‘Death Star 2018’ Is Made of 40,000 Cartridges

“These automatic assault rifles, they’re basically devastating compared to a standard .38 caliber bullet that used to fit into a police revolver. It seems to be the bullet of America’s choice these days.” – Artist Robert Longo in Motivated by ‘Rage and Hopelessness,’ Robert Longo Takes Aim at American Gun Violence in an Epic Work for […]

Police Chiefs: Gun Control Is Everyone’s Job

“The recommendations recognize that solving the gun violence problem is not the responsibility of one entity or one level of government. There is a role for everyone on the gun issue: individuals (legal gun owners and non-gun owners alike); law enforcement personnel; prosecutors; judges; state governments; the federal government; family and friends of people who […]

Go Ahead, Call Me A Gun Grabber

“I can tell you that if ever I’m accused of being a gun grabber by Chip Roy I’ll make it very clear that indeed I did grab my weapon in Iraq every time I left the safety of our installation. I did grab my weapon every single time I left my combat vehicle. So if […]

Kris Kobach Enjoys Poking the Anti-Gun Bear

“We might use it more frequently than we otherwise would have,” Kobach said of the jeep-with-gun. “My reaction is, ‘No, I’m not going to apologize.’ I’m going to make a point of using it and not standing down.” – Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach in Kobach enjoys outrage over his use of replica gun in parade […]

Texans Still Know That Guns Don’t Kill People, People Do – Quote of the Day

“The tragedy at the Santa Fe school south of Houston changed few opinions among Texas voters about gun control. Support for gun control in general is down slightly, while support for background checks for all gun buyers is virtually unchanged.” – Quinnipiac Poll assistant director Peter Brown in Santa Fe shooting likely didn’t change Texans’ views […]