Question of the Day: Is the AR Market Bottoming Out? from KYGunCo

TTAG has frequently mentioned the cooling off of demand and, therefore, prices since the post-Newtown buying spree. We have definitely seen ammunition — especially 5.56 — and black rifle prices dropping since last spring. Seems like everyone bought their fill (and then some) and now it’s much harder to move the now-plentiful products. At any rate, I received a Veteran’s Day sale e-mail from Primary Arms on the 6th, which contained the stripped lower pictured above. Is $39.99 a new record low price for a forged lower? How about this Bushmaster Carbon 15 Optics Ready Carbine, with Pmag, from Kentucky Gun Co. for $378.88 after $50 rebate. When was the last time you saw a complete AR-15 priced this low? With or without the $50 back in the mail?



Question of the Day: What’s Your Gun? Why?

Yes, yes. You’ve got more than one gun. The vast majority of Armed Intelligentsia members own at least three firearms: a pistol, rifle and shotgun. A plurality own several of each. Maybe even an arsenal! But which is YOUR gun? You know: the one firearm with which you could not do. The one gun you’d keep if “they” (e.g., the government, your wife) only let you keep one. Despite the Wilson Combat nestled on my hip, despite my deep emotional attachment to my Smith & Wesson 686, despite the SHTF-suitability of my Grizzly Custom Guns .357 lever gun, my one gun would be . . . my FNS-9. I know a handgun ain’t gonna put food on the table (unless I get a job in security or start gang banging). But I’m an urban Jew, for Chrissakes. Close-quarter personal protection is the center of my ballistic universe. But enough about me; now about you. What’s your [one] gun?


Question of the Day: Alex Jones. Love Him or Loathe Him?

Alex Jones’ appearance on Piers Morgan Tonight was one of the most ridiculous “gun debates” I’ve ever seen. [Click here to watch, if you must.] Jones was so OTT (Over The Top) he made Pro-Gun Motor City Madman Ted Nugent seem like an elder statesman. Which he is so not. In this video, Alex stakes out his position on gun control and then hits the range to find his inner FPSRussia (and a new friend). Whatever else you have to say about the InfoWars guy – and I encourage you to say it below – you gotta say Alex is as solidly pro-gun as they come. But given Jones’ proclivity for ginning-up the black helicopter set, is he a help or a hindrance to the cause of firearms freedom?


Question of the Day: Does Open Carry Encourage Open Carry?

As has been widely reported, Texas governor-elect Greg Abbott wasted no time in letting it be known that he’ll be only too happy to sign an open carry bill that makes it to his desk. As I was making my way from the Austin airport to RF’s heavily fortified, secluded compound yesterday, I heard the local NPR station’s report on the soon-to-be Gov’s proclamation. Naturally, they counterbalanced that with a statement from a local Moms Demand Action harpy who intoned that open carry shouldn’t be considered in the Lone Star State unless and until a system of universal background checks is in place. But as a practical matter . . .

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Question of the Day: What are Your EDC Must-Haves?

Everybody has their version of EDC gear. That’s ‘everyday carry’ to you Moms Demand Action types trolling the site. Of course, the question of what should be in an EDC kit gets as many varying and passionate responses as asking who makes the best pizza. Take, for instance, Kevin Michalowski’s take, above. His list of must-haves includes a light and pepper spray. But wait, no blade? I get that empty, lost feeling if I cross the threshold without my Dragonfly 2 clipped securely to my pocket. So leave aside your gun, holster and ammo as givens. When it comes to additional gear, what won’t you leave home without?


Question of the Day: Disarmenter or Disarmist?

I have recently started using the term “disarmenter.” It’s a neologism I derived from a combination of the verb ‘disarm’ and the adjective ‘demented.’ A commenter at suggested that the term disarmist was less clumsy and easier to use.

dis·arm·en·ter (ds-ärmn-tr)  alt.  dis·arm·ist (ds-ärmst) noun

1. A political operative who works to disarm the political opposition through the use of irrational and/or emotional arguments.
2. A person who believes that disarming citizens will reduce crime or unjustified violence in spite of evidence or facts to the contrary.
3. A person who wishes to disarm others because they do not trust themselves to bear arms responsibly.

