American Rifleman: 7 Reasons Why Pocket Pistols Are, Uh, Less Than Ideal

Pocket guns (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

When the NRA’s Shooting Illustrated made the ill-conceived, poorly constructed and downright dangerous Remington R51 their cover girl, the buff book’s street cred took an enormous self-inflicted hit. Shooting Illustrated’s loss was the consumer’s gain. I reckon R51-gate triggered a new spirit of truthiness. Another NRA pub American Rifleman, in particular, seems to be feeling its editorial oats. To wit: 7 Reasons Why Pocket Pistol Suck May Not Be For YouI’m picking up what B. Gil Horman’s putting down. I mean, I’m not picking up the pistols that B. Gil Horman’s putting down. I mean, SPOILER ALERT! . . .

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Mother Jones: NRA General Counsel Robert Dowlut is a Murderer


If you’ve been reading these pages in the last few months, you’re probably aware that the lefty magazine Mother Jones has been on its own anti-gun jihad of late. Apparently supremely peeved by the lack of anti-RKBA progress — particularly on the national level — in the 18 months since Sandy Hook, the gloves have clearly come off. And, like most members of the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex, pro-gun public enemy number one is, was, and always will be the National Rifle Association and its 5 million members. As seen by Second Amendment foes, the NRA is the 800-pound gorilla of gun rights advocacy, the lobbying colossus that bestrides Capitol Hill striking righteous fear into the hearts of any who would presume to oppose them. Which means they must be struck down at any cost. And that explains MoJo’s article recounting NRA general counsel Robert Dowlut’s 1964 murder conviction . . .

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OMG! Billy Johnson’s Engaging in a Thought Experiment! OMG!

Billy Johnson’s genius is in his tendency to look at things from a different angle – one you may not have considered – and then present his point simply and clearly. In his latest piece for the NRA, ‘Everyone Gets a Gun’, he notes that unlike the nation’s polices promoting things likes free speech, equal employment, home ownership and higher eduction, when it comes to firearms, America has an anti-gun policy. That’s based on the premise that we need to be protected from firearms. Then he really strays over to the dark side, asking, “What would happen if we designed gun policy around the assumption that people need guns — that guns make people’s lives better?” Why, that would mean creating guns-required zones, rewarding people for arming themselves, teaching firearms safety and competency from an early age. Can you conceive of a world in which we deal with guns as a need rather than a problem to be regulated and controlled? We know one person who sure can’t . . .

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Media Matters: Registration ≠ Genocide

“A new video commentary released by the NRA references the Holocaust and other instances of persecution to advance the baseless claim that ‘the government is collecting more and more gun registration data which could be used against gun owners in the form of full confiscation,'” Timothy Johnson writes at the 501(c)(3) non-profit “progressive research and information center” known as “The NRA frequently uses the Holocaust to fearmonger about gun rights, and has on three recent occasions been rebuked by civil rights group Anti-Defamation League for misappropriating the history of the Holocaust.” In other words, Media Matters agrees with the ADL that gun registration has nothing to do with the Holocaust. Perhaps they didn’t read . . .

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Chuck Norris [Not Shown] & NRA Tooling-Up For Nov. Elections

Jessie Duff (courtesy

The National Rifle Association’s Freedom Action Foundation is launching their 2014 “Trigger the Vote” Voter Registration Campaign. But because a pun does not a pro-gun voter movement make, the NRA’s once again turning to Chuck Norris to kick some PR ass. The diminutive, plastic surgery-friendly action hero will lead The Campaign to Defend our Freedom. Perhaps not the ideal person to lead a “vigorous non-partisan voter registration program;” Chuck is so right wing the American flag salutes him. The new website is user-friendly and NRA branding shy, but it shows where America’s oldest civil rights organization missed a trick. Fellow NRA member, champion shooter and Taurean Jessie Duff absolutely rocks the vote! Full press release after the jump . . .

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Incendiary Image of the Day: NRA Are Baby Killers Edition

(courtesy Hollis Fligg IV's Facebook page)


TTAG reader Hollis Fligg IV posted this image on our Facebook page. The two main custom-made bumper stickers read “THE NRA SLAUGHTERS CHILDREN FOR PROFIT” and “Not all mass child killers use guns Most use their vote.” This is our third recent post on NRA demonization. I’m not sure if it’s because we’ve become more aware of the sentiment, if it’s become more prevalent, if people who hold that view are becoming more socially acceptable (thank you civilian disarmament campaigners) or if the antis are becoming more desperate and, thus bolder. I like to think it’s the latter. But make no mistake: gun control advocates will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. As they say, keep your powder dry.


