‘Sons of Guns’ Stephanie Hayden Says Father Will Hayden Raped Her, Too


Just when you thought the Will Hayden story couldn’t get much more sordid, it does. “Stephanie Hayden is now claiming she too was sexually abused as a child by her father, Will Hayden … and will be providing information to law enforcement to aid in the prosecution of her dad.” tmz.com reports. “Stephanie — who appeared on the Discovery reality show ‘Sons of Guns’ with her father — originally came to Will’s defense last month after he got arresed for the alleged sexual abuse of his 12-year-old daughter.” Again, innocent until proven otherwise. Still, this doesn’t look good for Hayden. And doesn’t put the People of the Gun in a good light either.

Stephanie will be discussing her Dad and his alleged rape of her and her sister on Dr. Phil Thursday, September 11.


John Farnham: Negligent Discharges Happen

(courtesy keepinpiece210 @ youtube.com)

By John Farnham [via Ammoland.com]

Shibumi is a Japanese word that loosely translates to ‘effortless perfection.’ Anything that is Shibumi is quiet in refinement, noble, and fulfilling in a manner not shaped exclusively by analytical thought. In Japanese culture, Shibumi implies ‘simplicity of spirit,’ an attitude of refinement without pretense, honesty without apology, beauty without gaudiness . . .

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Guns Save Life to Meet the Brady Campaign Saturday at Chuck’s Guns in Riverdale, IL


We hear that the Brady Campaign – you remember them, right? – is planning a protest at a suburban Chicago gun store this Saturday. Because guns! But thanks to John Boch and Guns Save Life, they won’t be there un-opposed. GSL’s head honcho has channeled his inner George H.W. Bush and proclaimed that this will not stand and he’s rallying the troops for a counter-protest to support the right to keep and bear arms. Even in Illinois . . .

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Shannon Watts Stops Making Sense

Shannon Watts (courtesy nuvo.net)

Nick predicts that Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America jefe Shannon Watts’ time in the media spotlight is drawing to a close. I’m not so sure. As long as there are left-leaning media outlets ready, willing and able to put the anti-pistol polemicist on a pedestal, a platform she shall have. In fact, they’re happy to let Watts stand there completely alone, preaching to the masses without context or criticism. To wit: the msnbc.com essay A common-sense conversation about guns and kids. Unfortunately for Ms. Watts, well, what was that someone said about give ‘em enough rope? Check this out . . .

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11-Year-Old Student Faces Expulsion from Virtual School for Gun Avatar

An eleven-year-old student at Wisconsin Virtual Learning faces real-world expulsion for using a firearm in his avatar. The student received an email stating “No guns in school, even virtual school.” That’s the short version. WISN talk show host Vicki McKenna has the longer version, complete with outraged ranting. For my part, I see no reason for the young man not to change his avatar – unless he doesn’t want to.


Gear Review: Crimson Trace Rail Master Pro


Shortly after my wife and I moved into our new home, I was in the shower around 10:00 PM on a weeknight when my wife came in to tell me that somebody was banging on our front door. I rinsed the shampoo out of my hair, dried off, put on pants, grabbed my FNS 9 and Streamlight TLR-1 from the bedside table and headed downstairs to see what the commotion was about. Fortunately, the doorknocker had left, but I realized that I needed a better lighting situation as the TLR-1 that I have is the GameSpotter edition which is a bit large, and hard to mount to a pistol. I mentioned it to Nick and the next time we saw each other he tossed me a Rail Master Pro to try out…

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What Could Possibly Go Wrong?: Chipped Guns and Smartphone App Edition

Inventor Mark B. Barron's arsenal  (courtesy vice.com)

“Los Angeles-based entrepreneur named Mark B. Barron [above] has created a new app called Lockdown, which he believes could decrease the country’s number of gun-related crimes,” vice.com reports. “The app works with a ‘clip’ containing a GPS chip that a user can attach to his gun. The owner leaves his gun in designated areas and enters a code when he wants to remove his weapon. If someone removes the gun without entering the code, the smart chip sends a notification to the owner’s smartphone. The gun owner can then cancel the alert, or forward it to police, family, neighbors, or anyone else he’s chosen as an emergency contact on the app.” What could possibly go wrong? According to Vice writer Justin Glawe . . .

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Castle Rock, CO Votes to Support Open Carry

Castle Rock, Colorado sits on the urban corridor that stretches south between Denver to Colorado Springs. It’s primarily a bedroom community that has had explosive growth in the last 30 years, increasing in population form 3,921 in 1980 to 51,348 in 2012. In 2003 the home rule city’s town council gave the town manager, who is appointed by the council, the authority to ban the open carry of firearms on town property. In 2014, the council voted to remove that authority. The current Town Manager, Mark Stevens, had prohibited open carry on city property, resulting in a stand-off . . .

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Store Owner Proud of His Gun-Wielding Employee

In Claxton, Georgia on Sunday, am armed stick-up man attempted to rob a Shell Food Mart at about 4 a.m. It didn’t turn out as well as he expected. The clerk on duty at that early hour was armed, too. “Surveillance video shows the suspect approach the counter, pull out a hand gun, and start waving it around. (Rick) Patel then reaches under the counter and pulls out his own gun.” Patel chased the would-be holdup man front the store . . .

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