Question of the Day: Are You A Stickler For the Law?


A TTAG reader writes:

I was having a conversation with a member of the Houston Police Department about the impact of an improper 30.06 sign (although, this could be about any state that has proscribed signage requirements). My point was that if the sign is correct, he can arrest immediately, but if the sign is incorrect it’s no different than no sign and the carrier must be given notice before an arrest can be made. He advised me that even if the sign is improper, including a handwritten note on a sheet of paper, he would immediately arrest a person carrying on premises for trespassing . . .

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Question of the Day: Would You Send a Gun to Defend a British Home?


Four police officers who were flagged down by a store manager as his colleague detained a thief,” reports. “[They] allegedly said they were ‘not kitted up to help’ and drove away.” So much for fighting crime in the Piers Morgan “gun-free” paradise commonly known as the United Kingdom. A country whose subjects are barred from possessing adequate means of defense and punished when they attempt to defend themselves (e.g., farmer Tony Martin’s ongoing ordeal). Where those paid to respond to crime seem to have more urgent priorities . . .

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Question of the Day: Are Anti-Gunners Just People Who’ve Never Shot a Gun?

The Range at Austin

Regular readers know that TTAG has a new home range for testing and evaluation, of both guns and cigars. Well, we will do next summer, when the Austin-based guntry club known as The Range at Austin [above] opens its doors to the public. “How will a gun range of this size [the biggest indoor range in Texas] do in a city as notoriously liberal as Austin? asks. Quite well, I imagine. As a former Rhode Island resident, I can tell you that even bluest of blue states contain a significant number of gun enthusiasts. More than that . . .

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Question of the Day: How Do You Prevent Suicides at Gun Ranges? [VIDEO]

“A 21-year-old man died on Saturday after shooting himself at a Randolph gun range,” reports. While suicides at gun ranges are  hardly a regular occurrence – my old home range had a ServPro moment – they do happen. Some ranges have created policies to reduce the possibility. Specifically, if you don’t bring your own gun and you want to rent a firearm, you have to bring a friend. No single walk-in gun rentals. The problem with that . . .

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Question of the Day: Would Legalizing Drugs Reduce Firearms-Related Crime?


“Mexican drug cartels control drug trafficking in multiple U.S. cities throughout the Southwest and continue to spread over the entire nation” reports. “While government officials continue to claim that the border is secure, a recently unclassified intelligence report by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration called Areas of Influence of Major Mexican Transnational Criminal Organizations shows that the entire nation is under the influence of drug cartels.” So, aside from suicides, disabling drug-dealing gang-banging gangs is the best way to reduce firearms-related crime. Yes, but . . .

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Question of the Day: Should the NRA Be Talking About EMPs?

ELP I could understand. I reckon NASA should have sent Emerson, Lake and Palmer’s Karn Evil 9 to the aliens via Voyager. OK, the British rock trio isn’t an appropriate topic for NRA PR. But neither are electro-magnetic pulses. Don’t get me wrong: I get it. EMPs threaten to destroy our power grid at a stroke and throw America into chaos, as X-Box deprived teenagers suddenly discover this thing called “outside.” (Note: they won’t like it.) In the aftermath, guns will be extremely handy, one way or another. But . .

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Question of the Day: Is There Such a Thing as the “Concealed Carry Lifestyle”? [VIDEO]

TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia are armed and intelligent.They’re engaged with the whole gun thing: 2A politics, firearms technology, ammunition choices, self-defense strategies, gear, guns, the works. About half of our readers are AI regulars. The rest find their way here through specific searches on Google or Facebook. If anyone qualifies as participants in the “concealed carry lifestyle,” it’s them. You. Us. Yes, well, I’m not convinced that such a thing exists. Not surprisingly. Kevin Michalowski, editor of Concealed Carry magazine, disagrees . . .

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Question of the Day: How Great Was the Greatest Generation? [VIDEO]

In the video above, NRA “New Commentator” Dom Raso asks “Do We Deserve the WWII Generation’s Sacrifice?” It’s the flag-waving pro-freedom rant you’d expect from Mr. Raso, a former Navy SEAL. And then some. And yet, in these days of the Internet, where anyone and everyone can question received wisdom, YouTube commentators have hit Mr. Raso’s “greatest generation” thesis with both barrels. “Bullshit,” Ray Haws opines. “It was the WW2 generation that gave us . . .

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Question of the Day: Do Unarmed Victims of Violence Bear Any Responsibility for Their Attack?


Over at The New York Times, ‘The Return of the Sex Wars’ focuses on the issue of campus rape. “Student activists object to rape-prevention programs incorporating warnings about the risk heavy drinking poses. They say that questioning how much a female student drinks is like questioning her choice to wear a short skirt — just another form of victim blaming.” By the same token, anti-gun activists assert that claiming “it should have been a defensive gun use” after an assault puts the “blame” for a victim’s victimization on the victim rather than the perp. Obviously, a perp bears full and ultimate responsibility for a violent attack. But . . .

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Question of the Day: How Do You Teach Your Kids to Shoot?


My post on teaching my daughter to shoot her BB gun provoked a number of questions and I wanted to answer a few of them. But first, yes, her shoes were on the wrong feet. While she knows the difference between left and right, she still doesn’t always get her shoes on the right feet.We are working on it. I let her pick out her own clothing and shoes and dress herself because it makes her happy and unless it’s really hot or really cold, I try not to dictate too much what she wears. We were also not out in public that day, as we shot the BB gun at the house, so I let it go. It’s one of those “pick your battles” moments of parenthood . . .

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Question of the Day: Is Your Kid a Better Shot Than You?


If I were hunting terrorists or transported to the world of The Walking Dead, I might be inclined to hang with the kid on the left rather than his dad. Kneepad Dad looks rock solid, but that boy’s got some serious ‘tude. I’m blessed with four girls. Only one of which lives with me – and she’s not the one who’s partial to firearms. In fact, the gun-ho girl lives in the firearms-free paradise known as Britain. Oh well. I get plenty of vicarious pleasure from watching other young boys and girls get to grips with guns…safe, smiling and serene. Talking to their moms and dads, I’ve learned that the majority of these young ‘uns . . .

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What’s Wrong With This Picture: Lee Child’s Jack Reacher Novels

Make Me (courtesy

For reasons best known to The New Yorker‘s anti-gun editors, they’ve given space to Tipping Point author Malcolm Gladwell’s love letter to Lee Child’s Jack Reacher novels. Here’s a scene quoted by Gladwell. “It was a through-and-through, obviously, given the short range and the power of the Magnum round. Twenty feet behind the guy’s head the wall instantly cratered, the size of a punch bowl, and a ghastly split second later the contents of the guy’s brain pan arrived to fill it, with a wet slap, all red and gray and purple.” Gun guys recognize the fact that Child’s firearms-related frenzies are often slightly-less-than accurate. For example . . .

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