Tennessee Law Exempting County Commissioners From Public Building Gun Ban Takes Effect July 1

A few animals who exercise their Second Amendment rights are about to be more equal than others in Tennessee. A new state law that creates a special exemption for county commissioners so that they may legally exercise their Second Amendment rights in public buildings containing courthouses is about to go into effect. From wbir.com: Anderson […]

Evanston Gun Turn-In Nets 32 Firearms

The Evanston, Illinois Police Department held a gun turn-in on Saturday, offering $100 for any gun dropped off, no questions asked. People turning in guns had to identify themselves as being from a limited geographical area. They had to be residents of Skokie, Evanston, or the North side of Chicago. [ED: We have no idea why […]

Go Ahead, Call Me A Gun Grabber

“I can tell you that if ever I’m accused of being a gun grabber by Chip Roy I’ll make it very clear that indeed I did grab my weapon in Iraq every time I left the safety of our installation. I did grab my weapon every single time I left my combat vehicle. So if […]