New from Wilson Combat: Ranger AR Rifle 243

I own an FN SCAR-16. I love it — if for no other reason that shooting it is a better muscle builder than all the arm machines at Gold’s Gym combined. Don’t get me wrong: all that weight tames the fearsome recoil of the .223 cartridge. See what I did there? See what Wilson Combat […]

Gun Review: B&T GHM9 9mm Pistol

According to B&T’s website, “We are producing weapons, accessories and suppressors for police, military, special units, and some qualified private shooters.” Here in the U.S., most of B&T’s Swiss-made guns hover around the $2,000 mark. So whatever qualifications B&T had in mind, add the word “financially.” That’s a lot of money for a non-competition oriented pistol. […]

New from Franchi: Momentum Bolt Action Rifle [VIDEOS]

You know those gravel-voiced action movie promos? Read this — from Franchi’s web page for its new Momentum bolt action rifle — with that voice. “In a crowded bolt-action market, no brand has built a rifle purely off ergonomics, fit and feel. Until now.” That’s the Italian rifle’s unique selling point: . . . comfort. […]

Scope Review: SIG SAUER TANGO6 4-24×50

There was a time when SIG SAUER did one thing and did it well. Those times are past. SIG SAUER now does just about everything and . . . still does it well. Over the last decade, the company’s expanded their product line to include ammunition, optics, suppressors, and even airguns. The TANGO6 series are SIG’s […]

New from Sako: 85 Carbon Wolf

Sako’s new 85 Carbon Wolf is a real eye catcher. But what really surprises about the rifle . . . is just how comfortable it is to have and to hold. The 85 Carbon Wolf’s palm swell feels like it was modeled after a cast of my hand. The rifle’s fashioned from RTM carbon fiber. […]