Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: Why School Security Shouldn’t Have “Assault Weapons”

John White (courtesy

“It’s not easy to respond to an active shooter. Will [Douglas County security guards] be trained to judge when to shoot and when not to? It’s more complicated than running in and gunning down the shooter. When a police officer on patrol or a SWAT team comes in, they’re not just going to shoot to kill. If a suspect is contained, the ideal situation is to get him to surrender, and that can take hours. If the person’s not shooting anymore, there’s no justification for opening fire. The goal is to contain and control, to bring it to a peaceful, nonfatal ending if at all possible.” John White, CEO of Protection Management, quoted in A School Security Expert on Why Giving Guards AR-15s Isn’t the Best Way to Protect Students [via]



Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: The Trace Reckons Good News is Bad News

NYC murder rate

“This data-driven story [Ted Cruz Was Wrong on Murders in New York, but Perception Is Hard to Shake] comes on the heels of a Gallup poll showing that Americans’ concerns about crime and violence are at their highest level in 15 years, despite murders falling by an average of 8,000 killings per year over roughly the same period. Here at The Trace, we’d note that while the country as a whole may be safer, the U.S. remains an international outlier for its number of fatal shootings, which present a constant threat for the residents of embattled urban neighborhoods.” via The Trace email blast



Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: The Origins of America’s Gun Culture


“This period, before the outbreak of World War I, saw the birth of today’s American gun culture. Within a few decades, as guns became more prominent in criminal activity and suicides, an antigun culture also began to rise. Many Americans recoiled from these new forms of everyday violence, even as others increasingly cherished their firearms and the personal meaning they found in them. The U.S. was on a slow spiral toward the modern, polarized politics of guns.” – Pamela Haag in an excerpt from her book, “The Gunning of America: Business and the Making of American Gun Culture” [at]



Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: Australian PM Pushes Back Against Push Back Against Easing Gun Control

Australian Prime Minister John Howard (courtesy

“I’ll naturally wait and see what the inquiry recommends but anything that to me looks as though it waters down the laws that are in place now I won’t support and I will argue that the government shouldn’t support because the experience with these things is when you’ve had a ban in for a long period of time and it’s worked. This ban has been so successful, and is so widely respected around the world, that I would not want any government in Australia to do anything that would weaken it.” – Former Australian Prime Minister John Howard in Fears Port Arthur gun laws could be diluted [via]



Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: A Professor Has Second Thoughts About Writing a Recommendation for a Student Gun Enthusiast


“She seems to be a good kid, Sarah. And I don’t know what she really thinks of gun advocacy and political failures that have cost us all these lives and our sense of safety as educators. I don’t know what she does on the weekends. I also don’t know if she understands emotions, or what real rage feels like. It seems to me no person who has truly experienced the full impact of their own emotions would ever go near a gun.” – Myrtle Lynn Payne [not her real name] in Guns, Pancakes, and Ambiguity [via]



Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: Harriet Tubman, Gun Owner, Coming to $20 Bill


“Tubman carried an old percussion pistol for protection against slave-catchers and their hound dogs. This violated an 1806 Maryland statute, which forbade ‘any negro or mulatto within this state to keep any dog, bitch or gun.’ The pistol was also a threat against any faint-hearted fugitive who wished to turn back. As Tubman knew, any slave who returned would be tortured into revealing everything about the remaining fugitives, which would result in the whole group being captured. Pointing her gun at one escapee, who was exhausted and hungry after a day of hiding in a swamp, she told him, ‘Move or die.’ She delivered him and the others to freedom soon after.” – Dave Kopel in Freedom Fighters [via]