Gear Review: Sitka Gear Bomber Belt for Sidearm Carry

Sitka Gear is the crème de la crème of hunting equipment. The only consistent knock on Sitka’s products I’ve heard over the years is the price. But the quality of the Gore-Tex®, WINDSTOPPER®, and Primaloft® technologies utilized across their products combined with the high level of craftsmanship have always been unimpeachable. In preparation for this year’s […]

After Charlottesville, Open Carry Is Now A ‘Loophole’… VIDEO

Jeff Knox of writes [via]: Opponents of gun rights are now using the horror and stupidity of the Charlottesville protests to declare open carry of firearms a “loophole,” which of course must be closed posthaste. Demonstrators in Charlottesville assaulted each other with rocks, bottles, sticks, clubs, chemical agents, and hands and feet in […]

Southern Poverty Law Center: ‘Amend’ Open Carry Laws

Press release by Richard Cohen, President Southern Poverty Law Center We’ve all seen the pictures from Charlottesville. Peaceful protesters being met with men carrying military-style weapons. Many of those unarmed were probably intimidated. I certainly think I would have been. What did the scene represent? Were we looking at a clash of grand constitutional values, a […]

“He wanted my gun. So I gave it to him”

A 61-year-old grandfather looked like an easy mark to a brazen 16-year-old punk at a Detroit gas station. It takes a brazen (or stupid) criminal to try to rob someone who’s open carrying a handgun. Unfortunately for the young hood, the old man not only had a gun, but also the willingness to use it. […]

BREAKING: District of Columbia’s ‘May Issue’ Carry Law Struck Down

[Article updated since its initial publication.] A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of the Appeals for the D.C. Circuit has just issued a permanent injunction against the District’s “may issue” firearms licensing scheme, holding that the Second Amendment’s “core lawful purpose” of “self-defense” included the right to carry a firearm beyond the home. The opinion, […]

Florida GOP Governor Candidate: I Support Campus Carry, Open Carry

According to both WCTV news and WTXL news in Tallahassee, Florida, the leading Republican contender for governor, Adam Putnam, says he supports carrying guns on college campuses as well as open carry. Putnam is currently the Florida Agriculture Commissioner, heading the agency that issues Florida’s concealed carry weapon permits. Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam said Tuesday that […]