Video of Iowa Cop Slipping on Ice, Shooting Woman While Trying to Shoot Her Dog

The Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation just released a 12-second copcam video taken when Burlington Police Officer Jesse Hill shot and killed Autumn Steele. According to Officer Hill and eyewitnesses, he was trying to shoot her German Shepherd – which had biten him on the thigh. The dog jumped on his back, forcing him to fall backwards. Even from this short excerpt we can see that Officer Hill was responding to a violent, chaotic domestic disturbance. A court ruling cleared Officer Hill of all charges relating to the homicide. Sad day for all concerned.


The Truth About LA Deputy Shooting of Noel Aguilar?

On May 26, 2014, two Los Angeles County deputies killed 23-year old Noel Aguilar. A video has since surfaced of the incident. TTAG reader RB sent this analysis:

When I first watched this video I thought that the cop shot the kid in retaliation for being shot himself. But after viewing it more closely, this video seems far worse that that. Both cops didn’t murder Aguilar, they EXECUTED HIM to cover up their screwup . . .

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LA Sheriff Department’s Swap to Smith & Wesson M&P Highlights Inadequate Police Training


In 2014, LA County Sheriffs Department (LASD) swapped out their Beretta 92F’s for the Smith & Wesson M&P9; from a handgun with an external safety and an 11.5 pound initial trigger pull, to a handgun without an external safety and a consistent 6.5 pound trigger pull. The County purchased some 6100 M&P’s in all. The Office of Inspector General County of Los Angeles has just released a report on the change entitled Assessing the Rise in Unintended Discharges Following the Sheriff’s Department’s Conversion to a New Handgun.  According to the OIG’s Executive Summary . . .

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Question of the Day: Does the Paris Attack Mean It’s Time to Reconsider Your Carry Gun?

“A few days ago I was listening to Michal Bane discussing the Paris terrorist attacks on his podcast and something he said encouraged me to get to the range and do some shooting,” Ed head writes at “He suggested that each of us should have the skills to shoot our carry pistols at close range, but also be capable of making hits on torso sized targets at upwards to 50 yards. This means, if you aren’t able to do this with your carry pistol, you need to start practicing or reconsider your choice of pistol.” True?


FLA Police Chiefs Support Open Carry While Sheriff Warns Open Carrier About ‘Taking One to the Chest’

Pineals County Sheriff Gaultieri (courtesy

Margie Menzel [via (] writes:

Acknowledging “momentum” behind a proposal that would allow people with concealed-weapons licenses to openly carry guns, the Florida Police Chiefs Association said Thursday its board of directors had voted to back the controversial measure — as long as changes designed to protect law-enforcement officers are included. A spokeswoman confirmed that the police chiefs’ group had contacted the sponsors of the proposal (SB 300/HB 163), Sen. Don Gaetz, R-Niceville, and his son, Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fort Walton Beach, who both say they’re on board with the changes . . .

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San Antonio ‘Suicide by Cop’ Deputies Cleared by Grand Jury

After responding to a domestic violence call, Gilbert Flores told Bexar County (San Antonio) police that he wanted to die. They obliged him (after trying to talk down the knife- and chair-wielding man and, according to the linked report, unsuccessfully trying to knock him down with a Taser). This video was taken by neighbors across the street and was released after a grand jury cleared deputies Greg Vasquez and Robert Sanchez this week . . .

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This is What Happens to a Disarmed Populace: French Police State Edition

French police (courtesy

French police are taking full advantage of the post-Paris terrorist attack “state of emergency.” Thanks to some legal legerdemain, there’s a blanket ban on the right to assemble, warrantless searches and home detention. “Police have carried out 2,575 searches and 354 people have been confined at home, allowed to leave only to report to police headquarters multiple times daily,” reports. Le Government de France is unapologetic . . .

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BREAKING: Waco Police Killed Four Bikers in Twin Peaks Shooting

Twin Peaks restaurant Waco, Texas May 17, 2015 (courtesy

“Four of the nine people killed in a melee between rival biker gangs outside a Texas restaurant were struck by the same caliber of rifle fired by Waco police, according to evidence obtained by The Associated Press that provides the most insight yet into whether authorities were responsible for any of the deaths and injuries.” Ya think? “Hours of audio and footage and hundreds of documents including ballistics reports show that four of the dead and at least one of the wounded were struck with bullets from .223-caliber rifles — the only type of weapon fired by police that day. The ballistics reports show that the rest of the people killed were shot by . . .

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Hoplophobic Left Has Two Standards for Gun Control


In a recent New York Times opinion piece by Nicholas Kristoff titled On Guns, We Are Not Even Trying, the author bemoans how the nation has yet to pass gun control proposals such as “universal background checks” or closing the “gun show loophole.” The author implies that the National Rifle Association and all that are in its thrall are resisting such measures and are therefore supporting villains in these mass murders, past and present. Is he aware that the Left also opposes sensible gun control measures and have successfully sued to have them curtailed? . . .

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Police in Chicago Give Hero his Gun Back

On April 17th, John Hendricks reacted quickly and accurately to stop a mass shooting, likely saving numerous lives. Hendricks was exercising his Constitutional rights in Chicago, a town where they had been suppressed for generations. He was taking a break from accepting Uber fares when he saw a man rack a slide on a pistol across the street . . .

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Cop Carve-Out in New Jersey Domestic Violence Gun Confiscation Bill

Baltimore police officer charged with dometic violence (courtesy

“Encouraged by the state Senate’s recent vote to override Gov. Chris Christie’s veto of a firearms bill, a state Assemblywoman will try to revive another gun-control measure also rejected by the governor but strongly supported by advocates for domestic violence victims,” reports. That would be A4218, which mandates that any New Jerey resident subject to a temporary restraining order surrender all weapons (hammers? kitchen knives? baseball bats?), their firearms owners identification card and related permits. Regardless of what you think of that law, here’s a particularly galling provision . . .

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