Is The NRA Right to Teach Defensive Shooters to Retreat Before Engaging? CapArms Question of the Day

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In our post NRA: No 1911s or Revolvers in Carry Guard Training Classes, TTAG writer and Florida detective Luis Valdez revealed a new NRA training acronym: A.D.R.E. It stands for Avoid. De-escalate….

NRA: No 1911s or Revolvers in NRA Carry Guard Training Classes

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As part of their new Carry Guard insurance program, the NRA is offering a series of training courses for concealed carriers. They’ve recently announced that 1911 pistols and revolvers aren’t welcome…

Quote of the Day – Inner City Violence as a Gun Control Recruitment Tool?

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“As for inner-city violence: If guns are the reason for the violence in the inner city, shouldn’t the guns in American suburbs be the reason for their violence? Problem is,…

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At the NRA National Air Gun Championships

The National Rifle Association held their annual National Air Gun Championship this year in Bloomington, Illinois. For two days, the best of the best of America’s air gun shooters came…

Nancy Pelosi: Wayne LaPierre Was Right!

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi took to the House floor following the shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise and four others during a GOP team baseball practice this morning. During her…

Jeff Knox’s Letter to the NRA Re: Rules Changes

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Submitted by Jeffrey A. Knox,, Endowment Member, Buckeye, Arizona, NRA Member Number: 03XXXXXXXXX Whereas the National Rifle Association of America is a membership organization, created by and for the benefit…

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NRA Pulls Colion Noir Video Claiming Kim Kardashian Should be a Prohibited Person

NRA commentator Colion Noir was none-too-happy when reality TV star Kim Kardashian “celebrated” National Gun Violence Awareness Day with an open letter advocating gun control. So he fired up the…

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Quote of the Day: What Common-Sense Gun Owners Feel

“You have to show me you’re proficient if I’m going to let you carry those weapons. … I believe most educated common-sense gun owners feel the same way, too. There’s a…

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Springfield Armory Teams-Up With the NRA To Defeat IL FFL Licence Bill

That’s the top half of an email blast from the Springfield Armory railing against Illinois Senate Bill 1657, which only passed with the help of the gunmaker’s own highly-paid lobbyist. In…

Washington Post: NRA SAF Russian Visits Tied to Trump Softening on Russia

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“Top officials from the National Rifle Association, whose annual meeting Friday featured an address by Trump for the third time in three years, traveled to Moscow [in December 2015] to…

The Trace’s Fake News About the NRA’s “Fake News”

Adam Weinstein’s article The NRA Was Waging War on Facts Long Before the ‘Fake News’ Boom singularly, spectacularly fails to prove that the NRA is fact-challenged or pumping-out fake news. Here’s the Trace…

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ATF to Bill Nye: Drop Dead

Let’s be honest: anything that promotes a visceral reaction — sex, cars…guns — can grab attention, which is why images and iconography of them are so often used in marketing….