Texas Permitted Open Carry Languishing in the Legislature

OC (courtesy khou.com)

TTAG Texan reader/reporter DH writes:

For those of you unfamiliar with the unique ways in which the Texas Legislature works, sine die (the end of regular session) is a month away. Legisltive deadlines are approaching. Every day that goes by without action on one or more pending bills brings us closer to another session without expanding 2A rights in the state . . .

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OMG! Open Carry Rifle Guy at Seattle May Day March! OMG!

Open carrier Seattle (courtesy q13fox.com)

Back when Occupy Wall Street-types were occupying downtown Providence, Rhode Island, I surveyed the protestors about the Second Amendment. Ten occupiers were resolutely pro-2A. One wasn’t. So when I read the report stating that open carrier “Shane Butts of Puyallup told Q13 FOX News that he was at Seattle Central Community College to ‘ensure people’s rights get respected'” I had no cause to doubt him. “These people have a right to free speech,” Butts asserted . . .

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Gun Rights “Debate” Heats-Up in Michigan

In the ongoing fight to restore Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms, there are pro-gunners who support pragmatic incrementalism. They’re OK with laws clawing-back some gun rights, to prepare the political soil for a future day’s harvest. There are others who believe that “shall not be infringed” means “shall not be infringed.” Any stance removed from that position is abject capitulation to gun control advocates; an unacceptable compromise that emboldens the enemies of firearms freedom. We’ve seen this dilemma in . . .

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Will Texans Open Carry?

“The [Texas permitted open carry] bill’s author, Rep. Larry Phillips, R-Sherman, dismissed any concerns about a loophole.” dallasnews.com reports. “He said the amendment [prohibiting police from using open carry as probable cause] just provided ‘clarity’ to police officials that if ‘people are being law-abiding citizens, there’s no need to interfere with their daily activity.’ Predicting that a small number of Texans would actually open carry, he said didn’t think it would be an issue.” Wait. Texas, soon to be the most populous state in the union with open carry, won’t have many open carriers? That’s what he said . . .

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Is Texas Creating “Stealth” Constitutional Carry?


“The specter of ‘constitutional carry’ continues to hang over the Legislature’s effort to allow the licensed open carry of handguns,” dallasnews.com pronounces. Interesting use of the word “specter.” But more than that, what? The Chipotle Ninja problem effectively scuppered Constitutional carry in the Lone Star State even before the legislative session started. In fact, it was touch-and-go on licensed open carry at the start. But now licensed open carry is a virtual done deal – with an amendment prohibiting Texas law enforcement (specifically the Austin PD) from considering open carry probable cause to Terry stop citizens. The anti-gun press reckons the amendment constitutes Constitutional carry. Check it . . .

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Austin PD Chief Acevedo: Open Carry = “Open Season For Armed Criminals and Extremists”

SO CLOSE! If only Austin Police Department Chief Art Acevedo [above] had Tweeted that Texas’ impending permitted open carry law presaged “Open Season ON Armed Criminals and Extremists.” Then again, who gets to decide who’s a criminal? (I seem to remember something about presumed innocence.) Even more worryingly, what’s an “extremist”? Proponents of civilian disarmament call anyone in favor of uninfringeable gun rights an extremist. So let’s forget the whole “open season” thing. And let Art explain his opposition to the amendment to Texas’s open carry that prohibits police from using an openly carried weapon as probable cause to detain someone (and check ID). Here’s his thinking- such as it is – via TwitLonger.com . . .

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Texas Gun Sense: Bloomberg? Who’s Bloomberg?


Reader DH writes,

So I was watching the Homeland Security and Public Safety Committee hearing yesterday morning and yet a new tactic on the part of the Manic Moms emerged. The representative from Texas Gunsense, Frances Schenkkan, testifying against Rep Pickett’s HB 2298, started her routine by explaining that they are not associated with Bloomberg or any of his organizations…they are a local organization . . .

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Texas Permitted Open Carry Moves Closer to Law

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 6.38.01 PM

“HB910 (Licensed Open Carry ) just passed in the House,” Texas Gun Rights’ Facebook page reports. “An amendment was adopted from Rep. Dutton which keeps law enforcement from detaining you just because they see a holstered weapon. Now either the Senate bill needs to pass in the House or the House bill needs to pass in the Senate and from there it goes to Governor Abbott’s desk.” When Texas passes permitted open carry, it will be the most populous state in these here United States to “allow” open carry. The vote came after the House rejected some seventeen amendments (e.g., letting cities with more than 750k residents opt out).


Yes, Virginia, You Can Carry at the NRA Convention


Holy hypocrisy, Batman! The NRA bans guns at its own convention! That was the gist of breathless reporting in the run-up to this weekend’s festivities in Nashville. Such notable and allegedly reputable purveyors of infotainment as MSNBC, the Daily News and the New York Times reveled in the blinding double standard of the nation’s preeminent gun rights org “banning working guns” from their own shindig. They were apparently parroting misinformation served up by the noted legal scholars at Moms Demand Action. The glee and condescension fairly dripped off the screen in the Times’ editorial . . .

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OMG! Open Carry! In Big Cities! In Texas! OMG!

(courtesy gunnews.com)

Looking for gun control? Look in the large, Democrat-controlled urban areas of America. Gun rights have gone bye-bye in Boston, Chicago, Hartford, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco and Trenton. Politicians in these gun control havens have an answer for people who point to other states’ gun rights. What works in the wilds of Wyoming won’t work on the mean streets of Manhattan. Densely-populated cities have special needs. Hang on. What about Atlanta, Dallas, Miami, Phoenix, Nashville and Kansas City? Pay no attention to the firearms freedom behind that curtain! We’re on a mission here! Like this . . .

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Texarkana Stateline Open Carry Walk

The Texarkana open carry walk on the state line was carried out went off without a hitch on Saturday.  Conley Hennigan reports that 38 people showed up to express their First and Second amendment rights by marching with openly carried arms in two states across the border. Note the prominent use of the American flag, and the III percent symbol in the video . . .

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