Question of the Day: How Many Antis Have You Converted to the Cause?

I’ve taken a lot of people shooting. Most were shooters. Some were newbies. Two were rabid antis, as opposed to civilian gun ownership as I am to watching another episode of Fairly Odd Parents. The shooters were delightful and delighted. The newbies emerged from their immersion born-again ballistic ‘bro’s. The antis remained antis. Obviously, this failure is anecdotal, and doesn’t include dozens of antis who declined my invitation to get to grips with their gripe. But it’s been my impression that people promoting gun control are insensible to evidence contradicting their idée fixe. There’s only one thing that can change their mind and it ain’t you. A close encounter with criminal violence. Am I wrong? Have you ever turned an anti?


Question of the Day: Do You Keep One in the Pipe?

TSA confiscated guns and ammo (

The blue-shirted goons at the Transport Security Administration (TSA) are on the front lines of airport security. They’re the brave men and women disarming otherwise law-abiding Americans inadvertently attempting to board an airplane with a firearm in their carry-on. In the TSA’s ongoing effort to stop the public from thinking of them as blue-shirted goons, the Agency publishes a blog. Needless to say, pics and stats on confiscated gats are the blog’s best bit. According to a chart published here, 35 of the 42 guns confiscated were loaded. Check this out: only seven had a round chambered. Who carries a gun without one in the pipe? You? [h/t Daedalus2189]


Question of the Day: What Gun Do You Carry When Hiking?

Mountain lion hunting (courtesy

“A 6-year-old boy suffered moderate injuries when a mountain lion attacked Sunday on a hiking trail in the Santa Cruz Mountains outside of Cupertino, Calif.,” reports, neglecting to mention that the lion was in the act of dragging the boy off when accompanying adults somehow managed to convince the cat to leave his meal behind. “[Sgt. Kurtis] Stenderup said this incident took place on a well-traveled trail in an open-space preserve in the Santa Cruz Mountains about two miles from a winery. It was in the area of Stevens Creek Reservoir outside the city of Cupertino.The area is known to be a mountain lion habitat, Stenderup said. ‘We know mountain lions are up there, but attacks are very rare.'” Not rare enough, apparently. What gun do you carry in winery-adjacent wilderness or wherever? I like a .44 or above pistol or a .44 magnum lever gun. [h/t TP]


Question of the Day: What Was Your First Handgun?

GLOCK 19 enjoying the afterglow (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

Over at the typographically sophisticated Colion Noir reveals that he broke his ballistic cherry with a Ruger SR40. “When I finally got my gun in my hands, I felt empowered,’ Colion writes. “Yes, empowered. I know a lot of people like to shy away from acknowledging the feeling of empowerment your first gun gives you. Society has so widely attributed that feeling to the “I wish a mother**ker would” complex, which perverts the feeling of empowerment and turns it into something to be ashamed of. It’s like teaching a young teen . . .

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Question of the Day: Is .32 ACP Enough Gun?


By Dan Baum

When I can add to my collection of pre-1930 pistols for $350 or less on Gunbroker, I do so, and I’ve assembled a nice, idiosyncratic collection. Margaret and I just spent four days scouting the place we’ll hunt elk in November, and I brought along a few old .32s to try out. What I didn’t bring along, since I had so many guns in the bag, was the Model 1917 Smith and Wesson .45 ACP revolver I usually take camping, and that got me thinking . . .

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Question of the Day: Should Cops Swear?

Yes, this is gun-related. I’ve seen a large number of police videos where peace officers draw their guns and then use obscene language to control suspected perps and other peeps. And I’ve wondered, WTF? Aren’t police officers trained to de-escalate situations? Drawing down on someone is serious sh*t. Doing so while threatening and swearing – “I’ll f*ckin’ put a round in your ass right quick” – is not what I consider calming. I understand cops are under stress. I know they’re often dealing with belligerent, foul-mouthed folks. I realize that some scum have limited comprehension skills for anything other than gutter language. But if we, fellow gun-carrying civilians, draw our gun and say “I’ll put a round in your ass” it can and will be used against us in court of law. Shouldn’t cops set a good example, try to pour verbal oil of troubled waters and keep it clean? Just wonderin’ . . .


Question of the Day: Who’s to Blame for Police Militarization?


