What’s Wrong with Blaming Democrats for Illegal Immigrant Murderers: IMI Systems Quote of the Day

“The next time a mass shooting happens and Republicans try to silence the voices of sanity calling for gun-law reform, keep in mind that in today’s America, you are more likely to be murdered by someone who looks like you than by someone who doesn’t.” Kurt Bardella, By Trump logic, Republicans are ‘complicit’ in all murders committed […]

Airsoft players! The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!: IMI Systems Quote of the Day

“Russia has shown a more than neighborly interest in Russian-speaking airsoft players, as well as members of martial arts and shooting clubs, in Latvia and Estonia, two countries with large Russian-speaking minorities. Russian trainers with military connections — even special forces connections — have joined some clubs in those countries as trainers, teaching what one […]

Make Pizza, Not War: IMI Systems Quote of the Day

“Marijuana users who are also strong gun-rights supporters were simultaneously up in arms and puzzled. ‘I don’t know of any time anyone’s been using marijuana and committing acts of violence with a gun,’ one Pennsylvanian said. ‘Most of the time they just sit on their couch and eat pizza.’” – Marijuana and guns [via registerguard.com]

WWJWD: IMI Systems Quote of the Day

“Every day, we hear of people being accidentally shot by police officers who are trained in gun safety. Are we really going to be safer when an incident occurs and a bunch of John Wayne’s start blasting away. I won’t So, let’s stop listening to people who are being compensated to be NRA mouthpieces, and […]