Police Attorney: Use of Force Reform Will Bring Catastrophe

Republished with permission from forcescience.org

Police officers are granted special considerations under current use-of-force laws–a fact that some reformers want to change. If that happens, “the result will be a catastrophic deterioration of law enforcement services and more violent and other crime,” according to a compelling article on police legal rights appearing recently in a magazine for criminal defense attorneys . . .

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Waco Judge Bans Release of Biker Shooting Video, Gags Case Against Cops

Dallas Attorney Clint Brodden (courtesy wacotrib.com)

We’ve been reporting on the Waco biker shooting since the Twin Peaks incident first hit the ‘net. The first clue that the authorities were covering up the police shootings: the cops arrested 100 people at the scene. Then the judge set bail at an absurd, unconstitutional $1 million each. Then the Justice of the Peace released the autopsy results on the nine people killed in the shoot-out/massacre – without specifying which victims were killed by police (easy enough as the cops were firing 5.56 ammo from rifles). And now that cases are heading to court, there’s more evidence that there’s a massive cover-up of the events of that day. wacotrib,com reports . . .

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Question of the Day: Are The Police Trigger-Happy? 

Omaha cop (courtesy davyv.blogspot.com)

In the wake of the Waco biker shooting, where authorities refuse to release the video footage and the full autopsy reports on the bikers shot to death by police at Twin Peaks restaurant (post to follow), the question arises again: are cops trigger happy? Do they have a tendency to shoot fellow civilians without good cause and/or legal justification? Over at efficient.gov, law enforcement officers and criminal justice academics addressed the question. Their answers (republished with permission) after the jump. What’s your take? Are a small minority/some/many/most cops too quick on the draw, or not?

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What Could Possibly Go Wrong: Cell Phone Gun Case Edition

Cell phone case (courtesy 6abc.com)

Do you live in an open carry state? Then wearing this call phone case shouldn’t be a problem. Using it, however, could put you in harm’s way whether or not your state recognizes your natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. According to 6abc.com, “The Ocean County, New Jersey Prosecutor’s Office is warning the public about sporting a particular cell phone case that’s designed to look like a gun. The prosecutor’s office points out that police officers have a hard enough job ‘without having to make a split second decision in the dark of night when someone may decide to pull their cell phone out without thinking during a traffic stop.'” Or any other time, really. The comments underneath the post are predictably derisory . . .

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Don’t Shoot Coalition: Rules for Police on Upcoming Michael Brown Shooting Protests

(courtesy donshootsti.org)

Monday, June 29, 2015

Don’t Shoot Coalition Calls For Police Restraint In Interactions With Youth
Rules for Engagement With Youth introduced as Michael Brown shooting anniversary approaches

St. Louis, MO  – The Don’t Shoot Coalition, consisting of nearly 50 local organizations formed in response to the police shooting of Michael Brown, have released Rules for Engagement with Youth regarding police engagement with young people engaged in demonstrations, sit-ins and other protest activities . . .

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LA Times: Bob Owens Was Right. Handguns Without External Safeties And “Light Trigger Pulls” Increase the Probability Police Negligent Discharges

(courtesy latimes.com)

You may recall that bearingarms.com blogger Bob Owens recently penned a post for latimes.com. Mr. Owens asserted that cops shouldn’t carry GLOCKs. “The underlying problem with these pistols is a short trigger pull and the lack of an external safety,” he wrote. Needless to say, a significant proportion of TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia begged to differ with Bob’s “blame the gun for negligent discharges” editorial. Hot on the heels of that debacle, and perhaps not coincidentally, the LA Times has published Rise in accidental gunshots by L.A. County deputies follows new firearm . . .
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Quote of the Day: It’s the Carpenter, Not the Tools Edition


“The M&P has obvious benefits. It is easier to shoot accurately, can be fired more reliably under stress and is a better fit for people with small hands. The switch was prompted in part by the threat of a lawsuit by women who had failed the Sheriff’s Academy. More recruits — including more women — are now passing the firearms test, and veteran deputies are also logging better scores at the firing range.” – Cindy Chang in Rise in accidental gunshots by L.A. County deputies follows new firearm [at latimes.com]


Kentucky Cop Shoots Flagpole-Wielding Attacker

“Moving to quell criticism of the fatal shooting of a black man by a Louisville Metro Policeofficer a day earlier, Police Chief Steve Conrad on Sunday released video of the incident and identified the officer involved,” usatoday.com reports. “Conrad said Officer Nathan Blanford acted in self-defense when he shot Deng Manyoun, whom the chief said had a ‘dangerous instrument.'” [Click on the link to see the full, unedited version of the video.] It seems clear enough that Officer Blanford acted in self-defense. Equally clear: race hustlers won’t gain traction on this one, despite their best/worst efforts. But it won’t be for lack of trying, as thedailybeast.com reports . . .

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BREAKING: Dallas Police HQ Attacked by Gunfire, Armored Van, Pipe Bombs

Someone in possession of an armored van opened fire at Dallas Police headquarters, damaging windows and hitting squad cars after midnight last night. Police returned fire and the van then drove off, ramming several cars along the way. Several pipe bombs were also found around the headquarters as well, one of which exploded. Dallas SWAT disabled the van with a .50 cal. rifle. As of 7:00AM EDT, the standoff continues in the suburb of Hutchins near the junction of I-20 and I-45, where there was apparently another gunfight . . .

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Note to Jon Stewart and Co.: Open Carry is Color Blind

In the video above, lame duck Daily Show host Jon Stewart takes on the controversy surrounding the now-infamous McKinney pool party video, where a police officer draws his weapon (and holsters it) while trying to control an out-of-control event. Stewart states that pool parties should be fun and involve “super soakers.” His black, body armor-wearing “correspondent” pretends to be shocked. “A water gun at a Texas pool party?” she replies . . .

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Policing In Kalamazoo – Doing it Right?

Kalamazoo Public Safety Lt. Christopher Franks (courtesy mlive.com)

Republished with permission from forcescience.org:

For a heart-stopping moment during his foot pursuit of an ADW suspect, a gang member with a long history of violence, Ofcr. Rick McCall was a sitting duck. His gunbelt hung up as he tried to scale a wobbly chain-link fence, pinning him at the top. The suspect lay on the ground 5 ft. below, having fallen when he cleared the wire. Looking up at the officer, he grabbed the butt of a semiautomatic and pulled it from his waistband . . .

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