Question of the Day: What Gun for Santa?

In the video below, a faux Santa gets his ballistic ya-yas out. But armed self-defense is a serious business for the real St. Nick — given that he must deliver presents everywhere, including some sketchy neighborhoods. Not the mention the fact that many armed home-, apartment- or hovel-owners could mistake the Presentator for a home […]

Question of the Day: Have You Ever Been Hunt-Shamed?

Brian McCombie’s a long-time hunting and outdoor writer, both online and in the dead tree gun mags. Like a lot of us, he got to try out Remington’s new 870 DM magazine-fed shotgun. Part of his evaluation apparently included a successful hunting trip. No doubt wanting to tout their new gun, the people who run […]

Question of the Day: Why Do Gun Owners Fear The Government?

According to a recent CBS poll, just under half of American gun owners list “protection from crime” as the main reason they’re tooled-up. Just five percent of respondents chose “protection from government.” So much for the antis’ contention that American gun owners are paranoid proto-insurrectionists. The CBS poll asks these “five percenters” why they’re Uncle Sam-averse […]

Question of the Day: Do You Hunt?

I’m pro-hunting. As the Dallas Safari Club asserts in its big ass billboard defending its January convention, hunting preserves endangered species. (Yes, even lions!) And there’s no doubt that hunting helps conserve natural habitats. But I don’t hunt. Don’t get me wrong . . . I’m not PC, squeamish or sentimental. I’d have no problem […]