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Question of the Day: Revolver or Semi for New Shooter?

 Gemini Customs Smith & Wesson 642 (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

The National Shooting Sports Foundation has launched a monthly newsletter for participants in their First Shots program. The NSSF’s command of the Internet may lack a certain je sais quoi, but the newsletter knows the hot button issues for new shooters. Their inaugural email links to Revolver or Semi-Auto: What’s Right For You? Writer Tom McHale scores it this way. Reliability? Draw. Recoil? More or less a draw. Capacity? Semi, but is that really important? Complexity? Draw. In other words, the industry lobby group ain’t sayin’. No surprise there. Here at The Truth About Guns we tell the truth about guns. My take? If we’re talking about a self-defense gun for a newbie, I recommend a pocket-carried .38 caliber Smith & Wesson 642 revolver. If it’s a bedside gun (that can be used at the range for fun and practice), I’d go with any decent polymer semi with night sights. What do you reckon?

Question of the Day: Do You Like Spotting Gun Errors in Movies?


Last week I watched Killing Them Softly, which stars Brad Pitt as a hit man and it was about as enjoyable as some light water boarding. While I can’t get that hour-and-a-half of my life back, I did get a kick out of some firearms-related tidbits in the movie and one gun in particular absolutely cracked me up. Sometimes it’s annoying to recognize inconsistencies, mistakes, and Hollywood shortcuts, but sometimes it’s amusing. Right? . . .

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Question of the Day: Are You Ready to Deploy for Your Gun Rights?

If the S hits the gun rights-shaped fan in CT, NY, NJ, NV or anywhere else, I’m staying put. Providing Uncle Sam doesn’t pull the plug on our servers – and maybe if he does – I can best serve The People of the Gun right here, blogging for TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia. But hats off to James Yeager for heading to the Silver State to join-up with his fellow operators at the Bundy Ranch to . . . well, I’m still not too sure what the kerfuffle’s all about. I remain unconvinced that Cliven is the patriot the militia’s looking for. In fact, under what circumstances would you leave home and hearth to come to the aid of beleaguered fellow Americans?

Question of the Day: How Do YOU Convert an Anti?

(courtesy The Truth About Guns)

Evan in RI writes: “I was talking to a left-leaning friend of mine today at our Ivy-League college when she brought up gun control and children hurting themselves with firearms they find. I suggested teaching firearms safety in Health Education, which she predictably scoffed at. So I said to her: ‘Agree or disagree: Teaching teenagers about condoms and birth control leads to teens having sex.’ ‘Of course not.’ ‘So how will teaching teenagers to handle firearms safely lead to teens shooting up schools?’ I’m taking her to the range next weekend for her own firearms safety class, ‘Just in case I have to ever touch one of those barbaric things.’ Well, one step at a time I guess.” What’s you three-step program to convert an anti-gunner to the firearms freedom side of the fence?

Question of the Day: Who’s Got Lever Fever?

I watched The Rifleman as a kid. One-hundred-sixty-eight episodes and 120 dead bad guys later I had a permanent case of lever fever. The affliction flares up from time to time; I’m burning through ammo in my recently-arrived Big Horn Armory Model 89 S&W 500 lever gunGrizzly Custom Guns will soon be sending me the custom-fitted heavily modified Marlin .357 I commissioned in 1979. A couple of years ago, lever guns were all the rage – including “cowboy tactical” models. Lately, I haven’t heard much about them. Maybe it’s because Marlin’s screwed the pooch. ["Please note: Newer 'MR prefix' Marlins will incur additional charges to correct issues from the factory."] Or maybe lever gun guys have slipped into stealth mode. Well, here’s your chance to confess the lever love that dare not speak its name. Who’s got lever fever?

Question of the Day: Are Gun Games Too Violent or What?

My name is Robert Farago and I’m a video game addict. Back in the day, I’d smoke a joint (without inhaling), down a Diet Coke and hit the arcade. I’d play Battlezone or Bezerk until I ran out of quarters or the munchies enforced Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. When shoot-’em-ups migrated to consoles, it was bad. It’s one day at a time now. I fill my time by writing for TTAG, single-parenting a ten-year-old, mentoring a brace of Schnauzers and pressing NFW on a ten profiles per day. OK, I fell off the gaming wagon for a few weeks a while back . . .

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