Question of the Day: Got Ammo?

Sportsman's Finest, Austin, TX (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

The great ammo shortage of 2013/2014 is now . . . the slightly less great ammo shortage of 2015. At least in terms of .22 caliber pills. Other calibers are gradually catching-up with demand – despite the fact that ammo-starved consumers are stocking up like never before. Gun owners who were formerly just-in-time ammo buyers are now ammunition hoarders. How’s supply in your neck of the woods and are you buying more ammo than you used to?


Question of the Day: What’s a “Huge Arsenal,” Exactly?


Chapel Hill suspect owned huge arsenal, the headline proclaims at “Search warrants show the suspect in the shooting deaths of three Muslim college students in North Carolina had an arsenal of a dozen firearms in the home he shared with his wife, along with a large stash of ammunition.”The warrants show that three handguns were recovered from the Hicks home, in addition to a pistol the suspect had with him when arrested. Also listed are two shotguns and seven rifles, including a military-style AR-15 carbine. Police also recovered numerous loaded magazines and cases of ammunition.” Thirteen firearms? That’s an arenal? A “huge” arsenal? Seriously now, what constitutes an “arsenal”? Be specific. [h/t JR]


Question of the Day: Does the Right to Armed Self Defense Come From God?


Grab a cup of coffee and make yourself comfy because this little pas de deux between CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore goes on for nearly a half hour. And while the subject at hand is gay marriage, the heart of the matter for readers here is the parrying the two engage in over the origin of our laws. Cuomo’s contention is that our laws are not God-given. Justice Moore parries by citing the Declaration of Independence (…all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights…). Not a day goes by around here in which the right to armed self defense isn’t cited, shouted and revered. But what’s its origin? Is it magnanimously granted by man or is the right to armed self defense God-given?


Question of the Day What Are Your Concealed Carry Don’ts?

SPOILER ALERT! Jarhead6 doesn’t think you should carry an unloaded gun (no sexual metaphor intended). He also reckons you shouldn’t be an operator (someone who buys a tacticool gun who doesn’t carry it everyday). Or cocky. And don’t not use a holster or wear a belt. And don’t tell people you have a gun. Pretty basic stuff. Let’s add to that list. My top three. 1. Don’t worry about caliber choice 2.) Don’t talk to the police after a defensive gun use and 3.) Don’t not carry at home. What’s missing from the list?


Question of the Day: Does the Pro-Gun Side Have a Marketing Problem?


Reader Peter S. writes:

I’ve been kicking around two ideas this morning. First, I think that the best moniker for pro-gun philosophy and goals has yet to be coined. Terms like “RKBA”, “pro-Second Amendment”, “gun rights”, “pro civil rights”, and the “natural, civil and constitutionally-protected RKBA” are all accurate descriptions of our cause. However, none of them are plain, impactful, and concise. The goal must be to describe our cause in a way that is positive, conveys as much meaning as possible, and appeals to people on a basic level . . .

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Question of the Day: What’s the Ultimate Infantry Rifle?


Reader BrokenEight writes:

A few weeks back there was a quote of the day that basically called out the M4 as a bad infantry weapon, and much of the comments section was devoted to a debate over why the military will not (or should not) move to a different platform. I found a lot of the debate very interesting, but my question is, if you could build the ultimate main infantry weapon, what would it be? Also, because we are going all-out here, assume that both cost and influence from our allies are not issues.




Question of the Day: What’s the Right Age to Start Hunting?


The Pennsylvania Game Commission has recently issued some new regulations concerning youth hunting. Under the new regulations, “Kids of any age still would be allowed to hunt deer and turkey in Pennsylvania…[b]ut to get their own tags for those animals, kids would have to be at least 7 years old…. Currently, the state’s mentored youth hunting program allows kids of any age under 12 to get tags to shoot deer and turkeys while under the direct supervision of adults — usually their parents….” . . .

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Question of the Day: Do You Care What A Jury Would Think About Your Gear?

I posted the above image on TTAG’s Facebook page with a simple caption: “The jury’s gonna LOVE that..”. Not everyone agreed with my snark. “We really can’t just look at stuff and say ‘oh that’s kind of cool’ or ‘not my style’ anymore?” Stephen Byrd asked. “If you’re so worried that a skull on your holster is the thin line between prison and freedom after a shoot than (sic) don’t carry it. I’ve got a gun, spare mag, camo knife with military in its name, and tattoos (with skulls, oh my) and I just care about being legal, not PC.” . . .

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Question of the Day: What Will You Do Under Stress?

In the video above, Dutch cops “storm” a man who’d taken over Dutch broadcaster NOS’ news studio. The lead cop has his finger planted firmly on the trigger. The other has considerable difficulty holstering his standard-issue Walter P99 Q NL (that recently replaced the old Walter P5). Was it stress that caused the cops to fail to be operators operating operationally? In fact, stress degrade firearms self-defense skills like searching for a suitable link for an Israeli supermodel degrades my ability to finish this sentence in a timely manner. How well do you perform under pressure? Have you ever done force-on-force training? If so, what did you learn there?


Question of the Day: What Charities Do You Support?

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 5.13.52 PM

Walking around the SHOT Show and visiting the many great parties that went on during the week (maybe too many, old age snuck up on JDub) one of the great things that I got to see was the community involvement and charity from the firearms community. All in all, it doesn’t surprise me one bit. I’ve often found the People of the Gun to be more civic minded, and just more responsible people than disarmed America. And I’m not just talking about giving to political campaign or firearms focused lobbying organizations . . .

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Question of the Day: What Sight System Do You Use on Your Self-Defense Handgun?

Gun guru Rob Pincus loves him some “notch and blade” handgun sights. He’s also enamored with the “claw” rear site for a one-handed rack. My EDC GLOCK 19 is so equipped. That said, there’s a lot to be said for the XS Big Dot site. You put the dot on the bad guy and pull the trigger. Then again, I know folks who swear that Heinie Straight Eights are quicker back on target than any other system. Time to call Leghorn for a scientific experiment. (Mr. Pincus rightly recommends testing all EDC sights against moving targets.) Meanwhile, what sights do you carry and what ones don’t you carry (that you’ve tested) and why?