Question of the Day: Would You Shoot A Fleeing Felon?

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There are lots of laws regarding the legal use of lethal force. They vary from state to state. Generally speaking, you’re OK to shoot another human being if he or she pose an imminent, credible threat of death or grievous bodily harm to yourself or other innocent life, and imminence is imminent (i.e. the threat is underway). In Texas, gun owners are justified in using deadly force “to protect land or tangible, movable property.” Other states, not so much. A Christmas tale from LA shows why this is an important difference . . .

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Question of the Day: Whadjya Get for Christmas?


While we’re sure you’re thrilled if Santa dropped an iPhone 6, a PlayStation 4 or an 18V DeWalt cordless hammer drill under your tree last night, we really don’t care. What we would like to hear about, though, are any ballistically oriented baubles the jolly old elf may have left for you. If you were on his naughty list, we’re sorry to hear that. You’ll probably figure out something useful to do with that lump of coal. And that should give you something to work toward in the new year. If, however, you were on his nice list, have fun with your new haul and don’t shoot your eye out. So whadjya get?


Question of the Day: Are Race Baiters Responsible for NYPD Assassin?

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Personal responsibility. That’s our policy. Whether it’s a gang banger, cop, armed self-defender or irresponsible gun owner, the person who pulls the trigger is responsible for what happens next. Not society. Not his or her mother or father. Not the NRA. So when I ask if race baiters/hustlers are in any way responsible for the actions of Ismaaiyl Abdula Brinsley, know that we’re talking about relative culpability. In other words, did Sharpton, Mayor Bill de Blasio and other racialists create a climate of hate that enabled Brinsley’s murderous “retribution” against police in general, the New York Police Department in particular? In the same sense that some Muslim clerics “inspire” adherents to commit atrocities against “infidels.” What’s your take?



Question of the Day: What Gun Games for Xmas?

I don’t play video games. They’re too good and I have too much to do. Like reading the book, Men Who Game Too Much and the Schnauzers Who Love Them. My addiction began with Battlezone, a polygon-based tank game that sucked down quarters like INSERT QUASI-MISOGYNIST METAPHOR HERE. It ended with Call of Duty, when I heard the call of duty to raise my daughter as a single father. But I still love gun games from afar. Not Jafar. If Jafar was driving a tank, his ass would be mine. Just sayin’. What gun games are you playing and which ones do you recommend as Xmas gifts to yourself or others?


Question of the Day: Have You Patterned Your Home Defense Shogtun?

If you’re a trap shooter, you’ve no doubt patterned your shotgun for your load of choice. If you shoot, say, No. 8s and you usually shoot singles, it’s nice to know what your pattern at 30 to 40 yards will look like if you want to consistently smoke those orange disks. Similarly, if you’re a turkey hunter, you’ll want to know at what distances your load of choice is lethal through your turkey choke. But have you ever bothered to take your home defense shotgun out for a spin to see what it will do with OO in tight quarters at domestically likely distances?


Question of the Day: Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

In the video above, gun guru James Yeager makes a distinction between people in the “gun community” vs. people in the “gun culture.” People who don’t agree with Yeager’s take-no-prisoners approach to gun rights are “politically correct butt-kissing boot lickers who want to appease their liberal masters.” People who are down with Yeager’s stance and style are “an unapologetic group of people that are simply doing what our creator gave us the right to do.” While I consider myself a gun rights absolutist, there are plenty of folks who don’t share my opinion on some things (e.g. they don’t see a problem with background checks). I still think we’re on the same team, generally speaking. Am I wrong?


Question of the Day: Should You Own Duplicate Carry Guns?


Michael in GA writes:

I was going to submit a review of the Beretta Nano, but TTAG already has a couple articles on the Nano and a review by Destinee. Those submissions, being very informative and thorough, however, lack one key element. What can you expect from 18 months of EDC and 2,000-3,000 rounds of range time? So I won’t review the Nano because a bigger issue arose yesterday at the range . . .

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Question of the Day: FIVE 9mm Handguns?

In the video above The Firearm Guy sounds a bit like Harvey Fierstein. I’m not sure what that has to do with anything, but there it is. More to the point, TFG recommends five “must have” 9mm handguns, for five different missions. He’s rasping on about a home defense gun, a truck gun, a precision gun, a budget handgun, a carry handgun and a show-off gun. If you have to beware of the man with one gun, this guy’s not him. I consider a GLOCK 19 or similar sufficient for everything, save wearing a suit (when you need a smaller carry gun) and showing-off (when you need a Wilson Combat 1911 or Smith & Wesson 686). The BBQ gun thing was number six, so it doesn’t count. How many handguns do you use?


Question of the Day: Should Models Keep Their Fingers Off the Trigger?

Laura Elizabeth Gomez (courtesy

The Laura Croftian model above is Laura Elizabeth Gomez, a Facebook friend from Barcelona. Laura’s worked at Zona de; she knows a thing or two about gun safety. And yet, there she is, with her fingers on the trigger. Some photographers demand trigger finger placement on the go-pedal; they believe it gives the resulting image immediacy. But I’m a safety first, sexy second kinda guy. I swear. What’s your take: trigger finger on the slide for models or what are you kidding who gives a damn and why are you putting sexist clickbait on a serious Second Amendment website when you swore you weren’t going to?


Question of the Day: Do You Support Background Checks?

WA rally (courtesy

“An estimated 1,000 gun rights activists converged Saturday on the Capitol Campus, toting American flags, wearing camouflage and carrying their guns,” reports. “The armed citizens turned out to participate in an I Will Not Comply rally, protesting Initiative 594, a measure passed by voters that expands background checks for firearm sales and transfers.’We’re going to stand up for our rights,’ event organizer Gavin Seim said. ‘Our rights are not up for negotiation.’” Unless they are. “Roy Talbott of Olympia said he’s in favor of background checks, but I-594 is just too broad. ‘All of us are for background checks, but this just goes too far,’ Talbott said.” To quote Will Smith, oh hell no. I’m not for any background checks on gun sales whatsoever. You? [h/t MS]