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If It’s NERF or Nothing, Introducing Nothing

Over at, the TTAG-reading gunblogmeister casts his jaded eye on NERF’s new rivals: BoomCo blasters. [Link autoplays.] ENDO is impressed! With Mattel’s distribution channel. Not their marketing. Roger that. This video only smells like teen spirit; it singularly fails to show the product as a serious weapon for hormone-crazed, violence-prone teens. You know, some cool kid sneaking up on some Call of Duty dweeb and firing a dart at his face – that sticks to his Coke bottle-bottom glasses. (BoomCo’s USP: PostIt Note tips.) In fact, this could just as easily be an ad for Frosted Flakes. Except BoomCo’s blasters don’t look so grrrrreat! But what do I know? I carry a 1911. And the last time I rode a skateboard, grinding was something they did in Dirty Dancing.

Question of the Day: Do You Bring Your Gun When You Shop for Clothes?

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 9.45.25 AM

My wife reminded me this weekend that I had reached a critical threshold re: pants. It turns out all my pants had  holes and only one pair could still be considered work-appropriate. Barely. So she graciously accompanied me to the GAP to try on some new pants. Also accompanying me was my GLOCK 19 in a Don Hume H715. It is easily my thickest carry rig, so I brought it along to make sure that my new pants could comfortably accommodate IWB carry. Do you bring your piece into the dressing room to make sure your new pants, shorts, dresses, and shirts are compatible with your EDC method of choice?

Bundy Ranch vs. BLM. The Fat Lady Hasn’t Sung


Those who have been anticipating a Boston Tea Party type event likely got what they were expecting last Saturday in Bunkerville, Nevada. The impasse between Rancher Cliven Bundy and federal Bureau of Land Management officials has been going on for a long time. After 20 years of Bundy defying edicts to remove his cattle from hundreds of thousands of acres of public lands, the BLM recently began impounding his herd. The impoundment operation involved bringing in hundreds of heavily armed agents to enforce the shutdown of nearly 6,000 square miles of public lands. They also provided security for the cowboys and helicopter pilots who were contracted to carry out the roundup and removal of Bundy’s cattle . . .

Chicago Police Supt. Blames Lax Gun Laws for Weekend Shootings, Murders

Police Supt. Garry McCarthy (courtesy

Last weekend at least 36 people were shot in Chicago, four fatally. reports that Police Supt. Garry McCarthy’s getting heat for failing to curtail the “gun violence.” When pressed, McCarthy put the focus on the locus of the problem: Chicago’s gangs and the politicians who protect them. OK, the gangs. And weak gun control laws. “McCarthy said police have identified some gang rivalries at work in some of the most recent shootings, and were moving to intervene; but the superintendent said ‘lax state and federal gun laws’ thwart the department’s efforts.” You mean there aren’t enough laws to charge people who shoot people unlawfully? No, of course not! It’s about . . .

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Daily Digest: Falling Down Edition

Michael Olivieri courtesy

A doctor living in the tony Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago was jailed on Friday after he fired a shot from a revolver through the wall of his apartment and into the one next door on Wednesday. Luckily, he injured nothing but the kitchen backsplash in that apartment. Michael Olivieri (above) told prosecutors he thought he’d replaced the live ammo in the revolver with dummy rounds when he laid it on his kitchen island. For some reason, he decided to squeeze the trigger as it lay there, telling police he “squeezed the trigger as a nervous tic like squeezing a tennis ball.” Investigating officers confiscated eight guns, including at least one rifle, and prosecutors say none of them were registered. When police came to pick him up on Friday . . .

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Question of the Day: Should TTAG Be Reporting This Story?

 Antonio Seisdedos (courtesy

As you no doubt know, the vast majority of concealed carry permit holders are peaceable people. Well they would be, wouldn’t they? Concealed carry permit holders have gone through a criminal background check; past history is an excellent indicator of future performance. There are, of course, exceptions to the rule. Well there would be, wouldn’t there? We’re talking about millions of people. But should we be talking about those people who have a concealed carry permit and do bad, bad things? Take this story from . . .

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Just Arrived from Taurus: View Revolver


Technically, Taurus calls their wee new wheel gun the 85VTA Revolver, but you probably know it as the View. It may be the snubbiest snubster you’ve ever seen. With that minuscule 1.41″ protuberance of a barrel and an uber-compact grip, there’s hardly a pocket it won’t happily call home. But besides its diminutive size and 9 oz. weight, (by comparison, a 642 Airweight tips the scales at a comparatively portly 15 oz.) what caught a lot of eyes at SHOT was its oh-so-revealing Lexan side panel . . .

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