“The Jul/Aug 2014 issue of The Police Marksman is now available online at from Hendon Media Group,” reports. “This issue’s ‘Bullseye’ focuses on long guns with reviews of three AR-style rifles. First up is the Mossberg MMR, an inexpensive carbine that eliminated some standard features to keep the price down. Next is the MGI Hydra, an amazing multi-caliber, quick-change AR rifle that can be tailored to any police assignment. Last, Ruger’s SR-762 ups the ante with a .308 caliber semi-automatic that turned in sub-MOA accuracy and 100% reliability.” To say the timing of this announcement – and the picture accompanying it – is a little off would be like saying . . .

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Question of the Day: What’s the Most Fun Target You’ve Ever Shot?

That’s a hell of a hole, Harry. I mean, Caleb. God knows I’ve watched a number of these YouTube ballistic destruction videos, including some stuff that turned my stomach (e.g., .50-caliber annihilation of the latest iPhone). The deity also knows I’ve thoroughly enjoyed them all – from watermelon explosions to Tannerite-laden TV mayhem. But it’s videos like Caleb’s that I love best. People shooting stuff they hate. Anyway, one thing’s clear: unless you’re practicing your marksmanship, and maybe even if you are, shooting paper’s dull in comparison to just about anything else. So what’s the most fun target you’ve ever shot?


Question of the Day: Hunt Much?

NHF Day logo  72d

September 27 is National Hunting and Fishing Day (press release after the jump). Established in 1972, NH&F day’s not as old as National Doughnut Day or as energizing as National Petroleum Day. But it’s a good excuse to commune with nature, harvest some meat and enjoy a pursuit as old as humanity itself. Sure, A&M may be playing South Carolina on the 27th, but you can always DVR the game and keep the radio off in the car. So what will you do? Dip a line? Down a duck? Bag a buck? When was the last time you took your shooting irons hunting? When you going again? . . .

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Question of the Day: Would You Take This Shot?

Life’s a crap shoot (so to speak). You pays your money, you takes your chances. In terms of armed self-defense, you learn how to shoot, you carry, you decide on a course of action in a crisis, you take action (or not) and then . . . you deal with whatever happens. Your defensive gun use might work. It might not. Who knows? There are way too many variables – personal, social and environmental – to predict the outcome. So even though I’ve trained on hostage targets I don’t know if I’d be able to thread the proverbial needle if I needed to shoot a bad guy in close proximity to a good guy. The real question for me: would I try? I don’t know for sure, the decision would certainly be distant dependent, but I reckon yes. Yes I would. You? [h/t Doodie]


Question of the Day: Are You Ready for A Terrorist Attack?

ISIS killer (courtesy

An ISIS attack against the West is [only] a question of timing,” CIA head Gen. Michael Hayden” told In fact, “The FBI and Homeland Security have warned police forces across the country to be on the lookout for terrorist threats as a chilling note was posted online warning that Chicago could be an ISIS target,” reports. “The federal agencies sent a bulletin to law enforcement agencies warning them to be on the lookout for terrorism. Although no specific threats have been identified, they could not guarantee no future attacks, the federal agencies said.” And there you have it: the feds (read: police) can’t guarantee your safety. Especially when we’re talking about these . . . animals. So, are you upping your own plans to protect you and yours? Avoiding large crowds? Upping awareness in malls? Prepping? Anything new or same-old-same-old?


Question of the Day: What’s Your Favorite Movie Gun?

SPOILER ALERT! So, wikipedia tells us that “Shortly before the publication of From Russia, With Love in 1956, Fleming received a fan letter from an author and gun collector, Geoffrey Boothroyd. He told Fleming that he admired the Bond novels apart from the hero’s choice of weapon. Boothroyd felt the Beretta was ‘a lady’s gun’ with no real stopping power. He also objected to the choice of holster. Boothroyd proposed that Bond should use a revolver like the Smith & Wesson Centennial Airweight. It had no external hammer, so it would not catch on Bond’s clothes. The Smith & Wesson could be kept in a Berns-Martin triple draw holster held in place with a spring clip which would decrease Bond’s draw time. Boothroyd also said the suppressors Bond occasionally used were rarely silent and actually reduced the gun’s stopping power . . .

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