Question of the Day: What Are You Willing to Do in Support of Gun Rights?

A shirtless Xavier Broseta (R), Executive Vice President for Human Resources and Labour Relations at Air France, is evacuated by security after employees interrupted a meeting with representatives staff at the Air France headquarters building at the Charles de Gaulle International Airport in Roissy, near Paris, France, October 5, 2015. Air France confirmed in a meeting with staff on Monday that it plans to cut 2,900 jobs by 2017 and shed 14 aircraft from its long-haul fleet as part of efforts to lower costs, two union sources said. REUTERS/Jacky Naegelen

Reader Mark L. writes:

I just read this account of Air France employees expressing their displeasure with executive management over their questionable HR plans to layoff 2,900 employees and asking pilots to work longer hours at the existing pay rate.  The public confronted these elites coming out of a corporate meeting and literally tore their clothes off in protest.  The article suggests that we should adopt such techniques and offers the example of America’s settling for the ridiculous ObamaCare fiasco . . .

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Question of the Day: What’s the Worst/Stupidest Thing an Anti Has Ever Said to You?

Subaru Love (courtesy

A TTAG reader writes:

I was in the parking lot of a local park, when a woman in a Subaru parked, disgorged her large dog and allowed it to run while she was changing her shoes. Directly in front of her car: a sign with an ordinance which started that ALL PETS MUST BE ON LEASH AND UNDER YOUR CONTROL AT ALL TIMES. Since I’ve been attacked by a “friendly” dog, I asked her if she would please leash her animal. She had a simple reply . . .

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Question of the Day: Do You Trust Anything A Politician Says on Guns? [VIDEO]

Republican presidential candidate and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush says he’s pro-gun, but tells the world that gun control laws should be left to the states (where gun rights restrictions are OK). Presidential candidate and reality show star Donald Trump recently released a solidly pro-gun policy statement, but previously supported an “assault weapons” ban. New Jersey Governor Chris Christies says he’s pro-gun, but favored a ban on .50 rifles. While there are presidential aspirants who’ve been consistently pro-gun – Ted Cruz springs to mind – and you can certainly trust Democratic hopefuls to be anti-gun, do you trust any politician on gun rights?


Question of the Day: Shoot the Bear? [VIDEO]

Mary Maley was taking a 150-mile solo kayak trip from Ketchikan, Alaska to Petersburg, Alaska. The bear first appeared near the kayak. Mary stepped out of the forest service cabin door to see what was happening. The bear started to approach her, and she thanked the bear for leaving her kayak alone. The bear kept coming at her. She threatened to pepper-spray it, then pepper-sprayed the bear. It stopped approaching her, but . . .

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Question of the Day: Who Cares How the Oregon Shooter Got His Gun?

In his stunningly premature, entirely partisan, irresponsibly political post-Umpqua Community College shooting address to the nation, President Obama asserted  “It cannot be this easy for someone who wants to inflict harm on other people to get his or her hands on a gun.” Wait. How easy? We still don’t know how spree killer Chris Mercer obtained the four weapons used in the attack (three pistols and a rifle). Besides, who cares? Unless the person who sold/gave Mercer the guns knew he was going to commit a crime, what difference does it make where he got them? Predictably enough, Bloomberg’s anti-gun agitprop operation – – is already on the case and lost in those weeds . . .

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Question of the Day: Got Bipod?


“The quick deployment TAR Podium bipod provides stability when you have to go prone or are shooting off of an uneven surface,” proclaims. As does any bipod, really. But we highlight its online availability because, well, look at the thing. The lightweight, push-button bipod makes the Tavor look like one of the Star Wars walking thingies. We’re looking forward to testing the TAR Podium on a Tavor. Meanwhile, do you have a bipod on your rifle? OK, sure, you have one for your long-range long gun. But what about your modern sporting rifle (as they are wont to be called). If so, which one, why and how often do you use it?


Question of the Day: Got Ammo?

Ammo at Athena Gun Range in Houston (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

I was a little surprised to walk into the Athena Gun Club in Houston and find this ammo pyramid. The sign on top of the pile offers Athenians a 5,000 round case of of hecho en Mexico Aguila .22 for $599. That’s .12 a round folks. Which may well account for the pyramid’s continued existence. How’s the .22 supply in your neck of the woods? Still rationed? And what of other calibers? Are you hoarding stocking-up?


Question of the Day: What’s Your Longest Successful Shot? [VIDEO]

I’m not a long range shooter. Quite the opposite. As someone who primarily shoots handguns (playing and training for self-defense), I practice shooting at bad breath distances up to, I dunno, 25 yards. I leave the option of moving towards the target on the proverbial table. Yes, I love my rifles. They make it a lot easier to hit things that are far away. But I don’t shoot at targets in the Kingdom Of Far, Far Away . . .

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Question of the Day: Are You A Stickler For the Law?


A TTAG reader writes:

I was having a conversation with a member of the Houston Police Department about the impact of an improper 30.06 sign (although, this could be about any state that has proscribed signage requirements). My point was that if the sign is correct, he can arrest immediately, but if the sign is incorrect it’s no different than no sign and the carrier must be given notice before an arrest can be made. He advised me that even if the sign is improper, including a handwritten note on a sheet of paper, he would immediately arrest a person carrying on premises for trespassing . . .

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Question of the Day: Would You Send a Gun to Defend a British Home?


Four police officers who were flagged down by a store manager as his colleague detained a thief,” reports. “[They] allegedly said they were ‘not kitted up to help’ and drove away.” So much for fighting crime in the Piers Morgan “gun-free” paradise commonly known as the United Kingdom. A country whose subjects are barred from possessing adequate means of defense and punished when they attempt to defend themselves (e.g., farmer Tony Martin’s ongoing ordeal). Where those paid to respond to crime seem to have more urgent priorities . . .

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Question of the Day: Are Anti-Gunners Just People Who’ve Never Shot a Gun?

The Range at Austin

Regular readers know that TTAG has a new home range for testing and evaluation, of both guns and cigars. Well, we will do next summer, when the Austin-based guntry club known as The Range at Austin [above] opens its doors to the public. “How will a gun range of this size [the biggest indoor range in Texas] do in a city as notoriously liberal as Austin? asks. Quite well, I imagine. As a former Rhode Island resident, I can tell you that even bluest of blue states contain a significant number of gun enthusiasts. More than that . . .

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