NYPD 1, Innocent Bystander 0

Crime scene where NYPD accidentally shot bystander Felix Kumi (courtesy nytimes.com)

“The New York Police Department said that in the midst of the sting, a suspect pulled a gun on the undercover officer, stole the cash changing hands in the transaction and ran,” nytimes.com reports. “When the officer opened fire, police officials and witnesses said, he shot the suspect, but he also hit Mr. Kumi, 61, who was walking to retrieve his van from a nearby repair shop.” And killed him. The police “excuse” for the negligent discharge: the dealer in question pointed a gun at an officer as he fled. (You gonna argue wit dat?) New York’s Finest didn’t just fire ONE stray bullet . . .

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Bexar County TX Sheriff Shoots Man with Upraised Arms [VIDEO]

The man who shot the video above, Michael Thomas, sold the exclusive rights to San Antonio’s KSAT12. The local TV station chose not to show the actual moment police gunned down a man with his arms raised in surrender in Bexar County, San Antonio, Texas. Apparently he wasn’t reaching for a weapon at the time of ballistic perforation. “Law enforcement officials say the deputies made multiple attempts to subdue the man using tasers and riot shields but were unsuccessful,” thinkprogress.org reports. “The officials said deputies arrived on the scene to find . . .

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Baltimore Hiring More Ex-Cons to Combat “Gun Violence”

Baltimore Safe Streets drug and gun bust

“Baltimore officials are expected to authorize the expansion of the anti-violence Safe Streets program to a fifth city location — likely the Sandtown-Winchester neighborhood, the site of Freddie Gray’s arrest,” baltimoresun.com reports. “The Board of Estimates, which is controlled by Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, plans to accept a $180,000 one-year grant from the Abell Foundation to employ ex-felons to stem crime in the West Baltimore neighborhood. The grant, along with federal dollars, will fund the program until June 2016, city officials said.” Not to mention $770k in Baltimore taxpayer funds. This despite Baltimore “Violence Interrupters” Caught Dealing Drugs, Possessing Illegal Guns (image above), If I were a cynical man . . .

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Does This Look Like a Rifle To You?

(courtesy WDAY TV)

“Levi Joraanstad and Colin Waldera were setting up the large device to take pictures of the moon behind their apartment’s garage on Dakota Dr. N when they were blinded by a bright light and told to stop moving,” Fargo’s wday.com reports. “Authorities say an officer patrolling the area had spotted the two out of the corner of his eye, and thought Joraanstad’s dark colored sweater with white lettering on the back looked like a tactical vest and that he might be carrying a rifle.” So the officer slowly went to investigate. Oh wait. That’s not how the police roll these days. Before the kids were blinded by the light (revved up like a deuce) the unidentified officer . . .

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BREAKING: North Dakota Legalizes Weaponized Police Drones [VIDEO]

“It is now legal for law enforcement in North Dakota to fly drones armed with everything from Tasers to tear gas thanks to a last-minute push by a pro-police lobbyist,” thedailybeast.com reports. “Bruce Burkett of North Dakota Peace Officer’s Association was allowed by the state house committee to amend HB 1328 and limit the prohibition only to lethal weapons. ‘Less than lethal’ weapons like rubber bullets, pepper spray, tear gas, sound cannons, and Tasers are therefore permitted on police drones.” On the positive side . . .

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Botched Kidnapping Exposes Mexico’s Rough Justice [Photos NSFW]

Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico

Post-Ferguson, America is trying to clean up police brutality and corruption. Emergent cell phone dash-cam and body-cam technology has shone a bright light onto the dirty little secrets behind the thin blue line. That said, police militarization is still a bad bad thing and we still don’t know how many bikers the Waco SWAT team may have executed. Things are a lot worse South of the Border, where a disarmed populace, corrupt law enforcement and narco-terrorists have combined to create a bubbling cauldron of criminality. Here’s some insight into the hell that is modern day Mexican policing from borderlandbeat.com . . . [Warning: graphic images after the jump.]

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Iowa Deputy Violates Permit Holder’s Rights

On August 4th Plymouth County Sheriff’s department Sgt. Rick Singer stopped a man legally openly carrying a holstered pistol while walking. The Iowa officer asked for the citizen’s permit, which he presented. Sargeant Singer continued to demand a “paper permit” which he insisted was the “legal permit.” Singer keeps saying that the permit is simply a “courtesy card.” He was wrong. He illegally confiscated the open carriers’ permit. The Sergeant then claimed . . .

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Content Contest: Anatomy of a SWATting

By Tile Floor

I’ll never forget the night my SWATting cherry was popped. I was sitting in my Dodge Charger police car, lamenting the circumstances in my life that culminated in me being a police officer working midnights in an area of my county that I hate, when I received a call from dispatch. “298 copy a suspicious. Man called the desk, stating he was armed with an AK-47 and pipe bombs saying he was going to shoot his family and any police officers that respond.” Well, ain’t that just peachy, I thought to myself, as I slapped the car in drive and sputtered down the road in my V6 woefully-underpowered 4000 pound vehicle . . .

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Making Sure Dad’s Truck Is There

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 1.56.24 PM

A reader who wishes to remain anonymous writes:

I was watching Fox News the other day and saw a story about a cop in the northeast helping some kids fix a bike. I became a bit irritated, thinking to myself, “This is news?” What the officer did was good, don’t get me wrong. I became irate because growing up, my dad did these things all the time. I never thought twice about it. After seeing that story, I saw videos of funeral procession for the officer in Shreveport who was killed in the line of duty. All I know is he was responding to a domestic violence call, a bad guy with a gun. Then a headline about an officer-involved shooting elsewhere. I read the article, it turned out to be nothing about the shooting, but the alleged epidemic of police shootings . . .

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BREAKING: Unidentified Gunman Opens Fire at Ferguson MO Cops

(courtesy Facebook)

“A day of peaceful vigils to mark the one-year anniversary of Michael Brown’s shooting death turned ugly late Sunday night when at least two shooting incidents sent protesters running for cover and prompted more police reinforcements,” cnn.com reports. “At least one of the incidents was an officer-involved shooting that occurred after police came under heavy gunfire, said St. Louis County Police spokesman Shawn McGuire. No officers were injured, the department said. It said it will release more details later.” Some news outlets are reporting . . .

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Police Militarization Revealed

The issue of police militarization has faded from the headlines since Ferguson, but SWAT teams are still out there, somewhere. Hopefully not outside your door, waiting to throw flash-bangs into your living room. But outside someone’s door, looking to take them down for drug-related offenses before the accused can flush contraband down the toilet. Seriously, that was the rationale for no-knock SWAT raids back in the day – despite the fact that cops can install sewage traps. Still true today. As is SWAT mission creep (terrorism!). These days, they’re still being used for all sorts of things like . . .

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