New From Adams Arms: Left-Handed Piston Bolt Carriers

While there are a handful of left-handed AR-15s on the market, there are precisely zero southpaw gas-piston ARs available. Well, until now. Adams Arms has just released a lefty bolt carrier for its piston kits. It’s compatible with any left-ejecting AR-15 upper receiver and any of AA’s existing piston kits. At the moment, though, the […]

New From Samson Mfg: SXS Lightweight Rail

It is just me, or has Samson been a bit quiet the last few years? They used to be the AR-15 handguard manufacturer, but boy oh boy has the market become saturated. Of course, that doesn’t change the fact that the Samson folks still manufacture extremely high-quality AR parts that would be at home on any […]

New From Tyrant Designs CNC: HALO Series AR HandStop

Tyrant Designs CNC has spent the last year or so becoming an established name in the AR accessories market by introducing sharp looking, functional parts. New from Tyrant is the HALO handstop. Press release follows: TYRANT DESIGNS CNC |  HALO HandStop Launch | Press Release Tyrant Designs CNC is at it again, this time coming […]

New from Auto-Ordnance: Deluxe Model Thompson in 9mm

“Roland aimed his Thompson gun,” Warren Zevon sang, “he didn’t say a word.” Geddit? Roland didn’t say a word because he was Roland the Headless Thompson gunner (video below). Anyway, I’m in no danger of losing my head over Kahr/Auto-Ordnance’s 20-round, 9mm repro Tommy Gun. For one thing, it’s a semi-automatic. For another, it’s expensive: […]

New From Ed Brown: LS10 Long Slide 10mm 1911

Available with either a Trijicon RMR or an adjustable rear sight, the limited edition Ed Brown LS10 is available now. The LS10 sports a 6-inch barrel and is chambered for the powerful 10mm Auto. Ed Brown’s press release and more photos follow: Introducing the LS10, a long slide 1911 in 10mm. Ideal for long range target work […]

New From Tipton: Electric Gun Cleaning Brush

Four out of five shooters prefer the minty fresh taste of Tipton. Wait, no, that’s not it. The Power Clean Electric Gun-Cleaning Brush Kit is for your guns, not gums. To pick up more good vibrations, Tipton’s press release on the new hotness follows: Tipton® Gun Cleaning Supplies Releases New Power Clean™ Electric Gun-Cleaning Brush Kit Tipton® Power Clean™ Electric […]

The Bergara Experience: Coming to a Town Near You

If you’re buying a car, you test drive it first. If you’re interested in an expensive bottle of booze or a box of nice cigars, you’d likely consider a taste at a bar or purchasing a single stogie first. Unfortunately, try before you buy is difficult or impossible to do with firearms, unless you know […]

New From Allegiance Ammo: Barrels For Subsonic .223

Allegiance Ammo makes unique .223 and 9mm projectiles, including 110 grain subsonic .223 that’s said to cycle standard AR-15/M-16 actions without modification. Apparently not content with “good enough,” they’re now working on barrels designed specifically for subsonic .223. Allegiance’s press release follows: Allegiance SilentStrike The Ultimate Authority on Subsonic Ammunition Looking for the Ultimate […]

New From Elftmann Tactical: ELF-SE Trigger

Jeremy absolutely loves ELF triggers — check out his world famous AR drop-in trigger roundup to see why — but at $259 and up the cost of entry is high. Looking to expand their reach, Elftmann has just released its new ELF-SE trigger at a much lower MSRP of $169. By simplifying the aesthetics of the trigger […]

New From Grayboe: Terrain R700 Stocks

Grayboe’s mission is to make high-quality, composite rifle stocks at affordable prices. The release of their lightweight Terrain model brings a classic hunting and general use style into the modern era with high pressure fiberglass construction and flush cups for a sling. Read on for Grayboe’s press release and more photos: GRAYBOE LAUNCHES THE TERRAIN […]

300 Below Tactical Triad Cleaning Kit: 30 Percent Off!

We recently received an e-mail from the owner of 300 Below, citing TTAG’s approval of their Tactical Triad Cleaning Kits. Thanks to an overstocking error at Amazon, the company’s trying to move some inventory post haste. To prove the old adage that everything sells at a price, 300 Below is offering the kits at 30 percent […]