Question of the Day: Are You Ready?


“’We typically don’t get more than one (pistol permit request) a day, but we probably have at least 12 this week,’ Mary Lavorando, an employee in the (Clinton County) clerk’s office, told the website Friday. ‘It seems like more people have been picking up applications,’ she said. ‘But it can take eight or nine weeks for approval. So it’s kind of like locking the barn door after the horse is out.’” Eight or nine weeks. What could possibly happen in that time? It’s only been nine days since two convicted murderers made a Shawshank-like escape from the Clinton Correctional Facility. Waiting for an emergency to decide you need a gun — no matter what state you live in — can be inconvenient at best, disastrous at worst. Are you ready?


Question of the Day: .40?

I do love me some caliber wars. It’s not about click bait. It’s about serious discussion of “stopping power” and accuracy under stress. (That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.) Heckler & Koch’s new VP40 handgun is as good an excuse as any to trigger the usual ballistic brawl. I mean, the VP9 is a wonderful gun. A .40-caliber version’s got to be good, too. But you won’t see me carrying this or any other .40. Too snappy. Sure, you can learn to tame the recoil, but why bother when there are .45 caliber guns out there with only slightly less capacity that are easier and more fun to shoot? Accurately. Your take? Press release after the jump . . .

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Question of the Day: What’s The Dumbest Tactical Move You’ve Seen?

Actually, the under-slide racking video above doesn’t highlight a tactical move. It’s a safety thing! “This shooter explained that he racks the slide from underneath because he is concerned about out of battery detonation,” reports. “Supposedly another competitive shooter had a fail to fire and racked his slide with his hand covering the ejection port to capture the round. The round went off in his hand when he extracted it.” Wait. What? I reckon the RSO should have flagged his ass. Anyway, I’ve seen some pretty dopey tactical moves. My favorite: bird-like head movements masquerading as scanning for threats. What’s your pet peeve when it comes to operators operating operationally?


Question of the Day: What’s Your Non-Gun Plan B?

FAB Defense hat (courtesy ammoland,.com)

A firearm is the best self-defense tool a person can carry. Except when it isn’t. The first and most obvious reason a firearm can’t get you out of a jam: you don’t have it on you. Despite gun rights advocates’ best efforts there are lots of “gun-free zones.” Places where carrying a gun can lead to the complete, lifelong loss of gun rights. Hospitals, schools, airplanes, the post office, and other government buildings, etc. What then? Situational awareness will only get you so far. Escape from a potentially deadly threat may not be possible. Make the jump for a press release on an ingenious new product [above, not endorsed by TTAG] that could provide an effective alternative, even on an airplane. Meanwhile and in any case, what’s your plan B? . . .

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Question of the Day: Is a .22 Revolver Enough Gun?


Over at, Richard Mann tested .22 Magnum cartridges for personal self-defense. He concludes “I still believe any gun is better than no gun. I also believe there are a lot of cartridges better suited for personal protection than a .22 WMR. Still, as a deterrent, it’s probably as effective as anything else. As for being able to bring about voluntary submission it’s anybody’s guess how this cartridge should be rated; we simply cannot predict psychological reactions. Where the .22 WMR appears to fall short is in its ability to bring about instant involuntary incapacitation.” We haven’t had a good caliber war here for a while. Would you feel confident deploying a .22 wheelgun against a bad guy?


Question of the Day: Are We Losing the Culture War?

In a recent question of the day, TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia refuted Moms Demand Disarmament for America’s assertion that motherhood will triumph over gun rights (as if the two were somehow mutually exclusive). This time ’round, I’d like to get your thoughts on gun culture in America. It seems to me we’ve lost ground. Many readers remember a time when firearms were “normal.” When you could take a rifle on a bus or to school. When toy gun commercials – with realistic guns! – celebrated the natural male urge to fight against bad guys . . .

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Question of the Day: Who’s Going to Win?



With a few notable, though relatively minor exceptions, the forces arrayed against Second Amendment rights have endured a virtually unbroken string of defeats since the horror that was Sandy Hook. Fortunes on the civilian disarmament side have been all over the board. Michael Bloomberg and (thanks to his bottomless pocketbook) Shannon Watts have waxed, the Brady Campaign has waned, that Kelly/Giffords thing’s sole purpose is to hoover up cash and the CSGV has become nuttier than a Christmas fruitcake. All that said, anyone who’s been around since the gun control act of 1968 can tell you, the tides can and do change. So look into your crystal ball and tell us…who wins in the long run?


Question of the Day: Should Ted Cruz Run a Background Check on Whomever Shoots With Him?


Holy hypocrisy, Batman! Allen Clifton, writing for something called Forward Progressives, thinks he’s caught the Texas Senator and presidential candidate in a whopper of a double standard. Second Amendment absolutist Cruz opposes background checks for firearms purchases. And as part of his campaign, one lucky supporter will win be selected to enjoy and afternoon of shooting with Sentor Ted . . .

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Question of the Day: Is Open Carry Especially Good for Women?

I’ve known Nicki (a.k.a., “Liberty Doll”) for about a year. She’s an advocate for gun rights; you can feel her passion for firearms freedom on her Facebook page. After getting a dog, Nicki became aware that she was being watched. At first, she dismissed the feeling. Then she saw a man in a Ford cargo van following her. Stalking her. Nicki filed a police report. In the video above, Nicki says she wants to open carry. To send her stalker a message: I will not be a victim. Is that right? Is open carry a deterrent against criminal predation for women? Or is she and other women better off carrying concealed to maintain the element of surprise?



Question of the Day: Did Open Carry Come to Texas Because of Activists or Despite Them?

Open Carry Texas (courtesy

The above image is from Open Carry Texas’ celebratory press release [via ammoland,com]. Notice the Confederate flag? I reckon that personifies the open carry movement’s tone-deaf PR performance. Don’t get me wrong. Free speech and all that. But I’d certainly file the flag under “not helpful.” Along with the recurring Chipotle ninja issues, an “invasion” of a Texas representatives’ office leading up to the final vote and Tweeted death threats against lawmakers. Some suggest Texas would have had Constitutional Carry if not for the high-profile protests. Anyway, moving forward, should gun rights advocates take a chill pill? Or is the “we’re mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore” approach our best bet for gun rights restoration?


Question of the Day: Are Non-Gun Owners “Shirking Their Responsibility”?

Wilks Family (courtesy

Underneath today’s Quote of the Day on the reason men own guns, TTAG reader uncommon sense had a major SMH moment. “What is appalling are gun grabbers who shirk their sacred duty to protect their spouse and children and from violent attackers,” he wrote. “I have no idea how such people can live with themselves.” Is that right? Do Americans who shun guns fail in their [stated] obligation to protect their loved ones and, perhaps, other innocent life?  Does the lack of gun ownership indicate a lack of moral fiber?