Travis Pike’s Gun Control Crazies’ Comment Cache: Death to the NRA! Edition

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We talked about doing it. We thought about doing it. And now we finally really did it. We collected some of the antis’ more offensive comments for TTAG readers’ dining and dancing pleasure. Well, “we” didn’t do it; Travis Pike’s done did it on our behalf. We’re running this feature to highlight the antis’ insanity and remind the pro-gun side that they’re facing intransigence with a capital WTF. Today, it’s death to the NRA underneath an image [above] dissing America’s oldest civil rights advocacy group on the Campaign to Stop Gun Violence’s Facebook page . . .

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NRA Commentator Dom Raso Hearts Police Militarization. Again. Still.

TTAG reader JF writes:

It seems NRA commentator Dom Raso just doesn’t get the pitfalls of up-arming every cop in America to the point where they could fight the Decepticons. He’s made a new video [above] where he acknowledges the resistance to police militarization in his previous video. He states that he’s a civilian now and doesn’t want MRAPs on every street. Then he goes on to say that we really need MRAPs on every street. Because terrorists. That’s his mantra; that the military fights terrorists so the police need to be just like the military to fight the terrorists when they show up here. He must think it’ll be like that Chuck Norris movie Invasion USA where 500 Jihadis land on a beach. Of course he never mentions any of the abuses of police acting like military and treating all citizens like potential insurgents. He does ask anyone who disagrees with him to “make a video” and send it to the NRA. He loves to say “Crush Everything” and I guess he’s including most of the Bill of Rights.


Facebook Commentator Paul William Lander: I Don’t Get No Respect

President Obama and friend (courtesy AP)

Commentator Paul William Lander saw our Facebook post quoting President Obama [above]: “Most members of Congress — and to some degree this is bipartisan — are terrified of the NRA.” He penned the following screed.

I’m seeing a lot of hate against the NRA, and they put EVERYTHING to a vote and actually count the ballots. I know because I receive ballots for the things they put to a vote at least once every two months. There is no gerrymandering or any nonsense like that. No electoral votes, no bullshit. Just a straight count of the votes. That is what you call the truest representation of what the majority wants. Yet the national government quite clearly has all of these representation-skewing processes in place that I mentioned earlier . . .

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THIS is What The NRA Should be Doing. Is Doing

As you may know I’m not the world’s biggest fan of the NRA Freestyle show Noir. Must…not…snark. That said, I really like Dom Raso’s Media+Lab Hollywood re-creation show. Although . . . his pro-police militarization video means he is not my friend and I’m not inviting him to my party. Anyway, here’s what NRA media does best of all (lobbying aside): teach shooting. Their entry into the newbies-guide-to-guns genre is way overdue, but most welcome. And perfectly produced. Not to put too fine a point on it, the NRA Firearm Science series is the bomb. The fact that Jessie Duff fronts the firearms instruction gives the program mega-bonus points. I can’t believe we missed all the other episodes. Time to catch up!


CT Police Dropped the Ball in Murder/Suicide

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For some time, the NRA has been saying that the police and courts should enforce existing gun laws – rather than create new ones. Recent events have highlighted the truth about “gun violence.” In the Isla Vista murders, six cops visited psycho-killer Eliot Rodger’s abode to investigate the suicidal/homicidal maniac. They failed to check California’s gun registry or watch his evil, illegal YouTube video. They failed to take Rodger into custody, remove him from society and revoke his guns rights for five years (as per 5150). So now the Golden State’s pandering pols are pushing to create a “gun violence restraining order.” Wrong answer. Let’s shine the light on a similar case out of Connecticut . . . [NB: autoplay video after the jump]

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NRA’s Chris Cox: Open Carry Condemnation Was a Mistake

