Open Carry at Meteor Crater – Know the Law

I was on a mission of mercy. A close friend needed a lady friend and her goods to be transported cross country. I found myself hauling a good-sized trailer on I-40, looking for a gas station with easy in and out. I stopped at Meteor Crater rest stop to give everyone a break. As I came out of the facility, I asked a gentleman who was uniformed as staff where the next truck stop was. He graciously told me that there was one at exit 255, about 20 miles further east. Then he said, “You are not supposed to have that here,” indicating the GLOCK on my hip . . .

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BREAKING: Ferguson, Missouri Police About to ID Officer Who Shot Unarmed Black Teen, Sparking Riots

Ferguson, Missouri police have announced that they are about to name the officer who shot and killed an unarmed black teen, sparking looting and rioting. The move comes five days after a “hacktivist” group published a name on its Twitter account (since suspended), claiming it was the officer who pulled the trigger. “However,” reports, “police, Ferguson’s mayor and the stepmother of the man named all said the group was incorrect and that the person named is not a police officer.” The officer’s name also emerges . . . Continue Reading


Predictable Outcomes in Ferguson, MO

Courtesy of St. Louis Biz Journal

Steve King – owner of Metro Shooting

I wrote earlier this week about how the ongoing riots in Ferguson, Missouri strengthen the position that gun control is dangerous. Again. Still. Forever. This is because it takes away the best tools for the job from people who are failed by those paid to protect them. That’s not an indictment of the police force in America, something that can be a hot topic here on TTAG. I’m just making a statement of fact. The police cannot be everywhere at once, especially in a situation where mob mentality, and the violence that often accompanies it, takes over. In any case, you are ultimately responsible for your safety. The residents of Ferguson, Missouri seem to be getting wise to that fact as well . . .

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Constitution State Gun Owners Strike Back: Dethrone GOP Gun Control Architect


Reader CTSheepdog writes:

In Connecticut yesterday, John McKinney, state Senate Minority Leader, lost his bid for the GOP candidacy to face Governor Dan Malloy in November. McKinney, one of the architects of Connecticut’s restrictive 2013 gun laws, was beaten by 11 percent by businessman Tom Foley. Tens of thousands of CT gun owners turned out in a low turnout primary to lift Foley to victory in all but one CT county . . .

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GA School Suspends Nine-Year-Old for NERF Gun Show-and-Tell

Ramsey McDonald with his NERF gun (courtesy the McDonald family)

Show-and-tell is one of America’s great traditions. When Miller Elementary School’s freshly-minted fourth grader Ramsey McDonald got the call, he decided to demo a NERF gun. His father Scott [later] claimed his son didn’t share that particular piece of intel before heading off to school. On Tuesday, school officials dropped the dime on the diminutive NERF owner. “They told me my son brought a weapon to school and they asked me if I was aware,” McDonald told When Mr. McDonald protested, school officials relented on young Ramsey’s punishment. They reduced a three-day suspension to a three days in-school suspension. The disconnect between Georgia’s recent restoration of citizens’ gun rights and its educators’ anti-gun culture couldn’t be more apparent. Or reprehensible.


New From Navy Arms: Winchester 1873 Rifle


I’ve never been much of a rifle guy. The extent of my collection consists of a lonely 10/22. When I think of pretty long guns, smoothbores immediately come to mind. But I have to admit that a beautiful lever gun is a joy forever. Particularly when you’re talking about a custom version like Navy Arms’ Winchester-made 1873 replicas. At $2,500 you may have to scrape all the spare change from under the couch cushions, but think how satisfying it’ll be the first time you slip a .357 or .45 Long Colt round into it and pull the trigger. Press release after the jump . . .

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BREAKING: Bloomberg Loses Again – Milwaukee’s Pro-Gun Sheriff David Clarke Wins Democrat Primary

You’d think that at some point Michael Bloomberg would tire of unproductively flushing his cash down anti-gun electoral ratholes. Then again, when you’re worth $33 billion, blowing $150,000 on a futile effort to defeat a midwestern pro-gun sheriff is a little like you or me discovering we lost $20 through a hole in our pocket. It may be annoying, but it won’t affect his lifestyle in the slightest. Just like former Mayor Mike’s failed efforts to prop up anti-gun legislators in Colorado who’d supported his gun control agenda . . . Continue Reading


New From Smith & Wesson: M&P22 Compact


Yes, Smith & Wesson already makes the M&P22, only they really don’t. The full-size M&P22 is made for Smith in Germany, a vestige of their one-time relationship with Walther. And the M&P22 is a full-size pistol. Which means Smith doesn’t really have anything to go up against “tactical rimfire” guns like Walther’s P22, SIG’s Mosquito or, most importantly, Ruger’s SR22. Until now. Today, S&W is introducing the new Smith-made M&P22 Compact. A hammer-fired single action, 3.6” threaded barrel, 10+1, two mags, ambi safety, fully-adjustable rear sight and an MSRP of $389. Press release after the jump . . .

