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First Look: Ares SCR Rifle, and How It Works


While assault weapons bans are in effect in some states, that doesn’t mean that an AR-15 rifle is out of their reach. There are a number of companies that make AWB-compliant rifles for those markets, but the vast majority of those manufacturers take the approach of simply neutering the existing design and selling a substandard product. Ares Defense didn’t think that was good enough, and instead of simply chopping up an AR-15 they completely re-designed the gun. And in the process, they came up with something that is a nifty gun in its own right.

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Housekeeping: TTAG at the NRA Convention

NRA convention (courtesy

Tongue firmly in cheek, Gun Nuts offers The 5 types of media at the NRA Annual Meetings. Caleb lets gun bloggers have it with both barrels: “If there’s one thing worse than the old media, it’s the new media. There’s nothing worse than a blogger who think that just because they’re smart enough to set up a wordpress page and pound out some mediocre content every now and then that their opinion is actually worth more than a fart in the wind. Seriously, bloggers are just the worst people ever. Can you imagine the massive ego it must take to think that your opinion is SO IMPORTANT that the whole internet should read it? Ugh.” Guilty as charged. Dan, Nick and myself will be at the NRA meeting in Indianapolis from Friday to Sunday, blogging our brains out. Let us know below if there’s something you’d like us to check out on your behalf. And no, booth babes don’t count. Although we might post some images on our Facebook page . . .

Violence Policy Center: NRA Show Shows NRA As Industry Shill


Email blast from the Violence Policy Center re: the NRA’s upcoming Annual Meeting (TTAG will be there):

Dear VPC Supporter,

Wayne LaPierre, Ted Nugent, and the rest of the NRA leadership will be in Indianapolis later this month for the NRA’s annual meeting which begins on April 25. We don’t expect they will mention the fact that Indianapolis has a murder rate higher than Chicago’s and that most of those killings are committed with guns. And we don’t expect them to stop opposing even the most limited policy changes that would help stop the gun violence epidemic. We do expect, however, that gun industry representatives will be there in force to promote “spectacular displays of firearms … from every major firearm company in the country.” . . .

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You Wish Your “Grassroots” Organization Was as Big…


On Saturday night I was a guest of TTAG and Dan Zimmerman at a local event. His wife, my wife and other like-minded folk attended a Friends of the NRA dinner where hundreds of gun nuts get together and place bids on donated items. One of my clients, Mid America Arms, was in attendance offering their FFL services to make sure winners of firearms passed the appropriate background checks before taking possession of their rifles, pistols and shotguns . . .

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SAF Sends NRA a Big Attaboy

The National Rifle Association may be the official whipping boy of the national media these days, but Alan Gottlieb seems to have had a good time in Houston this past weekend. In fact, The Second Amendment Foundation’s taken the time to issue a press release congratulating the NRA on a very successful shindig . . .

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Nick Leghorn on GOA Radio

In which I talk with Bill Frady about the NRA Annual Meeting, competition shooting and other gunny topics. As always, it’s up on the podcast as well (I just checked and it does indeed work).

How I Freaked Out the Anti-Gun Media

During last weekend’s NRA Annual Meeting in Houston, I gave a presentation on home defense concepts. One of the the suggestions I offered was keeping a gun – locked securely in a quick-access safe – in your child’s room. Just in case. As you may have heard, my tip was picked up by members of the anti-gun media (yes, that’s redundant) and has been spun as advice that gun owners store their firearms in their children’s room . . .

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