Discussion? We Don’t Need No Steenkin’ Discussion!

Utah County, Utah saw a couple of deadly interactions over the weekend between miscreants and concealed carriers. We featured one of them, an attempted carjacking gone wrong…for the carjacker. Sunday morning, a homeowner ended a home invasion in progress with extreme prejudice. Two clear self-defense situations, two dead suspects. All of which, if you believe ksl.com, has sparked “discussion” about the use of deadly force by armed citizens. Just who’s doing the discussing — besides KSL’s reporters — isn’t really clear. Well, reader RA is having none of it . . .

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Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Utah Concealed Carrier Stops Crime Spree

When an un-named Orem, Utah man stopped a car-jacking in a grocery store parking lot, the would-be jacker attacked the good samaritan, trying to disarm him. That’s when the bad guy contracted an acute case of lead poisoning. And the finale was an abrupt ending to a very full morning for the unidentified 27-year-old suspect who has since assumed ambient temperature. “Earlier Saturday morning, police received multiple calls regarding the man who was later shot and killed. He had reportedly assaulted a woman and was driving about Orem with two passengers.” . . .

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One Baltimorean’s Take on Life Among the Riots

Reader JF writes:

The past week has been nothing short of disappointing, outrageous, and nerve-wracking here in Baltimore. Since Saturday, the city has fallen into spasms of disarray and chaos not seen here since the riots following the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. The initial hesitant and restrained approach of policing ordered by the mayor only emboldened rioters and criminals. After all, they were being given “space to destroy.” . . .

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There’s A Reason Cops Circle the Block Before a Domestic Dispute

Marine Josh McJilton RIP

I have no reason to doubt Josh McJilton’s wife claim that her Marine husband died a hero. In death, McJilton exemplified the Marine Code of Honor, as described by Marion F. Sturkey: “Simply stated, courage is honor in action — and more. Courage is moral strength, the will to heed the inner voice of conscience, the will to do what is right regardless of the conduct of others. It is mental discipline, an adherence to a higher standard. Courage means willingness to take a stand for what is right in spite of adverse consequences. This courage, throughout the history of the Corps, has sustained Marines during the chaos, perils, and hardships of combat. And each day, it enables each Marine to look in the mirror — and smile.” That said . . .

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Self-Defense Tip: Spice is the New Angel Dust


My first-ever firearms instructor was a Rhode Island State Police Sergeant. Joining us in the classroom: a woman buying a gun for self-defense. The Statie zeroed in on her like a Scientologist pimping a personality audit to a college freshman. “The bad guy’s gonna be all hopped-up on angel dust,” the LEO advised the timid newbie from point-blank range. “Trust me. I been there. He’s out-of-his-head crazy. He don’t feel nothin‘. You better shoot him when you have the chance.” Somehow, the angel dust epidemic didn’t unleash the expected killer zombie apocalypse. Flash forward forty years and a new drug is raising a similar paranoia alarm . . .

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Self-Defense Tip: See Something, Say Something. Maybe.


“The owner of a local gun range called authorities last September, suspicious about an inexperienced group that had come to learn how to shoot a pistol. One of those men drew much wider attention last week,” wsj.com reports. “Abdirahman Sheik Mohamud, a 23-year-old Ohio man back in town three months after he returned from training with violent extremists in Syria, was the leader of the group at the gun range, according to court documents from federal authorities. He was accused by federal officials in court papers of contemplating an attack against the U.S.” If you see something suspicious at the gun store or gun range, say something. That said . . .

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Self-Defense Tip: Watch Out!

Speed, surprise and violence of action! That’s TTAG’s corporate motto. It’s also damn fine advice for anyone who finds themselves in a self-defense situation, whether they’re armed (yay!) or not (boo!). But it behooves my ballistic brethren to remember that this discovery can be a matter of [what seems like] femtoseconds. That’s because . . .

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Guns for Beginners: The Importance of Failure

Failures of gear or training can kill you. Pure and simple. Rooting those failures out and exposing them to the light of day is the reason TTAG’s staff works so hard, and burns through so many rounds, and spends so many hours on the range. The gear stuff is pretty easy. If it breaks or fails, don’t use it. But if it’s the operator, that can be a little harder to root out. Watch the video and make the jump for my discussion of my own failings.

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Defensive Gun Use of the Day: AL Woman Shoots Attacker, Cop Shoots Woman


A recent defensive gun use in Alabama provides an important lesson for anyone who owns and carries firearms for self-defense purposes. A domestic dispute in Huntsville, Alabama, resulted in Lisa Skinner shooting her husband Bradley, only to be shot by police shortly thereafter. The (unnamed) woman had been living at her mother’s house after leaving her estranged partner. The man allegedly broke into the house on Sunday night, armed with a gun. The woman instructed her mother to flee to a neighbor’s house while she triggered an alarm, called the police, and tooled up with a shotgun. When the man refused to drop his weapon and stop his advance, she opened fire . . .

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Sports Stadia Civilian Disarmament Zones – Don’t Go There

“Fans attending Major League Baseball games are being greeted in a new way this year: with metal detectors at the ballparks. Touted as a counterterrorism measure, they’re nothing of the sort. They’re pure security theater: They look good without doing anything to make us safer. We’re stuck with them because of a combination of buck passing, CYA thinking and fear.” Baseball’s new metal detectors won’t keep you safe. They’ll just make you miss a few inningsis an outstanding take-down of MLB’s “gun-free zones” in a paper otherwise dedicated to civilian disarmament (go figure). The WaPo article goes a little something like this . . .

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