Ohio Carry Holds Another Open Carry Walk in Vermilion

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Ohio Carry organized another open carry walk this past Saturday in Vermilion. This was part of their ongoing effort to educate the public about their constitutional rights in the Buckeye State. Note the completely different image from what the Bloomberg media campaign is trying to craft for open carriers. As morningjournal.com reports, “In an effort to educate the public and combat stereotypes surrounding gun rights, Ohio Carry’s Northeast and Northwest chapters hosted a joint open carry and firearm education walk in Downtown Vermilion Sept. 13.” . . .

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Why I Agree With Panera’s Decision on Guns in Their Stores


Reader MAC writes:

Imagine you’re at a close family member’s funeral and one of the cars in the procession has a rubber pair dangling from the tow hitch. Or there’s a baby crying incessantly in the movie theater. Let’s be honest, the only good reason to carry an AR-15 into Panera is because there are zombies waiting outside. I know, Panera issued a blanket request which didn’t differentiate between concealed carry and open carry. They’ve effectively disinvited all guns . . .

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OMG! Open Carry! In Ferguson, MO! OMG!

Those of us who’ve been paying attention since Florida liberalized its gun laws – a move that signaled an end to gun control regimes throughout the nation – have heard it all before. Restore Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutional right to keep and bear arms [paraphrasing] and the streets will run red with the blood of innocents! And every time it happens, nothing happens. We recently reported on the non-events not happening in Mississippi since that The Hospitality State removed legal restrictions on open carry – despite the antis’ dire predictions of ballistic mayhem. And now that Missouri has over-ridden the Governor’s veto to deep-six its unconstitutional gun control laws, Vice News is predicting bad, bad things. In Ferguson . . .

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BREAKING: MO Legislature Overrides Gov’s Veto, Expands Open Carry, CCW, Teacher Carry in Schools


In a session that saw the Missouri legislature override dozens of Governor Jay Nixon’s vetoes last night, the senate and house both mustered the votes needed to override Nixon’s nixing of SB656 which included three key pro-gun provisions. The new law will allow specially trained and designated employees to carry firearms in schools. It lowers the age for obtaining a concealed carry license to 19 from 21 and allows anyone with a CCW permit to openly carry a firearm. As washingtonpost.com reports, Missouri schools had the option to allow carry on their campsites before, but the new law “requires the state Department of Public Safety to establish training guidelines for schools wanting to designate a teacher or administrator as a ‘school protection officer’ authorized to carry a concealed gun or self-defense spray.”


Open Carry at Kroger…Well, Fry’s

I had read about Moms Demanding Action’s shrill demands for a boycott of Kroger over their dislike of the exercise of the Second Amendment. I also noted the new media’s urging to show support for Kroger’s polite reply that the MDA’s should mind their own business. Of course, political manipulation is MDA’s stock in trade…and that runs exactly contrary to the limits on government that allow for toleration of others . . .

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Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America’s Hometown Paper Fed-Up with MDA

Open Carry Kroger (courtesy fishgame.com)

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America jefe Shannon Watts lives in Indianapolis, Indiana. Despite the fact that the Gannett-owned Indianapolis Star is Ms. Watts’ hometown paper, despite Gannett’s long-standing love of gun control, the paper’s had it up to here with the anti’s antics. A gun ban at Kroger? Let’s get realthe headline proclaims. Underneath, editorialist Tim Swaren addresses MDA’s campaign to convince the Kroger supermarket chain to ban open carry. Swaren, a journalist who desires the mythical and misguided “sensible conversation” on gun control, a writer who shows no love for the NRA, takes Shannon’s strategy to pieces . . .

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Gun Tweet of the Day: Kroger Ninja Edition

(courtesy twitter.com)

Regular readers may notice that TTAG commentator Paul McCain has left the building. Mr. McCain objected to my supposed anti-police bias. Whatever. But I do miss his rants about “Chipotle ninjas”: open carry advocates whose slovenly demeanor ran contrary to his desire to defend Americans’ firearms freedom. As much as I support anyone’s right to do anything legal, as much as my own wardrobe choices preclude me from criticizing open carry advocates’ casual attire, the above tweet reminds me of Supertramp’s Bloody Well Right. At least in this case, it’s hard not to agree with McCain’s bias. Check out this picture . . .

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Huey P. Newton Gun Club Holds Dallas Open Carry Rally

Some 30 African-Americans marched through the streets of South Dallas, Texas on Wednesday. According to myfoxdfw.comThe Huey P. Newton Gun Club “said the show of force served as a reminder of the right to bear arms to protect themselves from criminals and from police.” (Press release after the jump.) “They are trying to protect the community,” said Jacey Cofer with Mothers Against Teen Violence. Wow! A Mother Against group that’s for guns. Now you’re talking! The march had at least one tense moment . . .

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Mississippi Open Carry Ruling Leads to Blood in the Streets. Or Not.

Open carry (courtesy deloc.org)

“About this time last year, there was furor about state House Bill 2, the ‘open carry’ bill,” Geoff Pender writes at clarionledger.com. “HB 2 allows someone to openly carry a firearm. It caused an uproar, and litigation to block it, even though the state constitution already had given Mississippians such a right since 1890. In late August last year, with opponents warning it would bring ‘chaos’ and ‘the wild West’ and with no-guns-allowed signs popping up everywhere, the state Supreme Court upheld the law. Since then . . .

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TTAG Reader: This is the Open Carry Discussion We Should be Having


Zeitgeist barometer yahoo.com reports that, “Gisele Bundchen, Jaime King, Gwen Stefani, and Miranda Kerr are among the celebrity moms who have helped glamorize breastfeeding recently — and now, with her buzz-inducing mom-and-baby photo image included in a spread for Glamour, cover girl Olivia Wilde has joined their proudly lactating ranks.” That “buzz-inducing” photo appears after the jump. What does this have to do with guns? TTAG reader DC has an idea . . .

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Wisconsin Cops Aim Rifle at Open Carry Advocate

“Don’t point that f***ing gun at me!” Bill Polster yells at a cop in Calumet County Park in the video above. ”He’s got a gun pointed at me, that’s bulls***!” Indeed it was. “The [Wisconsin] Department of Justice says gun laws have been amended to allow open carry in state parks,” fox11online.com reports. “County officials met and say they will change their rules. The county’s attorney will write up the new ordinance and from there it will need to be approved by county board. For now, the sheriff’s department will not enforce the current ordinance.” So an open carry advocate schooled Calumet County on the law regarding open carry, at the point of a gun, while videotaping for YouTube. Kudos?


Doctor Arrested for Open Carry AR at AZ Airport: Official Statement

Open Carry in Arizona

At a press conference on Monday, Dr. Peter N. Steinmetz, the physician who was arrested at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport while openly carrying a rifle, issued the following statement [paragraphs added]:

“I consider myself to be a freedom activist, a man of peace and a responsible American citizen. I fully respect the rule of law and have complied with it my entire life. I am also an educated and responsible gun owner who has earned the legal right to have a concealed weapons permit . . .

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