Question of the Day: Does This Further Second Amendment Freedoms?

Shawn Nixon of Royal Oak, Michigan recently strapped on a pistol, slung a rifle and went for a walk. In the process, he locked down a local high school and got into a spirited debate with the local constabulary over his Constitutional rights and whether the school has the authority to ban him from the property while carrying. Among other things. Mr. Nixon is apparently unfamiliar with the old adage that you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar . . .

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Question of the Day: Is Hunting Beautiful?

I’m not a hunter. In fact, I find the outdoors a bit daunting, what with insects, sunburn and a distinct lack of comfort stations. But as I enter my golden years (wap wap wap) I find myself leaving urban environs and heading into what’s called “outside.” I’ve hiked in Montana. Explored Texas trails. And now TTAG’s John Wayne Taylor’s lined-up a hog hunt. I don’t expect it to be a slow-motion celebration of the Circle of Life™ but I’ve read enough Hemingway et al. to know that shooting animals can be a deeply spiritual, highly literary experience. Question for experienced hunters: is hunting beautiful or is it simply nature red in tooth and claw? Or both?


Question of the Day: How Many Pistol Magazines Should You Have?


Reader Ryan Sondalle writes:

Perhaps the most common answer to the question, “How many magazines do you need?” is “You can never have enough.” And while I’d generally agree, the context for that question and  answer tends to refer to AK or AR magazines, rather than pistols. I personally come down somewhere between the numbers three and five. Three seems to offer plenty for concealed carry with one in the gun and two spares, while five help prevent issues on replacement if one is ever lost, broken, or stolen. So what’s your answer? What’s the right number of pistol magazines?


Question of the Day: Are “Race Hustlers” Putting Police Lives in Danger?

Earlier this week, two police officers were shot in Ferguson, Missouri during a protest outside the police station. Reacting to the crime on MSNBC, Reverend Al Sharpton said no one in his organization would “condone” shooting policemen. Mark Finkelstein at called that “…awfully weak sauce. How about condemning it?” Is he splitting hairs? Or are the people claiming that racist killers are on the loose – organizers and protestors who were wrong in the Trayvon Martin case and wrong in the Michael Brown case – fanning the flames of racial hatred, making it more dangerous for law enforcement?


Question of the Day: Why Are Gun Control Advocates Against Gun Safety?

Perhaps the worst example of gun control advocates’ Orwellian double-speak: their use of the word “gun safety.” Anti-gunners deploy the term as a euphemism for gun control, of course. The idea being that we’d all be safer without guns. Yes, well, meanwhile, neither gun rights advocates nor proponents of civilian disarmament want innocent people to be shot. By anyone. Ever. So you’d think that . . .

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Question of the Day: What Kind of Woman Reads TTAG?

Occasional TTAG reader (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

Once upon a time, Nick pointed out that links to Israeli supermodels and pics of less-than-fully-dressed women with guns alienate female readers and prevent male readers from recommending The Truth About Guns to females. So I stopped. There is no evidence to suggest that our new, supposedly non-sexist editorial policy increased our female readership. But it may have. So I’m appealing to you, our female reader(s?) to give us some feedback . . .

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Question of the Day: Could the NRA Ever Be Classified A Terrorist Group?

NRA post (courtesy Facebook)

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV) regularly trawls gun blogs, pro-gun websites and firearms-friendly Facebook pages for ignorant, abusive and threatening comments; fodder to feed their anti-gun agitprop. And they find it. Here’s their latest haul from underneath a post about ex-Congresswoman and current anti-gun crusader Gabrielle Giffords on the NRA’s Facebook page (jpeg above), complete with links to the comment and their authors . . .

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Question of the Day: Guns in Schools?

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“Six-year-old Elijah goes to Stratton Meadows Elementary School,” reports. “On Monday, he pointed at a classmate in the shape of a gun and said, ‘You’re dead.’ . . . He received a one-day suspension for threats against peers.” Coming hard on the heels of my daughter’s 2A mischaracterizing history test, this incident makes me wonder why The People of the Gun aren’t familiarizing school kids with guns and gun rights. Just as businessmen go into schools to talk about capitalism, and police go in to talk about stranger danger and other threats, we should be talking to kids about firearms freedom. Complete with . . . . wait for it . . . guns! Anyone tried this? And how did you first learn the truth about guns? [h/t Pascal]


Question of the Day: Death Penalty?


I followed the Jody Arias trial closely. Her testimony struck me as the height of disingenuousness. She remembered shooting Travis Alexander alright, claiming he was trying to kill her. “The gun went off” she said about her first volley, denying any connection between conscious thought and pulling the trigger. As for stabbing her lover and moving his body, that she couldn’t remember. Getting rid of the gun? Her mind was blank on that too. Evil conniving little you-know-what. If it hadn’t been for a conversation with TTAG contributor and combat medic Jonathan Taylor, I would be bitching about the fact that Arias avoided the death sentence for her heinous deed and inability to admit her true nature to the world . . .

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Question of the Day: Are You Worried About Being Shot by a Cop?


“Law enforcement personnel, including campus security, are allowed to carry firearms, and they are highly trained in their use,” Montana’s asserts, carving out cops from their opposition to campus carry. “But when responding to a call for help, how are they to tell the difference between the bad guy and the victim when both are pointing guns at each other?” It’s the same old question that comes up any time . . .

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Question of the Day: Do You Lock Up Your Guns?

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 9.18.49 AM

Over at, former police officer Brandon Plunkett runs through a number of options for locking-up your guns inside the home. Great landing at the wrong airport. While locking up your firearms is a good idea to protect children from harming themselves and others, not to mention making your guns that much harder for bad guys to steal, it’s not the idea. Teaching your kids the four safety rules is the thing. After all, other families might not lock up their guns. Or you may forget. Or clever kids may crack your code/find the key to your safe. And what if one of your kids needs a gun for self-defense in the home? Do you lock-up all your guns?