TV Station Tries, and Fails, to Simulate Self Defense Shooting Scenarios

One of the holy grails of evening news gun-related reporting is a simulation proving something definitively. Or at least convincingly enough for the average viewer. The infamous ABC test (much touted by gun control activists) that tried to simulate a school shooting and an active shooter response is the perfect example: no matter how idiotic the scenario and how astoundingly dumb the execution, if it reinforces people’s preconceived notions, it will be used forever. WFAA-TV decided to take another crack at that situation and ran a simulation of their own, this time seemingly proving that an armed defender can indeed make a difference.

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Baghdad Jawaher Mall Bombing and Shooting Highlights The Danger of “Complex Attacks”

Baghdad mall (courtesy

We’ve pointed it out before: future terrorist attacks inside the U.S. may not adhere to the commonly anticipated pattern. Specifically, a lone gunman (or two in the case of San Bernardino) mounting a single attack. Terrorists abroad have long used “complex attacks”: multiple attackers operating at multiple locations with bombs and firearms in a coordinated assault. (Lest we forget, that was the plan for the Columbine shooting.) Today’s ISIS attack on Baghdad’s Jawaher Mall, a slaughter that left at least 1o people dead, is another warning. Here’s what we know so far [via] . . .

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That’s One Way to Take Down an Armed Robber Where You’re Not Allowed to Carry

By Brandon via

One late night in a convenience store in Tonawanda, New York, a middle-aged man came in and pointed a gun at the clerk. It’s a story that plays out the usual way too many times across America. But this was New York, so concealed carriers are few and far between. So, when this bad guys reared his ugly head, thankfully there was a brave customer willing to do the work that should have been done by a good guy with a gun . . .

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TTAG Reader Affirms Self-Defense Tip: Practice Shooting With One Hand

One-handed shooting (courtesy

We recently published Guns for Beginners: Practice Shooting One-Handed. A Lot. TTAG reader JN tells us that not doing so can leave one in a bit of a pickle.

I’ve had a concealed carry permit for a while. I’m pretty scrupulous about routine practice and training within the limits of what is available to me in my area of upstate New York. I liked to think that I was reasonably well prepared and competent with my handguns. But there was one kind of practice I neglected. That was weak hand shooting and gun manipulation. In my case . . .

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Self-Defense Tip: Home Carry People. Home Carry.

Crime scene where William McKinley was murdered (courtesy

By Brandon via

William McKinley awoke early Saturday morning to his dogs barking at something outside. He never came back from his investigation. McKinley was found in his driveway with multiple stab wounds. Police theorize that McKinley went outside and confronted two suspects who broke into his car. Valerie McKinley says her dad owned a gun and had a concealed carry permit, but . . .

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Random Thoughts About a Defensive Gun Use WHERE NO ONE WAS SHOT!


According to, “low end estimates [for defensive gun use] are in the range of 55,000 to 80,000 incidents per year.” While my math skills rival my ability to order plumbing supplies in Lithuanian sign language, the lowest of the low estimates of annual DGU’s yields 150.68 per day. So now you know why the mainstream media doesn’t cover them: they’re as common as muck (as the Brits are wont to say). “Thanks for calling the Defensive Gun Use team at The New York Times. Please leave your name and number at the beep . . . We’re sorry, that mailbox is full and can’t take any messages at this time. Goodbye.” In fact . . .

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UK Police Advice to Subjects on Firearms Attack: Run, Hide and Call 999

Well what else would the UK police tell the public to do in the face of an armed terrorist attack, other than run, hide and call 999 (the UK equivalent of 911)? I’m thinking, fight! To be fair, the policeman in the pre-film interview does mention fighting back and say “we would never criticize you for that” – as if criticism is the worst thing a Brit could face. Which it might be. Not to mention that Brits are known to prosecute subjects who use violence on aggressors. Anyway, the main problem in the main film is that . . .

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Proof That Gun Disarms Are A Lot Harder Than You Think [VIDEO]

In our regular trawls through the bowels of YouTube to find material that gives TTAG readers a break from our articles on the endless fight against civilian disarmament, we often come across videos teaching viewers how to disarm someone who’s holding a gun. In 99 percent of these videos, the gun is always within arm’s reach. Conveniently enough. In their own special way, the brothers above demonstrate . . .

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Pro-Tip: Don’t Rely on a Stun Gun

The gentleman above makes a compelling case that stun guns aren’t quite as stunning a form of self-defense as some assume. That said, remember that bad guys don’t quietly fall down and die when you shoot them, as they do in Black List (for example). That is all.


Gear Review: Rubber Dummies


The armless, legless, bullet hole-ridden white dude you see above is 30 lbs. of recycled rubber target shooting action from Rubber Dummies. These 3-dimensional torso targets are expected to survive a good 4,000 or more hits. They provide for more realistic self-defense training than flat paper targets are capable of, and are quickly and easily “reset” so fresh bullet impacts are clearly visible (a la “Shoot N See” type targets). I picked up a single target starter package in late summer, and so far. . .

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