Quote of the Day: Gun Control Advocates Shooting Themselves in the Foot Edition

John Tures (courtesy harriscountygapop.com)

“Supporters of gun control have sought to highlight the vast number of shootings that have occurred in recent years. But while it seemed to make sense, it may not have been a good strategy. They need to highlight examples where tough gun laws reduced shootings. Otherwise, such publicity may only reduce support for gun control.” – John A. Tures, Do Mass Shootings Like Newtown Actually Reduce Support for Gun Control? [via huffingtonpost.com]


Quote of the Day: Predictable Effects of Prohibition Edition


“You will find guys who are doing firearms trafficking, or knuckleheads who come down here from other places and acquire guns and steal guns and take them back up North and dispose of them there because you have places like New York, New Jersey and D.C. where the laws are restrictive.” — ATF spokesman Gerod King in SC remains a top exporter of stolen guns [at wltx.com]


Quote of the Day: Making the Right Decisions Edition


“These scenes don’t play out like they do in the movies. It’s incredibly stressful. To think that the untrained, inexperienced person in that stressful situation will make all the right decisions is, I think, foolish.” – John Heisse in Do Guns On the Premises Leave Workers More Safe or Less? [at npr.org]


Quote of the Day: The Problem With Guns Edition


“There have been almost 1,000 seizures at this point and in many of the affidavits you read these stories of how desperate people feel. The problem with guns is there’s no going back from a gunshot to the head. If you take an overdose of pills, you can change your mind and call for help.” – Dr. Michael A. Norko, Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services director of forensic services in More guns seized by state since Sandy Hook [at stamfordadvocate.com]


Quote of the Day: Striking Fear Edition


“We do not send our children to school to learn how to hide from gunmen, nor should we expect sharpshooting to be a job requirement for educators. You may not have heard about all of these shooting incidents on the national news, but when a lockdown is announced over a school intercom, for whatever reason, it strikes fear across the community. … It’s time for our elected leaders to take a stand for the safety and future of our children.” – Shannon Watts in Report: School shootings often involve guns from home [at usatoday.com]


Quote of the Day: Healthy Discussion Edition


“When all is said and done it would be a much healthier discussion if everybody was willing to admit that you are bringing a risk into your home and your life that doesn’t exist if you don’t have a gun.” – Former gun dealer Mike Weisser in If Guns Threaten Health Like Smoking or HIV, What Should Doctors Do? [at wbur.org]


Quote of the Day: Butterflies Aren’t Free Edition


“The hook-and-bullet crowd isn’t always a natural partner with environmentalists, but even in this era of hyper-partisan politics, the groups’ commitment to healthy habitats gives them a common cause. Whether or not they realize it, land set aside for hunting is often enjoyed by other outdoor recreation enthusiasts such as hikers and birders, too.” – Christie Aschwanden, How Skyrocketing Gun Sales Are Helping To Conserve Butterflies [via fivethirtyeight.com] [h/t CB]


Quote of the Day: The Police Are Not Outgunned Edition

SWAT (courtesy wikimedia.org)

“Multiple studies, including from the Justice Department, have shown that the guns used in homicides, including the killing of police officers, overwhelmingly tend to be small-caliber handguns. Moreover, gun ownership has increased over the past 20 years — the same period in which both the violent crime rate and the killing of police officers have been in decline.” – Radley Balko, Five myths about America’s police [via washingtonpost.com] [h/t JP]


Quote of the Day: Ding Dong Edition


“The NRA very rarely — if ever — agreed with Rep. McCarthy on firearm policy issues. Nonetheless, we sincerely wish her all the best in her retirement.” – NRA spokesman Andrew Arulanandam in Carolyn McCarthy, public face of the gun control movement, is leaving Congress [at washingtonpost.com]