Missouri to Become 7th State to Adopt Constitutional Carry?

MO seal (courtesy sos.mo.gov)

“The Missouri Supreme Court has upheld a constitutional amendment that broadened gun rights in the state,” stlpublicradio.org reports. “Voters approved Amendment 5 in August 2014 with 61 percent of the vote. It made the right to own firearms, ammunition and other accessories in the state ‘unalienable,’ and said any form of gun control should be subjected to “strict scrutiny.” The amendment also allowed the open carrying of guns. In fact, it paves the way for Constitutional Carry in The Show Me State. Surprisingly (for some), more than a few Missouri Dems supported the Amendment, and hailed the Court’s decision. Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster, a Democrat running for governor in 2016, is on board . . .

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Restaurant Gives Discounts to Customers Carrying Guns. It’s a Trend!

Chicken Express, located at 2 Warnock Springs Rd in Magnolia, Arkansas, is offering a free meal to people who present a concealed handgun license on Independence Day.  “On Saturday July 4th we will be giving a FREE #1 combo to anyone with a Conceal Handgun License.,” their Facebook page proclaims. “This will be DINE IN ONLY. You must have your License with you! We hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th of July!” This is not the first restaurant to reward legal gun owners  . . .

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Open Carry In AZ Rest Areas Socially Acceptable

On my recent vacation to Meteor Crater and environs, I stopped at the rest areas along the way to check and see if the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) had done its job.  They needed to replace old signs that illegally banned guns in the rest areas. When other travellers were available, I had them take my picture for use in this and future articles. After the pretty young woman holding the child took my picture, I asked if I could take hers. She was happy to pose for me . . .

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Pro-Gun Video: 11m Americans Carry Firearms. Or Do They?

Sweet video, riffing on TTAG’s I Am A Gun Owner Facebook gallery. Nice to see some minority faces amongst the proud gun owners flashing their gats in the Old Dominion. But really, no one knows how many Americans actually carry a firearm. Sure, we have hard data on the number of concealed carry permits the states have issued. The figure cited by the Virginia Citizens Defense League in the video above hails from gun researcher John More Guns, Less Crime Lott . . .

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Gay Open Carry Group Kicked Out of Gay Pride Rally Due to “Psychological Harm”

As you may have noticed, we here at TTAG are big believers in individual rights. All of them. As we have said many times (in one way or another), we want to live to see that day that homosexual married couples defend their legal marijuana plantations with machine guns. Civil rights aren’t mutually exclusive — you actually can be pro-gun and pro gay marriage at the same time. Unless, apparently, you want to attend the Capitol City Pride Parade in Olympia Washington. In that case, event organizers will demand that you leave your evil (legally owned and carried) guns at home because they cause psychological damage to others . . .

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James Burdick Doesn’t Like Open Carry, Apparently


By James W. Burdick (republished with the author’s permission)

So, I’m at Costco yesterday, deep in the Bloomfield Hills ghetto, where everyone knows how dangerous a place it is. Uh. And I see this kid — maybe 25, wandering through like other shoppers. Except he had no shopping cart or purchases in his arms, but he was strapped with a shoulder holster and small automatic in “open view.” . . .

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How to Stop New York City Street Crime

Guradian Angels (courtesy phc.edu)

“Twenty years ago, I had the honor of observing one of the finest outfits the American police ever fielded in action: the NYPD citywide street-crime unit (SCU).” That’s Thomas A. Reppetto,   former commander of Chicago PD’s detectives and past president of the Citizens Crime Commission of New York City, writing at nypost.com. “It was a relatively small group of 100 to 150 carefully selected officers with outstanding records, who prowled the city looking for those carrying guns. And it’s a model of how the city can deal with rising gun crime without flooding the streets with additional cops or restoring stop-and-frisk.” Reppetto’s looking for a repeat performance of the SCU. Uh, about that the SCU’s activities not constituting “stop-and-frisk” . . .

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BREAKING: Abbott Signs Texas Open Carry Bill


TTAG was front and center this afternoon at Red’s Indoor Range in Pflugerville as Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill into law establishing Texas as the latest open carry state (as of January 1, 2016). The Lone Star’s top man did the honors before a select group of legislators who did the heavy lifting needed to get the bill to his desk. He remarked on the genius of the Founding Fathers in crafting the Second Amendment which recognizes the right Texans and all Americans to keep and bear arms . . .

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Open Carry Backlash?

(courtesy snarkbytes.com)

Earlier today, we ran a post entitled Open Carry Confidential: Michigan Edition. In it, Jeff the Griz writes about daily open carry in The Mitten State. “I’ve found it interesting that open carry has been so boring,” he declares. Copy that. Open carrying in Rhode Island and New Mexico was about as eventful as an obscure history professor’s book signing. How in the world do we square those experiences with those YouTube “Am I free to leave?” police interaction open carry videos and, more to the point, this [via Detroit’s freep.com] . . .

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Open Carry Confidential: Michigan Edition

(courtesy The Truth About Guns)

Jeff the Griz writes:

I’ve been a Michigan resident since about two years of age. My parents transplanted me from Texas. I’ve hunted and shot firearms since I was about six years old. As an adult I purchased a few handguns. They sat in night stands and only saw range use – until I met some guys at a private range that shot IDPA . . .

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The Truth About the Deffert Open Carry Case?

In March of 2014, Michigander Johann Deffert was exercising his Second Amendment rights. He was peacefully openly carrying a holstered handgun in Grand Rapids. As Deffert passed a church, someone called 911. When the police arrived on the scene, Deffert had already walked well past the church. The officer drew his pistol and pointed it at Deffert . . .

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