CNN Takes Stock of Feds’ Police Militarization

Forty-cal sub-gun (courtesy minutemannewscom)

Remember the White House announcement of a post-Ferguson investigation into police militarization? It was so important TTAG posted it as a breaking story. I guess it done broke. We’re not hearing a peep from the Prez’ peeps on the subject these days. Equally, no one in the halls of power seems to have paid much attention to Sgt. Patrick Hayes’ point that the vast majority of the militarization is happening on the federal, not local, level. Inspired by the recent(ish) revelation of the USDA’s .40-cal sub-gun purchase, all 85 of them, CNN reporter Matt Knight took a look at the feds’ arsenal . . .

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BREAKING: Video of Ohio Walmart Shopper Shooting Released

Video has now been release of the August shooting (at about 8:26:55) of Ohio Walmart shopper John Crawford III. A grand jury found insufficient evidence to indict Beavercreek Officer Sean Williams. But as reports, Crawford’s family claims the shooting constitutes a murder and now “Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine announced Wednesday that he is turning the investigative files over to the U.S. Department of Justice for a civil rights review. The federal government has been monitoring the case and agreed to a review.” It was already known that Crawford had taken a pellet gun from another part of the store and police responded to a report of a man waving a gun around. Does seeing the video change your view of the incident?


Michael Brown Memorial Burns. Ferguson Next?

When Ferguson, MO police officer shot and killed Michael Brown, the town erupted into violence. Law enforcement’s response to protesters and looters triggered a debate about police tactics and militarization. Race hustlers moved in. News commentators commented. And then . . . relative calm. The peace shattered last night, after person or persons unknown torched a makeshift memorial to the dead teen. “At least two protesters were arrested and some businesses were damaged Tuesday night,” reports. Reading between the lines at, it seems the cops have learned from their previous mistakes . . .

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The Curious Case of the Handcuffed Barber


The 11th circuit court has provided an epic slap-down on police…er, exuberance, ostensibly in order to enforce state  regulations via warrantless SWAT raids. From

Although ostensibly justified as a regulatory inspection, the raid on Strictly Skillz, like similar sweeps of other barbershops that same day, was part of an operation hatched by (Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation Amanda) Fields and Cpl. Keith Vidler of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO), who hoped to find drugs, “gather intelligence,” and “interview potential confidential informants.” The barbershops chosen for the sweeps “were apparently selected because they or barbers within them had on previous occasions failed to cooperate with DBPR inspectors,” the court says. “All of the targeted barbershops were businesses that serviced primarily African-American and Hispanic clientele.”

The 11th circuit held that . . .

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When it Comes to Police Militarization, Rely on Government Inefficiency and Incompetence


Reader The Bartelist writes,

We’ve all been reading about the militarization of the country’s law enforcement at the local, state and federal levels.  MRAPS, full-auto long-arms, tactical gear and training…the list seems endless. Many reasonable Americans view these developments with suspicion – even with downright hostility.  And who can blame them?  Power corrupts. But what if this situation was viewed from the other side? What if this situation was a good thing, to be encouraged by freedom-loving Americans everywhere? . . .

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Random Thoughts About Good Cops

I haven’t seen this episode of Have Gun Will Travel since, well, never. It’s a bit of an eye-opener. Larry Tate, I mean, Marshall Tom Kerry is a perfect stereotype of a bad cop: vain, overbearing, self-righteous, drunk with power and privilege, insensible to the individual rights protected by the United State Constitution. Spoiler alert! Tom gets it in the end. Well, the chest. Paladin restores the balance of power with a double dose of lead. Unfortunately, Paladin doesn’t make the dame the new Marshall. Wouldn’t that have been a kick in the pants! Not that women wore pants in them days. Just as today’s SWAT cops wouldn’t be caught dead wearing anything less than . . .

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Drunk Off Duty New York State Cop Shows Gun to Female Friend Outside of a Bar. Guess the Rest

Scene of the crime, Upper West Side, New York City (courtesy

Some pro-gun folk reckon stories of police officers’ negligent discharges, piss-poor shooting and over-zealous lead dispensation help the pro-gun cause. These reports supposedly undermine the antis’ argument that cops are the only ones qualified to keep and bear arms (openly no less). I’m not buying it. Any time any good guy with a gun does something stupid with a gun it gives credence to the theory that GUNS ARE DANGEROUS! Way too dangerous for untrained civilians. It’s not true, of course, but there it is. And here it is [via]. . .

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“A sheriff attributed a suspect’s being shot 68 times to ‘that’s all the bullets we had.'” True Story.

Angilo Freeland (courtesy

Remember the good old days, when cops were always the good guys and bad guys got what they deserved? Before Johnny Law dressed up in military camo, fired-up the MRAP, loaded-up his full-auto rifle and rang the local judge for a no-knock warrant for a local meth head. Back in the day, older folks and mass media regaled young lads with stories of courageous law enforcement officers. Here’s one from dated, surprisingly, 2006 . . .

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Honolulu PD’s “Gun Safety” Protocol Revealed!

SPOILER ALERT! Keep the gun in the holster until you’re ready to shoot and keep your finger off the trigger until you’re really ready to shoot. Wonder how the HPD managed to have three negligent discharges in the past month – one fatal for an officer showing his gun to a friend at a BBQ - given their common sense protocol and rigorous training? Does the HPD’s apparently cavalier attitude toward “gun safety” have anything to do with the islands refusing to “allow” residents to exercise their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms? Probably not.


When Crazy Speaks Violence

The other evening, the idiot box aired a program about Maksim Gelman, also known as Mad Maks or the Butcher of Brighton Beach. Gelman, besides being nuttier than a squirrel turd, gained fame by going on a stabbing spree over two days in February of 2011. The interesting thing about this particular show was that they had interviews with both Maksim as well as his victims. It’s rare that you get to hear from a truly unhinged person, and boy did he love to do some talking . . .

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