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The British View Of America and the NRA

The decline of American journalism since the legacy media decided to stop so much as pretending to be non-partisan tellers of truth and became proud and wholly-owned subsidiaries of the Democrat Party, has been rapid and ugly. As a result, I’ve often turned to the British press, whose insight into American politics and culture, and whose journalistic ethics, have been a viable alternative. But no one and nothing is perfect, and deeply ingrained cultural beliefs commonly sneak into reporting. A recent story by American Ana Marie Cox in The Guardian is a case in point . . .

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Bloomberg Paid Protestors Attended Anti-NRA Rally

Moms Demand Action protestors at the NRA convention

When Michael Bloomberg launched Everytown for Gun Safety, the former NYC Mayor touted his gun control group as a “grassroots” anti-NRA org. The irony of that debut – unveiling a [supposedly] populist anti-gun movement financed by a single $50 million cash donation – was lost on the mainstream media. But TTAG readers responded with keen insight, posting comments that basically proclaimed “I don’t think the word ‘grassroots’ means what former Michael Bloomberg thinks it means. Or wants it to mean.” Here’s more proof, if proof be needed, that Mayor Mike’s grassroots anti-gun group is actually a lush crop of freshly extruded Astroturf . . .

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New from Century International Arms: MDL 38-3 (“The World Slimmest Revolver”)

 Century International Arms MDL-38.3 (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

While the crowds were busy having posters signed by Minsk-born “Red Army Girl” Yulia (if you have to ask Y, I can’t explain it) my eyes were drawn to Century International Arms MDL 38-3. MDL for I forgot to ask what, 38 for .38 caliber and 3 for three-rounds. Ladies and gentlemen (hey guys! over here!), I present the “world’s slimmest revolver.” Which is a bit like the world’s most fire-retardant paper hat. But it’s a thing, right? Not yet it isn’t. Century may not take as long to bring the gun to market as their name suggests, but there is no firm release date for the MDL’s arrival at your LGS. They’ve promised us a T&E sample when the first batch is released. To which I replied “Baba s vozu — kobyle legche.Luckily, Yulia didn’t smack me. Make the jump for the reveal . . .

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NRA Annual Meeting Leadership Forum Live Streaming


The 2014 NRA Annual Meeting & Exhibits are under way, with throngs of attendees packing the Indianapolis Convention Center floor. For those of you who can’t (or don’t want to) be here, you can watch the goings on as we live stream them for your viewing pleasure. Here are the speakers who are scheduled to address today’s annual meeting of members beginning at 10:00 a.m. eastern and the Stand & Fight Rally at 7:00 p.m. eastern. Make the jump to look in on the proceedings live . . .

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Question of the Day: How Can the NRA Become Less White?

NRA convention 2014 (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

As far as I can tell, I’m the only African American at the NRA’s national convention. And I’m white. Not to put too fine a point on it, Indianapolis has just become the Old Fat White Guy center of the universe. While I have nothing against OWFGs – some of my best contributors are OWFGs – the battle to defend and extend firearms freedom lies elsewhere. The urban cores are where it’s going down, conurbations where minority voters hold sway. If the NRA wants to seal the deal, to put gun rights beyond reproach (where the U.S. Constitution places them), they need to attract blacks, asians and hispanics. So . . . how? How does the arctic-colored civil rights organization get minorities to come in out of the cold?