Question of the Day: Would You Take the “Pledge Against Gun Violence?” [VIDEO]

“Last week, more than six hundred voices echoed across the gymnasium of St. Augustine High School in New Orleans, Louisiana,” reports. “They belonged to students gathered to recite a pledge, but not the familiar ode to the stars and stripes. This one was a pledge against illegal drug use gun violence.” Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Hey, I could have put unprotected sex. Or drunk driving. Nodding off in math class? Anyway, in its unending search for PR, the civilian disarmament complex has revived an ancient student pledge (original name unknown). So, what good is it? would you take it? Here it is . . .

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Question of the Day: Best Inexpensive Carry Gun: Kahr CW45? [VIDEO]

I pocket carry a Kahr MK9. I love that gun! It’s not for everyone. It’s heavy – which I like – and really expensive: around $700. People who need to pinch their pennies are well advised to take Jarhead6’s advice and buy the TTAG 4.5 star Kahr CW9. Oh wait, he recommends the .45 caliber CW45. As .45 cartridges cost significantly more than 9mm’s, buying the CW45 makes you penny wise and pound foolish (as the Brits are wont to say). Besides, the CW45 MSRP’s at $449. That’s still a lot of money. If you’re really stretched, I’d recommend a used gun. How about a Smith & Wesson 642 for shade under three bills? Or a CZ82s? What’s the cheapest acceptable carry gun you’d recommend? HiPoint?


Question of the Day: How Biased is the Mainstream Media Against Guns?

ShotSpotter (courtesy

NYPD’s ShotSpotter picking up otherwise unreported shootings. That’s the headline sitting above the story by Ryan Sit at “The majority of shootings picked up by the NYPD’s ShotSpotter technology would have gone unreported without the system, police said on Monday. ShotSpotter — the technology that triangulates where a shooting occurred and alerts police officers to the scene — was activated 186 times in October, but received 911 calls for less than half of those incidents,” Ryan writes. “The NYPD’s deputy commissioner for information and technology, Jessica Tisch, called the ShotSpotter activations a relatively standard showing, but she added that only 48 percent of those shooting incidents had 911 calls connected with them.” Now wait just a gosh darn minute . . .

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Question of the Day: Should Hillary Duff Have Bought a More Expensive Gun?


As the intrepid reporters at TMZ note, former child star Hillary Duff is a single mom who lives alone. And their cameras caught her recently waking out of a Culver City, California gun store with a GLOCK box and a bag of gun food. Nothing wrong with that, right? Well…the first comment under our post linking to the article at our Facebook page was, “All that money and she still bought a Glock.” That, as you might expect, touched off a spirited round of back-and-forth debate . . .

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Question of the Day: What Ammo for Your Home Defense Shotgun?

Again, I’d like to point out that you should keep a pair of electronic earmuffs by your home defense shotgun. No matter what ammo you shoot – God forbid – the resulting sonic assault will defeat you. Both immediately – reducing your ability to hear other threats and communicate with friendlies – and long term – degrading your hearing and, perhaps, giving you life-long tinnitus. As for ammo, I use double-ought buck. While over-penetration is an issue, I’m willing to take that risk to assure the immediate end of hostiles. Provided I don’t miss. What do you carry in your hd shotgun?


Question of the Day: What’s Your Worst Experience with an Armed Officer?

Deer (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

TTAG reader Coyyote writes:

One evening driving off our ranch I encountered a car stopped by the side of the road a distraught lady pointed out a doe someone had hit and broke both front lower legs. The deer was in the barrow ditch frantically thrashing around so I suggested I use the 1911 on my hip to euthanize her. The lady replied she had called 911, and at that instant a highway patrol officer arrived, parked and turned on his flashers. He got out and we talked the situation over. I told him my wife worked as a wildlife rehabilitator for the Department of Wildlife and both of us had euthanized dozens of animals hit by cars. Thus I would be happy to do it . . .

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Question of the Day: Would A Sex Strike Stop Chicago Gang Bangers From Shooting Each Other,As Spike Lee’s Chiraq Would Have You Believe (On Some Level)?

That, my friends, is the plot of Spike Lee’s movie Chiraq. So how ’bout it? Would Chicago’s gang bangers cease carrying firearms or stop shooting each other if the women in their community refused to have sex with them until they “put down their guns”? Assuming, of course, that a gang banger would never rape a woman, exploit her drug addiction or use some other extra-legal method to coerce her to provide sexual gratification. While you ponder that imponderable, I can think of a better Chiraqi disarmament strategy . . .

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Question of the Day: What’s the Best Gun for Shooting Down a Telephone Pole?

The DemolitionRanch dude is one crazy mo’ fo’. But this attempt to shoot through a telephone pole with an AR-style rifle spitting out 7.62 ammo isn’t up to his usual standard of nutso. In fact, it’s boring. Literally. If he hadn’t sped-up the video we’d be looking at a Nutn’ Fancy-length saga. Or not. Anyway, TTAG’s readers are au fait with the best in high-powered weaponry, including belt-fed and crew-served weapons. So, what would be your first choice for quickly and efficiently taking down a telephone pole. [Safety Nazi note: try not to shoot at targets near objects – like cinder blocks – prone to fragmentation.]


Question of the Day: Open Carry in Schools?

Kenneth Herman (courtesy

Rift Emerges Among Gun Owners Over Concealing Weapons in Schools, the headline at The New York Times [gleefully?] proclaims. The story details Michiganders’ fight over gun rights within the state’s pubic schools. In this corner, we have gun owners like Kenneth Herman [above] who wants to open carry in schools (as is their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right). In that corner, we have gun control advocates who want a total gun ban in schools (because guns). In this corner, we have gun owners who want to be able to carry concealed in schools, who are OK with a ban on open carry in schools. The antis are the antis. But where do you stand on open vs. concealed in schools? Before you answer, check out the horse trading going on in the Mitten State . . .

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Question of the Day: WWJS (What Would Jesus Shoot)?

Remember WWJD (What Would Jesus Drive)? While I’m an anthropogenic climate change denier (which I’ll say three times fast if you like), I thought the anti-SUV campaign was funny. Equally, I mean for this question to be respectful and light-hearted. And I’m going to resist the urge to add on a question about what Allah would pack because I need a fatwa on my head like Xenia Tchoumitcheva needs another vowel. So how about it? What would Jesus carry and/or shoot? A three-barreled shotgun?


Question of the Day: Open Carry Etiquette Rules Please


“Clearly, with Texans and their affinity for guns, there is one area sorely lacking when it comes to possession and the carrying of guns,” former Texas State Rep. Carl Parker writes at The Examiner in southeast Texas. “We are in need of the equivalent of Emily Post, a writer on social etiquette … Many of us are certainly in a quandary about protocol and manners when it comes to when, where and how we should wear our weapons or have them on open display.” Help the man out, woudja? 


Question of the Day: What Was Your Worst Gun Store Experience?

As you may have guessed, YouTuber NeverEnuffAmmo is not a huge fan of Dick’s Sporting Goods. I can’t say that I am, either. The Bee Cave DSG gun counter is lonelier than a Jew at a Christians for Israel convention (don’t ask me how I know). If you can find a salesman, he knows less about guns than Ladd Everitt. I’ve seen worse. A Rhode Island gun store owner once made fun of me in front of his cop buddy for insisting that he stop pointing a shotgun at my stomach. “How long have I been selling guns?” he asked Officer Triple Chin. “Haven’t shot a customer yet,” he joked. Punchline: “Not that I didn’t want to.” What was your worst experience at a gun store?