Oklahoma Moves Closer to Constitutional Carry

OKlahoma Capitol

Oklahoma looks to be ready to move another increment toward permitless or “Constitutional” carry.  The Senate has already passed SB 735 on a 67-2 vote; the bill has passed the House Public Safety Committee with a “Do Pass” recommendation.  If passed by the House, it will go to the Governor. It is a small increment . . .

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Open Carrying A Rifle Wearing a Bullet Resistant Vest and a Thigh Holster? Seriously?

I was all on board with these open carriers checking/establishing their gun rights at Detroit’s Rosa Parks Transit Center. The irony alone is worth the price of admission. And then I saw how one of the protesters was dressed. Slung AR, bullet resistant vest, thigh holster and head-mounted Go-Pro. Seriously? While I’m all about firearms freedom, there’s no need to dress like a tactifool to establish your gun rights. In this case, as in so many others, a gun in an outside-the-waistband holster would have been sufficient. Or would it? I reckon . . .

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Texas Open Carrier’s Letter to Walmart

TTAG reader and open carrier Tyler London’s letter to Walmart regarding his interaction with store personnel in San Antonio:

On April 20, 2016, at approximately 2:00 PM, while shopping inside the Walmart at 1200 SE Military Dr, San Antonio, TX 78214, I was approached by two employees (manager Adam and grunt worker Rob) who demanded to see my license to carry a handgun. I asked them why they needed to see it and they incorrectly informed me that they were legally required by TABC to check my license. I informed them they were both wrong about that . . .

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Louisiana Open Carrier Shoots And Kills Gas Station Assailant: Defensive Gun Use of the Day

Open Carry Defensive Shooting Mandeville LA 2016

In a decent neighborhood in Mandeville, Louisiana, an unidentified store clerk was attacked by an aggressive customer at a gas station. A firearms instructor on the scene — openly carrying his .40 caliber pistol in a holster — felt compelled to assist the store clerk in de-escalating the situation. But the aggressor would not stop. Instead, he kept on increasing the level of attacks. From theadvocate.com . . .

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Dallas Marine Stops Home Invasion With Gunfire – Defensive Gun Use of the Day

Open Carry Walmart Dallas 10 April 2016

One of the advantages of open carry is that it’s a good excuse for social interaction. I was in a Dallas Walmart taking pictures of .22 ammuntion for sale, while another customer was waiting for the cabinet to be unlocked. I asked him to take my picture when my new photographer casually mentioned that he was there to buy .38 special ammunition because he had repelled a home invasion the previous night . . .

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Oklahoma Senate Nears Vote on RKBA Reform Bill


Oklahoma Second Amendment supporters, particularly OK2A, have been pushing for a reform of the state constitution’s weak protection of the right to keep and bear arms. A bill currently under consideration has strong support, but has been bottled up in committees. The reform is needed because current Section II-26 has been ruled by the Oklahoma Supreme Court to offer little serious protection . . .

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More Open Carry Hate [NSFW]

As an open carrier I believe that openly carried firearms are the key to gun normalization, which is the key to defending and extending our right to keep and bear arms. Now you could say that TigerFace is only railing against attention-seeking Chipotle ninjas — and that’s OK. I say it isn’t OK. Railing against rifle-toting gun right activists, that is. If an American is exercising his natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms I say good for him/her. Good for us. What say you, again?


John Farnam: Don’t Open Carry!

TTAG Publisher Robert Farago at Austin's Heroes & Legacies cigar store carrying a Wilson Combat X-TAC Commander 1911 (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

Gun guru John Farnam [not shown] writes [via Ammoland.com]:

The State of Texas has recently authorized “open” (exposed) carry of guns within the state. Arizona and some other states have technically permitted the practice for some time. And, even in states where there is no specific legislation, the practice is commonly noted in some areas. My advice to students is not to carry openly . . .

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It’s Nice to Know What You’re Talking About When Talking About Open Carry


Reader Levon S. writes:

Anytime I go out in public, I have two firearms concealed and one that I carry openly. To some that’s overkill, but I like to be prepared. Up until yesterday, 100% of my encounters have been very positive. Most folks ask about carrying firearms etc. and I use the opportunity to educate them and give them some new information. While grocery shopping with my family yesterday, I had an encounter that wasn’t so positive . . .

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