Question of the Day: Do You Lock Up Your Guns?

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Over at, former police officer Brandon Plunkett runs through a number of options for locking-up your guns inside the home. Great landing at the wrong airport. While locking up your firearms is a good idea to protect children from harming themselves and others, not to mention making your guns that much harder for bad guys to steal, it’s not the idea. Teaching your kids the four safety rules is the thing. After all, other families might not lock up their guns. Or you may forget. Or clever kids may crack your code/find the key to your safe. And what if one of your kids needs a gun for self-defense in the home? Do you lock-up all your guns?


Question of the Day: Are Veterans Dangerous?


As regular readers know I’ve been hanging out with TTAG writer, combat medic and Bronze Star recipient Jonathan Taylor. (Taylor has just accepted a position creating, establishing and enforcing hiring protocols for veterans seeking gainful employment inside Texas government.) Jon and I have been talking about all sorts of military-related issues, from his service in Afghanistan to the challenges facing returning vets . . .

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Question of the Day: How Do You Carry Off-Body?

No, off-body carry isn’t ideal. That said, it’s a reality. It’s the only way some people can or will carry a firearm. As the video above lays out, there are some best practices for toting your mohaska other than on your hip. There’s no shortage of options out there for concealing and securing a handgun other than a traditional holster. So if you’re on off-body devotee, how do you carry yours?


Question of the Day: Do Anti-Gunners Want You Dead?


Over at, veteran gun blogger Linoge unearthed a gun control advocate who makes no bones about his desire to see gun owners wiped from the face of the earth. “Can someone explain why ‘Molon Labe’ isn’t considered a statement of terrorism and all who exclaim it to be jailed for inciting violence and treason?” Adam Mermer asks on his Facebook page. “It’s stating that they will murder police and soldiers. If that doesn’t deserve placement in front of a firing squad or a seat in an electric chair, nothing does.” Anti-gun extremism or the logical extension of the anti-gun ethos? In other words, do the people promoting civilian disarmament want gun owners to surrender their guns . . . or else?


Question of the Day: What Do You Look For in a Firearms Instructor?


James in MO writes:

I’m always really clear in what I want in my next gun or accessory, but I’ve decided that the next thing I really need to put time and money into is good training. So what do you look for in a defensive firearms instructor or program? Have you gone to any training programs and thought, “I would have avoided this if I knew it would be ______.”?

Question of the Day: Winning?


A TTAG reader writes, “I received an email blast from the NRA-ILA regarding Wisconsin state senate and assembly bills to remove the 48-hour waiting period for handgun purchases. If these bills get passed and signed into law it would be a HUGE step in the right direction in preserving our civil liberties. It would also give presidential candidate Scott Walker a chance to prove his worth to the rest of the country’s second amendment supporters. Though this bill does not confront the inherent infringement and unconstitutionality of background checks . . .

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Question of the Day: Should I Open Carry At Starbucks?


Permitted open carry looks like a done deal in the Lone Star State. After considering the practical, political and editorial advantages of open carry, I’ve decided I’ll wear my gat on my hip as and when it’s permissible by law. In Austin. A city where the public radio announcers have northern or neutral accents (if you know what I mean). Schools are out, of course. As are restaurants and bars displaying the “51%” sign (where liquor accounts for more than 50 percent of their trade). And businesses displaying the 30.06 “no guns allowed” sign. Which doesn’t include Starbucks. If you recall . . .

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Question of the Day: WWHD? (What Would Hillary Do?)

Hillary (courtesy

Half of Americans think Hillary Clinton represents the future more than any other potential 2016 candidate the headline proclaims at I’m no math prodigy but doesn’t that mean that half of Americans don’t think Hillary Clinton represents the future? Hang on; what does “represent the future” even mean, and why do I suddenly have an image of Marty McFly on a hoverboard in my head? Anyway, what if Hillary Clinton is our next President? What would she, could she do to degrade and destroy American gun rights (as is her wont)? What would, could a Republican-controlled Congress do to keep her in line, firearms freedom-wise?


Question of the Day: What’s the Best Trunk Gun?

In my post Three Stupid Things Westerns Taught Me About Gunfighting I recommended carrying a trunk gun. There ain’t no junk in my trunk; I port a Benelli SuperNova ever-so-tactical pump-action 12-gauge shotgun. I chose Big Ben because scatterguns are the ultimate conversation stopper. In terms of reaching out and touching someone out there, somewhere, a scoped rifle would be a better choice. But those slugs sitting on the shotgun’s sleeve aren’t exactly chopped liver. Before posting your choice below, check out the TTAG editorial team’s pick for best trunk gun . . .

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Question of the Day: Do You Practice Reloads?

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We were blanketed with three to four inches of global warming last night with one or two more still to drop. That means I may not make it to the range this afternoon as I’d planned. Not that I’ll get much sympathy from inundated Bay Staters like Ralph. Missing range time, though, doesn’t mean here aren’t things I can do at home to hone my skillz; beneficial reps like dry firing, drawing from concealment and, as the Four Gun Guys demonstrate (click the image above to view their vid), reloads. Just like getting to Carnegie Hall, there’s only one way to make quick, smooth mag changes second nature. Do you practice your reloads?


Question of the Day: Got Ammo?

Sportsman's Finest, Austin, TX (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

The great ammo shortage of 2013/2014 is now . . . the slightly less great ammo shortage of 2015. At least in terms of .22 caliber pills. Other calibers are gradually catching-up with demand – despite the fact that ammo-starved consumers are stocking up like never before. Gun owners who were formerly just-in-time ammo buyers are now ammunition hoarders. How’s supply in your neck of the woods and are you buying more ammo than you used to?


Question of the Day: What’s a “Huge Arsenal,” Exactly?


Chapel Hill suspect owned huge arsenal, the headline proclaims at “Search warrants show the suspect in the shooting deaths of three Muslim college students in North Carolina had an arsenal of a dozen firearms in the home he shared with his wife, along with a large stash of ammunition.”The warrants show that three handguns were recovered from the Hicks home, in addition to a pistol the suspect had with him when arrested. Also listed are two shotguns and seven rifles, including a military-style AR-15 carbine. Police also recovered numerous loaded magazines and cases of ammunition.” Thirteen firearms? That’s an arenal? A “huge” arsenal? Seriously now, what constitutes an “arsenal”? Be specific. [h/t JR]