Guns, Ammo, and Silencers from Desert Tech


You’re looking at the SRS-A1 Covert from Desert Tech. It’s an incredibly compact — 27 inches overall length — bolt action, bullpup sniper rifle with a “1/2 MOA or better” guarantee. In 60 seconds the operator can swap out the barrel and bolt for any one of seven calibers in an array of barrel lengths. The one seen above is rocking .308 Win in a 16″ barrel. Desert Tech has a lot of other cool stuff in the works, too, including ammo and suppressors . . .

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Wild Rifles at the Battle Arms Development Booth


Battle Arms Development has been getting down with their BAD selves and putting out some unique and aggressively-styled AR parts. From dimpled buffer tube stocks to receivers to small parts, barrels, gas blocks, adjustable angle pistol grips, optics mounts…you name it. Every part stands out. In fact, BAD’s trade show booths stand out with futuristic looks, employees in white lab coats, and laser cut, stainless steel business cards. On this trip, I snapped a few photos of some BAD (in the Michael Jackson and Battle Arms Development sense) AR-15s . . .

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L2D Combat GLOCK Parts


L2D Combat is a fairly new player in the GLOCK aftermarket world, making what appear to be extremely high quality parts right here in the US. The website still needs to be built out, but we’re looking at stainless steel barrels, slides, optics mounts, internal parts, magwells, magazine base plates, and more. The barrels looked particularly great, and I’m now inspired to acquire a Ransom Rest and test all of the aftermarket GLOCK barrels for accuracy. Until then, pictures . . .

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A “Firearm” at the CZ-USA Booth


It’s a pistol! It’s a rifle! No, it’s a firearm. One of the reasons I like dealing with CZ-USA is their willingness to embrace the aftermarket, which has helped their products resonate with enthusiasts. At their NRA show booth, CZ-USA showed off at least three Scorpions outfitted with a range of aftermarket accessories, including the “firearm” seen above. What makes it a “firearm” and not a pistol — despite beginning life as a Scorpion pistol — rifle, SBR, or AOW? . . .

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New Shotguns From Beretta


At the NRA show this year we saw some new scatterguns from Beretta, in both semi-auto and over/under flavors. Seen above (and in a bunch of photos that follow), the A350 Xtrema slots in right between the A300 and A400 to provide as many features as possible at a ~$1,000 retail price point. The Black line of over/unders brings sleek, modern looks to a classy style of sporting gun . . .

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A New Sight From Holosun


Holosun Technologies will soon be shipping the HS510C, their first open reflex sight. As with many of the company’s other sights, a solar panel provides power in most situations. The HS510C is encased in a titanium housing, and after watching the Holosun reps whacking it on the concrete trade show floor for every customer who showed interest in it, it seems to do the trick. More pics follow . . .

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M+M Industries M10X Hybrid Rifle


M+M Industries’ M10X is a bit of a hybrid, borrowing design aspects from the AK-47, AR-15, and FAL. Externally it looks most like an AK, but it sports many modern touches — monolithic upper receiver, floated barrel, AR-style ambi safety, ambi charging handle, adjustable gas valve, 5/8-24 barrel threads, hinged lower so the rifle opens up like an AR, and 95% of its parts are black nitrided. Speaking of parts, it has even less parts than an AK-47. Oh, and it’s 100% made in the USA from US-made parts. T&E request has been made. More photos follow . . .

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