FN’s Semi-Auto M249: Details, Pricing, and Hands-On


Here at the NRA Annual Meeting, the talk of the show is the semi-auto M249 from FNH USA. Everyone is talking about it, and three days later, the original story is still the most popular article on TTAG. Half a million people have seen it on Facebook, another 100,000 people have read the original article. And while there was some good information in that piece, some details were missing. I circled back to get the full details, and get my hands on the actual article.

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Glenn Reynolds: Hold Property Owners Liable When They Ban Guns


Glenn Harlan Reynolds, of Instapundit fame, was the specal lunch speaker at the National Firearms Law Seminar yesterday at the NRA Annual Meeting. Professor Reynolds gave an interesting talk derived from an article he wrote for the Tennessee Law Review last year, “The Second Amendment as Ordinary Constitutional Law.” He covered a variety of topics, but said one thing I thought really interesting (which I hastily scrawled on my napkin, so apologies if the wording is not exact): “If a premises owner bars me from possessing a gun on those premises, he should be liable if I suffer as a result of it, as if he had done it himself.” . . .

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Yes, Virginia, You Can Carry at the NRA Convention


Holy hypocrisy, Batman! The NRA bans guns at its own convention! That was the gist of breathless reporting in the run-up to this weekend’s festivities in Nashville. Such notable and allegedly reputable purveyors of infotainment as MSNBC, the Daily News and the New York Times reveled in the blinding double standard of the nation’s preeminent gun rights org “banning working guns” from their own shindig. They were apparently parroting misinformation served up by the noted legal scholars at Moms Demand Action. The glee and condescension fairly dripped off the screen in the Times’ editorial . . .

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Coming Soon from Zenith Firearms: Z5 (Licensed MP5) Pistol Series


The SIG SAUER MPX and CZ Scorpion may be the latest and greatest, but the MP5 is 100% classic cool. Seriously, who doesn’t want an MP5? Heck, it should probably only be sold with an Arnold Schwarzenegger approved cigar and an Armani suit. But for those of us here in the US, getting your hands on an MP5 can be difficult. Zenith Firearms is looking to change that by importing a civilian legal version of the MP5 family of firearms, produced in Turkey on German-made machines.

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New from YHM: Sidewinder Pistol Silencer


YHM has been making silencers for ages, but they’ve been mainly in the background since the silencer surge a couple years ago. SilencerCo, Gemtech, AAC, and now SIG SAUER are the big names, but YHM still makes some nifty stuff. Their latest can is a pistol silencer, which has some great features and clocks in at nearly $200 cheaper than anything AAC offers.

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Quote of the Day: Too Far to the Extreme Edition


“We support the Second Amendment. We have gun owners in our organization. We know that many NRA members are responsible gun owners, and we are calling on them to help us create safe laws for everybody. The NRA leadership has just gone too far to the extreme.” – Moms Demand Action’s Kathleen Chandler Wright in Gun control advocates to protest NRA [at tennesseean.com]


Legal History at the National Firearms Law Seminar

After a surprisingly difficult trip involving a cancelled flight after a two hour delay on the tarmac (followed by a great conversation with U.S. Airways that ended with me telling them, “Just give me my property and my money back, and I’ll drive there,”) and a spontaneous road trip punctuated by a tire blow-out caused by…well, no real reason I can discern…I managed to stagger in to the National Firearms Law Seminar this morning. So far, I’ve heard two very interesting lectures from George Mason Professor Joyce Lee Malcom and attorney and scholar Stephen Halbrook. The general outline of the story is probably familiar to those who have been around the block in the gun rights community, but there were a few salient points worth noting . . .

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New from MG Arms: “The Behemoth”

MG Arms .50 Caliber Semi-automatic Behemoth rifle (courtesy ammoland.com)

“When Size Matters . . . MG Arms takes the .50 BMG to a whole new level with the introduction of the “Behemoth.” Oh great. Let’s play to the antis’ ad hominem attack on gun owner’s phallic endowment. If that bit of MG Arms‘ presser [full text after the jump] isn’t enough to tweak the doyennes of civilian disarmament, how about this? “This .50 caliber brute includes a Super Eliminator muzzle brake, stainless steel Match Grade barrel with skip line fluting, Picatinney style handrail with KeyMods, five shot detachable magazine, and fully machined 17-4 stainless steel lower receiver.” Super Eliminator? I just met her! Well I will when I visit the Houston-based gunmaker to ascertain the gun’s price and invite MG Arms to the Texas Firearms Festival. Here’s hoping they didn’t read this post . . .

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Remington RM380: So Far So Good


We happened to run into some of the Remington boys at dinner last night, including one of the guys responsible for their new RM380 pocket pistol. And a nicer group of guys they could not have been. Even to us! So when the doors opened to the NRA exhibit hall this morning, I made my way to their booth to check out the new pocket pistol. Yes, it’s a little late to the .380 party. More than a year later than the G42, which was almost universally dinged for being late when it intro’d last year. But maybe that’s because they took the time to get this one right . . .

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