Question of the Day: What Three Things Should ALL Americans Know About Guns?

We’re living in a nation divided against itself. On one hand we have bible-clinging, small government seeking, get-off-my-lawn, live-and-let-live conservatarians. On the other hand, bleeding heart pro-government liberals. While there are non-gun owners in the former group and gun owners in the latter, people on all sides share one firearms-related characteristic . . . ignorance. The […]

Question of the Day: Recoil. Love It Or Loathe It?

No, not the magazine or website. Actual recoil. So . . .in the SIG SAUER video below, Moriarty outfoxes Sherlock Holmes. Wait, that’s not it. Let’s try again. In the Tactical Tip video below, SIG instructor Todd Moriarty introduces viewers to the “push pull” shotgun shooting technique. Not only does the isometric exercise strengthen your core […]

Question of the Day: Ankle Carry?

In the video below, Alien Gear introduces the ShapeShift Ankle Holster, designed for close encounters of the bad guy kind. When either your primary firearm is out-of-action or ankle carry is the only discreet way to tool-up. The latter applies to a large segment of the population who work in . . . health care. There’s […]

Question of the Day: Got Any Obscure Calibers?

CMMG Chambers Mk4 DTR2 Rifle in 224 Valkyrie the headline at proclaims. The press release below explains the freshly minted caliber’s advantage: it’s “an incredibly flat-shooting round achieving supersonic velocities out to 1,300 yards” out of an AR-15-sized round. Do you own or would you consider . . . an AR in a caliber […]

Question of the Day: What’s the Best Firearms-Related TV You’ve Seen Recently? [VIDEO]

For firearms-related mayhem action, John Wayne Taylor highly recommends Netflix’ series The Punisher. On the other side of the scale,‘s Adam Epstein is a big fan of a new Paramount TV series. “WACO” LAMENTS AMERICA’S UNIQUE, TRAGIC OBSESSION WITH GUNS the all caps headline proclaims. Strangely, Mr. Epstein doesn’t see it as a human drama […]

Question of the Day: What Does Common Sense on Guns Mean to You?

These days, gun control advocates promote “gun violence prevention.” But they still call civilian disarmament “common sense.” Confiscate firearms from people who’ve been accused — but not convicted — of domestic violence . . . Why that’s common sense! Pay no attention to the Fourth Amendment behind that curtain. Ban “weapons of war” from civilian possession? […]