Video of LA Police Shooting Goes Viral (NSFW)

“‘At some point in there, a struggle over one of the officer’s weapons occurred,’ Smith said. ‘At that point an officer-involved shooting happened.'” That’s the report at quoting Cmdr. Andrew Smith of LAPD’s Central Division and Safer Cities Initiative. As you’d expect, exactly what happened is still very much in question. Some witnesses on the scene . . .

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Is Smart911, “911 On Steroids”, a Threat to Gun Owners?

Reader Michael L. writes:

I received a notification that my county police department has instituted a system called Smart911. From my research it is a private company that sells their service to government entities. It is a repository of citizen information available to first responders supposedly. It gets tied into the 911 police system. It talks about uploading photos of all family members, medical records, etc. In about a minute of research I see that noting whether firearms are “stored in the home” is one of their target areas. This is a huge intrusion into gun owners privacy and rights . . .

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Video Shows Pasco, WA Police Officers Shoot, Kill Fleeing Suspect

“Washington state police are investigating a video uploaded to YouTube that captures the death of a man shot repeatedly by police. The video, taken by a bystander, surfaced Wednesday, a day after the Tuesday shooting death of Antonio Zambrano-Montes, 35.” That’s from What started the confrontation isn’t clear, but Zambrano-Montes had apparently thrown rocks at the officers from the Pasco, Washington Police Department, striking two of them . . .

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A Veteran’s Response to John Farnam’s Post Encouraging Police to Shoot More People


TTAG previously reposted Mr. John S. Farnam’s article, posted on the Defense Training Institute’s web site, titled “Police Use of Force.”  In that article, Mr. Farnam writes “The problem is not that we’re shooting too many people. The problem is that we’re not shooting nearly enough!” There were some great, well though out comments to that post here. I wanted to reply myself, but I thought I would read some other material written by Mr. Farnam, and think about it a bit before replying.  After that research and reflection . . .

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Force-on-Force Sims: The New Front in the Battle for Gun Rights


“Police use of force is a topic KHOU 11 News has been exploring this week,” the Houston news org reminds readers, “starting with our story on Wednesday with activist Quanell X running through ‘shoot don’t shoot’ training.” In that report, Mr. X had a DIDT (Damn! I did that?) moment, emerging with newfound respect for armed self-defense. HPD PR department clocked that one and took the lesson on the road . . .

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Quote of the Day: When Virtual Becomes Real Edition

“I had police point a gun at my little brothers because of you. They could have been shot because you chose to SWAT my stream. They could have died. I don’t give a sh!t about what you have against me or what I did to you. For that, I am at a loss for words. Your gripe is with me, so let it be with me. So let it be with me. Do not involve my family in any way shape or form with this. They don’t deserve that. He’s ten. He’s 10 years old, and he had 10 police officers pointing a gun at him because he was at the door.” – Gamer Joshua Peters


John Farnam: “The problem is not that we’re shooting too many people. The problem is that we’re not shooting nearly enough!”

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 7.46.26 AM

by John Farnam

Ft Collins, CO –( “Delay in the use of force, and hesitation to accept responsibility for its employment when the situation clearly demands it, will always be interpreted as weakness. Such indecision will encourage further disorder, and will eventually necessitate measures more severe than those which would have sufficed in the first instance.” ~ United States Marine Corps Small Wars Manual, (1940) From a good friend and Chief of Police of a medium-sized department . . .

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Who Is Coming To Save The Day?


With the terror attack on Charlie Hebdo and a Jewish deli in Paris, the inheritors of the benefits of the enlightenment in one of the seats of western civilization have been, reluctantly, forced to reconsider our glaring vulnerability to asymmetric tactics. All open societies are particularly vulnerable, but in the age of Obama, where illegal entry into the nation is not only ignored, but encouraged, and where the National Command Authority not only refuses to name our intractable enemy, but embraces the foremost state sponsor of Islamist terrorism, it’s only a matter of time before the most horrific forms of terror are visited on us, and in large numbers . . .

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‘Snowball Fight’ Incident May Not Have Been What it Looked Like


Earlier this morning, our quote of the day highlighted an incident in the New York City suburb of New Rochelle in which a police officer supposedly pulled his gun on a group of yoots engaged in a harmless snowball fight. Now, the New Rochelle police are pushing back, saying that’s a mischaracterization of what happened. “‘There was no snowball fight,” New Rochelle Deputy Police Commissioner Anthony Murphy told the Daily News, calling the video a piece of “clever mischief.’ He said police were responding to a 911 call around 4 p.m. Friday that a teenager standing in a group of six near the Heritage Houses had pulled a gun from his waistband and pointed it at another person . . .

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Did NJ’s Anti-Gun Climate Lead to This Roadside Shooting?

Reader Roscoe writes:

I am hardly anti-cop. Having been one, I still carry the experiences and influences that come with the job. But some of the actions I see unfold in certain parts of the country of late are difficult for me to comprehend. In some cases the police citizen interplay appears to be more than simply a reaction to the circumstances of the contact, but an over-reaction based on what has become a highly charged, anti-gun influenced, fear response to what was once everyday contact interactions. The results are over-reactive judgment calls . . .

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Brooklyn Cops Planting Guns. Allegedly.

Broklyn Police badge (

“A Brooklyn man who claimed the police manufactured gun-possession charges against him had his case dismissed on Thursday, amid two investigations into the practices of a group of police officers in the 67th Precinct in East Flatbush,” reports. “The officers claimed that they got a tip from a confidential informer that Mr. Herring had a gun. Prosecutors had been instructed to bring the informer to court on Thursday; the defense had challenged whether that informer even existed. At the hearing, prosecutors offered no evidence or mention of that informer.” A red herring for Herring? Only it’s not so funny, especially when we learn that . . .

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