NRA-ILA: NJ Wants to Make Armor Piercing FN FiveseveN Ammo Illegaler

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The FN FiveseveN is a fine firearm, for what it is. As I pointed out in my review, non-law enforcement folks don’t have access to the FiveseveN’s higher-powered ammo, such as the  SS198LF…

Extremists Don’t Respect First Amendment Rights Either

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Betsy Riot, a new group of gun-hating vandals has popped up just in time for the elections.  Their mission:  trying to bully gun owners into the closet and to surrender…

The Henry 1000 Man Shoot to Benefit the NRA

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Press release from Henry Repeating Arms: Less than one week after the 2016 Presidential election Henry Repeating Arms, one of the country’s leading firearms manufacturers, and the National Rifle Association…

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NRA Endorses Democrat Koster Over Republican Greitens in Missouri Governor Race

“Attorney General Chris Koster received the National Rifle Association’s nod Tuesday for Missouri governor over GOP rival Eric Greitens, yet another endorsement for the Democrat from a group that typically…

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NRA-ILA: Hillary Clinton and Shannon Watts Lies Revealed. Again. Still.

The NRA-ILA writes, The Trump for President website offers a “Pantsuit on Fire” t-shirt. We don’t know how brisk the sales are, but it’s a safe bet that sales are outperforming Ms….

Cox: Trump is the 2A Candidate We Need

While some on the right are having second thoughts about their support for Donald Trump (assuming they were ever behind him at all), the NRA isn’t amongst ’em. Chris Cox…

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NRA-ILA Launches Mobile App

“Developed with our activist, volunteer, and grassroots army in mind, this one-stop shop will allow anyone with a smartphone to join the frontlines of the fight to defend the Second…

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NRA Statement on Racially-Motivated Dallas Police Massacre

FAIRFAX, Va. [ via] The following statement was issued this morning by Wayne LaPierre, Executive Vice President and CEO of the National Rifle Association of America: “On behalf of the more…

Erle Stanley Gardner’s Colt SAA: Blast from the Past

I’m not sure who cares that author Erle Stanley Gardner owned the Colt Single Action Army pistol featured in the NRA video above. That’s not what I call provenance. Gardner’s…

NRA Rails Against “the Elite” – Still No Mention of Gun Rights

The NRA recently ran an ad in “battleground states” entitled “Stop Clinton, Vote Trump.” The video features a security contractor named Mark Geist lambasting Hillary Clinton for failing his comrades before, during and after the Benghazi attack. Geist’s NRA-branded ad makes no mention of Trump or gun rights.

The NRA has just released a follow-up YouTube video. In his latest one-minute diatribe, NRA Executive Veep LaPierre claims America has been taken over by elites in the media and Hollywood. They get to decide . . . “what’s news and what’s not, what’s true and what’s not, who gets protected, who goes to prison, who gets our money and who gets our vote.”

While I appreciate the subtle dig at Ms Clinton, there are three huuuuuge problems with this video.

1. It makes no mention of gun rights

While the NRA jefe’s not wrong about the unholy alliance between politicians, the “elite” media and deep-pocketed Hollywood enablers, his remarks are what marketing mavens call “off-message.” The NRA is not the National Republican Association. It’s the National Rifle Association. That’s their brand: gun rights. Everything they do publicly should reinforce their branding by at least mentioning gun rights. By failing to focus on firearms freedom, this ad fails to defend and extend the NRA brand.

2. It doesn’t strike a killer blow against Hillary Clinton 

Given the NRA’s sloth-like PR process (at least in Internet terms), I reckon this video was produced before the FBI gave Ms. Clinton a pass for her illegal activities. Wrong answer. Clinton skating was the perfect opportunity for Mr. LaPierre to drive a stake through Ms. Clinton’s proverbial heart (if one exists) — by tying her exoneration to insider corruption and the resulting danger of her Anti-Gun Highness’ ascension to the throne. To gun rights.

3. It’s stinks of fascism

OK this is a bit of a stretch. But it’s on my mind, so here goes . . .

Donald Trump’s rise is a populist uprising against the status quo. You might even say it’s a movement against “the elites.” ‘Cause The Donald has. And, now, so has Wayne LaPierre. Who has thrown the whole weight of the NRA behind Mr. Trump’s personality-based candidacy to fix the “rigged” system.

Anger-fuelled populism against The Man isn’t a coherent political philosophy. It’s simple “us vs. them” animus, with a popular leader telling “us” who “they” are. Muslims, Mexicans, politicians, Hollywood producers, liberal media — whomever the restless leader targets. Who’s next? The “International Jewish Conspiracy”?

ALL Americans have a natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. ALL Americans should vote to protect them. Campaigning for gun rights should be a unifying force for individual liberty.

We are a Constitutional republic, after all, not a democracy. Democracy is mob rule. I think this ad is an invitation to mob rule, as embodied by Donald Trump, a man without any apparent respect for the U.S. Constitution. Am I wrong?

The NRA recently ran an ad in “battleground states” entitled “Stop Clinton, Vote Trump.” The video features a security contractor named Mark Geist lambasting Hillary Clinton for failing his comrades before, during and…

NRA: Vote Against Hillary. That Is All.

The NRA’s not wrong here. Trying to sell NRA members and sympathetic others on the joys of Donald Trump is like trying to sell a Texan a GLOCK 43 for harvesting wild pigs. The…

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The Advocate: “Pink Pistols’ Call to Arms is ‘Misguided, Misinformed, and Utterly Irresponsible'”

The Advocate is the news organization of record for the LGBT community. Reflecting longstanding reader support for civilian disarmament, Erin Fitzgerald [above] minces no words in her editorial lambasting the…