Pro Tip: Never Point a Gun At An Angry Russian

Perhaps the better way to put it: if you point a gun at an angry Russian, it’s probably best to shoot him until the threat stops. Because it ain’t gonna stop.

Former Secretary-General of Interpol Ronald K. Noble: Armed Citizens Can Help Stop Terrorists

As David Kopel reports at (yes the Post), Former Secretary-General of Interpol Ronald K. Noble reckons armed Americans can help stop terrorists. Ya think?


I wouldn’t recommend a speargun for self-defense; a jury might consider it a bit . . . cruel. Then again, gun laws deny millions of law=abiding citizens their natural, civil and (in America) Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear firearms. If that’s the way you roll, for whatever reason, needless to say, Herr Sprave’s +p++ and two-shot version offers improved penetration. It’s a clever innovation for those of you who think you might have to recreate Thunderball on land. Just remember to laugh maniacally.