Does the Second Amendment Protect the Rest?

 British Prime Minister David Cameron. (courtesy

It is oft said in gun rights circles that the Second Amendment protects the first, as well as the other enumerated (and un-enumerated) rights in the Bill of Rights. Strictly from a Constitutional Law perspective, I’ve always thought this to be a little facile. The Fourteenth Amendment has actually played a huge role in protecting and advancing all of our civil liberties; and without a strong right to free speech, the Second Amendment wouldn’t be in anywhere near as good shape as it is. The amount of times that the right to keep and bear arms has actually counted in terms of making a true difference in American politics is . . .
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Will Minnesota’s Governor Shut Down the Government Over Silencers?


Dustin Doyle writes:

Lots of exciting things are happening in Minnesota politics. and have most of the details. We passed five firearms bills out of the House and Senate, including a controversial suppressor bill. They are now part of an omnibus bill and can’t be line-item vetoed. Our governor is threatening a veto of the whole omnibus which would force a special session of the legislature which just adjourned at midnight a hour ago for the year. This would entail . . .

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Hillary! Doesn’t Want to Take Your Guns … Except the Ones She Wants to Take


As I never grow tired of saying, if the anti-second amendment crowd didn’t have bad arguments, they’d have no arguments at all. A blog called Addicting Info published an article written by someone named Sarah containing the following excerpt, which showed up in my news feed this morning. I hesitate to call this a leftist blog, since it appears to be little more than a partisan screed for the Democratic Party, and I’ve known some leftists who have at least made an attempt to feign intellectual integrity; partisan operatives less so . . .

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Override of Firearms Bill Veto Considered in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin. Photo credit:

The Oklahoman reports that the Oklahoma legislature is considering an override attempt of a vetoed bill that would have limited the ability of certain businesses to bar persons from legally carrying firearms while on their premises. Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin, a Republican, vetoed Senate Bill 41 last week. The bill would have restricted the ability of businesses from banning guns at publicly-owned parks, fairgrounds, and recreational areas . . .

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Texas Open Carry Update: Progress?


Reader DH writes:

Phillips’ HB 910 is scheduled for hearing in Senate State Affairs Committee on Monday. After a repeat of everything that’s been said previously by the antis in past hearings, it could go to floor as early as next week. If it passes floor vote clean, it would be good to go for Governor Abbott to sign.  If they amend it . . .
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Giffords and Kelly Want More Gun Control in Oregon

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 8.22.25 PM

Gabby Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly aren’t happy enough with the newly-enacted universal baakground checks in Oregon. They want to see Democrats pass even more legislation while they can. Giffords was in Salem, promoting the passage of SB525 which is designed to ensure those who have a restraining order against them don’t get access to firearm. Or ammo . . .

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Henry Arms Hands WI Gov Scott Walker a Big Boy Steel


With both announced and prospective presidential candidates prowling the landscape, ’tis the season for demonstrations of support for issues held dear by each party’s voting bases. Which is why Henry Repeating Arms GM Andy Wickstrom recently handed a new rifle to Badger State gov Scott Walker at the 50th Annual Governor’s Fishing Opener earlier this week in Hayward. The new-for-2015 Henry Big Boy Steel model in .44 Mag was manufactured at Henry’s Wisconsin plant in Rice Lake and features a serial number WGF50 to honor the event . . .

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VT Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders: Pro-Gun Democrat?

File this one under “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”’s headline proclaims Bernie Sanders, Gun Nut. The anti-gun agit-prop propagators have it in for the “far-left” (socialist) Democrat Senator from Vermont, a man who dares challenge Hillary Clinton for her party’s endorsement for President. The list of pro-gun “charges” against Sanders is guaranteed to warm gun rights advocates’ hearts – until they see his entire record on the issue. But first . . .

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Bloomberg Money Opposing Maine Constitutional Carry Bill


Maine may be the most likely state to pass constitutional carry next.  The state is one of those which has has preserved open carry without government permission, though that can be said of over 60% of the states. In addition, The Pine Tree State has a quirky ‘shall issue’ permitting system that gives a little arbitrary power, in the form of a “good moral character” requirement, to local police or elected officials, if there is no police chief.  The system was created in 1985, one of the earliest “shall issue” laws . . .

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Republican Tax Fight Threatens Nevada’s “Year of the Gun”


Reader RH writes:

With Republicans sweeping both houses of the Nevada legislature and retaining the Governor and Lt. Governor seats in November’s election, the Las Vegas Review Journal opined “2015 could be year of the gun at Nevada Legislature.” And indeed it started out that way. A dozen or so pro-gun bills flooded the floor early on in the 2015 session including hot topic legislation such as constitutional carry, campus carry, and even a “pop tart” bill that would prohibit schools disciplining students for eating pastries into the shape of a gun. But an unconfirmed rumor is spreading around the Carson City capitol that most, if not all, of these gun bills may be in jeopardy due to a split in the GOP caucuses over tax policy. The “2015 year of the gun” may turn into the “2015 could’ve should’ve would’ve year of the gun.” . . .

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OR State Senator From “Slavery” Video Talks to TTAG


April hasn’t been a kind month to Oregon State Senator Chuck Riley (D-Hillsboro). The freshman Beaver State senator — whose campaign last year received $75,000 from Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety civilian disarmament organization — gained internet notoriety when video surfaced of him calling the Supreme Court’s pre-Civil War decisions upholding the constitutionality of slavery as “right for the time” while talking with constituents . . .

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