Question of the Day: Would You Buy a ‘Suicide Gun’?


Everyone likes a deal, right? And as we detailed earlier this week, new laws enacted in some jurisdictions around the country forbid the destruction of perfectly good firearms that have come into the hands of state and local governments. No matter how they got them. So… “A western Pennsylvania coroner is auctioning off about 100 guns used in suicides and accidental shooting deaths. Coroner Ken Bacha says the Nov. 8 surplus weapons sale is Westmoreland County government’s first since his father was coroner in the 1980s. He says state law requires local governments sell off unclaimed property.” You see where this is going. Assuming the heaters have been thoroughly cleaned of, um, all organic matter, would you buy one?


Question of the Day: Which Gun(s) Are Likely to Become Future Collectibles?

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 8.12.17 AM

“I have acquired a few guns over the years,” TTAG reader RB admits. “None of them are investment pieces that will show any value in my lifetime. A Smith revolver has shown to hold it’s value – which is nice. However nothing else is likely to become an heirloom (outside of just one day being old in excellent condition but very common). I’m not expecting every gun to become a collectible, but I would like one. Long story short I want a Colt SAA. Colt’s website features them, has multiple models, and even a price sheet. So where are they?” Help a guy out willya? Meanwhile, which gun(s) currently for sale do you reckon will become collectible in, say, twenty to thirty years? I’m thinking the Smith & Wesson Performance Center 460XVR. You?


Question of the Day: Should the RCMP Release Terrorist Gunman’s Video?

Michael Zehaf-Bibeau (courtesy RCMP)

“Canadian authorities said late Sunday that the gunman who fatally shot a soldier and attacked the Parliament building in Ottawa last week had ‘ideological and political’ motives,” Captain Obvious reports. “The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) said in a statement that Michael Zehaf-Bibeau had made a video of himself prior to committing Wednesday’s attack. No details of the video’s contents were released, but CBC News reported that the gunman appeared to make specific references to Canadian foreign policy in the video and praises Allah. CBC also reported that the video appeared to have been made the day before the attack and would be released publicly later this week.” Should they?


Question of the Day: Do You Carry an Extra Magazine?

I’m inherently lazy when it comes to carrying. Yes, I pack daily. In some way, shape or form. But I rarely pocket an extra magazine or stripper clip (let alone a speed loader). It’s less a case of complacent slothfulness than not wanting to be weighed down by still more chazerai rattling around in my pockets. But when I’m not toting my 642 or the Bodyguard wheelgun I’m trying out, it’s usually a GLOCK 42 that’s nestled between my waistband and my Calvins. Which means, as Kevin Michalowski points out above, should my 42 prove to be less than Perfection and I encounter a Type 2 malf, my pooch will be well and truly screwed. Do you pack extras? Do you carry an extra mag when you leave the house each day?


Question of the Day: Would You Eliminate NICS Background Checks?

Back in 1968, NRA was OK with the Gun Control Act outlawing gun sales to prohibited persons by federal firearms licensees (sanctioned gun dealers). In 1993, they didn’t say no to the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act mandating instant background checks for new gun sales. Despite the fact that background checks fall afoul of the Second Amendment’s prohibition against ANY infringements on Americans’ gun rights. And the fact that checks are useless. So how can the NRA defend new gun background checks and argue against background checks for gun shows and private sales? Although I doubt the veracity of the video above, I say checkless sales are how it should be for all gun sales, just like it used to be. What say you?


Question of the Day: Would The Ottawa Attack Have Happened in Austin, Texas?

Austin, Texas state house (courtesy

Texas residents who hold a concealed weapons permit – or an out-of-state carry permit recognized by the Lone Star State – can enter the Austin state capitol armed. Does the presence of a significant number of armed Americans deter terrorist attacks like what happened in Canada’s parliament yesterday? What about all those states that don’t allow concealed carry inside their legislatures or other public buildings? Do those states’ armed guards and security theater screening prevent a terrorist assaut? Or do our sworn enemies not take any of that into consideration? While we’re at it, more guns, less terrorism?


Question of the Day: What’s the Best Way to Demystify Guns?

As usual, Billy Johnson has his finger on the pulse of Gun Nation. Nothing gets gun owners’ hackles up quite like open carry. Just read the comments under any TTAG post that touches on the subject, sit back and watch the fur fly. But whether you think open carry is needlessly inflammatory or a right rightly exercised, there’s little doubt that demystifying firearms can only redound to the benefit of The People of the Gun. The fewer non-gun types who freak out at the mere sight of a holstered hog leg, the better it is for gun rights in general. Billy suggests taking a noob to the range. Some of you believe that, yes, open carrying regularly will desensitize the overly sensitive. What’s the best way to demystify guns for a gun-ignorant public?


Question of the Day: Shooting While Pregnant?

Nur Suryani Mohd Taibi  at 2012 Olympics (courtesy

After reading articles like this one on the dangers of lead exposure at gun ranges, TTAG reader Chris writes:

My name is Chris and I live in Texas. I have been searching the interwebs but can’t find a definitive answer so thought I would ask ya’ll to see if you know or know someone who knows the answer to my question. My wife is 11 weeks pregnant and as a result of a recent event, she decided she finally wants her CHL. Is it advisable for her to go shooting, a couple of times just to ensure she is comfortable and competent and then the actual certification course as part of the class, or is the risk of lead exposure and noise exposure to our unborn child too great?


What Gun/Ammo Combination for Ebola Carriers?


Watching the news can be confusing these days. We have troops in Africa who are trained to kill people and blow stuff up now tasked with fighting a virus, while we continue to allow flights from the hot zone into the country on a daily basis. And the same elected officials who couldn’t manage to build an operable web site given three years notice are asking the same people who grope toddlers and strip search granny in her wheelchair to assess whether passengers may be carrying a deadly pathogen. What could possibly go wrong? The UK has stopped flights from west Africa. So have France, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, the Philippines, Zimbabwe and the Bahamas. Yet President Golfcart McFundraiser seems convinced that halting incoming flights would somehow be insensitive. Never mind what could walk across our southern border. And now that we have viral touchdown in Big D and beyond . . .

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Question of the Day: Do You Know When to Use Deadly Force?

“A Sunday School teacher claims he was acting in self-defense when he fired a gun in Wheeling over the weekend in the Centre Market area. Chris Harris said he was coming from church when he and his girlfriend were surrounded by nine men looking for a fight.” The thugs in question didn’t believe Harris’s gun would go bang. “The kid kept advancing on me, saying it wasn’t a real gun, and I would much rather shoot a shot into the air to prevent them from attacking me rather than them attacking me and me shooting someone.” So he fired a warning shot . . .

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