Barrett Introduces REC 7-DI


Look another AR-15! Yes indeed, it’s another AR-15. This time from Barrett, manufacturers of big fifties and keepers of at least one LAPD .50. While well known for their big bore boomsticks, Barrett has had a good deal of success with their REC7 line of piston driven AR-15s over the last few years. Sensing that not everyone is sold on the idea of a long stroke gas gun, Barrett has introduced a direct impingement version for 2016 . . .

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Brownells Partners with Aero Precision to Offer OEM Rifle


Lots of our readers have declared that we’ve reached “Peak AR”, a notion I’m not quite ready to disagree with. At the 2016 SHOT Show, you couldn’t walk ten feet without seeing some sort of AR-15-related part, accessory, or rifle. Like many of our readers, perusing the racks of $2000+ ARs, I found myself wondering, “What happened to the affordable ARs I was promised?” This late in the cycle, there should be a glut of supply and a tapering of demand, leading to a glorious existence where $350 rifles compete for our hard-earned dollars…right? Instead, everything seems expensive and homogenous. Brownells and Aero Precision seem to have made the decision to right that ship, so to speak. But with an AR pattern rifle in a “real” caliber…

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Takedown AR-15 Rifle: Coolest Thing from SHOT Show


There are a couple companies that have done a takedown AR-15 rifle recently. Wyndham Weaponry just acquired the heretofore most popular version from MGI, and while it is nifty it isn’t perfect. There are things that can be changed to make it more visually appealing and easier to assemble. The folks at Cry Havoc Tactical have come up with their own solution that allows a 14.5″ AR-15 to fold down into the space of a traditional 3 ring binder . . .

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LWRC SMG-45 Coming to the Civilian Market… Eventually


Last year we talked a little about LWRC’s 45 ACP caliber submachine gun, dubbed the SMG-45. The gun was still in the prototype phase and LWRC didn’t even know if it was going to be produced at all, let alone for the civilian market. One year later and the production version was sitting on the shelf at SHOT Show, and LWRC has confirmed that they will indeed be producing a semi-auto civilian version . . .

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New from Copper Basin: Ruger 10/22 Takedown Backpack

Press release:

Nampa, Idaho –  -( Copper Basin, LLC, manufacturers of innovative, lightweight bags and packs for hunting, hiking, and low profile firearm storage, is pleased to announce that its Ruger 10/22 Takedown Backpack is now available for purchase. The pack, available in discrete, low profile colors with non-military, non-law enforcement looking materials, allows the user to move confidently through urban and outdoor environments . . .

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New From Lancer Systems: MPX Handguard and AR-15 Blue Training Mags


Lancer Systems has established itself as a top manufacturer of composite components for small arms, from AR-platform magazines to carbon fiber parts that pass Mil-Spec drop tests, to the magazines SIG chose for its MPX line. Of course, this isn’t a surprise if you’re familiar with Lancer’s other business units that include aerospace composites, fiber optics, and high stress parts for oil drilling equipment. New for 2016 are carbon fiber handguards for the MPX and blue-tinted AR-15 Simunition magazines, which were developed after a training death at a police department and are more than just pretty to look at . . .

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Hill & Mac Gunworks Introduces STG-N, P, and K


Sadly, I didn’t grow up poring over history books related to firearms. I was more of an aviation buff, so the significance of historical guns has been lost on me. I appreciate the mechanical function of older guns, but I’m a bit of a Johnny-come-lately to the world of old guns. Chances are that if you show me a cool old gun, I’ll subtly be Googling it on my phone while we talk. Given that, my apologies to the folks at Hill & Mac for looking distracted while you were speaking. I just had to familiarize myself with the StG 44 . . .

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PWS Updates Their Mk1 Rifles to Mk1 MOD 2


I use a PWS Mk 116 as my competition rifle for one solid reason: it was the best 5.56 NATO rifle on the market when I made that decision. PWS makes some amazing stuff and their Mk116 was no exception. Now it appears that they have improved on the design, lightening the gun as much as possible while still retaining that rugged and useful PWS design. They dubbed their creation the Mk1 MOD 2 line . . .

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New From Serbu: A Sub-$1,000 .50 BMG Rifle


Serbu Firearms is best known for their SUPER-SHORTY shotgun, which I reviewed here a few months ago. That certainly isn’t their only product, though, as Mark and the gang have been manufacturing a semi-auto .50 cal and an affordable ($1,900) bolt-action .50 cal in addition to a buffer tube-less AR-15 for years. In collaboration with an interesting YouTube personality, Serbu is now offering a .50 BMG (or .50 DTC) rifle at an introductory price of only $875. Which is pretty crazy. But, yes, there’s a bit of a catch . . .

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