Beware The Dreaded AR-15 Chainsaw Bayonet

The gun gurus at USA Today attempted to explain, for some reason, not only the features of the Ruger AR-15 used by the demented coward responsible for the Texas church massacre, but the “possible modifications” one can make to an AR as well. Including, naturally, the ever-popular chainsaw bayonet. Wait. What? Yup. This actually happened. […]

Sutherland Springs Shooter Wore Bullet Resistant Vest, Carried 15 30-Round Ammunition Magazines, 2 Handguns and a Ruger AR-15

NPR is reporting that Sutherland Springs shooter Devin Kelley assaulted the First Baptist Church armed with two handguns and a Ruger AR-15. The man who engaged Mr. Kelley in a gunfight outside the church, Stephen Willeford, told Louder with Crowder that the killer was wearing a “Kevlar bullet-proof vest.” Mr. Willeford says he aimed at the […]

Smith & Wesson Announces the New M&P10 Sport Rifle

For those who’ve wanted an affordable, optics-ready AR-10 for hunting or just for fun, Smith & Wesson may have just what you’re looking for. Today S&W announced their new .308/7.62 M&P10 Sport rifle. With an MSRP of $1049, you can probably expect to see a street price somewhere in the $900 range. Here’s their press release […]

Dark Storm Industries Announces the DS-10 ‘Featureless’ 6.5 Creedmoor Rifle for Restricted States

How sad is it that more and more firearms makers are finding that there’s enough business in designing guns around restrictive gun control laws to justify producing products for those markets? Sad or not, where there’s a market, there will be companies that will try to meet the demand. Hence Dark Storm Industries‘ DS-10 “featureless” […]

Mossberg Adds a 20 Gauge Non-NFA 590 Shockwave

Mossberg bills their non-NFA, not-a-shotgun 590 Shockwave the modern-day six-shooter. It may not be quite as portable as a Single Action Army, but it looks like it would make a hell of a good trunk gun or home defense blaster. Now Mossy’s adding a 20 gauge version to go along with the original 12 gauge […]

Bushnell Announces Three New AR Optics Laser Sights

Thinking of a new laser for your modern sporting rifle? Bushnell’s just announced three new waterproof models in their AR Optics line; the Chase, the Haste and the Rush. Here’s their press release . . . Bushnell Announces AR Optics Laser Sights Three Laser Sight Systems Join the Popular AR Optics Line OVERLAND PARK, Kansas […]

Smith & Wesson Introduces New M&P Shield M2.0 Pistols

The next Smith & Wesson pistol to get the M2.0 upgrade treatment with better ergos and the new, much-improved trigger is their ever-popular, slim single-stack M&P Shield. Here’s their press release . . . Smith & Wesson Announces New M&P Shield® M2.0™ Pistol Series The M&P M2.0 Family Just Got Slim…and Bright SPRINGFIELD, Mass., (October 16, 2017) – Smith & Wesson Corp. today announced the launch […]

Keep Focused on What’s Important after the Mandalay Bay Massacre

Facts are still few and far between where the murder perpetrated in Las Vegas last night is concerned. Most of what we’re hearing is speculation about motives, along with spurious claims of responsibility by pissant Middle Easterners and political pablum by people for whom, pace Clausewitz, politics is the continuation of sports by other means. Pardon my […]