Did Colorado’s Open Carry Law Delay Police Response to Colorado Springs Spree Killing?

Colorado Spring shooting (courtesy nbcnews.com)

“An emergency call placed moments before Saturday’s shooting rampage in Colorado Springs has sparked intense debate on how police should respond to armed people in public given Colorado’s open carry law.,” denverpost.com reports. “Naomi Bettis told The Denver Post she called 911 after spotting her neighbor, 33-year-old Noah Harpham, armed with a rifle on the street. She says a dispatcher explained Colorado allows public handling of firearms. Harpham went on to kill three people.” So it’s looks like yes, Colorado’s open carry laws did delay the police response until there were reports of shots fired. The problem with this is . . .

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Question of the Day: Open Carry Etiquette Rules Please

(courtesy snarkbytes.com)

“Clearly, with Texans and their affinity for guns, there is one area sorely lacking when it comes to possession and the carrying of guns,” former Texas State Rep. Carl Parker writes at The Examiner in southeast Texas. “We are in need of the equivalent of Emily Post, a writer on social etiquette … Many of us are certainly in a quandary about protocol and manners when it comes to when, where and how we should wear our weapons or have them on open display.” Help the man out, woudja? 


Gun Tweet of the Day: God Bless Texas Edition

(courtesy Twitter)

Texas is hardly home to the America’s best gun laws – or lack thereof. Concealed carry still requires a license, which requires training, a shooting test, a background check and fingerprints. Open carry – due January 1 – requires a license as well. Campus carry makes the scene next August – with university-chosen carve-outs. But don’t be mistaken. The Lone Star State’s gun culture is extremely vibrant. One need only clock the success (and attend) the Texas Firearms Festival, or visit any number of gun ranges and guntry clubs throughout the state, or check out the firearms sales stats to know the truth about guns in Texas. Or see the tweet above. As I said, God bless Texas. [h/t DH]


Is Arming EMTs A Good Idea?


Robert forwarded an article earlier this week about a couple of EMTs that were ambushed in the line of duty. The were stabbed and pretty badly cut up. His question: should we arm EMTs? It’s a fair question, and given my background I think I’ve got enough experience to take a stab at an answer (no pun intended) . . .

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Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions: Why Do You Carry A Gun? Edition

It happened the other day, again, in the locker room. “Why do you carry a gun?” a random guy asked as I placed my EDC in my locker. “So that good things can happen to bad people,” I replied. I thought it was clever, being in the Bible Belt and all. He didn’t get it. I could have trotted out the old warhorse, “Because a policeman’s too heavy to carry,” but I didn’t want to get into an argument with the protein shake-swilling Schwarzenegger listening in. Anyway, with licensed open carry coming to Texas, I’ve been thinking about snappy answers to that inevitable question. Here’s what I’ve got so far . . .

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The St. Augustine Record: Fudds R Us


A Fudd is a gun owner who supports gun control, named after Looney Tunes’ hapless hunter Elmer Fudd. When a Fudd takes to the media to promote “sensible gun safety legislation,” he or she must first submit their firearms credentials. Like this: “I was raised around guns. I didn’t know until I was a teen that you could hunt rabbits during the daytime. It was years later when I discovered that jack-lighting marsh rabbits was frowned upon in a civilized society and by the former Game and Freshwater Fish Commission.” Oooh! A law breaking Fudd! Who does go on a bit . . .

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Yankee Marshall: Break the Law. #carryeverywhere [VIDEO]

I apply a simple rule to bearing arms: if it’s not legal, I don’t do it. And if I did, I sure as hell wouldn’t A) tell anyone, or B) tell other people to do it. Despite the Yankee Marshall’s fancy footwork – “This is not a request to commit a crime. It’s a just a request to carry into places where it’s against the rules but not illegal” – he’s urging gun owners to break the law. I appreciate his passion, but our natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms does not trump property rights, which are the foundation of law itself. Don’t get me wrong . . .

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BREAKING: VA Gov. McAuliffe’s Executive Action to Prevent Gun Violence Bans Open Carry In Gov. Buildings, and More!

TYSONS CORNER, VA - NOVEMBER 5: Virginia Governor-elect Terry McAuliffe (D), during an election night event, November 5, 2013 in Tysons Corner, VA. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

A TTAG tipster sent us a copy of Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe’s Executive Action to Prevent Gun Violence. Click here to read. Citing the thoroughly debunked “private gun sales loophole” 40 percent stat, McAuliffe’s EA 50 establishes a joint task force to prosecute gun crimes with a wide remit (“identify those areas within our regulatory system that significantly hamper law enforcement’s ability to effectively pursue illegal transfers of weapons”) and evokes unspecified legal powers for the Governor (“I reserve the right to initiate any other legal proceedings that may be necessary to protect the citizens of the Commonwealth from illegal firearms sales”). But wait! There’s more . . .

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Three Ways to Destroy Gun Control Once and For All

The post-Umpqua Community College anti-gun agitprop surge indicates that the civilian disarmament industrial complex is getting increasingly desperate. While Bloomberg bucks will continue to feed the anti-firearms freedom flames, I reckon the pro-gun side has taken the field. Note: I was wrong about Obama’s campaign promise not to pursue gun control. I’ve since learned that the fight for gun rights is eternal. So anyway, here are three ways to seal the deal, putting gun rights out of reach of those who would degrade and destroy them . . .

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