Brooklyn Cops Planting Guns. Allegedly.

Broklyn Police badge (

“A Brooklyn man who claimed the police manufactured gun-possession charges against him had his case dismissed on Thursday, amid two investigations into the practices of a group of police officers in the 67th Precinct in East Flatbush,” reports. “The officers claimed that they got a tip from a confidential informer that Mr. Herring had a gun. Prosecutors had been instructed to bring the informer to court on Thursday; the defense had challenged whether that informer even existed. At the hearing, prosecutors offered no evidence or mention of that informer.” A red herring for Herring? Only it’s not so funny, especially when we learn that . . .

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Have a Plan to Kill Everyone You Meet…And One to Let Them Walk Away



Albuquerque police officers Keith Sandy and Dominique Perez were charged on Monday with murder for the March 16, 2014, shooting of James Boyd, a 36-year-old homeless man who (allegedly) was illegally camping in the Albuquerque foothills. Officers Sandy and Perez shot Boyd after a standoff that lasted four hours. Boyd allegedly had refused to leave his ersatz campsite after officers approached him guns drawn. The entire confrontation was captured on a helmet camera . . .

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Self-Defense Tip: Do Not Consent To A Police Search of Your Car

It has become a hallmark of advice from lawyers: do not give consent to police to search your vehicle or your home. If they had probable cause to search, they don’t need to ask. Politely refuse to give consent. Believing that you “have nothing to hide” is escapist fantasy in today’s world of overlapping amd  vague laws. Are you certain that the pretty bird feather that your daughter picked up on your walk and left under the back seat . . .

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Detroit Police Bypassing Parents for Gun Safety Instrux

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Judging from this report you’d be forgiven for thinking there’s an epidemic of pint-sized Michiganders getting ahold of their elders’ unsecured guns and shooting themselves or their playmates. The words “all too often” and “most times” and “often” and “most recent” and “all over Metro Detroit” and “keeps happening” are bandied about without any statistical citation. I know, I know: every life is precious. And I have nothing but respect for any program teaching gun safety. But Detroit leads the nation in big city homicides: 333 or 48 homicides per 100k in 2013. Surely gangs are where the bankrupt city‘s “gun violence” cop cash should go. Just sayin’ . . .


Shazam! Texas Sheriff Finds Missing M4

County Judge John F. Gonzales Jr. (courtesy

“Willacy County Sheriff Larry Spence said his deputies found a constable’s assault rifle that reportedly had been missing for at least a year,” Texas’ reports. Wait. “Reportedly missing”? Don’t they mean had been missing? No! See the thing is, “It was in his department’s weapons room.” You mean, the “assault rifle” had been in police custody all the time? Well not exactly . . .

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Eyewitness: Unarmed French Police Arrived at Terrorist Attack, Left

TTAG reader RA writes: “It’s unfortunate, but it is hard to stop a shooter when you have no weapon. From paragraph 9 of the CBS article: ‘Benoit Bringer, a journalist with Agence Premiere Ligne who saw the attack, told the iTele network he saw several masked men armed with machine guns. He said two officers arrived on bicycles, then — apparently unarmed — they left.'” It’s also worth noting that France has extremely stringent gun control laws.


LA County Sheriff Loses Beanbag Shotgun


By Johannes P.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputies have lost a beanbag shotgun that went missing from the trunk of a Sheriff’s Department vehicle after a 33-mile, hour-long drive from Agoura Hills to Hollywood on Saturday. “The shotgun is loaded with four bean bag shells but can operate as a regular gun if loaded with live shotgun shells,” according to the press release. After the experience in Portland, you’d think departments would avoid issuing officers shotguns that can fire both live and “less lethal” rounds. Anyway, the (unidentified) deputies were reportedly flagged down by a passerby near the Sunset Boulevard off-ramp who informed them that their trunk was open two or three inches . . .

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Police Attitudes on Armed Self-Defense are Changing

It was not very many years ago that the common refrain echoed by the media after any self defense shooting was that the police advise against “taking the law into your own hands” along with the obligatory “leave it to the professionals.” It’s hard to know how much of this reflected actual police attitudes, and how much was what the media wished to portray as police attitudes, but that was conventional wisdom. Over the last two decades, however, that stance has changed. Now, much more often, we hear comments like, “homeowners have a right to defend themselves”; “you will have to protect yourself and your family”; and “get training so that you can do the right thing” . . .

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Note to New York Mayor Bill De Blasio: Fire Some Policemen STAT


Many TTAG readers think I’m anti-cop. Not true. I’m anti bad cop. For the sake of argument, I’d also like to point out that I’m anti-politician. Not bad politician. Politician. I consider all politicians inherently corrupt. But seeing as I can’t think of any better way to organize society than a Constitutional republic, which includes politicians, I tolerate their existence. Nice of me, right? Anyway, the New York Police Department did it again: reports that “New York’s finest” turned their back on Mayor De Blasio, in public, en masse, in protest of his remarks about police prejudice and procedure. Which leads me to conclude . . .

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Are MD Cops Targeting Out-of-State Gun Owners for Traffic Stop Searches?

John Fillipidis (courtesy

“A year ago this New Year’s Eve, John Filippidis of Florida was driving south with his family on Interstate 95 when the Maryland Transportation Authority (MTA) Police pulled over his black Ford Expedition and proceeded to raid it while his twins, wife and daughter looked on — separated in the back seats of different police cruisers,” reminisces. “The officers were searching for Mr. Filippidis‘ Florida-licensed, palm-size Kel-Tec .38 semi-automatic handgun, which he left at home locked in his safe. (Maryland does not recognize handgun permits issued by other states.)” An event which raised all sorts of questions, the most obvious of which is . . .

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NYPD On ‘Virtual Work Stoppage,’ Citizens Still Disarmed


By Johannes P.

Offices of the New York Police Department are reportedly on a “virtual work stoppage” because they “feel betrayed by [Mayor Bill DeBlasio] and fear for their own safety,” reports the New York Post.  As a result, “traffic tickets and summonses for minor offenses have dropped off by a staggering 94 percent. Police are now “turning a blind eye to some minor crimes and making arrests only ‘when they have to’ since the execution-style shootings of Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu.” It isn’t immediately clear . . .

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What’s Wrong With This Picture: Sydney SWAT Edition

I’m not a SWAT team member nor do I play one on the Internet. But that did not look like a smooth, well-coordinated operation to me. Especially the part where one of the cops who doesn’t make entry tosses a flash bang  (noisemaker?) into the room where his mates are busy trying to take out the bad guy without harming the hostages. Again, I’m not saying I could do better. I’m saying it looks like they could have done better.