Donald Trump: No Guns for Americans on the Terrorist Watch List

Donald Trump doesn’t read TTAG. If the aspiring Commander-in-Chief read our post Here’s Why People on the “No Fly List” Should Be Able to Buy Guns, for example, he could’ve defended firearms freedom against the latest “common sense” assault on our gun rights. Then again, who am I kidding? Donald Trump is a populist. While he talks a good game on gun rights – now – his command of the facts on this or any other issue is tenuous. Actually, it’s worse than that. Check out this answer to George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s This Week.  . . .

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Obama Pledges to Focus on Gun Control During Final Year in Office


We’ve heard time and again how disappointed President Obama is with the fact that he hasn’t passed any new gun control legislation. The root issue there is that Obama sees any and all new restrictions on firearms ownership as “good” and “progress” no matter if they would have any impact or not — the “we have to do something” approach. A logical human would understand that the reason he has failed to pass his proposed gun control legislation isn’t that Americans don’t care, but instead because Americans are smart enough to figure out when a proposal will do irreparable harm to a Constitutionally protected right without reducing the “gun violence” being used to push that agenda. Having failed miserably in the seven years he’s had in office, Obama announced in an interview that he’s planning on using his last year in office to ram something — anything — through.

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Hillary Clinton Was For State’s Rights on Gun Control Before She Was Against Them [VIDEO]

Finishing our Bernie vs. Hillary posts on firearms freedom (or the need for a lack thereof), I present this little ditty. Setting aside Clinton’s use of the race card to demonize Sanders, it demonstrates that presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has “evolved” on gun control. Several times. In this clip (not magazine) Senator Sanders’ peeps prove that Ms. Clinton had the same position on gun control that Senator Sanders now holds. What this clip doesn’t mention: Ms. Clinton has been – and continues to be – for a federal assault weapons ban. Which Sanders supports as well. In short, they’re both much of a muchness on gun rights. Who knew?


Gun Control Advocates’ Reaction to VA Election Defeat Reveals Ongoing Reality Divorce

Did gun control cost McAuliffe and Democrats the Virginia election?‘s headline asks. Because a one-word article wouldn’t fill up the spaces between ads, writer Robert McCartney paints a picture of a band on the run. “When Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe and his fellow Democrats study what went wrong for them in Tuesday’s crucial legislative elections, one possible mistake stands out: Their aggressive advocacy of gun control in a pivotal Senate race in the Richmond area may have backfired by producing a pro-Republican backlash.” Possible mistake? May have backfired? Just in case that isn’t enough qualifiers to distance McCartney from the reality at hand, the jobbing journo quotes unnamed “analysts.” Like this . . .

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NY Dem Admits $100 Tax Intended to Make Guns Only for the Wealthy


A few days ago we brought you the story of a New York Congresswoman who wants to impose a $100 tax on every firearm sold in the United States. Anyone with a respiration rate could see the true purpose of such a measure — it isn’t about funding programs to “combat gun violence,” it’s about pricing firearms out of the reach of average Americans, making them so expensive that no one can afford to exercise their constitutionally protected right. But if you’re dimmer than a CFL bulb or willfully obtuse about the left’s anti-gun motivations, we no longer have to connect the dots – the Congresswoman herself has admitted that’s the plan . . .

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Does Ted Cruz Know How to Carry a Shotgun?

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 7.43.15 AM

Over at the, blogger Wes Siler proclaims that Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz doesn’t know how to carry a shotgun. Siler quotes “local hunter and lifetime NRA member Scott Nathan” who pronounces that “While his action is visibly open, he is still not in control of muzzle direction. In a break-action gun the muzzle should always point down.” Siler and Nathan attack Cruz’s gun safety with both barrels . . .

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Question of the Day: Open Carry in Schools?

Kenneth Herman (courtesy

Rift Emerges Among Gun Owners Over Concealing Weapons in Schools, the headline at The New York Times [gleefully?] proclaims. The story details Michiganders’ fight over gun rights within the state’s pubic schools. In this corner, we have gun owners like Kenneth Herman [above] who wants to open carry in schools (as is their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right). In that corner, we have gun control advocates who want a total gun ban in schools (because guns). In this corner, we have gun owners who want to be able to carry concealed in schools, who are OK with a ban on open carry in schools. The antis are the antis. But where do you stand on open vs. concealed in schools? Before you answer, check out the horse trading going on in the Mitten State . . .

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Bloomberg’s and McAuliffe’s Anti-Gun Agenda the Big Losers in Last Night’s Virginia Senate Results


“Frustrating Democrats who hoped to prove decisively that running on a gun-reform message could produce winning margins at the ballot box, the Virginia Senate remained in Republican control Tuesday night after an expensive campaign left the party breakdown right where it has been for the past four years.” So lament our Bloomberg-backed buddies at The Trace. Hear that? That’s the sound of millions of gun owners quivering in paroxysms of schadenfreude-fueled joy. If you’ll remember . . .

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The Truth About Why Smart Guns Aren’t On the Market

Smart gun? (courtesy

60 Minutes did a piece Sunday about smart guns, and it was about as fair and balanced as you could expect a mainstream media outlet to be. The general premise seemed to be “Look at all these great things that will definitely save lives! Why wouldn’t the evil Gun Lobby want people to have these?” That may work well for the uninformed, but the real reason why “smart guns” aren’t on the market is because New Jersey Democrats poisoned the well. Legislation on the books in New Jersey is causing a roadblock to any commercial availability of “smart guns,” and their refusal to repeal that law is the real reason why these guns aren’t on the market. In other words: blame the Democrats, not the NRA for this one . . .

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