to sit in the garage in an APC while the structure was semi-destroyed. I don’t know why. I just am. And it’s always good to see Ma Deuce in action. One wonders, however, how Kyle will top this particular stunt – especially as ISIS has done such a great job shooting-up and blowing-up famous shrines and historical buildings. Meanwhile, I feel obliged to share‘s observation that FPSRussia destroyed a perfectly good house for Syrian refugees. In Texas.