Incendiary Image of the Day: The NRA is a Terrorist Organization Edition

The Daily News is no friend to gun rights. So it’s no surprise that the fact that Congress itself has slammed the so-called FBI’s terrorist watch list as an inefficient, unaccountable system – one that denies Americans their Fourth Amendment rights – escaped their notice. But their recent campaign against the NRA’s opposition to “closing the terrorist loophole” represents a new low, even for them. More than that, this image represents a major escalation in the left’s vilification of the nation’s oldest civil rights organization and, by extension, those who agree with the NRA’s work to defend and extend Americans’ gun rights. This will not end well – especially if Hillary Clinton becomes president. Keep your powder dry.

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Donald Trump: No Guns for Americans on the Terrorist Watch List

Donald Trump doesn’t read TTAG. If the aspiring Commander-in-Chief read our post Here’s Why People on the “No Fly List” Should Be Able to Buy Guns, for example, he could’ve defended firearms freedom against the latest “common sense” assault on our gun rights. Then again, who am I kidding? Donald Trump is a populist. While he talks a good game on gun rights – now – his command of the facts on this or any other issue is tenuous. Actually, it’s worse than that. Check out this answer to George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s This Week.  . . .

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NRA Veep Wayne LaPierre: Collective Guilt Isn’t a Thing

NRA Veep Wayne LaPierre (courtesy nydailynews,com)

By Wayne LaPierre
NRA Executive Vice President

In the midst of demands for gun bans after the live-broadcast murders of a young Virginia television reporter and her cameraman by a deranged, fired coworker, a good friend of mine asked the most fundamental question: “Wayne, what’s this got to do with us?” When you think about it, as a peaceable, law-abiding gun owner, it is a profound question that applies to many media-intensified tragedies, as well as to the spike in criminal violence in many cities. What has this got to do with us? The answer to that question is emphatic . . .

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Noir Takes a Newbie Shooting [VIDEO]

Gun guru and firearms fashionista Colion Noir shares the commonly held belief that hands-on experience with firearms is the key to “converting” anti-gun rights voters to a pro-gun rights position. And proves it above. Well, not entirely. But it’s a valiant, entertaining effort. And his initial point – that kids need basic firearms education – is well taken. As we’ve said before, the NRA needs to move beyond Eddie Eagle to introduce . . .

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Chicago Police Supt Garry McCarthy Doesn’t Blame Guns for ‘Gun Violence’ – Much [VIDEO]

In the video above, Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy tells the interviewer that he and some of his big city LEO BFFs put their heads together and came up with two reasons for the recent uptick in “gun violence” in urban areas. “Repeat offenders, right? And lazy laws that are not keeping repeat offenders from being out on the street to commit more violent crime.” Why that’s exactly what the NRA has been saying for what, five decades? Not surprisingly, McCarthy tips his hat to gun control, but then stays on-message about the importance of locking up the bad guys. Like this . . .

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NRA Supports Removing Suppressor Restrictions – For the Children!

Silencerco Fight the Noise

Well not exactly. The bill the NRA-ILA is supporting is wonderfully titled the Hearing Protection Act. As written, it would extricate suppressors from regulation under the National Firearms Act of 1934. In other words, if the law is passed, you could walk into your local gun store, plunk down your cash and walk out with a SilencerCo Octane 45 for your FNX-45 Tactical. Or any other can that strikes your fancy. You know, just like they do in more civilized countries. NRA’s press release after the jump . . .

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Adam Winkler: The NRA is Doomed!


UCLA’s Professor Adam Winkler is an avid promoter of more infringements on the Second Amendment, though he would probably take issue with that phrasing. He would likely call it “more commonsense gun safety regulation.” Winkler is one of the better and clearer thinkers on the anti-gun side of the debate. I disagree with most of his premises, but he thinks strategically. Which is why I was surprised to see him take the view that NRA’s is doomed . . .

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Hillary Clinton: Gun Confiscation ‘Worth Looking At’

As we’ve pointed out, this isn’t your typical election cycle for the Democrats. This time around, there’s not even the thin veneer of lies about their intentions vis-à-vis civilian firearms ownership. Nope, this year, they’re doing everything they can to let you know they’re coming after your guns. This morning, Hillary Clinton told a handpicked town hall crowd that a national “buyback scheme” (i.e., gun confiscation) along the lines of the Australian model is something “worth looking at.” Here’s the NRA’s response . . .

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Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence on Debate Proposal to Discuss “Gun Safety” with the NRA: “We don’t negotiate with terrorists.”


Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun JournoList is alive and well. This we know thanks to Dan Gross, president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. Echoing his fellow anti-gunners’ use of the “t” word, Gross responded to Rhode Island Senator Lincoln Chafee’s call to discuss gun control with the NRA, uttered with characteristic verve during last night’s Democratic debate. “This is not a negotiation with the NRA,” Gross proclaimed. “We don’t negotiate with terrorists.” Gross was equally charitable about Bernie Sanders’ gun control-related remarks . . .

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