Self-Defense Revolvers: Speed Strips vs. Speedloaders

Terril Hebert writes [via]: The number of rounds fired in citizen-involved self-defense encounters is hard to gauge. I have searched high and low for answers, but even the FBI doesn’t keep that sort of data. Studies, including that conducted by Kleck and Gertz in their 1995 book Armed Resistance to Crime point out that more than […]

The Truth About Guns and Church Security

Every church should have one or more good guys with guns protecting the flock. Every synagogue. Every temple. Anyplace people gather to worship should have a ballistic response ready to an imminent, credible threat of grievous bodily harm or death. Pistol packing parishioners protect the extended religious community as well as their own friends and […]

You’re Not Safe and You Never Were

Rob Morse writes [via]: A Muslim terrorist killed eight innocent civilians in New York as he ran over them with a rented truck. The murder wasn’t stopped by civilians or police. The murderer chose to stop by ramming his truck into a loaded school bus. This “truck violence” is the latest shock headline that […]

Para-Claw: The All-New Wrist-Ready Talon

(sponsored content) The all-new Para-Claw is shifting what we thought EDC could be. One of the biggest challenges in carrying a weapon for personal defense is finding a carry method that works all the time. The Para-Claw from Outdoor Edge solves this problem in a unique way by allowing safe deployment of a small, but […]