The NRA Plays the Hurricane Katrina Confiscation Card

CBS’ Sunday Morning wanted Wayne LaPierre’s scalp interview for their program dedicated to “America and guns.” Instead, the nation’s oldest civil rights organization sent in Sandy Froman. The NRA board member and past president did a reasonable job defending Americans’ gun rights, but it was an uphill battle. Clearly, CBS sees the NRA as obstructionists. From’s best moment came when she . . .


The NRA Museum’s YouTube Channel isn’t exactly popular. When I caught up with it, the Gun Gurus’ Plains Rifle video above had garnered just 527 views. I’m sad that there’s such a limited audience for such a superlative production about such a historically important firearm. As a gun blogger who can spend four hours writing a post that’s seen by less than a thousand or so readers, I know that it’s not all about the views. Some things simply must be said. Like this: thank you NRA, the NRA Gun Gurus, Henry Repeating Rifles and NRA members/financial supporters for preserving and promoting our firearms heritage. Much obliged.

Interesting idea for an exhibit: Guns & Lace, Firearms and Fashion in the Civil War. I’d prefer Guns ‘N Grits, Shooting and Eating During the Civil War but that’s me (still on my paleo diet). Meanwhile, if someone sidles up to me and says “Pssst. Farago. Wanna buy a Civil War Henry cheap?” I ain’t gonna say no. Then I’d turn it over to the authorities. Eventually. Anyway, the exhibit’s protesters focused on a Colt revolver — which wasn’t stolen. Even so, perhaps there’s a connection? Sounds like a perfect plot for Murder She Wrote, save the obligatory murder.

I saw this video for the first time on CNN during the one-before-last Republican debate. It was posted on YouTube back in January but garnered only 12k views. I thought it well worth resurrection for members of TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia who may have missed it. Hats off to the NRA for its hard-hitting PR efforts to defend and extend Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Post this on your Facebook feed, so that the message doesn’t languish in the backwaters of the NRA’s back catalogue.