First Impressions: Underground Tactical Long Range Bacon Maker – 6.5 Grendel


I stood there in my shop, Creedence blaring through Pandora, muttering obscenities under my breath while I stared hopelessly at a long range gun, a long range scope, and a set of Warne rings that were too low to marry the two star-crossed lovers. The scope, a Bushnell 3.5-21 HDMR that had served valiantly at the Bushnell Brawl. A scope that’s so good, it’s going to get a nearly perfect review once I write it up. The rifle? It’s Underground Tactical’s Long Range Bacon Maker chambered in 6.5 Grendel. And my preliminary and somewhat scientific testing says its a hell of a thing . . .

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Gun Review: Ares Defense SCR


Living “behind enemy lines” sucks. Thanks to “assault weapons bans” (AWB), shooters in New York, California, New Jersey and other so-called “slave states” can’t take advantage of their Constitutionally protected right to sample the latest in firearms technology. The only guns [legally] available are often less accurate firearms that cost more money. And so the good folks at Ares Defense set out to enable even those citizens living in those awful places to have access to the very best in modern firearms. Although it looks like the unholy union of a rifle and a shotgun, the result could well be the best AWB-compliant firearm configuration on sale today. But in addition, the Ares Defense SCR  might also be a firearm that suits hunters in the rest of America. . .

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German Report: G36 Accuracy Issues, Entire Platform Flawed


In a report released Friday by the German Army’s technical team, the ongoing accuracy issues with the H&K G36 rifle (the main battle rifle of the German armed forces) have been officially confirmed. The report states that not only do the accuracy issues crop up after sustained periods of rapid fire, but even the ambient temperature and humidity can negatively impact the rifle’s accuracy such that it no longer functions within the required parameters . . .

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How Remington Can Make Lemonade From the Rifle Trigger Recall


As we noted yesterday, Remington has settled a class action suit, the terms of which require the company to offer free replacement trigger jobs on over 7.8 million rifles in circulation. RF dusted off his Burroughs adding machine and grokked that the job would take them somewhere on the order of a decade to complete. And that assumes they hire 50 people to do the job, working seven days a week. Neither of those things is likely. On the other side of the equation, Remington will only get a fraction of those guns back  . . .

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BREAKING: Judge Orders Remington to Replace 7.85m Rifle Triggers

Do you own a Remington bolt-action model 700, Seven, Sportsman 78, 673, 710, 715, 770, 600, 660, XP-100, 721, 722 or 725 rifle? If so, you’re not alone. Some 7.85 million Americans are right there with you. Time for you and your 7,849,999 fellow Big Green bolt-action rifle owners to get a new trigger. reports that Remington has settled a class-action lawsuit for its bolt-action rifles’ defective not-to-say deadly triggers. They’ve agreed to replace the trigger on any and all of the above-named rifles – for free! That said, there could be something of a delay . . .

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New from POF-USA: PSG 9mm Pistol Caliber Carbine


Yep, everyone is getting into the pistol caliber carbine game these days. Can’t blame them — the market seems pretty excited about the prospect of shelling out big bucks for the guns. The space is starting to get a little crowded, what with two MP5 importers, the SIG SAUER MPX, a 9mm AK rifle, and the CZ Scorpion already announced, but POF-USA thinks that they’ve got a winner in their PSG 9mm carbine, revealed at the NRA Annual Meetings . . .

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Gear Review: Juggernaut Tactical JuggerBrake


In gathering another 29 muzzle brakes and compensators for the forthcoming AR-15 Muzzle Brake Shootout #2, I received a few through unsolicited offers by manufacturers and chose many others based on TTAG and YouTube commenter requests. The JuggerBrake fell into the latter category, and, on multiple levels, it’s unfortunately one of the worst products I have ever encountered. . .

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5 Classic Deer Rifles Your Grandpa Used That Are Still Good Today


Marlin Model 336

By Matt Alpert via

Your grandfather’s generation was introduced to some of the finest deer hunting rifles ever made. These five classic deer rifles have a near perfect blend of form and functionality. The power and reliability of rifles like the Winchester Model 70 or the German-made Mauser M98 are hard to beat even by today’s standards. Chances are your grandpa or one of his hunting buddies used an original Marlin 336 during their deer hunting days. The 336 is one of the most reliable and accurate lever-action sporting rifles ever made. Since its introduction in 1948, more than 6 million Model 336’s have been produced . . .

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Remington Targets Women Shooters

“In the gun world, there are obvious women’s guns,” pronounces, without revealing which firearms qualify for the double-X chromosome set. It’s a good question: what IS a woman’s gun? We asked our readers that very thing last month in Question of the Day: Is There Such a Thing As A “Woman’s Gun”?. Some 98 members of TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia weighed-in without obvious consensus, and a lot of obvious snark. Our friends at Remington hit the NRA convention in Nashville in search of answers . . .

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New from MG Arms: “The Behemoth”

MG Arms .50 Caliber Semi-automatic Behemoth rifle (courtesy

“When Size Matters . . . MG Arms takes the .50 BMG to a whole new level with the introduction of the “Behemoth.” Oh great. Let’s play to the antis’ ad hominem attack on gun owner’s phallic endowment. If that bit of MG Arms‘ presser [full text after the jump] isn’t enough to tweak the doyennes of civilian disarmament, how about this? “This .50 caliber brute includes a Super Eliminator muzzle brake, stainless steel Match Grade barrel with skip line fluting, Picatinney style handrail with KeyMods, five shot detachable magazine, and fully machined 17-4 stainless steel lower receiver.” Super Eliminator? I just met her! Well I will when I visit the Houston-based gunmaker to ascertain the gun’s price and invite MG Arms to the Texas Firearms Festival. Here’s hoping they didn’t read this post . . .

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CZ-USA Announces Scorpion Folding Stock & 922r Compliance Kit


CZ’s Scorpion Evo S1 Pistol is proving to be a hot item. At an MSRP of an affordable $849 and with tons of potential, it’s easy to see why. I say “potential,” because the shootability of a large “pistol” like this — like an AR pistol, like a SIG MPX pistol, etc. — is less than ideal. They tend to be clunky and awkward but, of course, this is because they were designed to have a shoulder stock. Regardless of barrel length, they were made to be used like rifles and are only sold in pistol form to avoid NFA “short barreled rifle” regulation and/or to avoid 922(r) compliance requirements as discussed in detail earlier today. On the factory folding stock and 922(r) front, though, CZ-USA has just released the following bit of great news at the NRA Annual Meetings in Nashville. . .

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