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AK-47, AK-74 Buying Panic Begins

K-Var AKs out-of-stock (courtesy

Once again, the firearms industry owes President Obama a debt of gratitude. The CIC’s ban on the importation of new Kalashnikov Concern firearms has created yet another politically-inspired sales surge. “We sell some of the Kalashnikov Concern stuff,” Robert Keller, manager of Las Vegas-based firearms distributor K-Var Corp told “That has been selling fast.” In fact, K-Var has no more Russian-made AK-47′s or 74′s in stock, and won’t be getting any more until the ban’s lifted. Given the political backlash against Russia’s role in the downing of Malaysian Airlines flight MH 17, that won’t happen for the foreseeable future. While the Russian-made AK’s are ubiquitous and there are plenty of alternatives (i.e. Bulgarian SAM7), prices of used Kalashnikov Concern rifles are starting to rise. Like you didn’t see that one coming. 

MO Voters Will Decide Whether to Strengthen RKBA on August 5


Missouri will have a strengthened Right to Keep and Bear Arms provision on the August 5th ballot. Yesterday the Supreme Court upheld rulings against opponents of the amendment who tried to keep voters from deciding on the measure. The constitutional amendment was passed by overwhelming margins in the legislature with the intent that it would appear on the November Ballot. Governor Jay Nixon decided to put the on the August primary ballot instead . . .

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A Well Regulated Militia…


I lay on a pile of cow crap and nettles, peering uselessly through weeds growing on a wire fence. I am unable to see more than 12 feet into an open field. Prone, my neck and shoulders hurt as I crane hoping to see far enough so that I can have some warning of advancing forces. I am sweating out buckets, soaking my Battle Dress Uniform (BDU), boonie hat and underwear as thoroughly as if I had been caught in a thunderstorm. My neck is developing a sunburn because, like an idiot, I failed to put sunblock into my kit. Baking in the sun, unable to see anything, feeling hot, bored and useless, I remember why I left the Army . . .

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Women Gun Owners Are the New OWFGs

TN percent of women getting handgun permits (courtesy

God bless John Lott. We on the pro-gun side of the fence need to arm ourselves with facts with which to defend our natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. And by God, John Lott’s got facts. Admittedly, I no more made it through his stat-laden More Guns, Less Crime than I did Oliver Sachs’ jargon-filled The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat. I find John’s blog a much happier hunting ground for anti-anti ammo. Such as the charts above and after the jump, that prove that the “share of permits issued to women is soaring [in] Tennessee and Texas.” The charts show women’s share as a percentage of the whole. Just to please JL, here’s some 2013 handgun permit stats from the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security

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