Self-Defense Tip: Knife Beats Gun

This video is from 2011 in Nicaragua. It’s a domestic issue; the knifeman’s wife left him for another man. The knife comes out at about 4:04. The police dodge and run, and avoid injury, but they do nothing effective to stop him or contain him. In about 10 seconds, an officer draws a weapon, likely a revolver, but does not shoot. Reinforcements arrive. I count at least five officers. One officer has an AK variant. The knifeman removes his backpack and crosses a wire fence.  He gets into a better defensive situation. At one point he rubs his hands with dirt, probably to improve his grip . . .

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There’s A Reason They’re Called The Armed Forces


So far in 2015 our enemies killed four US military service personnel in Afghanistan and three in Iraq. On one day this year a terrorist killed five US military service personnel within the continental United States. That’s right, there were more U.S. servicemen killed here in the U.S. than in either of the two wars we’re currently fighting abroad. That’s easy, ugly, math. As reported by the Marine Corp Times our current administration is dealing with this threat by closing offices and telling recruiters not to wear uniforms . . .

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Home Defense Tip: Get a Dog


A few years back, a coworker awoke to a guy climbing through his bathroom window. Not surprising, considering that he lived on the ground level of a building in an area of town that was in the process of urban revitalization. He came to work the next day and asked me if I thought he should get a gun. To which I replied . . .

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Content Contest: Sometimes You Just Have to Take the Beating


By Tim Ellwood

I used to work for a major gun company back at the turn of the century. My job as a regional sales manager consisted of driving around a three-state area, going to gun shops. (It sucked, but someone had to do it.) I had taken over the North Carolina,Virginia and Tennessee territory and moved to central North Carolina from Florida. I was in western North Carolina and had a meeting scheduled at a shop first thing in the morning. Best thing to do when you have a early meeting is to bring doughnuts . . .

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What If Multiple Concealed Carriers Respond To A Shooting Incident?


By James England via

One of the extremely cool things (and one of the challenges) about more and more people getting their concealed carry permits is there is a greater chance of more than one concealed carrier responding to a hostile fire incident. For the purposes of this article, we’ll outline some simple steps you can take to identify friend from foe, identify yourself appropriately, and respond to first responders . . .

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Personal Defense Tip: Don’t Open the Door

Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 12.28.57 PM

Reader Greg Downs writes:

A Kansas City, Missouri police officer was attacked in her own home recently. “According to the documents, the officer’s daughter told police she woke up about 5 a.m. to the sound of a man pounding on the family’s door. Her mother braced the door and yelled that she was a police officer. When she opened the door, the officer told police Garcia charged her, threw her down some stairs onto a vehicle and began choking the officer.” A family member came to her rescue.  The family member was able to pull the attacker away, allowing her to use her firearm to defend herself and her family. During the melee, the officer accidentally shot herself in her hand . . .

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Contest Entry: Need Another Reason to Home Carry?


By Coffee Adict

At age 25 I found myself out of a job, sitting in my one-bedroom apartment in San Diego, contemplating my options. I had come from Arizona five years earlier with my books and my clothes, in a beat up truck following a sales management position. The first place I landed was in Los Angeles, about five blocks from the Colosseum. It was the summer of ’84, the Olympics and traffic in full swing. I stayed for about a year until Richard Ramirez killed two people in one day . . .

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Contest Entry: Training Tip – Take Advantage of Defensive Gun Use Videos

By Michael in GA

I watched the video of Pinch, West Virginia pharmacist Don Radcliff who successfully thwarted an armed robbery. I watch a lot of defensive shooting videos for more than entertainment value. I agree that “the best plan is to not have a plan,” but what we have to have are instincts. Instincts and training to back up what your instincts are telling you to do in any variety of situations. Instincts that are not inherent are learned. The best way for me to learn instinctive reaction is to dissect accounts of actual DGUs . . .

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Contest Entry: I Refuse to Live In a Life-Free Zone


By Rokurota

Less than a month ago, a malicious human being walked into a church in Charleston, South Carolina, and murdered nine people. The confessed killer said he committed the heinous act of gunning down black churchgoers to start a race war against African Americans. President Obama once again called for gun control. Thoughtless folks shifted the blame to police officersFoxNews, and even the victims themselves. But that’s not what I’m writing about . . .

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This Can’t Be Happening! – Mindset Is The First Step In Self-Defense


By Salvatore DeGennaro

Another mass shooting, this time on foreign soil. Apparently this sort of thing does happen in other places, despite what our current President would have you believe. The beach attack that occurred in Tunisia, in which 38 people were killed, happened in a country with some of the strictest gun control on earth. However, gun control isn’t the issue here. There’s a trend that is consistent in the wake of all such attacks . . .

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Sara Tipton: Arm Teachers

Slide to Safety is a “Patented Rapid Evacuation Slide” for schools invaded by an active shooter. It provides an emergency escape route for children trapped by a shooter, like the slides used on aircraft in the event of a crash or other emergency. The North Carolina company’s marketing goes straight for the jugular, citing the Sandy Hook slaughter and Columbine killings to push their product. I was a high school sophomore when the Columbine massacre happened . . .

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