Girardoni Air Rifle at NRA Annual Meetings

Made famous by the Lewis and Clark Expedition and often credited with their very survival, the Girardoni Air Rifle offered a high rate of a fire and a 20-ball capacity. Sending .46 caliber lead balls to an effective range of 125 yards, it was quite the formidable weapon. And there’s one on display at the […]

New From KE Arms: SLT-1 Drop-In AR Trigger

A new drop-in trigger for the AR platform has just hit the market; this one operating in a completely unique way. The SLT-1 designed by M&M Manufacturing and now made and distributed by KE Arms has no disconnector. At least not in the traditional sense. The sear maintains contact with the hammer, apparently improving reliability and safety […]

Hands-On With CMMG’s New MkG45 Guard

Earlier this week we posted CMMG’s press release announcing their new MkG45 Guard, a .45 ACP carbine with a “radial delayed blowback” action. A visit to the CMMG booth at the NRA Annual Meetings netted some hands-on time and more details about the gun’s unique action and last round bolt hold-open design . . . […]

Scenes From Donald Trump’s NRA Speech

  Donald Trump made headlines with his appearance at the NRA’s Leadership Conference event yesterday in Atlanta. With upwards of 5,000 enthusiastic NRA members in attendance, President Trump could not have enjoyed a more enthusiastic audience. People began filing in well bef0re 8am. The news trucks were all lined up to cover the event with some very […]

Open Carry at the NRA Meeting 2017

For the last three NRA Annual Meetings, open and concealed carry have been legal and practiced on the premises. In 2015 it was in Nashville. 2016 was Louisville, Kentucky. In the press room here in Atlanta, there were a few open carriers. From the printing that I noticed here and there, there were a significantly greater […]

Hornady BLACK is the New Black: NRA Convention

Hornady tells TTAG that their new-for-2017 BLACK ammo is flying off the shelves. “The price and bullet selection has really hit the sweet spot in the market,” Hornady marketing maven Emily Mierau revealed at the NRA convention. With four different bullet types, there’s BLACK ammo for rifles answering to the name of direct impingement, gas piston, suppressed, […]

M1A/M14/BM-59 Rifles From James River Armory at NRA Show 2017

Looking for an M14-style rifle chambered in .308, in all sorts of configurations from modernized and tacticool to classic wood stock? Well, manufacturer James River Armory, sold through Classic Firearms, has you covered (guest-reviewed on TTAG here). Might be a good alternative for folks who are averse to other brands? More photos follow . . […]

New From Taurus: The T4SA AR-15

That’s right! An AR-15 from Taurus USA. That is, it’s designed and manufactured completely in the U.S. at Taurus USA in Miami, FL. It’s called the T4SA, and it looks like quite a nice AR-15, to boot . . . Both KeyMod and M-LOK will be available. A shorter handguard will come on the 11.5″ […]