Question of the Day: Off-Body Carry for Women?

Lucy Tote (courtesy

5.11 now makes concealed carry bags for women. I’m sure the $110 Lucy Tote [above] is a thoughtfully-designed, well-executed product. It’s certainly better for a woman to off-body carry in a bag designed for the job, rather than shoving her gat into any old bag in the hopes she can fish it out in time should an attacker pose the threat of death or grievous bodily harm. But regular readers will not be surprised to learn . . .

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Grizzly Bear Kills Yellowstone Hiker

Oh, how they laughed when I schlepped a Smith & Wesson .460 snubby into the American outback, snug in a chest rig that looks more like bondage gear than a holster. So be it. It will suffice until Grizzly Custom Guns finishes my lever brush gun. Sure, bear spray is a proven deterrent and a lot less cumbersome. Yes, bears tend to leave bipeds alone. But I can think of few deaths more, uh, grizzly than getting mauled to death by a grizzly bear. As TTAG writer Nick Leghorn likes to point out . . .

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Guns for Beginners: Keep a Shooting Diary

The NRA tip above – keep a shooting diary – doesn’t mention the purpose of the exercise: CYA. If you’re ever involved in a defensive gun use (DGU), you could be subject to intense prosecutorial scrutiny. If they really want to nail you – a possibility that usually depends on the firearms-freedom friendliness of your particular location – your antagonists will sell you to the judge and/or jury as . . .

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Sara Tipton: I Can’t Leave Home Without It

Sara T.

I was sitting at my computer earlier today. My two year-old asked to sit with me – on my lap. It’s a little painful to have a child sitting on my lap when I have my gun in the appendix carry position. So I removed my XD and put it well out of his reach. I sat down, picked up my boy and put him on my lap. After about 30 minutes playing together on my computer it was time to go for a cheeseburger in town and pick up my daughter from school . . .

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Underwire Bra Stops Boar Hunter’s Bullet

There’s a huge market out there for personal body armor. A big (and heavy) part of the load-out our boys in the sandbox schlep around every day is a plate carrier. Most of our local boys in blue who patrol a beat wear body armor for obvious reasons. And our friends at Fighter Design have come up with a lightweight vest that stops AK rounds from five feet…and floats. But maybe they’re all over-thinking the whole thing . . .

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Guns for Beginners: Prepare for Multiple Threats

Front Site is right: the average number of attackers in a gunfight is two. And handgun rounds aren’t the super-deadly one-shot killing machines you see on TV; shooting someone with a pistol – any pistol – is no guarantee that they’re going to stop attacking you or other innocent life. The key takeaway here: don’t stop scanning for threats after you discharge your firearm in self-defense. But it’s not as easy to train yourself to do that as Front Site would have you believe. In the video . . .

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Question of the Day: Are You Armed for Workplace Violence?

(courtesy letargets,com)

Our friends at Law Enforcement Targets have introduced a new line of Workplace Violence targets. Some of these images present scenarios where I’d be loathe to let loose the ballistic dogs of war (i.e. I wouldn’t take the shot). That’s not to say I don’t practice hostage shots. I do and recommend that precision head shots be part of any armed self-defenders regular training. All of the Workplace Violence targets assume . . .

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Texas Law Shield: Top Five Reasons Legal Gun Owners End-Up In Jail

Republished with permission from Texas Law Shield:

As a law-abiding gun owner, you might ask yourself: “Why would I end up in jail when I carry my firearm legally and know how to use it correctly?” Unfortunately, as our experience has taught us, even legal gun owners are not out of the reach of the long arm of the law. Here are five reasons legal gun owners often end up arrested and in jail even though they think they have done nothing legally wrong . . .

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Jon Wayne Taylor to Law Enforcement: How to Deal with Gun Owners

I often hear that no matter what a member of law enforcement is telling you to do, you should obey the officer immediately. People often argue that the only safe thing to do is to comply. Because that officer has the gun, the armor, the training, and if you scare that officer they are going to act in accordance to their training, and you are going to lose, maybe even die. I’ve heard this advice directly from members of law enforcement with no lack of bravado. There seems to be the general belief among many police forces and the public that you just better do what the officer says because they will always come out on top. Except when they don’t . . .

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Sara Tipton: Home Carry People. Home Carry


I don’t like being unarmed. I feel more comfortable knowing that I could defend myself with the most effective form of self-defense, anytime, anywhere. So I carry all the time. All day, every day. The only time I don’t have my concealed firearm on my body: when I sleep. Then it’s under my bed in the safe, or next to me in the nightstand, depending on the circumstances. I recommend home carry for anyone who’s decided to carry a gun; violent crime can happen anywhere, anytime. But I know the threat of attack at home is more “real” for some people than others. Personally speaking . . .

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An Anti-Gun Meme is Born: “Sheepdog Fife”

Don Knotts (courtesy

Tex300BLK called it in our article Washington Post: “Watch what happens when regular people try to use handguns in self-defense.” “This is the straw man we have been made into,” Tex300BLK wrote. “The bumbling incompetent ‘civilian’ who went into Walmart, bought a GLOCK and a box of bullets and got a CHL without ever firing a shot from it . . . This is the new meme that the media will now go full court press on.” Just a day later, published a piece called Why Would You Want to Bring Your Gun to a Concert? A post that launches the term “Sheepdog Fife” to disscredit [sic] armed self-defense. Like this . . .

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