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Question of the Day: Does Deterrence Work?

Baltimore murders in the last 30 days (courtesy

Most bad guys don’t want a gunfight. If they see a gun on your hip they will either shoot you before you figure out what’s happening (yes, there is that) or avoid you altogether. If there are two or more people open carrying the odds of a criminal attack decrease exponentially. OK, that’s a scientific term for a wild-ass guess. Life is a crap shoot (so to speak). Open carry isn’t exactly common practice. How do the bad guys know if someone is or isn’t likely to be carrying concealed (unless they live in a gun-free paradise)? And what if it’s a drive-by shooting like the one that killed a bus driver in Baltimore? Would that craven scumbag have hesitated if he’d thought that Craig Ray might have been armed? John Lott will tell you all day long: more guns, less crime. But what’s your personal take? Does deterrence work? [h/t DB]

Boise State University President on Open Carry Bill: Kill It for The Children!

Bob Kustra, President of Boise State University (courtesy

An email blast from Bob Kustra, President of Boise State University:

I know many of you have heard about the bill to remove from the State Board of Education and the administrations of public universities and colleges in Idaho the right, currently held, to prohibit weapons on their campuses. It has passed the Idaho Senate and now awaits a hearing in the House. I have very serious concerns about the bill and its implications and have spoken out against it in recent media. I should note that every public college and university president in our state and every member of the State Board of Education, with responsibility for K-20 schools in Idaho, also oppose the bill. I think it’s important for everyone in the Boise State family to know and understand my concerns about this bill . . .

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The Psychology of Open Carry – A Crisp Rebuttal

TTAG reader James Mortimer [not shown] read an anti-gun op-ed that rubbed him the wrong way. He responded thusly:

Mr. Crisp [above],

It was with great interest I read your op-ed piece concerning the open carry of weapons and its psychology which recently appeared in my local paper. As is so often the case with op-eds on gun control, I anticipated a disingenuous, meandering diatribe based on little more than emotional appeals. You certainly didn’t disappoint . . .

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Gun Tattoo of the Day: Righteous Reader’s Response Edition

Buckmark tat

A regular reader saw our Gun Tattoo of the Day feature and emailed us this pic of her inked shoulder. As Sly and the Family Stone sang, it’s a family affair. “This is just the beginning of the firearms ink, my pops also has an M4 on the outside of his forearm, a ruger logo on his shoulder and the second amendment/flag/reticle sleeve on his other shoulder, Oh yeah and his matching Buckmark. We decided on the buck mark since it depicts a buck and a doe, and my first firearm was a BPS 20 ga I got for Christmas when I was 12. Me, I’m too busy shooting 3-Gun and working in the firearms industry to venture and get my next ink (the Colt Rampant). I guess you could call us Gun Nuts =]” In a good way? Shot of Dad’s arm after the jump . . .

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Arrests Swell Size of Andrews, TX Open Carry March

The recent open carry march in Andrews, Texas follows a similar even a month ago. Thanks to two arrests linked to legal open carry, the demonstration doubled in size. No charges have yet been filed against the OC’ers; they remain in legal limbo. James Franklin of the Midlands/Odessa CATI has told me that they’re applying for several more permits for more marches to educate the people of Andrews about their Constitutional rights . . .

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Adam Winkler: Legalize Open Carry to Limit CA Gun Schleppers

Open Carry Starbucks (courtesy

UCLA Law Professor Adam Winkler is no friend of ours. Back in August 2011, I outed the so-called “centrist” in a blog about his article The Secret History of Gun Control. Adam’s back on our radar with his editorial Want fewer guns on California streets? Open carry may be the answer. “San Diego will undoubtedly appeal the [Peruta] decision [striking down the just cause" provision of the city's concealed carry provisions] in the hope of saving its restrictive policy for awarding concealed carry permits. Lawmakers who support gun control might want to consider another option: Rewrite state law to allow people to carry guns openly.” Other than the fact that San Diego did no such thing, Adam’s onto a winner here, even though he thinks it’s a loser . . .

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South Carolina Senate Committee Kills Constitutional Carry

South Carolina’s up-and-coming governor, Nikki Haley has let it be known that she’s in favor of constitutional carry (the ability to exercise Second Amendment rights without first obtaining government permission). But the Palmetto State Senate Judiciary Committee isn’t quite so enthusiastic. The committee’s chairman, Larry Martin, is credited with killing the bill. As reports, he’s really not a fan of open carry: ”You can carry a weapon openly if this bill is adopted and I’m offended by that,” said committee chair Sen. Larry Martin (R-Pickens).” . . .

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