Republican Tax Fight Threatens Nevada’s “Year of the Gun”


Reader RH writes:

With Republicans sweeping both houses of the Nevada legislature and retaining the Governor and Lt. Governor seats in November’s election, the Las Vegas Review Journal opined “2015 could be year of the gun at Nevada Legislature.” And indeed it started out that way. A dozen or so pro-gun bills flooded the floor early on in the 2015 session including hot topic legislation such as constitutional carry, campus carry, and even a “pop tart” bill that would prohibit schools disciplining students for eating pastries into the shape of a gun. But an unconfirmed rumor is spreading around the Carson City capitol that most, if not all, of these gun bills may be in jeopardy due to a split in the GOP caucuses over tax policy. The “2015 year of the gun” may turn into the “2015 could’ve should’ve would’ve year of the gun.” . . .

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OR State Senator From “Slavery” Video Talks to TTAG


April hasn’t been a kind month to Oregon State Senator Chuck Riley (D-Hillsboro). The freshman Beaver State senator — whose campaign last year received $75,000 from Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety civilian disarmament organization — gained internet notoriety when video surfaced of him calling the Supreme Court’s pre-Civil War decisions upholding the constitutionality of slavery as “right for the time” while talking with constituents . . .

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BREAKING: Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Hires Everytown for Gun Safety Campaign Manager

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is no stranger to gun control. When she announced her run for the presidency two weeks ago I posted a little round-up of all the comments she has made on the record about her desire for things like mandatory registration, assault weapons bans, and that gun owners are potential terrorists. It seems that she is taking things a step further now, as her campaign has hired the Minnesota state director of the Michael Bloomberg funded gun control  group “Everytown for Gun Safety” to manage her Minnesota campaign.

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Do Non-Citizens Have the Right to Keep and Bear Arms?


Are non-citizens entitled to the same protection of their constitutionally-protected natural rights that U.S. citizens receive? That is the crux of the issue in the matter of Messmer v. Harrison. On Friday, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina answered in the affirmative with respect to the right to keep and bear arms. The plaintiff, Kirsten Messmer, is a legal permanent resident residing in Wake County, North Carolina, but a citizen of the Federal Republic of Germany . . .

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South Carolina House Passes Imperfect Constitutional Carry Bill

For out-of-staters with licenses to carry firearms, South Carolina has been a bit of an outlier in the old south. While the other states in Dixie tend to recognize out-of-state licenses rather freely (and in many cases, regardless of whether a reciprocity agreement exists) the Palmetto State has kept the number of out-of-state licenses it recognizes to just two-fifths of the other states in the Union. It’s unclear at first glance why this is the case. Residents of Yankee locales that are more freedom-oriented in their carry laws and don’t require training (or, in some cases, even a license to carry) — such as Vermont, Pennsylvania, or Montana — are left out in the cold while visiting, but residents from states with much more onerous training requirements for carry licenses — such as Rhode Island, Illinois, or Washington — are out of luck, too. To make matters worse, South Carolina only offers a permit to non-residents that own property in their state . . .

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TN Governor Signs ‘Guns In Parks’ Bill Despite Heavy Protest From Moms Demand Action


If you needed any further proof that the Moms Demand Action gun control group (employees of Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns gun control group) are losing what little power and influence they once had, this might be the prime example. Against the backdrop of the NRA annual meeting, Moms Demand Action bussed in as many supporters as they could find and held a rally in a Nashville park urging the governor to veto legislation that would allow concealed carry in public parks (which was banned at the time). You had all the right pieces: photogenic children, slick marketing, and “gun violence” victims playing on the emotions of anyone who watched. A year ago, that might have been a slam dunk to get the governor to back down — “think of the children!” But today . . .

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Peter King Hearts Gun Control. Again. Still.

On Friday, Congressman Peter King of New York spoke at The Nation Leadership Summit in New Hampshire. During his speech, he came out in favor of more gun control while being sure to simultaneously bash some of his fellow Republicans. In the video above, the distinguised Rep. King responds to questions about his stance on two gun control bills he’s introduced…and admits to having zero expectation that they’ll go anywhere in this congress . . .

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Texas Gun Sense: Bloomberg? Who’s Bloomberg?


Reader DH writes,

So I was watching the Homeland Security and Public Safety Committee hearing yesterday morning and yet a new tactic on the part of the Manic Moms emerged. The representative from Texas Gunsense, Frances Schenkkan, testifying against Rep Pickett’s HB 2298, started her routine by explaining that they are not associated with Bloomberg or any of his organizations…they are a local organization . . .

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Head of Gun Control Org Kicks Single Mom to the Curb

Bryan Miller in 2008. Photo credit: USA Today.

The Philadelphia Inquirer will never be mistaken for a pro-gun publication, but even their editorial board found the travails of Shaneen Allen — a single mother of two who ran afoul of New Jersey’s Kafkaesque firearms laws — appalling. “Allen’s case illustrates the danger of relying on prosecutors for restraint, a consequence of any mandatory minimum sentence. Tough gun laws can save lives, but rigid penalties for sometimes minor crimes risk needlessly ruining lives, along with the rationale for those laws.” . . .

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Canadian Supreme Court Quashes Mandatory Minimum Sentences for Gun Crimes


This week, in the matter of Regina v. Nur, the Canadian Supreme Court ruled as unconstitutional a statute that required mandatory minimum sentences for firearms possession crimes. The law, Section 95 of the Canadian Criminal Code, was passed in 2008, reports Jurist. According to CBC News, the act was part of a ‘tough on crime’ package backed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative government . . .

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Ted Cruz Encourages Armed Insurrection. Or Not.

Ted Cruz’s frightening gun fanaticism: When a presidential contender encourages armed insurrection. That’s the headline at, as steadfast a proponent of civilian disarmament as you’ll find on the Internets. Sub-head: “Ted Cruz thinks Americans should arm themselves against ‘tyranny,’ and Lindsey Graham thinks that’s crazy.” Call me crazy, but I think it’s crazy that Lindsay Graham thinks it’s crazy. Anyway, here’s the windup:  . . .

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