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Phoenix Cop Shoots Perp Who Tased Him

Police TASER (courtesy

I’ve learned my lesson. I will not pronounce “good shoot” or “bad shoot” when reporting Officer Involved Shootings (OIS). For one thing, many members of TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia are a lot more knowledgable of and experienced with these types of incidents than your humble scribe. Second, I’m from Rhode Island. When it comes to tales of criminality, I know that the first story is never the real story. This one from sounds decidedly dodgy . . .

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LA County Sheriffs Shoot and Kill Hostage

Aspiring TV producer John Winkler (courtesy Facebook)

“John Winkler, 30, was one of three men being held and attacked by a 27-year-old man with a knife at an apartment on Monday night,” reports. “He and another man ran out of the apartment to get away, but sheriff’s deputies called to the scene thought he was the assailant and shot him, the Sheriff’s department said. Here’s how it went down, according to the County Sheriffs’ statement . . .

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ACLU Defends Missouri Gun Rights Guy

“On May 1, 2013, Jerry Bledsoe, a police officer, confronted [Jordan] Klaffer while responding to a noise complaint,” reports. “Klaffer videotaped the interaction, where Bledsoe issued an ultimatum to Klaffer to surrender his guns or be arrested. Klaffer refused to give up his guns and was arrested for disturbing the peace.” That was just the beginning . . .

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Could There be Another Waco? A (Local) Law Enforcement Perspective

Waco Texas raid (courtesy
By Sgt. Patrick Hayes

Could there be another Waco? Or a Ruby Ridge? Of course. There is always a chance and today there seems to be an even bigger chance.  First, let’s make a distinction. The BATFE, FBI, DHS and others are NOT POLICE officers. They are FEDERAL agents. They work for Federal agencies with political agendas ran by political appointees. This worked for gun owners when President G.W. Bush ripped the BATFE apart shortly after being elected. It worked against us with Clinton and more so now with Obama . . .

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Incendiary Image of the Day: SIG SAUER Hearts No-Knock Raids Edition

SIG SAUER pistol caliber carbine ad

A TTAG reader sent the following email to the NRA and SIG SAUER:

I like SIG. So much so that I bought my own when my my agency switched to one from the Beretta 92. But I do not like the new full-page ad I just saw in my April edition of NRA’s American rifleman. Below a photo of a police team executing a forced entry is the copy, “BUILT FOR THOSE WHO REQUIRE NO INTRODUCTION.” There are many appropriate things to celebrate about our police forces when trying to sell a firearm . . .

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Could Connecticut Gun Laws Spark Another Waco?


By Parson Turnbull

There’s been a lot of discussion among members of the Armed Intelligentsia lately about how Connecticut’s finest might proceed if they decide to confiscate unregistered guns from the state’s 100,000 or more newly-minted felons. The level of concern is evidenced by daily long comment threads, speculative posts by people who are not members of law enforcement, and even a couple of contributed opinions from the LEO community. The rational consensus seems to be that if the gun-grab order were given, cops would pinch a registration scofflaw at the grocery store, at work, on the road…anyplace other than his or her home where a Ruby Ridge-style tragedy might ensue. Here I propose the alternative–that LEOs might not in fact be that rational if and when the time comes . . .

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Quote of the Day: Civilians Need Not Apply


“In the weeks since that blood-soaked first day of March, police nationwide have stepped up gun training. More armed patrols visit train stations and public squares. Experts call for quicker use of guns in emergencies.” – No Guns, Just Knives: Chilling Details of ‘China’s 9/11′ [at]