Juvenile Justice System is Little More Than ‘Hug-a-Thug’: IMI Systems Quote of the Day

“So, I ask the legislators, before you listen to that hug-a-thug bunch, go ask [the victim] what she thinks about the forgiveness of the criminal justice system,” Judd said. “Had it been just a little tougher, she wouldn’t have been shot. By the grace of God, she’s still alive.” – Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd in Polk […]

Maryland’s Parishioner Protection Act is a Shot in the Dark: IMI Systems Quote of the Day

“While I think the idea of arming worshippers is foolish, it’s good to see Republicans reacting in some way to a mass shooting. Being generally complicitous with the NRA, they usually have little to say about the nation’s gun madness. They might offer ‘thoughts and prayers for the innocent victims.’ And they might admonish journalists […]

Gun Controllers Discover the Laws of Economics and the Reality of Regulation: IMI Systems Quote of the Day

“Guns have been more or less controlled in the same ways since the rise of industrial production. As you clamp down on legal supply chains, you have to ask the question: Are there parallel illegal supply chains that are available substitutes?” – Mark A. Tallman in People Are Making Completely Untraceable Guns in Their Homes—Driving a […]

Richard Blumenthal’s Sandy Hook Anniversary Congressional Rebuke: IMI Systems Quote of the Day

“Shame on Congress for allowing yet another year to pass without action. Shame on Congress for allowing this tragic anniversary to be followed by so many more—in Sutherland Springs, in Las Vegas, in Orlando, in Charleston, and in our communities each and every day. Each day that passes marked by inaction, Congress turns its back […]