Random Thoughts About Good Cops

I haven’t seen this episode of Have Gun Will Travel since, well, never. It’s a bit of an eye-opener. Larry Tate, I mean, Marshall Tom Kerry is a perfect stereotype of a bad cop: vain, overbearing, self-righteous, drunk with power and privilege, insensible to the individual rights protected by the United State Constitution. Spoiler alert! Tom gets it in the end. Well, the chest. Paladin restores the balance of power with a double dose of lead. Unfortunately, Paladin doesn’t make the dame the new Marshall. Wouldn’t that have been a kick in the pants! Not that women wore pants in them days. Just as today’s SWAT cops wouldn’t be caught dead wearing anything less than . . .

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Drunk Off Duty New York State Cop Shows Gun to Female Friend Outside of a Bar. Guess the Rest

Scene of the crime, Upper West Side, New York City (courtesy nypost.com)

Some pro-gun folk reckon stories of police officers’ negligent discharges, piss-poor shooting and over-zealous lead dispensation help the pro-gun cause. These reports supposedly undermine the antis’ argument that cops are the only ones qualified to keep and bear arms (openly no less). I’m not buying it. Any time any good guy with a gun does something stupid with a gun it gives credence to the theory that GUNS ARE DANGEROUS! Way too dangerous for untrained civilians. It’s not true, of course, but there it is. And here it is [via nypost.com]. . .

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“A sheriff attributed a suspect’s being shot 68 times to ‘that’s all the bullets we had.’” True Story.

Angilo Freeland (courtesy kansascity.com)

Remember the good old days, when cops were always the good guys and bad guys got what they deserved? Before Johnny Law dressed up in military camo, fired-up the MRAP, loaded-up his full-auto rifle and rang the local judge for a no-knock warrant for a local meth head. Back in the day, older folks and mass media regaled young lads with stories of courageous law enforcement officers. Here’s one from snopes.com dated, surprisingly, 2006 . . .

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Honolulu PD’s “Gun Safety” Protocol Revealed!

SPOILER ALERT! Keep the gun in the holster until you’re ready to shoot and keep your finger off the trigger until you’re really ready to shoot. Wonder how the HPD managed to have three negligent discharges in the past month – one fatal for an officer showing his gun to a friend at a BBQ - given their common sense protocol and rigorous training? Does the HPD’s apparently cavalier attitude toward “gun safety” have anything to do with the islands refusing to “allow” residents to exercise their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms? Probably not.


When Crazy Speaks Violence

The other evening, the idiot box aired a program about Maksim Gelman, also known as Mad Maks or the Butcher of Brighton Beach. Gelman, besides being nuttier than a squirrel turd, gained fame by going on a stabbing spree over two days in February of 2011. The interesting thing about this particular show was that they had interviews with both Maksim as well as his victims. It’s rare that you get to hear from a truly unhinged person, and boy did he love to do some talking . . .

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Quote of the Day: Over the Top Edition


“Police have a tough enough job dealing with the bad guys. Now they have the additional challenge of being mindful of the message they’re sending as they try to balance their own safety with the confidence and respect of those they’re protecting. We recognize police have a difficult and dangerous job, and the last thing we want to report on is a police officer injured or killed in the line of duty. However, mine-resistant military vehicles go over the top and actually might worsen the public’s view of police.” – Idaho Statesman editorial, ‘Militarized’ police on campus [at idahostatesman.com]


Laredo, TX Cops Fire 60 Shots at Armed Perp, Fist-Bump After Homicide

“Six police officers unleashed a barrage of some 60 bullets after a Texas man refused repeated orders to drop a weapon, later found to be a BB gun. Jose Walter Garza, 30, never spoke when police spent five minutes at a Laredo truck stop ordering him to drop the replica pistol, but eventually ‘raised the weapon in the direction of a police officer,’ Investigator Joe Baeza, the Laredo, Texas, police spokesman told the NY Daily News.” Sounds like a good shoot. Except for the large number of bullets sent in Mr. Garza’s direction – unleashed by six officers in six seconds. And the congratulatory fist-bump. And the fact that cops confiscated a BB gun from Mr. Garza earlier in the evening (i.e. he should have been taken into custody then). Your thoughts?


Police Militarization: How Much We Have and What Can Be Done to Stop It

Police "tank" (courtesy fosterfriess.com)

Reacting to the furore surrounding recent crowd control efforts in Ferguson, Missouri, the White House has declared its intention to review of military-to-police equipment loans/transfers. Not to be outdone, Congress is holding its own hearings on police militarization. Ahead of these initiatives, npr.org did a data dive into the 1033 program funneling weapons and supplies to state and local police. Here’s an accounting of the equipment doled-out by the Pentagon’s Law Enforcement Support Office, from 2006 through April 23, 2014 . . .

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Random Thoughts About Police Militarization

PIMA County SWAT (courtesy outsidethebeltway.com)

by Raul Ybarra, republished w/permission from his blog conservativelefty.wordpress.com

Militarization of the police has become a hot topic in the aftermath of the Michael Brown shooting. Something one which I’ve held off giving an opinion. Militarization of the police? Yeah, absolutely against that. It goes far against my generally libertarian principles. I don’t see where this is a new story. It’s been discussed in conservative and libertarian circles for years. The increasing no-knock SWAT raids with their trail of bad shoots, dead Furgeson riotdogs and injured kids makes that police state danger clear. However, what I’m seeing here in Ferguson – not far from me – is very different . . .

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Question of the Day: Should Cops Swear?

Yes, this is gun-related. I’ve seen a large number of police videos where peace officers draw their guns and then use obscene language to control suspected perps and other peeps. And I’ve wondered, WTF? Aren’t police officers trained to de-escalate situations? Drawing down on someone is serious sh*t. Doing so while threatening and swearing – “I’ll f*ckin’ put a round in your ass right quick” – is not what I consider calming. I understand cops are under stress. I know they’re often dealing with belligerent, foul-mouthed folks. I realize that some scum have limited comprehension skills for anything other than gutter language. But if we, fellow gun-carrying civilians, draw our gun and say “I’ll put a round in your ass” it can and will be used against us in court of law. Shouldn’t cops set a good example, try to pour verbal oil of troubled waters and keep it clean? Just wonderin’ . . .


Border Patrol Agent Fires at Armed Militia Member

The Border Patrol has for decades adopted strict policies about the firing their weapons. In the most famous recent case, Border patrolman Brian Terry was killed in a firefight in which the patrolman used less lethal “bean bag” rounds.    Border patrolmen I have talked to have always said that the mere presence of a weapon isn’t enough to justify shooting at someone. This makes sense, because most people in the United States can legally possess weapons, and because the law is clear on what is required to justify the use of deadly force. And in border areas, where there is often rampant criminality, many people consider it foolhardy not to be armed . . .

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Obama: Review Local, State Police Militarization. What About the Feds?

DHS SWAT team (courtesy adamsguns.com)

by Sgt. Patrick Hayes

After the police response to public unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, President Obama announced a White House review of the 1033 military surplus program for local and state law enforcement agencies. That’s the federal program that “provides surplus DoD military equipment to state and local civilian law enforcement agencies for use in counter-narcotics and counter-terrorism operations, and to enhance officer safety.” So why is President Obama doing this? What’s his agenda? First . . .

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