Zimmerman Shooting: Assassination Attempt?

Matthew Apperson is a suspect in the assassination attempt on George Zimmerman. The treatment by the old media of the assassination attempt on George Zimmerman has been astounding in the degree to which it’s been spun. It’s clear that Zimmerman was attacked without provocation by a mentally unstable man who was obsessed with him. He narrowly missed being killed after attempting to escape the situation, and there are numerous witnesses who corroborate his version of events. Apperson has been arrested on three serious charges.  They are . . .

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Meanwhile in Jalisco . . . War

“Thousands of troops, backed by armored personnel carriers and quasi-military federal police, are pouring into Jalisco to curb the New Generation Jalisco Cartel,” wsj.com reports, “which officials say has grown rich selling hundreds of millions of dollars of smuggled methamphetamines from Mexico and South American cocaine to consumers in Mexico, the U.S. and elsewhere. The government took the rare step of appointing a general to lead the mission.” While the American media has ignored the heavily-armed and bloody conflict, and there are no “good guys” in this uncivil civil war. In fact . . .

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It Should Have Been a Defensive Gun Use: Bangladeshi Blogger Murdered by Islamic Fanatics

Islamic fanatics determined to silence their critics — stopped by hot lead and cold steel recently in Texas — managed to claim a victim in the People’s Republic of Bangladesh on Tuesday morning. Ananta Bijoy Das, a writer for the blog Mukto Mona–which publishes writing by secularists, atheists, freethinkers, and the like–was brutally hacked to death by four attackers in the Bangladeshi city of Sylhet on Tuesday morning . . .

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Ban Hammers!

No, I’m not talking about the ban hammers at The Campaign to Stop Gun Ownership or Moms Demand Disarmament for America wield on commentators who don’t tow the party line. I’m talking about honest-to-God hammers. Hammers kill people! It’s time for hammer control! And if you think I’m kidding, well, I am. But keep in mind that gun control is a slippery slope without any reality-based foundation … unless you consider the desire for a nanny state a suitable base for America. Anyway, hammer time [via myfoxny.com] . . .

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OMG! 100,000 “Untraceable” .45-Caliber Handguns! On the Streets! OMG!

Milsurp 1911 (courtesy bestmilitarysurplus.com)

“Psst. Want an untraceable gun? Courtesy of Congress and the U.S. military?” Well, yes, actually. Why do I get the idea that the huffingtonpost.com is teasing me? “That may soon be possible thanks to a provision tacked onto this year’s National Defense Authorization Act, which the House of Representatives is set to pass this week.” So I “may” be able to get an untraceable gun from Uncle Sam? Which means I may not. What are the odds? “According to a white paper prepared for Congress by the Army opposing the amendment, the measure would allow the unregulated distribution of up to 100,000 Colt .45s, more formally known as .45-caliber semiautomatic M1911 handguns.” Unregulated? Wait. What? . . .

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RI Supreme Court Rejects ‘Unfettered Discretion’ in State Concealed Carry Law


RF’s former home state recently took a step toward a little more freedom for its residents. The Providence Journal reports that the Supreme Court of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations rejected East Providence’s denial of a concealed carry license application because the former police chief exercised too much “unfetterted discretion”. The case is Gadomski v. Tavares . . .

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Los Angeles Gun Turn-In Cheats Unsuspecting Innocents

Los Angeles police hosted another gun turn-in event on Saturday. Experts agree that these events have no measurable effect on crime, suicides, or accidents. California is one of the last few places where such events still occur without competition from private buyers. Private buyers offer higher values for the antiques that are often brought in by widows or other heirs, people who don’t know the value of the items that they’re handing over . . .

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New Jersey’s Anti-Gun Delusions Continue Apace

“IN NEWS that flew slightly under the radar this week, a report published in The Record showed that gun confiscations in Paterson had jumped by roughly 70 percent last year, a promising sign amid more disturbing headlines about a rash of fatal shootings,” northjersey.com’s editorial Getting the Guns reminds readers. Seventy percent! Holy cop stop Batman! Yes Robin, but I remind you once again to follow your math teacher’s advice. Examine the absolute numbers involved rather than simply accept a percentage increase as a sign of a significant trend. Gosh Batman, you’re right! I keep doing that. How many guns are we talking about? Well, old chum . . .

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Concealed Carry Law and Reciprocity Update from handgunlaw.us

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 1.16.06 PM

Gary Slider of handgunlaw.us writes:

Texas will now honor Ohio permits issued or renewed on or after 3/23/15. Wisconsin honors Ohio in the same way. Both Wisconsin and Texas require a NICS check for them to honor another state’s permits and Ohio just went to the NICS check with their new law on 3/23/15. That is why Wisconsin and Texas will only honor the Ohio permit issued or renewed on or after that date. You can see the Texas agreement here and Wisconsin information is here. As for Tennessee, I made an error in the date the new Tennessee Parking Lot Storage Law goes into effect. It is July 1 and not the May date I originally posted. See the bill here . . .

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Weingarten: Concealed Carriers More Likely to Be Attacked Than Open Carriers


Arizona – (Ammoland.com)- Over the past decade, there have been two reports of open carriers being attacked. In one case, the attacker tried to grab the openly carried pistol; in the other case, the reason for the attack is unknown. Both attacks failed. There have been two other reports of open carriers having their firearm stolen. One of those cases was in an area where an openly carried firearm was required to be unloaded. Bottom line . . .

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The Secret Truth About “Gun Crime”

Stop and frisk (courtesy wsj.com)

Last night, Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly defended the NYPD’s now-discontinued stop ‘n frisk policing practice. The bloviating blowhard claimed it’s OK to trample citizens’ Fourth Amendment rights because stop ‘n frisk “takes guns off the street.” More firearms-related arrests = less firearms-related crime. A theory which only works if the arrests lead to convictions and, thinking out loud, incarceration. After all, removing bad guys from the streets is an actual possibility. Choking off criminals’ supply of guns to the point where they can’t get one rivals the Rock’s version of Hercules for credibility-stretching fantasy. And here’s something else Mr. O’Reilly and his fellow anti-gun elitists don’t take into account  . . .

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