OMG! A Cop With a Gun! In Scotland! OMG!


“A police officer in Inverness has been photographed carrying a firearm despite assurances that sidearms would only be deployed under special circumstances.” Ewww! We were told we wouldn’t have to see guns unless it was absolutely necessary! Yes, this is very clearly what happens to a disarmed populace. They become such fragile, easily offended flowers that the mere sight of a pistol – even one on the hip of a uniformed police officer – is simply too much for their delicate sensibilities to abide . . .

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Hey Moms! This Is Where “Children” Get Their “Crime Guns” in Flint, MI

20080515_SB SHOOTING2

Where’d they get the gun? That’s what gun control advocates demand each and every time there’s a crime or negligent discharge involving a “child” (a slippery category that usually includes teenage gang bangers). The clear implication: if the child didn’t have access to a firearm, the crime or ND wouldn’t have happened. All we have to do to prevent these shootings: lock-up the guns! OK, and stop “unsuitable” people from keeping and bearing them. But you gotta start somewhere. And remember: no one really needs a gun. Except the police. ‘Cause they’re trained and responsible. Well here’s a story [via] that derails both trains of thought. And how . . .

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Incendiary Image of the Day: The History of the American Policeman Edition

History of the American police officer (courtesy

TTAG reader Chip in South Florida writes:

I just had a job cross my desk that I found interesting and thought you, too, would get a kick out of it. The Chief of Police of my fine town asked me to print this poster for a display he is assembling. It’s a neat picture showing the general progression of Police from the late 1700’s to now. It starts on the left with the Rattle Watch from the 1700’s, then Officer, Marshall, et cetera up to the 50’s with the motorcycle cop and then on up to a SWAT team of today. It is a rather neat piece of artwork, well done overall. Now go back and look at the graphic again but pay attention to the stance of each presentation. From the left . . .

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Anti-SWATting NJ Legislator SWATted

Carb-challenged SWAT team responds to "prank" call at NJ Assemlyman Moriarty's house (courtesy

“Swatting” means calling in to 911 to report a dangerous situation that requires a SWAT team to deal with it. A situation that doesn’t exist. (That probably doesn’t require a SWAT team but that’s another story.) In October, after a video game store was swatted, New Jersey assemblyman Paul Moriarty sponsored a bill with penalties for people who practice the “sick and disturbing” act of “swatting.” Specifically, jail time and a fine of up to $150k. On Saturday, the day after the legislator renewed his call for action, Mr. Moriarty was himself swatted. tells the tale . . .

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AZ Cop Mows Down Rogue Rifleman

When local station ABC7 posted this video on their Facebook page, they “forgot” to mention that the man hit by the cop car stole the rifle from Walmart, pointed it at his own head several times and fired the rifle at least once. The national ABC news report says the suspect – who’s fine after being upended – “fired a shot.” As for why the video’s release was delayed two months, we have no idea. So, what do you think? Fair tactic?


What Part of “Shall Not Be Infringed” Does the MD State Police Not Understand?

“A trooper stopped a new Toyota Tundra on Saturday because the driver was using a cellphone while driving,” reports. “What Cpl. T. Bean found was a vehicle loaded with more than a dozen guns and a New Hampshire driver prohibited from buying or possessing them in the state of Maryland.” That last bit almost makes it sound like the driver – with 17 guns! – was a prohibited person, generally. This too: “Darren Paul Seik, 29, was taken into Maryland State Police custody and charged with possession of regulated firearms, a rifle and shotguns by a person prohibited, as well as related offenses.” Not a bit of it . . .

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Tulsa, OK Cop Kills Fleeing Suspect With the Wrong Gun [Video NSFW]

You may recall that BART policeman Johannes Mehserle shot Oscar Grant III to death when he mistook his gun for a TASER. Mehserle went down for that one, a killing caught on tape by multiple witnesses. The incident sparked claims of police brutality and triggered riots. This time, a police body-cam shows 73-year-old Tulsa, Oklahoma reserve deputy Robert Bates shooting and killing alleged gun dealer Eric Harris as he was fleeing arrest. Once again . . .

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Force Science: Can an Armed Suspect Holding an AR-15 in a “Non-Threatening” Position Outshoot an Officer with His Gun Drawn?


via The Force Science Institute:

DEADLY DOMESTIC. The shooting occurred in Elgin, a hamlet of fewer than 500 families that sits at a highway crossroads in the wheat and cattle country of northeastern Oregon. At 0730 that fateful August Monday in 2011, the town’s police chief was honeymooning in the Caribbean and the only other full-time officer was asleep at home when the dispatcher rousted him with the report of a domestic in progress at the residence of a local environmental clean-up specialist and general contractor . . .

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SC Police Officer Charged With Murder in Suspect Shooting

As the world now knows (though many refuse to acknowledge) the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson was justifiable. Never mind the grand jury no-bill, even the politically motivated Justice Department investigation found nothing to contradict officer Darren Wilson’s side of the story. “Hands up, don’t shoot” was a lie. But the shooting of Walter Scott by South Charleston, Sough Carolina officer Michael Slager Saturday, which was caught on video, appears to be a different kettle of fish . . .

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Business Opportunity for the New Millennium: Training Dogs to Assume the Position


It’s come to this in the state of citizen/LEO relations: if by some misfortune you find yourself interfacing with a member of the local constabulary and your hound is anywhere in the immediate area, there’s at least a reasonable chance that Fido won’t survive the encounter. But at least one Brazilian bowser has figured out how to live through such confrontations. When the policia raided a home in the town of Santa Catarina recently, a dog that was present began to do what dogs do when unexpected commotion commences; he barked at the officers who had burst in . . .

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Boston Marathon Bombing Report Reveals Cops’ Ballistic Cluster-You-Know-What

Won't get fooled again?

“Overall, the response to the Boston Marathon bombings must be considered a great success,” the official after-action report opines. Yes, well, as we reported back in the day, no. The decision to put the whole city in lockdown, turning Beantown into a ghost town filled with militarized police was beyond ludicrous. It was frightening. The new report gives us a closer look at the cluster-you-know-what that was the police’s ballistic response to the bombers. The AP summarize the findings in that regard, citing a “lack of gun discipline” . . .

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