Question of the Day: Are You Ready to Fight With Your Knife, Too? [VIDEO NSFW]

Well that was gory. Still, I don’t suppose one should be overly squeamish when fighting for your life. That’s when you should go all-in, no-holds-barred, hoping that the resulting blood spatter belongs to your opponent. To that end, most gun guys carry a knife as well as a gun. I don’t now about you, but my knife-fighting skills are just this side of non-existent. Ninja juggling one of my way cool survival knives (which I use for kitchen prep), JWT told me there are two schools of thought . . .

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Question of the Day: Can You Watch This Video All the Way Through? [VIDEO]

I’m not going to debunk The Young Turks’ pro-Australian-style gun control logic, such as it is. He makes his main point at 6:05: “You think we’d have more firearms and suicides if we had less guns? You don’t believe that. You can’t possibly believe that. No one is that irrational.” That’s what passes for reason in Cenk Uygur’s mind, who singularly fails to clock humanity’s past and current record of government-sponsored mass murder of disarmed populations (including the Armenian genocide of 1915).  The question here: why listen to this nonsense? I mean . . .

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Question of the Day: What if the Roanoke Killer Had Been A Straight, White, Republican?

As we reported last night, the usual suspects made the usual pronouncements about gun control in the wake of the horrific live TV shooting in Roanoke. This despite the fact that the killer bought his murder weapon legally, passing a background check. Anti-gunners also used the attack to assert that armed self-defense wouldn’t have saved his victims. This despite the fact that their murderer, known to his victims and known to have anger issues and a grudge against their mutual employer, approached them slowly, in a space without other people, and lingered dangerously close for a good five seconds before opening fire. Once again, it’s all about the gun. But what if . . .

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Question of the Day: What Gun Lube Do You Use?

AregularGuy reckons you’re better off lubricating your firearms with motor oil than anything the firearms-related aftermarket has to offer. If you’re the kind of person who knows better then A) you’ll watch this entire video to dispute his claims (you’re a more patient man than I Gunga Din) and B) I invite you to leave your choice of gun lube in the comments section below, along with the reasons for your choice. Suffice it to say, I wish I shot my guns often enough to give a damn about which lube I use. Your thoughts?


Question of the Day: Alcohol on a Gun Range? [VIDEO]

“Daytona Beach [FL] city commissioners have given approval to an indoor shooting range that will include a restaurant that sells alcoholic beverages,” reports. “Commissioners raised safety concerns over the mix of alcohol and guns on the same property before voting on the measure on Wednesday night.” Back in June, Owner Ron Perkison [successfully] throw oil on troubled waters. “To the critics, I say, you’re right. I’m not trying to mix the two. I’m trying to give you a nice meal before you go home. If you choose to have an alcoholic beverage and go home, that’s on you. It’s no different than them leaving here and going to Outback.” To assuage the Council, Perkison agreed to create and enforce the following policies . . .

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Question of the Day: Did Obama Come for Your Guns? [VIDEO]

pro-vs-antigun (courtesy

President Obama didn’t come for your guns. Yes, the President favors “gun responsibility” (or whatever they call it today) and lobbied for “common sense gun laws” both before but especially after the slaughter at Sandy Hook. But the former community organizer never actually confiscated a single American’s guns. Therefore, gun rights advocates are paranoid, whipped to a frenzy by the NRA, whose real goal is to feather their nest and aid and abet the death-dealing firearms industry. That’s the new pro-gun control meme that making the rounds. Like this . . .

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Question of the Day: What Guidelines for University of Texas Open Carry?

An ironically chosen UT campus photo for campus carry story (courtesy

“SB 11, signed into law by Governor Greg Abbott in June, allows licensed permit holders to carry concealed handguns on public college and university campuses beginning August 1st, 2016,” reports. “The law allows university presidents to establish rules, regulations, and provisions regarding campus carry.” And so University of Texas Prez Gregory Fenves has established a working committee to [at least appear to] consider input from faculty, staff, students, alumni and administrators on how to implement campus carry at UT. Now if it was me . . .

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Question of the Day: What Firearms-Related Experiment for MythBusters?

MythBustersJamie Hyneman sure does slap that trigger, don’t he? You can’t see that in the super-slow motion video above – it would take all freakin’ day – but who cares? The bullet leaving the gun in slo-mo video sure looks pretty! Despite the loss of Kari Byron, MB soldiers on. Ballistically speaking, Supernatural Shooters just confirmed that you can, indeed, shoot through walls and hit a moving target. But it is not possible for a real life human to . . .

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Question of the Day: Would You Go To A Gun Range or Buy From a Gun Store That Bans Muslims?

Andy Hallinan [above] of Florida Gun Supply has supplied TTAG with the occasional testing and evaluation firearm. Andy recently declared that Muslims aren’t welcome in his store. The ban caught the eye of‘s religion editor, who produced the ever-so-helpful Guide To Gun Stores And Ranges Declaring ‘Muslim-Free’ Zones. In the warm-up to the guide, Ibrahim Hooper states “These bigoted declarations are no different than ‘whites only’ signs posted in businesses during a period of our nation’s history that we had hoped was over.” Is the Council on American-Islamic Relations’s National Communications Director right? Are these bans wrong? Would/do you go to a gun range or buy from a gun store than bans Muslims? Should TTAG turn its back on Andy’s generosity?



Question of the Day: Off-Body Carry for Women?

Lucy Tote (courtesy

5.11 now makes concealed carry bags for women. I’m sure the $110 Lucy Tote [above] is a thoughtfully-designed, well-executed product. It’s certainly better for a woman to off-body carry in a bag designed for the job, rather than shoving her gat into any old bag in the hopes she can fish it out in time should an attacker pose the threat of death or grievous bodily harm. But regular readers will not be surprised to learn . . .

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Question of the Day: What’s the Most Inaccurate Gun Owner Stereotype?

Vice offshoot Broadly talked conservative commentator and author Ann Coulter into an interview recently, so as a hook, they took her out to shoot some guns. You know, because that’s all anyone on the right likes to do (when they’re not polluting the environment and subjugating minorities, that is). Anyway, they schlepped her across the Hudson to a range in New Jersey – yes, there are gun ranges in New Jersey – and discovered, to their amazement, that she has gay and black friends! I know, right? She also appears to know how to handle a gun fairly well, too . . .

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