Quote of the Day: Dawning Reality Edition

NRA Holds Its Annual Meeting In Nashville

“The reality is, gun control advocates are on the run. The NRA is winning. While Congress does nothing, a lot of states have been relaxing their laws, particularly those that allow people to carry a concealed weapon in public, even in K-12 schools in some cases. Maryland’s 2013 gun control law that included fingerprinting handgun purchasers and a ban on the sale of certain weapons and large magazines is more an aberration than a trend setter. Conventional wisdom among Democrats is that gun control is a losing issue on the national stage — and has been since Bill Clinton was in the White House.” – Baltimore Sun editorial, Guns and the ‘permanent darkness’


Quote of the Day: It’s a Matter of Control


“You’re taking the highest level of force and giving it to folks you have no control over, as far as an employee-type (relationship), or it being a state-certified officer. Taking all that out of the picture would worry me somewhat.” – Buncombe County (North Carolina) Sheriff Van Duncan in Senate gun bill allows unrestricted concealed carry [at citizen-times.com]


Quote of the Day: Too Far to the Extreme Edition


“We support the Second Amendment. We have gun owners in our organization. We know that many NRA members are responsible gun owners, and we are calling on them to help us create safe laws for everybody. The NRA leadership has just gone too far to the extreme.” – Moms Demand Action’s Kathleen Chandler Wright in Gun control advocates to protest NRA [at tennesseean.com]


Quote of the Day: Oh Haelle No!

Tara Haelle (courtesy pbs.com)

“Nearly one in ten people in the U.S. are angry and armed – and 1.5% of them are carrying their guns in public. They appear a little more likely to have some kind of mental illness or personality disorder, but that’s not what makes them a risk to the public. Instead, it’s their history of angry outbursts, impulsivity, breaking or smashing things in anger, losing their temper or getting into physical fights. And right now, only three states have any kind of law that enables law enforcement to take away these individuals’ guns.” – Tara Haelle, Seize Guns From Angry People — And Reduce Firearm Violence? [at forbes.com]


Quote of the Day: The Racist Roots of Gun Control, Part MCMLXVII


“The opposition spends an inordinate amount of time discussing the evolution of general handgun legislation in the early 1900s. It cites zero legislative history, or any history at all, directly addressing the advertising ban at issue here. Yet, as the Attorney General suggests, some evidence of the general purposes behind the 1923 law may ‘provide clues’ as to why the legislature wanted to ban retailers from depicting handguns on store-front placards. It turns out that a principal reason for the adoption of the 1923 legislation, which included the speech restriction here, was . . .

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Quote of the Day: The British Perspective Edition

(courtesy economist.com)

“That the rest of the civilised world can see the insanity of the Americans’ bizarre fetish with guns makes their blind and stupid obstinacy on the issue even more perplexing. The US is blighted by its crazy idealism, fundamentalism and a chronic incapacity to think pragmatically about the greater good. Just an insane country.” – Commentator Mr. Denmore, beneath Why the gun lobby is winning [via economist.com] [h/t Tony]


Quote of the Day: Stand Your Ground Sophistry Edition


“What this bill does is expand ‘Stand Your Ground’ to our campuses. We have a subconscious here in America to associate ‘criminal’ with ‘black.’ Even the way you walk can be ‘menacing.’ Under the Stand Your Ground law, you can kill somebody and get away with it for ‘looking threatening.'” – Florida A&M student Melanie Andrade in House panel approves concealed weapons on campus [at tallahassee.com]


Quote of the Day: Cathartic Edition


“I’d tell (kids who are my patients) that they need to shoot: They need to shoot each other, they need to shoot their parents, they need to shoot me. It’s one of the best tools they have for dealing with their aggressions, and taking that away from them only complicates the problems that the people who want to get rid of toy guns are concerned about.” – Child psychiatrist Lenore Terr in Should Kids Play with Toy Guns? The Great Debate [at yahoo.com]