TTAG the Podcast: Now Live!

Here at TTAG we’re always looking for new ways to keep the Armed Intelligentsia entertained and informed. In my opinion, text is the perfect medium, but then again my idea of the perfect day involves a stack of technical manuals at some point. Right now we’ve got a couple interviews we’ve done recently and while we’ve provided the transcript, we thought it might be interesting to provide the audio as well. And, as a delivery mechanism, RF wanted to make a podcast so you’ll automatically get the latest and greatest directly downloaded to your music player or inserted into your feed reader. There’s not much there right now but we’ll be adding more content as we go along. Things like discussions between your faithful writers on timely and interesting topics, so it won’t only be interviews. Make the jump for more info on what this whole “podcast” thing is and how you can use it. Or simply go to if you already know what you’re doing for the feed. And if you have iTunes, just click here. For those on Android devices, we recommend BeyondPod (use the URL above to add the podcast).

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