California Pols Desperate to Ramp Up Gun Confiscation: Quote of the Day

“Since 2013, agents from the attorney general’s office have seized more than 18,000 guns, Becerra said. However, he said there still may be thousands of people who illegally possess firearms. ‘The thousands of weapons we’ve confiscated over the years essentially represent the low-hanging fruit,’ he said.” – Bust Highlights Backlog in California System to Seize […]

The Price of Freedom? Quote of the Day

“After more than a decade of struggling in Nashville, Price, 34, has emerged as a rare liberal voice in, blasting Trump, the FCC and the country stars who stayed silent on the issue of gun control after the Route 91 Harvest festival mass shooting in Vegas. Price felt she had to speak up on that issue – her […]

We Must Have Order! Quote of the Day

“A mentality of weapons is spreading, mistrust and fears are growing, faith in public security is waning and the state’s sole authority to impose order.” – Criminologist and lawyer Arthur Kreuzer quoted in Amid concerns over public safety, Germans are buying more weapons [via]