Ex-Navy Officer: Hire Security Guards To Protect Military Personnel

In the wake of the Islamic terrorist attacks in Chattanooga that left five Marines dead and three other people wounded, debate has resumed in Congress on legislation that would permit service personnel to carry firearms while on base. Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts, a Republican, authorized the Adjutant-General of the Nebraska National Guard, Maj. Gen. Daryl L. Bohac, to “arm any personnel he deems necessary,” according to Omaha.com . . .

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Would Constitutional Carry Have Thwarted Chattanooga Terrorist Attack?

During the attack on the recruiting center in Chattanooga, Tennessee, the attacker chose targets in “gun free” or “disarmed victim zones.” He didn’t enter the first zone, he fired from outside of it. He didn’t hit any innocents there before moving on to a secondary target, also a disarmed victim zone at the Navy Operations Support Center, a few miles away. There he killed five marines and wounded another a police officer before he was stopped . . .

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New From Ruger: The Ruger Precision Rifle


Coming soon to a dealer near you — as soon as this week, actually — is a brand new rifle from Ruger that’s taking aim at the high-end, ultra-expensive, ultra-accurate chassis rifle market. Oh, except that full MSRP on the “Ruger Precision Rifle” in .308 Win, 6.5 Creedmoor, or .243 Win is only $1,399. I think this bad boy is going to prove to be popular, and I’m hereby putting my name in the hat for a TTAG T&E loaner. Press release and details follow. . .

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Police Advice After Houston Shooting: “Give The Robbers What They Want”

khou.com covered a defensive gun use in Houston in which brother of owner Dien Tu shot and killed two of three armed robbers. The would-be stickup men had pistol-whipped his brother in law when they refused to comply with demands. The reporter at khou.com shared the official law enforcement response: “Police advise clerks in this situation to give in to the demands of these robbers.” It’s not clear . . .

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BREAKING: Shooting Reported at Chattanooga Navy Recruiting Center


“Horrific incident in our community,” tweeted Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke. “We will release details as they are confirmed. Prayers to all those affected.” That’s from cnn.com. Various reports describe someone in a Mustang firing a rifle at a Naval Reserve recruiting Center on or near Chattanooga State university. Local TV also reports a police officer has been shot (live video link here). As always, early reports are invariably misleading or wrong in these situations. More as it becomes available.


BATFE Is Indeed Denying SBR Form 1s for WA Residents

denial-form1Three months and one week after e-filing my Form 1 to turn that Lancer L15 into a short barreled rifle, I finally received the expected disapproval notice from the ATF (Nick gave us the heads up while my form was still pending). Unfortunately, after speaking to some folks in the know — FFL-07 + SOTs, those deeply involved in 2A politics in Washington State here, etc. — it does seem like the ATF’s interpretation of current Washington law is correct. When the state’s law banning the possession of SBRs was amended, going into effect almost exactly a year ago, it seemed that the intent was to simply defer to federal law on the subject. However, what happened was. . .

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KS Pawn Shop Owners Settle with Victim’s Mother Over Straw Purchase

A recent settlement by a gun seller in Kansas with the mother of a murder victim was making the rounds this weekend. The matter of Shirley v. Glass, et al. is a terrible story featuring a bloodthirsty villain with a history of crime, including domestic violence, an elderly grandmother duped into serving as a straw purchaser, police who failed to intervene, and the murder of an innocent child. A civil case filed by the mother of the murder victim against the pawn shop that sold the weapon used in the murder was settled last week for the amount of $132,000, but it appears that at every step, whenever there was a chance for someone to make a decision that could have stopped the whole mess from going forward, the wrong choice was made . . .

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Contest Entry: Gun Review – Taurus 85 Ultra-Lite Revolver


By Aiden Pheil

As a millennial gun owner, the length and breadth of my life experience with firearms is polymer. The GLOCK 19 is our generation’s 1911; after all Tupac sure wasn’t bustin’ any of John Browning’s designs. If somebody my age says they “prefer revolvers,” check their closet for skinny jeans and their fridge for a case of PBR. I don’t prefer revolvers. They’re cool, sure, but you’ll never catch me arguing the superiority of a wheelgun. More reliable? Maybe, but if a GLOCK 19 jams . . .

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Kansas Constitutional Carrier Foils Robbery

When Kansas Governor Brownback signed the Constitutional Carry bill on the second of April this year, disarmists predicted streets running red with blood. The law went into effect on July first. Two weeks later, a young man, Joey Tapley,  carrying a pistol without a permit foiled a robbery attempt at an Academy sporting goods store. Many would say that robbing a gun shop is a really stupid idea, and it shows in this attempt. From wiby.com . . .

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Contest Entry: Rem Oil and Fire Water Do Mix

most interesting man in the world

By Michael in GA

As I sit here, pistol on my hip, home carrying, thinking random thoughts related to guns, trying to draw inspiration to pen an article for my faceless friends, readers of TTAG, wearing out my comma key, taking Dan’s advice by pouring two fingers of Walking Stick (Peligroso Añejo in my case and I don’t smoke…often), the obvious topic came to mind – alcohol and guns don’t mix! It’s not my belief. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t believe anyone should get so soused as to not be able to handle themselves. But there is a consensus among people of the gun that says, when the cap comes off the bottle, the gun should be out of reach . . .

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Quote of the Day: Predictable Side Effects Edition


“(I)f the (background check) law only accomplishes good things and not bad things—that is, if there are no costs worth considering in trying to enforce an often feckless law—that might not be such a big deal. But: I always like to make this point, though it means nothing to those for whom the right to own a gun for safety or pleasure means nothing: background checks to ‘catch’ people prohibited from owning guns by federal law are going to harm an overwhelmingly large number of people who would never harm anyone with the weapon they are being kept from owning. It takes a very high level of belief that essentially no one should own a gun to believe that everyone who the law has connected to illegal drugs should not be able to access the best means for self-protection.” – Brian Doherty in Dylann Roof and Background Checks: Not Loopholes, Just Predictable Lack of Bureaucratic Competence [at reason.com]