Question of the Day: Do You Care if Your Firearms Provider Donates to Charity?


Debusk Arms co-owner (courtesy

The firearms industry is awesome. The vast majority of gun people with whom I interact are straight shooters. I reckon that’s because they believe in something other than lining their pockets. The major players prove the point by donating millions to the NRA and other pro-2A groups. It happens on a smaller scale, too., for example, donates 20 percent of their net profits to JWT’s mates at (who welcome good old-fashioned contributions). Question: do you care? If their prices were roughly the same, would you buy from Dubusk instead of just to support vets? By the same token, does GLOCK’s mega-checks to Wayne’s mob influence your buying decision? Or does charity begin – and end – at home?



Question of the Day: Is the Anti-Gun Media Fading?

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RIP: Over 100 newspapers dumped in year, ads down 50%, circulation hits bottom,‘s headline proclaims. In other words, print is dead. But that’s not all. What’s commonly called broadcast TV is losing audience share, as younger people turn to the Internet for their news and entertainment. The so-called mainstream media’s influence is fading, replaced by a multiplicity of independent voices. This website’s monthly readership, for example, is three times larger than the Washington Post’s print circulation. Yes, but – the mainstream media magnates are spreading their anti-gun agitprop through the intertubz. So who’s winning the war for gun rights? Those who tell the truth about guns or the same old cast of characters bent on selling the same old statism? Is time running out for the antis?


Question of the Day: Is the 1911 an “Expert’s Gun”?

In the 1911-o-philia above, gun guru Larry Vickers says the 1911 is “not a beginner’s gun . . . There are a lot of nuances to keeping it running.” I agree. Only substitute “not shooting someone you didn’t mean to shoot” for “keeping it running.” Never mind care and feeding and reliability; the 1911’s featherlight go-pedal demands SpecOps-level trigger discipline. And rewards the shooter with superb accuracy. Truth be told I’d prefer to carry a higher-capacity “wundergun” over my Wilson Combat 1911 X-TAC Compact. But nothing conceals as well in an outside-the-waistband holster. Or looks as good when it comes out to play. Anyway, do you have a 1911? Do you carry a 1911? Would you recommend it to a newbie or is it an expert’s gun?


Question of the Day: Four Reasons to Hunt With A Gun Rather Than a Bow?

Bambi must die! (courtesy

Taking a break from defending the thin blue line, offers 4 reasons to bow hunt vs. using a hunting rifle. They are: 1. In many regions, bow season is longer and more plentiful; 2. A bow strengthens different skills; 3. Nothing’s more quiet than a bow and 4. Even the playing field. Wait. What? “If you are talking about legally hunting an animal, a bow and arrow would be preferable to a gun if you believe in giving the animal a fair chance at survival.” And less of a chance of an ethical kill? Anyway, while it’s not an either or thing, I reckon TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia can’t let this broadhead – I mean broadside go unanswered. What are four reasons to hunt with a gun rather than a bow?


Question of the Day: Would You Have Shot Dachau Camp Guards?


“We roared through the gates of Dachau figurative ‘minutes’ after its liberation while 40,000+ wrecks-of-humanity milled, tore, looted, screamed, cried as/like depraved beasts which the Nazi SS has made them,” Captain David Wilsey wrote in a recently released letter to his sweetheart published by New Republic. “In those early minutes, I saw captured SS tortured against a wall [by U.S. soldiers] and then shot in what you Americans would call ‘cold blood’—but Emily! God forgive me if I say I saw it done without a single disturbed emotion BECAUSE THEY SO HAD-IT-COMING after what I had just seen and what every minute more I have been seeing of the SS beasts’ actions. . . .

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Question of the Day: What Gun Have You Broken?

I recently brought my thousands-of-dollars Grizzly Custom Guns .357 modded Marlin to the range for some pre-hog hunting testing. One shot – BANG! – and the lever froze open. My gun done broke. Well, that’s what happens to mechanical things. They break. Some guns are specifically designed not to break. The AK, for example, is famous for its extreme durability. Which is why owners who value that never-say-die quality are ill-advised to modify the gun. Of course, some people don’t care a lick what I think and do it anyway. So, question: what gun(s) have you broken and how?


Question of the Day: Does This Open Carry Takedown Reveal Police Racism?

We’ve been saying it for a long, long time (in Internet terms): all Americans have a natural, civil and Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Some Americans have more of a pressing need to exercise that right than others; entire classes of people are more likely to be subject to violent attack than the average population. Members of the LGBT community, for example. And law-abiding citizens living in crime-infested neighborhoods. They should be armed. The recent “unrest” in Philadelphia and Ferguson has . . .

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Question of the Day: Got Toy Guns?


“Sasaki Kougei – Handcrafted Rubber band Gun Grasp GRASP Walther P38 It is a gun of the old friend German small-arms maker’s Walther manufacture in Lupin 3 world using it,” Engrish description informs. “It is said that the screw to which parts are made to fix is made combining parts like [ it is few and ] a workmanship thing. It is attention required also to the modeling beauty! The wooden rubber gun made from the same size as a genuine article!  . . .

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Question of the Day: My Gun, My Ammo. Yours?

I have a date with ShootingTheBull410 to test that exact gun with that exact ammo. So we’ll be able to check out the real-world veracity of Wilson Combat’s claim for their custom ammunition. Meanwhile, I fired my X-TAC Compact with 100 rounds each with Wilson and Gold Dot ammo at the range and discovered no discernible difference in accuracy or reliability. Which makes me wonder, does it really matter? With the exception of R.I.P. ammo . . .

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Question of the Day: Holster Retention Much?

Wilson Combat X-TAC Compact in a Safariland 579 GLS Level II retention holster (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

“A South Carolina school district has asked a private security guard not to return after a fifth-grader was able to pull the officer’s gun out of its holster,” fox reports. “Anderson School District 5 spokesman Kyle Newton told media outlets that the guard was sitting on a bench Monday with a student on either side at Varennes Elementary School when one of the students was able to take the gun out of the officer’s holster. Authorities say the gun was not fired and was only free for about 10 seconds.” . . .

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Question of the Day: Happiness Is…?


Hey antis! Guns makes us happy. Deal with it. OK, you already do. But not in a good way. May I respectfully recommend a trip to the gun rage – I mean range – to see why firearms trigger endorphins for tens of millions of Americans? Mind you, it’s not any one thing. For some, it’s the sublime satisfaction of hitting a target. For others . . .

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