Quote of the Day: World’s Smallest Violin Edition


“[T]he thought that we could not translate that [Newton school shooting] horror into reasonable… I mean, really reasonable… gun safety measures that were supported by the vast majority of the American people is for me something that I take personally as a failure and something that I think we as a society should take as a failure, a glaring failure, that I hope will ultimately be rectified.” – Attorney General Eric Holder in Outgoing AG regrets gun control failures [at examiner.com]


Quote of the Day: Many a True Word Spoken in Jest Edition

Rev. Jeff Liebmann (courtesy amazon.com)

“Defenders of the Second Amendment should not only oppose restrictions to gun purchases and ownership (as they do already), but they should be advocating for a fully armed citizenry. By the age of 12, every budding young adult should have passed mandatory gun training and be issued a weapon so that they can stand united to defend the ramparts of our nation against the evils of communism, of creeping socialism, and the over-reaching arms of an out-of-control government in Washington, D.C. Just as we provide food stamps to the hungry and inexpensive housing to the poor, our nation should be committed to arming every citizen so they can adequately defend America.” – Rev. Jeff Liebmann minister of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Midland, Truth and Meaning: Guns for Everyone [via ourmidland.com]


Quote of the Day: Vox Populi Edition


“If you’re going to restrict constitutional rights, it probably shouldn’t be by someone who isn’t elected.” – Castle Rock, Colorado Mayor Paul Donahue in Growing Town Asks Where Guns Fit In [at nytimes.com]


I Don’t Think “I’ll take it” Means What Some People Think It Means


I’ve struggled with this question from the day I got my license. The classic example is a fellow named Shawn. You see, I found out the hard way that Shawn is a pathological liar. When I first started, I would post some merchandise for sale at a blowout price. A price so low that you’d think I had brain damage. Shawn would email or call me and say “I’ll take it” and that’s when the migraines began . . . Continue Reading


Quote of the Day: And This is What Finally Dislodged Holder, Too Edition


“Based on the serial number from the police report obtained by Judicial Watch and documents obtained during our Fast and Furious investigation, we can confirm that the assault rifle recovered in the vehicle on July 30, 2013 was purchased by Sean Christopher Steward. Steward pled guilty to firearms trafficking charges resulting from his involvement with Operation Fast and Furious.” – Sen. Charles Grassley and Rep. Darrel Issa in Eric Holder’s Top Deputy Resigns Amid Revelation Fast and Furious Guns Used in Phoenix Crime [at breitbart.com]


Quote of the Day: Realistic Expectations Edition


“We have had increased patrols. Sometimes you don’t always see it. It’s a little bit of a false expectation to say, ‘If a crime occurs, it’s [because of] a lack of police.'” – Chicago Alderman Michele Smith in Lincoln Park Robbery Victim Escapes After He Says Gun Pointed at His Head [at dnachicago.com]


Quote of the Day: I Got Nothin’ Edition


“The candidates’ positions on the gun issue are why I feel that debates are not enlightening and actually serve to confuse the public. For example, can anyone out there tell me what a semi-automatic weapon is and looks like? When I’ve asked people that in the past, they usually say ‘a machine gun.’ I would agree. But that’s not what politicians usually mean when they refer to assault weapons. You have to read the definition of such weapons in an actual law to understand exactly what’s being banned, and those descriptions can vary widely. The debate over this sort of thing is what drives a lot of the National Rifle Association folks to the point of sounding irrational. But I get it. They know about guns, and the rest of us usually don’t. Assault rifles must be bad or we wouldn’t be using them to assault people.” – Phil Kadner in Guns really aren’t the problem [at southtownstar.suntimes.com]


Quote of the Day: Fun With Bureaucracy Edition

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 3.54.12 PM

“I was told by the judge that it was the expectation that when someone is served a restraining order that they will turn in their weapons. Of course he didn’t turn in his weapons because he wanted to harm me and he does not follow rules in general. I had to call the judge and probation officers repeatedly and send emails regarding my concerns before he ordered that my ex-husband finally turn his weapons over. It was absolutely ridiculous and terrifying that the court would leave something like that in the hands of the abusive individuals.” – Nicole Beverly in These Abusers Aren’t Allowed To Own Guns. So Why Aren’t States Removing Them? [at huffingtonpost.com]


Quote of the Day: “There’s Nothing Social About Machine Guns” Edition


“In my opinion, there is nothing social about machine guns, ever. They are weapons. The reason they exist is to kill people. They’re not used for hunting and only used for sport in over-the-top situations, like the shooting range we all learned about outside Las Vegas. You remember: A 9-year-old killed a shooting instructor when her parents thought it would be fun for her to use an automatic weapon.” – Charlene Schneider, psychologist and Democratic candidate for the 62nd District of the Ohio House [via cincinnati.com]


Quote of the Day: Sisyphean Edition


“We are passionate that the British style of policing is routinely unarmed policing. Sadly we know from the experience in America and other countries that having armed officers certainly does not mean, sadly, that police officers do not end up getting shot.” – Greater Manchester Chief Constable Sir Peter Fahy in Why British police don’t have guns [at bbc.com]