Insp. Chris Butler: Fixing Fatal “Strong but Wrong” Police Firearms Training

Inspector Chris Butler (courtesy

Republished with permission from email blast:

In a provocative, in-depth interview newly posted online, Insp. Chris Butler (above), one of North America’s leading use-of-force experts, minces no words in assessing present shortcomings of police training. “Currently,” he asserts, “many agencies have training paradigms that are directly leading to deaths of officers in the line of duty. This is hard for trainers to swallow, but not all training is good training. And bad training will get officers killed just as fast as no training at all” . . .

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Force Science Institute Survey: The “Ferguson Effect” on Policing Is Real

Ferguson riot

By David Blake of the Blake Consulting and Training Group in Brentwood, CA. Republished from Force Science Institute:

Nearly half of patrol officers surveyed nationally say they have cut back on traffic and pedestrian stops, confirming that a suspected “Ferguson Effect” is significantly affecting proactive policing. The recent poll was designed and conducted by certified Force Science Analyst David Blake, a retired 16-year police veteran with a master’s degree in psychology who heads an independent law enforcement consulting and training firm. Through an online Survey Monkey questionnaire, he gathered responses from a cross-section of nearly 500 front-line sworn personnel, many of them encouraged to participate by their departments. . . .

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Cop Fires on Cops After Cops Respond to Shots Fired Domestic Abuse Report

Back in 1991, researcher L.B. Johnson studied domestic violence amongst police officers. Johnson found that 40 percent of police officer families experience domestic violence, as compared to 10 percent of the general population. Regardless of the rate, domestic violence by LEOs is often swept under the rug. Even after a conviction, some 50 percent of abusive cops keep their job. The media’s silent complicity is abhorrent. “Drunk officer gets shot in gun battle with fellow officers” the YouTube headline proclaims, downplaying the domestic abuse component. Was the officer in question jailed for domestic violence and assaulting his brother officers? Nope. But he was suspended without pay. For now. And so it goes . . .


Louisiana Open Carrier Shoots And Kills Gas Station Assailant: Defensive Gun Use of the Day

Open Carry Defensive Shooting Mandeville LA 2016

In a decent neighborhood in Mandeville, Louisiana, an unidentified store clerk was attacked by an aggressive customer at a gas station. A firearms instructor on the scene — openly carrying his .40 caliber pistol in a holster — felt compelled to assist the store clerk in de-escalating the situation. But the aggressor would not stop. Instead, he kept on increasing the level of attacks. From . . .

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University of South Alabama Campus Cops Write-Up Student for Open Holster Protest (“Engaging in Activities that Threaten the Safety of the Campus Community”)

Universities are developing a reputation for being mini fascist states, only allowing speech that the university administration agrees with, or is considered “politically correct.” The University of South Alabama has lived up to the reputation by citing a student who was peacefully wearing an empty holster in a protest over the universitity’s no weapons policy. The campus policy does not prohibit holsters. The campus police say they cited the student because “someone called it in.” They issued a citation for “engaging in activities that threaten the safety of the campus community” and for a general prohibition on engaging in conduct that violates university rules. In practise, this is a gag on any protest that the administration disagrees with. From . . .

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Dallas Marine Stops Home Invasion With Gunfire – Defensive Gun Use of the Day

Open Carry Walmart Dallas 10 April 2016

One of the advantages of open carry is that it’s a good excuse for social interaction. I was in a Dallas Walmart taking pictures of .22 ammuntion for sale, while another customer was waiting for the cabinet to be unlocked. I asked him to take my picture when my new photographer casually mentioned that he was there to buy .38 special ammunition because he had repelled a home invasion the previous night . . .

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Police Use of Force (UOF) Policies Under Fire

Police use of force continuum (courtesy

Republished with permission from the Force Science Institute:

In a possible preview of coming attractions for other agencies, the police department in a major US city recently proposed radical changes to its use-of-force policies. That move torched a firestorm of protest from the rank-and-file. At this writing, a vigorous tug-of-war is underway to get the proposed alterations modified before they are finalized. But the changes as originally described offer a clear insight into issues that are likely to be raised elsewhere as the movement to change police practices gathers steam . . .

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NYPD: They Shoot Dogs Don’t They?

I’m amazed (but not amused) at the number of police officers who shoot family pets. While some of these shootings are justifiable, many aren’t, robbing law abiding owners of their canine companions and endangering nearby bipeds. The cops misread dog behavior and terminate them with extreme prejudice. Texas has tackled this issue. Since January 1, police officers licensed by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement must attend a four-hour training course on how to handle canine encounters using “nonlethal resources.” Given that America is home to some 70 million pet dogs, the program should be rolled out nationwide. That is all.


MD Police Officer Killed By Friendly Fire in Suicide-By-Cop Attack

On Sunday, Prince George’s County, Maryland Police Officer Jacai Colson was killed during an apparent suicide attack on a Landover police station by Michael Ford. Ford enlisted his two brothers, Elijah and Malik to film the shooting as he expected to die during the attack. While it was initially thought that Officer Colson was killed by Ford, Prince George’s County Police Chief Hank Stawinski announced today that Colson had in fact been shot by a fellow officer during the exchange of gunfire. Complicating the situation was the fact that Colson was undercover at the time and not in uniform . . .

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Cop’s AR-15 Dust Cover Inscription Used Against Him in Court

Officer Philip Brailsford (courtesy

“The Mesa [Arizona] police officer charged with second-degree murder for an on-duty shooting in January pleaded not guilty during his first court appearance Tuesday,” reports. Officer Philip Brailsford [above] was released without bond. ‘He is not a danger to the community,’ Craig Mehrens, Brailsford’s attorney said. ‘He has honorably served the community as a Mesa police officer and he was honorably serving the day he received the call [to the shooting scene].'” Yes, well . . .

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Massachusetts Court: Cop Liable for ‘Accidental Shooting’

Paul Duncan (courtesy

Republished with permission from Force Science Institute:

The risk of keeping a finger on the trigger when not intending to shoot has long been emphasized in Force Science research reports. The potential human toll–and the liability burden–are vividly illustrated in a recent Appellate Court decision in which justices ruled that officers are not guaranteed qualified immunity from legal action when a shooting is purely unintentional and accidental . . .

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