The Color of Crime: Black People 4.46 Times More Likely to Kill a Police Officer Than Other Ethnicities


I was recently researching homicide rates, attempting to determine the primary factors behind homicide rates between states and nations. I came across the updated version of The Color of Crime. The report tests hypotheses about crime and arrest rates in the United States — offering ethnicity-related analysis that the mainstream media dare not speak. The 2016 updated version is loaded with bar charts illustrating the statistical differences in crime rates between Asians, Blacks, Hispanics and Whites. The Color of Crime includes a section on police killings of suspects. The results of the evidence and analysis are startling, and turn many modern political assumptions on their head . . .

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Missouri Supreme Court: Non-Violent Offenders Convicted Before 2014 Don’t Get Gun Rights Restored

Missouri Supreme Court (courtesy

In 1973, William David Hill plead guilty to a forgery charge. His rights were restored after he finished his probation in 1975 — save his right to keep and bear arms. This despite the 2014 Amendment 5 to Article 1, Section 23 of the Missouri state constitution that grants power to the state to strip the right to keep and bear arms from violent felons, but does not give the state power to remove the right to bear arms from non-violent felons. The court ruled that since Mr. Hill had no right to conceal carry in 1975, he had no right to conceal carry in 2014. Here is the applicable wording of Article I, Section 23, as amended by Amendment 5 . . .

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Black Arch Holsters to Sponsor TTAG’s Weekend Photo Caption Contest. Prizes Included!


Who? Another upstart holster maker, you say? Not at all. You know Black Arch by their now former name, SHTF Gear. They’ve just announced the new branding. Either way, they make top quality hybrid IWB holsters and leather mag carriers. And now they’ll also be sponsoring our Weekend Photo Caption Contest posts, giving you a chance to win one of their great rigs on a weekly basis. Here’s the story on the name change . . .

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Will Smith’s Killer Claims Self-Defense

New details have emerged in the “road rage” killing of former New Orleans Saints star Will Smith. “A loaded 9 mm handgun was found in the car slain former New Orleans Saints defensive end Will Smith was driving Saturday night when he was shot and killed,” reports. “The discovery of the weapon came after the police executed a search warrant Tuesday for the interior of Smith’s SUV.” The lawyer for the accused, Cardell Hayes, also revealed . . .

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Oklahoma Senate Nears Vote on RKBA Reform Bill


Oklahoma Second Amendment supporters, particularly OK2A, have been pushing for a reform of the state constitution’s weak protection of the right to keep and bear arms. A bill currently under consideration has strong support, but has been bottled up in committees. The reform is needed because current Section II-26 has been ruled by the Oklahoma Supreme Court to offer little serious protection . . .

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Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: Gun Control Advocates’ Double-Standard Explained

Alex Yablon (courtesy Twitter)

“To gun control proponents, entrusting the state with the use of force is the best way to ensure force is applied appropriately, individual abuses notwithstanding: Police officers are trained to use firearms, de-escalate conflict, and apply the law, while the Secret Service and private security services specialize in the protection of prominent public figures who are more likely to be the target of violent threats than private citizens. The typical concealed weapon holders and open carriers, by contrast, don’t usually have to go through any such vetting or training. In many states, they just have to pass a background check.” – Alex Yablon, There’s Now a Pro-Gun Petition Trolling the Democratic National Convention [via]



Washington Post Reveals the Truth About the Sandy Hook Parent’s Bushmaster Lawsuit

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton (courtesy CNN)

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has taken it on the chin for telling New York’s Daily Mail that “I [don’t] think the victims of a crime with a gun should be able to sue the manufacturer.” In other words, he’s defending his vote for the Protection of Lawful Commerce Act and rejecting the lawsuit filed by bereaved Sandy Hook parents. To refresh your memory . . .

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A Brief History of Gun Control


The right to keep and bear arms, codified in the Second Amendment, has been under attack in the United States since the 1830s, as power hungry governments found ways to infringe on the right under various pretexes, excuses, and fear mongering. First came . . .

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