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Imprisoned Mexican Autodefensa Dr. Mireles’ Message to His Followers

Dr. Mireles is the leader of Mexico’s Michoacan autodefensa - a citizen militia that’s taken up arms against the drug cartels and their government accomplices terrorizing the local population. In June, as part of the government crackdown on the militias, Mexican federales arrested and imprisoned Dr. Mireles on weapons charges. (Mexico severely limits its citizens’ right to keep and bear arms.) Various human rights groups are monitoring his treatment, including the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH), Amnesty International and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. But not the U.S. media. Dr. Mireles’ lawyer recorded the video message above in which he admits “we armed ourselves with justice.” And guns. Transcript after the jump . . .

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Man Wins Gunfight with Teen Gang Member

Gunfights at close range often result in both participants being hit. It can take time for bullet wounds to take effect. In a Lakeland, Florida shooting Wednesday night, we don’t know the calibers, other than both participants were using handguns. The intended victim, Virgis Canteen, is 43. The 14-year-old gang member, Davion Smith, had been convicted of armed robbery twice since he was 12 and the two parties had a history. Canteen had accused Davion Smith of burglarizing his apartment.  Both participants were hit several times . . .

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Jonathan Kay’s Hoplophobia Forged by Bigotry, Ignorance and Hysteria


Jonathan Kay of Canada’s National Post is weighing in on America’s “gun culture”. Before asking what in Hades a Canadian could know about the subject, know that he spent two years studying the conspiracist subculture on his way to authoring Among The Truthers, so his current polemic, America’s firearms culture forged by paranoia, racism and civil rights unrest, is based in part upon that experience. Which may also explain the paranoia he attributes to us “gun nuts”. Unfortunately he doesn’t seem to have researched this topic as fully as his book. If he had . . .

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BREAKING: James Brady (Brady Campaign Namesake) Death Ruled “Homicide”


The 73 year old James Brady, former press secretary and former chair of the Brady Campaign to Reduce Gun Violence (re-named from the more accurate “Handgun Control, Inc.”), died earlier this week. Mr. Brady became a vocal advocate for forced civilian disarmament after being shot in an assassination attempt while serving as press secretary to President Ronald Reagan. Now, thirty-three years after the incident, James Brady has died and the medical examiner has ruled his death a homicide.

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Hunting: Working the Rut


I’d only seen him on the game camera twice. An absolute showstopper of a whitetail buck, the kind typical of low-fenced ranches in the Texas Hill Country. Long, lean from covering lots of ground looking for love, but full-bodied from the hormones coursing through his veins, he must have been pushing one hundred and sixty pounds on the hoof. An absolute monster by my standards. Looking at the size of his snout, and the subtle lightened shade around his lips, I knew this was his peak year. A mature 10-pointer with what looked to be a nearly twenty-inch inside spread, he was in all respects the perfect buck. And wiley as the coyote of the same name . . .

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Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: Oscar Aguilar

Oscar Aguilar

A 21 year old veterinarian from Mexico City got tired of posting pictures of himself with fast cars and loose women and thought it would be fun to post a selfie with a gun on facebook for a change. Unfortunately the late Dogfather ignored all of the firearms safety rules by assuming the gun was unloaded, pointing it at something he did not intend to shoot (his head), putting his finger on the trigger before he was ready to fire, and not keeping the weapon on safe (assuming it had a safety). His neighbor heard the gunshot and the screams that followed. He called an ambulance, but Senor Aguilar died on the way to the hospital. The lesson here should be obvious. Mr. Aguilar’s Darwin Award is pending.


New From Stag Arms: Model 9 and 9T 9mm AR-15 Rifles

Stag Arms Model 9 9mm AR-15 (courtesy

Stag Arms is introducing their first pistol caliber rifles: the $990 Model 9 and $1275 Model 9T. The company’s presser [after the jump via ammoland] claims they developed the firearms after “overwhelming requests from our customers.” Apparently, they’re the “ideal choice for short range & self defense use – up to 200 yards due to decreased muzzle blast, decreased muzzle flash, lower recoil, reduced over-penetration, and a heavier bullet. An added benefit is that you can also shoot this rifle at most pistol caliber only indoor ranges.” The 9 and 9T have all-new actions. The 9T (for tactical) offers a free floating 13.5” Diamondhead VRS-T modular handguard and aluminum Diamondhead flip up sights for faster target acquisitions. Suppressor compatible? Well it would be a very long rifle . . .

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