Question of the Day: Is There Anything Wrong With This Spike’s Tactical Facebook Post?

“A Florida gunmaker company is unapologetic after devising an advertisement for its products that declared ‘NOT TODAY ANTIFA,’” reports. “Spike’s Tactical produced the ad, which caused controversy on social media, in conjunction with a  Texas-based clothing company, Pipe Hitters Union.” Spike had some choice words for critics who said they should spike the image . . . “For the […]

Question of the Day: What Is a Shithole and What Do Guns Have To Do With It?

I should probably let this whole Trump shithole thing go. But I came across an article at on the current chaos in Tijuana: Control for street drug trade pushes Tijuana to grisly new record: 1,744 homicides. The firearms-related mayhem just south of our border got me thinking. Is Tijuana a Trumpian shithole? And as we’re a firearms […]

Question of the Day: What Do Gun Control Advocates Mean by “Common Sense”?

Banning guns in state Senate, House galleries is common sense the headline at proclaims. Hello Seattle? How is stopping Washingtonians from exercising their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms in their grandiose (not to say bellicose) legislative chambers “common sense”? For that “logic” the Times turns to an “expert” […]

End Qualified Immunity for Police? Question of the Day

In the essay below, Rob Morse argues that the qualified immunity from prosecution enjoyed by American police officers poses a threat to public safety, leading cops to treat possible threats as lethal threats, leading to unnecessary loss of innocent life. Agree to disagree? U.S.A. –-(  Innocent civilians are at risk from the police. We’ve had egregious examples […]

Question of the Day: Which Gun Companies Are on Your “No Buy” List and Why?

Whenever we post something about Springfield Armory (as we will later today), aggrieved members of TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia swear a blood oath not to buy from the Illinois gunmaker. They’re pissed that the Illinois gunmaker paid-off anti-gun pols and engineered a carve-out on a dealer licensing scheme. But Springfield isn’t the only company on gun […]

Question of the Day: Disarm Gun Owners Accused of Domestic Violence?

“Only 17 states and the District of Columbia have passed gun-relinquishment bills that force domestic abusers and other violent offenders with restraining orders to hand over their firearms,” Diane Diamond writes at Click here to check your state’s laws. And note . . . A restraining order does not equal a criminal conviction. Judges can […]

Question of the Day: What’s “An Honest Conversation About Guns”?

Every now and then, a gun control advocate likes to portray their position as rational and reasonable. Someone like Cyndy Mullineaux (above), who penned a letter to the editor at Jersey’s headlined Honest conversation on guns needed. Here’s her “I support the Second Amendment but -” statement: I have lived and worked most of my […]