Guns Aren’t the Problem: Quote of the Day

“Guns are not the problem. We are the problem. And until we face the ugly truth that we enable troubled individuals to commit mass killings by turning a blind eye to a social environment we created, and continue to support and perpetuate, we will again and again witness these senseless, heartbreaking tragedies.” – Mass Shootings are […]

More Guns, More Suicide? Quote of the Day

“Gun ownership, which is more prevalent in rural areas, also explains why certain regions have higher suicide rates. Firearms account for about half of all suicide deaths. Research has found that mandating waiting periods, gun locks and other gun control laws are associated with fewer deaths.” – Suicide Rate Highest in Decades But Worst in Rural America [via […]

Campus Carry Threatens Ole Miss Football

“Gentleman, I’m for your bill. I’m all for getting out there in the Capitol hallway and having a shootout or whatever. But I don’t think the people of Mississippi would want to lose the SEC over this.” — Rep. Michael Evans, D-Preston quoted in They said it: Lawyers, guns and urine — quotes from the […]

#armedagainstrape: Quote of the Day [VIDEO]

“As things started to get a little more violent, I knew that I had no way to defend myself. I couldn’t carry, I didn’t have my gun. My gun was unloaded and locked in my gun cabinet.” – Savannah Lindquist quoted in This rape victim says the #MeToo movement should include gun rights [via] Video below.