Question of the Day Pt. 1: Is This “Lock-Up Your Gun” PSA Acceptable?

A frenemy sent a link to this public service announcement. The National Crime Prevention Council (of the McGruff the Crime Dog fame) produced it. My humble correspondent wants to know if TTAG’s Armed Intelligentisa find the PSA acceptable. Well do ya, punk? Thumbs up or thumbs down on this PSA and why? [NB: the NCPC produced a second ad which I find much more acceptable. I’ll post that bad boy later today as QOTD II.]


Question of the Day: Taurus Anyone?


The above ad appeared in SHOT Business magazine. While it’s aimed at gun dealers, the underlying message applies to consumers. The Brazilian gunmaker’s promising better quality, competitive pricing, new products (the Hanging Judge?) and a lifetime warranty. Clearly, Taurus is taking its rep for lower-quality products by the horns – and standing behind their new, improved products ’til death do you and your gun part. What’s not on the list: . . .

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Question of the Day: Red Dot Sight for Your Handgun?


Five years ago, gun guru Gabe Suarez predicted “there will be many naysayers, but watch, in ten years – every EDC gun will have red dot sights.” Well he would say that, wouldn’t he? Suarez International sells red dot sights for handguns. Maybe that’s because he believes they’re better than iron sights and such. One thing’s for sure: we’re not there yet. My local gun store Sportsman’s Finest has hundreds of handguns in their display cases. Not one has a red dot sight sitting atop the slide. Do you have a red dot on any of your pistols (target, home defense or everyday carry)? Why or why not? [h/t SS]


Question of the Day: “Enhanced Carry Permit” for National Reciprocity?


Over on TTAG’s Facebook page, commentator Skeptical Libertarian writes “I am sure my suggestion will draw ire from many of my fellow 2A supporters, but here goes. Since there are differing carry laws among the many states (which our government model should overall support), and since some individuals (LEOs and retired LEOs) already enjoy what are essentially ‘National’ carry licenses, as well as ‘enhanced’ carry licenses (allowing them to carry in otherwise restricted gun free zones {which of course I think are asinine and actually create more danger in many ways}), how about the creation of national recognition for states who will sponsor an ‘Enhanced Carry License’. Not simply CCW (or CHL or whatever your state calls it), but . . .

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Question of the Day: Why Do Gun Control Advocates Think So Little of Their Fellow Americans?


Senate Bill 290, which allows gun owners to carry a weapon during a riot, hurricane or other declared state or local emergency, will have the effect of putting more weapons into the hands of nervous people at the very time they are reeling from a crisis.” Do you see the thinking there?‘s editorial writer is afraid that “nervous” people “reeling” during a crisis will go crazy! With guns! It’s been my experience that . . .

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Question of the Day: Can School Shootings Be Prevented?

Columbine shooting (courtesy

At, self-proclaimed School Safety Advocate, Educator and Writer Jonathan J. Doll, PhD offers readers A Framework for Understanding Lethal School Violence: Part 1. “It is critical to bear in mind that lethal school violence seldom occurs completely unannounced in a perpetrator’s life,” the good Doctor reminds us, “but rather often has a lengthy runway leading up to them — of weeks or even more than a year.” I’ve posted a list of his questions for schools looking to institute “behavioral intervention” after the jump. My question to you: what would be your list of questions for educational institutions who want to defend themselves against a school shooter? . . .

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Question of the Day: Do You Know How to Do Press Checks?

Probably the first question is whether you’re someone who thinks you need to do press checks at all. It’s not quite as contentious a subject as .45 vs. 9mm, but there are plenty of firm opinions on both sides of that question. But if you are a press checker, do you know how to do it without dropping a round or causing an out-of battery situation? Not to get too personal, but are you an over-the-top front, over-the-top rear or a pinch kinda person? Inquiring minds want to know. How do you press check your guns?


Question of the Day: What’s the Dumbest Hollywood Gun Fail You’ve Ever Seen?

Walking Dead II

TTAG reader CC sent us the above image from The Walking Dead. It’s not a fail, exactly, but “tea cupping” a pistol like that is pretty darn dumb – especially when the undead are coming for your brains. Speaking of brain dead, Hollywood has a long and ignoble history of making guns do things they can’t. Bad guys fall down dead from a single shot. Or get blown off their feet – backwards – by a shotgun blast. Good guys have magic mags that never require a refill. While most people don’t know or care, The People of the Gun do. So, cowboy, what’s the dumbest gun fail you’ve see on the silver screen or within the glowing confines of the boob tube?


Question of the Day: Is There Such a Thing As A “Woman’s Gun”?


I don’t understand why people think gun manufacturers are “pandering” to women when they offer a standard handgun in pink or purple with glitter. What’s wrong with appealing to women with fashionable firearms? (And yes, their aesthetic sense is generally different from men’s.) As for other female-specific changes, what else is there? Lightening the springs for easier racking (as above) isn’t just a girl thing . . .

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Question of the Day: What’s Your Favorite Bullpup?

Post people love ‘em or hate ‘em. On the pro side, they’re short, maneuverable and fun to shoot. As for cons, mag changes can be awkward, ejection can be an adventure and some people are a little skittish about having a round (especially a 12 gauge, in the case of the KSG) going boom immediately adjacent to their face. But if you’ve shot one, you know that they can be a hell of a lot of fun. Not to mention an effective home defense option. Iraq Veteran 8888 (above) seems particularly taken with the FN P90. And why not? What’s your favorite bullpup gun?


Question of the Day: How Do You Clean Your Guns?


Reading through the press release at for a new triangular-shaped cleaning patch [after the jump], I was horrified to encounter this little anecdote from Eric Feldman. “Something I learned in gunsmithing school,” BoreSmith’s Director Of Operations’ recalls, “was that people cause more damage to their firearms by improper and over cleaning than by actually shooting.” Oh great. As if I don’t have enough anxiety about cleaning my guns, from using too much lube to not using enough lube, to not getting it done with a BoreSnake and more. So, how do you clean your guns, what products do you use and how often do you use them? . . .

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