Question of the Day: What Do You Say to People Who Claim to Support the Second Amendment But Don’t?

In the video below, anti-national concealed carry reciprocity Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro declares “I take my responsibility to protect people’s Second Amendment rights very very seriously.” And immediately adds “I also take very seriously public safety. This federal bill undermines both.” Wait. What? I mean . . . I understand the [entirely meritless] argument […]

Question of the Day: You OK With the NRA Supporting Roy Moore for the U.S. Senate?

“The National Rifle Association, working in lockstep with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the Republican establishment, spent big money trying to stop Roy Moore from winning the party’s primary in Alabama’s special Senate election,” The Trace reports. “Now, undeterred by the multiple, detailed allegations of child molestation leveled against Moore, the NRA is joining President Trump, […]

Question of the Day: How Would National Reciprocity Affect You?

“House panel approves law that will allow firearms-owners to cross any state line with a hidden weapon,” reports. As you’d expect from a media outlet owned and named after America’s number one gun grabber, the billionaire who bought Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America to further his civilian disarmament agenda, gives […]

Question of the Day: More Guns, Less Crime?

“A groundswell of opinion must overcome mass hysteria that what we need are more powerful and plentiful guns. I fear for my children and grandchildren this will never happen.” And so concludes Peter Dorsen’s article Guns, guns and more guns is no solution over at Given the huge and ongoing gun and concealed carry “groundswell” over […]