Jeff Knox to NRA: Rescind Bump Fire Stock Statement Now!

Jeff Knox of The Firearms Coalition writes [via] The Executive Vice President of the NRA, Wayne LaPierre, and Chris Cox, the Executive Director of NRA-ILA, the association’s lobbying arm, issued a joint statement in response to the horrific atrocity perpetrated last week in Las Vegas. The bulk of the statement was . . . practical and […]

House Speaker Ryan Backs Away From Bump Fire Ban Bill

“House Speaker Paul D. Ryan backed away Wednesday from legislative action to ban ‘bump stocks,’ the device a mass shooter used in Las Vegas earlier this month to create machine-gun-like rapid fire from his legal semi automatic rifle, killing 58,” reports. “Instead, Ryan and many of his fellow House Republicans hope the Bureau of […]

Marion Hammer: NRA Never Wanted Legal Machine Guns, Bump Fire Stocks

Marion Hammer is the president of the United Sportsmen of Florida. She’s also a past president of the National Rifle Association and currently an NRA Lobbyist. She sent the following letter Monday: DATE:   October 9, 2017 TO:       My Fellow Board & Council Members & Friends FROM:  Marion Hammer, NRA past president RE:       Misinformation and Distortion Anger […]

The NRA’s Position on Bump Fire Stocks was Genius

The National Rifle Association’s decision to stand down over the issue of bump fire stocks has generated a lot of concern, both among TTAG’s readership and elsewhere in the gun owning community. From my current vantage point on a busman’s holiday in a Northern Michigan lakeside hamlet, geographically and emotionally removed from the Potomac, I’m […]