Winning: Gun Rights Support Soars to Historic Highs in New Pew Poll


For decades we’ve seen a steady movement in public opinion away from the 1980’s era belief that gun control is the solution to all of our nation’s crime problems. In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shooting, that trend momentarily reversed, but the latest Pew Research poll shows that the post-Newtown gun control fervor was nothing more than a blip and support for gun ownership and gun rights has never been higher — especially among a surprising demographic . . .

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Study: Hispanic Voters Don’t Want More Gun Control

Gun Vote (courtesy

The Democrats are betting the house on Hispanic voters. Especially in the wake of President Obama’s unilateral action on immigration reform, it looks like the Dems are looking to do everything in their power to be attractive to the ever-increasing Hispanic population and building their base for the next election on that foundation. But according to a new survey, it looks like they might need to drop one of the defining positions of their party: gun control . . .

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BREAKING: California 10-Day Period for New Firearm Sales is Still Dead


Comely California Attorney General Kamala Harris has just lost another 2A battle in California. The Eastern District Court has ruled that her request of a stay on Silvester v Harris – ditching the 10-day waiting period for handgun purchases for buyers who’ve already passed a background check – shall not be granted. [Click here for the decision.] Unfortunately . . .

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What We Deserve

most-interesting-man-in-the-world-lg copy

Supporters of the Constitution, and particularly those who understand the Founders’ intent in writing the Second Amendment, are engaged in a never-ending war. It is a war against a totalitarian domestic enemy. Some portion of that enemy consider themselves to be enlightened, morally superior, infallible, and benign. Others, should they ever achieve their ultimate goals, will be no different than history’s most vicious, despotic mass murderers. All have one goal: total citizen disarmament. Government–their utopian government–must have an absolute monopoly on the means of using force . . .

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Obama: I’m Still Going to Do Whatever I Want

President Obama speaks at the Easter Prayer Breakfast (courtesy

In a press conference yesterday following the overwhelming landslide election of Republicans to the House, Senate and Governors’ seats across America, President Obama laid out his vision for how he’ll govern over the next two years. Many were expecting him to strike a conciliatory tone, offering to work with a legislative branch dominated by the opposing party. What actually happened, though, was that the president pledged to do whatever he wants and ignore any legislation he doesn’t like . . .

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BREAKING: Bad News for Gun Rights in WA

591 img from

594 img from

Initiative 594 is one of the most draconian “universal background check” laws anywhere, and it just passed in Washington State. For some examples of how ridiculous this law is, please see here. On the flip side, the passing of I-591 would have caused a direct conflict with I-594 and tied things up in court, while attempting to protect the rights of Washingtonians by preventing firearms confiscation without due process and by preventing WA from enacting firearms regulations stricter than Federal regs. Unfortunately, it has been voted down. The 2014 midterms have not been good for gun rights in Washington State.


BREAKING: Republicans Gain Control of U.S. Senate

President Obama calls for more gun control (courtesy

Throughout the last two years, the U.S. Senate has been a petri dish of bad gun control legislation. From Dianne Feinstein’s attempts to ban the vast majority of modern firearms to the Toomey-Manchin universal background check bill to which President Obama pinned his hopes (and whined like a petulant child when it didn’t clear the Democrat-controlled Senate) the possibility of a gun control bill passing out of that chamber has been way too close for comfort. Now, thanks to the efforts of the Republican party, it looks like we won’t have to worry about that for the foreseeable future . . .

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BREAKING: Abbott Wins Texas Governor Race

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott courtesy

Open carry wasn’t an issue in the Governor race this year in Texas for one very important reason: both candidates supported it. Both Republican Greg Abbott and Democrat Wendy Davis had voiced their support for open carry laws in the Lone Star State, but speculation was that Davis was just paying lip service to the remarkably pro-gun voters that make up Texas’ electorate. Despite reports of issues with voting machines in my home county of Bexar, Abbott has secured the Governor’s seat according to CNN. Hopefully this will mean that we will actually see some movement on open carry in the Lone Star State this legislative cycle. And maybe even campus carry.


Russian Action Movie Star Shoots Machine Gun At Ukranians

“A Russian action film star is in hot water after he was caught on film wearing press gear while firing a machine gun toward Ukrainian lines with Moscow-backed rebels at Donetsk airport,” reports. “In the video released by the rebels’ NovorossiaTV on Oct. 30, the barrel-chested Mikhail Porechenkov is heard saying, ‘ceasefire,’ before opens fire with a mounted machine gun at the airport, grinning widely. Afterward, he poses for a photograph with the fighters, wearing a blue helmet and vest marked with ‘PRESS.'” The Spetsnaz star’s “hot water” immersion comes via The Security Service of Ukraine, whose Facebook page reveals that they’ve opened criminal proceedings against Porechenkov for violating article 258-3 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine: participating in terrorist activities. Some Russians are also displeased . . .

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Will You #GUNVOTE? (Plus WA Ballot Initiative 594)


With midterm elections only a couple weeks away… actually, scratch that, more than a million Americans have already cast their midterm ballots. In fact, I received my Washington State absentee ballot in the mail yesterday (Oct 16th). For fellow Washingtonians, I’d like to express my concerns with I-594 as well as mention its most glaring issues in the hope that you will pass along the good word. For the rest of y’all, let’s discuss NSSF‘s #GUNVOTE campaign.

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New Lawsuit Aims to Overturn Post-86 Machine Gun Ban


Back in May, I first wrote about the possibility that a new ruling could open the floodgates for trusts to register new machine guns. On September 11th, that possibility became fact when the ATF approved — and then immediately rescinded — a Form 1 for a brand new machine gun for civilian ownership. Now it looks like a couple attorneys are filing suit against the ATF, trying to use this ruling as leverage to overturn some or all of the provisions of the National Firearms Act . . .

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BREAKING: Court Strikes Down Chicago’s De Facto Ban on Firing Ranges


It used to be the case that Chicago banned all firing ranges within city limits. The city’s powers that be detest everything related to firearms, and saw every encumbrance they could place in the path of someone wanting to exercise their Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms as a good thing. A court took issue with that, though, and ruled that the second amendment protected gun ranges as well as gun owners. Chicago quickly came up with a new law that allowed gun ranges — but banned them from 90% of the city for “public safety” reasons. Yesterday, another court ruling further smacked down Chicago’s attempt to infringe on the rights of its citizens by striking that down as well . . .

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