John Walsh Wants to Be the New Piers Morgan

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 8.24.28 AM

“’I am the guy that has seen both sides of the issue,’ (new CNN host John) Walsh told reporters Monday. ‘I own guns. I’m the father of a murdered child. I’ve done nothing but track violence in America since my son was murdered. We have a serious problem with guns in this country. And we refuse to address it. And the NRA solution to arm every grammar-school 80-year-old teacher with a gun is absolutely ludicrous.’” So let’s see if we have this straight. Now that CNN’s viewership has fallen below that of even MSNBC, their strategy for clawing their way back toward tragedy TV ratings respectability is to resuscitate the long-defunct ‘America’s Most Wanted’ franchise under a new name…and let the show’s host pick up the fallen Piers Morgan’s anti-gun mantle . . .

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Everytown for Gun Safety Wimps Out


Yesterday, we deconstructed Michael Bloomberg’s gun control questionnaire; the former New York City mayor’s political purity test for unlocking hizzoner’s $50m campaign war chest. Today, I noticed that noticed something about the survey that I hadn’t noticed. “Everytown for Gun Safety says it’s ready to begin surveying federal candidates about their positions on gun issues as the first step in its plan to sway the midterm elections — however, candidates won’t receive a letter grade after completing the questionnaire.” Ha! I told you Bloomberg was playing the NRA’s game, only worse. Here’s the thing . . .

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Travis Pike’s Gun Control Crazies’ Comment Cache: Death to the NRA! Edition

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 3.12.59 PM

We talked about doing it. We thought about doing it. And now we finally really did it. We collected some of the antis’ more offensive comments for TTAG readers’ dining and dancing pleasure. Well, “we” didn’t do it; Travis Pike’s done did it on our behalf. We’re running this feature to highlight the antis’ insanity and remind the pro-gun side that they’re facing intransigence with a capital WTF. Today, it’s death to the NRA underneath an image [above] dissing America’s oldest civil rights advocacy group on the Campaign to Stop Gun Violence’s Facebook page . . .

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NRA Commentator Dom Raso Hearts Police Militarization. Again. Still.

TTAG reader JF writes:

It seems NRA commentator Dom Raso just doesn’t get the pitfalls of up-arming every cop in America to the point where they could fight the Decepticons. He’s made a new video [above] where he acknowledges the resistance to police militarization in his previous video. He states that he’s a civilian now and doesn’t want MRAPs on every street. Then he goes on to say that we really need MRAPs on every street. Because terrorists. That’s his mantra; that the military fights terrorists so the police need to be just like the military to fight the terrorists when they show up here. He must think it’ll be like that Chuck Norris movie Invasion USA where 500 Jihadis land on a beach. Of course he never mentions any of the abuses of police acting like military and treating all citizens like potential insurgents. He does ask anyone who disagrees with him to “make a video” and send it to the NRA. He loves to say “Crush Everything” and I guess he’s including most of the Bill of Rights.


Facebook Commentator Paul William Lander: I Don’t Get No Respect

President Obama and friend (courtesy AP)

Commentator Paul William Lander saw our Facebook post quoting President Obama [above]: “Most members of Congress — and to some degree this is bipartisan — are terrified of the NRA.” He penned the following screed.

I’m seeing a lot of hate against the NRA, and they put EVERYTHING to a vote and actually count the ballots. I know because I receive ballots for the things they put to a vote at least once every two months. There is no gerrymandering or any nonsense like that. No electoral votes, no bullshit. Just a straight count of the votes. That is what you call the truest representation of what the majority wants. Yet the national government quite clearly has all of these representation-skewing processes in place that I mentioned earlier . . .

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THIS is What The NRA Should be Doing. Is Doing

As you may know I’m not the world’s biggest fan of the NRA Freestyle show Noir. Must…not…snark. That said, I really like Dom Raso’s Media+Lab Hollywood re-creation show. Although . . . his pro-police militarization video means he is not my friend and I’m not inviting him to my party. Anyway, here’s what NRA media does best of all (lobbying aside): teach shooting. Their entry into the newbies-guide-to-guns genre is way overdue, but most welcome. And perfectly produced. Not to put too fine a point on it, the NRA Firearm Science series is the bomb. The fact that Jessie Duff fronts the firearms instruction gives the program mega-bonus points. I can’t believe we missed all the other episodes. Time to catch up!