Florida GOP Governor Candidate: I Support Campus Carry, Open Carry

According to both WCTV news and WTXL news in Tallahassee, Florida, the leading Republican contender for governor, Adam Putnam, says he supports carrying guns on college campuses as well as open carry. Putnam is currently the Florida Agriculture Commissioner, heading the agency that issues Florida’s concealed carry weapon permits. Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam said Tuesday that […]

National Reciprocity Bill: Could States Still Ban Carry on Private Property?

Representative Richard Hudson (R-NC) issued a press release yesterday about his Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act (H.R. 38), apparently responding to criticism that it would override state gun control laws. Mr. Hudson said: [S]tate and local laws would still dictate where law-abiding citizens can and can’t carry a concealed firearm. That means if these mayors want […]

Michigan Judge Rules for Open Carry Organizations

In March of 2016, members of Michigan Gun Owners (MGO) and Michigan Open Carry (MOC) were illegally expelled from a booth they had rented at the DeVos Place Convention center. They were ejected because they were openly carrying holstered pistols. The organizations filed a lawsuit against the DeVos Place Convention Center and its management company […]

Open Carry at the NRA Meeting 2017

For the last three NRA Annual Meetings, open and concealed carry have been legal and practiced on the premises. In 2015 it was in Nashville. 2016 was Louisville, Kentucky. In the press room here in Atlanta, there were a few open carriers. From the printing that I noticed here and there, there were a significantly greater […]