Quote of the Day: Prohibited Speech Edition


“Blinn College administrators sacrificed the First Amendment in order to stop Nicole (Sanders) from talking about the Second, Fourth, and Fifth Amendments. But public colleges like Blinn are bound by the First Amendment, which gives all citizens—including college students—the right to speak out on the issues they are passionate about, whether gun rights or gay rights.” – Catherine Sevcenko, Associate Director of Litigation at Foundation for Individual Rights, quoted in Student Sues College After Gun Rights Sign Needed ‘Special Permission’ [via freebeacon.com]


Quote of the Day: Post Biker Shootout Anti-Open Carry Commentary Edition

(courtesy Moms Demand Action - Texas)

“Open carry makes everyday confrontations potentially more dangerous and poses an unnecessary challenge on our law enforcement to determine in the heat of the event who is a good guy and who is a dangerous criminal. Perhaps Sunday’s violence will serve as the necessary wake-up call to our legislators that they should stop taking marching orders from the gun lobby.” – Angela Turner, spokeswoman for the Texas branch of Moms Demand Action, quoted in Gun control groups: Texas biker gang shooting a wake-up call [via thehill.com]


Quote of the Day: Drop It Like It’s Hot Edition


“You always have to be worried if there is more than one person with a weapon. Everyone with a firearm is considered a threat until determined otherwise. It is imperative through concealed carry that the license holder needs to put the weapon down and comply. That’s what’s going to help keep them safe and diffuse the situation.” – TEEX Public Safety and Security Division Director Elizabeth Morris in Police preparing for expected approval of guns being allowed on college campuses [at theeagle.com]


Quote of the Day: They Were Such a Quiet Family…


“That family was probably the most anti-gun family I’ve met. … They really didn’t want us to have (guns) there. It made them really uncomfortable. That’s a huge shift, to go from not liking them to theoretically shipping them to somebody.” – Tennants of the Merz family in Friends express surprise over Cedar Rapids gun smuggling charges [at gazette.com]


Quote of the Day: Stopped Clock Edition

“You aren’t going to get 200 million guns off the street. A lot of liberals say, ‘No guns, no guns, no guns.’ You do understand the mindset that, in many cases, gun control — I’m saying this as a guy that supports background checks… — but in many respects, if you’re an advocate for gun control like a lot of people in New York state are, chances are good you’re only making sure that criminals have them.” – Joe Scarborough


Quote of the Day: Comprehensive Edition


“There is no single or simple solution to this crisis. In my view, Congress must consider a comprehensive approach which includes a serious discussion about guns, the need for greatly expanded mental health services and ending gratuitous violence [in] the media.” – Sen. Bernie Sanders in Why the most liberal candidate for president opposes strict gun control [at washingtonpost.com]


Quote of the Day: A Cop Who Gets It Edition

“I am sworn to serve and protect—a responsibility that I take on with a sense of pride as a calling, not simply a job. Yet I firmly believe that the first person in charge of your freedoms and self-preservation is you. I know that my brothers and sisters in law enforcement are willing to stand watch in the night against the evil in our society, but recent events have proven again and again that your personal safety can only be absolutely guaranteed by one person—and that person is you! That ability to protect oneself can never become outdated, or the very freedoms and individuality this great nation was founded upon would all be for naught.” – Sgt. Jacob Betsworth, Sarpy County (Neb.) Sheriff’s Department [via americas1stfreedom.com] [h/t BP]


Quote of the Day: Police Officers Are the Only Ones Edition

“How could the Alexander Police Department employ an officer who had not yet gone through any of the state-mandated training? Because according to Arkansas state law, it’s perfectly legal to do so. Specifically, said Brian Marshall, the deputy director of the Office of Law Enforcement Standards, Arkansas law states that a person can work as a police officer for up to nine months—with the possibility of a three-month extension in extraordinary circumstances—before she is required to complete the state’s three-month training course. And as long as the new recruit passes a 50-round firearms qualification test—that means hitting a target 80 percent of the time from 25 yards away—the department can legally arm her with a gun.” – Leon Neyfakh in No Experience, No Problem [via slate.com] [h/t SS]