TTAG 2014 Reader’s Choice Award, Best New Rifle: SIG SAUER MPX


In this year’s Reader’s Choice Awards, the list for “Best New Rifle of 2014″ was longer than any other category. Even though 2014 was a bit of a down year for manufacturers in terms of new kit, there’s no doubt that there were some real gems within that short list. According to our readers, and clocking in with three times as many votes as the next “new” product, SIG SAUER’s new MPX rifle is officially the TTAG Reader’s Choice for best new rifle of 2014 . . .

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Gear Review: VLTOR RE-SCAR Stock for the FN SCAR


There’s little doubt that the stock on the FN SCAR series of rifles is less than optimal. Its big, bulky, and not terribly reliable — I broke the stock on my SCAR 16S about halfway through the competition year, as the latch on the hinge bent and wasn’t quite as solid anymore. Replacement parts for the SCAR series of rifles are few and far between, but VLTOR is a company that’s making an effort to come up with creative ways to make the highly proprietary SCAR rifles more customizable. Today we’re looking at the RE-SCAR, VLTOR’s attempt to make the SCAR rifles compatible with the nearly endless supply of AR-15 stocks . . .

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Adam Savage Builds Barbarella’s Space Rifle

Jane Fonda (courtesy

I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to make the jump to see Myth Busters’ Adam Savage recreate the prop rifle Jane Fonda modeled for LIFE magazine to mark the opening of Roger Vadim’s 1968 camp classic Barbarella. ‘Cause no matter what you think of “Hanoi Jane,” the actress was the hottest thing to hit the screen since Raquel Welch, who may have been the hottest thing to hit the screen ever. And they’re both in a different universe than lovable old Adam. Click here to see a clip of Barbarella. Again, make the jump for that boring faux rifle building thing . . .

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Gun Review: Ruger Hawkeye African


(This is a reader gun review contest entry, click here for more details – enter by December 26th!)

By Donald Urbatsch

When dad suggested that we take a trip to Africa for some hunting I had to find an appropriate caliber rifle for the task. There are plenty of big game rifles to choose from on the market and if I wanted to have any money left over to pay for my hunt, I had to find the economy option. This brings us to the Hawkeye African from Ruger with an MSRP of $1199 and a street price about thee hundred dollars less, making this an attractive buy when compared to the big money commanded by some other rifle makers . . .

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My Appleseed Experience


Fredericksburg is a cute little Texas tourist town nestled in the heart of the Hill Country wine region. It’s not the kind of place you’d expect to find the Appleseed project, a course designed to teach Americans how to shoot a rifle, laced with lessons on U.S. history. But then Fredricksburg is also the birthplace of Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz, a man who knew a thing or two about guns. Big guns. So I packed my relatively small rifle, sharpened my pencil and headed to the metaphorical ballistic orchard . . .

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Gun Review: FNH USA FN 15 Rifle

FN-15 Rifle, c Nick Leghorn

FNH USA is way late to the AR party. The FN-15 rifle was introduced earlier this year, well past the peak of the AR fever of 2013. You’d think the company responsible for manufacturing the military version of the M16A4 (and a large percentage of U.S. military rifles) would quickly tool-up to crank out civilian versions of the rifle. But that’s not the way FN rolls . . .

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Gear Review: Timney Calvin Elite Trigger for the Remington 700


With the recent news that Remington is (kinda) recalling every Model 700 rifle ever made to replace their triggers, I figured that now would be the perfect time to review another offering from Timney Triggers. I reviewed their standard Remington 700 trigger nearly two years ago, and it hasn’t left my rifle since the day it was installed. However, the guys at Timney tipped me off that there might be a better choice for those looking to squeeze that last little drop of accuracy out of their gun: the Calvin Elite model.

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Remington Model 700 Trigger Recall Not a Recall. Or Is It?

Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 7.49.54 PM

You may recall that we reported that Remington is recalling every Model 700 rifle made to refit the gun with a new trigger. Apparently not. Nope. It’s not a recall. It’s an “opportunity for any concerned consumers who have the Remington Model 700, Seven, Sportsman 78, 673, 710, 715, 770, 600, 660, XP-100, 721, 722 and 725 rifles with either a Walker trigger mechanism, or a trigger mechanism which utilizes a ‘trigger connector’ to have Remington install a new trigger.” The clarification hails from the Lanier Law firm via PR Newswire [full text after the jump]. The presser also proclaims that the court settlement announced on Friday was not an admission of guilt. Yes, well, see the official notice to customers above. Seems Remington didn’t get the memo . . .

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BREAKING: Remington Agrees to Replace Triggers in ALL Model 700 Rifles

Remington Model 700 (courtesy

“America’s oldest gun manufacturer, Remington, has agreed to replace millions of triggers in its most popular product—the Model 700 rifle,” reports. “Under a nationwide settlement filed Friday in a federal court in Missouri, the company is agreeing to replace the triggers in about 7.85 million rifles.” The agreement, which must be approved by a federal judge, follows the Remington recall of tens of thousands of 700’s equipped with X-Mark Pro triggers. Those guns, manufactured since 2006, had “excess bonding agent used in the assembly process” that could cause the guns to “unintentionally discharge.” The new recalls covers all Model 700’s made since 1962. Though likely to cost the company nearly a billion dollars and take years to complete, the agreement may clear the way for Cerberus to off-load The Freedom Group. Watch this space.


Off To My First Appleseed


When I went to Pecos for Run n Gun a few months ago, I realized that my slung shooting wasn’t great. Good enough for that race, but it definitely could have been better. I’m especially weak offhand and from kneeling. So I decided to do something about it . . .

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Understanding Rifle Precision

090911-F-7514B-105-2 copy

By David Bookstaber

When testing guns for accuracy it is common practice to look at the Extreme Spread of a group of 3 or 5 test shots. I will explain why this is a statistically bad measure on a statistically weak sample. Then I will explain why serious shooters and statisticians look instead at some variation of circular error probable (CEP) when assessing precision . . .

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Gear Review: Geissele SSA-E Trigger


Hi, My name is Tyler, and I’m a trigger snob. I’ve been a trigger snob my whole life. I feel it is arguably the most important part of any gun, and if anyone asks about potential upgrades, I tell them to spend good money on good triggers. There are a lot of AR trigger manufacturers, and one day, I’ll test ‘em all. But one company always comes up first when it comes to quality triggers for the AR platform – Geissele . . .

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