Court Awards $5.5m to Seattle Man Shot By Cops 16 Times; Officers Not Charged

Dustin Theoharis

Dustin Theoharis was napping at an apartment he was renting in his friend Cole Harrison’s home in Washington,” reports. “Police weren’t looking for Theoharis or even his friend Harrison, but instead for Harrison’s son. Harrison’s son hadn’t done anything particularly catastrophic. Instead, he had failed to check in with his state Department of Corrections probation officer.They didn’t find Harrison or his son. The King County sheriff’s deputy Aaron Thompson and corrections officer Kristopher Rongen found Theoharis sleeping. They woke him up and asked him for ID. When he reached for it . . .

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What’s Wrong With This Picture: Grab Your Gun and FIRE!

I’m not a police officer. I did a brief stint as a reserve officer but I never had a close-quarters combat situation. So I may not be the best person to say that this technique – grabbing your pistol with your off-hand to avoid a gun grab – is insane. But I reckon it’s nuts. The difference between shooting your hand and not shooting your hand is nowhere NEAR enough to give you a reasonable chance of not shooting your hand. Especially when . . .

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Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: Former Detective Mark Garner

I don’t know about you, but when I took my first firearms class focused on defensive use of handguns, the instructor — Randy Cain — made sure everyone memorized Jeff Cooper’s four rules of gun safety:

1.) All guns are always loaded.
2.) Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not prepared to destroy.
3.) Keep your finger off the trigger until the sights are on target.
4.) Be sure of your target and what’s behind it.

Alas, not everyone was fortunate enough to have a teacher sensible enough pass on Cooper’s wisdom . . .

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Savannah, GA Police Response Shows Why You’re The First Responder


Reader Ben W. writes:

I share this story that happened a few days ago to an acquaintance of mine who lives a few blocks away from me. It’s a perfect example of why, regardless of what your personal beliefs or political opinion is, your personal protection is 100% your responsibility. Last Sunday, at roughly 4:00 pm in a relatively nice neighborhood in Savannah, Georgia, two men walking down the street began to open fire on the neighborhood. They just casually strolled down the street, shooting at houses and yards, until they had their fill and left . . .

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California Republicans: Confiscate More Guns!

I’m a Second Amendment absolutist. If someone has served their time for a criminal offense, if they’ve finished their probationary period, they should have their gun rights restored. Period. Also, if someone is too mentally unstable to own a firearm, if they’re too dangerous to leave on their own in society, they should be committed to a mental institution. Upon their release, having received a clean bill of health from their caregivers, they should have their gun rights restored. So when I heard that California had redoubled its efforts to disarm people on the prohibited list, I was none too happy. California Democrats (of course) and Republicans (yes Republicans) disagree . . .

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Memo to Police Facing ‘Green Tip’ Ammo: Use Polyethylene Armor with Lightweight Silicon Carbide Ceramic On The Strike Face

Baker Ballistics MRAPS-IV (courtesy

The brouhaha over “green tip” M855 ammo would be funny if it wasn’t. Despite the ATF’s strategic withdrawal on their plans to ban the popular rifle ammo – in the face of enormous pro-ballistic blowback, the Fraternal Order of Police’s assertion that M855’s no biggie and simple common sense – the civilian disarmament complex hasn’t given up. They’ve introduced a bill to ban the rounds anyway. You know, ’cause they can defeat cops’ “bullet proof vests.” As can any reasonable rifle round. Anyway, if the po-po want to stop rifle rounds, that’s doable. They just have to carry a shield. (Hey they used to have to roll them around.) Here’s the 411 on Baker Ballistics MRAPS-IV . . .

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TX Bill Would Limit Photographing Cops, Discriminate Against Anyone Carrying a Gun


With the progress of a bill moving through the Texas legislature that would legalize the open carry of handguns (at least for CCW license holders), Second Amendment rights in the Lone Star state seem to be on the cusp of marked improvement. But that’s apparently a signal to at least one state representative that it’s time to roll back First Amendment freedoms. “A bill restricting the rights of citizens to record the police was filed in Texas House of Representatives on Tuesday. The House Bill 2918 introduced by Texas Representative Jason Villalba (R-Dallas) would make private citizens photographing or recording the police within 25 feet of them a class B misdemeanor.” Hold on, it gets worse . . .

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How One City Kept the Peace After a White Cop/Black Suspect Officer-Involved Shooting

This article originally appeared at and is reprinted here with permission

Stripped to its bare bones, the incident had the ingredients of another racial firestorm: A white cop with a prior shooting on his record repeatedly fires at and kills a young black male, a former college football player, in full view of a crowd dispersing from a wedding at an African-American church on the Martin Luther King holiday weekend. In one newspaper’s terse assessment: “kindling in need only of a match.” Yet when these unfortunate circumstances recently befell Muskogee, OK, there were no protests by angry marchers, no demands for criminal prosecution of the police, no looting or burning, no related arrests . . .

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Baltimore SROs Prevented from Carrying Guns in Schools


“In a country where we’re talking about arming teachers, Baltimore has decided to disarm the police. It’s crazy.” That’s the reaction of Sgt. Clyde Boatwright, president of Baltimore’s school police union, after the Maryland house of delegates couldn’t manage to agree that police officers should be armed while patrolling the Charm City’s schools. “In a city with as much crime and violence, I’m deeply saddened to know that Baltimore City students won’t have the same protections that every other K-12 student in the state of Maryland has” . . .

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Leave Guns To The Police: They’re Professionals!


People don’t need guns! They’re more likely to shoot themselves or a member of their family. Leave it to the police, the professionals. They’re highly trained! This is a common claim, and interestingly enough, those who make it are often making it in good faith. Most people assume the police are well trained in the use of firearms. Most, raised on a steady diet of TV and movie law enforcement, think the good guys are capable or dropping bad guys with a single well-placed shot from any distance, and often, they shoot to wound, which reliably stops just about any bad guy . . .

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OMG! A Cop Racks A Shotgun! OMG!

One of the most persistent shibboleths in the gun world: racking a pump-action shotgun will scare away a burglar. While it can be true, it’s not the best way to play You Bet Your Life. Besides, if you’re racking a shotgun either A) you’re ejecting a round (from a platform not famous for its ammo capacity) or B) you didn’t have a round in the chamber to start with (not the best starting point for armed self-defense). Cops carry long guns in one of two conditions: Cruiser Safe (magazine loaded, chamber empty, safety on) or Cruiser Ready (magazine loaded, chamber loaded, safety on). At 3:20 in the video above, a cop racks his shotgun in front of Black Lives Matter protestors in New York. Here’s a sample of the resulting outrage [via] . . .

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Video of LA Police Shooting Goes Viral (NSFW)

“‘At some point in there, a struggle over one of the officer’s weapons occurred,’ Smith said. ‘At that point an officer-involved shooting happened.'” That’s the report at quoting Cmdr. Andrew Smith of LAPD’s Central Division and Safer Cities Initiative. As you’d expect, exactly what happened is still very much in question. Some witnesses on the scene . . .

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