Question of the Day: Who Do You Fancy For President?

Last night’s Republican debate started off like so many preceding it. ABC’s “moderators” spread copious quantities of political chum in the water and invited the candidates to rip each other to pieces. Texas Senator Ted Cruz ignored the temptation, while NJ Governor Christie went into a Rubio feeding frenzy. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush suddenly woke-up and took a bite or five out of former bankrupt Donald Trump, who told Jeb! to STFU. Eventually things settled down, allowing Rubio to find his feet, Cruz to find his baleful head-nod, Jeb! to find he was alive, Christie to find his to-the-camera hypnotic stare, Trump to find he’s his own worst enemy, Carson to find [more of his] Xanax and Kasich to find a reason to live. Nobody mentioned gun rights. Without lashing out, at this point in the proceedings, who do you fancy for President?


Question of the Day: Ever Cleared A Room?

I met Instructor Zero at SHOT. Nice man. Good with kids. If I was going to choose someone to clear a room for me, he’d be an excellent choice. Actually, just about anyone would be a good choice, as long as it wasn’t me. Aside from rhumba-ing through a minefield, I can’t think of a more dangerous operation than room clearing. TTAG’s resident war hero Jon Wayne Taylor will tell you: room clearing’s a bitch best shared with a bunch of ballistic BFFs. And yet when my alarm system indicated a breach in the garage I went downstairs at o’dark to investigate (the schnauzers could’t be enticed from their perch on my bed). I figured it was malf and I didn’t feel like involving the local constabulary. First-class adrenalin rush. Stupid? Yup. You done it? What, when, where and how?


Question of the Day: What Does Your Kid’s School Say About The Second Amendment?

In the clip above, a woman named Muriel Lezk wonders if the government could restrict Americans access to only the guns that were available when the Second Amendment was written; making all other guns a “privilege.” Well that’s just dumb. More to the point, what did the “world-renowned neuropsychologist” learn about the Second Amendment in school back in the day? Not much, apparently. What are your kids taught about the Second Amendment in your school?


Question of the Day: Mandatory Live Fire Training?

No live fire training required (courtesy

The anti-gun agitprop propagators at have got their proverbial knickers in a twist over the fact that some states “allow” citizens to carry a concealed weapon without applicants proving (to the state) that they can “hit the broad side of a barn.” Most TTAG readers agree that state-run concealed carry licensing — regardless of its requirements — is an infringement on Americans’ natural, civil and constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Given that constitutional or permitless carry is a pipe dream for many states (e.g. New Jersey), should their courses have a mandatory live-fire component?


Question of the Day: Why Don’t [Some] Police Support Gun Rights?


“I fled my marital home in my mid-20s with whatever I could fit in a truck,” Erin Easter [above] writes at Fairfield, California’s “My ex-husband immediately began a campaign of harassment and stalking that went on for years. After numerous calls to the local police requesting assistance, I asked what I should do. An officer suggested I get a gun because situations like ours never end well for the woman. This advice stunned me. I was flabbergasted that a police officer was suggesting I should shoot my son’s father.” Yes, well, here’s the thing . . .

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Question of the Day: What Would Happen If 2A Was Repealed?

Paul Theroux (courtesy

Today’s Question of the Day comes from an unlikely source: Democratic State Representative Paul Heroux writing for (no less). It’s a multi-parter. “What would you do if all of the requirements of Article V of the Constitution were met and the Second Amendment was repealed? What would you do if the Second Amendment was effectively repealed by a US Supreme Court ruling that the right to bear arms does apply to an individual, but only . . .

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Question of the Day: Why Didn’t the Fox Republican Debate Have a Question About Guns?


Last night’s Trump-less Republican Fox News debate was remarkable for its civility. WWF-style smack talk was only notable by its absence. Without The Donald distracting everyone with his hair and hair-brained schemes, the remaining candidates laid out their positions on a wide variety of topics: immigration, ISIS, the economy and more. The debate also focus on abortion, an issue that completely separates Dems and Reps. Of guns — another politically divisive issue — nada. Why was that? Too much unanimity (although Christie is plenty squishy)? Not important? What?


Question of the Day: Are Police Racists?

“Connecticut officers who drew their stun guns on the job last year were more likely to fire when the suspect was black or Hispanic, according to a first-of-its-kind set of statistics that could stoke the nation’s debate over race and police use of force,” reports, stoking the nation’s debate over race and police use of force. Not that we’re not doing the same thing. ‘Cause I’m tired of people playing the race card. Cops should enforce the law equally. Period. If they don’t, they should be fired. (Don’t get me started on police unions.) Anyway, are some cops racists? Most cops? If so, what should be done about it?


Question of the Day: Finance Your Gun?


Wilson Combat makes some pricey pistols, as do a lot of manufacturers. Rifles too. And shotguns. And whenever we publish a review of a multi-thousand dollar firearm TTAG readers kvetch about the cost. “I could buy five GLOCKs and a small bass boat for that price!” Fair enough. I’m well aware that money doesn’t grow on trees. I’ve had my share of hard times. But there are ways to buy guns that make it less immediately expensive. Specifically, lay-away and financing. Have you ever availed yourself or these services? Would you? Or are you both politically and financially conservative?


Question of the Day: Would You Carry Where It’s Not Legal?

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 10.53.08 AM

“A 29-year-old man suspected of shooting a woman inside a Renton theater Thursday night told detectives he brought the gun to the movie fearing a mass shooting,” reports. “About 15 minutes into the movie, a gun went off and a 40-year-old Michelle Mallari had been shot through the back of her chair.” Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day and Passively Constructed Negligent Discharge News Story of the Day. More to the point, theoretically speaking, I wouldn’t watch a movie without carrying a firearm, no matter what the theater’s policy. If I was a teacher, I’d carry in school. Theoretically, would you carry in places where guns were banned? [NOTE: TTAG does not share email or IP addresses with any third party.]


Question of the Day: What Do You Do When You’re Stuck Inside?

The blizzard of January 2016 has trapped millions of Americans indoors. Many of these shut-ins are gun enthusiasts. As the long winter days ahead provide little chance for them to exercise their Second Amendment protected right to keep and bear arms, they have to indulge their love of all things ballistic in other ways. To those of our readers in the snowy north, what you do to keep yourself amused, gun-wise? Dry fire? Watch YouTube gun videos? Clean your guns? Reload? What?