More Questions About Waco Biker Brawl

“Despite the characterization by police that the afternoon gathering at a Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas that led to Sunday’s bloody shooting incident was a gathering of criminal biker gangs with violent intent, the meeting appears to have been a legitimate, organized gathering of motorcycle riders meeting to discuss political issues,” reports. ” The group that met was the Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents (CoC&I) and a look at that group’s website and history gives a very different impression of the group’s purpose and goals than what has been said repeatedly by Waco police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton.” In other words, the gathering was not a planned confrontation. This fact adds some weight to rumors surrounding the police’s response to the violence, specifically . . .

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Gun Hero of the Day: Lt. Clay Higgins

Lt. Clay Higgins of St. Landry Parish, Louisiana doesn’t mess around. The no-nonsense persona he exhibits in his PSAs — a blend of Chuck Norris and R. Lee Ermey — has earned him celebrity status for his refreshing BS-free messaging. He leaves little doubt that if you’re a local miscreant, he will find you. And don’t even think about spouting any bleeding heart excuses about your difficult childhood with insufficient parental love. If you did the crime, boy, you’re are gonna do the time. If Lt. Higgins has anything to say about it, anyway. For his clear, concise and laconic public service announcements, Lt. Clay Higgins is our gun hero of the day.



GLOCK 23s Falling Apart! Or Not . . .

Bardstown PD Chief mimes gun defect. Show us the GLOCK! (courtesy

“Dangerous defects were found on the guns that Bardstown Police Officers carry with them on a daily basis,” reports. “Hairline fractures appeared on 12 guns, which were immediately taken out of commission. That’s nearly half of the weapons of the 27-man department and Captain Tom Roby says it’s a serious concern . . .

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Was Waco Biker Brawl A Police Massacre?

Waco shooting (courtesy

“A shoving match in a bathroom at a Confederation of Clubs meeting in Waco, Texas exploded into a war,” observes. “Nine people were killed, 27 people were injured, 17 were hospitalized, two are listed in critical condition, and 170 men were arrested following a brawl at a chain restaurant in a shopping center on the South Jack Kultgen Espressway.” Those are the facts. As our Quote of the Day pointed out, the anti-gunners were all over this one; claiming that gun control could have prevented the violence. As if. More than that, what did cause the death and destruction? Here’s another interesting set of facts . . .

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CT Cops Carve-Out on Gun Violence Restraining Order


TTAG reader Pascal writes:

Click here to read Connecticut’s SB 650. AN ACT CONCERNING TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDERS is the Constitution State version of California’s Gun Violence Restraining Order. Check out Section 3(b) of the CT bill. The bill creates a cop carve-out. Whereas non-LEOs (law enforcement officers) may have to wait up to 14-days to get a hearing with a judge , to begin the process of recovering his or her firearms, if it’s a cop who’s subject to a pre-crime gun-confiscating TRO, well, that’s different. The law now says . . .

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Quote of the Day: Police Officers Are the Only Ones Edition

“How could the Alexander Police Department employ an officer who had not yet gone through any of the state-mandated training? Because according to Arkansas state law, it’s perfectly legal to do so. Specifically, said Brian Marshall, the deputy director of the Office of Law Enforcement Standards, Arkansas law states that a person can work as a police officer for up to nine months—with the possibility of a three-month extension in extraordinary circumstances—before she is required to complete the state’s three-month training course. And as long as the new recruit passes a 50-round firearms qualification test—that means hitting a target 80 percent of the time from 25 yards away—the department can legally arm her with a gun.” – Leon Neyfakh in No Experience, No Problem [via] [h/t SS]


Post-Freddie Gray Indictment Baltimore Cops: Demoralized and Hesitant?

Baltimore crime scene (courtesy

“As the number of shootings and homicides has surged in Baltimore, some police officers say they feel hesitant on the job under intense public scrutiny and in the wake of criminal charges against six officers in the Freddie Gray case,” reports. Now you could ascribe some of that reluctance to recalcitrance; the officers reckon they’ll be second-guessed by their superiors who are being second-guessed by the Department of Justice. And you’d be right. Although plenty of officers reckon their indicted co-workers are being railroaded in the Freddie Gray case, it’s not the homicide per se that’s causing their wariness. It’s the key question of probable cause . . .

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Gun Hero of the Day: OK Cop Defender

OK crime scene (courtesy

Many readers consider me anti-cop. I am. I’m anti-bad cop. Having recently been detained by the Austin PD (after witnessing the immediate aftermath of a firearms-related suicide), having interacted with police on other volatile occasions, I can tell you that many (but not all and certainly not most) fail to treat citizens with the respect they’re due – just for being citizens. Take that as you will. But . . .

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GLOCKs, The Proper Focus: A Response to Bob Owens

glock21 Bob Owens is my friend, a simple sentence I’m proud to be able to write. He gave me my start in blogging at the now defunct Confederate Yankee blog, and when Bob wanted to focus on gun blogging, we went our separate blogging ways most amicably. In fact, Bob is kind enough to regularly post my work at Bearing Arms.  It was therefore with some trepidation that I read Bob’s article in, of all places, The LA Times — talk about missions behind enemy lines — taking GLOCK handguns to task, some of the most popular and well-tested firearms on the planet. Since that article, some have accused Bob of betraying the cause, of giving anti-gunners ammunition, of failing to cry upon the death of Old Yeller, and of bad-mouthing Winnie the Pooh . . .

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My Worst Nightmare

Hollywood, SC crime scene (courtesy

“A sheriff’s deputy responding to a home invasion shot the homeowner in the neck Thursday because he refused to drop his gun,” reports. “Two deputies from the Charleston [SC] County Sheriff’s Office encountered the man at the rear of his mobile home in Hollywood, South Carolina, after two other men fled on bicycles, Sheriff’s Maj. Eric Watson said in a news release. The man was either leaving or standing at the back door of the house and was armed, Watson said. One of the two deputies shot him after he refused to drop his gun, he said.” The solution members of our Armed Intelligentsia are sure to suggest: drop the gun when cops tell you to. It’s not that simple. Here’s an AP update . . .

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NYPD Takes Wobbles Down…After Letting Gang ‘Acquire’ Almost 100 Guns



As we noted with our recent Quote of the Day, firearms prohibition can result in perverse economic incentives. Which is apparently what kept a 500-pound Bronx gang-banger named Wobbles in bidness. “Ten gang members were charged with smuggling assault weapons from Westchester, Connecticut, and Maine and reselling them in the city, said NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton and state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. The biggest bad boy busted was the group’s hefty ringleader William (Wobbles) Soler, a 33-year-old who allegedly sold 93 weapons — including .22-caliber pistols and semi-automatic rifles — to an undercover officer last year.” . . .

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