Quote of the Day: No Bones About It Edition


“They are telling us what they’re gonna do. They have been telling us what they’re gonna do for six or seven years. It’s the one thing that we really can’t say we’re being shocked and surprised. That’s why the people who profess to be shocked and surprised by (the m855 ammo ban) kind of bother me, because it is happening right now. It started, actually, in 2013. What do you think the government buying up as much ammo as they could in the retail markets was all about? They’re telling us what they’re gonna do. Obama’s making no bones about it. It’s just so people, ‘Nah, he doesn’t, it will never happen.’ That attitude is understandable in a sense. It’s rooted in the fact that, ‘No, we’ve never had a president do this, the Constitution, can’t do that. That’s not the way things happen in America.’ That’s true. But they are happening.” – Rush Limbaugh


Question of the Day: How Many Holsters Do You Have?


Woo hoo! I got a new holster this week. I can now tote my FNS-9 Compact as God intended thanks to my new Gunfighters[INC] Ronin OWB rig (review to follow). There’s only one problem though. I keep all of my holsters in one drawer of a chest in my bedroom and the Ronin put me one toke over the line. I literally couldn’t cram another one in there without breaking something. So out they all came, including that box holding the POS nylon junk (upper right) I bought back when I didn’t know my ass from my ballistic elbow. The tally: including mag carriers, I count 33. How many holsters are cluttering up your drawer?


Quote of the Day: If They Didn’t Have Double Standards They’d Have No Standards at All


“As a woman and a gun owner, I’ve never understood why there wasn’t more overlap between the gun rights groups and feminists. On abortion, the feminists are clear: No man is going to tell a woman what to do with her body, or even that of her unborn child. ‘No uterus? No opinion,’ as the saying goes. But when it comes to rape (on college campuses or anywhere else for that matter) feminists are perfectly comfortable allowing men — in particular Democrats in Washington — to tell them how they can and cannot defend themselves.” – S.E. Cupp in Guns for women on campus make sense [at cnn.com]


Quote of the Day: What Europeans Should Expect Edition

Simon hankinson

“As this issue plays out in each state and town, the only certainty is that there will continue to be thousands of shootings, mass or individual, accidental or on purpose, each year. The one thing Europeans should not expect as a result of the New Mexico, Idaho or any American gun tragedy is that it will bridge this cultural divide and lead to legislative change.” – Simon Hankinson in Why Some Americans Will Never Give Up Their Guns [at yahoo.com]

[h/t Jeff the Griz]


Quote of the Day: Pax Americana Edition


“We got (our gun culture) from the Americans. Because we were under the Americans before. We learned many good things from the Americans, but what we learned most was this addiction to violence, to guns.” – Gunless Society founder Nandy Pacheco in Filipinos Debate Link Between Guns, Violent Crime [at voanews.com]


Quote of the Day: Brutal Logic Edition


“I worry more about the fact that we have guns on the street here (than violence on the screen). I mean, in Australia, countries around the world where they have the same entertainment, and they don’t have the homicide rates that we do here, it’s clear that there’s another reason for it. [In] all my films, the antagonists are monsters or cyborgs, or you name it. The Walking Dead is the one [that’s] different, and I found that it’s inspired a debate about what does it mean to be human and can you justify resorting to this kind of brutality?” – The Walking Dead producer Gale Ann Hurd in ‘Walking Dead’ Producer Talks Spinoff, “Guns on the Street” and Killing Off Characters [at hollywoodreporter.com]