National Reciprocity Bill: Could States Still Ban Carry on Private Property?

Representative Richard Hudson (R-NC) issued a press release yesterday about his Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act (H.R. 38), apparently responding to criticism that it would override state gun control laws. Mr. Hudson said: [S]tate and local laws would still dictate where law-abiding citizens can and can’t carry a concealed firearm. That means if these mayors want […]

Michigan Judge Rules for Open Carry Organizations

In March of 2016, members of Michigan Gun Owners (MGO) and Michigan Open Carry (MOC) were illegally expelled from a booth they had rented at the DeVos Place Convention center. They were ejected because they were openly carrying holstered pistols. The organizations filed a lawsuit against the DeVos Place Convention Center and its management company […]

Open Carry at the NRA Meeting 2017

For the last three NRA Annual Meetings, open and concealed carry have been legal and practiced on the premises. In 2015 it was in Nashville. 2016 was Louisville, Kentucky. In the press room here in Atlanta, there were a few open carriers. From the printing that I noticed here and there, there were a significantly greater […]

Michigan Marches in Support of Second Amendment

  Michiganders gathered in the capital city of Lansing on Wednesday to show their support for the right to keep and bear arms. The seventh annual Second Amendment March, organized by a group of gun rights activists in conjunction with Michigan Gun Owners and Michigan Open Carry featured a variety of speakers, including Lt. Governor […]

Nebraska Preemption Bill Very Much in Play

Nebraska’s preemption bill has moved forward in a significant way. Bill LB68 was voted on by the Government, Military, and Veterans Affairs committed and passed 33 – 11. The Nebraska legislature is unicameral, with only 49 members. The committee vote was a vote of the whole legislature, and makes it very likely the bill will pass. […]

Presenting The Honor Roll of States that Protect the Rights of Travellers

The prediction from TTAG’s own Second Amendment Coalition member John Boch that Democratic Party intransigence will keep even the slightly watered-down Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill proposed in the Senate from passage this year is disappointing for many gun owners. Nevertheless, those yearning to tour the USA in their Chevrolets (or their Teslas,) needn’t wait to begin their road trips, as […]