The Trace: .380 Owners Are Deluded Defenders


As any gun guy or gal worth their salt knows, the new breed of .380’s offers ultimate concealment with entirely reasonable accuracy at self-defense distances. Combined with the latest hollow-point ammo, a .380 is a sensible choice for everyday carry. Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun agitpropagandists at The Trace disagree. They spin it this way: Concealed Carriers Have Made a Tiny Pistol with a Sketchy Past a Big Seller for Gun Makers. As always, the subhead tells the tale . . .

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Self-Defense Tip: Don’t Confront Road Ragers

Road rage. It’s a thing. In the case above, the shooter was acting in self-defense. Yes but — who wants to shoot someone? If you’re involved in a road rage incident, do everything possible to avoid confrontation. Specifically, drive away, to the nearest police station. (Phone ahead; call 911.)  You should never be boxed in; you should always be able to see tarmac and tires of the car in front of you. But if you are boxed-in, try to push away the cars ahead and drive away. If you can’t, it might be time to draw your firearm and keep it at the ready. Certainly tell the aggressor you’ve called the police. But don’t get out of your car unless you’re trying to run away.


One Sexual Abuse Survivor’s Choice – The GLOCK 42

GLOCK 42 (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

Reader MBH writes:

As an innocent 16-year-old, I thought my senior boyfriend hung the moon. To hear him tell it, he did. I had no idea he would forcefully take something that could never be given back. This is a scenario that plays out in many high schools, colleges, within relationships and in many social settings across the country, involving both men and women as victims. Sometimes it happens out of the blue by a stranger and sometimes by someone the victim thought and hoped could be trusted. However, we have options that can help guard against such situations . . .

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The Case for And Against Modifying Your Handgun’s Trigger

We recently ran a story about a cop who shot someone with an AR inscribed with the words “You’re F*cked.” A modification that was used against him in court. Responding to that incident, the Yankee Marshall advises against modifying your handgun’s trigger. “If you ever have to use that gun for self-defense and it’s a questionable shoot, a prosecutor could easily say ‘Maybe you didn’t intend to shoot them but you made your trigger so light you fired accidentally.'” Yes, well, I’m generally pro trigger modification . . .

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Self-Defense Tip: Shoot Through Concealment

TV cops often hide behind car doors during gunfights. That’s about as effective as hiding behind a quarter pound of thinly-sliced Havarti. Out in the real world, YouTube is lousy with convenience store gunfighters who engage from behind racks of potato chips. Inspector — I mean Instructor Zero and Dirty Harry get it right: don’t forget you can fire through objects to stop a threat. (Quite why Zero would use a SMART car to make the point is anyone’s guess.) Remembering to know your target and what’s beyond it. And the fact that your adversary can do the same thing, too.


.380’s Sales Surge…Again

SIG SAUER P238 (courtesy

“The .380 semi-automatic handgun has become all the rage in firearms, as more states relax conceal-carry restrictions and men and women alike turn to a palm-sized gun that easily fits into a handbag, pocket or ankle holster,” reports. “Production of the super-small handgun is at a 16-year high, with nearly 900,000 made in the U.S. in 2014, according to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.” Wait. What? I thought . . .

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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Idiot

“I shot a gun for the first time and decided to share my initial thoughts about it,” Shane Fazen writes at his YouTube channel. “I talk about how difficult it is to be accurate, how to jam a gun by squeezing the barrel, the tendency to aim down, and a few other interesting points that led me to believe that unless you’re a skilled shooter and practice force-on-force combatives, then guns are not quintessential.” I don’t think that word means what he thinks it means. Don’t crouch down when under fire? Shame on Shane.


Ideal Conceal Cell Phone-Shaped Handgun: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Phone gun thingie (courtesy idealconceal.com_

“No one wants to be in a dreadful situation that may require you to defend yourself with the use of deadly force,” opines, deploying a distinctly British tone. “Yet as the old adage goes: ‘It’s better to have a gun and not need one, than to need a gun and not have one’. With the newly created Ideal Conceal you can carry your pistol with you on any occasion.” Four weddings and a funeral perhaps? Let’s just hope it’s not your funeral. To avoid that fate you have to trust that . ..

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Pro-Tip: Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

“Sure, many schools start too early. And, sure, getting out of bed can be hard sometimes,” states, sensibly enough. “But one Tennessee teenager had an extreme reaction to his family’s request on Tuesday morning that he get up and get ready for school: He shot them, according to Nashville police.” Well that sucks. Both for the unidentified teen’s family — who were injured in the incident — and the cause of gun rights. But it does highlight an important self-defense stratagem . . .

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