NRA: Vote Against Hillary. That Is All.

The NRA’s not wrong here. Trying to sell NRA members and sympathetic others on the joys of Donald Trump is like trying to sell a Texan a GLOCK 43 for harvesting wild pigs. The best the NRA can do: promote The Donald as the anti-Hillary. Which is both true and…true. ‘Nuff said?

“Gavin Newsom’s dangerous ballot measure threatens to criminalize law-abiding Californians without taking one weapon out of the hands of criminals and terrorists,” the caption under this just released Coalition for Civil Liberties’ YouTube video asserts. “Thousands of sheriffs, officers and prosecutors — our frontline law enforcement officials — are opposed to Newsom’s proposal.” reports that the ad will run on unspecified TV channels. Richard Grenell is the GOP “operative” behind the ads, an NRA-ILA-supported project of California Rifle & Pistol Association. Grenell told that . . .


Hillary Clinton Slams AK Open Carry (a.k.a., “Chipotle Ninjas”)

In the video above, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton tells a bunch of financially forthcoming anti-firearms freedom folks that the Supreme Court is “wrong on the Second Amendment.” Mrs. Clinton is saying — force record — that the McDonald decision should be overturned. That landmark ruling “incorporated” Second Amendment protection for the right to keep arms for lawful purposes. And that means that . . .