Question of the Day: What Did You Buy [Gun-Wise] On Black Friday?


Black Friday gun deals were out there, somewhere. Personally, I’d rather suffer slide bite than darken the doors of a store on Black Friday. But the gun owner’s wallet is a lonely hunter. (Or something like that.) For those who share my antipathy to mass retail events, the Internet was abuzz with great deals on gun gear and, yes, ammo (though not .22LR). So . . . whatjaget?


Question of the Day: Do Gun Owners Raise Paranoid Kids?

Florida (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

I was savoring a Liga Privada No. 9 when my 12-year-old texted from the hotel hair salon. “I’m done.” I instructed her to wait in the room or walk five blocks to the cigar store. “No way,” she texted. “I’ll get lost or kidnapped.” That got me thinking . . . have I poisoned my daughter’s childhood with visions of violence? Or was her road-going reticence a sensible reaction to potential danger? Gun control advocates love to paint gun owners as paranoid people who can’t enjoy life. I reckon we’re situationally aware folks who cherish life because we know it’s fragile. We raise our kids to anticipate danger – without making it the central issue of their lives. But then I would say that. What say you?


Question of the Day: What Are You Thankful For, Gun-Wise?


When I ran the Truth About Cars I learned something important about the folks working in the automotive industry: they’re not the nicest or most honest people in the world. To say the least. When I started The Truth About Guns, I discovered that the firearms industry is filled with friendly, honest, helpful human beings. Oh sure, there are exceptions. But in the main, this website has enjoyed tremendous industry support from day one. Maybe it’s because . . .

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Question of the Day: Why Wouldn’t You Carry a Gun?

Parking lot (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

I was walking to my GF’s apartment late one night when a thought occurred: who wouldn’t want to carry a gun? Sure there are times when packing heat seems a bit, well, silly. But there are times when you can almost hear horror movie music playing in the background. A gun on my hip gives me the same reassurance I get from carrying a credit card: I’m ready for an emergency. Only more so. I carry a boat anchor disguised as a Commander-sized 1911, but it’s no big bother. And there are smaller guns, too. All of them as safe as houses. So why not carry? Seriously. Give me three good reasons NOT to carry a gun.


Question of the Day: Will a Paris-Style Terrorist Attack on U.S. Lead To a Police State?

Garland Texas aftermath (courtesy

“The state of emergency, it’s true, justifies certain temporary restrictions on liberties,” French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, pronounced on Thursday, as the National Assembly voted 551 to 6 to extend a national state of emergency for three months. “But resorting to this, it’s to give us every chance to fully restore these liberties.” Bến Tre much? In Belgium, the government shuttered the public transit system, even as it looks to extend police hold on a suspect from 24 to 72 hours. The closer you look at the European reaction, the scarier it looks. Check this [via] . .

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Question of the Day: Anti-Brandishing Protest at Detroit Gas Station. Fair Enough? [VIDEO]

“A large group of protesters swarmed a Mobil gas station near 8 Mile and Southfield in Detroit,” reports. “They demanded to see surveillance video, also calling for a store clerk to be fired, after he pulled a toy gun on young boys last week.” That video remains unreleased. The cops say they’re investigating and the media report somehow neglects to mention that the protesters blockaded the gas station. Meanwhile, “The mother tells us her two sons, 14 and 11, were inside the store last Thursday, when the clerk accused the boys of stealing chips. Their family says the boys did not steal anything.” The unnamed clerk spoke to the media . . .

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Question of the Day: Will You Be Giving Someone a Gun This Year?


‘Tis the season for planning those perfect holiday prezzies, and it’s hard to do better than giving the gift that keeps on giving, a shiny new firearm. With Black Friday only days away, our friends at the National Shooting Sports Foundation are out with a timely primer on what to consider when giving the gift of guns this holiday season. To answer the most important question, yes, it’s legal to buy a firearm for someone else…assuming they can legally own one. The NSSF dutifully passes on the ATF’s suggestion, though, that you consider giving that special person a gift certificate so as to ensure they get exactly what they want while avoiding any section 11.a awkwardness. But if you do that, you’ll miss out on Christmas morning memories like the one above. Will you be giving someone a gun this year?


Question of the Day: Would You Draw Your Gun in This Situation?

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 8.31.21 AM

So, “Gene” sees a group of men attacking an older man in a supermarket parking lot in broad daylight. Gene draws down on them (click the image above to view the video). Problem: he doesn’t move and get behind cover as he does so. Relevance: not much, given the result, but worth noting. Problem: the assault turned out to be a domestic. Relevance: it’s worth noting that domestic disputes are a cop’s worst nightmare and so, yours. Point of information: As Gene stops the assault, he hears a shopper calling 911 saying “there’s a man with a gun!” Relevance: a lot! If a responding cop sees . . .

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Question of the Day: External Safety on Your Everyday Carry – Yes or No?


Back in the day, I was dead set against carrying a handgun with an external safety. I considered it One More Thing to Worry About – in a situation where fine motor skills go out the window, tunnel vision kicks in, trained responses go out and there’s LOTS to worry about. As for an external safety preventing a negligent discharge or a gun grab shooting, I felt confident I could keep my booger hook off the bang switch, and balanced potential gun loss against rapid, seamless presentation. And now I carry . . .

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Question of the Day: How Do We Fix Our Nation of Wimps?


Owning or carrying a gun for self-defense requires a measure of courage. Taking responsibility for your own safety, the safety or your loved ones and/or other innocent life is a courageous act. Why? Using a firearm for self-defense puts the gun owner in the crosshairs. As our readers acknowledged in our post on countering terrorism, defending yourself by force of arms is an inherently risky business. It requires no small measure of intestinal fortitude; before, during and after an attack. I’m not saying that people who don’t have a gun for self-defense are wimps but . . .

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Question of the Day: Invited to Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America Meeting. What Should I Ask Them?

Moms demanding action (courtesy

TTAG reader QP writes:

“I’m on a few email and text lists for Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America (MDA) and they notified me about a meeting tonight in XXXX. I obviously have questions I’d like to ask, but I thought you might have some good ideas too. I don’t want to get confrontational, I’d like them to think I’m anti gun and let me get more involved in MDA. Thoughts..?”


Question of the Day: Should You Be Able to Shoot Your Own Dog?

“The death of a brown-and-white, mixed breed named Bruno on the northern fringe of New Hampshire’s White Mountains has sparked an angry response from animal rights activists who want to ban owners from using a gun to ‘put down’ old, sick or dangerous dogs,” reports. “‘It was done in such a cruel manner. The dog was shot multiple times and left to die,’ said Katie Treamer, one of the founders of Justice For Bruno, a group lobbying to make it a felony to shoot a pet to death in New Hampshire. ‘In this day and age, it’s just not a responsible way to euthanize a pet.'” Contacted by the police, the dog’s owner said he shot his adopted pet because he had . . .

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