Security Video Shows Terrorist Attack on Paris Cafe

This is the first of what will probably be a number of security camera clips from the six terrorist shooting venues in Paris last week. This was the scene at La Casa Nostra restaurant, as reported by The Daily Mail, where five were killed outside the cafe. The video clearly shows a terrorist walking up to a diner on the ground outside and putting the gun to her head, but his AK miraculously jammed, sparing her life. Again, the solution to this type of mayhem, at least as far as the European Union is concerned, is to make “assault rifles” even more illegal-er. That should make Parisians sleep better at night, n’est-ce pas?


This is What Happens to a Disarmed Populace: Mexican Facebook Page Posters Are Hunted Down and Killed [Pics NSFW]


Without the Second Amendment protecting Americans’ right to keep and bear arms, the First Amendment is worthless. That’s not a theory. You need only look south of the border, where cartels collude with the government to prey upon disarmed citizens, to see what happens to freedom of expression when disarmed citizens are left defenseless. In Mexico, anyone who dares report on the cartels’ extra-judicial killings, torture and rape is hunted down, tortured and killed. In the following post, edited for brevity, describes the life of the administrator of the Valor for Tamaulipas Facebook page. His story is instructive . . . [Note: some images were simply too gruesome to republish.] . . .

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New Battle Rattle for “Unarmed” British Police

British policewoman (courtesy

I have no idea why people cling to the belief that British police are unarmed. Sure, the average “bobby” on the beat doesn’t carry a sidearm, but they wear bullet resistant vests, carry tasers and batons and have immediate radio access to fully tooled-up armed response units. Then there are the fully armed police walking around “sensitive” parts of The Land of Hope and Glory (e.g., Buckingham Palace, Heathrow Airport and The City). As for the young lass above, reports . . .

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Guns for Beginners: Stance

Shooting a gun – while standing still without facing incoming fire – isn’t complicated. There are four basic components: sight picture, stance (which includes grip), breathing and trigger control. That’s a bit like saying playing the blues isn’t complicated. While a non-musicians can learn the three-chord blues progression in minutes the blues takes a lifetime to master. To begin the journey to firearms mastery, a new shooter needs to learn the four rules of gun safety. After that, there’s an important principle to keep in mind, one that will save you time and money and help you avoid frustration . . .

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BREAKING: Paris Cops Kill Two Suspected Terrorists, Capture Seven

“A violent, hours-long operation in a Paris suburb ended Wednesday with two suspected terrorists dead, seven detained, new attacks potentially thwarted and further proof, according to French President Francois Hollande, that his country is ‘at war’ with ISIS,” reports. Which is why Hollande still wants to extend France’s post-Parisian terrorist attack state of emergency by three months. Hollande admits that the state of emergency restricts “certain liberties” (i.e., removing the need for a search warrant or the requirement of formal charges for detaining citizens) but insists . . .

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BREAKING: French Police in Shootout with “Mastermind” of Terrorist Attacks


Reports are coming in that the French police are currently involved in a shootout with ISIS terrorists including one person believed to have been the “mastermind” of the attacks in Paris on Friday. There are reports of explosions and gunfire with 2 terrorists reported dead — one killed by a police sniper and another killed after exploding a suicide vest she was wearing. Three others have been arrested. The operation took place in the Saint-Dennis area of Paris, less than 10 kilometers north of the theater where the terrorist attacks took place.


Combined Suicide and Murder Rates by Country

The chart shows the combined suicide and intentional homicide rates for 26 developed nations. It is always hard to come up with a list of countries to choose, so I let the Washington Post choose this list. They conveniently came up with the list in an article on suicide. As with most international comparisons, one of the major questions is: What countries do you choose to compare? It makes an enormous difference, and can cause exactly opposite conclusions . . .

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Selma, AL Gun Turn-In Is a Success…For Private Buyers

A small gun turn in event was held on last week in Selma, Alabama. These events are characterized by the propaganda term “buy back”, but as the organizers never owned the guns in the first place, they can’t be bought back. The turn-ins have become less popular in recent years as private buyers looking for bargains frequently offer more for the more guns than the organizers. That was the case in Selma . . .

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Guns For Beginners: How to Hand Someone a Gun


The biggest danger when handing someone a gun: they’ll pull the trigger, straight away, before the muzzle is pointed in a safe direction. Time and time again, I see people taking hold of a handgun and immediately placing their finger into the trigger. Preparing for the Texas Firearms Festival, a taciturn GLOCK rep brought out some of Gaston’s gun for jobbing journos. He handed the firearm to the scribes in the manner pictured above. Genius! There’s no way for the recipient to grab the trigger (it’s facing inwards) and it forces them to think. Not to mention bring their weak hand into play. Obviously . . .

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SIG SAUER Introduces 16 Inch MPX (GEN II)


SIG SAUER was at the second annual Texas Firearms Festival, and they brought along something new: their 16 inch carbine version of the 9mm MPX. The original plan was to have a gigantic muzzle brake on the end of a normal barrel, but the ATF put the brakes on that idea for now. While SIG SAUER and the ATF battle it out in court, they’ve decided to bring a rifle version of the pistol caliber carbine to market anyway using an actual 16 inch barrel. There’s just one hiccup: this is the “Gen II” version I talked about in my review of the MPX.

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MA: Legal Gun Ownership has increased by 66% in 5 Years

There’s an ongoing debate about whether gun ownership numbers in the United states are rising or falling. The disarmists use a couple of surveys, such as the General Social Survey, which claims that gun ownership has been falling from the 1970’s. But Tom Smith, the director of the General Social Survey is a disarmist. John Lott quotes him as saying that the drop in poll numbers would help the disarms cause . . .

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