Question of the Day: Does Gun Ownership Make You Less Confrontational?

Ned (courtesy

TTAG reader DH writes:

Depending on my mood in the mornings, I’ll either listen to XM radio for morning show idiot-free music or NPR. Yeah, I know. Anyway, as luck would have it this morning was a NPR day. They have a long-running a series called StoryCorps. It’s a collection of short three- to five-minute personal stories as filler between the local and national news. I was getting ready to hop out of the truck when the story titled “The Day One Man Decided To Give Up His Gun” came on. I was compelled to stop and listen. . .

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Question of the Day: Tell Traffic Stop Police You’re Carrying?


Back in the day, Johnston, Rhode Island cop pulled me over for speeding. I did not have a duty to inform the officer that I was carrying a pistol. I did not do so. Johnston police are a law unto themselves; they’re about as friendly to the general public as the soup nazi. Equally, I didn’t want to test their support for my natural, civil and constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Here in Texas, I have a duty to inform. When I was pulled over (yeah, it happens) I offered my license and CHL permit at the same time . . .

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Question of the Day: What Optic Do You Have on Your Go-To Rifle?


LWRC International kicks off the most significant consumer promotion in its history starting April 15 through August 31 2015, any consumer purchasing a new in-the-box LWRCI commercial rifle from an authorized dealer will receive an Aimpoint Micro T-1 2 MOA red dot sight with pre-mounted 39mm spacer and LRP ($889.00) at NO CHARGE.” Well ain’t that a kick in the pants! That’s a $900 optic. [Suppressor not included. Terms and conditions apply. Ammoland press release after the jump.] The question is, right optic? OK sure, it could be a second or third optic. But what’s your go-to optic on your go-to rifle?  . . .

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Question of the Day: What Kind of Bread Do You Like?

Edgar Lindamood of Acme Arms (courtesy

“Edgar Lindamood makes his bread in a shop that stocks Nagant revolvers, Makarov pistols, 6.5mm Swedish, 7.7mm Japanese and 7.65mm Argentine ammunition,” reports. “He doesn’t sell it, he just practices to perfect his recipe, making adjustments with each loaf to get it right. . .  ‘I do it because I like making things. I like to make my own beer, my own mead and my own bullets. It gives you a sense of self-reliance when you make your own stuff,’ he said.’There’s a pride in making your own things. There’s something satisfying about casting your own bullets, loading your own ammunition and seeing it work. It’s the same thing with bread.'” What kind of bread do you like? Do you make stuff?


Question of the Day: Home Defense…Pistol, Rifle or Shotgun?


Over at, Tom McHale has a little trigger time with Beretta products and asks which firearms is best for home defense: pistol, rifle or shotgun? McHale gives options, not answers. My answer is simple – pistol – for the reasons that McHale provides: “The big plus is portability. Not only can you fire it effectively with one hand, that same one-hand benefit allows you do to things in a home defense situation like hold a light, child or cell phone – not to mention tasks like opening doors.” One caveat: a pistol is the first line of defense. Once you assume a defensive position, it’s shotgun all the way (I recommend electronic ear pro and an admonition to friendlies to plug their ears). Am I right?


Question of the Day: Bumper Sticker Shock?

Man I’m getting old. Former prosecutor and Texas Law Shield Firearms Program Attorney Emily Taylor [above] looks like a college kid to me. College kids look like grade schoolers. Grade schoolers look like toddlers. Toddlers look like embryos. I wasn’t born yesterday. Over the years — many, many years — I’ve learned that discretion is the better part of valor. I know it, but it doesn’t apply . . .

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Question of the Day: Are We Winning?

Glenn Reynolds detected happiness as he strolled the aisles at the NRA Annual Meeting in Nashville and chalked up all that glee to the fact that we’re winning. Fifty states of concealed carry (to one degree or another), constitutional carry in more states, an individual right to bear arms blessed by the Supreme Court, national reciprocity proposed in Congress…all because, in the professor’s view, our side fought. Sure, the media’s still every bit as anti-RKBA as ever. And Bloomberg-funded minions are marching in the northwest. Still, it’s hard not to be impressed by the progress. No one’s declaring victory or advising reduced vigilance, but on the whole, are we winning?   [h/t DrVino]


Question of the Day: How Are You Spending Your ‘Gun Money’?

When I began my serious interest in firearms around 2007, I had no guns to my name. Now I have…well, let’s just say that I have more than that now. Most of these were bought for a specific reason, but some appear to have shown up in my closet because ‘Hey, it looks cool–why not?’ I’ve also noticed that some of these tend not to come out of storage as often as I thought they would when I bought them. That’s why a recent article by Jay Cassano at resonated with me . . .

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Quote of the Day: What Do You Mean by ‘You People?’


“We are often told that gun control is more appropriate for ‘urban’ areas than for rural ones, but one key difference between rural and urban areas is that the latter are more heavily populated by African Americans and other minorities. If–as is often the case in today’s discourse, ‘urban’ is a synonym for ‘black,’ then what does it mean to say that gun control is more approriate in urban settings?” — Glenn Harlan Reynolds,  in foreword to “The Second Amendment as Ordinary Constitutional Law


Question of the Day: How Fit Are You?

Being fit gives you confidence. It also plays merry hell on your knees. Well, it does when you reach a certain age. And while we like to highlight the fact that not all of our readers are OFWGs (Old Fat White Guys), a lot of you are. It’s also true that I’ve been to a lot of high-speed, low-drag defensive firearms classes where my first thought is, you guys need to lose some weight. Personally, I’m as fit as a fiddle. OK, I’m a fit as a Farfisa. Wooly Bully! Obscure cultural references aside, are you fit enough for armed self-defense? Or is armed self-defense important because you aren’t fit?