Question of the Day: What’s the Best Firearms-Related TV You’ve Seen Recently? [VIDEO]

For firearms-related mayhem action, John Wayne Taylor highly recommends Netflix’ series The Punisher. On the other side of the scale,‘s Adam Epstein is a big fan of a new Paramount TV series. “WACO” LAMENTS AMERICA’S UNIQUE, TRAGIC OBSESSION WITH GUNS the all caps headline proclaims. Strangely, Mr. Epstein doesn’t see it as a human drama […]

Question of the Day: What Does Common Sense on Guns Mean to You?

These days, gun control advocates promote “gun violence prevention.” But they still call civilian disarmament “common sense.” Confiscate firearms from people who’ve been accused — but not convicted — of domestic violence . . . Why that’s common sense! Pay no attention to the Fourth Amendment behind that curtain. Ban “weapons of war” from civilian possession? […]

Question of the Day: Why Don’t You Own an IWI Tavor?

I swear I’m not pimping for IWI. I simply believe that the Tavor bullpup is the best inside and outside toy rifle money can buy. It’s wieldy, reliable, accurate (enough) and fun! And now that you can buy a Tavor . . with a more-than-merely-adequate trigger chambered in .308 — suppressed, with a three position […]

Question of the Day: Do You Hunt with A Pistol Caliber Firearm?

“On Thursday, January 18, Senate Bill 20 passed the Indiana state Senate by a vote of 47-2 and will now move to the House,” reports. “SB 20 will ensure that rifle hunting with pistol caliber cartridges is protected throughout Indiana. This bill safeguards previously established hunting opportunities that many Hoosiers have enjoyed during past hunting seasons.” So . […]

Question of the Day: Is There Anything Wrong With This Spike’s Tactical Facebook Post?

“A Florida gunmaker company is unapologetic after devising an advertisement for its products that declared ‘NOT TODAY ANTIFA,’” reports. “Spike’s Tactical produced the ad, which caused controversy on social media, in conjunction with a  Texas-based clothing company, Pipe Hitters Union.” Spike had some choice words for critics who said they should spike the image . . . “For the […]

Question of the Day: What Is a Shithole and What Do Guns Have To Do With It?

I should probably let this whole Trump shithole thing go. But I came across an article at on the current chaos in Tijuana: Control for street drug trade pushes Tijuana to grisly new record: 1,744 homicides. The firearms-related mayhem just south of our border got me thinking. Is Tijuana a Trumpian shithole? And as we’re a firearms […]