Question of the Day: Which Businesses Welcome Your Guns?

Stanley Oil & Gas company is a gas station and fuel supplier in Stanley, Wisconsin, a small town in north central Wisconsin. As the sign on the door indicates, Stanley Oil & Gas supports the Second Amendment. [More pics after the jump.] As a privately-owned small businesses, Stanley’s less subject to national pressure from the old media, and more likely to appreciate individual liberties and responsibilities. Which local businesses publicly support your right to keep and bear arms?  . . .

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Question of the Day: How Safe is Your Local Gun Range?

Laguna Seca Rifle and Pistol Range (courtesy

“A man shot himself in the chest after his prosthetic arm had accidentally caught the trigger of the gun he was using,” “He was rushed to Natividad Medical Center with non-life-threatening injuries and is expected to survive. Although it is up to the victim to release more information, deputies added that people accidentally shooting themselves is a common occurrence at shooting ranges.” Really? . . .

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Question of the Day: What’s Your Favorite Rifle Training Drill?

We spent a morning recently with Steve Smith and Stu Bresson of Asgard National Training Group at Astro Shooting Range north of Austin. These are two guys who have pretty much seen and done it all. Among a number of drills they demo’d for us was this three-distance drill in which the shooter has progressively less time to get ten rounds on target. The idea: work on trigger control and sight picture as distance and time decrease. Trigger work becomes more important as sights become less so. What’s your favorite (non square range) rifle drill?


Question of the Day: Who’s On Your Gun Rights Top 100 List?

Newsmax is out with a listicle of their 100 Most Influential Pro-Gun Rights Advocates. These things are always arbitrary (and designed to provoke outrage). Lots of those who made the cut are no-brainers for inclusion: Wayne LaPierre, Larry Pratt, David Keene, Dudley Brown. Some on the list are more than a little questionable: Donald Trump (at number 3)? Tom Brokaw? Whoopi Goldberg? George Zimmerman? And how the hell do you put together a list of the most influential RKBA defenders that doesn’t include the Second Amendment Foundation’s head honcho, Alan Gottlieb? Or attorney Alan Gura? Who do you think was most egregiously left off the list? Who shouldn’t be there at all?


Question of the Day: Is The NRA Crying Wolf?


Last week the NRA aimed its sights (metaphorically speaking, of course) at Australia’s gun laws. More specifically, the post-Port Arthur massacre legislation that included a national gun buyback confiscation which effectively disarmed most of Oz’s law-abiding firearm owners. The focus was put on Australia’s gun laws by our esteemed President who held them up as an example to be emulated here during an interview after the Charleston church shooting . . .

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Question of the Day: If the Government Can Compel a Business to Bake a Cake, Can It Keep One From Prohibiting Firearms?


Another baker has come a cropper over a refusal to bake a happy wedding cake. First there was Masterpiece Bakery in Colorado. Then Sweetcakes by Melissa in Oregon. Both, it was determined by courts, discriminated against potential clients in violation of public accommodation laws. As an ACLU attorney commented after the Colorado ruling, “While we all agree that religious freedom is important, no one’s religious beliefs make it acceptable to break the law by discriminating against prospective customers.” . . .

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Question of the Day: Has the 2A Electoral Landscape Changed?


Reader JJ writes:

“There has been a very marked change in strategy from the Democrats. In 2008 and even in 2012, Obama was very careful not to say anything too inflammatory regarding the 2A in the period leading up to the elections. Hillary is all out in the open with it now. I have to assume that their polls show that the background check issue is a winner for them. Lord help us all if she wins after being so honest on her anti-2A credentials.” Agree?


Question of the Day: Would You Make That Trade?


Open carry in Michigan schools has caused panty bunching in many of Michigan schools. Particularly in the People’s Republic of Ann Arbor. But new bill would try to calm the waters through compromise. “Gun owners would be prohibited from openly carrying weapons in Michigan schools, day care centers and some other areas under legislation set to be formally introduced next week in Lansing. But the pending Senate bill would allow permit holders to carry concealed pistols in those areas instead, provided they first request an exemption from the state.” RKBA horse trading in the Wolverine State. Fair trade?


Question of the Day: Do You Advertise Your Intent to Shoot?


Reader Jeff J. writes:

I have a normal 8 to 4 job here in a town in north Texas while my wife is a self-employed photographer and cares for our 6-month-old during the day. One day last week around 11am, while I was at work, my wife was in the bedroom getting ready for lunch with a friend and our boy was napping in the living room. My wife heard the front screen door open, and thinking it was her friend she hurried out to the living room to greet her but when she got to the living room, through the glass in our front door, she saw a man in a black hoodie about to open the front door . . .

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Question of the Day: What’s the Most Important Gun You Own?


The Nazis confiscated my great grandfather’s gun, the rifle he used in the Austro-Hungarian Army. Thieves stole my father’s shotgun, which was never replaced. So I don’t have any family firearm heirlooms. My most “important” gun is a Grizzly Customs 1894 Marlin lever gun with a stock fashioned from American old-growth hardwood (circa 1000–1500 AD). It speaks to me in ways that no modern gun can. Hopefully, one of my daughters will cherish it as much as I do, beginning a family tradition uninterrupted by genocide (not to be Debbie Downer). What’s your most important gun?


Question of the Day: Have You Scheduled Your Gun ‘Buyback’ Yet?


Reader AG writes:

“I’ve been wondering recently – could a private citizen conduct a ‘gun buyback’? Think of the collectibles and rare items you’d be able to come up with just by offering $100 gift cards.” The answer, of course, (in most states) is…absolutely. Transactions for firearms between two willing individuals are perfectly legal. And with a few notable exceptions, no background checks are necessary. Of course, there’s always the chance that someone may take the opportunity to dump a gun that had been used in a crime (cops never check that when conducting their so-called buybacks), so there’s always that risk. But as AG points out, think of the haul you could potentially make with a stack of $50 and $100 gift cards. When will you schedule your buyback?