On Monday, the NRA-ILA issued a “grass roots alert” on the open carry kerfuffle in the Lone Star State. [Click here to read.] The gun control industrial complex seized on the statement as vindication of their jihad against open carry in specific and “gun nuts” in general. Yesterday, NRA-ILA jefe and NRA Veep-apparent Chris Cox took to Cam and Company to issue a retraction. Cox called the alert as a “mistake.” “It shouldn’t have happened,” Cox said, blaming the statement as a “staffer’s personal opinion.” “It was a poor word choice,” the NRA-ILA Director added. That said, Cox stands by the gun rights group’s assessment that long gun open carry in Texas restaurants is tactically inadvisable. That said, Cox said “we support open carry . . . unapologetically” – just before apologizing. Carry on then? That one’s left open. [h/t b0bb33z3r]


NRA to Open Carry Texas: Quit Your “Friendly Fire” Foolishness

Texas Jack-in-the-Box open carry demo (courtesy

The NRA-ILA issued the following statement re: “smart guns” and the open carry of long guns.

“Here at NRA, we are big fans of responsible behavior … legal mandates, not so much. We think the Founders of this country were right to trust its people with the freedom to make their own choices. We also think they were wise to build checks into our constitutional system so that one view could not easily dominate the others and so that officials could be held accountable for their decisions . . .

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Fudds Are Out There, Somewhere . . .

Regular readers know the term “Fudd.” It references Elmer Fudd, the cartoon buffoon who hunted wascaly wabbits and ditzy ducks without success. In the gun rights world, a “Fudd” is a gun owner whose single-minded obsession with hunting blinds him to threats against Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. He’s ready, willing and able to sacrifice his gun rights on the altar of public safety – because magazine capacity laws, universal background checks, modern sporting rifle bans and the like have nothing to do with hunting. Although antis love ‘em, Fudds rarely appear in public discourse. But sometimes they do . . .

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The Truth About The Truth About Noir

My last review of the Noir show sets tongues wagging inside and outside the NRA. Hey, they asked for it. Literally. And I did nothing more than tell the truth about the Freestyle show. IMHO. To commemorate that review, Colion Noir has titled his third outing “The Truth About Noir.” LOL. No really, ALOL. “The truth about Noir?” the host asks rhetorically, “Is that this is what it’s all about.” And he shoots a gun! Just like I pictured it. Skyscrapers. And everything. So does Noir bring the noise? That depends on whether or not you think his crack about . . .

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TTAG Hearts NRA Freestyle Media Lab

Is Dom Rasso’s neck bigger than my thigh? I think so maybe yes. But then my neck doesn’t need to be that big. I’m not taking head shots from experienced fighters or running around like my hair’s on fire. Actually, Dom doesn’t do the burning man thing. The SEAL assesses threats and reacts with carefully timed evasion and counter-attacks. Kinda like I do sitting at this damn desk all day, but in a physical way. OK, yes, I’m jealous. What a cool job: breaking down Hollywood action sequences, recreating them and explaining why the techniques do or don’t work. For you! I mean, who knew . . .

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MDA’s Shannon Watts to NRA: You’re Turning a Blind Eye to “Gun Extremists”

Proof that we we CAN all get along - as long as the antis don't know we're pro-gun (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

“When I launched Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, I understood I would encounter opposition from those who took issue with my view – the same held by most gun owners – that firearm safety and responsibility go hand-in-hand with our Second Amendment rights,” Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America jefe Shannon Watts writes at Clearly Ms. Watts would have you – well, someone – believe that people who oppose her civilian disarmament agenda don’t believe in firearm safety and responsibility. Question . . .

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Shooting Illustrated, The Remington R51, and the Erosion of Journalistic Integrity


“It’s hard to classify the Remington R51 as anything other than the best new compact 9 mm handgun on the market.” That’s the official word from Richard Mann, reviewing the R51 in Shooting Illustrated magazine’s June edition. The seven-page review (eight including the cover, which features a beauty shot of Big Green’s latest effort) has nothing but glowing reports of Remington’s new handgun — there nothing but unbridled enthusiasm for the firearm. Par for the course in terms of the established print magazines, but the vast disparity between the R51 as presented in the article and the Hindenberg re-enactment that it’s been shown to be has highlighted the continuing decline of journalistic integrity that reigns in the dead tree gun mag world . . .

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