Forbes: Hillary Clinton’s Gun Control Jihad Will Hurt Her in the General Election

With last night’s electoral victories, Hillary Clinton remains the Democratic Party’s presumptive presidential nominee. Barring cataclysmic legal troubles relating to her illegal emails or damning information about illegal activities recovered from deleted files — and maybe even then — Ms. Clinton will be asking the nation to elect her President. She will have to do so as a gun control crusader. Drawing on recent history, Forbes contributor Frank Miniter reckons her public embrace of civilian disarmament will hurt her chances . . .

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National Shooting Sports Foundation: 72 Percent of Americans Support the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act


National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) Press Release [via]

Seven of 10 American voters do not support allowing crime victims to sue firearm manufacturers and retailers when firearms they made or sold lawfully after background checks are used illegally in crime. Instead, voters from across political parties and geographic regions back the defense that the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) provides the firearms industry. More than 70 percent of voters disagree with a position one presidential candidate has made a centerpiece of her campaign. Like that candidate, others running for federal office have chosen to run against and misrepresent this decade-old law that prevents crime victims from suing firearm manufacturers and retailers who have not broken any laws . . .

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Chelsea Clinton: My Mom Wants A Pro-Gun Control Supreme Court Justice

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s daughter Chelsea isn’t a practiced politician. So this clip (not magazine) ends with some major league Sandy Hook-related anti-gun bloody shirt waving, rather than starting with it. But the younger Ms. Clinton certainly nails it in terms of revealing her Mom’s desire to appoint an anti-gun rights Supreme Court Justice. “It matters to me that my Mom recognizes the role of the Supreme Court when it comes to gun control,” Chelsea reveals, adding  . . .

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Hillary Clinton Says “Amen” To Banning Guns in Cars

Karh in car (courtesy (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

“We need you to be able to use your executive powers to legislate that you can’t carry guns in cars, you can’t bring cars [guns?] in buildings that are not assured to carry them.” According to that’s what an audience member at a campaign forum in Hartford, Conn. told Clinton. “We need executive powers to say we will fight for life and not kowtow to the sons and daughters of Charlton Heston,” he added (referring to actor and NRA Prez National Rifle Association. “Whoa, let the congregation say, ‘Amen,’” Clinton responded.


English Gun Law: a Colonial Import

Destruction of the Magazine at Delhi During the Indian Mutiny 1857-58

Gun control — restrictions on gun ownership — was not a common or popular phenomena in Europe until after the First World War. One of the most influential gun control laws was instituted in England and Wales in 1920. It has been the basis for a great deal of restrictions on the private ownership of firearms around the world, both in the Commonwealth countries and in Europe. These restrictions were not designed to protect the public from criminals. Rather, they were designed to protect the ruling class from revolution . . .
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Hillary Clinton: George Zimmerman Shouldn’t Have Had a Gun

Zimmerman verdicty (courtesy

David Codrea writes [via]

“The man who killed Trayvon Martin should have never had a gun in the first place,” Hillary Clinton declared to the crowd at Al Sharpton’s National Action Network. The statement was pure, opportunistic political pandering. Clinton didn’t say why George Zimmerman — completely exonerated of homicide charges by a court of law — should have been prohibited by the government from owning a gun. That’s important to know, because, if elected, Clinton will be in a position to call for and sign “gun laws.” In a way, we ought to be grateful that, occasionally, totalitarians give us glimpses of their end game. Which doesn’t stop Hillary from doing what she does best, that is, lying . . .

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Arizona Gov. Ducey Signs Prohibition on Fees, Taxes or Encumbrances on Private Firearms Sales

Governor AZ Doug Ducey

Last month, Governor Doug Ducey of Arizona [above] signed HB 224, protecting residents’ right to transfer firearms in private transactions without fee, tax or encumbrance. The law went into effect on 31 March. From the Governor’s Office: “This bill protects the Second Amendment freedoms of Arizonans,” the Governor’s Office proclaimed, “by allowing for the exchange of firearms without assessments or penalties imposed by state and local government.” The law is succinct and easily understood, a nice contrast with much legislation passed in recent times. From . . .

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University of South Alabama Campus Cops Write-Up Student for Open Holster Protest (“Engaging in Activities that Threaten the Safety of the Campus Community”)

Universities are developing a reputation for being mini fascist states, only allowing speech that the university administration agrees with, or is considered “politically correct.” The University of South Alabama has lived up to the reputation by citing a student who was peacefully wearing an empty holster in a protest over the universitity’s no weapons policy. The campus policy does not prohibit holsters. The campus police say they cited the student because “someone called it in.” They issued a citation for “engaging in activities that threaten the safety of the campus community” and for a general prohibition on engaging in conduct that violates university rules. In practise, this is a gag on any protest that the administration disagrees with. From . . .

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Hillary Clinton Endorses a 25% Tax on Firearms

I grew up in different times; a time when politicians could escape their past. Pre-YouTube, a pol could flip-flop on issues without irrefutable video evidence of previous positions. “That’s not what I said, exactly,” they used to opine. These days, moderators of televised debates and town halls play videos of candidates’ statements and dare them to refute them. Followed by the usual weasel words. But what lingers: the original statement. Which is just as well. In this case, (Senator?) Hillary Clinton approves of a 25 percent tax on firearms. There are other clips where she “defends” the Second Amendment, “but….” Bottom line: Ms. Clinton has always been in favor of civilian disarmament. And nothing she can say will convince anyone otherwise.


Hillary Clinton: What About the Greed and Recklessness of the Gun Manufacturers in America?

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders (courtesy

Tonight’s Democratic debate was punctuated by a great deal of baying for blood cheering. In the segment on gun control, Hillary Clinton ignored a question about her ridiculous assertion that Vermont fuels New York’s “gun violence” with illegal guns. Once again, Ms. Clinton [falsely] asserted that the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act gives the firearms industry unique protection from legal liability. “We hear a lot from Senator Sanders about the greed and recklessness of Wall Street,” Clinton said, “what about the greed and recklessness of the gun manufacturers in America?” And the crowd goes wild! Sanders responded by highlighting his longstanding support for an “assault weapons” ban and his D- NRA rating. While the comment got a relatively minor cheer, only in the Democratic Party can a failing grade be a major source of pride. Just sayin’. Here’s a transcript of the whole gun control segment . . .

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Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: Who Administers the Litmus Test?

“I think we should be open to a debate and a discussion over limiting guns to mentally ill. …But I gotta tell you that I haven’t seen it. I haven’t seen any argument that at some point isn’t gonna prevent me from getting that gun because I’m going to fail some sort of litmus test to have to do that.” – Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson [at 14:55]



Oklahoma Senate Nears Vote on RKBA Reform Bill


Oklahoma Second Amendment supporters, particularly OK2A, have been pushing for a reform of the state constitution’s weak protection of the right to keep and bear arms. A bill currently under consideration has strong support, but has been bottled up in committees. The reform is needed because current Section II-26 has been ruled by the Oklahoma Supreme Court to offer little serious protection . . .

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