Quote of the Day: Leon County (FL) Sheriff Supports the Second Amendment, But . . .


“I support the Second Amendment. I am not trying to restrict gun ownership in any fashion. But it’s important as a sheriff whose responsibility is public safety to lobby for responsible legislation. I think this is a public safety issue. Not only am I responsible for public safety, but I’m also responsible for the safety of my law enforcement.” – Leon County, Florida Sheriff Mike Wood in Hammer blasts Sheriff Wood over gun bills [at tallahassee.com]


Quote of the Day: Child Access Prevention Gun Laws Are A Deterrent Edition

Christopher Ingraham (courtesy washingtonpost.com)

“[Child Access Prevention] laws are less about punishing negligent gun owners after the fact and more about nudging responsible ones to prevent something terrible from happening. Laws help shape societal norms. If six little kids have been able to get hold of grandpa’s gun and shoot someone with it this year, it suggests that many folks have a dangerously casual attitude toward leaving loaded guns out in the open.” – Christopher Ingraham in Why toddlers keep shooting people with their grandparents’ guns [via washingtonpost.com]


Quote of the Day: Maybe We Need Less Democracy to Achieve Gun Control


“In some ways American gun control has regressed rather than progressed in recent years as the federal ban on military assault weapons and high-capacity magazines that existed between 1994-2004 has not been renewed by Congress. But it’s too easy to exaggerate the threats or to ridicule gun toting Americans but the reality is far more sad: most deaths occur from guns being used to commit suicide, or are found by children and toddlers who mistake them for toys with devastating effects. When it comes to gun control and American politics then maybe – just maybe – could there be a case for a benevolent dictator who understands that the ballot and bullets, just like guns and safety, just don’t mix? ” – Matthew Flinders in Bang, bang — democracy’s dead: Obama and the politics of gun control [at oup.com]

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Quote of the Day: Obama’s Executive Action on Guns a Damp Squib? Edition

President Obama (courtesy usnews.com)

“Obama administration officials said they had no specific plans to increase investigations, arrests or prosecutions of gun sellers who do not comply with the law. No task forces have been assembled. No agents or prosecutors have been specifically reassigned to such cases. And no funding has been reallocated to accelerate gun sale investigations in Washington.” – Obama’s Lofty Plans on Gun Violence Amount to Little Action [via nytimes.com]

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Quote of the Day: Minnesota’s Civilian Disarmers Have More Work to Do


“An increase in permits indicates to me two things. One, many Minnesota gun owners are perfectly OK with undergoing a background check. A background check is required in order to get a pistol or pistol carry permit. Two, a significant number of Minnesotans believe that having a gun makes them safer, and unfortunately, this is not true except in very narrow circumstances. It means we have a lot of work to do in educating the public about the hazards posed by guns.” – Heather Martens in State gun permits to carry soar, with 6,000 permit holders in a month [at startribune.com]


Quote of the Day: The Semiotics of Tactical Training

“In the tactical mindset there are good guys and there are bad guys, and they are always perfectly easy to tell apart. Who are the good guys? The semiotics of tactical websites make it pretty plain. Eagles and American flags. Invocations of 9/11. The pictures featured on the Northwest Suburban Tactical Training Center website include a self-assured business-man. And women: a teacher, a mom, and an apparent college student. All the females are blond. The proverbial good guys with guns, said to be the only thing that can defeat a bad guy with a gun. The bad guy is represented on the NRA’s ‘Don’t Be a Victim’ site as a black silhouette looming at the corner of the screen. I always want to ask these tactical instructors: how do you know you’re not training him?” – Rick Pearlstein in Ronald Reagan pointlessly packing heat as president only makes sense in gun nut fantasyland [at rawstory.com]


Quote of the Day: Obama Mandates Safer Small Arms for the Military


“Presidential involvement in small arms has been strategic and game-changing in our history. Obama comes along and tells the Army that, in this administration, money is going into small arms to build — not a deadly weapon, not an effective weapon, not a dominant weapon, not a lifesaving weapon, not a technological cutting-edge weapon — but a weapon that prevents accidental discharge. Give me a break.” – Retired Army Maj. Gen. Robert Scales in Obama’s gun control executive order to Pentagon: Make combat weapons safer, not more lethal (via washingtontimes.com)


Quote of the Day Mark Kelly vs. The Free Market Edition


“There have been a couple times that people have tried to sell smart guns that the gun store was almost put out of business. I think the Department of Justice should pay more attention to those things and consider anti-trust actions against organizations that are trying to use unacceptable practices against businesses.” – Mark Kelly in On Clinton Campaign Trail, Astronaut Mark Kelly Talks Smart Guns [at wired.com]