Which term do you think works best?

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Question of the Day: Would Your Young Child Touch a Gun?

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 12.07.59 PM

Richmond, Virginia’s On Your Side Investigative team set up a close encounter between some young ‘uns and a gun in an unsupervised classroom. The results were, as they say, eye-opening. [Click here for the video] A girl named Corianna not only touches the gun, she fingers the trigger. Twice. Calling Eddie the Eagle? Yes well, one of the kids in the story sings the NRA-sponsored Eddy the Eagle song. I’m left wondering if Corianna was a graduate. Anyway, how do you think your young child/grandchild would react if he or she discovered a real gun behind a container of toys in the classroom?


Question of the Day: Would You Buy a ‘Suicide Gun’?


Everyone likes a deal, right? And as we detailed earlier this week, new laws enacted in some jurisdictions around the country forbid the destruction of perfectly good firearms that have come into the hands of state and local governments. No matter how they got them. So… “A western Pennsylvania coroner is auctioning off about 100 guns used in suicides and accidental shooting deaths. Coroner Ken Bacha says the Nov. 8 surplus weapons sale is Westmoreland County government’s first since his father was coroner in the 1980s. He says state law requires local governments sell off unclaimed property.” You see where this is going. Assuming the heaters have been thoroughly cleaned of, um, all organic matter, would you buy one?


Question of the Day: Which Gun(s) Are Likely to Become Future Collectibles?

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 8.12.17 AM

“I have acquired a few guns over the years,” TTAG reader RB admits. “None of them are investment pieces that will show any value in my lifetime. A Smith revolver has shown to hold it’s value – which is nice. However nothing else is likely to become an heirloom (outside of just one day being old in excellent condition but very common). I’m not expecting every gun to become a collectible, but I would like one. Long story short I want a Colt SAA. Colt’s website features them, has multiple models, and even a price sheet. So where are they?” Help a guy out willya? Meanwhile, which gun(s) currently for sale do you reckon will become collectible in, say, twenty to thirty years? I’m thinking the Smith & Wesson Performance Center 460XVR. You?


Question of the Day: Should the RCMP Release Terrorist Gunman’s Video?

Michael Zehaf-Bibeau (courtesy RCMP)

“Canadian authorities said late Sunday that the gunman who fatally shot a soldier and attacked the Parliament building in Ottawa last week had ‘ideological and political’ motives,” Captain Obvious reports. “The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) said in a statement that Michael Zehaf-Bibeau had made a video of himself prior to committing Wednesday’s attack. No details of the video’s contents were released, but CBC News reported that the gunman appeared to make specific references to Canadian foreign policy in the video and praises Allah. CBC also reported that the video appeared to have been made the day before the attack and would be released publicly later this week.” Should they?


Question of the Day: Do You Carry an Extra Magazine?

I’m inherently lazy when it comes to carrying. Yes, I pack daily. In some way, shape or form. But I rarely pocket an extra magazine or stripper clip (let alone a speed loader). It’s less a case of complacent slothfulness than not wanting to be weighed down by still more chazerai rattling around in my pockets. But when I’m not toting my 642 or the Bodyguard wheelgun I’m trying out, it’s usually a GLOCK 42 that’s nestled between my waistband and my Calvins. Which means, as Kevin Michalowski points out above, should my 42 prove to be less than Perfection and I encounter a Type 2 malf, my pooch will be well and truly screwed. Do you pack extras? Do you carry an extra mag when you leave the house each day?


Question of the Day: Would You Eliminate NICS Background Checks?

Back in 1968, NRA was OK with the Gun Control Act outlawing gun sales to prohibited persons by federal firearms licensees (sanctioned gun dealers). In 1993, they didn’t say no to the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act mandating instant background checks for new gun sales. Despite the fact that background checks fall afoul of the Second Amendment’s prohibition against ANY infringements on Americans’ gun rights. And the fact that checks are useless. So how can the NRA defend new gun background checks and argue against background checks for gun shows and private sales? Although I doubt the veracity of the video above, I say checkless sales are how it should be for all gun sales, just like it used to be. What say you?