Codrea: Vote “Yes” on the Recall of Grover Norquist from NRA Board

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By David Codrea [via]

“For the first time in my 16 years on the NRA board there will be a recall on the NRA ballot,” NRA Director Todd Rathner notes. “I urge you to VOTE NO on the recall of Grover Norquist.” Rathners characterizes the recall effort as an “attack” on Norquist. He writes the motive behind it is personal, by a “troubled” and “obsessed” individual. “There are no allegations in the Recall Petition that have anything whatsoever to do with the NRA, its mission, purpose or programs,” Rathner assures us.Perhaps . . .

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Campaign to Keep Grover ‘Taxpayer Protection Pledge’ Norquist on NRA Board

Grover Norquist (courtest

Submitted by TTAG reader Todd Rathner

Dear Friends,

Many of you ask me who to vote for in the NRA board elections. I usually tell you to support the incumbents and this year I will tell you the same BUT with a small twist. For the first time in my 16 years on the NRA board there will be a recall on the NRA ballot. I urge you to VOTE NO on the recall of Grover Norquist. Here is a letter I wrote to gun rights leaders nationwide on why I oppose the recall. Ballots will be arriving in the NRA magazines between February 15 – 20 . . .

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Due Process for Accused Domestic Abusers With Guns? Nope.


“More than a dozen states have strengthened laws over the past two years to keep firearms out of the hands of domestic abusers, a rare area of consensus in the nation’s highly polarized debate over guns.” That’s the AP’s take on the spate of gun laws that mandate firearms confiscation for people (mostly but not exclusively men) subject to an ex parte domestic abuse-related retraining order. To be clear . . .

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Deadline for Fast & Furious Docs Passes. Where’s the Info?

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“On Jan. 19, federal Judge Amy Berman—an Obama appointee—ordered the administration to produce the [ATF’s Fast & Furious gun running] documents demanded,” the NRA’s reminds us. “The deadline Berman set for the administration to comply was this past Tuesday, Feb. 2.” And . . . ? Crickets chirping. I wouldn’t hold my breath for news of the big reveal. As we reported, Judge Berman . . .

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Feds Stop Processing NICS Denial Appeals



As much as the Brady Campaign, Bloomberg’s Everytown, and the Obama administration contend that submitting oneself to the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) is a fast and simple process that does not significantly burden lawful firearms transferees, the fact is that for many of Americans that simply isn’t true . . .

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NRA Veep Challenges President Obama Debate Gun Control. As If.

NRA Veep Wayne LaPierre is mad as hell and he’s not going to get a debate with President Obama. The chances that someone, anyone will confront the CIC on his lies, distortions and mischaracterizations about his civilian disarmament agenda. And I’m not sure that your average American has an eight-minute attention span when it comes to an “in your face” NRA harangue. Still, it’s nice to see the NRA responding more quickly and authoritatively to the assault media’s anti-gun animus. Props.


White House: “We’ve Done All We Could On Gun Control. We Might Do More.”

At the Friday press briefing, a reporter asked White House press secretary Josh Earnest whether President Obama is finished degrading and destroying Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms via executive action [paraphrasing]. “Based on the most recent analysis done, the answer to that question is yes, the president has done as much as he can,” Josh Earnest replied. “That said . . .

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BREAKING: NRA to CNN: Take Your Obama “Guns in America” Town Hall And Shove It

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“The nation’s largest gun rights organization declined Wednesday to send official representatives to a nationally televised town hall with President Barack Obama on gun violence — just days after the president reignited a discussion over this controversial topic,” reports. “‘The National Rifle Association sees no reason to participate in a public relations spectacle orchestrated by the White House,’ NRA spokesman Andrew Arulanandam told CNN, which is moderating the live town hall Thursday evening in Virginia. The NRA strengthened its comment after initially saying the White House had ‘organized’ the event.” Ohhh. So . . .

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NRA: “The Truth About Background Checks.” Uh . . .

The NRA thinks the FBI’s background check system sucks. “The system is only as good as the records that are in it,” NRA Veep Wayne LaPierre asserts, before listing the mass shooters who passed NICS. “If you cast a net and the fish swim through the holes, you don’t need a bigger net. You need smaller holes.” Yes, well, the federal firearm background check system is unconstitutional. And ineffective (by Mr. Lapierre’s own admission). And yet . . .

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Jeb! Bush Misremembers Story About NRA Award

Jeb Bush has been telling the world how former NRA President Charleton Heston acknowledged Bush’s contribution to the cause. “You know who you’re lookin’ at here? You’re looking at the guy who won the NRA Statesman of the Year Award,” Bush proclaimed at a town hall in Milford, New Hampshire. “Not the Florida award. The national award. And I got a rifle from Charlton Heston, I got a rifle from Moses.” Just this weekend, Jeb mentioned the Award again while talking about his record on the Second Amendment. There’s one problem with the story . . .

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The NRA’s Statement on Obama’s Gun Control Executive Orders


Fairfax, Va. – The executive director of the National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action, Chris W. Cox, released the following statement on Tuesday regarding President Barack Obama’s Executive Gun Control Order:

Once again, President Obama has chosen to engage in political rhetoric, instead of offering meaningful solutions to our nation’s pressing problems.  Today’s event also represents an ongoing attempt to distract attention away from his lack of a coherent strategy to keep the American people safe from terrorist attacks . . .

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