Tipton: A BB Gun Is The Gateway to Firearms for My Daughter

Sara Tipton's BB Gun (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

As fall approaches, and the holidays near, it’s time for me to consider a visit to Colorado to see my family. Bring on the egg nog and homemade mead! It’s also past time to start letting my four year-old daughter practice with her BB gun. She’s been going to preschool through summer because her best friend was going, and I was unsure of when we were moving, so I put it off. I wanted her to be able to spend as much time with her friend as possible before we move halfway across the country . . .

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Germany Officially Ditches G36 for… HK417?


The long saga of the German Army and their continual disappointment in the Heckler & Koch G36 rifle may finally be at an end. After months of reports about the astoundingly bad accuracy of the G36 when it gets hot (which is any time except for the five minutes around midnight in Afghanistan, it seems) the German army has made the decision to stop fielding the G36 rifle and replace it with something better. This much we already knew. Our suspicion was that the replacement would be the HK 416, a rifle in the same caliber as the G36. but more in line with the Stoner derivatives in use by every other modern nation. According to one report, though, the German army has apparently gone with…the HK417? . . .

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Gear Review: Primary Arms 6X ACSS .22 LR Scope


March 11, 2014: the U.S. Patent Office approves a patent for the Advanced Combat Sighting System, or ACSS. This novel reticle design combines near-instant, intuitive ranging of human targets out to 800 yards with built-in bullet drop, windage, and running target compensation markings. A full review of Primary Arms’ 1-6X ACSS is forthcoming. But, for those looking to range and engage targets a little less grave than enemy combatants, today we’re checking out a version of the ACSS reticle designed for ranging clay pigeons, cans, and bottles out to 200 yards. It’s built into the Primary Arms 6X 22LR scope. . .

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Savage Recalls B.MAG Bolt Action Rifles


By Travis Smola via wideopenspaces.com

Savage Arms issued a recall on Monday for their B.MAG bolt rifles. In a statement posted on their website, Savage Arms states that the bolts on some B.MAG rifles have been found to accidentally catch the safety, slipping it into the “fire” position and creating an obviously dangerous situation. “The condition is primarily present if downward pressure is applied to the bolt too early while pushing it forward,” the statement says . . .

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Ron Spomer on the Legendary Arms Works Professional Rifle With 704 Action

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 8.53.31 AM

By Ron Spomer via Sporting Classics Daily

The 704 action was originally designed by Ed Brown, famous for his 1911 pistols. The bolt action lay dormant for a number of years before Legendary Arms Works resurrected it for their Professional rifle, a custom-grade gun put into regular production. The Professional brings together a number of custom features in a standard bundle. The Cerakoted and synthetic-stocked rifle features a Timney trigger with no creep, a threaded and fluted barrel, and an ingenious way to remove the firing pin quickly and easily . . .

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CONFIRMED: Walmart Stops Selling AR-Style Rifles and “Personal Protection” Shotguns. Responding to Church Lawsuit?

Walmart gun department (courtesy breitbart.com)

We’ve spoken with the Pratt, Kansas Walmart [not shown] regarding reports that the store had stopped selling AR-style rifles and certain shotguns. We can confirm that Walmart HQ sent the store – and others around the country – an email stating that the retail giant would not be replenishing inventories of AR-style rifles and “personal protection shotguns.” The communication went out in March. (How this story flew under the radar is a miracle of modern PR.) Again, we’re awaiting official confirmation from Walmart, along with the reasoning behind their decision. Meanwhile, the end of Walmart AR-stye gun sales may have something to do with a related development last March when . . .

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BREAKING: Walmart Pulls ARs and “High-Capacity” Shotguns


A TTAG reader just texted us the above map. It’s a camera phone shot of a Walmart salesman’s computer screen at a store in Pratt, Kansas. The image shows which states’ residents are not allowed to buy long guns in Kansas Walmarts – despite the fact that you can buy long guns in any state provided it is legal to own in your state of residence. The salesman offered the map as justification for the fact that his store was removing all AR-style rifles and “high-capacity” semi-automatic shotguns from display cases. Furthermore, the salesman said that the relevant inventory in the display case had been liquidated and the stock in the backroom was returned. We’ve contacted Walmart for comment. UPDATE: TTAG readers are reporting Walmart stores around the U.S. are ending “assault rifle” sales.


Ukrainian Prez Marks Independence Day With a Warning To Russia

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko vowed Monday to deploy thousands more troops and hundreds of new armored vehicles,” latimes.com reports, “and warned Russia-backed separatists that they will be defeated in their quest to divide Ukraine from its Western allies.” With refurbished WWI Maxim machine guns? Well, why not? They look pretty lethal to me. Besides, there’s this, too . . .

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NERF Nerd Reveals Star Wars Blasters

Everyone knows Storm Troopers can’t hit squat. Now, if they do get their sights lined up, they won’t elicit so much as an ouch from their targets. Equally, I’m sure a Jedi knight could stop a NERF dart mid-flight. What’s more, the Storm Trooper rifle – complete with NERF Rampage internals (the elite version of the old school NERF Raider) – positions the mag horizontally. Like horizontal stripes on clothing, even when worn by a Hungarian supermodel, that’s a really bad idea. As for NRFB Star Wars-themed darts, huh? I do, however, love the  . . .

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Kalashnikov USA Rifle Prices Revealed [PHOTO GALLERY]

Kalashnikov wood carbine US132W (courtesy Facebook)

When Kalashnikov USA announced it was shipping its American-made rifles to dealers, we asked a simple question: “How much for your women?” No, wait. How much for the guns? The company demurred (that’s vocab nerd speak for “refused to answer.”) So I passed on the presser. Now, thanks to Mark Zuckerberg’s largesse (“greed”), we have that information for you. The buzz on the ‘net: they may be expensive but they’re made in America! Well, only if Kalashnikov doesn’t nalomat drov (“mangle the firewood”). T&E request submitted. $836 for the gun above (all prices MSRP). Here are the rest . . .

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