Deadline for Fast & Furious Docs Passes. Where’s the Info?

Carlos Canino (courtesy

“On Jan. 19, federal Judge Amy Berman—an Obama appointee—ordered the administration to produce the [ATF’s Fast & Furious gun running] documents demanded,” the NRA’s reminds us. “The deadline Berman set for the administration to comply was this past Tuesday, Feb. 2.” And . . . ? Crickets chirping. I wouldn’t hold my breath for news of the big reveal. As we reported, Judge Berman . . .

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Gun Hero of the Day: Virginia Republican Del. Todd Gilbert

Republican Del. Todd Gilbert (courtesy

“Virginia’s Republican-led House of Delegates has approved a bill that would allow people who are protected by a protective order to carry a concealed handgun without a permit,” reports. “The House approved Republican Del. Todd Gilbert‘s bill with a 68-29 vote on Wednesday. It heads to the GOP-controlled Senate. Genius! If Michael Bloomberg’s anti-ballistic BFF, Virginia Governor Terry McCauliffe, vetoes the bill, he will be seen as anti-gun in a War on Women kinda way. If he doesn’t, even better. HB 766 — Concealed handguns; carrying with a valid protective order — stipulates . . .

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U.S. Air Force Tools-Up for Terrorists

Tech. Sgt. Matt Copley of Dover AFB talks with Master Sgt. Patrick Carr Feb. 1. Copley completed the first Unit Marshal Program training course at the base and now is authorized to carry an M9 pistol while on duty. — USAF Photo/Senior Amn William Johnson

“In August 2006 an Islamic extremist group targeted Dover AFB for an attack that was never carried out,” reports. “In May 2014, the base was put on lockdown following reports, later shown to be unfounded, that a suspicious person with a gun had been seen near an airplane hangar.” Yesterday, Colorado’s Dover Air Force Base launched operation “Eagle Shield” to counter/prepare for terrorist attack and/or “workplace violence.” Dover AFB implemented it as follows . . .

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Mother Jones Reveals State Subsidies to Gun Companies


Mother Jones’ article How America’s Gun Manufacturers Are Quietly Getting Richer Off Taxpayers bemoans the state subsidies (grants, tax abatements, job creation incentives, etc.) handed out to gun companies relocating their factories to gun-friendly, right-to-work states. Well they would, wouldn’t they? Although MJ notes that “Southern states have long relied on financial and regulatory incentives to attract manufacturers from more industrialized parts of the country,” to say the anti-gun publication is offended by the gunmakers’ financial sweeteners would be an understatement. Here’s their list of hand-outs . . .

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Bloomberg’s Propagandists’ Wishful Thinking on Clinton’s Iowa Victory

Discounting the possibility of fraud, former First Lady Hillary Clinton eked-out a victory over Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in the Iowa caucuses. This despite her attempt to use Senator Sanders’ vote for The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act to drive a wedge between herself and the Vermont septuagenarian. Because of her attempt to use her position on gun control to drive a wedge between herself and Senator Sanders? I’m so confused! You may say I’m a gun blogger. But I’m not the only one . . .

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CT Senators to Connecticut Food Association: Ban Open Carry!

Caraluzzi's supermarket (courtesy

Wayne Pesce
Connecticut Food Association
433 South Main Street, Suite 309
West Hartford, CT 06100

Dear Mr. Pesce:

We write today to urge you to adopt a policy that would prohibit the open carry of firearms in your member stores. In doing so, you would be sending an important message about your commitment to the safety of your employees and customers. This would follow similar actions by many food retailers, such as Chipotle, Sonic, Chili’s, Target, Panera Bread, Starbucks and Whole Foods . . .

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VA GOP Trades Reciprocity Restoration for Disarming Domestic Abusers, Gun Show Background Checks


By James England via

Governor Terry McAuliffe has struck a deal with Virginia Republicans. In exchange for calling off his dog, Attorney General Attorney General Mark R. Herring, who unilaterally ended a majority of the state’s concealed carry reciprocity agreements, Republicans will allow a bill to pass the House and Senate which will enable the state to seize weapons from anyone under a two-year protective order for domestic-violence offenses. And staties will attend all gun shows to provide background checks on potential buyers at the sellers’ request . . .

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Air Force: Armed Civilians Stop Mass Shootings

Andrew Wurst (courtesy

Fifty years ago, the idea that armed people could not stop a mass killing would have been laughable. Throughout the past, as it is now, armed defense is the best protection against being slaughtered or enslaved en masse. If you were not armed, organized and pro-active, you ended up dead or someone else’s slave. In much of the world, including historical times, you were eaten. The claim that being unarmed makes a person “safe” is recent and wrong. As the United States Air Force has now acknowledged. From . . .

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Michigan Businesses: Firearms Welcome!

We hear a lot of stories in the legacy media about large corporations either formally banning firearms from their properties (or for moral cowards like the leadership of Starbucks or Target, “asking” that law-abiding citizens not carry firearms at their establishments, even those that have a history of being patronized by violent customers.) Some of the folks in the central Michigan city of Saginaw, however, appear to have a different approach . . .

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