Question of the Day: Why Don’t You Own a Lever Gun?

Lever guns are awesome. Not awesome as in “that hamburger was awesome.” Awesome as in standing mute in the face of God. If you have any doubts on that score, check out the bit of the video above where we learn about John Moses Browning’s contribution to lever gun design – realizing that John Moses Browning was His representative here on Earth. If you own a lever gun, you don’t need me to convince you. If you don’t, what IS your problem? Didn’t watch enough/any episodes of The Rifleman? Never shot one? Never checked out the gun porn at Handled one of the post-Freedom Group Marlins? Whatever it is, get over it. If you don’t have a lever gun in your collection, you don’t have a collection. And yes, I have lever fever. You?


Gun Review: PWS Modern Musket DI Upper



At some point, everyone looks back on their achievements and says, “Why not do more?” Primary Weapons Systems is known for their piston driven wonderguns and TTAG has had the pleasure of testing their MK 114 rifle and MK 107 Pistol in the last few months. Short story, we’re impressed with what they’re putting out. But back in early May, PWS announced that they’d also be releasing a direct impingement (DI) upper for the masses. It still uses the same high quality parts and manufacturing processes Nick and I raved about in our reviews, but in a simple, more cost effective package. When you make one of the best piston guns out there, making a good DI gun shouldn’t be too hard, right? . . .

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Don’t Blame the Uzi

No doubt the anti-gunners will seize on the tragedy in Arizona to further their civilian disarmament agenda. They’ll conflate fully automatic firearms with semi-automatic firearms to “prove” that guns are dangerous (which they are). Too dangerous for civilians (which they aren’t). The antis will also use this as ammo against anyone who suggests – as I do – that the ban on fully-automatic firearms is unconstitutional and unnecessary. If it saves one life . . . At the same time, I wonder if the AZ homicide will reignite the furore that surrounded the Uzi submachine gun back when Don Johnson was The Man. I hope not. The Uzi is a battle-tested beauty; the world’s most prolific sub. There’s no reason Americans shouldn’t be able to buy a full-auto Uzi. Yes?


Smith & Wesson’s Stock Tanks

Smith & Wesson rode the post-Obama II, post-Newtown gun sales surge like surfer Serena Brooke rides a Gold Coast roller. Smith racked up historic profits and increased their already impressive market share. They made so much money, in fact, they dodged the bullet of their bone-headed brand extension into the security business. The party’s not over, there’s plenty of cash to be made in the new normal, but the Cristal has run out. “Gunmaker Smith & Wesson [stock price] was down more than 11% in early trading after the company slashed its full-year sales expectations for the second time in two months,” reports. Guess what Smith pumped out during the surge that’s dragging them down now. . .

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How Do You Shoot a Blue Elephant?

With a blue elephant gun. How do you shoot a white elephant? You hold its nose until it turns blue and shoot it with a blue elephant gun. And how do you shoot an elephant with one of the most expensive guns ever made? You buy this piece from its owner (good luck with that) or commission a master rifle maker to make you something similar. Worth it? That depends on how you feel about elephant hunting and how much money you have to your name. Oh, and if you live in New York you may not be able to sell the gun, ever (regardless of the fact that the ivory is from a long-extinct Wooly Mammoth). Does that matter? [h/t TP]


New From Houlding Precision Firearms: HPF-15 Wraith Carbon Fiber AR


Another AR? You betcha! The Houlding Wraith’s claim to fame is it tips the scales at a svelte 6 lbs. and comes with a lot of upgrades, standard. Things like their HPF-Curse muzzle brake, Cerakoted finish and a Geissele Super Dynamic 3 Gun trigger. As Kyle, the pseudo Soviet, was no doubt paid to say, the Wraith comes with 3-gun performance straight out of the box. But don’t hold that against the gun. MSRP is $2499 with case. Press release after the jump . . .

