Question of the Day: Are The Police Trigger-Happy? 

Omaha cop (courtesy

In the wake of the Waco biker shooting, where authorities refuse to release the video footage and the full autopsy reports on the bikers shot to death by police at Twin Peaks restaurant (post to follow), the question arises again: are cops trigger happy? Do they have a tendency to shoot fellow civilians without good cause and/or legal justification? Over at, law enforcement officers and criminal justice academics addressed the question. Their answers (republished with permission) after the jump. What’s your take? Are a small minority/some/many/most cops too quick on the draw, or not?

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Question of the Day: Why Were Guns Enshrined in the Bill of Rights?


Reader DrVino writes:

Self defense is a human right. And now marriage is a human right. Why is marriage not mentioned in the constitution? If we argue that it was understood (and didn’t need to be affirmed in a legal document) that people want to and have a right to get married, why was the right to guns enshrined in the Bill of Rights? After all, it was understood that people needed to put meat on the table and defend themselves from attackers. If procurement of food and marrying are rights that “go without saying”, could it be argued, then, that the only reason we have the 2A is not for the purpose of hunting or personal protection, but as a defense against tyranny from an abusive centralized government?

Question of the Day: Got Ammo?

Academy ammo guy (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

The Big D and I were cruising around town, looking for 10mm ammo for an STI double-stack 1911 (part of Jon Wayne Taylor’s quest for the perfect truck gun). We rocked up to an Austin Academy Sports and headed for the firearms department. It was the department of no 10mm. And only two boxes of .22 per customer. When I asked the salesman (above) what’s up with the .22 blues he said one word: “plastics.” Wait. Wrong movie. “Hoarding.” . . .

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Question of the Day: Why Does America Love Guns?

Unfortunately, this video doesn’t start its explanation of America’s “love affair” with guns by pointing out that we’re armed against government tyranny. It also fails to highlight the fact that our natural, civil and Constitutional right to keep and bear arms is not dependent on the democratic process or arguments based on social utility (which are front and center here). But it gets there, eventually. Thankfully. Educationally. And then the video goes off the deep end . . .

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Question of the Day: Light or Laser for Your Home Defense Pistol?

_L4F1258 copy

Reader Night Hunter writes relays the following advice on lights and lasers in defensive situations

I live inside the city limits of a large city in New Mexico.  Over the last 20 years I have had to confront over 550 criminals invading my 18 acres of property during all hours of the day and night. Within reach is a 10mm 1911 with alternating hollow point and solid 180 gr bullets loaded to a velocity of 1360 fps. Also a .40 S&W loaded with 180 gr hollow points to 1180 fps. As with all target shooting placement is the key. And shoot until ammo exhausted . . .

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Question of the Day: Would You Take $10k From Cops Who Shot Your Dog?

Sean Kendall's dog (courtesy

“Sean Kendall’s dog, Geist (above), was shot and killed by a Salt Lake City cop searching for a missing child,” reports. So Kendall decided to sue the Salt Lake Police. Not so easy, Mr. Bond. “Utah law requires anyone who wishes to sue a police officer to pay their court expenses up front. The citizen is only reimbursed for those court costs if they win the case. This makes it virtually impossible to sue a police officer in the State of Utah, no matter what they have done.” Kendall’s lawyer’s trying to get the courts to toss that stipulation. But before all that legal maneuvering, the SLPD offered Kendall $10k to STFU. Would you take the money if a cop had shot your dog?


Question of the Day: Where Should Sara Tipton Live?


I’ve moved the Big D to Austin. TTAG’s Managing Editor joins Tyler Kee, Jonathan Taylor and myself in America’s live music capitol. Jeremy S. is thinking about moving here. And now Sara Tipton and her family are looking to leave California for a more hospitable home. I’ve invited her to see the Texas Hill Country and sung Texas’ praises to the roof. While I think The Lone Star State is the be-all, end-all – America how it used to be – I’m seriously myopic. And happy. Anyway, where do you think the gun-loving, freedom-seeking Ms. Tipton should live? Here’s a list of her criteria . . .
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Question of the Day: How Do You Train at an Indoor Range?

Square ranges are awfully limiting. As Kevin Michalowski points out in the video above, they place all manner of limits on what you can do within your assigned lane. Drawing and firing from a holster is almost always verboten. Rapid fire? Some allow it, some don’t. And by their nature, none of them let you move around enough to practice as you need to for real-world situations. But that doesn’t mean you can’t accomplish something when an indoor range is all you have. What’s your favorite indoor range training drill?


Question of the Day: Would You Buy James Brady’s Gun?

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 8.10.27 AM

You’re looking at an 1848 Colt Baby Dragoon Rammerless pistol that’s been put on the block by But what’s notable about this little heater isn’t what it is so much as to whom it once belonged. This wheel gun belonged at one time to James Brady. Yes, that James Brady. As the auction notes spell out, “Right after the (Reagan assassination attempt in which Brady was injured), James Brady’s wife, Sarah, was so revolted by firearms that she gathered all of the guns in the Brady household and turned to the first trusted person who would take them from her — her gardener.” And that made one of our readers recoil, so to speak . . .

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Question of the Day: What Will You Be Shooting on Father’s Day?


Maybe you’ll be lounging by the pool today, cold frosty one in hand. Or maybe your idea of a perfect Father’s Day is hunkering down in front of the tube to watch the final round of the US Open from behind your eyelids. But if you’re like most gun guys – and the range isn’t too crowded – you’ll be launching some lead today with your progeny. If that’s you, what guns will you be shooting?


Question of the Day: Have You Ever Bought A Gun Without Firing It?


Experiential marketing. That’s what The Texas Firearms Festival calls its “come and shoot it” event. And they have the stats to prove it. An exit survey at last year’s Festival revealed that 83 percent of attendees said the hands-on demo day would influence their future choice of firearm. It’s a trend. “Eagle Imports, Inc. has unveiled a new nationwide Range Program,” their presser proclaims. “The program will make available firearms from the Bersa, Metro Arms and Grand Power product lines to qualified ranges that are interested in stocking these firearms for safety training, firearms familiarization and recreational shooting.” . . .

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Question of the Day: Do Most People Think Gun Control Would Limit Spree Killings?

“America has this great love affair with guns and anybody can get them,” Pastor John Paul Brow tells NBC. “Whether they’re mentally disturbed, whether they’re crazy, whether they’re part of a hate group. Just give them a gun, everybody has a gun and nobody wants to police it or rein it in.” I doubt the majority of the American public has this same knee-jerk response to mass shootings. Surely they know that millions of guns are out there, somewhere, available to criminals and crazed killers. However, I don’t think they’re aware of the fallacy of this statement . . .

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