More Open Carry Hate [NSFW]

As an open carrier I believe that openly carried firearms are the key to gun normalization, which is the key to defending and extending our right to keep and bear arms. Now you could say that TigerFace is only railing against attention-seeking Chipotle ninjas — and that’s OK. I say it isn’t OK. Railing against rifle-toting gun right activists, that is. If an American is exercising his natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms I say good for him/her. Good for us. What say you, again?

Connecticut is an open carry state. Like Rhode Island, it’s a practice that’s about as common as public handstands. Even so, Constitution State cops are unhappy that they can’t stop open carriers just because guns. And so the Police Chiefs Association is seeking a change in the law so that cops no longer have to have “reasonable suspicion of a crime” before asking open carriers to produce their [required] gun permit. In fact, they want Connecticut open carriers to . . .