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Militarized Police, Not Weapons


TTAG reader TD writes: “The anti’s are trying to frame the argument that the weapons like the one pictured above are military in origin. Check out the Stainless Steel barrel and the machining on the receiver–this is a civilian rifle like you would see at any public range on any given Saturday. Do not let them get away with saying this sort of weapon belongs only in the hands of the military.”


New From Navy Arms: Winchester 1873 Rifle


I’ve never been much of a rifle guy. The extent of my collection consists of a lonely 10/22. When I think of pretty long guns, smoothbores immediately come to mind. But I have to admit that a beautiful lever gun is a joy forever. Particularly when you’re talking about a custom version like Navy Arms’ Winchester-made 1873 replicas. At $2,500 you may have to scrape all the spare change from under the couch cushions, but think how satisfying it’ll be the first time you slip a .357 or .45 Long Colt round into it and pull the trigger. Press release after the jump . . .

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Border Patrol Agent Open Carries Assault Rifle Into Convenience Store And . . . Nothing

U.S. Border Patrol Agent open carrying a rifle in a convenience store (courtesy

“A customer snapped a photo of an unusual sight at a convenience store in La Grulla [Texas],” reports. “The photo shows a Border Patrol agent waiting at the counter with his service issued assault rifle at a Stripes store off Highway 83. One viewer told Action 4 News that the presence of the armed agent caused alarm among customers.” Note: open carry of long guns is legal in Texas. However, if the Agent “caused alarm” he could have been arrested for disorderly conduct. You know; for “displaying a firearm or other deadly weapon in a public place in a manner calculated to alarm.” Anyway . . . “Action 4 News spoke to Border Patrol officials about the incident. Border Patrol officials said the agent is not facing disciplinary action. Officials said the gun lock in the agent’s vehicle was not working properly and that he could not leave it in the vehicle. Border Patrol officials said the agent decided to carry the semi-automatic rifle with him inside the store to keep it secure.” As good a reason to open carry a rifle as I can think of. Just sayin’ . . .



That’s Not an Assault Rifle! THIS is an Assault Rifle.

Rock Island Auctions has a couple of gen-u-ine German assault rifles on the block, including “the grandfather of all German assault rifles.” Here’s their take on these extraordinary firearms:

Thanks to two studious German military collectors, Rock Island Auction Company has amassed a German Military arms collection that will stun enthusiasts, collectors, and investors of the genre, as well as more than a few curious spectators. These collections are the illustrious Gene Smith Collection and Part II of the meticulous Von Norden Collection. As many collectors saw previously in our May Premiere Firearms Auction, the Von Norden Collection is a comprehensive study into German arms and what at times seems like an endless list of variants. The Gene Smith Collection, on the other hand, while also filled with many excellent quality and rare firearms, showcases the labor of love over several decades in its abundance of prototype and rare German arms . . .

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Brain Doc Arrested for Open Carry at AZ Airport

Dr. Peter Steinmetz (courtesy

“Police say [Dr. Peter Steinmetz] brought his gun to [Sky Harbor Airport] legally,” reports. “He told police that he was just at the airport to get coffee at a Starbucks. When he walked to the other side of the terminal near the B concourse that is when police say he accidentally pointed the gun at two women, that’s when he was arrested . . . Police arrested Steinmetz on one-felony count of disorderly conduct with a weapon.” We fast forward now to Dr. Steinmetz’ arraignment . . .

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Gear Review: ShootingSight TAVOR Trigger Unit


At the time of this writing, I know of three companies working on replacement trigger packs for the IWI TAVOR SAR: Timney, Geissele, and ShootingSight. If you haven’t heard of ShootingSight don’t feel bad; they’re a small “mom & pop” type shop out of Cincinnati, which first started out making aftermarket aperture sights for competition rifle shooters and then branched out into high-quality trigger units and FCG parts replacements. Although Timney beat ShootingSight to market by a few months, its TAVOR trigger has been plagued with light primer strike problems that, unfortunately, I was able to confirm in my review. With a little trepidation due to the Timney TAVOR trigger experience, I dropped in ShootingSight’s kit and hit the range…

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