Ohio School Has 30 Loaded Guns in Fingerprint Safes

A gun is either on your hip or in a safe. That’s the advice this website gives gun owners to prevent potentially tragic unauthorized access. Like all safety rules, that one has a bunch of caveats. For example, a gun on your hip is better than a gun in a safe if you need it quickly. And never assume that a gun in a safe prevents unauthorized access; teach all children firearms safety. So when I read [via daytondailynews.com] that Sidney City, Ohio schools has “placed 30 loaded hand guns strategically around its seven school buildings in a locked in a box that can only be opened by a fingerprint” I thought . . .

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Self-Defense Tip: Avoid Gunfights Using A Stupid Checklist

Crime scene, Evansville, ID (courtesy 14news.com)

More “gun violence” in Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America jefe Shannon Watts’ backyard – which could have been prevented by “fixing gun laws.” Or, indeed, not. This time we offer our readers a story from news14.com of an Evansville, Indiana homeowner who wasn’t armed when home invaders came knocking, and almost paid for it with his life . . .

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Houston’s KTRK: Play Dead During Home Invasion

At 2:13 in the news package above, Houston’s KTRK advises victims of a home invasion to play dead. “If you come face to face with an intruder and you’re not prepared, lie down and do not look at them. Pretend to have a heart attack or breathing problem.” Yeah. No. To be fair, the report also advises Lone Star Staters “to know how, when, and where to use” guns. In the interests of public safety, we suggest you aim the gun at the bad guy, when there’s a bad guy, where the bad guy is, and pull the trigger. Wash, rinse, repeat. That is all. [h/t SS]


The Home Defense Shotgun is Dead


If you like your home defense shotgun you can keep your home defense shotgun. This article is not for you. I’m not going to convince you to ditch one of the — if not the most — lethal close-quarters combat firearms made by hand of man. An incredibly dependable gun that can fire everything from less lethal rounds to one-ounce slugs (delivering over 3,100 ft-lbs of energy). If you want a genuine conversation stopper, the shotgun is it. That said, the shotgun has a few dramatic shortcomings for home defense . . .

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This is What Happens to a Disarmed Society – Street Abduction Edition


On Sunday, November 2, 22-year-old Carlesha Freeland-Gaither was abducted by Delvin Barnes in Philadelphia, PA.  Barnes has an outstanding warrant for attempted capital murder, assault and malicious injury with acid, explosives, or fire in Charles City County, Virginia, and police did not provide any details as to why he was free at the time of the abduction. Earlier this week, CNN ran a story with a video captured by a nearby camera that shows the whole abduction taking place . . .

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OMG! Thailand’s Military Govt. Distributes Rifles! Assault Rifles! OMG!


Thailand has a separatist problem. A Muslim separatist problem, to be more specific, in three southern provinces. As straitstimes.com reports, “Violence in Thailand’s Muslim-majority south has left thousands dead – the majority civilians – since 2004 across the southernmost provinces of Pattani, Narathiwat and Yala, which were annexed more than a century ago by Thailand. In response to a recent slew of shootings and bomb attacks on civilian “soft” targets, Thailand has vowed to protect locals while it seeks a firm date for a fresh round of peace talks with the publicity-shy but ruthless rebels.” But the strategy they’ve chosen is an unusual one for a government that took power in a military coup . . .

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Stopping Power – One Doctor’s Point of View


By DrF

I’m not sure what would happen if there were no more internet discussions about “stopping power” as applied to handguns. What would we talk about? I am sure that it would be a better world, and there would be lots more available bandwidth. The stopping power of my brakes is easily determined, as is the (absence of) my power to stop eating chips and salsa. But when it comes to handguns, things get a little trickier.

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Three Reasons I Carry A 1911


I’ve gone through a number of everyday carry guns in the last few years: a GLOCK 19, Kahr PM9, Smith & Wesson 642, Springfield XD-M, FNS-9 and a few other gats that lasted a couple of weeks. As an outside-the-waistband (OWB) guy, the GLOCK, Springfield and FN printed like The New York Times. I wasn’t happy with the Kahr and Smith’s capacity and caliber. Early this year, I bought a Commander-sized Wilson Combat X-Tac Compact. Just cause. I thought, no way I’m going to carry it. It’s expensive. It’s got an external safety. It’s heavy. It’s capacity limited. And questions surround 1911’s reliability, generally speaking (the $3250 Wilson hasn’t choked once). But carry it I do. Here’s why . . .

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Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Groceries, a Gun and a Good Outcome Edition

“A 36-year-old man was shot and killed Tuesday night while he was attempting to rob an elderly couple outside a Northwest Dallas grocery store, police say.” I’m sorry, what was that? Two people who had just finished their grocery shopping were victimized by an armed attacker? But we thought people doing their marketing only want #GroceriesNotGuns. It’s a good thing 71-year-old Ronnie Lummus doesn’t pay attention to hoplophobic harpies and was toting a shootin’ iron. “The man knocked the woman to the ground and tried to rob her. The woman’s husband, 71-year-old Ronnie Lummus, pulled out a handgun and fired several shots at the man as he was attempting to flee in his car. The man got in his car but died before fleeing, police said.” . . .

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Sandy Hook Janitor Was Supposed to Lock Doors From the Outside for Active Shooter

Newtown Sandy Hook classroom_1388183364487_1715345_ver1.0_640_480

One of the most infuriating aspects of the Sand Hook Elementary School massacre: the information blackout in its immediate aftermath. The cynical amongst you might say that the results of the investigation into the tragedy were delayed long enough for Governor Malloy and his boyz to ram through gun control laws – despite the fact that none of the new laws – not one of them – would have prevented Adam Lanza’s heinous crime. Key details of the police response (e.g. their delayed entry into the school) were withheld from the public. The crime scene was literally bulldozed before experts could use it to learn lessons for future attacks. And now, almost two years later, we note that the school’s active shooter plan was fatally flawed. Literally . . .

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Random Thoughts About Snakes and Guns


By Jon Y.

I am currently spending this week looking after my parents’ house in southern New Mexico. Yesterday afternoon, when I went out to get dinner, there was a very small, very young rattlesnake sunning itself on the walkway. It was only six to eight inches long and it probably only had one rattle on it’s tail since it made a sound almost like a loud bumblebee or a vibrating phone. Had it not started rattling, I very possibly could have stepped on it, which would have been very bad for business on both ends of the deal. My initial confusion (What’s that buzzing sound?) turned quickly to excitement (Oh wow, a snake!) and then almost immediately again to absolute terror (Wait… the snake is the one buzzing. Oh shhiii..) . . .

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