Question of the Day: What’s the Dumbest Thing You’ve Ever Heard an Anti-Gunner Say?

In the dark days following the collapse of my second marriage, I’d occasionally hire a babysitter and head to Haruki East. I sat at the bar nursing a Jameson, scarfing sushi, reading. Occasionally, I’d put down my book and engage nearby diners in conversation. When the subject of guns came up, I’d keep it light. I saw no profit in arguing with antis, especially in my clean, well-lighted place. One night, a brace of college professors learned of my gun blogging and attacked. “You’re a baby killer!” the Brown prof shouted, slamming his fist on the bar. “You killed those babies at Newtown!” I left before they got physical. But that was it: the stupidest thing I’d ever heard an anti say. You?


Question of the Day: What’s Your Number One Tip for New Shooters?

Kirsten Joy Weiss’ instructional video on proper trigger finger placement is spot on. Of course. Simply by moving your trigger finger to the proper place on the ballistic go-pedal (just before the distal joint) can yield a 50 percent increase in accuracy. When I’m training newbies it’s all about the stance. Getting a new shooter to bend their knees and stick their ass out just about eliminates recoil-related accuracy issues. It also teaches the shooter to get into the groove; their first, instinctive reaction to a self-defense situation should be to hunker down. What’s your number one tip for new shooters?


Question of the Day: What’s Your Favorite Military Rifle?

OK, this copy replaces the other Question of the Day which was ill-considered, half-baked, not nearly gun enough and stupid. What’s your favorite “assault rifle”? You can choose any gun in any caliber from the past or in active military duty – no NFA stamp required. I’m a SCAR-16 guy, but I do like me some Ma Deuce. You?


Question of the Day: What Does This Video Prove?

The two knuckleheads who made this video call it a “social experiment.” That’s probably generous. Perhaps they set out the see if there was a racial component to the reactions of people at whose feet a gun is dropped as they stroll down the avenue. Maybe they thought the gun tossers’ fashion choices would matter. One of the gat droppers is dressed more business casually than is the other dood with the backwards baseball cap. Not that there’s really any discernible difference in the reactions of the passers by in this small sample. If this proves anything, it’s that no one wants to be around people who are recklessly cavalier with their firearms. And that a surprising number of them are willing to help someone who asks for it. What’s your take?


Question of the Day: How Long Does It Take You To Get To Your Gun?

Home carry, people. Home carry. Because when seconds count you’re self-defense firearm is — how far away? As yesterday’s Defensive Gun Use of the Day proved, the time it takes to bring your firearm to bear on the bad guy or guys can be the difference between life and death. To drive the point home (so to speak), please time your gun retrieval process for us. Unload your home defense firearm, safety check it, safety check it again and replace it its usual location. Time how long it takes you to go from your front door to your bedroom, gun safe, wherever your gat may be, and back to the front door. Keeping the firearm pointed in a safe direction. I made the sprint in 29 seconds, from a standing start. [Dr. Petit was lying on the sofa when two felons broke into his basement, climbed the stairs and beat him senseless with a baseball bat] Post your result below.


Question of the Day: What’s the Best Place You’ve Ever Shot?

Thankfully, most ranges are more accessible than the one in SilencerCo’s latest video. Otherwise even fewer gun owners would take their heaters out for a stroll than currently do. That said, the Arizona desert redoubt featured in the video looks like all kinds of fun. And it certainly appears that a good time was had by all. We all have our favorite places to shoot. Some because they’re close, some because they’re cheap, some because they have all the amenities. What’s the best place you’ve ever sent lead down range?


Question of the Day: How Can a Young Vet Fight Firearm Stupidity?


By Preston S.

I don’t particularly like firearms. I fired my first one when I joined the military, and my last one shortly before getting out of it. I purchased them while in the military in order to train effectively and often, to meet potential demands for shooting ability. After I got out, I had no reason to own any, so I do not . . .

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Question of the Day: Why is the Mainstream Media Anti-Gun?

Ciara Webb (courtesy

‘First of Two Kansas Girls to Commit Suicide Last Weekend Used a Gun to Kill Herself’‘s headline proclaims. Huh? What difference does that make? Why not ‘Second of Two Kansas Girls to Commit Suicide Last Weekend Didn’t Use a Gun to Kill Herself’? OK, maybe not. But why? Why is the mainstream media so obsessed with guns per se, so knee-jerk anti-gun? You’d think jobbing journos would be smart enough to see governmental violence against free speech in countries with gun control and connect the dots. To see that it’s in their best interest to be pro-gun. So . . . what gives?


Question of the Day: Too Cold to Shoot?

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 8.26.18 AM

It’s a wee bit nippy outside at the moment, even here in Texas. Is the cold cramping your style hunting and shooting-wise? What do you do to keep yourself ballistically satisfied during the winter months?


Question of the Day: How Do You Spread the Pro-Gun Gospel?

Kevin Michalowski of USCCA has come up with the idea of stamping dollar bills to let the world know that you’re a responsible gun owner. That’s one way to spread the Second Amendment word to individuals and businesses to let them know we’re out here (and yes, it’s apparently legal). The stamping brainstorm isn’t the first time legal tender’s been used to further the RKBA cause either. Remember the Starbucks two dollar bill campaign? That one didn’t work out quite as well, though the national caffeine dispenser hasn’t banned guns from their stores, no matter what demanding moms may tell you. But it never hurts to let businesses know — in whatever way you can — that there are millions of us, we’ve got money to spend and we’re already their customers. How do you spread the 2A-word?


Question of the Day: How Do You Choose Your Hunting Round?


A lot of thought should be given to the proper cartridge/bullet for the wild game you’re after. Harvesting deer, elk, bear, etc. should be quick, clean and humane. As in all things many of the Armed Intelligentsia have strong opinions on the subject. Let’s give some thoughts to what you’re shooting and why . . .

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