What Gun/Ammo Combination for Ebola Carriers?


Watching the news can be confusing these days. We have troops in Africa who are trained to kill people and blow stuff up now tasked with fighting a virus, while we continue to allow flights from the hot zone into the country on a daily basis. And the same elected officials who couldn’t manage to build an operable web site given three years notice are asking the same people who grope toddlers and strip search granny in her wheelchair to assess whether passengers may be carrying a deadly pathogen. What could possibly go wrong? The UK has stopped flights from west Africa. So have France, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, the Philippines, Zimbabwe and the Bahamas. Yet President Golfcart McFundraiser seems convinced that halting incoming flights would somehow be insensitive. Never mind what could walk across our southern border. And now that we have viral touchdown in Big D and beyond . . .

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Question of the Day: Do You Know When to Use Deadly Force?

“A Sunday School teacher claims he was acting in self-defense when he fired a gun in Wheeling over the weekend in the Centre Market area. Chris Harris said he was coming from church when he and his girlfriend were surrounded by nine men looking for a fight.” The thugs in question didn’t believe Harris’s gun would go bang. “The kid kept advancing on me, saying it wasn’t a real gun, and I would much rather shoot a shot into the air to prevent them from attacking me rather than them attacking me and me shooting someone.” So he fired a warning shot . . .

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Question of the Day: What’s in Your EDC?

Critical mass (courtesy Zachary T Algren via facebook.com)

EDC = Every Day Carry gun. That’s the firearm you depend on for stopping an imminent threat of death or grievous bodily harm, when imminence in imminent. What you feed it may not be a matter of life or death, but it might. Which is why most people who carry a gun are plenty picky about their carry ammo. One theory: carry what cops carry. Our man Mass recommends HST, Golden Saber, Gold Dot and Winchester Ranger. I carry Critical Defense. What’s in YOUR EDC? And how did you decide on that round?


Question of the Day: Is Hollywood Making a Great Case for Carrying a Gun?

By Pascal

In the new CBS series Stalker, has Hollywood just made the case for why everyone should have a gun? Does the whole series? Some would say, the show “Criminal Minds” makes the case, but all those are stories of scary monsters. Stalking is much more personal. According to the show and reinforced by Wikipedia, 1 in 8 women will be staked in their lifetime (an unwanted aggressive advance) as will 1 in 19 men. How many of those wack-os will turn violent? No idea, but looks like the show will have something for us every week. The question is, will a show like this scare enough people into thinking twice about their security? Are they helping to make the case for guns?


Question of the Day: Why Not Wear Body Armor Daily?

Dan’s recent post on body armor and the attendant comments got me thinking. Most of the commenters complained about how the armor was uncomfortable for daily wear and furthermore many people seemed to consider daily body armor use a level of paranoia that was beyond reasonable. What amused me is that many of the negative comments were similar to the excuses used when People of the Gun are asked why they don’t carry daily. Granted, many carry a firearm every day, but many others (including myself) don’t. Frankly, I have not found a solution that is comfortable and completely concealable in every situation therefore while I often carry concealed; it’s not a daily thing for me . . .

I can anticipate the responses – “How can you know if you are going to need it or not?” “Wouldn’t you rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it?” “Get over your laziness and figure out something that works then use it daily.”

I can’t argue against any of these points – they make good sense. Seems to me that all of the comments in the paragraph above could apply to daily body armor wear. If you feel the need for daily concealed (or open) carry, why aren’t you wearing body armor? Let’s face it, if you have to deploy your firearm in a gun fight, there is a really good chance that some rounds are going to be headed your way. Given that, wouldn’t it be a lot better to be wearing some protection?

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that adding body armor to your daily carry kit certainly ramps up the paranoia factor. But let’s not kid ourselves. We carry guns against that terrible, (and for most of us) extremely unlikely event that we’ll need to use them. Since we plan for a gun fight, shouldn’t we go all the way and plan to protect our bodies? Why not invest in a good suit of soft body armor?

Today, options exist that offer relatively lightweight and concealable choices for a reasonable prices. The one pictured above is $460 – about the cost of a decent handgun and looks reasonably comfortable. Granted, the smartasses might suggest that if you’re going to go with armor, you should go with hard armor to protect against rifle rounds. The fact is though that the likelihood of facing assailants armed with rifles is so unlikely (unless you are police) as to make it not even worth considering. No, a good set of Level II or Level IIIa would do fine for most people.

In the final analysis, all of the good reasons people can offer to carry a gun daily arguably apply to daily body armor use. If you are expecting the gun fight, it pays to be fully prepared if it comes. So, my question is, if you carry daily, why not armor up?


Question of the Day: What Trick Shot Can You Do?

I’m a pretty mean pool player. Thousands of hours spend racking-em-up in the basement of the family home taught me how to sink pool balls like ringing a bell. For which I was rewarded with a sliced-open chin in a Providence pool hall. Trick shots? Like you read about. When it comes to ballistic prestidigitation, very few people can match Miss Weiss’ performance shooting prowess. But God knows they try. Especially if it’s a friendly competition. Five Hour Energy bottles at 50 paces with your EDC? I’m in! What trick shots do you do to keep you and yours amused?


Question of the Day: How Safe Are Most Shooters?

I’m a safety Nazi. I never point a gun at another human being unless I intend to shoot them. I always keep a gun pointed in a safe direction (when a safe direction is available). I assume all guns are loaded – even if I can see a blaze orange Chamber View action blocking thingie gumming-up the action. I’m also highly alert to the safety habits of those around me. The other day, I handed my Colt 1903 Pocket Hammerless to new shooting pal. His finger couldn’t have gone to the trigger any faster if he’d been trying to shoot a passing Archduke. Later, another gun guy inspected a wicked custom 1911 – pointing the barrel straight at the palm of his hand. In a previous episode of Who Wants to Die Ironically, some bright spark lasered me with a fully loaded Remington 870. As one of our commenters pointed out, gun store patrons’ gun safety habits are notable by their absence. Oy vey. Is it me or is it really bad out there, gun safety-wise?


Question of the Day: Should Shooting Reports Include Race?

 East 55th Street and Grand Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio (courtesy Google Maps)

“Police say the 29-year-old victim was there helping two females change a tire,” fox8.com reports. “A vehicle occupied by several males pulled up, and one of them exited and asked for directions. As the victim provided directions, the suspect  pulled out a handgun and began to rob the victim and the two females. Other passengers in the suspects’ vehicle also exited and participated in the robbery. At some point during the robbery, the victim drew his own weapon, and the victim and suspect exchanged gunfire. The other suspects fled the scene. Police were able to locate three juveniles in the 3800 block of East 55th Street, and they were identified as participants in the robbery. All three were arrested.” Should the Fox News affiliate have reported the race of the females, the good samaritan and the perps? [h/t Jrwmaq]



Question of the Day: Got Ammo? Specifically, .22?

“I’ve never been much into large conspiracies–that is, until now,” Brian Buru writes at gunnews.com writes. “In talking with a few WalMart managers (who happen to be relatives), I can say that WalMart is in fact starting to hoard .22 long rifle ammunition from their normal suppliers. I can also confirm that it is very purpose-driven. WalMart is planning one of the greatest marketing coups in history of marketing. They are saving all their .22 long rifle ammunition to attract one specific marketing demographic: Men, on the accursed Black Friday (The big sale night and/or day after Thanksgiving). Black Friday is often so important to retailers’ bottom lines that some would go out of business entirely if it were not for the masses of people coming in.” Yes, well, my LGS (Sportsman’s Finest) is still restricting customers to two boxes. What’s the sitch in your neck of the woods? [h/t SS]